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  1. 22 July, 2022 While hunting for new prey, the Cruentes discovered a cache of useful technology they could secure for bartering with the Dark Mechanicum. As they were securing the site, a Necron force led by Illuminor Szeras attacked their position. Bardûl personally led this force, and was once more accompanied by Dreior and Gorm's two small Berzerker squads, as well as Xarian the Helbrute. The mission forced me to split my army in two parts, and forced me to deploy my whole army first, but gave me two objectives to defend. For my Agenda, I took the one that would give me Warfleet Glory, which gave me three extra objectives to grab and bring back to my deployment zone. On my left, Xarian achieved nothing: he downed three Warriors, one of which promptly stood up, and the other two got back up over the game. In return, Xarian was one-shotted by a lucky blast from Szeras: Bardûl and a squad of Berzerkers, meanwhile, made short work of a unit of Praetorians on my right: However, this left the Berzerkers in my centre open to attack from Skorpekh Destroyers...who, in turn, were counterattacked by the Berzerkers on my right: These Berzerkers then proceeded to claim one of my Agenda objectives and return it to my deployment zone. While this was happening, Bardûl started his action on one of my Agenda objectives, but was rudely interrupted by Szeras. Szeras bounded around the outside of this storage tank, catching the veteran warrior by surprise and carving deep into his armour. In return, Bardûl severed a leg of his opponent before gripping Szeras's mechanical neck with his chainfist. Szeras fought back, once more puncturing Bardûl's plate but not quite laying him low. Refusing to release his grip, Bardûl ripped his enemy's head clean from its shoulders. Armour broken and bleeding from several wounds, Bardûl faced down the Necron Warriors, who could not seem to hit his flesh with their Gauss rifles. In desperation, they charged the Chaos Lord, but just could not penetrate his defences. In return, Bardûl slew a total of five Warriors before the rest fell back. Result: 55-5 victory for Khorne! With the Necrons retreating, the Cruentes discovered what the xenos were after: under the battlefield was a vault of abhuman genetic experiments, which must've been of interest to the inquisitive Szeras. While the genetic material itself was useless to the World Eaters, the equipment within the vault was invaluable, and Bardûl dispatched it to the Eternal Warrior. Bardûl's Personal Glory: 4 -> 3 Khorne's Dark God Glory: 5 -> 4 Cruentes' Warfleet Glory: 4 -> 8 But now comes the real fun part. After this battle, Bardûl levelled up; in addition, the mission Victor Bonus allowed me to grant one unit a Battle Honour. Did I decide to throw in my lot with the Chaos Gods and make a grab for immortality with two Chaos Boons? You bet your heretical rear I did! It went a little like this: The first roll was a 12 for +1 Wound, which was very suitable given that he refused to die in both of the games so far. Perfect! Then the second roll...also a 12. Bardûl, in his arrogance, believed he was entitled to a greater reward than what was given to him and drank too greedily from the cup of immortality. Time for me to start making a new Chaos Lord...
  2. 15 July, 2022 The first battle the Cruentes took part in for this Crusade was 25PL against a mate's Death Guard. This was his first 40k game, so we kept the mission to a simple one from Beyond the Veil. I chose the Agenda that would get me Dark God Glory points for performing an action at the centre of the board. The story behind this mission is that our forces are jointly invading an Imperial world that has until recently been isolated by Warp storms. As Imperial reinforcements arrive in-system, the World Eaters give in to their bloodlust and start hunting their allies in the heart of an occupied Hive city. Bardûl led this battle, accompanied by the two small squads of Berzerkers, led by Dreior and Gorm, and Xarian the Helbrute. Opposing them was a Daemon Prince, two small squads of Plague Marines, and a small blob of Poxwalkers. Being an introductory game, I didn't take any photos and tried to let my opponent have a few hero moments to keep it fun. In the end, I accidentally wiped him anyway, however he won the game on points. Bardûl and Xarian the Helbrute were the only models left on the table; Bardûl had killed the Daemon Prince and several Poxwalkers, while Xarian demolished everything else in melee. Despite losing the battle, I still gained 3 Chaos Points to put towards my various trackers, plus one Dark God Glory point for achieving the Agenda once. Both Bardûl and Xarian gained 5XP, so were close to levelling up already. Bardûl's Personal Glory: 4 -> 4 Khorne's Dark God Glory: 4 -> 5 Cruentes' Warfleet Glory: 4 -> 4
  3. Hi all So I started a WIP thread on my Mordians in the Forge section because it was being swamped by those over zealous pompous astartes. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/317558-mordian-painting-project/ Someone suggested I post here too. To avoid double posting I thought I would focus more on the tourament I will be entering with it with just the occasion shout out when I've updated the original thread. Quick background started with Mordians back in 3rd before taking a long (15yr) break. Had about 30 odd mordians and some praetorians. Since then I have picked up another 30-40 odd. I've stripped off my 3rd ed paints and the paint from the models I bought and will be updating their scheme to fit with 7th ed. The tournament is only 750pt single allied detachment FOC (no formations). So I am using it as an excuse to get all my mordians done even though I wont use them all. The tournament will be 3 games and scoring consists of primary marker objectives, secondary [bRB] malestrom and tertiary points based on kill point differential as well as the usual 3 suspects from the main rule book. The list I have in mind is Lord Commissar w/ m. bombs Primaris Psyker ML2 1 PCS w/ heavy flamer 3x Infantry squad w/ lascannons and GL (1x sgt w/ m. bombs, 2x dedicated taruox) Vendetta Wyvren That puts me at 750pts on the nose. The tournament is meant to be somewhat friendly. The TO has already stated they will turn down any cheesy/OP lists (scatterbike spam, 2++/2++, 2+ FNP deathstars etc). My goal with the list was to try and exploit IGs ability to spam somewhat useful troops at low points, whilst still having some mobility. I'm hoping for a 4+ on the IG/AM WL trait list to either gain orders or relentless. Also of note as allied detachment was designed not to be a primary detachment you do not receive the ideal mission commander rule. I'm also hoping will ML2 I have a better chance of picking up that 4++ on the divination table. 30 relentless guardsmen w/ lascannons and 4++ sounds like fun :-) Ill most likely be blobbing the guard unless I can see a reason not to do that for any particular game. The taurox with their built in dozer blades and obsec will be running around grabbing objectives until they meet their demise (quite promptly I imagine). The pcs will chill in the vendetta to grab end of game objectives and the vendetta line breaker. I'm sure the wyvren needs no explanation ;-) The tournament is end of January so I have a couple more weeks to get my models painted. Hopefully I'll be able to get a couple of practice games in too before then.
  4. From the album: Battle Reports

    End of Movement, T1 BA Pod list vs Dark Eldar Kabal 6/18/2013
  5. From the album: Battle Reports

    April 2, 2013 BA vs Nec Beginning of T7
  6. From the album: Battle Reports

    April 2, 2013 BA vs Nec Beginning of T6
  7. From the album: Battle Reports

    April 2, 2013 BA vs Nec Beginning of T5
  8. From the album: Battle Reports

    April 2, 2013 BA vs Nec Beginning of T4
  9. From the album: Battle Reports

    April 2, 2013 BA vs Nec Beginning of T3
  10. From the album: Battle Reports

    April 2, 2013 BA vs Nec Beginning of T2
  11. From the album: Battle Reports

    April 2, 2013 Blood Angels vs Necrons 1000pts Deployment
  12. At the end of 2018 a group of us got together to plan a narrative Horus Heresy campaign. The result was the Harrowing of Harthsgard, a series of ten games that told the story of the invasion of the Harthsgard system by the forces of the Warmaster and its steadfast defence by those who remain loyal. In the campaign we tried to cover as many modes of play as possible, including Zone Mortalis ship boarding operations, Planetstrike orbital assaults, Games Master controlled narrative games, multi-level Centurion Mode scenarios, mass armoured breakthroughs and my personal favourite, all out apocalyptic warfare. We’ve had an incredible year playing through these scenarios. As we progressed through the story, we documented the events that occurred so that we would have a memento to remember the campaign by. The result is the book linked below. It contains the background for the campaign, battle reports for all ten games and also the rules pack. As a taster I’ve added some screenshots from the book below. We hope you enjoy. If any of you recreate any of the scenarios in your own gaming group the do let us know how it goes. Use the link below to access the book: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AjPiJl8KayY8kksOFpw0UWE_iL7S?e=lcvicc Sample photos:
  13. Re-opening the thread because I'm going to bring my Angels encarmine to a new event. I booked too many tournaments, decided I needed a break from using my Tyranids and then found myself unable to come up with a Blood Angels list and didn't just want to take a ton of deathcompany with 32 allied guardsmen so I wrote a joke list instead. The deadline for submitting lists for Blood and Glory was 10pm last saturday and I was out for most of the day, so didn't have time to write another Blood Angels list so 'accidentally' had to submit my non-serious list. Battle and prep reports will follow. Army Faction: Imperium Command Points 20 I have that all painted already but I'm going to lost points due to the different basing styles, so I need 6 themed objectives to make up for that. I picked up a Necromunda sprue for the crates.
