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  1. A Dark Imperium rivalry ignites once more, brother vs brother! Enjoy
  2. A Dark Imperium rivalry ignites once more, brother vs brother! Enjoy
  3. Kor'sarro Khan runs the Gauntlet Of Glory, facing 5 of the greatest Warhammer 40k characters in a duel to win the ultimate prize. Can the Captain of the 3rd Company of the White Scars do it? Find out by watching this video.
  4. Kor'sarro Khan runs the Gauntlet Of Glory, facing 5 of the greatest Warhammer 40k characters in a duel to win the ultimate prize. Can the Captain of the 3rd Company of the White Scars do it? Find out by watching this video. https://youtu.be/P1SJw3bDleg
  5. Hey everyone! We ran the Horde of Jaghatai against the dusty boys in this weeks battle report. Feel free to check it out. Cheers https://youtu.be/Sl8XEXWJkuI
  6. Greetings, fellow Sons of Titan! Every week I share another battle report with you all, so I figured I'd just make an ur-thread rather than posting a new topic every week. My name is Icosiel and I make videos about Grey Knights! I focus on battle reports, but I also do some list pondering and hobby stuff on occasion. Here's a link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCud2nvtJBLCnYxLSpV-pjPA I'm fighting against Imperial Knights this weekend, so I made a video about my thoughts on exactly how I am going to beat them. I don't have a lot of anti-tank! Any input would be appreciated!
  7. The Hunt of Vengeance continues in this brutal game between the malevolent Drukhari and the enigmatic White Scars! Thanks to Phil for bringing his White Scars onto the channel, a very cool army!
  8. PRIORITY OMEGA! Knut and Grimlock are back with episode 2 and this time they are tasked with reinforcing a beleaguered force of Imperial Fists & PDF attempting to stop a Daemonic summoning ritual! Will they stop the summoning or will the planet fall into further darkness?
  9. Hi all So I started a WIP thread on my Mordians in the Forge section because it was being swamped by those over zealous pompous astartes. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/317558-mordian-painting-project/ Someone suggested I post here too. To avoid double posting I thought I would focus more on the tourament I will be entering with it with just the occasion shout out when I've updated the original thread. Quick background started with Mordians back in 3rd before taking a long (15yr) break. Had about 30 odd mordians and some praetorians. Since then I have picked up another 30-40 odd. I've stripped off my 3rd ed paints and the paint from the models I bought and will be updating their scheme to fit with 7th ed. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11578/gallery_87434_11578_723173.jpg The tournament is only 750pt single allied detachment FOC (no formations). So I am using it as an excuse to get all my mordians done even though I wont use them all. The tournament will be 3 games and scoring consists of primary marker objectives, secondary [bRB] malestrom and tertiary points based on kill point differential as well as the usual 3 suspects from the main rule book. The list I have in mind is Lord Commissar w/ m. bombs Primaris Psyker ML2 1 PCS w/ heavy flamer 3x Infantry squad w/ lascannons and GL (1x sgt w/ m. bombs, 2x dedicated taruox) Vendetta Wyvren That puts me at 750pts on the nose. The tournament is meant to be somewhat friendly. The TO has already stated they will turn down any cheesy/OP lists (scatterbike spam, 2++/2++, 2+ FNP deathstars etc). My goal with the list was to try and exploit IGs ability to spam somewhat useful troops at low points, whilst still having some mobility. I'm hoping for a 4+ on the IG/AM WL trait list to either gain orders or relentless. Also of note as allied detachment was designed not to be a primary detachment you do not receive the ideal mission commander rule. I'm also hoping will ML2 I have a better chance of picking up that 4++ on the divination table. 30 relentless guardsmen w/ lascannons and 4++ sounds like fun :-) Ill most likely be blobbing the guard unless I can see a reason not to do that for any particular game. The taurox with their built in dozer blades and obsec will be running around grabbing objectives until they meet their demise (quite promptly I imagine). The pcs will chill in the vendetta to grab end of game objectives and the vendetta line breaker. I'm sure the wyvren needs no explanation ;-) The tournament is end of January so I have a couple more weeks to get my models painted. Hopefully I'll be able to get a couple of practice games in too before then. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11578/gallery_87434_11578_320654.jpg
  10. So in the spirit of mini-smite I bring you another mini-batrep. My hope is I get more of my games shared with you guys if I just make these shorter.... however I've been away with work so it's been a challenge posting this, but this time I goofed up, and I apologize, but I only have 3 pictures. This was a challenge because I'm playing Maelstrom against a well versed, long time IG player. And I'll be upfront about this, I took a Stormraven again even though I got bit pretty hard in my last attempt, having the flyer dumped in my zone, and a wicked loss as a result of having to footslog the majority of my force. So here we go... Maelstom, 2K, and I'm not going first (I failed the roll to go first even with +1, and then used a CP to fail twice at stealing. I never do this, but it felt imperative to go first against Guard). Astra List: Honestly I can't remember everything but I do have a deploy shot. Leman russ Executioner 2 flyers (one vendetta, one valk) Loaded with vets Lots of lascannons Sentinels Hvy Flamers Quite a few Flame tanks (he used to flank these but now he's playing Cadia) Scions (special weapons, command squads, etc deep striking) A couple of priests, and a couple of psykers. My list was pretty vanilla: Voldus Draigo GMNDK - H.Incin/H.Psycannon 4 Pals 1 Apoth Twin Las Razorback 3 Strike teams Doomglaive Dread Stormraven Las/Hurricanes/MM He wins the roll to go first and he does. He deploys on the back line and I feel a sense of doom... http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13921/gallery_2760_13921_424251.jpg + As you can see the Astra back row is loaded as a gunline. I tried to deploy my Stormraven as late as possible to buy some space/time, but it didn't work that well. - IG draw some cards they really will struggle with. We do have an inhouse rule of free discards on any card you could never have completed, but even so he's got some tough ones. - I leave my Razorback poking out by half an inch without realizing it. So it's is annihilated in T1. (My understanding is there is no cover save unless you are IN the cover, not just obscured). So it was wasted pretty easily. - On the plus side this perhaps was to my advantage? I'm not sure but he saw the Las Razorback as my only true threat to his armour. Well aside from my Stormraven and he wanted first blood, so this made sense. But as much as I tried to hide my Stormraven, it MIGHT have been utterly destroyed if the Razorback wasn't poking out. - The Stormraven, even at -1 to hit is down to 8 wounds. My lucky saves combined with his tough shooting left me in the top tier for the flyer. I right away felt super lucky with this... and reminded my self of why I don't take big flyers anymore.... - I go for the Alpha and I can't believe how little damage I do. Seriously it's a shot off in the corner and I figure I got to get some points early, and then try not to get tabled.... - My alpha is mostly generated by some tiny smite action and Strikes coming in hot on my right flank, deep in his zone. Thank Titan for Draigo aura. The Stormbolters vape some cheap dudes, but it gets rid of the 'screen'. The Stormraven had zoomed up, but of course it can't hover so there are dudes inside. I try to take down a tank... twin las, flubs, multimelta has one hit and only does a bit of damage. Then to top it off the GMNDK fails his charge even with reroll, so my failure is now complete. It does not look good and I've only held back one Strike squad, and Voldus with the Pals and Doomglaive are still in the Stormraven. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13921/gallery_2760_13921_174221.jpg - The Astra get pretty cocky and start spreading out everywhere making Deep strike extremely difficult in any sort of meaning full way. My Strike squads gets vaped in the ruins. - Astra still have tough cards but do have defend on my left side and they advance the walkers to grab it. The fire base is now seeing the GMNDK as a big threat. They start to bob and weave tanks, and flamers, and heavy weapons.... but of course the first order of business is the Stormraven....sure enough it blows sky high... er to the ground I guess. Voldus tumbles out like a silver Santa Clause on fire. I lose a Paladin as a casualty. - Sanctuary proves to be a... er, Sanctuary as the GMNDK was now under heavy fire since the Stormraven went down. His Alpha comes in and tries melta shots on the GMNDK, it's ugly for IG because I just keep making my 3++ somehow. - End of turn the Astra go up a bit, and if I recall, my Doomglaive took a bit of a beating. Grey Knight turn of Turns! - Well not really, I just wanted to make it sound like I did something good... anyway I have very doable objectives this turn, and I get all 3 to tie the game. During this turn however Voldus would take on some serious competition punching through tanks with his hammer, and the GMNDK was finally in CC with a Hellhound. I continued to try to occupy as many tanks as possible. - Also Voldus gave Hammerhand to the Doomglaive, so he would wound the Leman Russ on 2's instead of 3's which turned out to be massive. (I can't take that much plasma every round - I missed this in the previous turn report but he melted 2 more Pals with it).The Doomglaive does a great job, consolidates towards some scary looking stuff but he's in the open now. MID/Late Game: - Astra get tough cards, and actually go for the death kill on me... he gets the card where you have to own every objective. Believe it or not he can do it, but we both realize as he's about to collect the points, Voldus is sitting / contesting one objective! Oh great silver Santa Clause.... how I love you. - So he gets nothing as a result of getting a pretty bad draw of cards and trying to get something out of that card. - HUGE moment of the game though.. I'm trying to stop him from getting his HQ/Warlord to safety in a Vendetta Gunship. I positioned myself to shoot it down, and assault the contents, BUT it has all of its wounds. I have no chance of doing this if I lose much more dudes..... So the IG unload on the GMNDK who is near, and there is the Doomglaive. The Doomglaive is now right beside the flyer and is down to 1 WOUND.... he takes a lascannon shot at it, hits, wounds and I make the 6 up! Ridiculous, but it now sits waiting for next turn.... - I fire everything I can at the HQ Vendetta, I take it down on a failed save, but he command point -re rolls the save and makes it.... wow. It's literally at one wound and all I have is two stormbolters on the Paragon and the Apothecary... I fire the 4 shots, one wounds the flyer, he fails the save and it goes down! - Voldus, and the Doomglaive team up and spank the HQ and his friends. This gave me a commanding lead. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13921/gallery_2760_13921_137345.jpg + Is this the end to the GMNDK? Why are these large smelly people with beatsticks singing songs with a Priest? This isn't my 40k! - Last hail mary here and the IG throw this squad of bafoons at the GMNDK. They sing a stupid song with the priest and a psyker gives them +1 save... wow what a bash up. I'm surprised but their slabshields hold up with the sing along powers even against my hammer attacks. But I had Sanctuary up and was up to the task. I stood after taking a few wounds, but in return I could only kill one of them. - Meanwhile Draigo in on the extreme left flank of the table trying to help strikes. I'm down to one squad of them, and they did a great job finishing some infantry. But this is just weird... Draigo did nothing this game, so I figure it's time to kill a tank... he goes after a flame tank that wounds on 2's and is -Ap3 I think... wow what a mistake. Draigo goes from unwounded, to on his last wound just by trying to charge the tank! That was insane. I think his robes are soaked in gas or something. (He failed the charge too) - That's one thing I didn't point out but charging in this game was super punishing in this game. I don't think the average IG list has so many flamers in it but it wasn't uncommon for me to lose wounds on most of my charges. I lost a lot of Strikes on one charge because of super overwatch as well... can't wait for the Tau codex! This was bad enough. Between fire and super shooting overwatch it really did feel disheartening in the early rounds trying to reach CC with anything. (especially with flame tanks). Turns out to be a MUCH closer game than the score shows. I had very little left, and so did he. I had a higher score but a few HQ's on low wounds (Draigo on 1) and maybe 3-4 scattered strikes and a half dead GMNDK who was my super wound sponge of the game. Definitely a brutal battle of high attrition on both sides.
