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  1. Heya gang! Just starting up a new Project log as this has nothing to do with Astral Claws or 40k . After having a talk late last year with a few fellas down in Melbourne that are heavily into 30k, and seeing that the scene was relatively alive and healthy it finally pushed me over the edge. Now as y'all know I'm a sucker for truescaling and what not, but doing 50 odd marines (espcially after the Astral Claws) just wasn't really drawing me in. So I started looking into the rules and what not, now just like the Tyrant's Legion I saw the Army of Dark Compliance.. but having Word Bearers or Sons of Horus whipping slaves into battle is so...normal.. so I wanted to try something else out. Upon looking into Blackshields, and seeing the +1 S and +1 T Chimerae trait it immediately jumped into my head ' True Scale Thunder Warriors'. Now from what most of my reading can glean, this big boys where generally large and nastier than marines, if not a bit unrefined.. but had huuuge issues with their bodies and minds burning out due to all the unstable augmentations they have received. Now we know that most of the Thunder Warriors got culled by the Big E at the end of the unification wars, too easy, but we also know that some escaped (Cerberus Insurrection) and that some found ways to stop, or at least slow down the burn out (Arik Taranis). Thus with these two little 'outs' we have some ability to have other Thunder Warriors out and about that have been kept on ice, or just on the run. So in a nutshell, and the fluff will need some expanding, we have this Thunder Warrior 'The Ragged Prince' (if anyone has something better than this, please hit me up, something cool with 'patchwork' or something would be ideal as well) and a small group of surviving Thunder Warriors leading an uprising/small army on X planet/sector during the Horus Heresy. Now the Ragged/Patchwork/Stitched Prince/Lord/Voivode is so named as he will be rocking a baller as cloak made from sections of banners from Legions from both sides. So that will be the 'public' image of why he is called thus, but really it will be at this point in his life, due to the organ replacements, skin grafts and all that jazz to keep himself kicking along his body and skin will look like a patchwork. So clever .. So thats the start of the fluff that will get fluffed out more and more as stuff gets added. Any way after all this rambling I give you the 'part' sketch out of The Ragged Prince. And a scale shot next to the new Traitor Guardsmen. Any way, I'll continue cracking along presently, but if you have any thoughts on his title or fluff, please feel free to pipe up! Cheers!
  2. "Put your trust only in the weapons you bear; for even those you consider closest might harbour thoughts of malice and treason under the familiar visage of a trusted brother." Unnamed Word Bearer Legionary. Unidentified firearm. Speculated to be a Khaladine pattern bolt rifle. Torso plate bears superficial damage, likely from previous engagement.
