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Kinda overwhelmed by the votes for what was really a basic plain black and white Crucius Titan. Wanted to thank everyone. Also wanted to say the other Titans are no less deserving in my opinion. The camo patterns were a feat. And Lion’s shading was super tight.


Also wanted to congratulate all the Artificers. Honestly I had a really hard time even choosing one above the rest. I wouldn’t be able to tell if they weren’t all HM Master Class.


And the Spawns of course, truely imaginative (what I mean by that is actually - nightmarish). Not just the paint of course but also the sculpts.


And thanks again Semper for hosting.

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Thank you everyone for a great ETL! This was my first time participating and it really helped provide the motivation I needed to finish painting my Harlequin force. Thank you so much to Captain Semper for running this event! And I am so honored to have been chosen as an Artificer! Congrats to the Master Artificer and Princepts Majoris for your spectacular paint jobs. See you all again next year!
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@ Semper: any idea what happened to the page listing all the B&C events? With the ETLs, Call of Chaos, Libers etc. on them? http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/280474-pca-official-events-archive/?p=3466403


Bro T did some tidying :tu:

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