  11. or Get your arse to Mars So in early November, me and a few friends travel to charity tournament in Erie, PA. It's a starvation tournament, so you start at 2K then each round drop 500 pts. For this year's I figured to combine it with a little narrative I've been working on. So my custom house was built on the bones of salvaged frames from Taranis. After some time I have a decent main force and decided that my first in a loooong series of knight forces that work like my crusade army. IE 'I like that scheme, I'm going to paint it' For this one I'm painting up a force of Taranis knights. This force plus one of my wolf knights will make up the core of my tournament list. I will then take them and fight several battles in stores around my area and beyond to simulate thier journey from my house's homebase in the Ghoul Stars to Mars. I have a list written for the tournament already: Models in the Taranis group are the crusader and three armigars. They are escorted by my wolf knight and his pack of armigars. The three TPE are going to be my old TPE for my guard, the one I did from WGE and the Grombrindal one. Right now I have the Styrix and two armigars from the wolf group done, as well as two of the TPEs. I need to get my hands on an Annihilation/Command barge to make the LL armigar. I'm painting up the Taranis group right now then I'll do Grombrindal. The Taranis group is a general look, no special conversions like my main house of the wolf knights. Which is on purpose since they will be serving with the mother house anyway. So hopefully I'll be able to keep a log of my work over the next few months. Including battle reports.
  12. I thought it was time to put a batrep up. I have been playing a lot... with lots of armies too, and trying to get a feel for where I really like in 8th. I've resisted using Magnus only because I wanted to get a feel for a lot of the Thousand Sons units. That said... Magnus is in this game. Let's get right into it... The Game: 2000 pts, Maelstrom Astra Army: HQ: a couple of LT's from Astra and Tempestus Scions- Cadian HQ dude with all the orders + Commissar with Conscripts Tons of tanks Punisher, Demolisher, 2 x Basilisks 2 x Hellhound (can't remember but they were both flame tanks) Chimera 2 x Valkyrie flyers 15-20 Conscripts. Lots of dudes... Sniper Assassin - Vindicare Tempestus Scions - 3 x special weapon squads (deep striking) and their HQ. Thousand Sons: Magnus 2 x Exalted Sorcs 10 Rubrics, Soulreaper, 1 flamer in a Landraider Baledrake Helbrute Las/Missile 20 Tzaangors 5 Scarabs Baledrake Thousand Sons Deployment: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_12702/gallery_2760_12702_73702.jpg + Magnus knows how the small minded mortals of the Imperium think, and he boldly deploys front and center (plus as a massive peacock from hell let's be honest, he can't hide. + I have far less items to deploy than the heinous loyalist.... so I get to go first. The Astra/Tempestus do not seize. EARLY GAME: - Thousand sons pull an objective card that forces my Warlord to actually accomplish the objective... it turns out to be a an objective deep in the Astra zone, high on the east side of the board. Magnus sends a psychic pulse to the Baledrake, they will rendezvous deep in the enemy zone to take the point. - Tzanngors advance, the Landraider fires off las shots and pulverizes a Hellhound granting first blood. The Tzaangors run/advance, and the Exalted Sorcs stay hidden amongst their ranks. The Helbrute fails to hit on any shots. - The Scarab Occult drop in front of the Leman russ Demolisher - their psychic attempt does one Mortal wound to the the tank. They would charge, successfully, but fail to do any damage to the tank, but prevent it from shooting. - Magnus fires off some Psychic mortal wounds, but does extremely little to the squad of Astra with autocannon.... Magnus does very little here, but with the Baledrake they now threaten the Vendetta. Magnus must stay back, but the Baldrake smells the fear of the Valkyrie pilot and surges forward for a T1 assault... http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_12702/gallery_2760_12702_283848.jpg + High in the Eastern board flank, a view from the Astra Militarum pilot's cockpit. #84 probably needed an air sick bag after seeing the terror unfolding in front of him. + - The Baledrake 'flames' the Astra in front of Magnus but again, only 1 wound. But the Drake does clash with the Valk and causes a few wounds. + Astra draw a card they can't accomplish. We houserule cards that are impossible to accomplish from T1 on. He re-draws but needs to grab an objective on my side. + The Astra unload all their Scions..... Did Magnus see this coming? Perhaps, but the Goatmen will have to fend for themselves on yet another hostile world with no edible grass. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_12702/gallery_2760_12702_183700.jpg + Tempestus Scions unload... the Helbrute is caught unaware and is easily destroyed. The Tzaangor are vaped between the Scions and the Valkyries zooming overhead.+ - The Exalted Sorcs somehow evade the carnage and watch their Tzaangor disappear. More Tzaangor take casualties in the Ruins however several saves are made. - The Astra largely ignore Magnus and the Landraider. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_12702/gallery_2760_12702_262359.jpg + The Exalted Sorcs direct the Rubrics to disembark, while they advance on the Tempestus Scions. The Tzaangor lives will be paid for in blood!!!+ - The Exalted sorcs do suprisingly little for Mortal wounds. A large volume of fire power from the Rubrics hit the Scions, but they do not break. It would take a full out assault to break the corspe god slaves. They fought bravely and while the Exalted sorcs finished their squad, the Rubrics would be stuck in for 2 turns of close combat!!! - Scarab Occult fires of baby Smite and does 1 wound to the tank which keeps retreating, his squad is largely diminished as an Astra squad keeps picking them off. - The front lines threaten to collapse... masses of tanks are taking their toll on the last of the Tzaangors. The Baledrake continues to flame the Conscripts but their loses are not notable. The Baledrake continues to terrorize the Valkyrie but with very few wounds. - This puts a lot of pressure on Magnus. He soars across the lines of Astra and smashes into a Basilsk, punching a hole through it. - The Landraider failed utterly to hit anything. - Astra valkyries continue to fire, now the Vindicare takes aim on Magnus but fails to hit. The Conscripts destroy most of the Tzaangors, and finally my Rubrics kill the last of the Scions. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_12702/gallery_2760_12702_480044.jpg + Magnus collides with the second Basilisk. He is destroying the ordnance one vehicle at a time while the Tzaangor fight ferociously to keep the blob of Conscripts engaged. + - The Punisher kils what it can. Line of sight is hurting the Astra a bit, but everytime the Thousand Sons break mid-table the Astra punish them with a hail of bullets. - Magnus finishes the Basilisk off, and the Landraider tries unsuccessfully to take down one of the Valkyries. The Scarab Occult fail to do much to the Demolisher tank but the surrounding Astra are picking away at the Terminators, until they are destroyed. - Thousand Sons get a few points in this turn and it becomes obvious the Astra need to get a few objectives this turn if they hope to succeed... - Astra pulls a double point Defend objective card. They fly a Valkyrie over, and a Hellhound to secure the objective.... but the Thousand Sons still have options. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_12702/gallery_2760_12702_127889.jpg +Magnus soars over the backlines of the Astra. The Conscripts look on in horror, as they watch the Primarch slam into a Valkyrie in mid flight. + - Magnus rips the flyer out of the sky preventing the point score. Meanwhile below the Exalted Sorcs have lined up with the Hellhound and jointly Smite it to death. It becomes obvious that the Astra cannot hope to win at this point. But for the heck of it we continue with the bottom of the Astra turn, and just for interests' sake he fires everything at Magnus, and he dies... just dies... and I remember to use a command point, and save the last D2 wound to prevent Magnus' death!
