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Loquille's attempt to stop lurking. Horus Heresy log.


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Another couple things pushed over into the completed pile. 


First up, the Destroyers finally got their heads! 





Swiftly followed by a Leviathan, who I can imagine grumbling about all the dust getting everywhere :) 









Next up should be another Primus Apothecary and another squad of White Scars, though I do have the informant to go with the Rogue Doc still to paint. 


@BjornFirewalker: Thankyou.



As always thanks for looking. 

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Always an excellent destroyers scheme, never fails to make me happy!


Excellent work on the Leviathan Siege Dreadnought. I'm surprised most of the Destroyers wield pistols instead of high Strength and/or long Range guns, as their title suggests; but you did a good job on the models.

They're each legion's chemical and radiation weapon specialists, so carry dual pistols and radiation/phosphex grenades and missiles. Not much long-range involved!
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  • 2 weeks later...

As always, I end up painting something different from what I planned. 


This time with the Ebon Keshig finally back in stock I had to work on the Command Squad to go with Qin Xa. 








And them all together. 





@Dosjetka: Thankyou. 


@Pearson73: Thanks, it had to be done after seeing the picture of them in red. 


@BjornFirewalker: Thanks. Like Darkwath121 says, they're the chemical specialists, salt the earth. Game wise they lower your opponent's toughness when in combat to represent rad effects. 


@Darkwarth121: Thankyou!

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Those terminator lads are gorgeous! 


I've genuinely considered the idea of potentially doing a Pride of the Legion list for White Scars using the Ebon Keshig bodies for normal terminators, and you're really not helping my poor wallet! :P


Keep up the awesome work, man. 

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Sorry for the silence, but I have still been working away on the Heresy. So ignoring the break time for some pictures. 


First up a couple more Consuls in the shape of a Primus Apothecary and a Siege Breaker. Because who doesn't like Phosphex. 









Followed by the Land Raider for Qin and the Command Squad above.






Edited by Loquille
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And a naughty second post as apparently it cut off. 


Next up was some of the lovely Ebon Keshig, this time in black. 




And finally a Primus Nulificator. 








I went with a couple Word Bearer symbols to represent the Hex wards which I think works. 

Sorry for the different quality, but that's just where I had them ready for upload and.. didn't. They're here now though :smile.:


@BjornFirewalker. Thanks man.


@Pearson73. Thanks, I wanted something slightly different banner wise for them, the Keshig models are probably my favourite terminator models now I've handled a few of them. 

@Noctus Cornix. Do it... It's what I'm planning on doing :smile.: I need to pick up another 5 as Ebon Keshig, then onto the normal Terminators. 

@Dosjetka. Thanyou, though they need to swing it by the car wash at some point. Oh yes, plenty more on the way, a few support troops and an Omega are up next. 

Now I'm up to date /crosses fingers. 

Edited by Loquille
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Posted (edited)

Update time, I had a few units sat on the desk so with the third complete time to share. 


First up a squad of Nullificators to go with the Consul. 




Followed by a Plasma Support squad. Afterall everyone needs Plasma, I may build them for every Legion.





/pt1 as it seems to have ate half my post..

Edited by Loquille
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The third unit is a unit of Seekers joining the Legion, while their Proteus is on the paint station I thought I'd get these out of the way. 











@BadgersintheHills: Thankyou


@Pearson73: Thanks, those transfers are perfect for those type of units, not overly Chaosy but still give off the wrong vibe that they're experimenting. 



As always, thanks for looking. 

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Posted (edited)

Another update has arrived. 


A Proteus rolls off the production line as the dedicated transport for the Seekers above.







Next up is a Praetor for the 8th Legion.

I decided to rebuild and update an old Praetor as I get ready for the new edition. 









@Pearson73: Thanks! After the Nullificators and the Ebon Keshig, I think I'm going to do the special Destroyer unit in black to match as well. 


@Brother Pheidias: Thankyou :smile.:


Up next will be a unit of Contekar to keep an eye on the Praetor above and hopefully I'll get the drive to finish the second half of the Scar's Assault Squad. 


As always thanks for looking. 


#Side note, anyone else having issues posting in their threads on the computer? It's took three attempts to complete this post. First only showed the Raider, second only down to the Praetor pics and none of the text after. 

Edited by Loquille
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Ask and you shall receive! Mostly. 


The Alpha Legion, 




What's missing from the family shot is half a dozen drop pods and sadly the Vorax as I forgot they were sat on my desk looking pretty... :) 


The White Scars,





While the Scars are only missing their special Destroyer unit from the display as they're on the painting tray. 


Getting those two Legions out reminds me that I really need to buy more Rhinos, as I just keep borrowing the ones from the Alpha legion, and I'm actually surprised at how much is actually painted for both of them, obviously there's units unfinished above. but the rest of it has appeared in the thread :) 

I've not pulled the Night Lords out though, as half of them still require major work to update them. So you'll need to wait until I add new toys to them in 2.0 :) 

@Pearson73: Thankyou, it's a lovely kit.


@Dosjetka: Thanks, ask and you shall receive. (dodgy group shots) 

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