  14. Anyone interested in a written batrep? Why is Hedonism-bot (Contemptor) laughing maniacally at Valoris while he fights a devious Word Bearer's Sorc? Link: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/345184-prots-quickie-batreps-custodes-vs-chaos-pics-2k/?p=5030198
  15. So a few very quick Batreps. Sorry not a lot of time today....can only do one of these... I got a few games in, and had time to take pics from a few of them. The first one was very challenging against Chaos. Word Bearers specifically. Keep in mind these aren't ultra competitive games as you'll see from the lists, but they aren't pushovers either. I didn't want to go stupid deep into Custodes bikes, and he didn't want to get into mixed traits, etc. But as you'll see there's some punch to the lists as well. We played a Maelstrom game with our typical house rule of discarding any card that could never be accomplished from turn 1. Also 'Domination' has been voted on as an auto-discard as well. (have you ever accomplished this when you weren't already hammering your opponent? ;) ) So from memory here's the stinky Word Bearer's list: Sorc Sorc in Termie Armour Dark Apostle (there's a LOT of cultists in this list) Exalted Champ 5 x Warp Talons Rhino + 8 Zerkers 2 x 30 Cultists, 4 x 10 Cultists = 100 disgruntled Imperium Postal Employees serving the word of Lorgar. 3 x Oblits... MoS Pred Annihilator Some Forgeworld Units: 3 x Heavy Bolter thingies... very annoying... cheap. Manned by marines 12 shots I piece I believe. 1 huge tank from 30K Mechanicum (Or so it looked like. All I know is when it penetrates it's an Auto 6 Damage (it has two firemodes) 1 tank that was proxied... I want to call it... a Vindicator laser? All I know is when thing thing fires it's one shot, S12 ! And the damage is dependent on a chart and can be 3 x D6 damage! Ones who used to watch, but now kick Word Bearers out of Imperium Union meetings: HQ: Valoris (warlord - testing stuff) Allarus Termie Shield Captain 1 x Vexilus Praetor Magnifica 3 x 3 Gaurdians 4x Allarus 3 x Wardens 1 x Contemptor Kheres 3 bikers (one with Salvo for experimentation... I've been trying it out in my last couple of games) ( I finally ditched the Landraider... just feel like it needs to come down a hundred points or something lol) So it's a basic scenario with 3 objectives a turn and we are in quarters with the 9" circle of no man's land in the center. - The Word Bearers looking to spread the word.... unfortunately the Custodes have a copy of the pamphlet and are attending the next union meeting.... +++ The Custodes "Union Busters" deploy in a tight circle around the Vexila Magnifica. behind a mostly LOS blocking building. - The Contemptor and all Alluras Models remain in reserves. - The dirty Word Bearers get to go first, and they decide to hit hard... it was with heavy contemplation that the Word Bearers did indeed go for a gutsy (unusually so) move. ++ There will be no fair fights against the heinous Legion of dirty lies and exorbatant union dues.... From my non-deploy corner the Oblits drop in, and the Termie Sorc comes down with a body guard of Warp Talons. They've played their hand fairly early... will the game pay off? ++ - The Warp Talons aim to tie the Custodes up, and the Cacaphony of double firing is used, and a Guardian squad is sent back to Terra in the form of shiny Loonies (*Canadian coin currency). It's ugly; I never had a chance there. - Back in the Psychic phase I get a real break.... he fails so many things it's obvious his false gods have left him here to die. Even with command point re rolls he fails the big test... Death Hex. This is huge since I took a massive chance and am trying a game without Impregnable Mind! - The Talons do make a charge, it's pretty impressive because even with all that hit back, he still had 2 of those Warp Talons left from some good invuln saves. - He puts a small, but important dent in the small model count army, but even though he scores First Blood, I feel lucky about the Psychic phase. That could have been far worse on the Mortal Wound front too. + Custodes early game: - Custodes get objectives that are just too difficult to achieve. I'm okay for numbers, but I really need an objective (Hold) that puts me too close to his Oblits. I take a chance and call in the Contemptor Dread to see if maybe he can do it. +++ The Contemptor comes down from the Teleportarium and needs to punch some shots through the Oblits. The Bikes react as far as they can to lend a hand. - This was not a good turn. The Contemptor had to deploy too far from the objective to declare it for the turn. The Bikers are on their own because the Warp Talons have completely clogged my slow foot sloggers... I don't think it was intentional by my opponent but it had a VERY annoying, and effective result of stopping me from moving models through models to get to the Sorc/Oblits. - I hold off on the Allarus. The Contemptor fires and with cover saves -nothing- goes through the Oblits. The bikes unleash the Salvo shot, do nothing, the Hurricanes are bouncing here as well I think one or two wounds are finally failed after I dump everything I can in range into the Obllits. I fail the long charge with the bikers. I score nothing. ++ Word Bearers: - Their long shots are not able to really get a fix on the Custodes. This is intentional on my part as I know by turning a corner on the center ruins almost insures certain death. I am feeling the weight of the small model count, and the Word Bearers are pushing through the whole table with cheap, expendable bodies. - The Cultists charge in, Vets of the Long War, and multiple shots do some good wounding numbers, but I make a lot of saves here... it's low end damage, but there's a fair chunk of it. - BIG moment here. The Ruins have a Rhino in them, and the Zerkers get out about mid game, and try to charge the Wardens... Zerkers are scary with a Dark Apostle and Exalted Champ it's worse.... I throw down Tangle Foot. This is huge as he only needs about a 5, but I roll a 3 for Tangle Foot and he rolls a 3 for the charge! He has the banner though and re-rolls... a 3! The Custodes feel the Emperor's blessing and have a turn to deal with Cultists without the Zerkers in the mix. +++ Tangle Foot Grenade is key. With Berzerkers delayed, the Dark Apostle and Exalted Champion send in the peons. A lot of chaff is cleared... enough to cause the finicky worshippers to run off to join a different circus. +++ - With breathing room in the middle the Custodes try to push back. A lot of Cultists die, and Trajann is finally freed up to attack the heinous Sorcerer. Unbelievably the Sorcerer has apparently preyed to the right gods and survives the exchange! +++ Valoris takes on the Sorc and surprisingly the Sorc still stands. Meanwhile the Bikes get shot up while trying to reach the Oblits+++ - Custodes are down 3-0 by turn 3. I feel quite pinned by sheer weight of bodies and heavy firepower lurking around every corner. I realized I have to take a big risk. It was really unfortunate to have to turn the bikes into the Oblits but they were brutal if left unchecked. Here the Oblits manage to down a biker in Overwatch (they were also "Cacophoned" the turn before). Oblits go down screaming though and the bikers are victorious. +++ My Custodes' Contemptor: 'Hedonism Bot' lays on the ground, cackling in robotic laughter as the Sorcerer continues to survive the 'Victor of the Blood Games' Trajann Valoris. +++ - Finally Valoris stamps the life out of the Sorcerer with the Watcher's Axe. The Cultsts wave has started to fail severe Moral tests. - The Wardens take advantage of the Tanglefoot grenade and smash hard into the Berzerkers dispatching them fairly quickly. - Hedonism bot (contemptor) tries for "defend #2" but will ultimately fail as another wave of cultists will have more Obsec on that marker. + Word Bearers are in the lead.... - Word Bearers are up 3-0 and I still have to get out of my zone. The continual wave of Cultists is nearing an end though. - The Word Bearers need 'Defend' on an objective deep in my zone. In an interesting twist of events the Word Bearers use the 2 CP Strat to recycle a nearly full 30 man Cultist squad and plop them right on top of the objective. - This forces my hand. I can't turn the Guardians and Trajann around. It will cost me the game because I'll never score points past midfield with the slow speed of the army. However, I can't let the dirty followers of Logar secure another 2 points here... pretty much ending the game for me. - I answer with the Allarus and Shield Captain. They land and put everything they have (plus some assistance) onto the Cultists.... and unbelievably the Word Bearers rolls exactly the number required to take the very last models off of the objective, denying him Defend for 2 points! This is huge. He had no command points left or would have surely re-rolled this. He only needed on surviving Cultist. But they all failed moral after the shooting... just to a man, no overkill. Close one. - Now that my zone was finally free of smelly cultists, I could try to push, but this meant taking on the other stuff which has basically been quietly chucking the odd shot out. +++ Hedonism Bot gets some back up.... Bikers clear out the Cultists and another attempt can be made at "Defend #2" however, the vindicator lasers can be heard screeching in the distance.... +++ - Hedonsim bot fails his second invuln attempt and the mysterious laser goes through, and the table tells us it's going to be 2 x D6 damage.... receiving 9 wounds, Hedonism Bot would be no more. (He had just 9 left). - The bikers were forced to sit on it and took a lot of predator firepower, heavy bolters x 12, and that other tank... the Mechanicum one. It was quite a bit of firepower. - The Word Bearers had lost mid field, and could not draw cards that let them sit and collect points, so it was up to the Custodes to press the advantage at the late stages of the game. +++ Custodes need to get a bonus point here. By overtaking Objective 4, this would help put the Custodes back in the game.... +++ - Custodes push for #4 and easily over take the Cultists. - Unfortunately my Allarus are almost completely out of the game as they were forced to handle the Cultists deep in my zone. However, the remaining forces took a lot of casualties but kept pushing the traitor legion back.... +++ The last of the Custodes make a desperate push against the cowardly retreating forces of the Word Bearers +++ - Every last custode took the advance order from Trajann. The Allarus were a little too far back, The Guardians would lose a few more, but the Mechanicus tank would get caught up in the ensuing combat and would not be able to fire next turn. - At the to of turn 5 with 2 more points the Custodes just took the lead by a point... 4-3 and with that the Word Bearers shot everything they had but would not get past enough invulnerable saves to make a difference, and with that the Word Bearers conceded. - A very, very close game. Some real moments stand out to me in this one that could have easily swung the game either way... the first psychic phase, the cultists breaking, a turn my Bikers saved so many lascannon shots.... but those are the best games. Thanks for reading this.