  13. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_14016/gallery_2760_14016_63226.jpg So I'm a bit strapped for time and I'll try to get this done in a reasonable fashion with some pics. First up, I apologize for so many unpainted figs. In my batreps I really prefer more painted stuff but I've had a few people actually ask me to do some of my DG games up as batreps. Secondly a shot from the heat of the moment.... bodies are flying, and Genestealers are turning into Poxwalkers, while Poxwalkers are being consumed for Genestealers... it's a bloody mess, yet one particularly stinky champion stands out amongst the carnage.... http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_14016/gallery_2760_14016_250319.jpg +++ Typhus stands amongst the carnage. The smell would kill a horse... or make a plaguebearer smile. Take your pick. The Nids have poured their chaff into the fire, but now Old One Eye enters the fold, backed by a Hive Tyrant and a Dakka-Fex. Can the Poxwalkers hold? Will Typhus cut the Nids down? All to answer the question: Which stinky force is more desperately in need of some Old Spice? +++ The Game: - 2,000 pts Maelstrom. It's a new one where you MUST complete your 3 cards by the beginning of your turn as all cards are discarded. This feels like a disadvantage to such a slow moving army such as mine. - Deployment is in opposing quarters with a no man's land in the middle (18" bubble) - My Army: Typhus 20 Poxwalkers Lord in termie armour with Combi Plasma (Warlord - re-roll Plague weapon aura) 5 Blightlord Termies 1 combi plasma, one flail, one Blightlauncher 2 squads of Plague Marines 10 Cultists Plaguecaster 1 Plague Crawler 1 squad of 3 Myphitic Blight Drones 1 Foul Blightspawn 1 Tallyman 1 Plague Surgeon 1 Blightbringer. Nids: Flyrant 2 x Dakka fex Broodlord 2 x 14 genestealers 4 Zoanthropes + the character Zoanthrope dude 3 Hive Guard 3 shooty warriors Old One Eye Drop Pod w/ a big bug with a mega flamer 3 Venomthropes... can't get enough of these guys! First turns: - This is the first time I have the +1 to my roll, and I actually have a tie/win on the roll off. I don't think first turn is too particularly important for me in this one aside from moving to objectives. - He's clumped up, I'm clumped up.... there's not a lot I can do with some line of sight blocking terrain, it looks like I have to stay away from his Hive Guard since they ignore cover (negating Blight drones), and have indirect fire. I keep my Plagueburst Crawler out of his range though in case I need to do some damage. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_14016/gallery_2760_14016_91774.jpg +++ Deployment. Stinky clump of dudes vs stinky clump of bugs. +++ - with first turn I chuck out some Melta/Krak missiles from the Blight Haulers. They do very little because they are hitting pretty much everything on 4's. About the only thing that really goes off is my psychic phase. I buff the Poxwalkers with toughness, and get Miasma off on the Poxwalkers. I blow a CP on Walking Dead, and push up the Cultists of course. The Plague Crawler gives some good indirect shots to a dakka fex to start working him over...Everything pushes up, and I get only one point for an objective I happen to be sitting on. - The Nid turn is far more dyanmic.... everyting rushes forward with the venomthropes super cloud. - A Pod drops in on an objective with the super flamer Nid rolling out of it. Genestealers ultimately push forward hard and some of the Dakka Fexes make themselves visible. - To my surprise the Nids hold back the Zoanthropes, the Hive Guard and the Warriors. Everything else is making a break for the edges of the ruins in the center of the board: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_14016/gallery_2760_14016_67270.jpg +++ Genestealers come crashing in.... the plague marines are waiting for it.. Typhus relishes it. The poxwalkers fill their pants. +++ - The buffed Poxwalkers do attract firepower. A good volume of it is wasted on them which I kind of hoped for. I think the Nids realized this wasted potential and started throwing shots on the Cultists... which turned into Poxwalkers... all according to plan! - His psychics were limited to buffing running/shooting units. He had a mix of two different rules so he could reroll charges on his shooty units.... then something really goes against me.... I'm hoping this will be a game I get some real use out of the Foul Blightspawn but no...He gets off a psychic power that says my units must fight after his are done. Brutal. So it negates Foul Blightspawn entirely. - The good news is the Cultists die rapidly, and he doesn't know what to do with my growing numbers of Poxwalkers... does he engage them? does he ignore them? - He does some good damage, gets first blood, and an Objective. Nids are up 2 to 1. Turn 2: - Somewhat a repeat of T1, except the Poxwalkers with Tallyman in effect absolutely tear into the Genestealers. It's shocking really. Even the Broodlord is overtaken. All of these absorb into Poxwalkers. Hey they were once humans, turned into Genestealers... now turned into Zombies. Works for me! - I hold my Lord and Blightlord termies in reserve still. They just don't have great targets without sacrificing themselves, and I have no objectives in my opponent's zone worth getting. (I also don't want to deepstrike them too deep near all those Zoanthropes and Hive Guard.) - I think the assaults surprised him.. .they surprised me. - His heavy flamer bug in the pod was trying to snag 2 points for a 'Defend'. That plus the fact it was an infantry muncher kind of scared me, so I poured the Blight Haulers, the Plague Burst crawler and some desperate last shots to get the thing to die... it took a LOT of firepower, but it went down. - Our Assaults continued like T1 I came out ahead, now he was surprised. - In his turn he draws an objective on my Right Flank. He can't get to it on the ground so he deepstrikes the Flyrant and although he subjects himself to quite a range of firepower, it's a resilient bug. - He puts a lot into my Blight Haulers and one goes down. This greatly impedes their shooting. I have no re-roll aura around. T3 is looking to be a big one.... Turn 3: And here we are, back to the first shot of the game.... http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_14016/gallery_2760_14016_250319.jpg +++ Young Two Eyes wasn't available... so they sent in Old One Eye. Typhus cares not, but he is flanked on both sides by Dakkafexes, Old One Eye, and a Flyrant just dropped in. +++ - The Flyrant had good dakka, and I can see both Dakka fexes are going to wreck me. The high volume of firepower combined, is mulching my infantry. I'm VERY lucky I had Vitality running on the poxwalkers to make it harder... but that goes downhill at this point.... the Tyranids deny two of my powers. No more Miasma, no more +1 S and +1 T. Getting Blades off is huge on my Poxwalkers though. - I have to get the Flyrant down first. He's sitting near an objective I need... I also need big game hunter, but my issue is I'm having trouble doing damage to all these Toughness 7 units! The Plasma isn't helping much, and the Blight Launchers are putting little dents in. - I decide to call in the Termie Lord and Blightlord Termies! http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_14016/gallery_2760_14016_174089.jpg +++ Termies to the rescue! Overcharge plasma to save the day? Or overcharge plasma to melt my own dudes? +++ - So this is the game I swap out melta for plasma on my termies and I'm starting to regret it. I overcharge everything and roll a lot of 1's. This scares me, but I get lucky and no 1's turn up on the re-rolls. But with the Flyrant's 4 ++ invuln, I'm hard pressed to get a shot through, so the only wounds that do count happen to only cause 2 Damage. I end up pouring a LOT into the Hive Tyrant. and I realize the 4++ save is just making this a wasted effort with plasma. I get off a few Plague Crawler shots and luckily I get a 5 damage wound through thanks to a CP re-roll (he finally failed a 4++). But he had 6 up feel no pain and saved 2 of them. - I put a lot of wounds on his Dakka Fex on that same flank using my remaining Blight Haulers. Believe it or not I had a lot of low AP wounds on him to finish him off... 11 wounds. The Dakkafex saved 10 of them! WOW. He just went down. - Without being able to do much to the Flyrant I had to assault... I made a 10" charge but that 4++ held through. I felt like I was now in big trouble. I also couldn't do anything about Old One Eye and more big bugs were rounding the corner. - All said I did well in points and took a good lead. Going into bottom of Turn 3, my opponent did not feel great about his chances because he was down to his big bugs, but I insisted he had a chance... Turn 3 Nids: - It's about time he moved his Zoanthropes up and sure enough the 'super smite' hurts like hell.... - The Hive Guard finally have some targets, he's mobilizing his reserves but I think it's too late for them. I feel lucky he left them back there so long. - His Hive Tyrant simply flies away from my Termies and starts pelting my Plague Marines. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_14016/gallery_2760_14016_64183.jpg +++ All of the sudden with a Hive Tyrant in my backlines, I can't help but feel a great need for a melta gun right about now. +++ - The Hive tyrant almost blicks a 7 man squad of Plague Marines. - Old One eye starts wrecking face because my Psychic buffs were all denied. - The Venomthropes slink into the ruins so now my shooting is going to be further nerfed. - This turn of events puts the Nids tied with me... crazy stuff. Turn 4: - I have to be very smart this turn. I don't have enough left to make a huge push. I know Old One Eye is his Warlord, - The thing I wish I had a picture of is the Venomthropes in the ruins..... I have an epic moment with the Foul Bligh Spawn. He advances in the ruins, pulls the hose out of the Toilet on his back, and hoses the Venomthropes with true filth.... Strength 10 Filth! Now that's 'venom'..... The 3 Venomthropes take all 3 wounds which are 3 damage a piece.... just killing all 3 of them to finally get rid of the -1 to hit!!!! Huge moment. - I lob some indirect on the Zoanthropes killing one, bringing their numbers to 3 and reducing the super smite ability. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_14016/gallery_2760_14016_247500.jpg +++ A flock of brain bugs... just floating casually in the background (thankfully they stayed too far back to have any real effect until late game). +++ - I've had it with the Flyrant, but he's down to one wound so I throw 11 wounds from various stuff at him in a volley... (not to be confused with the 11 wounds from the previous turn) ... he saves ALL of them. So I overcharge plasma on my Warlord Terminator, roll a 1, re-roll a... 1!!!! I've killed myself, surrendering Slay the Warlord, and give the Nids a 1 point lead! Damn Papa Nurgle is fickle sometimes. - Old One Eye is his warlord, and I also need another large target for a card, he'll do fine...so Typhus runs in and guts him... thankfully buying me some time on that flank. - I get a few points out of all of this and take a good lead, even with the misfortune of my Warlord. - Nids Turn 4 is looking pretty bleak. He can't draw cards that give him anything 'easy' and he doesn't have the model count. We play through the turn but he can't make up the deficit and we call it in turn 5... a Death Guard victory. Conclusion: - I really missed melta in this one. I know everyone is a fan of Plasma on Termies... I just don't know. - I miss having two Plague Crawlers. One is just a little hard to take advantage of. - Poxwalkers probably had their best game here.... they were insane and I think they truly shocked both of us. With Tallyman they were a force to be reckoned with for once (they usually get shot up before they ever have an effect in game.) - Typhus the more I need him, the more trouble I'm in. He only saw action once, but it was brutal. - At first the Foul Blightspawn seemed like he wasn't going to have any effect with that crazy psychic power making me go last.... but then his one toilet spurt event on the Venomthropes was truly epic... that may have changed the game (I cut out all the misses I had firing at stuff in that bloody cloud). - The Nid Flyrant absorbed a ton of plasma. So did the Carnifexes. This caused me to heavily rely on the Blight Haulers and Plague Burst Crawler for heavy duty firepower. - The Blight Haulers had me rolling 2+ on Plague marines. That was nice.... really nice at times. But their shooting stunk once they shrunk down to 2 dudes. I hope you enjoyed this. Thanks for checking it out!
