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Legio Tempestus - AT log - 1st Project done!

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  • 3 weeks later...

A small update:

Warhound #3 is in the process of being painted. I'll airbrush on the weekend come hell or high water, since it needs to be ready for my next game in two weeks.

Also, Tharsis Hastatus will be ordered this weekend. I'm pumped for the alternate loadout, even if we don't get a quake cannon yet.



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  • 2 weeks later...

After a long weekend on vacation, I'm back to painting.


Vulpus Rex needs shades, highlights, battle damage and weathering, and then it's finished. A fourth Warhound is basecoated blue, but I'll delay that one until the second Warlord has arrived and is finished. Since it was dispatched on Friday, it should be here any day now.




Apologies for the blurry picture, but it's a WiP after all and the lighting is bad tonight.

I'm confident to have it finished until the next game on Saturday.

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And it's done in time for the next game.


Vulpus Rex walks!













Just in time for the last finished Warhound, the second Warlord for my Mars project has arrived. Technically, I'm already out of scope with the 3rd Reaver and the 4th Warhound (to be done afterwards) but when Tharsis Hastatus is done, my initial posting is fulfilled. Also, some other goodies to do. :smile.:



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Looking good! I like how your Warhound turned out. Have you played the game yet? I still haven't cracked open the Grandmaster Edition box set that I split with a buddy. 


Thank you!


Two times so far, each time having a blast and learning more. My models are chosen in a way to allow an even split for demo games. Tomorrow will be another one, and maybe I can recruit someone with the new Warlord/Reaver/2xWarhound box. 

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Here are a few other group pictures from the game on Saturday:








I've also started building the second Warlord. It's magnetized and now I'm thinking about base decoration and which head to use.

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I think I'll relegate the finished Warlord to being Tharsis Hastatus and take the new one as Deus Tempestus instead. The more archaic head and the brutality of the powerclaw as well as the thicker armour plates seem more fitting.


Here's the progress so far. I've built the skeleton and blue-tac'ed a few armour plates and the head it in position. The patch of green stuff is a footprint for the raised foot and the left part of the base will probably be another road. A good amount of fiddling and dry-fitting was involved to position the legs and feet this way, but everything works out with the armour and pistons.



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Sure I did. A few even. My current demo setup consists of the painted titans in the following two setups:


Axiom Battleline Maniple


Reaver with Gatling Blaster, Power Fist, Missile Launcher

Warhound with Inferno Cannon, Vulcan Mega-bolter


Venator Light Maniple (Warhounds are a squadron, for an even number of deployments and activations, as well as showing the rules for that)

Reaver with two Laser Blasters, Turbo Laser Destructor

Warhound with 2x Turbo Laser Destructor

Warhound with Plasma Blastgun, Turbo Laser Destructor

+ Reaver with Gatling Blaster, Laser Blaster, Missile Launcher


It works pretty well, the two forces are almost equal points wise and a win is usually decided by cleverness of the commander.

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Since I had good weather yesterday I was able to prime and airbrush a bit.


I've started painting, and I'll probably begin with carapace and arm weapons before tackling the big guy himself.



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  • 2 weeks later...

It's been a while but since I'm now on vacation, I got a bit of painting in, and he's beginning to shape up. The weapons are done, apart from detailing (bright silver armour trim; maybe decals) and weathering.

I haven't touched the upper body yet after cleanup and base colours but the legs are also basically finished. Most of the armour panels are still on the sprues until I need them, but they're also basecoated. 


I won't be done this year as I originally planned, but should be finished way ahead of the next acquisition.




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Most impressive stuff - a very nice collection is building up there! :tu: 


Love the Warlord's pose, great sense of movement and excellent utilisation of the base - the new faceplate is the best! 


Your Legio Praesagius is coming along very nicely indeed

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