  16. So a super fast run down of a game I just had with metalica. The game was 2k, Maelstrom Deadlock (start with 6 cards, discard one a turn.) . I had first turn with Metalica. My List looked like this: +++ Unfortunately it's obviously not entirely WYSIWYG. The Scouts represent Fulgurite Priests. Eight of them. And I'm proxying a tech priest - The idea of my list was to utilize the Metalica Dogma and the WL trait to move around the board quickly, and be able to disengage from CC and still shoot. - His Dark Angel list was unusual, and did have a huge slant on Deathwing Terminators. Basically 3 full Tact squads, and 3 Terminator squads with Belial (the guy is a beast for his points). And that eats up a ton of points, but he still had the Ravenwing Bikers.... with Plasma talons and a Libby/Chappy on bike. - I take the high ground with Rangers, everything else is in the middle, and the Rangers spread out as far as humanly (inhumanly?) possible to prevent Deep Strike. + The Rangers did squat all this game. Their role was to pick off HQ's and only hit and wounded one out of 4-6 shots (lost track). Abysmal as usual. But they did prevent deep strike on the flank I guess... - My first turn is stellar... I mean I've never had a first turn this big in 8th edition Maelstrom. I score 7 points on 6 cards. Plus First Blood. His troops were spread out, and I really didn't know what to target. We have a house rule that no more than 2 points can be scored PER CARD to prevent runaways. I was glad we had that house rule or I very well could have ran off with it worse. I got a few objectives drawn in my zone which was darn lucky. The rest were 'kills'. - I zap one squad of Tacticals down to zero, and target the Ravenwing bikers with their speed. I barely manage to get all of those bikers, because I did not want to advance any Vanguard yet because his sizable Deathwing Termie star would rip me a new one if I wasn't defensive. - His turn the Termies come in. My opponent was good about it, but he did keep noting the way I deployed prevented him from getting the Termies anywhere he really wanted to go... so he took a far right table side and opened up on some Ironstrider Ballistarius' and they were easily over run, and the Vanguard took a bit of a beating. One thing I'm not sure about is he took shots at my Onager Dunecrawlers, but just piecemeal. In his defense he really hadn't played against Admech. I let him know these were repairable. MID GAME: - With his Termies in, I could move about the map and do what had to be done. He had scored a point or two and I was less concerned about scoring at this point and more concerned about testing some theories. - I moved Vanguard aggressively. The Priests moved up to cover them. The Vanguard shooting was fantastic with the Plasma but that S3 Radium Carbines on Termies was doing absolutely nothing... I knew I was going to take a blunt of a massive charge soon. - I realized through my 2nd/3rd turn that this many Terminators was a serious problem. I know he had beaten a pretty tough Ork opponent with this list (he had 120 Orks) and it was the 2+ save that was too much to get through.... Sure enough I'm seeing even with Dunecrawlers a lot of it was luck based. - I used the Strategem to get to +2 BS on the Vanguard with Plasma. This did good, but not great! Sure enough the inevitable charge happens. + Here it comes.... - I barely remove any models, I don't score a point. Sure enough he's slowly gaining in points on me but the Deadlock scenario is hard if you can't empty your first turn hand and he has a few tough cards he can't get out of his hand.... - The Termies make it in, but somehow I hold the line. I think I actually made 2 x 6 up Invulns! - My army positions for the counter strike, I have my Infiltrators come in..... and The Termies have to be dealt with..... + the Infiltrators bounce really hard on these marines.... I wanted to stop them from scoring a few points on this objective. And I needed it as well, but it went pretty badly... - Back at the close combat, I didn't lose any to battle shock, so I retreat, and move my Warlord up high enough to 'rally' the Vanguard, and they shoot at -1 back into the Termies. This was huge. - All resources I have hit those termies to free up my lines. This is enough to bring them down but I am shocked how much trouble I am having dropping them. The Kastelans really don't do a heck of a lot.... so he was ignoring them and focusing on the volume / plasma fire of the Vanguard. - The termies in cc with the vanguard are all shot up. So the Priests need a new task, I advance them to where the Infiltrators were destroyed. - My opponent gets another point... I COULD get one myself but I'm more curious about the assault in the corner and now I see the remaining 7-10 Termies as a challenge to get rid of.... - - The last of the Vanguard retreat while the bulk of the army unloads. - So the priests get into CC and they do very well delivering Mortal Wounds on the way in..... And since the Dragoons lead the charge, they took the overwatch. Sure enough his Chappy and Libby hit back (on Bikes) and slap a few Priests around. In his turn I manage to finally kill the remaining Tacticals with the Priests bringing their Invuln up to 3++ and they were ready to take on the Chappy and Libby next. - Much closer to my zone, he moved his termies up as much as he could but with only 5" he really couldn't catch me as I knew I had to kite him... I did so with the Dunecrawlers and I advanced my last, full Vanguard Squad up to get into rapid with him... I got a 6 allowing me a 12" move with no penalty, used the Strategem again and unloaded overcharged Plasma re-rolling 1's.... only the Plasma really did much though, but it was a high volume of stuff... combined with the rest of my army firepower, it finally took down theTermies. He had to concede with only a Sarge and Belial left. - He was a good sport after a tough first turn for sure. And as down on termies as some people are... I was shocked how much trouble I had getting rid of them.