  14. So I'm off for another game shortly and just wanted to get this up before I get too back logged with pictures.... This was a really strange game for me. My opponent was Dark Angels and he's new to the game within the last year and doesn't have everything he'd like to bring to a game yet. I will say as preamble I should confess I helped him with tactics where I thought it was critical, but his list was surprisingly... functional. Perhaps that is the best admech type description I could use. :) Sorry but this is all from memory, which like Cawl's is sometimes swapped out for more useful memories such as.... where did I park my Dunecrawler? His list: - Belial - tons of Termies. Mostly 5 man squads with assault cannons. - 3 full tactical squads, usually with mixed weaponry like Missile launcher + special weapon, all in Rhino's - Librarian w/ Adversion (whatever it's called the ol' DA power that makes you -1 to hit something within 24" of him.) - Captain. - Vindicator - Dread with fist/twin Las. Adeptus Mechanicus of the mighty red sands of Mars: - Brigade: - 2 Tech Dominus, 1 Engineseer - 6 x 5 or 6 Vanguard/Rangers. A few Arquebus' etc. Some Plasma Cavaliers sprinkled in. - 3 Onager Dunecrawlers. 2 with Neutrons, 1 with Icarus. - 2 Kastelan's with shooty fists - 1 Datasmith -5 Sicaran infiltrators - 5 Corpuscarii Electro Jazz Hands! - 2 individual Ironstrider Ballastarii with twin cognis Autocannons - 3 Sydonian Dragoons with cattle prods The Game: Red Rock vs the Black Rock. Sand vs Secrets, etc etc... - Maelstrom: We get the mission where you start with one objective card, and can draw up a card in subsequent turns for as many objective markers as you control. This is always hard for my AdMech, as we prefer controlling... code over inanimate things on the battlefield! - Deployment: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13476/gallery_2760_13476_298717.jpg - Admech deployment features killy stuff around the aura, with defensive positioning on the outskirts by Vanguard/Rangers to prevent uninvited Terminator party crashers. - Dark Angels put rhino's on flanks, and the meat of his shooting is dead center. The Vindicator, Dread and HQ's advance. I know he wants to get his Termies into my board edge but as the Dark Angel player realizes I've spaced things with no way he can do this... so he reconsiders his options and plops all Termies down to my left flank. - He draws a card he can complete, and he gets First Blood and takes the early lead.... His first turn shooting is obviously plinking away at my Vanguard. It is only Stormbolter fire but it is quite a bit of it! Thankfully Shroupsalm is in effect and although he gets first blood I still have some Skitarii left on the flank. His first blood actually game from downing an Ironstrider. - Admech turn is a card I can't complete. He's already owning the middle of the board and the left flank is in serious danger.I elect to keep the Infiltrators in reserve due to unfavourable positioning in his zone. - I change the protocol on the Kastelans successfully, but the middle is decidedly owned by DA and there are two large imperial cylinders that literally block off all LoS. As a side note the Libby cast Averson on my forward squad of Vanguard making them -1 to hit. - Admech start firing back on Terminators while cautiously advancing, but it is quite bad... very bad. A few scattering of wounds. No points for Mars this turn. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13476/gallery_2760_13476_260658.jpg - Dark Angels advance and capitalize on Mars' lack of CC units and hunker down in the middle of the city preparing for a close quarter fire fight. - Dark Angels draw up 3 cards and some are quite doable. He gets some very handy objectives near his zone, and most of the objective markers he placed are mid field. This works very much to his advantage has he is drawing the right cards to advance and sit on those objectives. Mars is forced to advance. - The Terminators shoot up a lot of Vanguard, The Dominus orders a retreat, and units 'reverse advance' to create a gap, trying to lure the Terimnators into range of the Kastelans. - Dark Angels cast Aversion on the Kastelans this time... which really hurts... and confuses Mars. How is a robot depreciated in efficiency by the warp magic???? Does not compute...! Anyway, I realize the Dark Angels are trying to pinch me in. I have no answer for the Termies in CC, but he is taking the bait on the running Vanguard.... still he draws good cards on my right side, and starts to advance a Rhino with squad to claim one in his zone getting 3 objective markers, and earning D3 points. He's now got a healthy lead of 1111 to 0. That's binary for... I'm getting my ass kicked! http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13476/gallery_2760_13476_221108.jpg ++ Counter measures are made. The Dominus takes control of the Dragoons and warns the Skitarii of the long term plans. This means direct confrontation with the misguided space men of the wrong rock. ++ - Admech have a decent draw but where I am hoping for 'kill' type objectives instead I get 'grab stuff deep in your opponent's zone' type of cards which Admech LOVE to do. (that's Martian Sarcasm btw). - One objective is up my right flank. Another is to have something in my opponent's zone. The Dominus calculates a plan to kill two birds with one stone... prevent the Rhino squad from taking a 'Defend' point, and score the objective instead, while grabbing a point for being in his zone; the brings out the Infiltrators, as well as moving up the Dragoons, and Vanguard. - On the left flank protocols have set in and the trap is set, terminators are in Kastelan range. I heal up two Onagers, and commit the entire double shooting of the Kastelans, and remaining Vanguard into the Terminators, BUT with Aversion still affecting the Kastelans this is a tough turn for me... the Termies with two wounds are still falling but nearly as fast as I need... - The infiltrators do terrible in shooting. The middle is still a mosh pit I can't seem to crack. The Dunecrawlers have been really mediocre to this point. The Vindicator and Dread are still picking away at my heavies but my ability to repair keeps everything going. I do score a point and I'm on the board. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13476/gallery_2760_13476_26959.jpg ++ Terminators are drawn in to the killing grounds, but the "Aversion'd" Kastelans have technical issues. And the 'bait' Skitarii aren't too happy about it.++ Mid to Late Game: - Although I'm on the board, it's become apparent the game is going poorly for me. Dark Angels have me pinched in on the left flank. Mars tries to hold the middle ground while facing the mounting thread at Mid Table..... - Dark Angels now draw a few objectives that are based on the MID table objective which he is sitting on. Some of these I can't do anything about, but one of them is 'Defend' so Angels have to keep that for consecutive turns. - He starts to put a greater dent into my Dunecrawlers but I keep reminding him to focus fire because my repairs out pace his wound rate. He FINALLY fails Averson. This gives the Kastelans a chance to clear the malware, and reboot quickly! - Dark Angels advance termies closer, and take down a few more vanguard, and damage my last Ironstrider which is taking pot shots at them. He also drew an objective near his right flank Rhino, I have to prevent it... - He scores for mid table, and my Sicarian Infiltrators are hit hard (I could not charge them last turn to get the point for being in his zone). But somehow I pass the armour saves. With his point scored, he's now up by 5-1. - The Datasmith resets the Kastelans and they double fire on the Terminators again, this time with full ballistic skill. This (finally) Kills a great deal of them, the Deathwing are forced to drop their Assault Cannons, Belial and a few heavy handed termies still live, they plod forward... - I grabbed a few decent cards in this turn, and had to push the right side, BUT to make matters worse (or more interesting depending on who you are) I draw the same mid field objective he has been sitting on because he needs 'Defend'. Ouch. I get another card specific to Admech: Do a full repair on something and score a point.. this I can do, But I need to use a Strategem to perform a double repair on a Dunecrawler, but a point is scored. - The Jazz hands turn the corner, and shoot up his mid field stuff... .I use 'Wrath of Mars' but it's terrible... I feel like I did something wrong, and I did.. .(more on that later). http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13476/gallery_2760_13476_143154.jpg ++ Electrolysis-Priests offer free hair removal; Dark Angels refuse the service...+++ - Jazz hands don't do too well here but it's my fault. It turns out I only fired half their shots, total missread of their rules on my part, even though I knew better... very strange, but oh well. As you can see he's loaded up at mid and AdMech is forced to flank. - Finally the Dunecrawlers hit solidly enough to take down the Dreadnaught, giving the rest of the army some breathing space to take on the mid table...if there's enough time, maybe I can salvage this mess? - My fight phase and the Dragoons bring out the cattle prods and smack down the 10 man Dark Angel tactical squad. The Sicarians unfortunately fail their charge into the characters that are supporting the mid table (just off camera above). This means I can't score anything at mid Table. - I do score a few though and I'm within reach of a few points of Dark Angels. END GAME: - Dark Angels score to go up to 7 points holding mid, He can't score points, but he still leads and this is turn 5. The game goes on... - Belial is too far out of reach but the remaining terminators rush an Icarus Dunecrawler. The Dunecrawler would retreat in my turn, and the Dominus combined with an Ironstrider would kill the last of them. Belial would retreat, denying me Slay the Warlord. - The mid table fails a few critical psychic tests. The Vinidicator moves up to prevent me from assaulting the last mid table characters. - Now in my turn I know I need good cards, and a chance to table him... but Belial is clearly out of sight. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13476/gallery_2760_13476_227974.jpg ++ Mars boldly goes where no Martian has gone before... towards characters at mid table ++ - Desperation time. I draw the card that forces me to get everything out of my deployment, and have no opponents in my zone. I draw mid table, and an objective I'm already sitting on! - This works well with the Dominus' plan to be aggressive at mid. The Kastelans are ordered to fire everything at the Vindicator and kill it. - Jazz hands try shooting again with 'Wrath of Mars'. This time I realize I undershot previously. Even though the squad isn't full strength, I get 4 mortal wounds on top of 6-7 more wounds and a tactical squad is vaped. - I get 'kill a character' by making him the closest unit to a squad of Rangers I advanced. - Dark Angels are nearly tabled, and I have the points in this final turn to put me over the edge. Techically the game should have continued to turn 7, however the cards I drew put me over the top and with only Belial, he could not prevent me from scoring. Admech pulls off a very, very, narrow final turn victory. Conclusions: - I make a point of having the tables with lots of obscuring terrain, but this was brutal. He got to camp pretty darn good at mid field. I'm glad I had the legs on the table to advance without fear of losing high cost units. - I screwed up with the Priests. That miss count almost cost me the game, but I liked them a lot. Fun unit with Wrath of Mars. - Arquebus'. I just cannot get these things to do anything to characters. My best use of them is against Rhino's.. .this seems to happen a lot. But I think people may write them off as vehicle killers but I like them to finish off vehicles. - Tacticals. At first glance I saw his list and thought... tacticals... very juicy for Admech to tear into. I couldn't believe how much trouble I had getting rid of them. Aversion on my Kastelans, turning a 4+ to hit into a 5+ really, really sucks. Having no Psychic defence continues to be an issue. - Terminators. Wow. It's not that I can't kill them, it's just that a lot of the stuff I can kill them with, also happens to be what I need for anti-vehicle, and with the Kastelans psychicly 'nerfed' I had a lot of problems there. - BTW it occured to me in about.. turn 3 that I forgot to deploy my second Dominus. lol But I did not end up deploying him at all. Just in case anyone noticed he was missing. This was a much closer game than I though it would be. It was well fought by the DA. Thanks for reading this!
