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  1. Ok, finally closing out the Adepticon 2023 catch-up Game 1. Win v. Wolves I thought they had us in the early turns. It was clear they cross a lot of table quickly. Should we leave the sentinels forward and give the enemy the extra move, or just pull them out? I think it'd be helpful to pause on decisions and go through outcomes in practice games. here my thinking was that I wanted early pressure on the objectives. I also wanted to divert them to get some shooting in where possible before they reach me. I also set the bullgryns up to stall their advance, knowing they'd break through the sentinels quickly. The thunderwolves were very tough, but our shooting was able to overcome them. Maybe with a smaller squad size they'd have been able to hide better. We did effectively screen out their terminator reserves. They then held the back lines instead of causing more immediate problems in our lines. Once the thunderwolves were effectively nullified, we were able to shift our focus to launching out on to the midground objectives. Again terrain placement and type plays a crucial role. If we couldn't get 5+ tanks in LOS of thunderwolves, I don't know how we kill them. This could have been a big loss going the other way. There's an intellectual fog around where and when to deploy out of sight for me. I need to learn more here. This is one of those points of misunderstanding where I win a fair amount of games, but not reliably. Understanding line of sight, enemy movement speed, really knowing the terrain rules and reserve rules... it all comes together. Kasrkins also did outrageous damage. Yes, play the meta units... I've of mixed opinion on the rule change. On one hand it was a 'feel bad' or 'gotcha' type of unit. On the other hand, I'm not the receiving end of such units all the time. It's nice to have one of my own for once. Good game to start the day. Game 2 Win v. BA Tensions high in this one. It's important to remember it's just a game. So, the big question was who launches out to the midground first? I think our list was a bad match up for them. They didn't have a whole lot of long range firepower. Early charges failed creating some lopsided results. Even with a number of command rerolls they failed like 7 charges in the game. Being left in the open the results were as you might expect. Felt bad on this one. I don't know that they win outright if they make their charges, but it sure would have been a much different game. If they could have bounced from unit to unit in consolidation and pile-ins, it's really rough on guard. Anyway, we were able to move up and get some firing lines on them while they weren't really able to move out. Reserves coming in failed their charges too. Great team, great paint job. Winning two to start is unusual for us, we're in trouble now. Game 3 Loss v. Tau Completely annihilated. Not an ugly agonizing loss though. These guys were great fun to play. They won best tacticians overall (best battlescore). I like the magenta paint scheme too, really eye-catching. The player measuring in the photo below had just won singles the day before (I don't know how you play 7-8 games and then come to the team tourney... I'm getting old but my mind would be mush). The other player is a coach on vanguard tactics, and he's really great too. So, any lessons here? Hard to learn when outclassed to such a degree. Issue: In the back right top of the photo is a giant terrain piece. It's obscuring. His army can move shoot move. Effectively I have nothing that can shoot them. In their turn they jump up, shoot me, and jump back behind cover. We're dead in the water. I don't think a token manticore or field artillery does much. They might have helped some though. I might have reserved some tanks to come in from the sides. Adepticon team tourney does have some special rules so CP was very limited. A regiment trait or tank ace to get a trait might have helped the reserves issue too. Still, assuming I come in like it's T3 and get a good shooting angle - I get one round of shooting and I'm toast. Not necessarily a good trade. If used reserves in conjunction with indirect fire, perhaps I'd have been able to limit some critical mass of enemy shooting. Though as orders are in the command phase, I should think that my shooting from reserves would not have really been that effective anyway. I'm not killing a riptide with 1-2 lemans. Vanquishers would normally be a solution, but they have shield drones - all high impact shots would be wasted. I also could have went full steam across the table with mechanized orders - possibly taking cover at other terrain pieces. But, this highlights a multi-part failure. I needed to understand what terrain would do. I needed to understand what their army could do with terrain. I needed to plan my own terrain defensively, and offensively as to how I might get across the table. Perhaps with precise terrain placement and selecting small forward deploy units, I might have put some objective pressure on them. Army list construction - the banesword can't maneuver or get line of sight. maybe the answer would have been to just stay off the table till T3. They didn't move out anyway. Let them fill the board and just come on in to a shooting gallery. Again the CP limits might have caused this to not really work, but that might be the best option. Game 4, Loss to Custodes What I didn't want to happen was to have bikes inside a densely packed backfield. I figured they'd be there turn 2. They instead played very conservatively. I pushed out on the right flank to try and get less bunched up while not opening up too much to a counter charge. Also, they were going to be up on points. Terrain as always is a crucial part here. If we'd agreed that the first floor was line of sight blocking I don't think we kill a custodes. Instead, it was a fairly close game. Once they got some squads on to objectives, it was just nearly impossible to get them off. Late game we did break out and started doing real damage, but it was too little too late. It was a good one. We all talked through multiple ways it could have gone. We also talked for sometime about the state of the game. They'd been in 40k since 4-5th edition. They noted how hard it can be to have a good tight game. I might slaughter a new player. I then get slaughtered by somebody going to weekly