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Battle Report: Craftworlds vs Alpha Legion



I had a trip to WHW with a few other B&C folk a couple of weeks ago and managed to get some games in, mostly with @Excessus, either playing with or against him!


It's been a while since he'd played, so we just did primaries on a random mission, which turned out to have 5 objectives, we did 5pts per command phase for each objective held, and used nachmund rules. 


My list

1250pts Craftworlds Patrol - Swift strikes and mobile fighters

Autarch, Warlord, 2+" move, falchou's wing, fusion gun

5 rangers, wireweave

10 avengers, dual cats

10 banshees, piercing strikes, mirrorswords

6 spiders

3 spears, hearstrike, paragon sabre


Serpent - lances

Serpent - scatters


Alpha Legion

Chaos lord in TDS - Black mace

master of possession - fleshy thing and 4+ invuln

10 renegade guard - plasma, grenade 

10 renegade guard - plasma, grenade 

2x 5 marines, plasma

5 terminators

hellbrute - tllas, MoT

hellbrute - bolters, MoT

grav rapier




Deployment - I won the roll off and Excessus had to deploy first and stuck everything pretty much as far forward as possible, the lord and terms started in DS Reserve. The 5 man csm unit forward operaratived onto the east objective. 





I won the roll off to go first, and generally shuffled around and the prism advanced 21" onto the north objective. Nothing got out yet. The prism shot the lascannon hellbrute, but the MoT deflected one of the wounds, however I rolled well on the second and knocked it down to 1 wound, the rangers then managed a lucky mortal on it to kill it. The lance serpent then killed the grav rapier before I could find out what it does. Spears shuffled back. 



Everything moved forwards, venomcrawlers shoot and kill the spears (!), a crawler and the other CSM make it onto the central objective, so it's currently 3-2 to the alphas. Other random shooting knocks 6W off the prism.



10 vp for primaries. The other dread has to die, so I maneuvered stuff around. This was a generally unsuccessful turn, I got 10 VP for 2 objectives, but it took basically all my shooting to kill that second dread and knock some wounds off a crawler. The avengers got out to shoot something also (mistake)



15vp. The terms came in 9" from my front line, blocking access to the central objective. Avengers got shot up with 5 dead, one crawler managed a charge on a serpent, but fluff the attacks, the terminators fail the charge. Score is 10-15 to the AL.


The CSM approach...



End of my T2



The Terminators arrive




10vp for primaries. The banshees hopped out to counter the terminators, they basically go where they want with a 6" advance, 8" move then 3" deploy, but the chaos lord was tucked away limiting access. I fall back with the serpent being attacked by the crawler and fire and fade to let it shoot. The spiders then hop onto the objective to either shoot the crawler or something else. Everything shoots the venomcrawler, it dies and explodes, kiling 3 banshees (!), wounding my autarch twice, and killing a spider. Scatters start thinning cultists on their home objectve. The exarch goes into the lord with 3 other banshees, the remainder, minus the dead 3, go into the terms. I forgot to battle focus the autarch, so he goes in as well. The exarch and 3 banshees knock the lord down to 3w (very good rolling on saves) while the rest of the banshees kill 3/5 of the terminators (less good rolling). The lord then swings back with the black mace wound spillover and wipes the banshees alone. 



Terms go after the rangers on my home objective, the MoP heals the lord for 3W. the east CSM move to the centre with the MoP, the central CSM move toward the western objective. Bit of scattered shooting kills some spiders lord charges my autarch and kills him. 20-30 to the AL. 



10 vp. all my tanks cycle clockwise to get onto  the SE objective, scatters wipe their guard off the home objective, prism shoots the other cultists, but CP spent to auto pass morale.  random shooting kills a term. 



10VP. Terms move towards the rangers, the get fleshed to recover the flamer which kills the rangers. lord tries to chase a serpent. CSM moves to the serpent on the NW objective in the photo below and manages a long charge into it to ObSec me off it. 30-40 to the AL


What was left at the end of T4. My tanks had managed to get into the AL DZ, however hadn't inflicted enough damage to knock them off objectives. The terms at the bottom fleshy cursed the flamer back to life and flamed the rangers, a lone csm marine managed a long charge onto my lance serpent to the left there, which denied me that objective sealing the win for the Alphas - I should have kept a CP for a to hit roll.





5 vp. I just shuffle, prism and scatters try to kill the last guard, but they survive to deny me the east objective. bracketed serpent fails to kill the csm in contact with it. 



terms move onto my home objective. Nothing else of note. 15VP at the end, for a final score or 35-55 to the despicable Alpha legion! 




Edited by Xenith


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