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  1. +++++++ Gods created their angels not to dispense peace upon the meek, but to bring death to creation's teratisms Gods created their angels not to sit and defend the hearth, but to visit bloody vengeance upon oathbreakers We were created in the image of those very beings by our beloved Emperor Why should we be any different? The Proclamation of the Sanguine Twillight +++++++ >>>>Accessing File 3384772-81<<<< >>>>Please stand by<<<< .... .... .... >>>>Access granted<<<< >>>>Unspooling telemetric datastorage<<<< CHAPTER: The Emperor's Reavers HOMEWORLD: Polybius(Recruitment Planet) & Kula(Main Vessel) STATUS: Operational, nearly at full strength, loyal CODEX ADHERENCE: Divergent in extremis EMBLEM: The Gauntlet Argentum LIVERY: Bisected, aquatic green & dark lilac FOUNDING: 3rd (Officially) PRIMOGENITOR: Ferrus Manus (Allegedly) +++++++ -Lord Inquisitor Colmar, I bring you the geno-screening results. The process has been repeated thrice, as per your request- -Very well, you have my thanks. The results?- -Yes of course. The Emperor's Reaver's geneseed is derived from the line of Ferrus Manus and has deteriorated little. The acceptance of mechanic augmentation is formidable and the displayed zeal and contempt for 'lesser mortals' is comparable to those of the Iron Hands and Brazen Claws. However, divergent strains have been discovered- -Divergent strains, genetrix?- -Yes lord. Not so much impurities, but rather underlying strains of genic material that I was able to discover by manually dissecting and analyzing the material you have provided me with instead of feeding it to the machines. The resulting markers point to the Raiders of Dusk and the Children of the Night, both of Terran stock- -What conclusion do you draw from this?- -There are two distinct possibilities, lord Colmar. Either, I have made a severe mistake in my analysis and accused an ancient and respected chapter of not only muddied blood, but tainted one too- -Or?- -Somebody has manipulated technology and records for millenia in order to hide geno-heresy. I believe later to be the truth, my lord. Who sanctioned and supervised the creation of this chapter?- -Two seals are imprinted upon their chapter history and data-troves. One belongs to a now dissolved coven of genetors that had been put in place by the High Lords- -The other?- -The Sigillite- +++++++ +++++++ Why is it, that the sons bear their fathers' taints? Why is it, that sin is passed down by blood? Why is it, that where once a rotten apple has grown, ne'r a sweet and healthy one will do so again? If corruption can be passed down, then why not virtue too? How can corruption sprout from virtue, but virtue not from corruption? Is it not the son that understands his father's sins the best? Is it not he that has the greatest reason of all to aspire towards greatness: redemption? I say, it is not blood that taints the sons of lesser fathers, it is the minds of zealots and mongrels. I say, let a phoenix arise from ashes, for the deepest darkness is still cast by the greatest fire. I say, let Dracul's heir strive towards light, for at least he may immolate himself in his gambit for redemption. Greatness and, indeed, purity can be wrested from darkness. If a chance is given, that is. Al'Amir, Pre-Imperial Philosopher, early m3 +++++++ +++++++ Polybius, the frozen jewel of the Segmentum Obscuros. Situated close to the galactic north, a scant few lightyears away from the eternal void, lies the home-world of the Emperor's Reavers. Where Fenris is trapped in an eternal cycle of furious ice and roiling summer's heat, Polybius is a sphere of eternal, silent glaciers so clear, that one can, at times, see miles below oneself. Several great hive-cities dot the landscape, all isolated for decades at times, save for the few traders and smugglers that operate in the ever-hungry wastes. Considering the mineral wealth of Polybius, it is not surprising that the Mechanicus had taken great interest in the planet in millenias past. One hive, a decrepit thing destroyed by glacial shifts, had been given to refugee-priests of forgeworld Shyngar, which had been destroyed somewhen in m33 due to massed orkoid attacks. The chapter allows the since then estabilished coven to practice their faith upon Polybius and mine as much material as needed, provided they use their knowledge and mastery of the iron arts to supply the chapter with a rich variety of weapons, tanks and armours. Apart from this hive, aptly named the Cauldron due the seas of boiling water that had formed around it, the chapter recruits exclusively from the various gangs that have formed in the underbellies of the various mega-cities, much like how the Imperial Fists prefer certain hardied stocks when drawing new blood from Necromunda. +++++++ +++++++ The Emperor's Reavers place little emphasize on personal valour and honour while recruiting from the local gangs. Instead, they search for small groups of individuals, preferably between five and ten in number, which are then collectively subjected to trials of skill, strength and knowledge. It is their aim to create a pool of recruits that already shows an affinity for working together and in tight, gang-like unity; such qualities are desired amongst the Adeptus Astartes, especially chapters that focus on Zone Mortalis and boarding actions, such as the Emperor's Reavers. Armed with sword, axes, and simple stub-pistols, the recruits are sent into the lowest underbellies in search of hidden caches of bolt-shells. Each recruit is to bring one to his future lords. Those who fail, who fall to treason or to the eldritch fauna within the cavernous halls of ice, are left there to rot, their arms and clothes scavenged by their fellow men to ensure better survival. Polybius is a hard world and it breeds cutthroats, corsairs and drug-frenzied berzerks alike. The Reavers welcome all with open arms. +++++++ +++++++ The chapter cares little for the structures laid out by the codex astartes and has faced critique time and time again from both the Imperial Fists and the genealogy of Guillaume. It was during m39 that the Genesis chapter and the Emperor's Reavers had come to blows over an insult that had been voiced by Captain Irilius of the Genesis' second company. Since then, contact has been scarce between the two chapters and the Genesis have been declared unwelcome within the domain of the Reaver's and that no fraternity shall exist between the two chapters, unless Ilius would be willing to settle his differences in a duel. The nine companies of the Emperor's Reavers are expected to function as independently as possible, thus recruiting and providing independently of each other. The chapter master, called Imperial Commander, presides over the company he had led before his election; it is Imperial Commander Ivan that leads the chapter at the helm of the fourth company. Each company has an own cadre of veterans and is expected to keep its suits of terminator armour in battle-ready condition. During the efforts of the Indomitus Crusade, lord Guillaume has brought the knowledge of Primaris creation to the Reavers. What conversations had been held between Ivan and the lord commander were not recorded, but both parties had parted in surprisingly amicable mood. +++++++ +++++++ Indeed, the integration of Primaris Astartes has occurred seamlessly and without the creation of new companies or philosophical strife. Much of the armoury that lord Guillaume had provided, however, had been traded with other chapters or heavily modified in order to fit the Emperor's Reavers modus operandi better. The bolt-rifles have been replaced with the RT-B01 subtype Umbra-pattern bolter, a weapon very common amongst chapters that fight within tight confines as its compact size, decreased weight and high fire-rate have proven to be invaluable in such circumstances, even if it requires more maintenance and is more prone to jamming. Each primaris is equipped with slightly modified mark X armour, usually modifications apply to shoulders and helmets, a bolter and a close combat weapon, be that a knife, machete or power-swords in the case of the chapter's Reaver equivalent, the Bukavac. Indeed, primaris Reavers and Intercessors have been blended together in purpose, as the stripped down mark X armour that Reavers usually employ has proven to be too unstable in boarding actions. Inceptors do not feature within the chapter, for all companies have abandoned such equipment in favour of more common assault formations and tactics. Aggressors, and indeed Gravis armour, are still a heavily discussed topic within each company's strategium, as some argue that with modifications, such units could prove much valuable to the chapter's tactics, while other argue that the material invested in the production of gravis suits should rather be invested in tactical dreadnought armour. +++++++