  17. So I'm off for another game shortly and just wanted to get this up before I get too back logged with pictures.... This was a really strange game for me. My opponent was Dark Angels and he's new to the game within the last year and doesn't have everything he'd like to bring to a game yet. I will say as preamble I should confess I helped him with tactics where I thought it was critical, but his list was surprisingly... functional. Perhaps that is the best admech type description I could use. :) Sorry but this is all from memory, which like Cawl's is sometimes swapped out for more useful memories such as.... where did I park my Dunecrawler? His list: - Belial - tons of Termies. Mostly 5 man squads with assault cannons. - 3 full tactical squads, usually with mixed weaponry like Missile launcher + special weapon, all in Rhino's - Librarian w/ Adversion (whatever it's called the ol' DA power that makes you -1 to hit something within 24" of him.) - Captain. - Vindicator - Dread with fist/twin Las. Adeptus Mechanicus of the mighty red sands of Mars: - Brigade: - 2 Tech Dominus, 1 Engineseer - 6 x 5 or 6 Vanguard/Rangers. A few Arquebus' etc. Some Plasma Cavaliers sprinkled in. - 3 Onager Dunecrawlers. 2 with Neutrons, 1 with Icarus. - 2 Kastelan's with shooty fists - 1 Datasmith -5 Sicaran infiltrators - 5 Corpuscarii Electro Jazz Hands! - 2 individual Ironstrider Ballastarii with twin cognis Autocannons - 3 Sydonian Dragoons with cattle prods The Game: Red Rock vs the Black Rock. Sand vs Secrets, etc etc... - Maelstrom: We get the mission where you start with one objective card, and can draw up a card in subsequent turns for as many objective markers as you control. This is always hard for my AdMech, as we prefer controlling... code over inanimate things on the battlefield! - Deployment: - Admech deployment features killy stuff around the aura, with defensive positioning on the outskirts by Vanguard/Rangers to prevent uninvited Terminator party crashers. - Dark Angels put rhino's on flanks, and the meat of his shooting is dead center. The Vindicator, Dread and HQ's advance. I know he wants to get his Termies into my board edge but as the Dark Angel player realizes I've spaced things with no way he can do this... so he reconsiders his options and plops all Termies down to my left flank. - He draws a card he can complete, and he gets First Blood and takes the early lead.... His first turn shooting is obviously plinking away at my Vanguard. It is only Stormbolter fire but it is quite a bit of it! Thankfully Shroupsalm is in effect and although he gets first blood I still have some Skitarii left on the flank. His first blood actually game from downing an Ironstrider. - Admech turn is a card I can't complete. He's already owning the middle of the board and the left flank is in serious danger.I elect to keep the Infiltrators in reserve due to unfavourable positioning in his zone. - I change the protocol on the Kastelans successfully, but the middle is decidedly owned by DA and there are two large imperial cylinders that literally block off all LoS. As a side note the Libby cast Averson on my forward squad of Vanguard making them -1 to hit. - Admech start firing back on Terminators while cautiously advancing, but it is quite bad... very bad. A few scattering of wounds. No points for Mars this turn. - Dark Angels advance and capitalize on Mars' lack of CC units and hunker down in the middle of the city preparing for a close quarter fire fight. - Dark Angels draw up 3 cards and some are quite doable. He gets some very handy objectives near his zone, and most of the objective markers he placed are mid field. This works very much to his advantage has he is drawing the right cards to advance and sit on those objectives. Mars is forced to advance. - The Terminators shoot up a lot of Vanguard, The Dominus orders a retreat, and units 'reverse advance' to create a gap, trying to lure the Terimnators into range of the Kastelans. - Dark Angels cast Aversion on the Kastelans this time... which really hurts... and confuses Mars. How is a robot depreciated in efficiency by the warp magic???? Does not compute...! Anyway, I realize the Dark Angels are trying to pinch me in. I have no answer for the Termies in CC, but he is taking the bait on the running Vanguard.... still he draws good cards on my right side, and starts to advance a Rhino with squad to claim one in his zone getting 3 objective markers, and earning D3 points. He's now got a healthy lead of 1111 to 0. That's binary for... I'm getting my ass kicked! ++ Counter measures are made. The Dominus takes control of the Dragoons and warns the Skitarii of the long term plans. This means direct confrontation with the misguided space men of the wrong rock. ++ - Admech have a decent draw but where I am hoping for 'kill' type objectives instead I get 'grab stuff deep in your opponent's zone' type of cards which Admech LOVE to do. (that's Martian Sarcasm btw). - One objective is up my right flank. Another is to have something in my opponent's zone. The Dominus calculates a plan to kill two birds with one stone... prevent the Rhino squad from taking a 'Defend' point, and score the objective instead, while grabbing a point for being in his zone; the brings out the Infiltrators, as well as moving up the Dragoons, and Vanguard. - On the left flank protocols have set in and the trap is set, terminators are in Kastelan range. I heal up two Onagers, and commit the entire double shooting of the Kastelans, and remaining Vanguard into the Terminators, BUT with Aversion still affecting the Kastelans this is a tough turn for me... the Termies with two wounds are still falling but nearly as fast as I need... - The infiltrators do terrible in shooting. The middle is still a mosh pit I can't seem to crack. The Dunecrawlers have been really mediocre to this point. The Vindicator and Dread are still picking away at my heavies but my ability to repair keeps everything going. I do score a point and I'm on the board. ++ Terminators are drawn in to the killing grounds, but the "Aversion'd" Kastelans have technical issues. And the 'bait' Skitarii aren't too happy about it.++ Mid to Late Game: - Although I'm on the board, it's become apparent the game is going poorly for me. Dark Angels have me pinched in on the left flank. Mars tries to hold the middle ground while facing the mounting thread at Mid Table..... - Dark Angels now draw a few objectives that are based on the MID table objective which he is sitting on. Some of these I can't do anything about, but one of them is 'Defend' so Angels have to keep that for consecutive turns. - He starts to put a greater dent into my Dunecrawlers but I keep reminding him to focus fire because my repairs out pace his wound rate. He FINALLY fails Averson. This gives the Kastelans a chance to clear the malware, and reboot quickly! - Dark Angels advance termies closer, and take down a few more vanguard, and damage my last Ironstrider which is taking pot shots at them. He also drew an objective near his right flank Rhino, I have to prevent it... - He scores for mid table, and my Sicarian Infiltrators are hit hard (I could not charge them last turn to get the point for being in his zone). But somehow I pass the armour saves. With his point scored, he's now up by 5-1. - The Datasmith resets the Kastelans and they double fire on the Terminators again, this time with full ballistic skill. This (finally) Kills a great deal of them, the Deathwing are forced to drop their Assault Cannons, Belial and a few heavy handed termies still live, they plod forward... - I grabbed a few decent cards in this turn, and had to push the right side, BUT to make matters worse (or more interesting depending on who you are) I draw the same mid field objective he has been sitting on because he needs 'Defend'. Ouch. I get another card specific to Admech: Do a full repair on something and score a point.. this I can do, But I need to use a Strategem to perform a double repair on a Dunecrawler, but a point is scored. - The Jazz hands turn the corner, and shoot up his mid field stuff... .I use 'Wrath of Mars' but it's terrible... I feel like I did something wrong, and I did.. .(more on that later). ++ Electrolysis-Priests offer free hair removal; Dark Angels refuse the service...+++ - Jazz hands don't do too well here but it's my fault. It turns out I only fired half their shots, total missread of their rules on my part, even though I knew better... very strange, but oh well. As you can see he's loaded up at mid and AdMech is forced to flank. - Finally the Dunecrawlers hit solidly enough to take down the Dreadnaught, giving the rest of the army some breathing space to take on the mid table...if there's enough time, maybe I can salvage this mess? - My fight phase and the Dragoons bring out the cattle prods and smack down the 10 man Dark Angel tactical squad. The Sicarians unfortunately fail their charge into the characters that are supporting the mid table (just off camera above). This means I can't score anything at mid Table. - I do score a few though and I'm within reach of a few points of Dark Angels. END GAME: - Dark Angels score to go up to 7 points holding mid, He can't score points, but he still leads and this is turn 5. The game goes on... - Belial is too far out of reach but the remaining terminators rush an Icarus Dunecrawler. The Dunecrawler would retreat in my turn, and the Dominus combined with an Ironstrider would kill the last of them. Belial would retreat, denying me Slay the Warlord. - The mid table fails a few critical psychic tests. The Vinidicator moves up to prevent me from assaulting the last mid table characters. - Now in my turn I know I need good cards, and a chance to table him... but Belial is clearly out of sight. ++ Mars boldly goes where no Martian has gone before... towards characters at mid table ++ - Desperation time. I draw the card that forces me to get everything out of my deployment, and have no opponents in my zone. I draw mid table, and an objective I'm already sitting on! - This works well with the Dominus' plan to be aggressive at mid. The Kastelans are ordered to fire everything at the Vindicator and kill it. - Jazz hands try shooting again with 'Wrath of Mars'. This time I realize I undershot previously. Even though the squad isn't full strength, I get 4 mortal wounds on top of 6-7 more wounds and a tactical squad is vaped. - I get 'kill a character' by making him the closest unit to a squad of Rangers I advanced. - Dark Angels are nearly tabled, and I have the points in this final turn to put me over the edge. Techically the game should have continued to turn 7, however the cards I drew put me over the top and with only Belial, he could not prevent me from scoring. Admech pulls off a very, very, narrow final turn victory. Conclusions: - I make a point of having the tables with lots of obscuring terrain, but this was brutal. He got to camp pretty darn good at mid field. I'm glad I had the legs on the table to advance without fear of losing high cost units. - I screwed up with the Priests. That miss count almost cost me the game, but I liked them a lot. Fun unit with Wrath of Mars. - Arquebus'. I just cannot get these things to do anything to characters. My best use of them is against Rhino's.. .this seems to happen a lot. But I think people may write them off as vehicle killers but I like them to finish off vehicles. - Tacticals. At first glance I saw his list and thought... tacticals... very juicy for Admech to tear into. I couldn't believe how much trouble I had getting rid of them. Aversion on my Kastelans, turning a 4+ to hit into a 5+ really, really sucks. Having no Psychic defence continues to be an issue. - Terminators. Wow. It's not that I can't kill them, it's just that a lot of the stuff I can kill them with, also happens to be what I need for anti-vehicle, and with the Kastelans psychicly 'nerfed' I had a lot of problems there. - BTW it occured to me in about.. turn 3 that I forgot to deploy my second Dominus. lol But I did not end up deploying him at all. Just in case anyone noticed he was missing. This was a much closer game than I though it would be. It was well fought by the DA. Thanks for reading this!