  15. Sorry for the brief report. Time is really tight, but I wanted to at least document this game.... Game Setup: (POST Chapter Approved 2017) Maelstrom, 2,000 pts, Deployment: Frontline Assault. AdMech: Brigade: Cawl Dominus Techpriest 5 Vanguard/Ranger sqds 5 Torsion/Claw Breachers (New Test post Chapter Approved) 5 Infiltrators 1 Datasmith 10 Jazz Hands 3 Dragoons 3 Phosphor Kastelans 2 Onagers Nutrons Nids: Lots. Tervigon + Gaunt Blob Fart cloud squad (I always forget the name of these things. Essentially three dudes that force you to fire at -1) Super Zoanthrope 20 Geneastealers Tentacle super bug (Sorry forget the name, it's a close combat massive bug) Trygon (deep strikes with mortal wounds) 5 (?) Hive Guard squads of spore mines Deathleaper Shooty Carniefex Shooty Flyrant Shooty Warrior Squad The Mission is a new one.. pretty cool one: Kill Confirmed (?) Basically you have 3 cards a turn, but cannot discard any 'kill unit' type cards, and if at any point during your turn you kill any unit, you get a bonus victory point. A fairly balanced idea. Here's what my army looked like (there is some minor proxying, mostly the Breachers) http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13476/gallery_2760_13476_173319.jpg +Hold the line boys. Here's the plan: Nids are hungry for meat, but we're more like chewing through an old 50's TV set. Indigestion for the win? + - I lose the roll to go first, I cannot seize. Here's our deployment: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13476/gallery_2760_13476_326559.jpg The Nids are a bit off screen, but you get the idea. One side is charging forward, the other is filling their boots with used batteries. + - Early Game: - Nids get good rolls. I am defenseless against the psychic phase but at this range it is mostly a buff session. - He does get first blood....and I can't believe how deadly the Hive Guard are! They take down 1 and a half Breachers. He infiltratred his Deathleaper behind some crates as well. But keeps the rest of his reserves intact. He takes an early 3 point lead (gets a bonus "Kill Confirmed", accomplishes a kill card, and First Blood.) - His turn is strong with shooting between those Hive Guard, and all the shots from the Gaunts (special psychic ability? allows him to advance and shoot) and Flyrant + Carnifex. - I draw 2 cards I can't do, but one is a shooting kill type! This is big because of where he put the Deathleaper. - This is where things get ugly for me (yes this soon)... I realize the fart cloud -1 to hit pretty much extends to his entire army. The Gaunts are already getting close because his special rule is roll mutli advance dice, and pick the highest. I have no real damagable targets with my low end firepower. It takes a LOT to kill about 6 gaunts... then I remember, with the Tervigon he can regen 10 per turn! Ugh. What a fool... I blame Cawl... he's so cocky. - I realize that I can barely see the Tervigon with a few key Dunecrawler Nutron shots, but with the -1 to hit Cawl is helping a bit, but not enough. Also the Tervigon warlord trait is -1 to all Damage. That's actually huge. I do about 5 wounds to the Tervigon, but it maybe takes 3? - The Torsion cannons have re rolls but again everything is so hard to hit. It's darn good Cawl allows rerolls of ANY to hit or I truly would be screwed. The bad BS of Kastelans and Breachers is keenly felt here... I need 6's to hit the bloody Deathleaper, and the Kastelans moved (change protocols for next turn) and therefore need 6's to hit his army! This is killing me. - I kill one unit. The Deathleaper is hit twice ,but wounded twice, and the Torsion guns split him apart. This gets me 2 points. But the rest of the turn is abysmal. I can't hit anything, and wounding is bad. The 3 Arquebus' do nothing as they do every game for me. (I think I got one wound off the Flyrant). Mid Game: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13476/gallery_2760_13476_578631.jpg + A shiny, obscure, robot from the back yells, "The odds of us surviving first contact are 3,720 to 1." Cawl deactivates the robot, and fires up an escape pod. + - Yes it looks bad. This is T2. He draws another kill card, and an objective. He has a fairly mediocre psychic phase which is good for me. - His Mawloc comes in, spanks some mortal wounds all around him. Then the shooting starts.... - Flyrant finishes off a squad, gaunts split fire and hose a bunch of Vanguard/Rangers. I have canticles Shroudpsalm running and it makes a HUGE difference on a few Vanguard, soaking up tons of fire. But weight of fire catches up... the Hive Guard ignore cover, and pop my Kastelan, and remove another Breacher. - Here's something I may have done illegally but it did not have an overall efffect. When the Mawloc came in, I played the Strategem that lets the Jazz hands fire 'as if in shooting phase (but at -1 BS). And I used Cawl's aura. I couldn't figure out if this was right or not... I don't use Cawl often and realized his shooting aura is for shooting phase, but the strat said to treat it like a shooting phase so I hope this was correct??? - I also had Jazz hands use the Wrath of Mars. Still I could not kill the Mawloc when it came in. That was ugly. It took about 2 mortal wounds and 4-5 more wounds, but it had a fair amount left. - End of Nid Turn and I'm shot up far worse than he is, and about to be assaulted. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13476/gallery_2760_13476_338780.jpg +From the nid perspective: A Sicarnan Surprise attack. A total act of desperation. Indecision causes these guys to blue-screen at the worst possible moment. I think they've been hit with ransom ware and won't be functional until Cawl can come up with some bitcoins. + - This is truly desperate. My opponent convinces me to take on the Tervigon with my shooting, and I agree... it's a sound judgement. But with all the damage reduction, and -1 to hit, the Dunecrawlers still struggle. The Torsion cannons have maybe... 1-2 shots. They take it. But fail to do anything. The Tervigon is holding me from killing Gaunts. I don't have LoS from anything else so... I throw reason to the wind and really do something stupid.... - The Sicaran Infiltrators come in; I had a card where I needed to take an objective from my opponent for 2 points. I desperately need these two points to just stay in the game. - I had 3 wounds to get rid of on the Tervigon. My original plan was to shoot up the Hive Guard though... they were really shredding me, now that they hit on 3's (not moving) and go through shroudpslam. So against my better judgement I throw 25 Strength 3 shots into the Tervigon and use two strategems: one to reroll 1's to hit, and Wrath of Mars. I hit a lot... a fair amount, but I only get about 3 wounds, and 1-2 mortal wounds. The Tervigon stands with 3 wounds left. - Back at the ranch, the Dragoons have to finish the job that the Arquebus' fail to yet again, by charging the Mawloc. They take a wound or two, but the Mawloc still lives. Some remaining Vanguard shots ignore the Gaunts because while the Tervigon lives, this will be futile. They shoot at some Spore mines, but I get zero points for spore mines (special rule). - The Jazz hands fire up again, and they fire everything into the Genestealers, as usual the army is -1 to hit... I maybe kill 5-6 out of 20. - I can't kill the Flyrant, and I finally can see part of the squad of that is emitting the -1 to hit cloud... I kill 2 out of 3 of them, so the cloud still exists.... - The Sicarans are now entirely screwed. They killed nothing in shooting. I was going to assault the Hive Guard pictured above, but my opponent convinces me with Tazer Goads I can get those last three wounds. I'll tell you at T8 a Tervigon is bloody hard to take down, especially reducing damage, and -1 to hit. I feel it's a big miss match, but I do it... I successfully charge the Tervigon (instead of the Hive Guard). Of course this is a massive, massive mistake. So I don't go for the Maelstrom points on the Hiveguard, and they can shoot like crazy, so that's two bad moves combined, because I bounce right off the Tervigon causing zero wounds. At 3 wounds I hoped he wouldn't be able to move far enough away from my squad to become unengaged, but apparently he can! Great news everybody, I killed no units this turn and am entirely exposed! http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13476/gallery_2760_13476_227294.jpg + Don't worry boys, they hate chewing on metal....+ - Turn 3 is a good draw for my opponent. He's had reserves that really didn't have a job until now, he draws some objectives and the reserves take them. - He advances, and smites me successfully in a few areas depleting squads. - Shooting is fully normal thanks to my stupid moves, and bouncing off the Tervigon. As a result: - Sicarians are shot dead - Jazz Hands are shot to death with Gauts/Carnie - Rangers/Vanguard are shot to death with Flyrant. - I lose some other stuff... so before assault and the ensuing tabling, I concede. Cawl crawls in an escape pod mumbling something about 'resurrecting a better Primarch' and takes off... Conclusion: - Totally wiped. Torsion Breachers did nothing- but it was a bad match up. Really bad. They would have been a good anti-assault, short range marine type killer but this was the wrong match up. - I was out shot. Out psykered, and out assaulted. That's rough. - -1 to hit seemed to be super penal to this army. My best shooting (aside from Onagers) comes from BS4 (BS5 if moved) and BS4 Breachers. Even with Cawl my inability to hit was poor. - I was out maneuvered (typical with Admech) but without having an answer to an unbreakable horde, I had no options for movement. I had no answer for the Tervigon, and therefore no answer for the lead horde, nor the secondary horde of Genestealers. The buffer this created gave his Hive Guard and psychic phase free reign. This was key, but I saw no way to change the outcome of this game..... while I have done an honest assessment of mistakes I made, I don't think I could have changed the results....back to the drawing board!!!
  16. So its been a bit quiet around here recently, so thought Id add a quick report from the 2 games ive had this weekend against my mates new guard army. 2k points a side He brought an imperial guard list (brigade), based on the list of the recent LVO winner. Cant remember exactly how this was setup but it was essentially: Game 1 was maelstrom with the one where you choose which objectives an opponent keeps. Game 2 was maelstrom with strategic gamble. With his list being based on a recent tournament winner, id thought I was in for a very tough time, however this wasnt the case. Now, in both games i ended up with first turn, which is always an advantage. However in both i played very aggresivelly. My kastellans were placed right out the front in a fire lane, ready to go into protector protocol first turn (hiding 80+ guardsmen from them being virtually impossible). Similarly my breachers and electropriest were placed on my front lines. The 9" stygies moves then meant these guys could be up either onto objectives or behind LOS blocking cover before the game even began. (in the 2nd game, this meant the drill + priests and dominus being halfway across the board which is nasty). I thought his mortars would be a huge danger in both games, but a combination of the -1 to hit stygies rules, and units either being in cover or having shroudsalm made these fairly redundant..(wyverns only managing to kill 1-2 vanguard a shot for example). In the first game he landed 3 wyvern shots on my electropriest unit, but -1 to hit and some decent 5+/5+ rolling meant he only killed half of them. First turn of both games i concentrated on the hellhounds and the bullgryn, with my kastellans lighting up guard units. The bullgryn are REALLY tough to shift, but breachers are excellent at it (S6 AP-2 D3 weapons). In both games the bullgryn had 4-6 models removed by shooting, and were then charged by either servitors or priests to finish them off. The breachers make such a good screen they are quickly becoming my MVP. 3+/5++ is great, with aqusition at all costs they get 2+/4++ and the hydraulic claws do serious work in CC when the reroll hits dominus is nearby. In both games my infiltrators dropped into the backfield to kill mortars/score objectives & linebreaker. Although the castellan knight is super scary, I mainly ignored it in both games after quickly realising that the 3++ from its iron bulwark/rotate iron shields made it an utter tank. But once other threats/scoring units were dealt with, the knight was brought down by a combination of onagers, arc rilfes, and servitors hitting it in CC. It didn't really help my opponent that his list is actually quite CC orientated for a guard force...tons of catchan bodies hitting on S4 made no impact when running into walls of breacher squads who have 4 attacks and a 2+ save due to acquisition at all cost. His bullgryns, which would have been dangerous, were nullified both games by me getting first turn and killing them first. Game one id essentially tabled my opponent by turn 4 (with me being way out in the lead points wise). Game two went even faster, with him conceding by turn 3 when he only had 2 wyverns left on the board. MVP overall goes to my breacher units who did serious work/scored objectives/punched face both games. Special mention goes to the electropriest in game 2. They single handedly held up a flank whilst taking out 3 squads of guardsmen and half a unit of bullgryns. No pics im afraid (our armies are only half painted anyway so not so pretty to look at just now), but 2 wins for mono-admech with no knight suppport....a good weekends showing!