  2. +++ WORK IN PROGRESS +++ The Roaring Lions "Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt." - Captain Icarus (Sun Tzu) http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/sm/bpe=002FFF&bpj=002FFF&bp=002FFF&bpc=002FFF&hdt=002FFF&hdm=002FFF&hdl=002FFF&ey=00FF15&er=002FFF&pi=595959&nk=002FFF&ch=002FFF&eg=FFEBA8&sk=FFEBA8&abs=002FFF&bt=002FFF&cod=002FFF&ull=002FFF&lk=FFFFFF&lll=002FFF&lft=002FFF&url=FF0000&rk=000000&lrl=FF0000&rft=FF0000&slt=FFEBA8&sli=FF0000&srt=FFEBA8&sri=002FFF&ula=FF0000&lel=FF0000&lla=FF0000&lw=FF0000&lh=FF0000&ura=002FFF&rel=002FFF&rla=002FFF&rw=002FFF&rh=002FFF&bg=212121&rb=595959&gr=595959&qu=FF0000&wg=true&hs=FFFFFF&laurel=true&chps=CC0000&comi=FFFFFF&slips=CC0000&lkg1=000000&rkg1=FFFFFF&bpr=FAE8B4&cs=FAE8B4&spl1=533B1C&spr1=533B1C&spl2=533B1C&spr2=533B1C&/spacemarine.jpgThe Roaring Lions were formed during the Ultima Founding but missed the Indomitus Campaign entirely. When Guilliman requisitioned the Primaris marines he pulled aside the Roaring Lions and sent them on a special mission in Segmentum Pacificus. This mission was to secure several planets that were vital in supplying the main forces of the Indomitus Fleets. The Roaring Lions did not like being sent on guard duty. They had been training solidly for years and yearned for battle. After they obtained supplies from Mars they left aboard their battle barge Emperor's Teeth before the Indomitus Campaign left Terra with the millions of other reinforcements. Upon entering the system of Stellar they found panic brewing. A large Ork WAAAGH had sprung up in the nearby systems and was threatening the supply line that would be funneling into the Indomitus Campaign. The Roaring Lions sprung into action, using Stellar 4 as a base of operations they helped devise planetary and orbital defenses while sending out several companies to scout and setup defenses as well. Within months the Orks were met in the battle field of night. The Ork fleet was massive and slowly started pushing back the Roaring Lions. It wasn't until the arrival of 6th company and the allies they made with the mechanicus that the Ork push was slowed. Nearly five decades later the chapter is still fighting against the Ork WAAAGH under the command of Warboss Toothnabba of the Bad Moons clan. All intelligence on Toothnabba has shown him to be one of the wealthiest warbosses that the Imperium has ever had to deal with. This wealth has caused a large number of other Ork clans to come to his aid and has caused a significant issue in extinguishing this WAAAGH. Several years into the war the Roaring Lions found that Toothnabba was sending in gretchin to collect teethfrom the dead. It took a significant amount of digging through the bureaucracy, about a decade, of the Imperium to find out that the Orks used teeth as currency and the Roaring Lions decided to implement a new tactic to try and stifle the WAAAGH. They started to collect the teeth of all the Ork casualties after every battle and use them to set traps for the roaming Ork WAAAGH. This was successful for a time and helped dely the Ork WAAGH for about a decade. As in all things, the war evolved over time. Some years are filled with bloody losses and losing ground and others are filled with new heroes and victories thought impossible. What remains is war. The region has been in a consistent state of production and war shaping the populations of the nearby star systems into ideal candidates for implantation. It is this population that has helped sustain the Roaring Lions' ranks over the years and less than 100 of the original 1000 primaris marines are still alive this day. The war is on a knife's edge. One wrong move and it is lost, another and they give themselves another year of survival. Requests for aid have been sent to Terra for the past decade, but the same response is always returned. Silence. The Roaring Lions have setup recruiting posts on a number of worlds in Segmentum Pacificus and continue to keep their numbers strong and their marines ready for the fight, but as of now whispers of lost hope are starting to spread through the under hives. This has led to a new threat arising within the region. Chaos. **Anything in this post can change. I'm just writing down ideas as they come to me. Some may work, others may not work. Roaring Lions' Lists Thread: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/347443-roaring-lions-list-compliation/ Sweet Documentary on Lions, Narrated by Jeremy Irons "Attack is the secret of defense; defense is the planning of an attack." - Sergeant Adonis, 3rd squad of 4th company https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrJ0y5iRiMY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYj9-ZJLKzk https://i.pinimg.com/originals/45/36/ac/4536acf24233eb6ac24c5295b8593d4e.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQ7eiBgLxbg Potential Icons to get made into transfers for the Chapter Badge
  3. While not as nice as some being displayed on here (but they are starting to get better!), I'd invite you all to peruse my WiP: Stoneburners WiP Didn't really want to repost all the pictures here for conservation of data space for the board owners. I would appreciate any comments and suggestions from the group here.
  4. Part One: Enter Caduceus The pirate frigate had first tried to flee, but the first time it had reemerged from the Immaterium, the green clad Astartes frigate had been only moments behind. Each time after that, there was one more Astartes ship than before. Seeing the uselessness of running, the pirates had put up stiff resistance, but could never have hoped to out maneuver so many ships. The way they moved, like one long segmented vessel, seeking to encircle the pirates in a death grip, the Space Marines appeared to treat the battle with disturbing leisure. Three times the hapless vessel tried to fire on the more predictable escorts in the coiling Astartes formation, but each time the lead frigate would strike in the opening with its own lasers, followed by a torpedo, and to change targets only resulted in a blow from another unattended angle, every salvo obliterating gun batteries until none remained. Anticipating another attempt to flee, the Space Marines ships fired on the pirates’ engines, and after a number of shuddering internal detonations in the ship’s aft it began to drift listlessly. Moments later a much larger vessel broke through the warp, a strike cruiser bearing that same heraldry, the serpent, winged and crowned. No sooner did it appear then it had launched a single Thunderhawk which streaked across the void and came to rest on the hull of the disabled pirate frigate, clamping down near one of the breaches left by a destroyed laser battery. A dozen Astartes descended the ramp, their leader a Marine in identical armor save for the gray tabard covering it and the gold coloring of his helmet’s radio spine, unlike the red on his brothers. Three Marines immediately broke from the group and made towards the aft of the ship. The remaining nine briefly surrounded the mangled hole left by a destroyed gun emplacement. Through the sparks that pierced the darkness they could just make out the shape of the torpedo that had punched through. Apparently satisfied, the Marine leading the squad lowered himself into the opening, pushing off the rim until his boots could lock onto the deck. As his brothers followed into the dark, he crossed silently to the nearest hatch leading toward the bridge. It appeared to have been sealed prior to the chamber’s decompression…unusual. Cocking his head toward the rear of the ship a vox crackle finally cut the silence among the Astartes. “Brother Lorens,” the voice was low, hardly more than a whisper, and chillingly smooth, “We’ve encountered a sealed bulkhead. They may have been prepared for the virus warheads. Have you reached the environmental systems?” The voice that responded was deeper, and coarser, but equally cold, “Negative Captain, ETA in thirty seconds.” “Very well,” returned the Captain, checking that the eight marines with him had fallen in, “it will take us more time to reach the bridge, and if they sealed any more bulkheads, we’ll likely meet resistance. Introduce the agent with a five minute time release, then meet us at the bridge.” “Yes, Captain Vitras,” the line died with the simple reply, and the Captain returned to the sealed hatch blocking their path. He gestured at the nearest Marine, who held a plasma rifle, stepping back as the weapon unleashed its blue fire on the door. The blast dissipated before the vacuum could throw it back in their faces, and when the initial mixture of smoke and atmosphere cleared, there wasn’t much left of the hatch. Streaks of atmosphere still pulled at the ragged edges of the opening as the corridor on the other side continued to depressurize, and moments later a limp form slammed through the opening trailing a spray of red. If the pirate hadn’t already been dead, he was now, the limply held