tournaments. That player then gets butchered at the top tables. There's levels to players and often there's a complete mismatch. When people talk about balance, this is not discussed. The hyper competitive side of the game isn't necessarily good for the hobby overall, or keeping new players. It's a weirdly time and money intensive hobby that doesn't translate well to sports or other activities. Game 5 Win v. Thousand sons and Guard I wasn't real sure what to do with deployment. I knew they had a lot of reserves, so I didn't want them getting in behind us. Thankfully they didn't have a bunch of indirect fire to wipe out our infantry. First turn they didn't want to over-expose themselves. We were able to move out and cause some real damage. Also, perfectus orders to bullgryns pushed out reserves... a lot. So their terminators and magnus came in, but maybe not in the best position they'd hoped. The terminators have good shooting, but the tanks weren't the optimal target. Their psychic powers are very good. But, Magnus whiffed his rolls to do any real critical harm when he came down. And, he came down immediately in front of our whole army. BBQ time. The banesword fulfilled it's purpose this game. Summary So, with 4x player teams, I think the other half went 3-2 as well. Looking at the overall results then, we're down a bit to 91 teams this year. We came in at 256 battle points, or 16th place in gameplay alone. That's much higher than usual for us. Big win. Some years we're near the bottom. Some we are in the middle. In appearance we got 116/125 points. That puts us tied for 6th with three other teams. Get those decals on there! Work on those blends and glazing! On theme we 100/100. Tied with 4 others for first on that. I really enjoyed making the army list, operations order, krieg costume, and wax seals. Put in a lot of work there, and we got recognition on it. In display we got rank 5 in which points are awarded, and a team can be invited to the showcase. Tons of work here, and very happy we got the invite. In player theme we got 29/30. This is just other teams ranking us. In total hobby score we got 250 points, putting us at 3rd place in hobby alone. And, actually there was a tie for first place. I thought we were well out of our league, but the judges were really kind. For overall/combined scores then we got 5th place. Super excited for that. Last year we were wild that we got 29th place. Didn't come home with any awards this year, but we were super close to best display, best appearance, and best imperial. The appearance score of 116/125 made all the difference. I think we were lucky in gameplay - realistically getting to grips with what we know, what we don't know, and what we don't know we don't know... we'd need to do tournaments at least every month. I think we're very far away from reliably winning more games (not to say we shouldn't try). Epilogue Afterwards motivation has remained high so far. I haven't sworn off the game, as happens after some lopsided tournaments, or skewed edition rules requiring building a completely new army. For now I like the idea of continuing to work on the display board. I think it'll be fun to take out to other tournaments, though it might be a bit much to show up in costume with a zeppelin to a local tourney. I want to cut the board up a bit, and add some real changes to the layout - do what I my actual vision of the thing was before time ran out. Doing more tournaments might also help me get to know some of the local players. I'm not part of any groups and see familiar players once every 9-12 months. I've got a lot of ideas for the next board, but without seeing the tyranids yet... I'm just not sure what the story is going to be. Well, one teammate has 10,000pts of orks so we could just to orks. But, organizing the team is always difficult. Would hate to start in on building a 15sqft board if it turns out we don't have 4 players. When I was young I had time but no money. Now I have money but no time. In any case, I can probably start sketching out the board now. If it doesn't go, it doesn't go.
  2. After the absolute kicking I received from Ted's Chaos Knights, I was eager to temper myself against them once more and see if I can beat them - he's the only person in my club to beat my Blood Angels so far, and they won't stand for it! The last game was an absolute whitewash, something like 40 - 95, and so I wanted to approach this one a little better, and using basically the same army I used before. We tried to set up the terrain more like GW's tourney maps, with the 4 large obscuring pieces in the centre and then the smaller pieces round the edges. BA List 2000 Blood Angels Arks of Omen (Elites): Captain on Bike - Warlord (gift of foresight), relic (Indomitus), angel exemplar (artificer - mantle), thunder hammer, storm shield (-3cp) Sanguinary Priest - pack, selfless healer 5 infiltrators - medic 5 infiltrators - medic 5 sanguinary guard - 2 fists, 3 swords, 5 inferno 5 sanguinary guard - 2 fist, 3 swords, 5 inferno sanguinary ancient - fist, inferno, wrath of baal (-1cp) Death co - 5 inferno, 2 fists, 3 swords Death co - 5 inferno, 5 swords 10 Vanguard Veterans - 10 storm shields, 1 thunder hammer, 3 fists, 3 swords, 3 claws 3x MM Attack bikes. 5 Assault marines, 2x melta, eviscerator, serge with inferno, thunder hammer. 5 Assault marines, 2x melta, eviscerator, serge with inferno, thunder hammer. Whirlwind 3 eradicators, heavy, MMelta. Chaos Knights - iconoclast (+1A and AP in 1st round of combat) Knight Abominant - volkte thing, gift of the dark master, 6++ relic, winds of chaos Knight Desecrator relic laser gun, 5++ feel no pain when awakened trait 7x Wardog from left to right in below pic: Undivided melta gatling nurgle melta gatling undivided wardog claw+sword Slaanesh beguiling wardong claw and sword undivided claw and sword Tzeentch with dual autocannons Deepstrike one with gatling and sword in reserve. Mission Scouring (3vp for perfoming an action on an objective) Secondaries: BA: Behind enemy lines; bring it down; banners Knights Ruthless Tyranny; Storm of Darkness; Grind them down I started out by hiding everything in the large obscuring ruin, with one unit of infiltrators guarding my left flank, and the whirly on the right, eradicators and assault marines started in reserve. The knights won the roll off, I chose to forlorn a DC unit out front to try and bait him to charge them and move closer to me, maybe this was a mistake, but it was a 115pt lure. Tower defence CK Turn 1 movement. CKT1: The knights all moved forwards, very little could see, some stubbers shot at the DC, causing 4 wounds, all failed saves, then they were charged by a wardog and wiped. One starts the warpstorm, one starts the mission primary and they're all in dread range for 8. 