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Found 7 results

  1. Guardians of the Covenant Pictured here is a five man squad of First Legion Astartes of the 13th Chapter in action upon the Pale Moon of Xakthres. Exemplars of their kind, the 13th Chapter took great pride in the utter destruction of their foes and the annihilation of all knowledge they held. This pict-capture is of a singular Legionnaire, one of a hundred such Sable Clad Knights deployed by the 8th Company, 13th Chapter. To many outside the First Legion their markings are esoteric and unfathomable, but to the 8th Company under Knight-Praetor Aganus their markings are utilitarian and uncomplicated compared to many of their brothers within the Legion. Note the serialized Phobos pattern boltgun. The modified armorial pictured is the crossed sword symbol of the 13th Chapter. Non-standard markings such as this were common throughout out the First Legion, calling out their allegiance to Chapter and Order. The crowned skull icon worn by the 8th Company is in honor of Knight-Praetor Aganus, a veteran of the Terran wars of Unification and the Pacification of Luna. He was a member of the now defunct Host of Crowns and the icon shown here is a combination of that Host’s icon and Aganus’ personal heraldry. Much of the Company’s demeanor and way of war is derived from his ancient knowledge and they wear his heraldry with great pride.
  2. Decided I needed a proper Age of Darkness Thread, for my thematic dark angels list I am building up... Slowly... The force I am building is supposed to represent a “vigil” Demi-chapter sized deployments of Dark Angels in the Fleets of Rogue Traders, this particular vigil (the 501st) was deployed under on the edges of Segmentum pacificus as part of an expedition by a Rogue trader looking to penetrate the outer dark. However, word of the Heresy reaches them, and they formulate a plan to fight a shadow campaign against traitor assets in the Segmentum. I intend to build out a 2500-3000 points list in three parts : n Merchant raiding of traitor supply lines in the early years of the Heresy (1000 point ZM force largely done at this point) n Intervention in the Atar-Median Arachnis civil war (Adding two Rhinos, Two Contemptors, and a land raider Proteus, possibly some kitbashed destroyers) n Raid on Word Bearers recruiting faciilites on Khur/Colchis (superheavy of some kind, Maybe an allied count as solar auxlia detachment, to represent the allied rogue traders forces being deployed) side note: The thread is called Malachi's gambit because Malachi the Consul Delegatus in charge of my force, Is what I image a Post-Human Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck would look like leading a effective harrowing-gurrilia campaign to tie down resources in a Segmentum of limited strategic significance... Picture of the ZM force That largely done, gonna rebase the squad with Necromunda bases, which are surprisingly cheap compared to resin bases.
  3. I am currently working on making homebrew rules for the missing masters of the Hexagrammaton. We have very little to go on apart from their names and their general descriptions (We know Titus is a Castaferrum dreadnought for example) so I am having to pull a lot of this out of my ass. Please leave feedback as I genuinely want to make these characters fair and balanced and not just a power fantasy. Rules are in the MEGA https://mega.nz/folder/9ZAGDS5T#2Q5lAxg0LbVn9TiO9KhQTw
  4. A Cruel Angel's Thesis Being an account of the I Legion Angeli Tenebrae, the war prosecuted against a tyrant Emperor by the Warmaster Horus, and the fall of a Legion. "We, once-merciful Angels, have forgotten sympathy. Ascend now, for our names have become legend." - Attributed to Master Azas Vem, Knight of the Angeli Tenebrae, Blood of Terra, Lord of the Eastern Sphere, Survivor of Rangdan, the First Reaper, and a battle-born brother to Luther of Caliban. +++ The Fall of the Knights of Caliban and of Terra, of the Emperor's holy Angels of Death and Darkness, the revered First, is often attributed in cause to the perfidy of Ser Luther el'Caliban, brother to Lion el'Jonson, Lord of Angels and Slayer of the Last Beast. Rejection and custodianship weighed heavy on my lord Luther's shoulders, until he could stand no longer and broke beneath the strain. Independently of the Warmaster's rebellion of the same era, he made attempt to use the confusion and chaos of war to his advantage, a political gambit to seize the power his Lord had given him and claim the world of Caliban for his own. But he failed, and as a result Caliban was lost and a full half the Legion was lost to void, scattered to space and time. So does the story go among the ranks of my former brothers who even now relentlessly seek me, in a futile effort to redeem their perceived shame. The story is a lie. While it may well be true that the catalyst of the Fall of Angels was the action of Ser Luther, its true roots can be traced back many years prior, long before the Horus Heresy, or the great Crusade that preceded it, before the Genocides of Rangdan, all the way back through the Solar Pacification and the Unification Wars, to the very foundations of the Astartes upon Terra. The processes later founded to raise Legions to strength were merely in the very earliest stages of gestation, and the Emperor still prosecuted his war with the cohorts of the Tontrua Milites that would define that era of the Imperium. At the Legions' incept, many projects were being undergone, variations on the implantation process of geneseed that made a Space Marine. The best known of these were the Firstborn and the Paragons, but many more besides these existed, their names lost to history. The pain of these processes were unlike any other, and is it any surprise that many of those who survived the march of years turned their backs to the Emperor in grave defiance of tyranny? The First Legion's, always, even before the founding of Caliban and its lost primarch, and the subsequent melding with the Order, has been one of layers and complexity of rank and standing. Our organization was the template, yes, but the later Legions never fully knew all of that. The nominal Legion structure outlined by the officiants of Terra was merely a pale reflection in a darkened glass of the original. Circles within and circles without, informal and ritual, hidden, though not always secret: that was what defined us. We knew our place and we held our tongue before others. As such, our disquiet was silent until spoken of. Through our time in the Legion, nary a wayward word, though. There were five of us to begin with. Over time this number grew in strength. By the time of Caliban, our circle numbered in the thousands, all who had the same mind: sic semper tyrannis. The Emperor was a tyrant of the worst sort, and we would one day destroy him. We had chosen our side, even if we never chose to exercise upon our decision until the time was right. We stood in silence with the Warmaster. This tale, this recollection, is a history of our circle. We forwent with mercy and sympathy: such was a liability in the war against a tyrant and a despot who had none, even if it never was open. I was there at the beginning, and I remember my brother Azas Vem speaking us into motion. This here is my account, and my argument, my reason. This is my thesis. [Pict-capture: Knight-Sergeant Marqius was a brother who had served with us since the earliest days of Crusade and through the punishing days of the Rangdan Genocides that destroyed our Legion. I trusted him with my life, right up until the day he took the blade of a Decurion Paladin meant for me that final day on Caliban.]