  18. So here's something I thought I'd turn into a series. I'm going to try to play primarily Primaris marines, and make a series out of it. But to be honest for the past couple of months this is how I've been playing my marines since the codex came out (Previous to that with the index I used quite a mix which was effective). Doing a little teaser here.... this moment is a critical scene later in the battle: +++ Ultra's fight for their lives. Surrounded by floods of infantry, and iron might of the Steel Legion.... with the guidance of Tigurius, do the Ultra's stand a chance? +++ This game is Maelstrom at 2K. My UM army from memory: - Tigurius - Primaris Captain with Fist and Relic Halo - Lt. - 5 scouts hvy bolter - 5 scouts - 5 Intercessors w/Grenade launcher - Repulsor - Redemptor - 3 Aggressors - Ancient - 10 Reivers - 3 Inceptors - 5 Helblasters - 5 Helblasters (assault variant) IG army from memory: Steel Legion - Cmd Tanks: Punisher (not Pask!) - Russ - 4 Chimera's with troops (some characters, priests etc) - 3 Sentinels Autocannons - 1 Lascannon Sentinel - Manticore - Basilisk - Hellhound - 2 Sqds of Scions with melta/plasma and cmdr. The Scenario: Maelstrom - each player starts with one objective but only draws cards for each objective they control from turn 2 on. Deployment - Quarters. The middle bubble 18" is no man's land. - Using the FAQ I add one to my roll to go first. And deployment looked like this: ++ UM Deploy - Scouts forward on flanks - Aggressors embarked with characters. ++ The Astra deployment: ++ From the Steel Legion table quarter. ++ The Game: - Astra fail to steal the initiative. - Shortly after movement, I completely forget my Psychic phase. I pull a card for killing a unit.... this should be doable! - The Reivers back the scouts on the left flank by grav chute-ing right to the side of the building for some cover, and surround the Inceptors to insulate them. ++ Reivers mean business. Deathmasks? Check. Grave Chutes? Check. Bullets with no AP? Check. ++ - This flank opens up but can't kill the single tank. It's horrible to admit, but one thing I counted on was the -1 AP from the Inceptors. News flash: Steel Legion ignore the AP on all AP-1 weapons, thus rendering about 90% of my army incapable of modifying vehicles saves! Darn you Belasarius... darn you to hell. - The mid table opens up. I don't move the Redemptor because I don't want it hitting on 4's with the HOG. It really doesn't matter... it does some fair damage to a Punisher and the Line of Sight forces the rest of the army to go after other tanks... the scouts concentrate a Heavy Bolter strategem on the right flank to deal three mortal wounds to the Hellhound. - Helblasters, Repulsor, Aggressors open up on tanks but the shots from the lascannons only cause one wound for 5 wounds on the command tank. Not good... No other shooting I have can do anything. I get desperate with overcharging Helblasters on a high Scaffold and use Scions of Guilliman on the assault blasters, causing just enough wounds to blow up the Hellhound. I had to do this for the objective card and First Blood... giving me 2 Points. But I don't feel good about this.. .the army largely flashed against the armour, with only my 2 solo lascannon shots having ANY meaning against Steel Legion armour saves. ++ 2 Squds of Scions with Melta and Plasma. Exactly what my Repulsor needs....++ - Astra show up in my zone with the Scions and I consider using an "Auspex Scan" but with only 5 Intercessors I didn't think it was worth the 2 CP's to hit his dudes in cover.... - Astra obviously see the Repulsor as my only real threat to the army. Lucky for me he can't complete his card as it's an objective on the UM side of the table. As he starts shooting Tigurius uses his special ability to make the Repulsor -1 to hit. This works... to a degree but the amount of firepower hitting the Repulsor from all angles is immense... with help from the Scions, the Repulsor blows sky high. That's it for my real vehicle damage. He puts additional indirect fire onto the closest Helblaster squad. I take 4 wounds killing 2... neither get back up from the Ancient. - The Agressors are always shot up early, but they vaporize in T1, and only one shoots back (fails to do anything). The right flank scouts with the heavy bolter are also vaporized. ++ Here we are... bottom of T2. Astra start to push forward hard. ++ Mid Game: - In turn 2 the UM realize they have to take down some heavy vehicles as this is already looking like a slaughterfest. With the Repulsor being sent back to Belasarius' scrap yard, it's up to the Redemptor. Unfortunately I have to move it. With some assistance it does a few wounds to a tank, but not enough to fully damage one. I think I get a Chimera down this turn. But it's mostly the Heavy Flamer that does damage to Steel Legion infantry looking for glory. - Again the lack of AP-1 doing any modifying is very punishing. Most of my army is wounding on a 5 or 6. The tanks are tearing the Ultra's apart. Sadly the best hope is on the left flank where he can't quite get a bead on the infiltrators, but again with Assault Heavy Bolters, I do no modification to Steel Legion armour so for example I counted.... and this is embarrassing... but I counted 48 shots from Reivers, Inceptors, scouts, and the Redemptor to take TWO final wounds off of a Chimera. ++ Inceptors seek cover, but expose themselves to a lot of firepower. Meanwhile the severely wounded Chimera would take 48 shots to take out of the game. Reivers get ready to assault...++ - Reivers commit to a multi assault killing squads down to 1 or 2 guys. Some how I manage to score a point putting Ultra's up 3 - 0. but the Steel Legion hit back hard.... ++ Astra push back and even with Tigrius' -1 to hit, the Redemptor goes down to 3 wounds quickly. At three wounds with movement the Redemptor is essentially useless.++ - Things looks grim in Astra T2. Yet the Astra can't complete their objective. - Astra with a priest decide to assault the captain and remaining Helblasters. One Helblaster survives and the Captain fists these brazen fools in the face for their misguided sense of heroism, but the writing is on the wall... there are very few Primaris left. - The Chimera's would advance, into the Assault Helblaster unit, while shooting would take care of most of the Ultra core units. Late Game: - In a true sense of desperation the Ultra's try to hit the command tank on the left flank: ++ Desperate assault: The Reivers make contact with the Punisher, assault, but cannot wound. It simply drives off. The Inceptor loses one of its mates to overwatch and DUAL assaults the Lascannon Sentinel and the Basilisk! However both would be fine and simply move away. This bought the Ultra's nothing but a second of breathing room preventing fire from these units. ++ - The inability to cause AP adjustments to the tanks is literally killing the Ultra's. Some tanks are damaged, but mostly functional. - The Intercessors are still dealing with the Scions in the bottom corner. One squad was shot up, and then assaulted to death. This allows the other squad to break out into the open to shoot at the redemptor. - The Redemptor flames some more useless flesh bags, but the retreating Helblaster assault squad is unable to really do much to the Chimera with the -1 to hit I was afraid of overcharge effects... it turns out I should have done it.... ++ The Intercessors kill off the remaining Scions in the ruins, but it took too long to finish the squad off, and now they can only watch on as the Scions would melta the Redemptor to slag. ++ - Although Ultra's score again going up 4-0 the Steel Legion now have two 'Defend' Cards which are auto complete in my T4. So in T3 after the Redemptor is destroyed, he turns his attention to my Reivers who falied to take the final wounds off of the Punisher command tank and they are killed to a man. The failed assaulting Inceptor is likewise killed. - The last Helblasters are killed. All that remains is Tigurius, the Captain, LT, Ancient and 4 Intercessors I decide to concede. With no board presence, and zero chance of killing his tanks (all are still on the table, only a few Chimera's died), the Ultra's are pasted pretty hard in this one. Conclusions: - I considered playing '7th edition' marines in this one. IE: Get a massive Maelstrom lead, hide for the game. But I never had enough board presence to have more than one objective card. Although I accomplished them all, and had first turn, it never gave me the lead I needed to hide it out. - Steel Legion ignoring -1 Ap was so brutal I can't tell you how dehabilitating this is to a Primarily Primaris army. I would have needed Multi repulsors and 4 squads of Helblasters. The ineffectiveness of the Repulsor made a bad situation worse. Too much fire power on the other end meant I was losing either the Redemptor or the Repulsor in T1. I would lose one per turn rendering the army incapable of damage. - Hind sight being 20/20 I should have pushed the Redemptor forward and preyed to the Emperor. I needed to assault the tanks. I actually saw for the first time a scenario where the Macroplasma Incinerator is actually better than the HOG... and this would have been it. However moving forward, overcharging is a super dangerous idea. - I still have a love/hate of the Redemptor. I love the model, I think it stinks still. If I could rip off the Icarus I would. The damage chart is so punishing to this unit. I still believe a vanilla dread, or Contemptor or Ven dread are all superior. I have 2 Redemptors and have played them (together) numerous times. I've never felt they pulled their weight. - Immediate knee jerk reaction is to add vanilla marines, but I'm trying not to. My missile Devs would have been huge. A Stormraven, and vanilla razor backs... all decent options. - My test unit: the Reivers were horrible. I knew I wouldn't like the 0AP on the guns and a parking lot list had nothing to fear from this unit. the Steel Legion lack of reaction until the last minute is proof of this. The Reivers had no effect in the game. - Agressors. Fun but always dead. This was a tough game for them. There was no valid target for 0AP weaponry. But then again the mass of the Primaris had no AP in this game! - Hopefully I will have some good changes to equal this out. But by no means was the Astra list a power gaming list. I would consider that list very average. If anything it shows the weakness of Primaris and exploited it nicely. Back to the drawing board....