  3. It's finally time to start a thread here in B&C too, brethren. My loyalist splinter of XIV Legio Astartes, known as the Echoes of Eisenstein, is a labour of love that has now taken three years and lost all brakes a while back. When I got hold of my first Betrayal at Calth set, the path to damnation was set and I knew I had to go and start a whole army of truescaled marines. There would be no respite. There would be no models left unconverted. There would be only chopping and the laughter of ever growing mountains of grey soldiers waiting for their day. Inspired by Veteran Sergeant on DakkaDakka, the spiral into endless cuts and lenghtenings had begun. From so humble a beginning... https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/cxICLMQF8jr-Chm6sB_J4aXblfYqaEzYBsJ2k9Gc1NWiLbuoKvXLQvFOkMQ-hvNDA4yIzd1GABb6mrHXpiSKKQgQ7pL416dN2O5evQCZUuH7ni4O2l2z1fuSjmetKXD8_gaqeBPmCQlrzUlZKVghYNf7ILpwJyPR5YgS09srBpq30io8he9pjrklTKPBGsY8vqPltPUJn1h5ylmGu6PfztbuC3gwSRbcbvdd8q4EVA7dAaXavFEiM1Gx33J9n6yhYIX8rvIhsjtt83GovbT0XyRY1kBRwOb20kNbU2IxGmyQhb7BYfQSVaxeDfodfysz-kTpSKreino_UsLkzBIwZPkWbZNqN6Jb9fZ0mSfxyMYApIYH88HZrVC5zkQncqVsOZJypjt9eoP8f5WaZnaSSwYurw4Bhzc9xVu5_vXf1YOQPc5GD498D3sEUkgFjQpPLgKjO5c8EceDm8JW5vplLaZaK_diDdthqNd_jh732HkNSs1QT5Q6F-0wdu3TAN2fmHXPDD_WYb9fnBxTaAD0nI6bqv6C64z9Ht1hWvXHCTCnIBpwjoUXUM4VxkktYDTyuNAQnSbQEdt95HV2Qd4kO6syiYOFRBYYwxK7lJQC9i3W7cRgvTrU=w1625-h914-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-nAJFauMlF32XU_l84vwul0467NkVzlz7hDszZllum2-Tvx_0d1zqAR_uu5H8JopFYqQ3DNO9Wedalvi6oHwyhEQdxuG1c8Y3Jcdg_NpQUxvDqB7k0Q24FKBvpc9oDBM4sGx23EO2kGsqKFyC6zBuK3emH-zsiF7FCYNn5MdbZM71cWnsT0dX8voaotIeHnwQrDKRV9Tr-jenA38Mi8TM9zTR4i2eWPtFKLa2DpBsrDGT9-et8c1hWlVv1UtJM5U9Z_uVxrUMbXmQOHj86355ju8Kye7JWWnUdc5bJ3TmIT7ZipKvs3KzZoDTXDuhQPZ6U0Ky1ex4XKvfvf4u4Ij2iffLzS8_50Llfl--ve4I0KMe_9ECAAfdAQMJLpWL4zK1qeSyQn_Y_JS_REI2gClSG1kK_A2F6VvcMr_NgI_rs_NRLSDdmghTLiCGDof42wbYjDT1V0VmUusiv4K2p614tqOSCnyDHm0LfHZMu2BCYRsbDl_stWYzxlNIxflv37vWjhLzrGRG6iBdBaPxeJMOw-7a5qyTA-Y32hyUzuIWFfS8UQnR6KYyl7E_8b0V_4-DpdSgtpyuPo91slwtbTnDmox1dAmKWFjxGLhOCVFEGiidx8e27dwq4qhMbZNehi3ZmSQxSegwuwJFy7bkEdcsXQ7z4oXnQe8nYruKuirsg=w1625-h914-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/ljVjnlg5qVR09YTlMNXicoVr5qg8jiaUcSTvlQEUZXezj-va7HJnQQSt8bnmo_Rv860Jd2mTlKIJ8aKnnM2m2bxegQNee_Utw-iTKuLLOeaBq5t8jZIQ06skAA4mz80FywqO4yWx3OJoYRiKUk2IkpS0YVOa6mK12uWMwf44tsfx13W1V-emxNegOf-vdbAy43ZmQFKNyh4GOxRnF-4qe82k4136rRFxdMN09rrqrOVPLDYkWg2s0z6HnvexWmDVzH7-bbXBcgO93RyNExHeqk2ygQGFyTszItT3MAETmPVnHAPYuuQnW9ECphbl2mZ-yFs6t4ZCT3r3rWOAcDA9SeqgJ6BVeVkM9aog2sdJVw3Ub7hwOQvNTIdOZRIbyCRi78fCnVk0KcnzeEC_aznnXn9uTTg4baiTh99Zjb_ZYxATJmSA4ILACMPMn_UjRxauU08Bh9vWFSsn-hCSrdk9QAh52tvn2qXeudvHBvdc93ZnWOWBTRkVbyD7els41huAEDst1mc8xnkwTxigOKPYrFZFAEEMUMmLBaYJ3AJS4cPL626S0vhat0I2li54pSfGzC6FMMgSL0lapvPiDrO__PdYYTSdQdnyLsz5wqPaxgIKFfKMzlItUHulN7rYlW2bthgLKuLqK222hTioSl2VyW3YVp-Juo_qzU85qVe78g=w515-h914-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/FfNn4GofoxtjCHkpAPCZZRqyHUtiuZk_xIvS-GuCo9m0B22ekmnVFgJX_F03lHjQt2pQVneFxqp5Ta0M1-dR22gQYo7Q3DKRAXN53pI-3vdRmikWOoAAlSa-Q2VYuQMFZdA5M3OAK2ZPsD9H_e0XjqH533B8ZvMPGQr3LUZnk4R4rPXVnlAv3djj_h4atMRgS-omODYiwKk_WPWX0S-sztxwAd76iFsioYP5ESm9UPvfXWepdbjyjbiOEEWtlcU-kMe4DwtK4hcDkBhO2BF7cuXLB3zIe8uNu3Uo0AJxGdM1Xd67SRSH7otj8X18zqGCRkDE6bzep6EO7Nxqj6fF2TpmZjDZ39XyuFskelCkLV8Ip-KUoMuxzCue78JkXw5urKCR7Oi4FiFvSyf6QEyZ0XVn3B_L6tYACl0PzmjcAiSlU3amZow7kL-5vqjPsVqTdk_pGcdoEngC5zVVn8FpanViXpaz3ZMk_h2GV18K7OdWB3Vk44qNgxi1EJrSol5YFitJeU2O6MUFRAgALk_wRN_tcA2jz6mFzlkTigN2Fi2I5uojwmIqJEaqj4QOF9Nz3LnqJHbTA67rBFth8_3sGiyqfJdSa7rSRYDtWTnBKPsG-lBU4NaWXgKZc1e5lBcxfGifN8rDk7RKasJjz1b727u2w15KDvJBtZk=w1632-h918-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/LpSJW1UewQahBTvUubEPOGufqNde3DrCzbAO-34IcWKpn69yEDBGI1Xxder6c-5le6s7SFvC69EqKtVTzzFg9k5YYMCTVR_r2gbaA0oM8agFQcyWTpwFEC-ojRnSDqjSjBklrhwq2Lq2Ue76eoqfufWVID2TEIOUEfphUdk35HWU7gTp94YPN4wf5e2C6MpW0W3DOqItwEXVH5dKLvzzTaIiNnYKbenXfazdqm7i1IOdOMO59cL4ki1aIQPkxb-X61wP7hNo58S7cJd7NVGYsdXFol6C00va5ULlKXyjjftp7wetcvB7ED0XCJMCOGhRvWrR4ccTkqlA8uw9YC8vRJRiddmBs48e8QMCz9ytp1VxJt_-ecVS0tVm6fJKlqs-efPZ8TM0LnaFkFUAD8H64PcP_ioflWI3AoUEdZnzP4zOKmXZayQWH76ERecagvG9bkqkqQZM0BrUA4z4de3HI6h4JdWyTI4sDKQqd4DM5zVKSsb_oZYmpglVgxqasPOchh9nM2d-9HsuCWSWpXyV8bEXosnnZmZ28WiWs4bhTtuHgTmhzfIA2sMKeF_ExAGAu0AMufC6ORxabyWqJAzUyjt9e1dFib-GOLAtpXdWsXCWLFvEBMf7CAOLoEE1BJRuGfRtdO2VMzFzCiffO0hPy2c2jfeUVVU5=w728-h912-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/gcyv841-Vo-snwW5vW0Yj72WWAUNWff_PKGD0IQnLP5FRNrKZAvrp6kd2OnX3yom07AkEX2ovnkiBLxC11iXGU-oQId377wmPOgoObXUMuAbHsK7lWyLbc9vpDkp45YcwdfrIScmlxlmXLBPquRLJ3k4ERIvC8C49gAlqF3pMDmOOFb-AfSZBz5_3KrGctIfbaRWbawdjMFvEqnkl_We8Q9EU-xpGQDma5-3wLB2cdgK0wb8cYummfvu5gtbxu8EbkkYLs9ny5ssv2OUWfLgS6cIQHKYZMNoTTU_89e28qpB-IVVrswCxS1PUn-gpMnYoiaEW0HNkmHffHuzAf-BUjhT6OUcl-_mIU60MXtejA7uEVcyB6rGnPakpPFX7hScwA9djIthR4rbOMicAmPKYrc0rZHQ6el9XuuRRw-aihDgUu7roxHzIc0CxaeDK47wiVpbGTKHNG5trC-_dtV_29oYwOcu6qX7uVLyaGkCIAlhvm804lXVdQVi0QGPhkZFviOKDNfe1_OJGzWs3h61qDAAkG23gh9QtDJb_Iqir3YwUCe7blZ2Axr6cjP8gpm5lk__MQZ_cqrl1tmSnCyMuR3_isetKvC4e-efQxss4GRBIFGguq4AtywTNTSfUthNqClLWLmV4Ak9yNzD1YRv7SBZR8lhKgk6=w770-h912-no ...we arrive to the present, three years later. https://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2019/7/24/1019346-30k%2C%20Astartes%2C%20Death%20Guard%2C%20Space%20Marines%2C%20Warhammer%2040%2C000.JPG https://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2019/7/24/1019345-30k%2C%20Astartes%2C%20Death%20Guard%2C%20Space%20Marines%2C%20Warhammer%2040%2C000.JPG https://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2019/7/24/1019348-30k%2C%20Astartes%2C%20Death%20Guard%2C%20Space%20Marines%2C%20Warhammer%2040%2C000.JPG https://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2019/7/24/1019349-30k%2C%20Astartes%2C%20Death%20Guard%2C%20Space%20Marines%2C%20Warhammer%2040%2C000.JPG https://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2019/7/24/1019347-30k%2C%20Astartes%2C%20Death%20Guard%2C%20Space%20Marines%2C%20Warhammer%2040%2C000.JPG https://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2019/7/24/1019335-30k%2C%20Astartes%2C%20Death%20Guard%2C%20Space%20Marines%2C%20Warhammer%2040%2C000.JPG With even an eager new recruit trying to sneak into the comparison picture! So, welcome to gawk at my insanity where I'll ever so slowly go through the same process with the rest of the 150+ guys I have either unbuilt or unstripped from previous owners of 5 boxes of Calth and Prospero, scratch tanks from busted Rhino carcasses, learn how to paint through my irrational biases ("dang my steel just looks bad in true metal but brass and copper, yaaaas queen!") and occasionally create piles of terrain out of ice cream boxes and my significant other's diabetes waste. Not even joking there https://www.dakkadakka.com/s/i/at/at2/2018/5/11/29a28eef14b8eb0f1200cee0031753e2_103099.jpg https://www.dakkadakka.com/s/i/at/at2/2018/5/11/1c925d506f8f5859e95907a73260983b_103099.jpg https://www.dakkadakka.com/s/i/at/at2/2018/5/17/94358936b6f1a9b4335b0feb8a17e829_103099.