mask in his hand too little too late now that he and his right arm were drifting slowly apart, the silent marines looking on approvingly. Vitras wordlessly stooped through the now crimson rimmed opening, eyes and helmet optics accommodating for the deeper darkness. The marines filled almost the entire corridor as they followed it deeper into the ship. They reached the next bulkhead almost without incident, but just as the plasma gun was about to do its work, lights flickered on overhead, and a blast door came down behind them. With a pneumatic hiss the hatch before them unsealed and burst open, autogun fire already spilling through. With no door on hand, Captain Vitras let roar his chainsword and tore through the wall to his right, finding sleeping quarters on the other side. Four of his men further back found doors on the other side of the corridor, while two more followed after Vitras. The brother bearing the plasma gun, and the brother behind him made no move, already in the act of carrying out the order that followed. “Cover fire!” Barked Vitras just as the bolter fire began, “Brother Viboras, to ash with them!” Vitras and his men leaned into the corridor to fire as one while a pair of plasma blasts streaked into the flashing gunfire that was the enemy. The volume of incoming fire immediately dropped, and as it did Vitras thundered back into the corridor, the bulkheads shaking with the collective pounding of his ceramite form and the renewed roar of the chainsword. The rest of the squad followed after, though all they really had time to see was the Captain surrounded by a halo of autogun fire and viscera as the chainsword arched and slashed, cleaving everything before it. Seconds later, the corridor was silent again except for the quiet dripping of blood both from the chainsword and the ceiling. Brother Viboras stepped up behind the Captain and could see that the autoguns had chinked away enough armor on his arm to expose the bionics underneath. These whirred briefly as Captain Vitras gestured to his squad once more, and they passed through the scene of the carnage. “Captain,” the vox crackled with the incoming hail. “Speak, Brother,” Vitras’ voice remained disturbingly level. “The distributor is in place, as are we.” “Status of the bridge?” “The corsair is cowering here with his retinue, awaiting your arrival.” “Excellent. Trigger the distributor. How much time was left?” There was a chuckle on the other end, “A minute and thirty three seconds, Captain.” “Hm, best time yet.” An alarm began to sound, and the lights dimmed, replaced by pulsing red glow, a sign that the ships environmental systems had been compromised. Through the next unsealed hatch was the short corridor leading to the bridge. Visible through a small viewport, two of the pirates stood guard about thirty feet outside the door, though they seemed awfully relaxed for their situation. Both leaning almost casually against the walls, they at least gripped their weapons tightly. When the Marines appeared in the corridor…the pirates didn’t move, nor did the Marines react to their presence, but strode directly towards the bridge access doors. Around the necks of the brigands hung oxygen masks ready for use, but the dimness of the corridor made it difficult to distinguish their faces until they were close. Neither Vitras nor Viboras payed them any mind, but walked past the guards to the door controls, the Captain replacing his pistol on his leg as he went. Each Marine except the last ignored the guards as though they weren’t there, the brother in the rear removing his bolt from its maglock as he approached. As his brothers approached the door he leaned down to see the face of each pirate. Satisfied with the terrified, strained and even tearful faces he found, he put a bolt round into each one’s head, practically destroying their skulls. At the door, Captain Vitras had found to his surprise that the controls weren’t locked out, and the doors opened to the last echo of the bolt shots. The bridge was darker than the rest of the ship, lit more by the panels and instrumentation than anything, and as the hulking marines fanned out into the room they found that each of the stations was still occupied by a crewman, and the captain sat in his throne in the center of the chamber, facing the Astartes, his mask only half on. There were several other armed pirates around the room, but each lay on the ground in an awkward position, unmoving, but with apparently unwounded. As Captain Vitras stalked across the chamber to the captain the rest of his men drew their pistols, and when the Captain leaned down and spoke, gripping the back of the throne with a bionic fist, his words came with the staccato of the bolt shots executing his crew. “Your struggle against the Imperium is at an end, heretic,” breathed that cold, smooth voice out of the helmet, “I am Captain Vitras of the Basilisks. You have lived to this moment only so that the fear of our name can go with you into death.” He lowered his hand and tapped the arm of the throne, where the pirate captain was still depressing a rune with a white knuckle grip. An attempted transmission, or a successful one in truth, as the text on the tiny screen above it indicated that the corsair had opened a line to somewhere…and they were still listening. Whether a call for help, or last instructions to another clan of raiders, whoever was at the other end was hearing the grim last moments of the doomed ship. “Consider it a final act of loyalty to--” “Cap-tain,” the pirate had managed to speak! To resist the Basilisks’ nerve agent to that degree without the help of a mask would have required bionics in the lungs. Apparently this was not an average pirate, and Vitras soon discovered why, “I ha—mess-age,” with enormous effort, the pirate lifted his finger, releasing the rune to allow return communication. A garbled voice came hissing through the ship’s vox, barely distinguishable as Low Gothic. “Blood of the crowned snake! Vengeance for Bahl’s sons!” There were a number of flashing lights through the viewports and, crossing rapidly to the nearest, Captain Vitras peered out into the void. A sizeable fleet of Astartes-class ships had emerged from the warp, easily twice the strength of the circling Basilisk fleet, and from where he stood Vitras could already see guns turning on his brothers…as well as the disabled ship where they now stood. “Lorens, now!” he cried, voice turning ragged, drawing his pistol and unloading into the viewport, and in answer, a meltagun discharge struck it from the outside, bathing the room in white for a moment before the meter thick panes disintegrated and exploded into space. Vitras and his men inside barely had time to lock their boots, but no sooner had they done so than they charged out of the opening onto the ship’s hull, greeted by Brother Lorens and his two companions. Behind them the bodies of the crew and the still living pirate captain vented into the void, but the marines were already traversing the hull towards the Thunderhawk as fast as they could go. Flashes above them told Vitras that the enemy fleet had engaged them, and a shudder below told him something had struck the frigate. A violent buckle and a blossoming orange glow from behind followed promptly, and two of the Marines were swatted off the hull by the impact, no chance to react. The rest of the squad carried on, and they soon reached the boarding ramp of their ‘hawk. Detaching as soon as the last marine had a sure foot on the ramp, the Marines locked themselves in place and the Thunderhawk rocketed away from the frigate. The former pirate ship was already coming apart, wracked with explosions both internal and external. In the tense minutes since the appearance of the enemy fleet, the Basilisk’s hadn’t yet lost a ship, but as the Thunderhawk docked with its Strike Cruiser, Vitras leaping prematurely from its hold and making for the command deck, the voxes announced the destruction of the frigate Stone Fang. Bursting into the command center, Vitras’ gaze sought the ship’s commander. “D’selvus, status!” “Captain! The enemy is unkown! Our formations are dogged but holding, reinforcements enroute!” “Damned heretics! I want to know who these faithless traitors are!” “Vitras!” The Captain whirled to find Codicier Seranus striding into the command center, “I have your answer,” Vitras followed the Librarian to the viewport where both could clearly make out the dulled, dark red hulls of the enemy ships, the symbols at their prows all but erased for want of attention, save one. A red serpent coiled threateningly over the atlas ellipse of an unknown world, resting on a sand colored field…familiar, “They are Pythons,” Vitras’ head snapped back to the Codicier, revealing shock and disbelief, “That’s right, brother, the Baal Pythons have returned.” ~~~~~~~ Comments & Critiques very welcome, looking forward to refining and expanding this story.
