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Battle Report: Adeptus Titanicus - Tempestus v Xestobiax



In the trip to WHW, we also all brought our tiny titans, being one of the funnest games GW makes (probably). I managed to get a quick 1250pt game in against @Olis's Legio Xestobiax and their Black Iron cores. 


I was using (and forgot to use the rules for) a Ferrox light maniple with additional reaver (+1 to armour rolls within your scale in inches) against Olis's nimble Corsair maniple:



Indefatigable (Indy): Reaver (princeps) - melta, gatling, turbo laser, charge warlord trait

Aegis Eternal: Reaver - volcano cannon, laser blaster, apoc launcher

Hound 1 - plasma, vulcan

Hound 2 - Plasma, vulcan.



Reaver 1 - melta, chainfist, apoc

Reaver 2 - gatling, powerfist, apoc,

Reaver 3 - hidden behind the tower so I forget, but I think gatling+ laser+ apoc. 


Xestobiax deployed as far forwards as possible and in the bunker, behind the tower, with a decent amount of terrain in a diagonal line to partially shield their advance. My reavers deployed to the left, while my hounds to the right out of sight behind the downed titan lander. 



With the power and chainfists, Olis only had ranged weapons on 7/9 hardpoints, while I had 10/10 ranged, so I had a large ranged advantage - Olis went first and full strided titans to get close to me, but was just out of range with the largely 24" weapons. Aegis and Indy first fired to try and get some more shots in, and I VOIDS TO FULLED some apoc launcher hits and lost some shields, but nothing major.


My hounds sprinted up the side, and one was out of LoS. Everything focussed fire on the front chainfist/melta reaver to bring the beast down. Aegis and the Indy managed to bring some shields down, one hound then finished off the shields and managed a 4 hits to the head with a maximal fire plasma blaster to the side, rolling like an 12, 15, 16, 17. The front titan was crippled already which was not a good start for Xestobiax. 



The near crippled titan tries to charge my nearst warhound but falls short, putting it's shots into it but not managing to down enough shields. Potshots into my reavers down some shields. My charged warhound then tries to move out of arc of the chainfist reaver and draw LoS to that and the fist reaver behind, attempting full stride, but awakens the machine spirit and stands there haughtily. Now everything opens up. Aegis targets the head with the apoc launcher and the volcano cannon and the laser goes wherever. I get one miss, which scatters but still hits the head means 4 hits with the volcano to the critical head and the first titan goes down with a magazine detonation on the melta catching my nearest hound in the massive blast, damaging the body. The rest of the firepower opens up on the fist titan and breaks the shields, and damages the body. This is not going well for Xestobiax. 



Trying to avoid getting flanked by my hounds the fist reaver knight moves back and angles away, but leaves my reavers in the side arc. Shooting drops Aegis shields (ironic) but does no damge. Indy, which has been pushing reactors and not venting suffers a shield collapse in the damage phase...Then everything unloads into the fist  reaver, managing to repeatedly hit the legs. Vulcan downs the shields, plasma cracks the shell then Aegis's volcano cannon finishes the job - the reaver spins 180 degrees, wildfires at nothing, then falls backwards down the hill it was walking down. Two down, one to go, and both kills made by Aegis, who usually does nothing. 



The final Xestobiax reaver comes out to play. I attempt emergency repairs on Aegis and reignite the voids, everything piles into the reaver and it dies, I forget by who's hand exactly, I think one of the hounds. 


Due to the mission, I had a greater scale of titans (28 to 24) so Olis got +4VP, and you gain  VP equal to your scale remaining, so the final score was 3 engine kills and 32-4 to Legio Tempestus! 







The gorgeous check-work on Olis's titans, using nail art stencils. 







Tempestus Walks! Aegis Eternal and Indefatigable stride towards Xestobiax, peppering their shields with fire. 



The jaws close around the god engines of Xestobiaxlarge.IMG20230212120030.jpg.11d5578479ec5d0c764b2d993156f69d.jpglarge.IMG20230212120135.jpg.6e59fa4a46dfb36032068331d33456b2.jpg


Titans on parade



A couple of glamour shots of Aegis Eternal


Edited by Xenith


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