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/FPST-emK9xkOGZWBmgX0j77STx_FHmDr4R9PPKq1ruYkM4akNPB1hR4AEIQZlgcZuKv3sQURm8LmyYvcGbyGvp3LRuO48LW99v6EHO-9Sf4NOR6fVF2VJM8uF5fRPzUNGtMS-nJdp-tgq3r44dhngVDY7x3w0NWbO99imJpcepVXZ9E5NKBxB7njWNTQomF5ZPpYg34l8_7IoJ9mAB9rFrBTgp-5Ho0LMwmsPxGyZZ9I4X755wnGHe0FulklbM5fdHiGb3I0YHGk1yKHRVmtZwGEQ1yUvV3qz3jAet77cM1mpJRXMi2cizeduIlVPeVxsel1ggz7HtTEjHFtLfiCfYNuJlircb84ZOr-vvotAKtTQI-X-RQlwDI5V2BC82yH5lRG-k1fWqwAGPd4Ha8Flc1QbLAwWlFD-Bpq8qqZIsnlmDpl8080U0UKSlFlaIQfe33ofQhY3FxSC6ApC2hOGQ1-8tFmeANidaWE8HkZqxuCzJVKxdL1k2syYv_dGGv4iZcu6yHbuDucKfimDtHrOFWpZ4rBhX5KJpVnwgNfwW7QC2U9t3FN-I-6_9bRT5K3ywxS95JsC96-uThVmdCFeJ_brH_8EcoEcpinL-2HBXlCyQnZ6CCV48m7a_Yhm4fiQ2PT6G0aTFa4omttKkrlwcbfHBvd2RK8=w1620-h912-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/0Ssx4RGNJIAvPYFx6Ok6F5amrVkJ5-jp2_77KnstQVwpc8d-zvOwkfrU_agihKzAJ__BFesdwrgNWH3uiQ08aYNBBlslTbFO43hKTRB72UwAheeq8wDUvJZA7PtOUMQq7ayxHaWGosDcnVkR8Gu6ZCVZQDW5AAZuB5JXSCmmAcNdyPSR3Atm7nEbSJhfMZoALGEfErpSYFYlnPdJfhYmes_dKKeWh5fSv55AUVjaEaKVSCSvH03-HcPu35rwaewFQYA4YgeGdShJrkiwAuK85sDKmxarNaAtO643Alt5uvTBkAv_4qlCBYep6KvPL1k0qmHh5sZHUrOlW0yyeEuKENg-LVnIjb818D8cvJCNzH3VSL-k2nsSKsSSG2e43RST5EQodjkz531viHa_6pfqvvq9vWkIEOiHQT0PtAItHqZ5LhrFJUd3gPS55rOwb1BFUCXfFmpE4IS2m_9TCGNTOX5idXBzpf6VSXKIvubVbuynLxs6HgNiZc1AxvJwtcK1ZYw0t1pPo39KlK_tmrxcVEoRxcAOKZd6jumJ2Ps_bLLSsIHq7deW2e12qkLkeBmAhYlhlg4oE_lDdLGqRfn8FxUY1RwvShQ-uZ_sakqOFt8wjXi0aXxj0jbPUQRkWMIBxqidvaAqtM9pzK68hTQA-JjuwBLnJE9i=w1620-h912-no Count the seven, brethren (and drop a comment while at it, yo!). EDIT: oh blimey, is there a limit how much pictures one post can handle or why did half of them turn to links? Hope those work, at least?
  4. While there are many references in Imperial history, legend, and allegory to the "Wolves that stalk between stars", it is often assumed that they are referring to the Vlka Fenryka, the Space Wolves. In truth, there are many Chapters who bear the cognomen and heraldry of the ancient Terran wolf, and administrative mistakes abound in an empire so massive. That there exists a chapter of far darker mien, less noble of aspect than the sons of Fenris, has been a whispered rumor, a tale to quiet unruly children. As is so often the case with rumors, there is always a kernel of truth beneath the surface, and sometimes, that truth is best left forgotten. WIP ++++++ Here we go again! Those of you that remember me and any of my posts know that I am constantly starting and re-starting projects. Horus Heresy 2.0 has me excited to work on my Ultramarines, and I really should be doing that, but I have been suffering from major nostalgia lately. I long for the heady days of the Liber Astartes subforum, and contributing to projects there. I also miss "firstborn" marines and Chapters. So this is an amalgamation of all those ideas. A DIY chapter that I will shortly-ish be posting to the Liber (when I have more concrete ideas for them), and a Firstborn army set in the "new" Imperium and all that entails. Did they shun Primaris reinforcement? Has there been a Torchbearer fleet dispatched to find them? Or have the been forgotten by the Imperium, for they have been removed from Imperial sight for so long? Either way, this will also be my attempt at a true-scale army inspired by the likes of Apologist, Doghouse, and Kizzdougs' fantastic Death Company marine. I have a ton of primaris kits languishing in hobby hell, I hope to find them purpose here. Anyway. Enough rambling. I hope the reader is excited as I am for this, my latest and greatest project. P.s. Any story ideas or names inspired by the fluff blurb above are greatly appreciated!!