  5. Well to follow on my new post in the WIP forums bringing back Operation Reclamation, which some of you older members may remember form around 2010-11, here's the Completed, or "Reclaimed" thread, where I showcase the completed miniatures from my exploits! Now to start off with, I'm very embarrassed to say the first mini I'm showcasing is one that I in fact damaged/abused. After getting my first Storm Talon through the post from GW, I immediately got to work on building it and I decided it would be in the colours of my newest Space Marine army, a Crimson Fist successor called the "Vanquishers", who are the masters of city-fighting and urban warfare. Unfortunately, I made a mistake I will only ever do once, after discovering what a lamp's light bulb does to a Storm Talon if too close. I was trying to dry the blue wash on the cockpit glass, but I got too engrossed in an Imperial Armour book and must have lost a few minutes, which led to this horrific outcome, after 12 hours of work on it: Needless to say, I was pretty stunned and felt a bit hollow after seeing what I'd done, the Talon was so close to being finished too, all it needed was some washes, detail painting and transfers and then it would have been finished! But pretty much immediately after this moment of neglect happened, I immediately got to work on making emergency repairs, seeing this as a chance to make my Storm Talon look a teensy bit more unique. Grabbing my Green Stuff, I started to work on fixing the giant hole in the Talon and start making a base for my plasticard shrouding on the aircraft: Eventually, I managed to build a suitable Plasticard cockpit shroud/cover, making it look like a field addition for added shielding and worked on finishing the Storm Talon and its base. Unfortunately, the painting gods were clearly not on my side as more calamities befell the Talon. My black wash went crazily goopy and all over the place, leading to horrific streaks and other nasties and the 'Ardcoat I added onto the cockpit area did not cooperate well with the plasticard, leading to a bit of a mess on the front edges...but I stuck to it and finished the Storm Talon up, leading to this: And here's a better look at the base, where I made a custom satellite dish using a round base and some sprue pieces, along with other detritus I had in my bitz box. The Vanquishers are the masters of city/urban warfare, so I wanted to emphasise that with the pieces on the base: Whilst the Storm Talon isn't drop-dead gorgeous, I'm very proud and happy with how it looks after my huge error. Unfortunately, I had no way of repairing the upper vent intakes on the Talon, so I've kept them as they are and I've come up with a back story for this Storm Talon to explain its appearance: The Storm Talon "Kalore's Revenge", is a venerated aircraft in the armoury of the Vanquishers chapter. Kalore's Revenge has a very unique cockpit shrouding addition to it, along with distinctive battle damage along the top of its fuselage. This damage, and the subsequent naming of this Talon to be "Kalore's Revenge" emerged in the wake of the fall of the Hiveworld Kalore in M37; where a Chaos incursion, led by the Oblivion Warriors occurred. In the final days of the war, where the Imperial forces worked on evacuating as many citizens and Imperial assets as possible, the Storm Talon and its pilot, Techmarine Tandiel worked on harassing enemy aircraft to prevent them from attacking the evacuation forces. Despite the overwhelming numbers against Tandiel and his Storm Talon, they successfully brought down four Heldrakes and two Hellblades, before a squadron of Heldrakes managed to score a direct hit on the Storm Talon with a combined cataclysmic torrent of balefire. The top of the Storm Talon suffered serious damage, with the cockpit and upper fuselage being melted away and warped from the tainted flames, but remarkably, in his sheer stubbornness of refusing to die, Techmarine Tandiel and the Storm Talon continued to battle with the Chaos flyers, taking out the squadron with barely contained fury before retreating after expending all ammunition and running out of fuel. When Tandiel returned, his fellow Techmarines were stunned and awed by the damage wrought upon the aircraft and the apothecaries marvelled at how Tandiel was still alive, despite suffering catastrophic burns to his upper body and bionics. Eventually, with Kalore lost to an Exterminatus and the Vanquishers returning to their homeworld of Caeron, the Techmarines of the chapter began to work on repairing the Storm Talon. Despite the horrific damage from the taints of warpfire, they discovered that the Machine Spirit within the aircraft was defiant of the damage and still pure from any taint. Eventually, the Storm Talon and Tandiel were ready to take to the skies once more, with both having been extensively repaired and healed form their damage. The Storm Talon was giving extra reinforcing to repair its damage and was given an up-armoured cockpit, which also added sensor filters to better aid its pilot in dogfights. Upon flying with his Storm Talon once more, Tandiel declared that it would be renamed "Kalore's Revenge," bringing fire and vengeance for all those lost on Kalore. Kalore's Revenge continues to serve in the Vanquishers' forces, attached to the Fourth Company and has earned further honours since the Fall of Kalore. To pilot this aircraft is seen as a great honour and responsibility amongst the Techmarine pilots of the chapter and only the very best are permitted the honour to fly it into battle. And that's that! I will hopefully bring new images of reclaimed miniatures soon, now that I have a RT Land Speeder being stripped along with a classic Apothecary, so stay tuned! Any and all comments/critiques are greatly welcomed and appreciated! Cambrius
  6. Greetings denizens of the B+C! Some of you may remember a couple of years back my old "Operation Reclamation" thread, where I took abused and poorly built/painted/damaged Space Marines and proceeded to fix them up with some stripping and a new colour scheme befitting their status as the Emperor's Finest. Each mini I would "reclaim" would be given one of my numerous DIY colour schemes and perhaps a small background on that chapter. Thus far since I started in 2010, I have reclaimed over 20 miniatures, each in a different colour scheme and a small handful being used in my current Sons of Doom or Vanquishers army. So to give you an idea, here's how some of the original victims in need of some TLC looked, from an eBay job lot I won back in late 2009: It might not look too bad, but the white paint what Humbrol enamel, so the shoulder pads were a serious mess and the paint was put on thick for their eye lenses and other spots. These were in fact the least damaged minis from the lot I got, I've since gone on to fix other, even worse looking miniatures from this and another job lot I got for cheap. But here is how some of them look now, guarding a tactically vital "asset" : But that's the past, now onto the present with my newest effort in reclaiming damaged minis and giving them the paint job and love they deserve! This time I'm going seriously old school with something I got from a friend, which he once owned as a wee little 10 year old, it's scary to think this vehicle may very well be older than I am: Yes indeed! It's an old school Land Speeder, armed with a Multi Melta beneath the cockpit and a Heavy Flamer on the turret! I have no idea how this thing is put together as I didn't have any instructions, so once I've stripped it down, trying to build it will be fun! Actually if any old school veterans of the hobby are reading this, can I ask if all the pieces are there or is there anything missing I'll have to kitbash to replace it with? I also have another miniature currently in the stripping tub right now, which is going to become an Apothecary for my Vanquishers' Command Squad eventually: And that's that on this thread for now! I will be posting an Operation Reclamation - Completed thread in the Hall of honour very shortly, displaying my newest reclaimed mini after I made a HUGE boo boo involving a Storm Talon and a lamp being too close to it... Any comments etc. are greatly welcomed and appreciated! Cambrius
  7. -Except from Administratum database: Index Astartes- -Clearance Level: Inquisition- -Access: Granted; Limited- The Praetorians (Chapter) The Praetorians are a Chapter believed by the Imperium to have been created in the Thirteenth Founding. They are noted for daring strikes at the heart of the enemy and precise disruptions of enemy infrastructure. They have been declared Lost twice and have been brought to the brink of annihilation on innumerable occasions, but have endured due to the resourcefulness and pragmatism of the Astartes. Colours and Chapter Symbol http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e319/Kelbeef/Praetoriantactical-1.jpg http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e319/Kelbeef/ChiRho.jpg Origins Records Lost The early history of the Praetorians has been lost to all but themselves. This is not an uncommon occurrence, especially for Dark Founding Chapters, but also due to the Age of Apostasy, which resulted in the loss or destruction of many records. The loss of records regarding the Void Stalkers Chapter and its demise may not have been caused by the Age of Apostasy, but rather a result of deliberate intent. It is believed by members of the Ordo Scriptus that only one Chapter was involved in their destruction and that the Chapter was the newly-formed Praetorians. Solid evidence still eludes them, but why this would be the case remains to be discovered. They suspect that the revolt was a much more serious affair than the limited Inquisitorial reports suggest. Like all of the Chapters founded during the Dark Founding, the reason for their founding have either been deleted from Imperial records or have been lost in time. The only hint to the reason being an early incident regarding the destruction of the renegade Void Stalkers Chapter not long after the Praetorians Founding. The