8-0 to knights. BAT1: Death co go into assault doctrine. The attack bikes drove out to target the autocannon armiger, 4 hits, 4 wounds, dead armiger, great shot! The second unit of DC popped out to try and charge the slaanesh dog on the objective, but inferno pistolling the one that killed the other DC - the inferno pistols did about 4 damage, and the DC had to charge that one threatening my lines instead, killing it. In retrospect, I could have gotten a SG unit out to target this one also, and send the DC into the slaandog to try and net 2 melee kills from the start. One unit of SG jumped left to that objective and raised a banner, the infiltrators raised the banner on my home objective and a SG started the mission secondary on it. 4 for bring it down, 3 for the mission. 8-7 to the knights. CKT2 On 3 objectives for 12, big knights move forwards and everything shoots and wipes the attack bikes. Bikes are within banner range, so 1 manages to fire the MM into the central wardog, bracketing it. central bracketed wardog charges the DC who manage to only lose 3 models and punch it hard back. Deepstrike knight comes in near the SG on the left objective and peppers them killing 2, fails charge. Abominant stands on central objective and gets off the fnp. then starts to curse it. Storm completes (4) and They start the storm again and do another mission objective (3) and have the guaranteed 5 for 24pts total. 32-7 to knights. BAT2 On 2 objectives for 8, 2 for banners. I think this is the turn I have to do something or lose the game, so I go all out I also learned that the 4+ max to hit thing on the knight is only after it's activated, which it isn't yet, so I need to do some serious damage before it kills 5 models. Vanvets into assault doctrine and jump out to the aboninant, along with the captain and ancient. Priest jumps to the left hand SG unit and brings one back, they have strung out to be in melta range of the deepstrike dog and be revived by the priest. SG2 jump out to charge the melta/gatling wardog and kill it. I forget the mission action. Left hand infiltrators guerilla warfare out of there. Death co melta the dog they're in comat with and kill it, eradicators some onto the right flank and shoot the slaandog who pops the 4+ invuln and they do maybe 4 damage. Assault marines drop in behind cover in their dz and ASM2 drop in 92 from the slaandog, and their meltas don't do anything. Left SG1 charge the deepstrike dog and knock it down to 2w after it popped the -1D strat - acceptable as long as the -1d doesnt go on the abominant. Vanvets, captain and banner charge into the abominant, the hammer doesn't do great as my rerolls are useless, but between them they do 13 damage, almost bracketing it. Abominant attacks back splitting between captain and ancient. I get lucky and it does 3W to the ancient and 4w to the captain after the mantle. I stupidly used my CP earlier for a reroll, and should have kept it for Angels Sacrifice here. I get 4 for bring it down, 2 for grind, 4 for behind enemy lines for 18. 32-27 to knights. CKT3 2 Objectives. Now he's down to 3 wardogs and losing board control. desectrator moves to bail out deepstrike knight from the SG, kills one eradicator then charges and wipes the SG, consolidating onto my left objective and starting storm (so he can't move next turn). Slaandog goes after the assault marines within 12, charges, and kills 4, wounding the serge. Serge hammers back for 3D. Nurgle gun knight shoots the eradicator and fails, then charges the SG2. It's bracketed, but uses a dirty strat to turn each hit into 2(!)mw, wiping the SG. Abominant cannot cast the 5++ as it's warp storming, which then completes for 4. I then attack with the ancient doing 2 damage, the abominant attacks and I spring angels sacrifice, and make him put everything into the 1W ancient who unsprprisingly dies to save everyone else. The captain smacks a flat 9 wounds through then the VV's finish off the abominant...which then explodes, doing 3 MW to the captain, killing him, and 5 to the VV's killing 2.5. 4 for storm, 3 for tyranny. 3 for grind. I get 4 for bring it, 50-31 to knights. BAT3 1 Objective as the obsec nurgle dog consolidates onto the centre one, 1 banner as the desecrator knocked mine off. ASM1 serge falls back behind LOS blocking ruins, ASM2 jump onto the opponent's right objective near the slandog and mission primary for 3, the eradicators move towards it as it's already -1 to hit anyway, and melta. Infiltrators appear back on in opposing DZ guaranteeing BEL. Priest jumps over, heals and revives a vanvet, who then charge the nurgle dog. which survives on a few W. Infiltrators 2 advance towards slandog objective. Erads wipe the slandog. 2 for bring it, 4 for BEL. 50-44 knights CK T4 2 objectives, no mission secondary. Warp storm completes, deep strike dog pops into the sky again. Big knight can't do anything. vanvets finish the nurgle dog. 4 for storm, 0 for the tyranny. I max bring it for 1. 57-45 BAT4 3 Objectives for 12 and 1 banner. ASM2 jump towards opponent's right objective to take it t5. erads move onto opposing left objective and banners. Priest heals and restores a vanvet, then does mission primary. whirly moves out as a distraction and to block the deepdog from getting near my duds in the middle. infiltrators 2 advance onto central objective. Infils 1 move around and shield the asm1 serge from a potential deepstrike from the deepdog. 15 primary, 1 banner, 4 for BEL makes it 54-67 and I take the lead. CKT5 Deepknight cant land anywhere useful due to infiltrators, so settles for the whirlwind, but being majorly bracketed he does nothing, big knight fails to do anything, and stays on the objective so I can't banners it. 0 for tyranny. 54-67 to BA. BAT5 No point going for kills as I've maxed BID. 12 for primary, 2 banner. vanvets jump onto opposing right objective and banners it. ASM2 jump onto it and perform the mission primary, erads put up a banner on opposing right objective. ilfils banner the central objective. 3 for mission primary, 4 for BEL. put the score on 54-86, going to 64-96 to the BA. We'd actually recorded the score as soemthing like 78-91, so I've messed up somewhere in the retelling and it was a bit closer, but the BA still won through in the end! Knights t3 assault phase, after killing the ancient, but before the abominant exploded. End of my T3 End of the game