  17. So I just had a horrid game. Probably my worst beating in 8th edition. But what I'm trying to figure out is if the Landraider or the Corvus is the 'go to' in the codex.... but I do believe it has to be one of those options because otherwise we have a very, very vanilla looking army. (just thinking of the constraint issues GW have given us with transport options for "Kill Teams".) I'm not going to do a full run down of the game and bore you to tears with it. Basically I had two very beefy Kill teams and they were both deployed in Corvus Blackstars. One had the Watchmaster, and a Termie + Vanguard vet + Black shield a few dudes with Frag Cannons. This loaded it up. The second Blackstar was deployed on the very opposite corner of the table. It had the second most kitted out Kill team. Similar to above, but a little less expensive and it was lead by Artemis and his super bomb. I had a third kill team which was fairly average, but flexible in a Razorback with twin- Assault Cannons. Then I had 5 bikes with a few good hth weapons for flexibility. The plan was to use the biker's TP homer to pull back the KT's with Termies if I needed it for objectives (This was a Maelsrtom game). So I had turn 1 and just to give some perspective how it went I deployed my first Corvus in the corner like so: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_12376/gallery_2760_12376_102699.jpg That's a homing device, the Razorback is full, but it was hard getting full cover so it is definitely not 'center' of table.... The bikes are hidden in the middle... and the other Corvus is at the very far left, but you get the idea. I had such a small army that I of course am going first.... BUT Chaos steals the initiative, and this was a sign of things to come. The Chaos player had a well rounded army. Nothing over the top, probably most of his list was just adjusted with some recommendations I actually made including Abaddon and a 5 man Black Legion-esque Combi weapon Termie squad, and a lot of marines/cultists/Decimator dread/Defiler/Predator, Oblits. Well after stealing the initiative I tell him which Corvus has the Watchmaster/Librarian in it, and he unloads the Predator annihilator at it, needing 4's to hit because of Supersonic... he takes all the wounds off of it... the Corvus goes down, I lose 2 Kill team dudes. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_12376/gallery_2760_12376_394531.jpg I basically end up with this. The Kill team is engaged by the defiler, 10 marines, shot up by a ton of stuff, the bikers hold their own and the other Corvus does surprisingly little in the air. This forces me to get the contents of it out, and assault the Decimator dread which heavy flames a good portion of the squad out of close combat and Artemis does 1 Mortal wound to the Decimator with his bomb, I re-roll it with a CP and it turns into a 2. Deep in my zone my large kill team did make an assault on a Rhino, but ... and this is a really, really goofy mechanism of 8th, the Watchmaster and Librarian FAIL their independent charge rolls. This leaves them alone, as the rest of the kill team has advanced beyond them. Of course Abe comes in with 5 Termies on my back row and the Combi weapons annihilate the Watchmaster (Slay the Warlord) and the Librarian is the recipient of everything else. The only thing I can hope to do to retaliate is the Razorback mini-Kill team pours out, the Bikers join in and shoot everything at the Termies. with only one Frag cannon, and higher AP SIA rounds, I manage to kill a whooping 2 termies (4 unsaved wounds). I won't have a chance in close combat so in T2 I call the game. perhaps the worst game I've had in 8th. I've already played a lot of armies, against a lot of very different opponents and this was one game that was very difficult to figure out what the appropriate changes would be. This is why I started thinking of the Corvus. It was so dehabilitating to lose one Corvus in the top of T1. Sure it was a bit of luck, but it's quite plausible to happen against a few opponents. But the result was so bad I knew I could not come back using a super slow army, with super small numbers. The opponent could circle me at will and throw rocks at my head until it was safe to come in for the kill. That weird mechanic of the HQs not making the charge has happened to me in other games and I find it one of the more awkward things in 8th where this results in squads 'abandoning' their HQ's, but it's super dangerous, and it can be incredibly self destructive because the HQ's become very exposed, and in some cases you're losing the 'aura/buff' which you heavily rely on. This made me think about the Landraider. I have a love/hate with it. I've used it in several games and it's finally become something that kind of plays like it is written. It can take a good beating, and it does perhaps have the best delivery system out of the codex in terms of reliability. BUT it is so incredibly expensive it takes a small army, and makes it smaller. One complaint about the Corvus I have is the Cluster Launcher bombs are kind of crappy... compared to the 2 Ork Bomber ones, and the Tau one (I've seen these so I don't know about other flyers.) But at 250-260 points each, the Corvus bombs give up to 10 D6 attempts at hitting units with Mortal wounds on a roll of a "6". Orks (!) and Tau seem to have better bombs, resulting in mortal wounds on a 4+. The Flyer is expensive, but still much cheaper than a landraider. So I'm starting to think of just using one flyer, even though the load out and speed is pretty impressive on paper.
  18. I just played a 2k game against Black Templar with Imperial Fist allies. His was more of a test for IF allies, mine was a test for DA allies. My list: HQs Shrike Sammael(Corvex) Elites Vanguard Vet Squad - x10 Jump packs, 4x PWs, Sarge with P Axe and SS (RG) Venerable Dread - Drop Pod, MM Troops Sniper Scout Squad (DA) Tactical Marines - x10, Meltagun (RG) Scouts in LSS, Bolters (RG) Fast Attack Assault Marine Squad - x10 men, Meltabomb, CS, PW Ravenwing Black Knights x5 (DA) Heavy Stormraven - TLMM, TLPC(RG) Thunderfire ADL/Quadgun His list(Best I can recall): Emperors Champion IF Captain with PF Master of the Forge Conversion Beamer Command Squad with Apothecary Drop Pod x5 Man Crusader Squad x5 Man Sniper Scouts x10 Man IF Tac Heavy Bolter x10 Man IF Tac Heavy Bolter x9 Man Sternguard x5 Combi-melta x4 combi-plas Drop Pod x10 Man Vanguard with a large assortment of PW and SS loaded for bear ADL/Quadgun Mission: The Scouring Deployment: Dawn of War Deployment He won the roll off, he deployed first. There were a lot of ruins and some mysterious terrain. The objectives were almost perfectly divided. His ADL/QG were front on center with an objective behind it and a tall ruin. He put both Tac squads on either side of the QG behind the ADL with the MotF above and behind them in the ruin. The crusader squad was on my left in a ruin towards the left midfield objective. I deployed my TFC on my right flank in a ruin and the ADL/QG on my left using the ruin to box in an objective and put my AMs in it at the edge of my deployment. The BK/Sammael were outflanking. My Tac squad was in the 'Raven. I won the roll off for infiltrators. I put my Sniper Scouts in the ruin above the objective. Shrike on the VV infiltrated into a body of water 12" (LoS blocked by a ruin) from his right Tac squad, near the edge of my right and center tile edge. I put my LSS right next to them for the jamming beacon on the tile edge and behind another ruin. He put his Sniper Scouts in a ruin to my far right next to the board edge and an objective. I did not try to seize. The hunt had begun. Turn 1 Night-fighting in effect. The objective next to his IF tacs was worth 4 points, mine was worth 3, the one on the left was worth 1 and the center-ish one was worth 3 and the one near my TFC was worth 2 and the one near his snipers was worth 2. His objective was a grav-wave generator. The others were too far away. He was going to drop his Stern/IF Cap next to Shrike but he realized my LSS had a jamming beacon(He had fallen for it a few games back already) so he tried to drop it exactly 12" away almost in the exact center of the board. It scatted 10" in front of his QG. Bonus! He disembarked them on the opposite side of my VV/Shrike towards his ADL. He shuffled his eft IF Tac into the ruin to join with the MotF. His snipers took a wound off my TFC. His Conversion Beamer wounded some AMs but I saved them all. I was too far away/out of LoS for anything else. My QG intercepted his stern and killed 1. My objective was also a grav-wave. Ven Dread came down right next to his DP and in front of the ADL. The Dread disembarked with his DP between it and the QG. My AMs jumped up towards his Stern. VV/Shrike jumped over the ruin and were right in front of the right IF Tac squad. LSS followed the VVs. Snipers killed 2 Sterns. TFC whiffed. Dread ate his DP. First Blood to me. AMs tried to assault his stern but were short, even with WD. I shouldn't have shot at the stern. Their casualties made me fail the charge. VVs easily got into CC with his IF Tac squad. My VV Sarg with PA/SS challened his IF sarge. I lost 1 plain VV and he lost all 9 tac marines. 4 from Shrike alone and the rest from PWs. My sarge died in the challenge. He tried to break but I caught him and we were locked in CC. WHich was good. Turn 2 None of his reserves came in. He moved his stern towards my AMs. He killed off my TFC and killed 3 AMs from everything that could shoot them. Sterns only used bolt pistols. Shrike watched while the VVs killed the IF tac sarge and consolidated 5" towards the ruin with the MotF/IF Tac squad in it. The sterns assaulted my AM's and we tied combat. His captain broke off to fight my dread but a failed invul ID'd him. My 'Raven and BKs came in. I moved the 'Raven up about 20" where a DP blocked LoS from his QG. The BKs came in from the left side, which is where I wanted them. I knew he would send his Champ after Shrike so I wanted to set up Sammael to intercept. Shrike and crew hopped into the ruin with the IF Tacs. My lonely Tech ran towards the snipers. The Snipers/BKs/'Raven killed the crusader squad on the left. PotMS missile took a wound off the QG. Shrike assaulted the Tacs and refused the challenge. His sarg had a PF and I wanted to take no risks with Shrike. the VVs killed all but the MotF and a random Tac. He tried to break but I caught him. My dread charged in with the Stern and my AMs and won 3-1 wounds. He passed morale. Turn 3 His VV and CS/Champ came in. He planted his CS/CHamp right next to the ruin with Shrike. Just as planned. his VV landed next to my Tech. No idea why he did that. My QG intercepted them and killed one. His snipers headshot my Tech. Shrike maimed the MotF and the VV killed the last Tac. I consolidated 5" out of the ruin away from is CHamp. Dread/AM lost combat 2-0 due to the Dread whiffing but didn't break. His VV ran towards the 2 point objective and it was sabotaged and exploded killing none. Sammael and crew moved up next to his ADL and CS/Champ and unloaded killing 2. 'Raven flew up and unloaded killing 2 more. Tacs stayed inside. LSS moved up, scouts jumped out and killed the QG. Shrike and crew joined my Dread/AMs and slaughtered the stern. Sammael made the charge into the Champ and the last Vet. The BKs killed the Vet and Sammael and the Champ did no wounds. Turn 4 My Tacs jumped out and grabbed the 4 pointer. My SNipers huddled around the 3 pointer. His snipers grabbed the 2 pointer and the VVs made a break for my snipers. They were over 48" away so I wasnt worried. At this point he knew it was over so we just did Sammael vs Emperors Champion. Sammael won. Eternal Warrior was key here. Victory 10-3 me. 7 Objective Points, 1 Slay the Warlord, 1 First Blood, 1 Line-breaker. He got 2 Objective Points and Line-breaker. Over all it was fun. I expected his Stormtalon but was surprised he didnt bring it. Shrike/VV and Sammael/BK were two unstoppable pain trains. The support from my 'Raven and Snipers were perfect. Going second with SHrike/VV infiltrating so close was great. My LSS jamming beacon probably won me the game as SHrike/VV got in CC without a single casualty and I only lost 4 VV the whole game as they were in CC every turn they made their points back and more. Sammael is the perfect HQ hunter and Shrike is the perfect assassin. Winged Deliverance did a bunch of wounds but he saved them all. The re-rolls for charge range didnt really affect the game but were a nice back up.