records of the forces involved in the conflict do not name the Astartes Chapter that was present, but the Praetorians own records state they were involved in the conflict. The equipment and fleet of this 4th Founding Chapter vanished after this event, with only past Gene-Seed tithe and scant records of their past remaining to substantiate their existence. Homeworld Byzantium is a Feudal World that is located in the centre of a major cluster of systems that form the Byzas Subsector. Aside from the period which trapped the Praetorians in the Sector it is one of the few relatively safe routes for Warp travel in the Northern Segmentum Obscuris. It is a planet where fortified city-states and republics constantly rise and fall across the habitable regions of the planets equator. The planets population is focussed on the main continent, with a large inland sea where the most powerful city-states and republics reside along the coast. This inland sea is dotted with large volcanic islands, the home of port-cities and pirates. This sea is almost divided by a peninsular into two seas. Historically, the city-state or republic who controlled the city built on the peninsular was the most influential (and wealthy) on the planet. The Byzantines have a classical warrior culture, with the greatest ambition for every boy being to be granted command of their city-state or republics military. However soldiers are almost useless against the sophisticated fortifications of the major towns and cities on the major continent. The generals must rely on subterfuge, sabotage and assassination to allow their armies any chance of occupying these fortresses. As such, each State and Republic have extensive spy networks, as well as highly trained assassins that are recruited from orphans as soon as they can stand to be brilliant, but silent killers. These methods are the only way to have any chance of taking these fortresses without destroying the military, as losing excessive numbers of troops will result in the generals own rapid replacement and disappearance. The population is renowned throughout the Sector as ruthless and cut-throat, happy to murder anyone if it would help to improve their social status. The population is therefore constantly fighting each other, either for the honour of their city-states and republics or for social promotion. As such a strict code of honour has been necessary in the prevention of assassinations, with no-one allowed to go within an arm's length of each other. This has resulted in forging a scheming, deceptive and politically-minded population, very happy to get their hands dirty but also very good at not being caught doing so. To rule in the City-States or Republics is to live a hard and fast existence, with the entire nobility constantly looking for ways to gain greater privileges, usually via a well-placed knife in the dark. The Byzantines view the Praetorians the same way they view each other; with great suspicion, but with a general acknowledgment that their presence provides long term protection against a Galaxy of horrors. Finding a population with similar ideals that the Chapter upholds, the Praetorians established their Fortress-monastery; Castra Praetoria. The Fortress and city that surrounds it is situated on the peninsular which forms a bottleneck of the major inland sea, allowing the occupant of the city to control all trade between the major city-states and republics. The location was formerly controlled by the rebels of the planet when the Praetorians arrived, and thus received their highest level of attention. Castra Praetoria is now viewed by the Byzantines as a reminder of who holds supreme power over the population, but also of the glories and majesty of the Imperium. Early HistoryThe Praetorians built a reputation as a ruthless fleet-based Chapter, famed for their flexibility and on destroying their opponent's leadership structures rapidly. The first know Imperial record of the Chapter in action being the cleansing of Nerus, a rebel Forge World in the Segmentum Obscurus. In this they won great renowned for their rapid assault on the Ad Mechs headquarters early into the campaign, disrupting the rebel Skitarii legions, resulting in a fast conclusion and surrender of the rebels. Prior to this, there are Imperial reports that suggest they took part in the conflicts revolving around the Age of Apostasy and Plague of Unbelief. Another notable campaign in their early history was a crusade into the Halo Stars region. They wished to bring the Halo Stars region into the Imperium, and hopefully re-discover lost human colonies. Here they lost contact with the Imperium for two centuries, only to resurface below half-strength to declare only the dead reside in those stars, giving no other explanation for their absence or heavy losses. The reason for abandoning their fleet-based past was due to the events now remembered as the Pacification. The Praetorians were requested by Lord Solar Theodosius to spear-head the assault on the Byzas Sector; only infamous for being a hotbed for Xenos, rebels and pirates on the Northern edge of the Galaxy. The campaign was a drawn out affair due to the sheer number of different rebel factions, but ended with great success for the Imperial forces. However during the campaign, the Chapters Librarians and Astropaths felt great turbulence in the Warp, which was confirmed by a Warp storm erupting into existence, engulfing the entire sector, cutting them off from the rest of the Galaxy. Undaunted, they continued their mission until completion. This period of isolation from the Imperium was to last for over a Millennia. What exactly transpired during this period of isolation, just like the Halo Stars incident remains a complete mystery to the Imperium, and is never openly discussed by this reserved Chapter. Upon the Warp storm abating, the Inquisition moved into the Sector and assessed the Chapter. Finding the Chapter to still be completely loyal despite their isolation from the Imperium, the Inquisitors recommended that the Praetorians be gifted the Byzantine System formally and charged with garrisoning the Sector. This the Chapter were granted and to this day the Praetorians now garrison one of the few reliable routes through the Northern reaches of the Segmentum Obscuris. Since the end of their isolation, to continue their tradition as a fleet-based Chapter the Prefect Heraclius started a two-Company crusade to last for a century a time. This has resulted in their involvement in conflicts all across Imperial space, but in particular the conflicts surrounding the Eye of Terror, including the Gothic War. Details of the conflicts these Crusades fight in are fragmentary at best, at worst result in the disappearance of two whole Companies for a whole century before returning to Byzantium. Recent History Centenary Crusade The Chapters past is a strong source of pride for the Praetorians, and their past as a fleet-based Chapter is of particular importance. Indeed if it was not for the fact that they were granted the planet and had resided among their population for over a Millennium, they almost certainly would have taken to their old ways again. They still retain a particularly large fleet, alongside the Imperial Navy stationed in the Subsector. To not be found idle, each Century two Companies from the Chapter, alongside the entire Scout Company take part in a Centenary Crusade. In this they feel they can send aid to other Sectors, or even different Segmentum when the need is particularly dire elsewhere, such as during the Macharian Crusade, and also the ensuing Heresy. The greatest threat to the Byzas Sector in the last century was a revolt against Imperial rule, believed to have been instigated by the Alpha Legion two solar years after the Justinian Plague ravaged the Sector, resulting in the death of the Guard Stratagos Justinian. Initial conflict led to substantial losses, mainly due to the rebels hitting simultaneously on many different key planets throughout the Sector, which overwhelmed the Praetorians and Guard Regiments. Captain Apollyon of the 3rd Company was elected to the position of Prefect, mainly due to his Company getting results against the uprising. The Prefects more patient hit and run policy, designed to probe the rebels bases for weaknesses soon put the rebels onto the back-foot. This resulted in a swift conclusion to the conflict, however in the final days of the campaign, the Alpha Legionnaires escaped the battle and the Sector. In the final years of the M41, the Praetorians have been charged by the Ordo Hereticus and Xenos with the pacification of the neighbouring Pergamus Sector, since it has largely fallen into rebellion. Upon hearing that this rebellion is fronted by a Chapter located in the Sector, Prefect Apollyon has issued the mobilisation of six of the Chapters Companies with the intention of destroying the rebel Astartes in this Sector, supported by the regiments of Guard raised on the planet Thassalos, the other inhabited planet in the Byzantine system. At the same time, as is tradition within the Chapter two Companies are on a century long Crusade. This is a tradition to remind the Praetorians of their past as a fleet-based Chapter. Currently the IV and V Companies are en-route to the Eye of Terror to help the desperate defence of the Cadian Gate from the 13th Black Crusade. Timeline M36 Early M36 - War of Brothers: The Praetorians records state involvement in the renegade Void Stalker Chapters destruction. All Imperial records remain classified regarding the conflict. Early M36 - Age of Apostasy & Plague of Unbelief: Conflicting reports suggest Praetorians took part in these conflicts. 516.M36 - Nerus Rebellion: Forge World Nerus revolts, Praetorians commit the II Company. Rebel leaders killed in there first assault. First known engagement of Praetorians to the Imperium. M37 209-513.M37 - Halo Crusade: Entire Chapter deployed to search the Halo Stars for human occupation. Contact is lost with the Imperium for two centuries; Chapter declared lost 342.M37. Praetorians re-emerge from the Halo Stars with only four Companies remaining. Contact re-established with Imperium. Praetorians report that the Halo Stars are only inhabited by the dead. Despite the losses, they immediately offer aid to the Iron Knights Chapter, with their howeworld under siege by an unknown Xenos threat. 