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Legio Tempestus - AT log - 1st Project done!

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  • 4 weeks later...

So, obviously it wasn't finished before the week was out. Got sick, too much work, and a general meh feeling afterwards.

Also, I've been caught up in Elite: Dangerous, so ... Yeah, I got lazy.


But I still did some work lately, and here's where I am right now.






The lower legs are mostly finished apart from another two weathering passes, the thigh plates will be detailed today. Weapons are already as good as done and have seen one battle already. Detailing and two weathering passes needed there as well. 

The upper body is still mostly untouched apart from the base colouring. 


Yesterday, Reaver upgrades (i.e. a 4th Reaver) and Titandeath arrived! For now I've constructed the weapons and magnetized them. I love the three new head variants! I will probably buy another one of the new kit in the future.



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Deus Tempestus is in the last stages of weathering before I declare it finished. 

Just one more heavy wash of Martian dust, followed by a light drybrush and I'll post some pictures. Probably on the weekend. 


This will mark the official finish line of my original project, but I will also do the last Warhound, as well as the new Reaver. Looking forward to the new head on that one :)

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Deus Tempestus walks!


I finally finished the weathering today. Might touch up the right shoulder plate a bit, where the dust settled too thickly. The left shoulder plate was intentionally left blank, since I'm planning to do my own decals and apply it there.












This means that my original project is done, and here's a (crappy) group shot on my carpet. There will be more photos once I've varnished them all and applied the custom decals.




So, what's left?

I still have a 4th Warhound and a 4th Reaver on my table, and I will finish both of them. After that I plan on getting another Reaver and a 3rd Warlord, once FW releases the Mori Quake cannon and all the other goodies shown on the weekender. 

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