  3. I thought I'd kick off some tactical discussions about the new codex - tentatively under the [Hivemind] heading (to maybe make them easier to find?) to help us get the most from the codex and win more games! This topic will cover general secodnaries for Tyranids, and also their new specific secondaries - let us know what you're taking, how well it's working, and how you're building your army to maximise these secondaries. Tyranids Specific Secondaries Summary: Synaptic Insignt (Direct copy from GT: Nachmund) - No Mercy, No Respite Kill 4, 3+ wound models in your turn with synapse creatures to get 3VP, max 12. Cranial Feasting - Purge The Enemy Kill characters and unit champions in melee with tentacle face beasties Spore Nodes - Shadow Operations Perform action with a Troops Unit within 6" of opposing DZ, 4VP each time. ------------------- My thoughts: Spore Nodes: Of these, this would seem to be the easiest to complete, with the others requiring specialised units (or luck) and to kill stuff in combat. Nodes competes with things like banners, nachmund data and homers. For us, this is strictly a better homers, and reduces the ramdom roll for nachmund data. If you were doing either of these, you can probably switch to nodes and have a lot of success! Feasting - to max this you need to kill the warlord in melee, get a reroll, then kill eight (yes, eight!) other characters or unit champions - all with tentacle units/genestealers. This is a very hard ask for me - the only instance I can think of picking this over assassinate would be if my opponent was fielding MSU (10+ weak units that all need to be in buffing range) and I was running a genestealer themed army. Synaptic Insight - If you have a shedload of synapse, then this might be doable, though it's also really dependant on your opponent's army, which is the downfall. If 2W models counted, but you needed to kill more, this would be ok, but against marines, unless they're running a pure gravis army, you'll struggle to score. If you're facing a buggy list, for example, you need to kill 2 buggys get get 4 synaptic tally, which is 4VP, which is better than the 2VP you get via Bring It Down...however BID can be completed by anything. How often are your synapse creatures going to be killing large models? Maybe this will change with the new heavy venom cannon, and a psychic heavy army might do wonders here!
  4. Necrons place 2nd at a tournament. Good to see some variety of units too. You can find the article here.
  5. “Look not upon the Gods, hear not their honeyed words, and speak not unto them in prayer or worship.” -The Three Edicts of Uridimmu, Lord Executor of the Sāqīqu dynasty, Slayer of the Seven Divine Kings, God-Killer, He who has walked in the Space Betwixt, Void Touched, Arch Misotheist, and he of a thousand thousand titles. “Welcome to the ten thousand Satraps, Imperial! The Sāqīqu dynasty extends its warm welcome, asking that you only obey the edicts as laid down by Uridimmu…” -Automated message, broadcast along the border system of the Satrapies of Uridimmu. Broadcast in Low and High Gothic, Anglic, Frankish and Binary. [iNLOAD ACCESS GRANTED] ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ “You prattle on about your Gods, those bloated four cancers that squat in the cursed flows of the Immaterium. So determined to illuminate the rest of your squabbling species with this so-called Truth. You and your mewling Gene-Father disgust me Word Bearer, I have crushed civilizations far more mighty than yours, swam in the blood of whole species more worthy of my respect. Uridimmu is coming, and he shall hurl you and that pontificating Primarch back into the abyss.” -Belus, The King who has No Equals in all the Lands, Annihilator of Tyrants, the Death that came to Xanadu, Grand Satrap of the Lagash Cluster and the Numinous Reefs. Addressing Xanu Corraith, Dark Acolyte of the Word Bearers on the despoiled shrine world of St Runill’s Repose. Belus, Grand Satrap and close confidant of Uridimmu, commander of the Burnished Ten thousand. ‘Out of the dark did I hear the march of a great number of armoured feet, and thus the Burnished Ten thousand did appear. Their deathly visages hidden, and in their cold red eyes I saw only the promise of death.’ Canticles of Null, repressed Heretical Work. ‘The Daīrīu, the mailed fist of Uridimmu’s legions, and a backbone of a thousand thousand conquests in his name..” -Beyond the Rim: Tales from the Edgeworlds, Memoirs of Maria Von Syle, Rogue Trader. ‘Seven times did the accursed heads of the Hydra attempt to establish themselves in Uridimmu’s demesne, fleeing their failed treachery, and seven times did the Daīrīu of the Burnished Legion hurl them back.’ Triumphs of the Sāqīqu, Apocryphal work originating from the Endworlds, estimated to be written M32.64. ‘Every kilometer along the Royal Highway is marked with a burnt and scarred suit of once shimmering blue power armour, impaled upon adamantium spines. Their armour ranges from ancient Crusader pattern plate, all the way to the sleek lines of Maximus plate. Each suit representing a Legionnaire of the accursed XX, slain as they fled into the Endworlds to escape the Scouring. Belûs informs me that these grim milestones stretch for almost a thousand kilometers, and though I do not weep for these traitors, the thought of the equivalent of an entire Chapter so dismissively annihilated, chills my blood.’ -Beyond the Rim: Tales from the Edgeworlds, Memoirs of Maria Von Syle, Rogue Trader. ‘Those that have burnt the Temples to Ash’- The Seventeenth Pirru of Daīrīu, members of the Burnished Ten Thousand, led by a Guzalû Oh wow, it's been a while but I am back now, and have hopped on the 9th edition Necron train, with a dynasty that is a little more cosmic horror and mesopotamian, than space-egyptians. I’m also collaborating with Apologist and co in his fantastic Endworlds project, so expect to see some more crossovers soon….and of course welcome to the Ten thousand Satrapies….