  19. Hey guys, Works been insane, so I haven't had time to do batreps of my games but I wanted to really try the new Renegades rules and I was a little disappointed. I thought this Deathguard matchup would actually favour my setup.... it was a fun game and I thought I'd share some of the highlights/lowlights! Unfortunately I'm super short on time and gotta run to a meeting so please excuse the brevity of this... The game was Maelstrom (2000 points). He got to go first, and his army being Deathguard was largely footslogging, with a Pred, and 2 Helbrutes. Lots of Poxwalkers of course, Typhus, and a large contingent of it all was of course from the Dark Imperium box set. One thing I realized I missed was he had 10 Termies I believe. They were obviously not "deathguard" but played as such with a good mix of plasma, and an Autocannon. Otherwise nothing unusual in his list... a Plague caster, plague marines, etc. My list roughly was: Huron Sorc Exalted Champ (MoN, plague blade thingy...artefact, wounds on 2+) Cultists x 3 squads (one was 13 dudes, extra points) 7 Possessed (had to proxy some Mutilators in there, I'm expecting stuff in the mail.. Vorbak) Landraider w/Havok 4 Spawn 3 Oblits (always have, always will use these guys). I had a second detachment (outrider? Fast attack one) Daemon Prince, MoK, set of talons, wings, 5 Warp Talons 6 Bikes, Chainswords, 2 with bike mounted Meltaguns (maybe should have went with flamers but realized I had no decent AP shooting in this list). Champ w/Poweraxe (bad idea) I think the Spawn were in here. Baledrake. My army: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_12556/gallery_2760_12556_17888.jpg My army is an ecclectic gathering of missfits from my old metal Huron (missing a thumb!) to some Thousand Sons cultists, World Eater models, and some Crimson Slaughter stuff (Ex. Champ and LR). His first turn is largely uneventful, but he does have a full Lascannon Pred.... that thing just rips into a piece of my Landraider...... it losses a lot of wounds, but is just ONE above being in the second damage tier. This stings, but I get away without giving up fist blood. First turn using my Renegade 'skills' I simply advance everything. He's making a play for the center of the table with his Poxwalker farm and Typhus in the middle of it... Now I've played with my own Deathguard enough to know that the Poxwalkers are a giant tarpit, so I shoot them from a distance and pull back my Cultists but I know he needs cards (objectives) in the mid / my zone of the table. My Landraider moves, and completely blanks on hitting his Predator which has the psychic -1 to hit power on it (wouldn't have mattered anyway). http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_12556/gallery_2760_12556_226311.jpg\ - First turn assault? Maybe... but it was ugly. So really uneventfull but I do get first blood from my Oblits coming in the right flank and pounding something down... can't remember what. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_12556/gallery_2760_12556_80883.jpg The inevitable Poxwalker blob is advancing to my edge. - I watch his Helbrutes take quite the toll on me..... combined with the Predator, my Landraider is down to the first damage rating, but I still haven't hit a thing with my Landraider. - I clearly have no shooting, but my army is built to advance, and assault. I forgot something... T1, my Baledrake flew up with my Spawn advancing, and the Bale Drake assaulted a squad of Plague marines, but the Spawn did too even with a command point re roll and the Baledrake got owned by a fist and the other dudes. - So I realized the Mid is totally swamped.... It's going to grab all the objectives, and sit in the middle and stick the joint up like a clogged toilet that can't be drained.... this forces me to move the bikes off the flank, and 'block' the middle..... http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_12556/gallery_2760_12556_31928.jpg - Trying to 'unclog' the toilet. - With things really blocked up in the middle at best I bought some time. The right side was now only flanked by my Daemon Prince, and Oblits (bikes left them alone). - My Daemon prince alone was a bad move. he charged into a squad of plague marines, and the way my shooting was going, I couldn't kill anything so I thought what the heck and did a charge with him into the plague dudes, but wiped them out in a turn, which left me in the open.... My Oblits were ignored, he was afraid of the D.P so his Predator opened up on my DP and wiped it in a turn. (with I think a Helbrute's help) - The other Helbrute took my LR down to 1 HP! - So my right flank is gone... I have a couple of Oblits left, but although they are rolling 'average', they really aren't putting a dent in any infantry because of the layering of saves... Resilient saves are being made at an alarming rate. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_12556/gallery_2760_12556_98398.jpg - Everybody out of the bus. - I think I got this a bit mixed up... .sorry. This is turn 2 on the left flank... my LR limps to a halt, Huron and the funky bunch get out with the sorc. - Anticipating a big push on this side, I deep strike the Warp Talons to meet up with the Spawn and Possessed for a giant multi assault... the likes of which I wouldn't be able to do in most Turn 2 games. I was easily as far as I needed to be with Renegade rules. - The Sorc casts Warp time to make sure the Warp Talons cannot miss their CC charge. Sorc also casts the cancel invuln saves power, but it is canceled. Huron casts the +1 Strength, toughness, attack thing on him self... get this, he rolls two 6's. And Perils! I use a command Point, re roll one of the 6's... it's another 6. So now I roll yet another 6 as the result and he's down by 3 wounds! Ugh. - This was a sign of bad things... the assaults go off, but I can't damage anything. Warp Talons kill 2-3 guys, Spawn kill a few guys, but Huron does little, and the Possessed do squat. Their random attacks (thanks GW for more random) roll a 1 for three combat phases... they seemed like a horrible waste of points. - I lose almost as much as he does, but my inability to kill anything is worstened by the fact that THIS is the main thrust of my army which I have carefully planned to take out a third of his army with, but I bounce hard. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_12556/gallery_2760_12556_272242.jpg - So we made it... now what? - The Deathguard hit back just as hard, but I don't have near the resilience. Typhus opts to leave the Poxwalker farm to help out... by my calculations with my overload on this side, I foresaw Typhus coming in, but what I didn't see was that very little of his stuff would die. - I still have the upper hand in this side, but not for long..... I would roll another 1 for the possessed, and the Warp talons would hit and wound about 8 times on his last Plague Marine. He would save all of the wounds from all squads on that one Plague champ with armour or Disgustingly Resilient. Then fist them back, causing a few deaths. - The Helbrutes wade in and I somehow kill one with Spawns, but they wreck the squad in return (I think I interrupted). Everything is fading here on my end. Huron killed one dude. - On the right side of the table I lose an Oblit, and this keeps his Predator busy and distracted from my 1 wound left Land Raider. - The mid is going badly now.. the Bikes were holding on okay, but shooting all those combi bolters is what they do 'well'... not assault... and his Termies came down.... The bikes were smoked as the Pox walkers retreated, and the Termies came in shooting, and hitting... I survived the first combat turn, then I faded. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_12556/gallery_2760_12556_238565.jpg - Huron's last stand? Typhus joins the fray, the Plaguecaster is in, and a Helbrute vs Huron, a spawn, and the Exalted Champ. - So Huron is the first to die...easily to Typhon, he never had a chance. - The Exalted is put down to one wound and does very little in CC. Even against a character. The saves/DR saves are too strong. - The Spawn dies. - The Bikes are removed by Termies - My Warp Talons (down to 2) + my last 4 Possessed still cannot kill one Plague Champ in the ruins. he saves with armour, and DR saves, and I can't get through all those saves and T5. Of course the Possessed rolled a 1 again for a tremendous 4 attacks. END GAME: - His turn has him hunt my Sorc down with his plague caster. He got to swing first, but really the Smites added up over the game and I took a bit of a beating in the psychic departement. - In his turn the Helbrute, and Typhus had easily overwhelmed Huron, Exalted Champ and Spawn, so at this point they have rolled over into the Warp Talons and Possessed. I see what's coming so I blow my last CP's on an interrupt. It doesn't make a difference. He's got me down to a few Warp Talons and 2 Possessed. Of course now I roll a whoping 2 attacks each for the possessed, but the Toughness/saves/DR saves prevent me from killing that last Plague Marine yet again... unbelievable. - So Typhus, and the Helbrute, and the single PM overwhelm the Warp Talons, and 2 Possessed. Huron is dead, the Sorc is dead, the bikes are gone, DP is dead, Baledrake gone... all I have is a 1 wound LR, A few random squads of Cultists and 2 Obliterators so I call it. POST GAME: - This was a hard one to take. I came to a few realizations: There's no point being the first into the fray if you can't remove saves, or do the wounds necessary to overcome the math. T5 is a really difficult hill to climb for this army. I was into him early, and fast, but this was actually to HIS advantage. He hits harder, and outlasts my army with sheer resilience. My army does not hit hear hard enough to be confident against something like this. It was like chopping down a tree with a rubber mallot. - The DP was good. Huron was bad. The Sorc was 'okay' but underperformed this game. The Exalted was 'good' but perhaps a bad fit here... I didn't feel like I had anything take advantage of him. I feel like he's better suited for WE. (I just had crappy attacks at every level). - The Bikes were bad. Bikes just kind of ... hang around. I used them out of the gate in 8th and didn't like them. They went down in points so I thought I'd try them again.... not too impressed. - Oblits. Probably tied for the DP with effectiveness. I misused him but got a glimpse of what he does and it could be good for my World Eaters. It was an enjoyable game... I was outshot, outlasted, out assaulted, and I had no board control after T2 which is game over in Maelstrom.... but it was fun. I really enjoyed playing my own Deathguard and enjoy playing against them.