  5. ++ Biggerized Marines, Terminators, and Vehicles, Show Us What You Got! ++ (Also feel free to add links to different Truescale blogs, tutorials, and other resources for people who may be interested in starting truescale conversions. Art and truescale inspiration by Karl Kopinksi)
  6. Hi folks, I've got the Kill Team bug, but I don't need to add any more plastic to my pile of shame, so I'm digging through my spares to cobble together a Kill Team. The hope is to avoid needing to buy anything for the new edition, apart from the rules, but we'll see how that goes. Recently, I've found it hard to ignore how bad the scale of 40K models is, with tiny Marines and big headed Cadians, so I wanted to address this with my models. The path of least resistance was to make bigger Ork Boyz, using Nobz as a basis. I'm working to convert up a Team which includes every Kommando specialist and will likely expand to a Greenskin team, when I see what they get. For now, here is a WIP Rokkit Boy. He's based on a Nob with Kombi weapon. As you can see, he's a good bit bulkier than a standard Boy. He'll be on a 32mm base when he's done. I'm also mostly finished with my Burna. Just need to adjust the straps and greenstuff the holes in the shoota barrel. Currently undecided on Clan colours, but will see what rules (if any) there are. C&C welcome. What do people think of the scale? anything you would improve? Cheers. Dallo
  7. Hi folks, After looking at Apologist's Truescale thread, I was inspired to have a go myself. Firstly a bit of background. I, like many others, am a hobby butterfly and I find I have many started projects, but few completed ones. To this end, I'm hoping that the small scale of Kill Team means that I can actually finish this project. A while back, I got a big Marines joblot which included some Red Scorpion pads. I thought this would be a good opportunity to make use of them along with some other cool bits I'd been holding onto. My end goal is to make two opposing Kill Team forces and include a few different Chapters. For the Loyalists, I've got the parts to make a seven marine team comprised of five Red Scorpions and two Novamarines. Here is the WIP of the first Novamarine. It's a bit rough around the edges but I like how it's looking so far. I also got a Red Scorpion Terminator pad in the joblot, so I thought I'd have a go at making a Truescale Terminator from the Gravis Captain model. This is where it's at so far. I'm glad I'm only making one of these as I'm making it up as I go along. :p Still a good way to go with this one, which will likely include some gap filling with Greenstuff and doing something to mask the gut plate. C&C Welcome. Dallo
  8. [Part 1: The Gathering Of The Clans] [Prologue: There was a high-pitched whistling sound beyond the door. Vaish muttered an inaudiable blasphemy. If he'd told the serving-boy once, he'd told him a thousand times - *don't* over-heat the samovar on the way up from the kitchens. Burning the milk would ruin the brew. Perhaps he needed to *remind* the lad of the lesson, by immersing his wretched hand in it. The scalding hopefully providing an instruction he'd not soon forget. Get lazy, cut corners, lose vigilance, lose focus upon what was important,- suffer pain, as the result. And as with all the *best* lessons, one delivered with more than a hint of directly configured irony. "Contrapasso", the ancients had called it. Two muffled bangs further increased Vaish's choler. The serving-boy must've run the trolley into the walls on his way down the corridor - no doubt besmirching the priceless antique Adamantine oak and gold furnishings in the process. Vaish scowled, and reached for the barbed quirt he kept under his desk for disciplinary matters. If the boy had scarred his irreplaceable hallway paneling, he'd do much the same right back at him. Force. Contrapasso. It was the only way they'd *learn*. The high-pitched whistling began again, louder and far closer this time. Somehow more immediate. That was odd, thought Vaish - even a truly incompetent thrall shouldn't be able to scald the milk *twice*. But there was something different about the high-pitched squealing noise this time; now that he could hear it more properly, it seemed ... off, wrong. As if the metal of the samovar was being heated *well* beyond its tolerance, like the tea-vessel were about to make ready to explode. And that was the other thing - it sounded like it was happening *inside the room with him*. Vaish's nose wrinkled. That wasn't right. The door hadn't even opened yet. He looked up, making ready to barrage the serving-boy with a fusillade of full-force rhetorical fury. Preparing the words of his tongue-lashing to serve as the prelude to the beating and burning that was about to ensue. His jaw dropped, went slack. His mind followed. There was a red-orange-yellow circle forming on the facing of his door, about the size of his hammish fist. His expensive, auric-plated security door. Right roughly where the security mechanism was located. Which should have engaged automatically if there had been a breach to the manor or its grounds. Vaish barely had time to begin to curse a .. very, very long list of people, when the transition of the heart of the spot in his door to an incandescent white caused instinct to take over. He flung himself down behind his desk, eyes squinted shut like boarded up windows against a hurricane; one arm over his head while the other hand still tightly gripped the quirt, with all the desperation one would expect if that were the only solid thing left in his universe. The hissing had reached a crescendo. And then, abruptly, stopped; replaced by the wailing noise of a recalcitrant door swinging torturously upon its hinges. Vaish opened one eye. The world hadn't (yet) fallen in, nor faded to black around him. He took this as a hopeful step upward. He got to one knee, and arched himself up - daring to set half his head above the parapet of his desk's edge. Had he not been suddenly overcome by *further* fear, he would have felt the stinging pangs of disappointment. Standing a short distance beyond the desk, looking down toward him with a sneer, as the smoke from the hallway billowed about him, was a coldly implacable man; with a face like the front-end of a