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Found 11 results

  1. "Upon the seed of the Blood Angels lies the most ancient curse of mutation, a foulness that cannot be seen, which is covered by the grace, intelligence, and high achievements which are the proud boast of this most noble of Chapters. Yet the fire that burns behind the eyes of these sons of Sanguinius is bright with a thirst which only the blood of man can slake. Aye, it would be wise to but whisper the name that comes from times heavy with age and fear, a name which echoes in the march of the Blood Angels... The name of Vampire" - Codex Imperialis While the vampire theme have been a part of the Blood Angels and their successors for a long time there have not been that many Chapters where the vampire theme is the main theme. This thread is for me spinning on ideas of Blood Angels successor chapters who are based on established pop-cultural vampires. Just for funs sake will I not directly say which book, movie, series, or other the inspiration comes from with the main post for each Chapter idea. Posted chapter concepts Night Flyers - see below Death Dealers -------------------------------------- Night Flyers “While I have no doubt that the Night Lords attacked the Nernos Spire, before the arrival of the Night Flyers and was driven off by them, is it not their modus operant to take or destroy all recording equipment. They want others to know what they have done. Then there is the thing that many of the corpses we found in the hidden compartments where they had tried to find shelter was found torn to pieces but the amount of blood there was too low for those numbers of bodies. And then there are the bite marks. If the archives are right that the Night Flyers are of Blood Angel gene-stock do this fit with those disturbing rumours about the later‘s vampiric tendencies. This need investigating.” - Inquisitor Dee “And to think that Sanguinius’ get used to call us monsters, and look at their bloodline now.” - Uriel Buzzard-friend, of the Clean Hands Night Lords’ warband “Their armour and fabrics may be clean when they meet us, but that don’t hide the smell of fresh grave dirt and caked blood that follow them.” - Battle-Brother Hushang of the Angels Numinous The Night Flyers Chapter is a Blood Angels successor Chapter of unknown origin but the oldest believed recording of them are from M37. They are a nomadic Chapter with no known home- or recruitment world, it’s suspected that they press gang survivors from the conflict zones they have operated in when needing new blood. There is also the possibility that they have unknown recruitment world (or worlds) that they return to from time to time. The Chapter have been noted to appear and disappear without any seeming pattern or attempt to keep in contact with the wider Imperium. The Chapter’s symbol is a Cessna Skymaster (an ancient aerocraft from M2-era Terra) from above in black silhouette on red fond. On battle-brothers’ pauldrons the it’s usually in the form of a red sphere with the rest of the pauldron black, even if variations have been seen. Among known variations are: the red covers the whole area of the pauldron; the found is a painted to look as if the red paint was dripping down; the found is in a diamond square shape instead of sphere; red craquelures going from the red found over the pauldron’s black areas. It’s unknown if those variations mark honours, internal organisation, or just personal taste. Their armour is mainly black with the wrists and shoulder plate rims red. The Inquisition are suspicious of the Night Flyers and try to keep an eye on them. There was some deep investigation done by Inquisitor Dee who seemed to have found evidence of such stuff that that Excommunicate Traitoris are declared upon; but most of Dee’s investigation have come into questioning after he unprovoked attacked Adeptus Arbites officers, and was slain by them, and was found out to have done some of the deeds himself that he had attributed to the Night Flyers. Dee’s interrogator (and later Inquisitor in her own right) Blair-Olausson decided to not to continue his investigator. Combat doctrine The Night Flyers Chapter are, fitting to their name, masters of aerial combat with a preference for attacking during the dark. They actually seems to have a dislike for fighting during daytime, or at least under a sky with a notable sun. It’s unknown if this is because of some physical and/or psychological effect of the mutation in their gene-seed, or if it is something cultural. It’s known that many voidborns who have grown up on badly illuminated ships have an aversion for strong light, but that kind of cultural phobias should be expunged during a Marine’s psycho-indoctrination process. They use lots of attack flyers, all black with red markings, and it has been observed that there are many crafts of non-astartes pattern in their aerial fleet. It’s unknown if those non-Astartes pattern crafts are piloted by chapter auxilia or have been modified for the use by Space Marines. Some of those crafts have been noted to actually not be classified as combat crafts but have been modified for combat. There are few reports of the Night Flyers interacting with fellow Imperial forces but those that exist show that the later have a tendency not to survive, sometime it’s clearly because of the enemy forces but fellow sons of Sanguinius fear that all too often it’s because of the Night Flyers inability to control the Red Thirst. The even fewer reports that detail the interaction between the Night Flyers and their fellow Imperials, some which actually survived to die another day, record that the Chapter is seen and thought of in nothing but the best of terms. + lack a Sanguinary Guard + lack Terminators + lack Centurion Warsuits + their librarians specialize in illusions, making people aggregable to them, reading weather and controlling it somewhat. Chapter culture Little is known of the Night Flyers’ chapter culture since there have been so few reported instances of them interacting with other and there is no known instance where other servants of the Emperor have been aboard any of their ships. What have been observed is that unlike many of their fellow sons of Sanguinius don’t they use the heraldic pattern of the Blood Angels, instead they use they use the battlefield role markings from the Codex Astartes, with a arabiq number (probably showing company) over it. The number and marking is either red on white, or white on red – it’s unknown if the different colour combination has a meaning or just a question of personal taste. The armour’s chest Aquila or Imperialis have been seen painted as black as the rest of their armour, red, or in a few cases other colours – if the different