550-560.M37 - Occlusiad Wars: Chapter played some part in the war against the Apostles of the Blind King. Exactly what role remains a mystery. M38 101.M38 - The Watch: Chapter spends several centuries patrolling the Eye of Terror, aids in the defence during 9th Black Crusade. 877.M38 - The Pacification: Lord Solar Theodosius requests Praetorians aid in purging the Byzas Sector. When the campaign is near completion, a Warp storm erupts, trapping Imperial forces in the Sector for over a Millennia. Declared Lost to the Imperium. M39 M39 - Insolation: The Chapter is not seen or heard from for the entire M39 due to the Warp storm. What transpires in the Sector remains a mystery to the Imperium. M40 131.M40 - Isolations End: Warp storm abates, and reveals the Praetorians in control of the Byzas System. Formally gifted Byzantium as a Homeworld for remaining loyal. 139.M40 - Crusaders Legacy: Prefect Heraclius declares century long fleet action on the boarder of the Eye of Terror. The V & VIII Companies are the first dispatched. 619.M40 - Wraagh! Gorgotha: Ork invasion sweeps the Byzas Subsector. It is halted and crushed on Byzantines moon, Constance II, but not before the II & IX Companies were wiped out. M41 139.M41 - Gothic War: Companies III & IV take part in the Gothic War against the Despoiler. Heavy losses suffered during the battles in the Schindlegeist system. 979-981.M41 - Insurrection: Revolts break out all across the Byzas Subsector, two years after the start of the Justinian Plague. Heavy initial losses. Captain Apollyon declared Prefect. Tide turns against the rebels. Finally beaten above the planet Megara, but Alpha Legion cell responsible escapes. 997-present day.M41 - Pergamus Purging: Beginning of a crusade against the Pergamus Sector, after it fell to revolt and xenos invasion. Conflict on-going. 999-present day.M41 - 13th Black Crusade: IV & VI Companies dispatched to aid in the defence of the Cadian Gate. Gene-Seed The Gene-Seed is stable and exceptionally pure, with the only mutation being to the Occulobe, causing the iris of all Marines to turn orange or red. The Neophytes produced by this Chapter are renowned for their relatively rapid development into Astarte form, and the quality of the Marines that are produced. This is at complete odds with the Praetorians claimed descent from Corax, the Primarch of the Raven Guard, with a Gene-Seed that is known to be deteriorating. As such, there Gene-Seed has been analysed on numerous occasions by the Adeptus Mechanicus. Their findings have publicly concluded that the Gene-Seed is indeed descended from the Raven Guards, but the actual reports have never been made available. The Raven Guard themselves have never acknowledged the genetic link to the Praetorians. Whether this is because they just do not want any link to be known, or because they do not believe there is a link remains a mystery. Beliefs Like most Astartes, they do not view the Emperor as a God, but as the greatest example of Humanity, a pinnacle whose example all should strive towards. As with most Chapters who share this view, this puts them at odds with the Ecclesiarchy, but there is little ill-will between the two organisations. They maintain strong contacts with the Mechanicum, despite finding the worship and hoarding of technology distasteful. Reports suggest that the Praetorians secured a working STC in their reclamation of the Byzas Sector and gifted it to the Mechanicum upon the end of their isolation. These reports remain unsubstantiated, but it would explain there armoury being particularly well-stocked even after extensive periods of isolation. The Praetorians have always been renowned throughout the Imperium as being ruthless and efficient, even before their isolation. Recruiting from the Byzantine population has only heightened this sense of identity and their secretive nature. They were greatly influenced by the Chapter Master Scapula, who adopted Byzantium as there Homeworld, and with it adopted many of the Byzantines cultural practices, such as the Byzantine code of honour and the local language. Organisation The Praetorians broadly follow the tactics presented in the Codex Astartes, though like the Raven Guard they do not see the Codex as infallible and emphasise more flexibility in interpretation to suit their own fighting preferences. The Chapter deviates from the Codex in the structure of its Companies; most notably that there Battle Companies have there own Veterans. The I Company are specialised in boarding actions, so still maintain the Tactical Dreadnaught Armour and most of the Centurion War suits, though its members are not considered "Veterans." The X Company is a standard Scout Company, however when the Neophytes are close to completing their training and development they are selected by a Company to finish training alongside there future Battle Brothers depending on their mentality and skill set. This is a legacy of their isolation, with all Companies being required to fight on multiple planets and systems with no hope of outside support. To honour their past as a fleet-based Chapter, two Companies are launched into a Century-long crusade which has seen the Chapter fight all over the Galaxy. The two Companies selected also take the Scout Companies entire collection of Neophytes with them to maintain there numbers during the Crusade, meaning that once every Century the X Company has to be completely replaced with fresh recruits. Titles also differ from Codex Chapters, the Chapter Master being referred to as the Prefect though their function is usually identical, other titles for Codex units are referred to by the Byzantine languages interpretation, such as the Honour Guard being the famed Varangian Guard. The Kataphraktos make up the land vehicles of the Chapter, including Bikers, tanks and Land Speeders. Recruitment Each Company is responsible for completing the training of Neophytes. This is done to allow the Companies to focus on there specialty, and recruit appropriately. As the population of Byzantium is in a state of constant war among themselves, they make for brilliant recruits for the Astartes. Those that reside among the city-states where most recruits originate from, are trained as soon as they are able to fight. The only time the Byzantines will trust another being when they are marching to war together. Hypnotherapy is only utilised to ingrain trust for their fellow Battle Brothers to temper the populations cutthroat nature. The most notable quirk of there recruits is the speed with which they mature into their Astartes form, and the individual quality of the neophytes. The reason for these quirks are unknown to all outside of the highest ranking members of the Adeptus Mechanicus considering the Chapters claimed descent from the XIX Legion. Combat Doctrine The Codex Astartes is viewed with high regard by the Praetorians, even if they do not follow it to the letter. They see the Codex as a great guide, but not infallible and thus open to interpretation and change if the situation demands it. Many speculate this unpredictability originates from there conflicts with renegade Chapters and Traitor Legions, who are either ingrained with the teachings or have experience fighting against its teachings. The Praetorians put greatest emphasis on eliminating command and supply structures, resulting in the rapid collapse of the opposing military. More emphasis was put on this maxim during their periods of isolation, where they had no hope of reinforcements or resupplies and therefore had to plan every use of resource with meticulous detail. Thus their attacks initially involve stealth and reconnaissance, followed by rapid insertion of forces to key positions. When on the back-foot, they utilise sorties, hit-and run tactics, though this is usually intended to be a precursor to getting back on the offensive. They are known to have the uncanny ability to hit an opponent where they are most vulnerable, which is achieved through the diligent work of their Scouts. The Praetorians take the lessons they learn while Neophytes very seriously, allowing them to approach an enemy without alerting them. Usually the first moment the enemy notices the Praetorians is the flash of their Bolters at close range. Equipment Due to their periods of isolation from the Imperium, the Praetorians do not count on being resupplied for long periods of time. This has resulted in the recycling of armour, weapons and vehicles, and with the loss of most of their Land Raiders. Only a single Land Raider Redeemer, Byzantines Flame is still in service. The Prefect himself must sanction its use; such is its importance to the Chapter. Notable Members of the Praetorians Prefect Apollyon - Current Chapter Master, formerly Captain of the III Company. Ended the Cultist insurrection in the Byzas Sector, currently leading the Pergamus campaign. Known for being calculating, patient and resilient; he was seen as the best option for leadership during the insurrections. Prefect Heraclius - Former Chapter Master. Began Century long crusading tradition after Isolation period. Chapter Master Scapula - Former Chapter Master. Reorganized the Chapter after the Pacification events. Codicier Garro - Librarian, earning distinction in the 13th Black Crusade. Notable Elements of the Praetorians Megara - Flagship and former Fortress-monastery. Details as to when the Praetorians acquired this Battle-Barge is unclear, it was first sighted in the Nerus Rebellion. Byzantines Flame - Land Raider Redeemer, earned distinction during the period of Isolation in the Byzas Sector. Blade of Valens - Polearm that dates back to the Chapters campaign in the Halo Stars, this has been the Prefects symbol of office since there return to Imperial space. Motto Per ardua. (Through adversity).
