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Legio Tempestus - AT log - 1st Project done!

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Yesterday, my rules set and the first Warlord titan arrived.
I immediately started building it, and it's been a blast. I am planning to build the full maniple of Legio Tempestus during the Schim of Mars, meaning the following list (weapon loadouts subject to change upon re-reading Mechanicum). Later on, when more weapon options and types for knights are available, I might add a few support banners from House Taranis.

Warlord || Deus Tempestus || Indias Cavalerio, the Storm Lord
Sunfury Plasma Annihilator 
Arioch Power Claw
Paired Laser Blasters  (Carapace)
Status: DONE
Warlord || Tharsis Hastatus || Vlad Suzak
Belicosa Volcano Cannon

Belicosa Volcano Cannon
Apocalypse Missile Launchers (Carapace)
Status: DONE


Reaver || Arcadia Fortis || Jan Mordant
Laser Blaster
Laser Blaster
Turbo Laser Destructor (Carapace)
Status: DONE
Reaver || Metallus Cebrenia || Kel Sharaq
Gatling Blaster
Laser Blaster
Apocalypse Missile Launcher (Carapace)
Status: DONE
Warhound || Raptoria || Zafir Kasim
Vulcan Mega-bolter
Plasma Blastgun
Status: DONE
Warhound || Vulpus Rex || Basek
Turbo Laser Destructor
Turbo Laser Destructor
Status: DONE
Warhound || Astrus Lux ||  Lamnos
Vulcan Mega-bolter
Inferno Gun
Status: DONE

Points total: 2280


Additionally, I have the following three engines out of the project scope:


Reaver || Lator Bronte

Gatling Blaster

Reaver Titan Power Fist
Apocalypse Missile Launcher (Carapace)
Status: DONE


Reaver || unnamed

Melta Cannon

Reaver Titan Chainfist
Apocalypse Missile Launcher (Carapace)
Status: Boxed, weapons built


Warhound || Lupus Rex

Turbo Laser Destructor

Plasma Blast Gun

Status: Primed, basecoated


Adjusted points total: 3125

This is going to be a log of my progress, and yesterday evening I was able to finish the magnetization, posing and skeletal build of Deus Tempestus.
It's a great kit, with mold lines and gates cleverly located so that even the cleanup (which I normally despise) work isn't too bad.
Tonight, I'm going to be basecoating and detailing the base.

I'm going for the original colour scheme, with cobalt blue plating, silver trimmings, and black and white areas to break it up a little.
Feedback is greatly appreciated, and here's a question to you: Does anyone have a recipe for cobalt blue, preferably with GW or Vallejo Model Air colours? I'm too deep in my comfort zone of dark green, bone and black, so I never experimented with blues. Thank you in advance.

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Fallout hobbies just released infantry sized shard camo stencils!!


Wait just read your end of the post, where's the original colour scheme??


Thank you for your comment, although I don't really understand the question. It's cobalt blue with silver trimmings, as well as black and white offsets.


Cool choice, since there are tempestus on both sides you can play with just your collection.

You could try your hand at paintibg metallic blue, basecoat metal then glaze with that gw blue gem paint


That was my thinking :) Well, part of it, anyways. I also like that they're one of the original three titan legions. The blue gem paint is too dark for me, so I'm going with Caledon Sky as a basecoat now. We'll see how it looks.


For today, I've started detailing and painting the base, as well as priming everything. More pictures later!

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That illustration is painted with shard camo. Looking forward to see your take and might copy.

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Now that you say it, you're right. Should have looked closer http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png


Well, I won't be doing that. 

It'll be flat colours with maybe gradients.


On that note, I have an update.


Step 1: Prime black


Step 2: Heavy drybrush with Warplock Bronze for the skeleton.




Step 3: Heavy drybrush with Leadbelcher, for an aged metal look.




Next steps: Detailing of the skeleton, to break up the monotony. I'm not sure yet if I want to do washes at all. There will be a pigment wash for Martian dust, though.

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I got some work done today. Unfortunately, I forgot taking a picture after the detailing, so you'll get the result instead.


First of all, I did the base:



Step 4: Detailing with Balthazar Gold, washed with Agrax Earthshade


Step 5: A pigment wash made of red chalk, Agrax Earthshade and water








I like the weathering, looks to me like Martian dust.


And finally, a first colour test for the armour plating:




Kantor Blue, covered with Caledor Sky, glazed with Guilliman Blue. Not sure yet if I like it.


Next steps: Finishing the skeleton with a light drybrush of Necron Compound

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I airbrushed the armor plates tonight, and blue-tac'ed them on for a test fitting. Looks pretty impressive, I think.




I've also blocked in spot colours and did a little test painting on the lower torso plates, which came out pretty nicely. I didn't take photos yet, but they'll come.

Unfortunately, the airbrush produces a different (and lighter) tone, so I've gotta do a lot of masking for the head and missile launchers.

But since I've already committed to stripes on a few select surfaces and I'm rubbish at freehanding, I'll be masking a bit anyways.

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Looks great so far!




But since I've already committed to stripes on a few select surfaces and I'm rubbish at freehanding, I'll be masking a bit anyways. 

Yeah, masking tape and stencils are your best friends, especially for Legions like the Stormlords http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/sweat.gif

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Thank you, Atia http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png

All the armor plates are basecoated in their colours (except the ones above the head, which I'll need to mask again, because I overlooked them).

I also started testing on individual armor plates like the following:

  • Step 6: Basecoated blacks in Abaddon Black
  • Step 7: Basecoated whites in Fenrisian Grey
  • Step 8: Panel lined armor plates with Nuln Oil in the recesses
  • Step 9: Highlighted armor plates with Fenrisian Grey on blue, Eshin Grey on black
  • Step 10: Glazed blues with Guilliman Blue
  • Step 11: Touched up the armor trims with Leadbelcher
  • Step 12: Washed armor trims carefully with Nuln Oil
  • Step 13: Highlighted armor trims with Stormhost Silver
  • Step 14: Added chipping effects with a sponge and Rhinox Hide, highlighted as above
  • Step 15: Added streaking with Seraphim Sepia


You can't see my tests very well in this size, but I'll post bigger pictures soon.

Next step is finishing the feet and lower legs, which will also be heavily weathered on the finished model.

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I finished all the body armour plates without decals, and finally put on the head.








The weapon arms and missile launchers will be done last, next step tomorrow (or the next two days) will be the shoulder and thigh armour. 

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Thank you. There will be more dust once he's fixed to his base.


Here's another mockup, fixed with blue tac. He's almost finished, only weapons and the front and rear shoulder plates are to be done.






To do: Weathering on the tilting shields, weapon arms and missile launchers. The launchers will have stripes on the tops. Final weathering pass on the legs.

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Deus Tempestus is done!


It was a blast to paint, and I've learned a bunch of new techniques. I hadn't weathered this heavily before, and this is the first time doing stripes.

Unfortunately, I made some mistakes on the launcher stripes, but you can only see it if you look very closely.

I'm pretty proud of it and can't wait for my two Reavers to arrive.


It needs a coat of varnish, and some better photos (apologies, the weather is rubbish and my improvised light box doesn't help a lot).

I'll take a few better pictures in our professional lightbox at work, with a better camera once I've varnished it, but for now I'm calling it finished.











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