colours are marks of rank or honour, or a question of personal taste is unknown. Variation of the Imperialis where the wings are replaced with a aeronautics propeller’s blades, have been seen. The Chapter’s high officers, and some of the lower, are all marked by capes, most of them with a high collar, that are red on the inside, and black on the outside. + no angel referring decorations/markings. + do their Apothecary, Chaplain, Librarian, and/or Techmarine follow the Codex regarding their colours or have some other colour/s? And if the later which colour/s? + they care about their appearance, their armour will be clean, their capes will be whole. This does not always reflect to the interiors of their ships and crafts. Something that Inquisitor Dee noted regarding the Night Flyers, and has been confirmed by sources untouched by Dee and the possibility if his mad manipulation, is that smashed mirrors have been noted in their passing, even when there have been no combat that would explain the destruction of the mirrors. Why the Flyers do this is unknown. + often take or empty the memory of all recording equipment in the combat area that can have seen them. Names Alexander, Knock, Dwight, Klaus, Jack, Anthony, Roland, Arthur, Thomas, Peter, Brett, Simon, Ian, Nonso, Samuel, Ewan, Mark, Zachary, Daniel, Malkom, Bernard, Irving, Sandor, Igor, Renfield, Pablo, From the writings of Inquisitor Rikard Dee, going through reexaminations. Updated version will be available [???] * [date] - During the 49th year of the "Three-Way-War" on Beta Garmon - between Imperial forces (Mortant VII Headunters (5 regiments), Necromundan Ratskin Rough Riders (1 regiment), Ocanan Phalanx Troops (2 regiments), Cthonian Heavy Tank Company (1 regiment), +corrupt data+, supported by PDF), the Mi-Go xenos with their falls-men, and Speed Freeks orks from the Snakebites clan - the ship Night Flyer ship 'Endless Hunt' appeared. In less than two months the Night Flyers crushed the xenos, leaving only small numbers of them for the Militarum and PDF to clean up. Captain Sandor, together with Sergeant Ewan and Battle-brother Thomas, participated in the victory banquet where they were described as very courteous and charming. * [date] - The remains of the pirate fleet of the self-proclaimed "Pirate-Empress" Uraia Tikomitshi, the terror of the Kali-kaka sub-sector appeared in the Lancelee system, the Imperial Navies man port in the subsector, begging to be taken prisoner so they would be saved from the "monsters" that had attacked them. Using the information given by the pirates Navigators the Navy was finally able to located Tikomitshi's base and sent a force there, led by third-admiral Koymashi to either apprehend her and what remained of her fleet or take out what ever monster that had terrified pirates. When they arrived, they found a ship graveyard and the jury-rigged space-station Tikomitshi had used as main base filled with corpses. There were only two alive ships: one was the pirate-ship 'Victory MII' being repaired while the other ship was hanging beside it; the other one was of unknown identification but declared itself to be 'Exsanguination' of the Night Flyers Space Marines Chapter and they had taken care of the sectors "little pirate problem" for them, and they claimed 'Victory MII' as theirs by right. The Navy decided not to dispute that right, and instead summoned the Mechanicus to see what could be salvaged from the Tikomitshi's dead fleet. See XXXX for full report on what was salvaged and how many of the ships the Mechanicus was able to reignite life into again. Based on what could be observed with help of telescope, did Third-Admiral Koymashi speculated that the Night Flyers were using surviving pirates as slave-labor to help with the repairs. * [date] - At the hive world Wilmington a voidship identified as ‘Bravo Lima’ docked with the personal voidstation of the planetary governor. No information is given about the ship and who it belongs to, but the governor and his whole family seemed to entertain the guest. The ship stayed docked for one month, during with large amounts equipment and resources, was shipped to the governor’s station – among them all aircraft parts available in the Hive World, at least 5.000 pressganged hivers, and 3.000 children of varied age from state-controlled orphanages; for a full list see XXXX. One day after ‘Bravo Lima’ left the voidstation, a shuttle was sent from Wilmington to find out why there had not been any communication from the governor or anybody else on the station. They found a bloodbath: with governor, his family, noble guests, servants, and voidstation crew all dead, most of them in ways that imply that they were attacked by a large predator - notably was only a handful of children found among the dead; for a full list of the dead see XXXX. Of the things shipped to the station was nothing found, and much of the station’s equipment looted (among them all the stations void-transports); for a full list see XXXX. The description given of the ship ‘Bravo Lima’ fits perfect with the Night Flyers’ ship ‘Sanguinius’ Shadow’. Secrets of the sons of Sanguinius Among the sons of Sanguinius that keep tab on Night Flyers is it known that the Flyers gene-seed is at least some what degenerated, with many of them suffering strongly from the Red Thirst. It is also known among those sons of Sanguinius that at least some of the Night Flyers have truly inhuman visages but there are also many that have seen a Night Flyer Marine without his helmet and seen the normal, noble face of a son of Sanguinius. There has been talk among those in the known how this comes, with suggestions of the kind: that the mutation doesn't affect every Flyer; that it’s something that happen gradually as a Flyer age and the younger ones don’t look monstrous; use of holographic discusses (of what origin then?); psychic illusion created by their Librarians; and such.
  2. NAME: Iron-hearted Angels. PRIMARCH: Sanguinius, via the Flesh Tearers' lineage. FOUNDING: The Third Founding (M32) is claimed. The 21st (M36) is the earliest for which there is evidence of their existence. SYMBOL: A silver heart on a red field, with four golden rays extending from the center, like sparks from a forge. Previously, the symbol had a golden heart on a silver field, with four red rays extending from the center, like a fountain of blood. COLORS: Silver, with blood-red gauntlets. Previously, the colors were blood-red, with silver gauntlets. BATTLE CRY: "Purge the corruption!" Previously, the Chaplains said, "Give us your cowards, your weaklings, your massed hordes yearning to free there souls!" and the brethren answered, "Our blood will cleanse them of their sins!"
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