  8. Greetings! I am building my first ever 40K army, though I am an experienced painter and WHFB player. I like the White Scars, but always have to put my own spin on things, so I will be creating a successor chapter: the Storm Brothers. I will be following the WS codex 100%, so only painting/modeling tweaks. My original thought was purple and gray, with yellow highlights, but the test model came out too dark for my taste. So I have used the awesome SM Painter to try out a lighter gray, more of it, and more yellow. I like this version a lot- I think it will paint well, show up strongly on the table, but not be too "busy". Opinions welcome! http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/sm.php?b62c=@iagtx_hnsaQ.i2SsX@@@@@@@i6hFq@hozqSiakk7.@@.hozqS@.@__.@__@.@i3rau_@____@___hozqShozqSiakk7..@@@hozqS@@@@@@hozqShU25M&
  9. http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b257/alienbastard89/Warhammer/PAeECover.png At the same time the lighting systems failed, the firefight escalated, illuminating the corridors with the flashes of autogun and lasgun fire. The dim, stuttering light was punctuated by the brighter flash of plasma blasts and bolt explosions; whoever was returning fire was doing so with superior arms. Electrical fires gave flickering life to the corridors where the fighting had ended, or moved on, illuminating the upturned and grimacing faces of the fallen. The barge shuddered under another exterior barrage, its plates and its men groaning beneath the punishment. The ship was lost. From the black recesses of a ceiling vent a quartet of glowing red optics kindled to life, looking into the corridor below. A lithe form, feminine but otherwise indiscernible in the dark, dropped with trained silence onto the floor. The sounds of the battle were not far off, and as the figure edged cautiously to a corridor crossing, it cocked its head to listen. "Arrrgh!" "Cover fire, someone pick that shield up before we're broken completely," A defender, then, rallying the ship's crew, "If we don't give them enough time, it's all for noth---" Another voice, volume enhanced by a vox amp, cut through the rallying call, "It's over, heretics! Surrender and you may yet be redeemed!" At that, the volume of fire from the defenders appeared to redouble. There were no doubts as to what 'redemption' meant. Still the voice demanded acknowledgment, "Then die as the Emperor's enemies, and we will take them anyway!" Like a shadow, the red eyed figure flitted across the opening, pausing only a moment more to listen, but the two forces had resigned themselves to the fury of combat, and the only thing to hear were incoherent shouts and the grunt of life being extinguished by each true shot. A plasma bolt cleared the melee, traveling the length of the hall and flashing before the figure's face, leaving a scorch mark on the bulkhead as it struck. The flash revealed a full body suit of mostly white, with a few black panels, and the four glowing optics organized one each above and below where the eyes ought to be. The illumination was only momentary, as the plasma flash prompted the figure to turn and sprint into the darkness of the hall. The sounds of weapon fire faded as she ran, making one turn, then another, the sounds of battle replaced by the rasp of air recycling through her breathing unit, perfectly regular, timed with her every move. The barge shuddered again, more violently, and the ship listed slightly. Already at a turn, she compensated, footfalls finding purchase on the wall instead of the floor. She righted herself with the ship and went on without breaking pace. The floor panels shuddered again, but not from an external blow, and she stopped, straining to hear any sign of an approach. A security bulkhead somewhere between her and the fighting had been breached. After a moment, two rasped breaths, she took off again. Turning one more corner, a dim flashing red light ahead told her she had reached her destination. Too late, though. She could hear shouting now, on the otherwise of the wall beside her, and ran faster. "You'll never find her! They're gone, both of them!" And then that same vox-cast voice that made her blood boil, "You reveal too much. I'm close, aren't I?" She heard the thud, a body striking a wall, between her and the room, and then the wall set aglow for a second before exploding into the corridor in her path. She knew it was coming, and training cut off any instinct to scream or gasp. Instead she flung herself through the smoke and fire like a bolt. As if time had slowed, she saw a light blossom in the heart of the smokey opening, and could only hope to be through before the plasma found her in its path. She felt the heat, but no pain came, and she landed safely only meters from the room she'd come all this way to get to. The cruel voice echoed through the smoke, accompanied by hastening, but heavy footsteps, "Ah, and there you are. Almost too easy!" Optics flaring as she glanced over her shoulder, she saw first the boots, then the broad brim of the hat, the seal of the Inquisition breaking the smoke. There was the glow of a plasma pistol from one side, and at the sight of the flickering muzzle of an inferno pistol, she turned her attention back to the escape. In two bounds she passed below the flashing red glow and into the embrace of the shadows within. The Inquisitor pounded after, diving without hesitation into the darkness, only to be greeted by a metallic roar and the terrifyingly close whirring of a massive mechanical limb. A fraction of a second slower and the Inquisitor would have lost his head. As it was his hat disappeared beneath the giant’s swipe and the powered fist punched through the wall as the Inquisitor ducked beneath it and made to level the inferno pistol. Finally this elicited a response from his prey, as with a snarl the female dropped from the shadows above, slashing at his midriff with a glowing orange blade. The Inquisitor was forced to roll back towards the doorway. With speed belying its size, the owner of the powered fist wrenched it from the wall, circling with thunderous footsteps deeper into the room and leaving an electrical fire to spring to light behind it. The Inquisitor slowly rose, staring down the two forms before him in the new, flickering glow. Towering above him was a Dreadnought, one of its arms missing- not damaged, but removed. The ancient shell was white, while the sarcophagus in its center was yellow, along with a single stripe that rose from its center up over the hull, with identifying markings in black, most of which differed from standard Astartes patterns. Silently, the female dropped again from her vantage point above, landing astride the dreadnought, and staring unyieldingly back at the Inquisitor. His pale face was given stark contrasts by the fire light, and his crooked, self-satisfied smile was broken by a neat scar beginning below his chin and crossing the bridge of his nose, over his left brow and into dark hair, currently matted with sweat. At last he spoke, this time foregoing the vox amp. "Both together, eh? The Emperor has truly smiled upon me. Look," he leveled both his weapons at the pair, then slowly lowered them to the deck, "we can help each other. No need for you both to perish here. If you aren't heretics, turn yourselves in, and I can protect you from the repercussions. You must know there is no way to escape, but I can spare you! The secrets that must lie in your minds," his eyes flashed hungrily as he looked at each of them, "I have laid down my weapons. As a token of good faith...why not tell me who sent you?" The female raised her hand towards the Hereticus operative, as though about to strike, but a voice rumbled from the dreadnought, not loud, but firm,"No, Jacqueline." Slowly, her hand lowered. The Inquisitor took this as license to continue, "Yes, very good, just come quietly. We want you ali--" She brandished a spherical object, no doubt explosive, and the Inquisitor's eyes widened. If it were possible, a smile could be heard in the dreadnought's voice. "Now. Do it." ~~~[/intro] So I've decided to try and piece this idea together, detailing the Cerberus Chapter's Operation Shingle . I enjoyed how this first bit came out, for being typed on the phone during the 20 hour drive to Utah. I'd love to get C&C, both on the story and the 'cover' I'm working up, if the artist permits me to use the subject piece I have in mind. Anyway, more to come before too long, I hope. Edit: original cover art image by .