  6. Got a match in over the Holidays and was very excited to tryout a Behemoth build with a full unit of Melee Warriors. Another great match that was very back and forth, which for me, I wouldn't have any other way! Hope you all had a great holiday and got a chance to get some hobby time in. I'm working on a narrative campaign that will provide a switch of the style of games we showcase and also give a exciting story to follow along with. Tyranids Vs Salamanders Matched Play 2000 Pts
  7. So after some thoughts and "soul searching" with a White Scars succesor army, and a little consideration with the models I currently have and are gonna buy, I have come up with an army which I feel balance pretty well. I must say, that I am still new to WH 40K so bear in mind please: 2000 pts SM White Scars successor army: Chapter tactics: Hunry for Battle and Whirlwind of Rage. 2 CP on Strategic reserves + 1 for The Khan's Champion. -3 CP. HQ (235 pts -2 CP): Captain (1); JP+PF+CM. Warlord (The Imperium's Sword), Tempered by Wisdom (Hunter's instincts), Relic (The Armour of Indomnitus) - 125 pts -1 CP. Librarian in Terminator armour (1); FS+SB. Hero of the Chapter (Rites of War), Psychic powers (Ride the Winds, Spirits of Chogoris). - 110 pts -1 CP Troops (470 pts): Intersessor squad (5); 4x w/ABR + 1x w/AGL + PF on Srg - 115 pts Intersessor squad (5); 4x w/ABR + 1x w/AGL + PF on Srg - 115 pts. Tacical squad (5); MM + combi-plasma on Srg - 120 pts. Tacical squad (5); MM + combi-plasma on Srg - 120 pts. Elites (557 pts): Redemptor Dreadnought (1); OGC+MPI+IRP - 185 pts. Terminator squad (5); 2x w/CF + 2x w/PF + CML TH - 220 pts. Vanguard Veteran squad (5); 5x JP's + 3x w/SS+LC + 1x w/PF+LC + Srg. w/LC(Master-crafted)+TH - 152 pts. Fast Attack (380 pts): Outrider squad (3); - 135 pts. Outrider squad (3); - 135 pts. Attack Bike squad (2); 2x w/MM - 110 pts Heavy Support (230 pts): Eliminator squad (3); 3x w/BS - 90 pts Devastator squad (5); 4x w/GC + AC + Srg w/SB - 140 pts Dedicated Transports (125): Razorback (1); w/TLC + HKM - 125 pts. Total: 1997 + 7 CP. The idea is to have the Outrider squads, The attack bike squad, Characters, Terminators and Vanguard Veterans held in reserve and deployed when turn 2 starts. The Devastator squad is to be deployed in the Razorback in the first turn and the rest of the units are (hopefully) going to survive the first turns shootings...
  8. Wow it has been a while since I've been on B&C - about as long as I've been out of 40k, as a matter of fact! I didn't expect to be returning any time soon but I found a way to have matches with friends despite the distance between us and everything going on, and there have been some interesting developments since the last time I've been around. Like, for example, 9th edition and some Crusade (i.e. unit experience) rules. Now, I've always been intrigued by the idea of connecting battles through a campaign, and with units earning new abilities as they fought and performed admirably. I remember finding rules for it in an older edition and modifying them for use in 5th edition, so I was excited to see something like it brought back for a new edition. Of course, it was for 9th edition and I know next to nothing about it, but I didn't let that stop me. Long story short, I found the leaks and rendered it down to the basics (experience levels, the various battle honors), and incorporated it into a friendly campaign that we mixed with old but refurbished rules for Planetary Empires. All bolted onto the basic 8th edition rules, except replacing the 8th edition command point rules for the 9th edition one, and ran using power level games. And it has been a roaring success! It has been ages since I've had this much fun with the game, at least partially because now even in defeat I gain something. Sure, I may have lost the last match, but I got experience out of the deal and the grip on the planet shifts ever so slightly... Which brings me to the reason I'm posting - to share the best stories of the campaign so far, about six games in! All of these are played against Blood Angels. So far, my stand out units have been the following: 1. A Crusader unit - "The Order of the Blue Rose." Turns out, eight of them makes for a fantastic tarpit unit and counter to deep striking. So long as the unit lives, they can regain a model per turn. Combine that with a command squad medic and despite almost being wiped at the start of the last game, they returned in full force to kill off three enemy characters and claim the winning objective. The Emperor Wills it! 2. Ogryn Bodyguard - "Lieutenant Blargh". Having come from running Space Wolves as my usual army, there is something familiar about the smash-y qualities of a well-equipped Ogryn. Like how he tanked four turns of sniping for my General and Primaris Psyker. Or how he has now killed the enemy warlord twice in back-to-back games. Now that I've given him a crusade relic that gives bonus strength (letting him wound marines on a 2+) and FNP, I expect he'll do even better at both smashing and saving. 3. Infantry - "Bravo Squad". Ever have a Space Marine player dread and hate a basic infantry squad before? That's Bravo Squad's experience! They were the first unit of mine to get a battle honor, the one which grants them +1 to hit and wound against characters. Ever since then, they have been the honor guard for the General and act as her makeshift firing squad. They've formed quite the vendetta with the Blood Angels Captain, with whom they always manage to get locked in close combat. 4. Hellhound - "Soot". Primaris getting you down? They sure were for me! Which is why when I got a free weapon upgrade, I made sure to turn Soot's Inferno Cannon into a Master-Crafted Inferno cannon, taking its damage from 1 to 2. Even Angels fear to go wherever Soot's treads have been spotted. Who needs close combat ability? Anyway, I might add more stories as they unfold. If any of you have gotten some particularly thrilling stories, or some experience with the Crusade system, I'd be more than happy to read them! The Emperor Protects!