  19. https://youtu.be/z1Kl29fjprE Stricken's emperor's children vs skimask mohawk's mechanicum, 2500pts. http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/2017%20-%20lcbr%20emperors%20children%20vs%20mechanicum/IMG_0160_zpsydzaoy3i.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/2017%20-%20lcbr%20emperors%20children%20vs%20mechanicum/IMG_0165_zps7vwqr6vn.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/2017%20-%20lcbr%20emperors%20children%20vs%20mechanicum/IMG_0170_zpsytwlppxq.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/2017%20-%20lcbr%20emperors%20children%20vs%20mechanicum/IMG_0171_zpsenyhfiwx.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/2017%20-%20lcbr%20emperors%20children%20vs%20mechanicum/IMG_0173_zpsew5ci9bl.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/2017%20-%20lcbr%20emperors%20children%20vs%20mechanicum/IMG_0176_zps7oeve996.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/2017%20-%20lcbr%20emperors%20children%20vs%20mechanicum/IMG_0177_zpsvxv63wm1.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/2017%20-%20lcbr%20emperors%20children%20vs%20mechanicum/IMG_0184_zpsolsefwwu.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/2017%20-%20lcbr%20emperors%20children%20vs%20mechanicum/IMG_0195_zpsysy6bxzk.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/2017%20-%20lcbr%20emperors%20children%20vs%20mechanicum/IMG_0200_zpsr15wltc8.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/2017%20-%20lcbr%20emperors%20children%20vs%20mechanicum/IMG_0207_zpsi4kdipzm.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/2017%20-%20lcbr%20emperors%20children%20vs%20mechanicum/IMG_0211_zpsgc0mq3hf.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/2017%20-%20lcbr%20emperors%20children%20vs%20mechanicum/IMG_0221_zpsnjgyxwnh.jpg - Cover Slaves
  20. https://youtu.be/iI9G1-h8QV8 Skimask Mohawk's Talons of the Emperor vs Stricken1's Night Lords. http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/2017%20playerunkowns%20battlegrounds%20pubg%20screenshots/d-1_zpsrohiqs9j.jpg http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/bulimic_possum/2017%20playerunkowns%20battlegrounds%20pubg%20screenshots/d-2_zpselfn8dek.jpg
  21. Battle Report 12/11/2017 Overview: Greetings brothers of the Rout. As mentioned many times, tales of victory for the Space Wolves are far and few in between, especially detailed battle reports showing the cunning and patient hunter aspects of the Vlka Fenryka. After a period of, frankly depression about 40K, I had a long talk with a friend on strategy, deployment as well as what I love about the game (which was manly Space Marines of the Viking variety fighting the forces of evil), and finally decided to have a game with his Ultramarines. To ensure that the fight IS an even fight, we agreed that only BRB strategems will be used on both sides, although I allowed him to bring a Codex Relic (sanctic Halo), his Ultramarine chapter tactic as well as Calgar’s warlord trait of recovering used CP on 5+. His was basically a shooty list, exactly the type of list I have trouble fighting, but at least, this time, I had about 50+ bodies on the ground, whereas he only had about 30 bodies. So the lesson I needed to apply was capturing objectives and denying him CRITICAL kills during the 5-7 turns. TLDR: I had a very satisfying victory in the end, which I want to share with you all in detail. Sadly its going to be long, but what the heck, like I said, detailed VICTORIES of Space Wolves are far and few in between. So I’ll begin this post with the setup of the armies and board. Space Wolves Army List: Battalion Detachment: Wolf Lord on Bike with Master Crafted Boltgun and Wolf Claw Rune Priest with Runic Axe, Runic armour and Storm Bolter 9 man Grey Hunter Pack with 1 Wolf Guard Pack Leader X 4 - 2 Grey Hunters have Plasma guns - Wolf Guard has combi plasma and chainsword - All have chainswords 4 Rhinos, each with 2 Storm bolters 5 man Blood Claw with Wolf Guard Pack Leader X 2 - Wolf Guard has combi plasma and chainsword 2 Razorbacks with Twin Assault Cannon and Stormbolter 2 Vindicators with Storm bolters Total CP: 3 + 3 = 6 Ultramarines List: Battalion Detachment: Chapter Master Marneus Calgar Lieutenant with bolt gun Venerable Dreadnought with Storm Bolter and assault cannon 5 man Tactical squad including Veteran Sergeant X 4 - 1 Plasma gun - Sergeant has combi plasma 4 Razorbacks with Twin Heavy Bolters and Storm bolters Devastator squad with 4 heavy bolters, sergeant with signum X 1 Spearhead Detachment: Captain with power fist and plasma pistol Lieutenant with Plasma pistol and power sword 3 Predators with twin lascannons and lascannon sponsoons Total CP: 3+3+1+2 = 9 CM Mission type : Retrieval with 4 objectives Deployment type: 3, the one with the big empty circle in middle -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | ____ _____ _____ | | | | | | MC UL | | | | |___| Obj |UDV| P P P |____| | | URA URA URA | | ____ _____ URA_____ | | | | | | | |UDread | | R |___| V Obj |__ _| |____|Obj | | R RA R | | ____ RA RP V ____ ______ | | | | WL R | | | | | | |___| |___| |____| | | Obj | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Legend: V – Vindicator R – Rhino RA – Razorback RP – Rune Priest on Bike WL - Wolf Lord on bike URA – Ultramarines Razorback MC – Marneus Calgar UL – Ultramarines Lieutenant Udread - Ultramarines Venerable Dreadnought UDV – Ultramarines devastators Obj - Objectives Additional Notes: All Rhinos and Razorbacks have their squads inside them, no infantry except Space Wolves bike HQs, Calgar and one lieutenant is outside their transports. Ultramarine Captain and Lieutenant in spearhead detachment are hitchhiking on two of the Ultramarine Razorbacks. In the end, my opponent had first turn as I had far more units to deploy than him. So no choice, even before deployment I was already planning ahead with the assumption that my opponent would go first and needed to weather as much of the firepower as I could.