  5. After a fair few years away from the hobby, I recently picked up a few bits and pieces from FW. I like the clean, hi-tech look of the Tartaros Terminators and fancied making a First Legion POTL list. I wanted to focus more on the practical image of the Grest Crusade over the ornamental style of 40k. I filed off all the studs and imagery off the test model to emphasise the 'clean' look I was looking for. To keep with the hi-tech theme I armed him with a Volkite Charger (with an Anvil Industries holo sight) and a Grey Knight power sword. I also added some spare Volkite power cells to his left hip and, as a nod to the Deathwing of the 41st millenium, a dagger to his right. As it's been a while since I last painted anything, I kept to a simple palet using Vallejo Model Colour. I based the scheme on Luther's Blood Angel Death Company found elsewhere on the B'n'C. The view from the side showing the sword a little better, as well his spare power packs for the Volkite Charger. A slightly ropey top-down view showing a FW etched brass symbol and the top of the Charger. And, with the test model there or there abouts, the rest of the WIP squad.
  6. So Ive finnaly put enough paint to Resin to start my WIP in this forum Im still working on a contemptor mortis and ive got some bases to paint , but the bare bones dudes are pretty much done as well as the HQs sooooo My submission for the HH communities approval 30k Imperial Fists 1st Company Mid to Late Scouring We Follow Sigismund Command Section Ancient Terminators Thudd Guns! Sicarian Battle Tank Heavy Support Squad with Las Cannons ( I like the modern Las Cannons better ) And the Tactical Bros! Oh and heres my book Pls ignore my feet that many years of karate makes them pretty gnarled @ n @
  7. Part one "In raising these men to watch over mankind, we have bred a Legion of inhumans whose sole purpose is to defend that which they no longer understand. Their duty, borne with pride; their curse, carried with grace but let it never be forgotten what we have done to Caliban's finest sons. Unending Imperial ambition has not bred warriors with the warm hearts of men, but angels with the cold hearts of weapons. No soul so changed will recover what was lost. No weapon so savage can be wielded without cost." The Verbatim, Lutherian Amendments, Chapter I: These Savage Weapons Veteran Sergeant Arael of the First Legion There was a noble sorrow in his eyes. Of all the members of the First Legion, Lord Arael was said to be among those who resembled their father the most, at least in appearence. He was the one who introduced us to the Expedition, and the first Astartes I have ever seen. I will never forget the sense of awe and majesty that irradiated from the Emperor's creations... neither the subtle sense of fear and impotence that stabbed my heart. Most of them were utterly uninterested in talking with remembrancers, and that made our job of recording quite harder. But Arael, he had his own kindness. Like his brothers, he understood little of the feelings of men, or the unspoken words that make up for the most part of a conversation. He didn't speak much, either, and kept most of his cards close to his chest. But some things he did tell me. He told me of the coming of the Emperor on Caliban, and the conquest of worlds and systems beyond account. He told me of the horrors of the void and the nightmares that haunt the nameless, angry stars. He told me what it meant to be the First, the honoured, the sons of the Lion. He told me these stories, that I now tell you. - Extract from Alone against the angry stars by historiograph Hern Tzat. - Veteran Sergeant Arael by imagist Darahella Gareen. Update One: Veteran Squad Arael Update Two: Raphael 'El Gareth, Champion of the First Legion Update Three: Heavy Support Squad Isiah Update Four: Veteran Squad Lamrak Update Five: Revered Brother Arethorn Update Six: Rhino APC "Strider" Update Seven: Terminator Squad Harron and Land Raider Phobos "Silent retribution" Update Eight: Land Raider Phobos "Sword of Aldurukh" Update Nine: Rapier battery "Fury of Caliban" Update Ten: Leviathan Dreadnought "E Tenebrae Lux" and Heavy Support reinforcements Roll of Honor Diamat
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