glacier - ancient, icy, jagged, scarred, and surrounded by all the gravel it had ground down from mountain-spur-walls to dust just to be there. Vaish's fear turned to fury. This must be the work of a rival merkant house, attempting to usurp their privileged position as tithe-lords of the Adamantine Spoil. And, to add insult to injury ... that smoke - that *smoke* ! The bastards must have *set his walls on fire* on their way in! The paneling was nigh irreplaceable! Such an outrage demanded retribution! When the Palatinate were informed, *worlds would burn* in compensatory consequence, he'd swear to it! "WHO ARE YOU", he screeched - not so much a question, as an assertion as to their insignificance. The 'glacier man' did not answer. Vaish drew himself up to his full height, making ready to extirpate his intruders further, while his House Guards presumably converged upon his location. They should be thundering down the corridor, any second- Vaish stalled mid-thought. During a gap in the smoke, he'd caught sight of the scene beyond his door. The art was ruined, of course; canvas and framing that had previously adorned his hallways, hanging raggedly and limply down towards the floor. Yet that wasn't what drew his eye. Instead, it was the serving-boy. Crumpled backward into his broken trolley, a cheese-knife still held raised in one hand in an evidently futile gesture of defiance. Vaish felt a small pang. He'd died defending his master. "We are Old Men, who were Young Men, Once," came the reply. But it hadn't been delivered by the mouth of the glacier. Instead, the voice had come from his left. A slightly frail-faced - and, indeed, older - man in armoured robes; grey-and-white hair which seemed akin to snow on a mountain-top, cresting a face in which the ravages of time had left little that was unnecessary. No fat, no fear, and certainly no sympathy - only the jaggedness of an uncut diamond. Vaish had not noticed him come in. In fact, it was almost as if he'd appeared directly there *through* the wall, no door required. Not that these uninvited apparitions seemed much slowed by whether it was a wall or a door or one of the finest security systems in the subsector which sought to bar their way. Vaish made ready to shout again. Considerably uneasy now, and hoping it wouldn't show through his false-fronting of loudly-forced bravado. Because he needed to provide a distraction. Keep them engaged as his hand moved under the side of the desk to the silent alarum which would summons any surviving security; and the other which would record whatever happened next in front of him. If he were to die this day, he could at least take *some* solace in the fact that there would be an investigation. His House would find who had did this. Their Patrons in the Palatinate and the higher echelons of the wider Imperium would follow up. Would track the culprits, back to whatever serpent-pit they'd spawned from, and do to them what might be just about to be done to him. There would be JUSTICE! There HAD to be! "'Old Men'? You mean you're in the twilight hours of your lives; looking for a way to make them meaningful." Vaish drew in breath, prepared to take a gamble: "If it's money you want, material comforts - this can be arranged. We are a wealthy House!" "We know." "So what is it that you desire. Speak! I'll make it happen!" "To rewrite history." Vaish sneered, issuing a soft snort of derision. Idealists. People aaallways wanted to *matter*. That probably meant they weren't rational enough to reason with, then. "History? Carry this out, to its culmination, and you may as well be *erased* from history. Nobody will know who you were. Your sons will die unremarked upon and unremembered. Your legacy shall be papered over as if it had never even existed!-" The Glacier cut in. Vaish's flow of vitriol cut off, mid-tirade. "We already *have* been." Vaish sensed it wasn't just his shouting that had come to an end. He resolved to at least get some shred of meaning for his efforts. His seething anguish over what they'd done to his Adamantine oak-and-gold paneling demanded it! It hadn't been filched from *one* Final Fire only to be dashed up into kindling like this! "Then what *possible* reason could you have for this ... this vandalism!" The Glacier turned his head, slightly, and looked at the concealed pict-recorder hidden behind the eyepiece of one of the many artistic representations of Vaish's forebears painted into the friezework beneath the ceiling. Looked directly at it. Nodded an acknowledgement, one eye steely wide and lower lip pared back with a tooth bared in defiance. Vaish stared, shocked; mirroring in some ways, the expression of his ancestor. How had the intruder known it was there? "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?! ANSWER ME!" There was an aching silence. It felt about the span of half an hour. Although it must have been more towards the space of half a second. The jagged-faced wizened-mountain figure in the robes spoke up again. It was a softer voice than the one he'd used previously. A little honeyed. Creaky, with a hint of age that hadn't been there when he was directly addressing this. It seemed the tone one would use to give a moral lesson to a wayward grandchild. "Because Dead Stars ..." - a purringly brief burst of bullets erased Vaish's anguished face of confusion - "... Still Burn." [flash=250,210]