  22. So once again, for an army with mini-smite, I bring you yet another mini-batrep. Key Moment of the Game: + Early in the game, my Warlord, the GMNDK, is literally abandoned, on a suicide mission to distract the Hive Mind. He has withstood tons of phlem, acid, feces, projectiles of ANY description. But now he is surrounded by an angry Carnifex, and a Toxycrin. The end is near for this hero of Titan.... or is it? + Game: Maelstrom - Escalation - 2,0000 points. Tyranids: (guessing on a lot of this). Flyrant, 2 x Dakka fexes (95 points each?!?) 30 gaunts Tervigon 3 poison clouds dude with -1 to hit Nids aura. 1 giant thing with Tentacles that looks like it should be in an anime show 1 Mawloc 3 warriors 3 Hive guard 3 Zoanthropes 1 Broodlord 10 Genestealers 1 Deathleaper 1Mawloc (deepstrike) 2 units of 3-4 Raveners? (deep strike) 2 units of 3 spore mines (deep strike) Grey Knights: Voldus GMNDK 3 x 5 strikes 5 Purifiers 1 Apothecary 5 Interceptors 1 Doomglaive Dread Stormraven ------- Greyfax Acolyte Culexus Eversor Here's what my forces look like. Sorry for the WIP's! I'm scared to finish painting any 'new' GK until I see the Chapter Approved in case they make any changes to the (largely unused) close combat weapons. Also after selling my old GK army, I am still painting my new Stormraven... almost done though: Also waiting for Doomglaive in the mail... borrowing my Deathwatch Dread to proxy for now. + Grey Knights... Roll out. Assassins are ready to go, Purifiers are ready to test out their abilities in the new Stormraven.+ The Deployment is Vanguard.... so at an angle, corner vs corner. Here's the Nid Deployment: Early Game: + We both roll a 1 to go first, but since I have the +1 I get to go first. lol + I don't have a heck of a lot I can do. Since we are playing escalation, my single card on T1 is to defend an objective literally right in the middie of the swarm... the Emperor works in mysterious ways, but I prefer living to fight another day. + The Stormraven stays up in the sky and zooms over, my GMNDK joins him in the corner. This is to see if it's worth getting the Nids to move towards that edge, and see if I can poke any holes. T1 I also bring in one set of Strikes, and the assassins. What a mess.... I shoot and psychic attack a squad of Gaunts. It takes everything I have to kill 10 gaunts (I don't want them reviving with the Tervigon). I do this for first blood as I figure this is going to be a very tough game for points.... Other than that my Stormraven and GMNDK do very, very little. They try to take on the threat to the Stormraven: the Hive Guard. But with -1 to hit almost the entire Nid army at this point, I can't really cause damage. End of my turn I score first blood, but I think I'll pay in blood... for that first blood. + Nids come take the bait on the GMNDK, but I may be in over my head. The Toxicryn? (big tentacle anime bug) waddles up, so do the 2 remaining Hive Guard, and 2 Dakka Fexes! Wow... it gets hot here. The GMNDK has Sanc up thank the Emperor so he only takes a couple of wounds, the Stormraven takes one as well. BUT on the left flank of the table my first blood would put my assassins and Strikes in danger.... + Here we go... Flyrant, Broodlord, Genestealers... they're all tripping over themselves to get at the Strike Squad and 2 Assassins. Isn't this the Deathwatch's job? When's the next bus to Titan coming? + + A super weird moment here... the Genestealers have 3 D6, pick the highest (Kracken) and assault. So they easily make it. The Broodlord is a bit stuck behind the Flyrant, and the Genestealers easily make it in, but somehow I don't lose a dude... seriously... not a one. I made 487 saves in this close combat... or at least that's what they'll hear on Titan. The Eversor, and Culexus hit back hard, but the 3 remaining Strikes completely whiff.... they have apparently filled their boots with 'fear'. + Something new... my opponent's first time with new nids.He asks to go back to the ensuing close combat at try a Strategem.... we're both learning the new nids so I say go for it... it turns out on every death of a genestealer he rolls a D6 and on a 6 I suffer a mortal wound.... he kills the 3 Strikes, and puts 3 additional mortal wounds on the 2 Assassins! Wow. TURN 2-3: + I get lucky score 2 points in my zone... I still don't know what to do with the Flyer.... I zoom back to my zone and get away from the shooting Fexes, and leave the GMNDK to fend for him self... .basically he's screwed.... unless the Emperor chooses to spare him. + Back in my zone the amount of Psychic stuff he can do kind of blows me away... he stripped "Gate" off of a squad of Strikes, and I take a fair amount of Smite wounds, and he gets Catalyst off. My denial rolls suck and my Culexus is definitely in range, but it is having about a 20% success rate... The Broodlord annihilates the Eversor, and ties up the Culexus.... Unfortunately my opponent had his rules a bit off, and my Culexus would have been dead a long time ago, but survives til turn 5 (simply because he had the damage wrong for his wounds for the game.) + The Stormraven came, dropped every on off at the (Gene) pool and took off... The Purifiers get their chance to shine... or die. + + Now I have no choice, deep strikers are in, the Nids are pushing forward. Every one gets out and this is a total mess... The Purifiers get off Smite, but it's 3 wounds. I take 7 in return from the Mawloc with some assistance from the Flyrant, and they are wiped. I lose the Strike squad to 5 more Mortal wounds. Some of this is coming from the Mawloc (he rolled a 6 when he came up). + I see the Flyrant with his Psychics are getting really annoying, plus my -1 to hit is really hurting me here. I unloaded my ARMY on 10 Gaunts, and the Stormraven on the Deathleaper. I did no wounds to the Deathleaper, and killed 9 of 10 Gaunts. I decide to take the Lascannons to the Flyrant, and it passes 9 of 11 Catalyst saves from the Stormraven..unbelievable. Really all I can do is shoot up the small bugs. I can't seem to really damage the core of stuff behind his poison cloud, and psychics. + Remember when I left the GMNDK out to die on the right flank? Well.... he's got a goal here... to block off the Toxicryn from getting a point. + The GMNDK is down to 6 wounds and steals one point for me, but he's in trouble. He shoots down one Dakkafex, but a second one charges in as well as the Toxycrin. Getting off Sanctuary was HUGE here, the GM lives with 2 wounds, but hammers the poop out of the Toxycrin. I got pretty lucky here on my Invuln saves, and had to use a command point to keep him alive. So the GMNDK denies a point to the Nids here. + The GMNDK is my warlord, I've abandoned him, he's down to 1 WOUND, and he's all alone against the rest of the Nid core..... the Nids don't stand a chance. + + The push falters from the Nids a bit. The psychic stuff is still strong though. The Apothecary heals up Voldus, and the Doomglaive dread clears out all the deep strikers in shooting and CC. He advances on towards the Broodlord whom we have figured out his actual rules, and has now slain the Culexus without issue. + The Tervigon still lives, I but I think I killed the Flyrant here, and it was his last super mobile threat, but my Strikes are all dead from mortal wounds mostly ,and dakka shooting. The Interceptors were finished off by Mortal wounds. I still couldn't deny anything... UNLESS this is some cruel joke, I'm feeling like the Culexus is trolling me.... or is it Greyfax who will save the day??? + The GMNDK is really getting on the nerves of my Nid opponent. He's thrown a LOT of fire power at him. I get off Sanctuary on him, but it is cancelled by the Zoanthropes. This is not good... down to one wound, but the Zoanthropes get off WARP BLAST on a 11!!!111!! The GMNDK looks like his day is finally done... but off in the corner I hear the squeeling of an angry woman who hates all the psykers in this game.... Greyfax. She is within range of the Zoanthropes and adds 1 to her denials.... the old witch rolls a 12!!!! And saves the GMNDK! I thought this was absurd, but my opponent was livid. The GMNDK Just . Would. Not. Die. + Angry beyond reason (I didn't think Nids had such emotions!) they throw a pile of low end Warrior shots at the GMNDK, he passes about 6 saves on a 2+. Finally the last Hive Guard fires, hits, wounds the GMNDK but he rolls a 6 for his invuln! Still... not... dying. END GAME: + I drew a claim objective 6, + Defend Objective 6 (earlier in the game) and I drew a card which forced my opponent to pick an objective and I had to get it (this was earlier too)... he picked objective 6. I mention this now because I've been waiting... waiting, and now is the time. Obviously Objective 6 is deep in my opponent's original deployment zone. So... I cross the table with the Stormraven, and Voldus would roll on gate, and BARELY pass (my +1 is negated by Shadow in the Warp) I Cannot have this denied so I use my last command point to re-roll one of the dice, and get an 11. + (Opposite side of table in Nid deployment zone:) Voldus Gates to the Objective 6. The Stormraven guards him from being shot, and an undying hero of Titan, on one wound, in a Nemesis Dreadknight, still refuses to die. + + Bottom of Turn 5, the Nid player cannot do anything about Voldus, and the Stormraven isn't worth anything. So he wildly plops off anything he can at the GMNDK, and he passes all his saves, and continues to hang on to a thread of life. + With Voldus' last turn Gate, and the heroics of the GMNDK, the GK pick up 5 points to win the game 12 to 9. A crazy finish.... ridiculous in fact. Although I felt the Nids were very potent, my opponent seemed to disagree. He feels I have 2-3 unkillable models every game. I felt I hung on by sheer luck, and a bit of bad luck on his part. There was a time, at about end of T2 where I felt so violated by the sheer volume of mortal wounds I took... I couldn't believe it. Also his Psychic phase is solid, and just having normal smite on 5-6 units seemed MUCH more potent than having 7 units that are throwing baby smite. Luckily the Culexus worked on about 25% of those smites he threw. (I had so much trouble denying anything until the last turn super Warp Blast deny by Greyfax on a 12!) I thought it was a crazy close game, and my opponent felt the nids were underwhelming. I reminded him that it was his first game with the new dex. But he feels confident he played the army to maximum efficiency and his long history with the nids makes up for the new codex learning curve... so he left the game perhaps feeling a little underwhelmed with the new codex. Of course me having my typical finish of having under 6 models on the table is always hair raising.But it's how Titan rolls! I had a blast.
