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Legio Tempestus - AT log - 1st Project done!

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Here's my current WiP status.

As you can see, the left Reaver is almost finished. It just needs its head and weapon arms finished, and then a final weathering and basing pass.

The right one will be done after the next Warhound and is only blutac'ed for now.

At some time I should probably also finish the power fists ...



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Your newest Titan's name reminded me of Taserface from Guardians of the Galaxy II, so thank you for that. I'll admit I've spent the past few minutes googling Taserface quotes.


You've got some really nice looking God Engines here. How did you do the stripes? Are they freehand?


Keep up the good work.



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How did you do the stripes? Are they freehand?

I wish I had such a steady hand. No, they're done with masking tape. It takes ages to apply properly, but the results are much better than me just splashing on the paint.


And thank you for the kind comment! :smile.:

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Oh, the name is Arcadia Fortis, shamelessly stolen from Mechanicum :wink:

It was just the nickname I gave it because of so much laser weaponry. But thank you for the suggestion, I will have to find a name for the third Reaver as well soon.

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And here's the progress on the 3rd Reaver, as of now still unnamed.

It's almost done, only the weapon arms and the missile launcher are left to detail, and a final weathering pass.






I hope to finish all that tomorrow so I can do another demo game on Saturday. Maybe even with a few more Warhounds, if I manage to build them in time.

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Lator Bronte walks. But it's too late to take pictures now, so you'll get them tomorrow evening.


I now have one Warlord, three Reavers (one more than planned) and one Warhound done, and three more Warhounds on the painting table, two of which need to be built.

I will probably buy another pack of Warhounds after that, thus enabling me to field both a full Venator and a full Axiom maniple at the same time.


Maybe buildings and other terrain will sneak in before the final Warlord(s?). We'll see.

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And a bit more work in progress.

I'm sorry for the bad picture quality. More will come once I'm further in the process




Tomorrow I'll build two more Warhounds, and I hope to finish at least this 2nd and the 3rd one until the weekend to at least a playable status.

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Astrus Lux walks.


That leaves two more Warhounds to paint for now, but they're already built and primed.

This means I now have a legal Axiom and a legal Venator maniple that I can field at the same time. :smile.:

Also, it's about 2000 points worth so I can easily hold introduction games with 1000 points per side. Which I'm going to do today. Will take pictures if I remember it.











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Well, it's its official name. And I think it's supposed to be "Starlight" but yeah. Fake latin == High Gothic :wink:


Also, have a group picture, taken on today's test table:



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