  9. Heya gang! While I'm still working away on the 30k Dark Mechanicum, I've just opted to a little bit of a modeling project and pallet clenser (drab yellow gets soul crushing..who woulda thought?!). While very different int colour, it will be similar in theme to my Dark Mechanicum efforts, meaning horror, bodily mutilation and all the horrible things that the heresy, and namely the Night Lords are. First up just a little bit of what I've been working on just trying a few things out. The below is just a tester for the first marine I'll be doing, just want a relativley 'normal' MK4 marine holding up a civilian and eviserating them as some..ah..encouragement for the minions he'll be whipping into the enemy guns. Super basic, but you get where it'll be going. While I was doint this, and loathing trying to do the MK4 Chest, Knees and Wrist plates (outside the helmet which I can use actual GW for) which I find are the most iconic parts of that armour... it hit me... I have a 3D printer and access to thingiverse.. lets have a play. Now as my 3d modeling skills are pretty terrible this early into the game, the best I can do so far is cut/rearrange pieces from existing files. So here I simply got a MK4 marine avaialbe on Thingiverse and removed/cut down pieces so I was left with just wrists, chest piece (which I rigged a sort of 'cutting block' to place 3d models of the armour over to cut out room for the Primaris Chest) and knee pads. I then increased their size a little prior to printing and boom! Primaris-MK4 conversion set!! I've opted to go this route as I feel unlike 40k, 30k (even with something like the nightlords) does require at least a little bit of uniformity to get that 'legion' vibe. Just a little scale shot so you can see whats going on! So next up, I'm working (almost completely in 3d here) on a truescale nullifactor as there isn't any great true-scale options available for Terminators (aside from Custodes Termies, but they'd require a soul crushing amount of work to get looking cataphractti enough for my liking). So I've sourced a few different files and what not (this is based mainly off a model from the Makers Cult on Pateron/CGtrader). So that'll be mounted onto some Cataphractti legs I also sourced a 3d model of that will be upscaled a bit to suit also, shoulder pads will be similar to the generic 30k pads and arms will be upscaled cataphractii arms. So it's printing as we speak, lets hope it doesn't fail :P So after all this the very basic fluff for the army so far (well get fleshed out, don't worry). Essentially ole KK obviously distrusts everything as we know, espcially Daemons, but could possible see them as a very basic means to a terror-end. So the fluff behind this army is there is a small contingent of Atramentar who have been dabbling or at least looking into ways of combatting Daemons as a fail safe, but have been told to have an attempt at the very least weaponising them for terror tactics, and if the Daemons turn, well they are equipped to put them down. The army will be based around Dark Compliance, with Daemonic Allies. It will eseentially be a few night lords squads whipping a bunch of indentured civilians into battle to act as a catalyst for a Daemonic Incursion.. so you've got terror of killing innocents that is then double downed upon with Daemons tearing into reality due to it. Very basic as I said, but enough to get the ball rolling. As an aside if anyone knows anywhere I can get some decent civlian looking models, that'd be awesome!! Cheers!
  10. FERRUM AETERNUM Iron Hands Clan Raukaan Primaris Battle Detachment Xi-Sigma-Rho "The Flesh is Weak" Vale Brothers and Sisters! This blog marks my return to the hobby after a few years absence due to life, funds and time constraints. You know how it is. I've previosly been a member of this illustrious forum as Power Hungry Monkey, but my old account seems to be lost to the sands of time and also all my pics were on Photobucket... New start. New account. New (old) army. I've been a massive Iron Hands nerd for a very long time now. Ever since the Index Astartes article came out I've just loved the imagery and fluff behind the army. This current project marks my 4th forray into the Iron Hands with previous armies being stolen, sold or falling prey to hobby ADD respectively. With a release of the Primaris marines too there was no way I wasn't going to eventually return to my bio-mechanical children at some point. This is going to be a slow-burn army. Short bursts of activity probably followed by long absences, so bear with me. I've been curating a bitz box over the last few months in preparation for this army so I can pretty much fully build what I want when I get the base models for it and not have to wait on bitz and pieces. With that said, enough talk, here are the first pics: Being Iron Hands, they had to have extensive bionics; which the Primaris kits are sorely lacking. Enter the FW Mechanicum Thallax Cohort: A success I feel. Really happy with the scale. This was just the first step to my first character, which happens to be a librarian simply because I had most of the bitz and base model for it. Here's where he is so far: There's still a long way to go on him and a lot of details to fix, remove, add to him but I'm really happy with the direction he's headed. I hope you all enjoy and that there's was enough pic to offset the text C&C welcome and appreciated. There will be more to follow when time allows. PHM
  11. So as per usual I've been mincing around the idea and the willpower to kick back into a Tyrant's Legion force, but the thought of redoing auxilia that I did 50 odd years ago sort of killed the mojo. Anyway, I attended an amazing event called Preferred Enemy down in Melbourne Australia the other week, it was based very heavily around hobby, good looking/thematic armies and just having a good time (it was at a bowls club, so cheap beer always helps!). It has honestly sort of rekindled my enjoyment of 40k. Sure all the 8th edition issues are still there (who ever has more dice to throw at the enemy wins.. I hate to say it..but thats all that 40k is nowadays.. target priority and list building), but while there will always be those negatives, this weekend also showed the huge positives of 40k when played in the correct 'mood'. 