  23. So in the spirit of mini-smite I bring you another mini-batrep. My hope is I get more of my games shared with you guys if I just make these shorter.... however I've been away with work so it's been a challenge posting this, but this time I goofed up, and I apologize, but I only have 3 pictures. This was a challenge because I'm playing Maelstrom against a well versed, long time IG player. And I'll be upfront about this, I took a Stormraven again even though I got bit pretty hard in my last attempt, having the flyer dumped in my zone, and a wicked loss as a result of having to footslog the majority of my force. So here we go... Maelstom, 2K, and I'm not going first (I failed the roll to go first even with +1, and then used a CP to fail twice at stealing. I never do this, but it felt imperative to go first against Guard). Astra List: Honestly I can't remember everything but I do have a deploy shot. Leman russ Executioner 2 flyers (one vendetta, one valk) Loaded with vets Lots of lascannons Sentinels Hvy Flamers Quite a few Flame tanks (he used to flank these but now he's playing Cadia) Scions (special weapons, command squads, etc deep striking) A couple of priests, and a couple of psykers. My list was pretty vanilla: Voldus Draigo GMNDK - H.Incin/H.Psycannon 4 Pals 1 Apoth Twin Las Razorback 3 Strike teams Doomglaive Dread Stormraven Las/Hurricanes/MM He wins the roll to go first and he does. He deploys on the back line and I feel a sense of doom... + As you can see the Astra back row is loaded as a gunline. I tried to deploy my Stormraven as late as possible to buy some space/time, but it didn't work that well. - IG draw some cards they really will struggle with. We do have an inhouse rule of free discards on any card you could never have completed, but even so he's got some tough ones. - I leave my Razorback poking out by half an inch without realizing it. So it's is annihilated in T1. (My understanding is there is no cover save unless you are IN the cover, not just obscured). So it was wasted pretty easily. - On the plus side this perhaps was to my advantage? I'm not sure but he saw the Las Razorback as my only true threat to his armour. Well aside from my Stormraven and he wanted first blood, so this made sense. But as much as I tried to hide my Stormraven, it MIGHT have been utterly destroyed if the Razorback wasn't poking out. - The Stormraven, even at -1 to hit is down to 8 wounds. My lucky saves combined with his tough shooting left me in the top tier for the flyer. I right away felt super lucky with this... and reminded my self of why I don't take big flyers anymore.... - I go for the Alpha and I can't believe how little damage I do. Seriously it's a shot off in the corner and I figure I got to get some points early, and then try not to get tabled.... - My alpha is mostly generated by some tiny smite action and Strikes coming in hot on my right flank, deep in his zone. Thank Titan for Draigo aura. The Stormbolters vape some cheap dudes, but it gets rid of the 'screen'. The Stormraven had zoomed up, but of course it can't hover so there are dudes inside. I try to take down a tank... twin las, flubs, multimelta has one hit and only does a bit of damage. Then to top it off the GMNDK fails his charge even with reroll, so my failure is now complete. It does not look good and I've only held back one Strike squad, and Voldus with the Pals and Doomglaive are still in the Stormraven. - The Astra get pretty cocky and start spreading out everywhere making Deep strike extremely difficult in any sort of meaning full way. My Strike squads gets vaped in the ruins. - Astra still have tough cards but do have defend on my left side and they advance the walkers to grab it. The fire base is now seeing the GMNDK as a big threat. They start to bob and weave tanks, and flamers, and heavy weapons.... but of course the first order of business is the Stormraven....sure enough it blows sky high... er to the ground I guess. Voldus tumbles out like a silver Santa Clause on fire. I lose a Paladin as a casualty. - Sanctuary proves to be a... er, Sanctuary as the GMNDK was now under heavy fire since the Stormraven went down. His Alpha comes in and tries melta shots on the GMNDK, it's ugly for IG because I just keep making my 3++ somehow. - End of turn the Astra go up a bit, and if I recall, my Doomglaive took a bit of a beating. Grey Knight turn of Turns! - Well not really, I just wanted to make it sound like I did something good... anyway I have very doable objectives this turn, and I get all 3 to tie the game. During this turn however Voldus would take on some serious competition punching through tanks with his hammer, and the GMNDK was finally in CC with a Hellhound. I continued to try to occupy as many tanks as possible. - Also Voldus gave Hammerhand to the Doomglaive, so he would wound the Leman Russ on 2's instead of 3's which turned out to be massive. (I can't take that much plasma every round - I missed this in the previous turn report but he melted 2 more Pals with it).The Doomglaive does a great job, consolidates towards some scary looking stuff but he's in the open now. MID/Late Game: - Astra get tough cards, and actually go for the death kill on me... he gets the card where you have to own every objective. Believe it or not he can do it, but we both realize as he's about to collect the points, Voldus is sitting / contesting one objective! Oh great silver Santa Clause.... how I love you. - So he gets nothing as a result of getting a pretty bad draw of cards and trying to get something out of that card. - HUGE moment of the game though.. I'm trying to stop him from getting his HQ/Warlord to safety in a Vendetta Gunship. I positioned myself to shoot it down, and assault the contents, BUT it has all of its wounds. I have no chance of doing this if I lose much more dudes..... So the IG unload on the GMNDK who is near, and there is the Doomglaive. The Doomglaive is now right beside the flyer and is down to 1 WOUND.... he takes a lascannon shot at it, hits, wounds and I make the 6 up! Ridiculous, but it now sits waiting for next turn.... - I fire everything I can at the HQ Vendetta, I take it down on a failed save, but he command point -re rolls the save and makes it.... wow. It's literally at one wound and all I have is two stormbolters on the Paragon and the Apothecary... I fire the 4 shots, one wounds the flyer, he fails the save and it goes down! - Voldus, and the Doomglaive team up and spank the HQ and his friends. This gave me a commanding lead. + Is this the end to the GMNDK? Why are these large smelly people with beatsticks singing songs with a Priest? This isn't my 40k! - Last hail mary here and the IG throw this squad of bafoons at the GMNDK. They sing a stupid song with the priest and a psyker gives them +1 save... wow what a bash up. I'm surprised but their slabshields hold up with the sing along powers even against my hammer attacks. But I had Sanctuary up and was up to the task. I stood after taking a few wounds, but in return I could only kill one of them. - Meanwhile Draigo in on the extreme left flank of the table trying to help strikes. I'm down to one squad of them, and they did a great job finishing some infantry. But this is just weird... Draigo did nothing this game, so I figure it's time to kill a tank... he goes after a flame tank that wounds on 2's and is -Ap3 I think... wow what a mistake. Draigo goes from unwounded, to on his last wound just by trying to charge the tank! That was insane. I think his robes are soaked in gas or something. (He failed the charge too) - That's one thing I didn't point out but charging in this game was super punishing in this game. I don't think the average IG list has so many flamers in it but it wasn't uncommon for me to lose wounds on most of my charges. I lost a lot of Strikes on one charge because of super overwatch as well... can't wait for the Tau codex! This was bad enough. Between fire and super shooting overwatch it really did feel disheartening in the early rounds trying to reach CC with anything. (especially with flame tanks). Turns out to be a MUCH closer game than the score shows. I had very little left, and so did he. I had a higher score but a few HQ's on low wounds (Draigo on 1) and maybe 3-4 scattered strikes and a half dead GMNDK who was my super wound sponge of the game. Definitely a brutal battle of high attrition on both sides.
  24. I've posted a few batreps for Konor, but failed to mention it here... but I did remember this time! I played about 3 games during the weekend but by far this was the best: ++ The smell of burning garbage rips through the air. The Deathguard have found some dark means to flank the Ultramarines. Somehow Typhus has waded through death and destruction, but Calgar waits in anticipation. Not only would the outcome of this fight pretty much dictate the game's outcome, but it would be perhaps the mist bizarre finish to a game I've had in 8th edition. ++ The full Battle report here: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/337804-konor-week-2-prots-ultramarines-vs-deathguard-pics/?p=4849188
  25. Here's a batrep I did up for a 2K Maelstrom game vs the heinous Admech. They apparently thought Guilliman was going to appoint Cawl as the Archmagos of the Admech and all hell broke lose and Ultramarines were being attacked all over Mars.... Here's a pretty pivotal moment.... ++ This is not an Ultramarine going into a donut shop. It's 'counts as' Calgar going toe to toe with an Admech Knight. The Inceptors and the Ultramarines' back line watch on in disbelief (at the insane heroism or stupidity is yet to be determined) ++ Check it out here: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/336907-prots-quick-batrep-ultramarines-vs-admech-2k-maelstrom/?p=4826198
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