  9. So I'm starting this as a basic catch all for Black Legion players, including myself. I have a bad habit of always using Abaddon. I have other bad habits from playing this game for decades... which include, but are not limited to: Cool characters (tougher in 9th), Terminators! (better in 9th?), and aggressive tactics (better in 9th?) So let's band together under the banner of the Warmaster, and see what we can muster. I have played two 9th edition test games with Black Legion. (More with other chaos, but let's leave that out.) So what I'd like to discuss is our gaming feedback, and our 'unit' feedback. I am playing another game tonight. And due to all of my other 9th ed test games, I have decided to move away from some of my favourite elements of 8th (Vigilus Possessed, Daemon Engines, etc).... at least for the time being. And refocus on the following: Battalion + Supreme Command. (12 CP). Abaddon (I believe) should be a legal choice for the Supreme Command. Other units I feel I'm getting a grip on: - Helbrutes, (generally) and Helbrutes with Plasma Cannons (even more so- this is pre points bump for 9th though.) - I'm still down on our troops, but will be trying pure Cultists as a tax. - Staying under 6 man squads wherever possible. - Using smaller elite squads (Possessed= yes, over 5 models = no) - Heldrake. Maybe it's not a superstar, but it should be able to contest, prevent 'actions', and tie up tanks/Fly units. (Tau still rip through mine though.) - Terminators. Plasma (non-modified rolls of 1 blow up?) and body guards are necessary. - Oblits. It just makes sense to include with a very expensive Warlord in the mix. The rest is up in the air, but tonight I will be trying some possessed, and a very basic list made to challenge table ownership. Wish me luck, we'll see how it goes!
  10. Out of curiousity, wondered folks opinions/perspective on the future of the JP-captain in 9th. With the new character rule, it makes "making the charge" by all of your screening units even more important than before I'd think, and while these guys will still be great at impacting the mid-game, I think it's safe to say they might have a harder time sticking around to earn multiple opportunities to smash. As a RG player that doesn't use Cents for deepstrike (been sending a mixed package of Aggressors and Suppressors instead and truly enjoying it), I can see I'm going to need to factor in more ablative armor for the Captain. How are others approaching this? I'm considering bringing some non-primaris assault types for the first time ever as a possible ablative/chaff squad, and with the reduction in overwatch, really considering whether I want to bring the RG specific warlord traits of Shadowmaster (denies OW), and Master of Ambush (allows for a pre-game move between deployment, and first battle round (step 6 in 9th's mission start) - so I think useful only in 50% of the games due to die roll), perhaps going into Iron Resolve+Imperium Sword to maximize the smashing. Thanks all, for any feedback, and good hunting.
  11. Here's something that I think will allay some fears (I know it helped me a bit.): This will help us for sure being a very HQ heavy Faction: Plus the new Article on Thousand Sons going into 9th: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/07/01/faction-focus-thousand-sons/ ^Pretty straightforward so far.... What do you folks think?
  12. Let me be upfront, this is more like version 8.5 of 40K as we try a host of the new rules: - New Board size - New move and shoot Heavy rules - New Shoot into CC rules - New rules for Fly units (no free retreats) - New Terrain Rules (Obscurement, Heavy, etc) - Detachments and CP (12 + Command Phase) The other thing I'm trying here is the new Dread Host rules, and the new Strats in Psychic Awakening. This is a written Battle Report, with pictures: Battle Report: https://prot40k.blog/2020/06/30/prots-first-game-of-9th-edition-sort-of-adeptus-custodes-vs-orks/ P.S. Special Thanks to Ranulf for sending me the Black Library Limited Dice:
  13. +Queryinput: [Astarteschapter:valuequery] 333+ +Dataloom spooling+ +Cognomen: Gatebreakers+ +Statusvalue: Chapter Inperceptus. Primary records archived/absent. +Query: [Recquisition secondary records?] TRUE+ +Dataloom spooling+ +Secondary records ingress granted: +Authvalue: Inquisitrix Barbari Kills. [...]tenuous nature of their position has been further exacerbated by galactic drift, poor record-keeping and their roving behaviour. [REDACTED]uplies from within the Imperium became lost en-route, found no-one authorised to receive additional equi[CORRUPTED]teriel, or – latterly – emerged in an area of space where Andocrine no longer sits. [CORRUPTED]fed a vicious cycle: low on supplies, the Chapter adapted to become more dependent on roving and raiding, and thus their few established suppl[CORRUPTED]dwindled. By the opening of [REDACTED], the Gatebreakers had become listed amongst the Chapters Inperceptus – a status of inability to be contacted. Suspected by the Adeptus Terra to be lost or destroyed, their heraldry and Chapter number were reserved, as occasional reports from Rogue Traders and the like brought legends, if not confirmation, of the Chapter's continued existence.[...] +++ 'Lost, then?' A smirk. 'Not so. More... misplaced.' A pause. 'You... are authorised?' A further pause. An electoo. A nod. 'A whole Chapter?' 'Very much so, Archmagos. After all, we can't be sure if Chapter 333 still exists.' +++