95% of the armies where absolutely beautiful, and the other 5% are still leagues above what we normally see down around here as 'standard' 40k tournament fodder. Not only did the armies look nice, they all had a theme associated with them. Not to mention my 5 opponents where all absolutely stellar blokes!! (Thanks to Jason, Mark, Sean, James and Chris). So all in all, great day, atmosphere and hobby! Now the PE TO's are looking at doing a doubles tournament later this year which got a good friend of mines ears pricked.. as he always wanted to do guard.. but never had a direction to go with.. Cue me informing him about our one true savior, Lugft Huron... Thus we have our doubles project!! So I'll be doing a truescaled marine (god damn do the Primaris help with this instead of the hodge podge of terminator legs and assorted parts etc that was what had to be done 'before'... ) with him converting up some Guard to fit more with the Tyrant's Legion. I'll be running a super useless, overly elite army of only 14 models, that will no doubt get chewed off the table turn 1, young Byron will be running well over double that, but actually be bringing some bits and pieces that can do work. Our Current plan is something like this: Astral Claws Vanguard Detachment Lugft Huron 'Chaplain' Dreadnaught w/ Twin Lascannon 5x Veterans w/Assorted Gear 5x Veterans w/Assorted Gear Apothecary Chapter Ancient Tyrant's Legion Straken (has marine stats, so will be a marine commander in the guard contingent ) Leman Russ Tank Commander Gunnery Seargent Harker 3x 10 Man Guard Squads Wyvern Basilisk So as you can see, the armies don't have a whole lot of synergy, but will look cool on the battle field. Byron will no doubt crop up later with some bibs and bobs, but I'll just chuck up some of my WiPs. I Started with my Chapter Ancient as I really wanted this to look like the last hurrah of the Astral Claws, so Huron surronded by hard as nails survivors, with precious chapter relics around him (Thus the Chaplain Dread, will be more an icon of hate dread based on a Leviathan chassis, the chapter standard etc). So the reason I went Chapter over company ancient is I wanted to the 2+ save so I could 'fluff' him having terminator armour. I've done a single truescale termaintor before, but there was no way to really 'mass produce him'. I've had a bag of Custodes termies rattling around the house for 6 odd months now and after seeing what @apologist managed, it put my arse into gear to try it out! I opted to go the normal terminator 'cowling' as not to have it too show boaty, as Astral Claws alsways seem a bit more a functin over form sort of chapter. It also has the benefit of making the terminator marginally 'taller due to the location of its head, so it doesn't look too short next to Huron who is based off a Horus mode.. So next up I was just going to chuck one of the new primaris banners on him, but upon research, that just seems to be standard form nowadays and is a little 'eh'.. and after seeing the excellent picture of Ancient Galatan that has been around for years I wanted by banner to be (well not that crazy large) still pretty big and impressive given it is the 'chapter banner' which always had such a big emphasis in older fluff. Cue a large basic banner. This required a rolling pin, all the baking paper and over half of my remaining GS (off to ebay I go). It also required some dancing between running it under hot water and into the freezer so I could cut out the shape and get it thin enough. Here you can see the basic out lay of it, just to get the feel. So in this pic we have it next to Huron (who still after a year needs some tidying) which shows the termy scaling pretty well next to him. I've worked in major folds into the banner, but it will stil require more selective 'creasing' in areas tonight once the 'scaffold' of it has set. Anyway that's all I have to show at the moment, I'll be finishing another 5 veterans tonight so will get some pics up of them. Most of Byron's gear is on the way to him so we'll no doubt start to see his conversions cropping up soon (I'm looking quite forward to his basilisk and wyvern).
  12. [flash=250,210] "As for the Harii, quite apart from their strength, which exceeds that of the other tribes I have just listed, they pander to their innate savagery by skill and timing: with black shields and painted bodies, they choose dark nights to fight, and by means of terror and shadow of a ghostly army they cause panic, since no enemy can bear a sight so unexpected and hellish; in every battle the eyes are the first to be conquered." - Tacitus , Jermaniya ; M1 "No world shall be beyond my rule; no enemy shall be beyond my wrath." - The Emperor of Mankind upon the summit of Mount Vengeance on the world of Thor, circa M30, as quoted upon the first page of the Grimoire Assassinorum
  13. Hello and welcome to yet another of me and Umbral's ongoing exercises in Hobby ADHD. This time, we step away from the grainy past of the Unification Wars and Horus Heresy - and, for that matter, recoil from the Inquisitorial goings-on of the Grim Shadows of the 41st Millennium - to present you something rather more straightforward. In this instance ... a chapter of Space Marines called the Adamanticores, depicted at their relative height in the early 38th Millennium. Now, a proper write-up of the fluff behind these absolute beauties will shortly be incoming [and the revelation for what might seem, at first, to be somewhat temporally inconsistent design-choices will arrive as part of that]; but for the moment, let's just enjoy the view. First up, a Veteran Sergeant equipped with a combi-plas bolter and power-sword; decked out in a composite hand-crafted armour which draws elements from an array of marks presently in Imperial service [note the Mk.III legs and hardened Mk.IV helm], plus a somewhat experimental power-pack not yet in common production... Next, one of his squadmates - a marksman by specialization, again adorned in a composite plate and with a longer make of bolter for additional range in his chosen battlefield role. [although he'll be no slouch in close assault, either - that chainblade bayonet looks rather nasty!] Third, is another weapon specialist - this time, another combi-plas wielder, who's steadying his main weapon whilst also holding his close combat blade ready for a swift employment. Of arguable interest is his choice of Mk.VI legs and power-pack for perhaps quieter operations than his comrades' predominant Mk.III stylings. Finally, we have a gallant captain for this small detachment - equipped with a fine artificer-developed plasma weapon and [potentially double-handed] power sword; as well as being clad in a most unusual and advanced pattern of power armour.. There'll be more along shortly [including a Truescale Terminator who absolutely has to be seen to be believed] ... but interested to see what you make of them :)
  14. From the album: Faithful Jackals

    Night 1, 3.5 hours paint time. 8 marines basecoated to ~50% or minorly more. This one is the farthest just missing eyes and metals.
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