  10. (Part I) Chapter Datafile: Venerators of Korumani Founding - M.34 Progenitor Legion - Dark Angels Known Descendants - None Homeworld - Korumani III Allegiance - Loyalist Notable History The Venerators of Korumani Chapter was more commonly known simply as "The Venerators." The Chapter amassed a respectable battle record in the six hundred years of its existence, including the Paramon Crusade, the Vandressen Punitive Expedition, and the Defense of Ferotas IV. The Chapter is most well known, however, for sacrificing itself in order to ensure the defeat of the daemon prince known as “Doombreed” when that fell being led a bloody black crusade in early M35. Despite being descended from the Dark Angels Chapter, the Venerators of Korumani followed the dictates of the Codex Astartes quite closely and aren’t known to have deviated from that tome in terms of organization and heraldry as commonly followed by the other Unforgiven Chapters. In addition, there is no evidence that the Chapter maintained a close relationship with its predecessor during its six hundred year existence. Some speculate that the Dark Angels Chapter turned its back on the Successor on the basis of the High Lords’ decision to create the Venerators of Korumani despite the severe losses the Dark Angels had suffered during the Fourth Black Crusade of Abaddon the Despoiler. Livery The Venerators of Korumani wore silver armour. The Chapter badge depicted a black shield with a yellow winged lion passant in chief bearing a sword upright in one hand. Company affiliation was indicated by the addition of the company number in white at the bottom of the shield in the Chapter badge, an uncommon practice, but one within the broad interpretations of the Codex Astartes. Squad affiliation was indicated by the squad number in white upon the black squad badge, with the Chapter using the style of squad badges most commonly used by those Chapters that adhere to the Codex Astartes. When wearing tactical dreadnought armour, the Chapter badge was worn upon the right shoulder and the number upon the shield indicated the squad to which the terminator-brother belonged (since the Venerators of Korumani followed the dictates of the Codex Astartes and only allowed the trained veterans of the 1st Company to wear the rare tactical dreadnought armour). The veterans and officers of the Chapter often wore black tabards, though this practice was by no means universal. The winged lion image is used by kind permission of Mike Harpin. You can see more of his work at http://dribbble.com/cre8ivmike. I've been debating whether to post this in the Dark Angels forum or in Liber Astartes. In the end, I decided to post it within the Dark Angels forum because the Chapter was developed as part of the Brotherhood of Angels project and is posted as a continuance of that project. I will probably take the steps to link to it from the Liber Astartes forum later. As the "(Part I)" at the top indicates, there's more to come (wheels within wheels...).
  11. Hi folks, this is my first proper post here on the B&C despite several months of lurking. This topic's going to be a mash of both my loyalists (Gordian Sons) and my renegades (Warriors of Mayhem.) So, first of all, I've got my loyalist dreadnought with my first attempts of sculpting and battle damage: Will get this painted in the next day or so. Thanks for looking!
  12. Across a thousand war zones, the Imperium conscripts billions to stem the tide of Chaos vomited from the Maelstrom. Dozens of systems around it are engulfed in warp storms following the catastrophe of the Cadian Gate, and the Imperium fights simply to salvage what is left. In the coreward systems, the Storm Sons of the Adeptus Astartes sends its Brotherhoods to contain the Entropic Chorus, and deny them valuable resources. Taciturn and deliberately opaque, it has been long rumoured by the Storm Sons’ allies that a cursed Brotherhood exists within their ranks; an order that fights with brutality without any concern for restraint or civility. For their part, the Chapter has never formally confirmed the existence of any such force, but when rumours persist, there is often a kernel of truth concealed within. These outcasts are known to the Storm Sons as the sagyar mazan, and they are a much older organisation than most Imperial scholars would ever conjecture. This cursed Brotherhood have existed in the secret histories of the Khagan’s geneline since the Great Heresy, a dark stain on the V Legion’s long roll of honour. The criteria for conscription into the sagyar mazan varies a great deal; from a grievous infraction of the Chapter’s sacred laws, to self-imposed exile following some personal transgression, and each case is determined by the Stormseers. Those condemned to serve in the sagyar mazan are compelled by the tsusan garag, the Blood Rite, and cannot be revoked in life, their armour scoured of any markings and identifiers. Only death in battle will release the exiled from their curse and honour restored, expunging their transgression. The kill-teams of the sagyar mazan are deployed where the fighting is at its thickest; where the odds are so heavily stacked against them that most commanders would never entertain the thought of sending their troops into what can be generously described as a suicide mission. It is in these insurmountable odds do the sagyar mazan operate, in order to turn the tide by achieving the impossible, or die trying.
  13. I'm beyond pleased to present the artwork and spread for Commander Greysight, one of my special characters in my work in progress DIY Chapter Lore Supplement. Commissioned as a belated birthday present from my gaming group, I have Ruslan Korovkin to thank for bringing my character to life. If you're interested in reading more about my White Scars successors, the link is in the signature.
  14. Hello Guys! I have been a hobbyist for (records expugned from the Administratum by inquisitorial decree) and have been on this forum for almost the same amount of time.In all of these years i've had different threads in different parts of the forum, but trying to keep them attractive to new viewers and getting feedback has been quite difficult, all the more credit to each brother that has given me their thoughts whenever i posted something new of course. So i was thinking last night that it might be easier to merge my separate armies into one thread, tat way i can update it constantly when i paint something new, because i always work on different things at the time. So, i'd like to start this album with some of the minis i've already painted from different armies. I hope you like them I'll be uploading some of my Orlocks soon, though i still have to paint their bases
  15. Greetings everyone! It's been quite a while since I made a WIPlog here, but with 12 Months of Hobby and the Liber Martiale taking place, I figured I should chronicle the development of my miniatures for the events. Some of these are ones I started over a decade ago, but remained incomplete as I took a minor sabbatical and suffered from Hobbyist's Short Attention Span (HSAS)... This WIP log will follow as I build and grow my two established DIY Chapter armies, the Sons of Doom and the Vanquishers, both descendants of the Imperial Fists. So to start it off, as per my vow for May in the 12 Months of Hobby, I will be completing a model I started 12 years ago as my Chapter Master for the Sons of Doom, but was left by the wayside for far too long. Thus here we have Chapter Master Oros Sirion of the Sons of Doom in his current state, the Lightning Claws are an ornate master crafted pair called the Pyre Claws, which were one of the first creations made by the founding Master of the Forge, Zicronam when the Sons of Doom were founded in 747.M41: He looked to be lacking a good amount of ornamentation to befit a Chapter Master, thankfully in 12 years my bitz box has grown considerably and I have some fresh pieces to help out, including the cloak you can see form the Chaos Terminator Lord set and also now with some other bitz and pieces as can be seen below: So the plan at the moment is to add the ornamentation, liquid green stuff the holes in the cloak and work on painting Sirion to the best of my ability. More to come soon. Cambrius
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