  14. Hey everyone, we are back for another Battle Report. Just in time to kick off your Saturday morning with another rematch with the Tyranids and Salamanders. This time I brought a Prime/Warrior centered list. I planb on building upon the list and seeing how a Levi list compares to running them as Jormy. The Salamanders tryout a Intercessor heavy force to put a stop to their biomass consuming rivals. I also am working on a bit of a different format for the report. This time we recap at the end of movement, psychic/shooting, and then at the end of the turn. I apologize if it was a bit choppy at first, but we are working on smoothing out the format. Please leave a comment and let us know what you thought about the battle. Tyranids Vs Salamanders 2000 Pts The Scouring
  15. Hey everyone, we are back for another report! This time we upped the points to 2000 and are using the new board dimensions. This was one of the closest matches we have had on the channel. Let me know what you think and I would really appreciate it if you dropped a sub. Tyranids Vs Salamanders 2000 Pts Eternal War: Vital Intelligence
  16. The Tyranid and Salamander clash rages on! The Leviathan fleet receives reinforcements from a Kronos Patrol while the Salamanders reorganize and change up their force to take the Tyranids down once and for all. I've added in army lists to the video and video description. Still working on getting the CP/VP overlays added in, but hopefully it will be done too. There were some minor audio issues with my opponent due to my camera mic not having good range. Will work on moving closer to improve the audio between both of us. Appreciate your support in watching. Please subscribe and leave a comment if you enjoyed the report. See you in the next video. Tyranids Vs Salamanders 1500 Pts Front-line Warfare Mission
  17. We're back for a rematch! I switched up my list to tryout a Leviathan list using a dual Acid Fex. Fixed up some camera issues so it is much more clear and easier to follow along with. Please let me know what you think, and a subscribe would mean a lot! Lastly, if you notice any rule errors, please let us know. Still learning and always looking to make sure we are improving. Tyranids Vs Salamanders 1500 Pts Scorched Earth Mission
  18. With the publication of Secondary Objectives i'd had a chance to rethink my entire approach to my traditionally character and melee list. Below is my first attempt at spreading the power around, while trying to stay true to my Corso Legion's fighting style. I'm looking for suggestions, as i think i'm still trying to make something that hits hard, but has options to try and lock up objectives. One of the main things is to teleport my Terminators onto a Primary Objective, along with the Terminator Ancient and hold on for dear life. Maybe even break the Terminators into Combat Squads to have one unit screen the other from charges. Battalion Detachment 0CP (Imperium - Adeptus Astartes - Imperial Fists) [95 PL, -2CP, 1,998pts] Configuration **Chapter Selection** Imperial Fists Successor: Long-Ranged Marksmanship, Whirlwind of Rage Chapter Ancient [-1CP] Gift of the Phalanx [-1CP] Sentinel of Terra [-1 CP] HQ Captain [6 PL, 125pts] Combi-plasma, Jump Pack, Relic blade, Siege Master, Warlord Techmarine [5 PL, -1CP, 60pts] Chainsword, Combi-melta, Fleetmaster, Servo-harness Troops Scout Squad [4 PL, 80pts] Scout Sergeant Astartes shotgun, Bolt pistol 3x Scout w/Shotgun Scout w/Heavy Weapon Heavy bolter Scout Squad [4 PL, 80pts] Scout Sergeant Astartes shotgun, Bolt pistol 3x Scout w/Shotgun Scout w/Heavy Weapon Heavy bolter Scout Squad [7 PL, 150pts] Scout Sergeant Bolt pistol, Power fist 9x Scout w/Combat Knife Scout Squad [7 PL, 165pts] Scout Sergeant Bolt pistol, Power fist 8x Scout w/Boltgun Scout w/Heavy Weapon Missile launcher Elites Ancient in Terminator Armor [5 PL, -1CP, 103pts] Pennant of the Fallen, Power fist, Storm bolter, Stratagem: Chapter Ancient Company Ancient [4 PL, 85pts] Power fist Ironclad Dreadnought [7 PL, 128pts] 2x Hunter-killer missile, Ironclad Assault Launchers, Meltagun, Seismic hammer, Dreadnought combat weapon w/Storm Bolter Ironclad Dreadnought [7 PL, 128pts] 2x Hunter-killer missile, Ironclad Assault Launchers, Meltagun, Seismic hammer, Dreadnought combat weapon w/Storm Bolter Ironclad Dreadnought [7 PL, 128pts] 2x Hunter-killer missile, Ironclad Assault Launchers, Meltagun, Seismic hammer, Dreadnought combat weapon w/Storm Bolter Tartaros Terminator Squad [18 PL, 376pts] Tartaros Sergeant Fist of Terra, Volkite charger 7x Tartaros Terminator w/Chainfist 2xTartaros Terminator w/Heavy Weapon Chainfist, Heavy flamer, Grenade harness Heavy Support Whirlwind [4 PL, 140pts] Selections: Hunter-killer missile, Whirlwind vengeance launcher Whirlwind [4 PL, 140pts] Selections: Hunter-killer missile, Whirlwind vengeance launcher Dedicated Transport Land Speeder Storm [3 PL, 55pts] Selections: Heavy bolter Land Speeder Storm [3 PL, 55pts] Selections: Heavy bolter
  19. This isn't a list post! I ran all Death Company for the vast majority of the games I played in 8th and 7th. Even if I lost, the Death Company did their job if most of the opponent's forces died. I win more when I set my own objectives. With points changes in 9th, I'm going to field less models. But the real problem is detachments. I was using a Vanguard and a Supreme Command detachment. After upgrades to Smash Captain and relics, I had 3 or less command points, as again, the theme was no one is supposed to survive. How can I get the following into a reasonable number of detachments and still use relics and make the characters death company or chaplains? No primaris models. Tycho the Lost Astorath Lemartes Captain Jump Pack Storm Shield, thunder hammer, Angels Wing Sanguinary Priest, Icon of the Angel, jump pack, power sword Sanguinary Priest, jump pack, power sword 5+ death company squad 5+ death company squad 5+ death company squad Death Company dreadnought Furioso Dreadnought (Chaplain Dreadnought) Stormraven Stormraven Drop pod