  20. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13565/gallery_85153_13565_37046.png Re-opening the thread because I'm going to bring my Angels encarmine to a new event. I booked too many tournaments, decided I needed a break from using my Tyranids and then found myself unable to come up with a Blood Angels list and didn't just want to take a ton of deathcompany with 32 allied guardsmen so I wrote a joke list instead. The deadline for submitting lists for Blood and Glory was 10pm last saturday and I was out for most of the day, so didn't have time to write another Blood Angels list so 'accidentally' had to submit my non-serious list. Battle and prep reports will follow. Army Faction: Imperium Command Points 20 I have that all painted already but I'm going to lost points due to the different basing styles, so I need 6 themed objectives to make up for that. I picked up a Necromunda sprue for the crates. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_14155/gallery_85153_14155_294068.png
  21. So here's something I thought I'd turn into a series. I'm going to try to play primarily Primaris marines, and make a series out of it. But to be honest for the past couple of months this is how I've been playing my marines since the codex came out (Previous to that with the index I used quite a mix which was effective). Doing a little teaser here.... this moment is a critical scene later in the battle: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13290/gallery_2760_13290_140873.jpg +++ Ultra's fight for their lives. Surrounded by floods of infantry, and iron might of the Steel Legion.... with the guidance of Tigurius, do the Ultra's stand a chance? +++ This game is Maelstrom at 2K. My UM army from memory: - Tigurius - Primaris Captain with Fist and Relic Halo - Lt. - 5 scouts hvy bolter - 5 scouts - 5 Intercessors w/Grenade launcher - Repulsor - Redemptor - 3 Aggressors - Ancient - 10 Reivers - 3 Inceptors - 5 Helblasters - 5 Helblasters (assault variant) IG army from memory: Steel Legion - Cmd Tanks: Punisher (not Pask!) - Russ - 4 Chimera's with troops (some characters, priests etc) - 3 Sentinels Autocannons - 1 Lascannon Sentinel - Manticore - Basilisk - Hellhound - 2 Sqds of Scions with melta/plasma and cmdr. The Scenario: Maelstrom - each player starts with one objective but only draws cards for each objective they control from turn 2 on. Deployment - Quarters. The middle bubble 18" is no man's land. - Using the FAQ I add one to my roll to go first. And deployment looked like this: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13290/gallery_2760_13290_258886.jpg ++ UM Deploy - Scouts forward on flanks - Aggressors embarked with characters. ++ The Astra deployment: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13290/gallery_2760_13290_123402.jpg ++ From the Steel Legion table quarter. ++ The Game: - Astra fail to steal the initiative. - Shortly after movement, I completely forget my Psychic phase. I pull a card for killing a unit.... this should be doable! - The Reivers back the scouts on the left flank by grav chute-ing right to the side of the building for some cover, and surround the Inceptors to insulate them. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13290/gallery_2760_13290_133394.jpg ++ Reivers mean business. Deathmasks? Check. Grave Chutes? Check. Bullets with no AP? Check. ++ - This flank opens up but can't kill the single tank. It's horrible to admit, but one thing I counted on was the -1 AP from the Inceptors. News flash: Steel Legion ignore the AP on all AP-1 weapons, thus rendering about 90% of my army incapable of modifying vehicles saves! Darn you Belasarius... darn you to hell. - The mid table opens up. I don't move the Redemptor because I don't want it hitting on 4's with the HOG. It really doesn't matter... it does some fair damage to a Punisher and the Line of Sight forces the rest of the army to go after other tanks... the scouts concentrate a Heavy Bolter strategem on the right flank to deal three mortal wounds to the Hellhound. - Helblasters, Repulsor, Aggressors open up on tanks but the shots from the lascannons only cause one wound for 5 wounds on the command tank. Not good... No other shooting I have can do anything. I get desperate with overcharging Helblasters on a high Scaffold and use Scions of Guilliman on the assault blasters, causing just enough wounds to blow up the Hellhound. I had to do this for the objective card and First Blood... giving me 2 Points. But I don't feel good about this.. .the army largely flashed against the armour, with only my 2 solo lascannon shots having ANY meaning against Steel Legion armour saves. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13290/gallery_2760_13290_67873.jpg ++ 2 Squds of Scions with Melta and Plasma. Exactly what my Repulsor needs....++ - Astra show up in my zone with the Scions and I consider using an "Auspex Scan" but with only 5 Intercessors I didn't think it was worth the 2 CP's to hit his dudes in cover.... - Astra obviously see the Repulsor as my only real threat to the army. Lucky for me he can't complete his card as it's an objective on the UM side of the table. As he starts shooting Tigurius uses his special ability to make the Repulsor -1 to hit. This works... to a degree but the amount of firepower hitting the Repulsor from all angles is immense... with help from the Scions, the Repulsor blows sky high. That's it for my real vehicle damage. He puts additional indirect fire onto the closest Helblaster squad. I take 4 wounds killing 2... neither get back up from the Ancient. - The Agressors are always shot up early, but they vaporize in T1, and only one shoots back (fails to do anything). The right flank scouts with the heavy bolter are also vaporized. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13290/gallery_2760_13290_140873.jpg ++ Here we are... bottom of T2. Astra start to push forward hard. ++ Mid Game: - In turn 2 the UM realize they have to take down some heavy vehicles as this is already looking like a slaughterfest. With the Repulsor being sent back to Belasarius' scrap yard, it's up to the Redemptor. Unfortunately I have to move it. With some assistance it does a few wounds to a tank, but not enough to fully damage one. I think I get a Chimera down this turn. But it's mostly the Heavy Flamer that does damage to Steel Legion infantry looking for glory. - Again the lack of AP-1 doing any modifying is very punishing. Most of my army is wounding on a 5 or 6. The tanks are tearing the Ultra's apart. Sadly the best hope is on the left flank where he can't quite get a bead on the infiltrators, but again with Assault Heavy Bolters, I do no modification to Steel Legion armour so for example I counted.... and this is embarrassing... but I counted 48 shots from Reivers, Inceptors, scouts, and the Redemptor to take TWO final wounds off of a Chimera. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13290/gallery_2760_13290_1626915.jpg ++ Inceptors seek cover, but expose themselves to a lot of firepower. Meanwhile the severely wounded Chimera would take 48 shots to take out of the game. Reivers get ready to assault...++ - Reivers commit to a multi assault killing squads down to 1 or 2 guys. Some how I manage to score a point putting Ultra's up 3 - 0. but the Steel Legion hit back hard.... http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13290/gallery_2760_13290_142193.jpg ++ Astra push back and even with Tigrius' -1 to hit, the Redemptor goes down to 3 wounds quickly. At three wounds with movement the Redemptor is essentially useless.++ - Things looks grim in Astra T2. Yet the Astra can't complete their objective. - Astra with a priest decide to assault the captain and remaining Helblasters. One Helblaster survives and the Captain fists these brazen fools in the face for their misguided sense of heroism, but the writing is on the wall... there are very few Primaris left. - The Chimera's would advance, into the Assault Helblaster unit, while shooting would take care of most of the Ultra core units. Late Game: - In a true sense of desperation the Ultra's try to hit the command tank on the left flank: http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13290/gallery_2760_13290_163673.jpg ++ Desperate assault: The Reivers make contact with the Punisher, assault, but cannot wound. It simply drives off. The Inceptor loses one of its mates to overwatch and DUAL assaults the Lascannon Sentinel and the Basilisk! However both would be fine and simply move away. This bought the Ultra's nothing but a second of breathing room preventing fire from these units. ++ - The inability to cause AP adjustments to the tanks is literally killing the Ultra's. Some tanks are damaged, but mostly functional. - The Intercessors are still dealing with the Scions in the bottom corner. One squad was shot up, and then assaulted to death. This allows the other squad to break out into the open to shoot at the redemptor. - The Redemptor flames some more useless flesh bags, but the retreating Helblaster assault squad is unable to really do much to the Chimera with the -1 to hit I was afraid of overcharge effects... it turns out I should have done it.... http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_13290/gallery_2760_13290_244077.jpg ++ The Intercessors kill off the remaining Scions in the ruins, but it took too long to finish the squad off, and now they can only watch on as the Scions would melta the Redemptor to slag. ++ - Although Ultra's score again going up 4-0 the Steel Legion now have two 'Defend' Cards which are auto complete in my T4. So in T3 after the Redemptor is destroyed, he turns his attention to my Reivers who falied to take the final wounds off of the Punisher command tank and they are killed to a man. The failed assaulting Inceptor is likewise killed. - The last Helblasters are killed. All that remains is Tigurius, the Captain, LT, Ancient and 4 Intercessors I decide to concede. With no board presence, and zero chance of killing his tanks (all are still on the table, only a few Chimera's died), the Ultra's are pasted pretty hard in this one. Conclusions: - I considered playing '7th edition' marines in this one. IE: Get a massive Maelstrom lead, hide for the game. But I never had enough board presence to have more than one objective card. Although I accomplished them all, and had first turn, it never gave me the lead I needed to hide it out. - Steel Legion ignoring -1 Ap was so brutal I can't tell you how dehabilitating this is to a Primarily Primaris army. I would have needed Multi repulsors and 4 squads of Helblasters. The ineffectiveness of the Repulsor made a bad situation worse. Too much fire power on the other end meant I was losing either the Redemptor or the Repulsor in T1. I would lose one per turn rendering the army incapable of damage. - Hind sight being 20/20 I should have pushed the Redemptor forward and preyed to the Emperor. I needed to assault the tanks. I actually saw for the first time a scenario where the Macroplasma Incinerator is actually better than the HOG... and this would have been it. However moving forward, overcharging is a super dangerous idea. - I still have a love/hate of the Redemptor. I love the model, I think it stinks still. If I could rip off the Icarus I would. The damage chart is so punishing to this unit. I still believe a vanilla dread, or Contemptor or Ven dread are all superior. I have 2 Redemptors and have played them (together) numerous times. I've never felt they pulled their weight. - Immediate knee jerk reaction is to add vanilla marines, but I'm trying not to. My missile Devs would have been huge. A Stormraven, and vanilla razor backs... all decent options. - My test unit: the Reivers were horrible. I knew I wouldn't like the 0AP on the guns and a parking lot list had nothing to fear from this unit. the Steel Legion lack of reaction until the last minute is proof of this. The Reivers had no effect in the game. - Agressors. Fun but always dead. This was a tough game for them. There was no valid target for 0AP weaponry. But then again the mass of the Primaris had no AP in this game! - Hopefully I will have some good changes to equal this out. But by no means was the Astra list a power gaming list. I would consider that list very average. If anything it shows the weakness of Primaris and exploited it nicely. Back to the drawing board....
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