  20. So points have dropped today via some leaks, and they are being parsed, broken out by faction, analyzed, complained about etc in high volume across the internet. I've been tinkering with adjustments to my list, and now that points have dropped, find myself close to a list I think I'll be trying out initially. I ran a RG-Successor list that did not rely on the Centurion "bomb" that the faction is so well known for, and felt pretty good with it. So the new points impact to me was only about 18% increase across the board, but my new list, in an effort to take advantage of some of the new stuff is going to cost me at least one Invictor (if not both) from my list, both of my suppressors, and my wicked cool little attack bike for being an engineer (also not really an issue in 9e comp missions). *Sad face.* A Battle-forged Battalion (12 CP) Primaria Chaplain - Warlord, Trifold Path (extra WL trait), Master of Sanctity: WL traits - Wise Orator (reroll litanies), Swift & Deadly (charge even if you advanced, all chapter units <6"), and three litanies (inspiring two per round) Canticle of Hate (+2" charge), litany of hate, recitation of focus; free relic is Reliquart of Gathalamor (3+ invuln) - 85pts, - 2CP Jump pack Captain Hero of the Chapter (WL trait): WL trait - Imperium Sword (reroll this char's charge, either die or both, and +1S/A for charging/being charged/heroic intervention), with a TH/SS 155pts, - 1CP Primaris LT - with Ex Tenebris (relic) - 70pts, - 1CP Assassin - 100ptsIntercessors x 5, with aux grenade launcher - 102 Intercessors x 5, with aux grenade launcher - 102 Intercessors x 5, with aux grenade launcher - 102 Scouts x 5, with bolt rifles - 70 Aggressors x 5 - 225 Blade Guard Veterans x 5- 175 Relic Contemptor Dreadnaught w/ TLC - 185 Eradicator x 3 - 120 Eradicator x 3 - 120 TFC - 130 So I should be starting the game with 8CP (or 6 if forced to use Shadow Assignment to swap assassins from what I normally start with on the list), which takes me to 13 (11) over the course of the game, which is 2 more than I'm used to playing with. Additionally, this list comes out to about 1741 (and is assuming BG Vets will be like aggressors, and allow to add models to hit 6 in total; obviously will reconfigure if that's not the case). I'm torn on what to add to finalize this list. I like the Assault intercessors, but for the price, and given I still have elite slots, BG Vets just seem to do the job better. I like the Invictor (was just about to pop the boxes open and start painting them for my Army as I've been playing exclusively online with my previous list), and while I don't want to be that guy.....the Eradicator team just seems to be so much better point for point, that I'm considering adding a third to this list, but that comes at the loss of utility in the TFC. Maybe a Suppressor squad and additional scouts? Idk. Option B - swap Master of Ambush into the Smash Captain, move Imperium Sword to the Chaplain, and let go of Swift and Deadly -- but with the random way the game starts, just not convinced MoA is worth it given you'll only get to use it 50% of matches. I can't see it being super likely to use going second (willing to hear different perspectives on that). Critiques, recommendations welcome. Thanks.
  21. The Super Tyrant list returns with some slight modifications. I tried adding in a Mawloc and x2 Lictors into the list to see how they could perform with secondary objectives/distraction from my main force. The Salamanders force made some adjustments from the previous list and are looking to once and for all take down their Tyranid nemesis. Will they prevail?! Watch and find out. Stay tuned for the next battle report coming later this week as the Ultramarines make their return to the channel. Tyranids Vs Salamanders 2000 Pts Overrun (GT 2020)
  22. Hey everyone, its time for another battle report! With both the Ultramarines and Salamanders failing to stop the Tyranid Hive Fleet Ghidra, their respective commanders have setup a training simulation to develop their skills. These two respected Chapters face off in a battle to discover weaknesses and strengths that they can improve upon to prepare for the next engagement with the Tyranids. This was one of the most exciting and intense reports on the channel. Be sure to watch to the end for the exciting conclusion! Ultramarines Vs Salamanders 2000 Pts Surround and Destroy
  23. Hey all, we are back for a rematch of the Ultramarines and Salamanders. The last match was a nail biter right down to end of the game, so if you missed that one, be sure to take a look at the channel. This rematch definitely kept the same energy alive which made for a great game. Be sure to watch until the end to see the very exciting conclusion. We hope you enjoy this report! There is lots more to come. Ultramarines Vs Salamanders 2000 Pts Priority Target (GT 2020)
  24. Had a chance to get another batrep in yesterday. I introduced a new scoring recap at the end of each battle round. Please leave a comment if you enjoyed this new addition, or if you found it was hard to read. It is still a work in progress! The Salamanders face off against the Tyranids in our first Incursion match of 9th Edition and on the channel. With a smaller table size, the action was fast and intense. A great battle with some legendary moments made for a tight battle between these old foes. Tyranids Vs Salamanders 1000 Pts Crossfire (GT 2020)
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