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  1. From the album: Fallen WIP

  2. From the album: Fallen WIP

  3. From the album: Fallen WIP

  4. March of the Fallen - ETL VII ETL VII is upon us! The „March of the Fallen“ (MotF) is meant to support any participant building and painting characters, units or whole armies themed around the Fallen. It is meant to work in the context of ETL VII and support the wider CSM forum effort for this year. If you are interested in being a part of MotF, please post your vows in this thread as well as in the CSM Outpost. I will keep track of all players doing so, including their points pledged and completed. To receive one of the titles listed below, you only have to include one or more Fallen models in your vow (and then complete it of course). Titles are: Fallen Brother for including Fallen themed unit(s) in one vow. Fallen Raptor for including Fallen themed unit(s) in two vows. Fallen Havoc for including Fallen themed unit(s) in three vows. Fallen Terminator for including Fallen themed unit(s) in four vows. Fallen Lord for including Fallen themed unit(s) in five vows. Disciple of Cypher for the three players with the highest number of actual Fallen over all their vows. In detail: You can claim any of the first five titles by including models themed around Fallen in your vow(s). This means: the background of one or more character(s) or unit(s) in the respective vow(s) makes them a Fallen Angel, and that background is represented in the build and/or painting of the model(s). Any choice from Codex: CSM can be used here, as long as the „Fallen theme“ is visible in build and or paint. One example is given under the spoiler tag: The last title – Disciple of Cypher – is given to the three players with the highest number of game-legal „actual Fallen“ units over all their vows. In contrast to the other titles, this one takes into account all vows of somebody, but only counts units from the following CSM datasheets: Cypher, Fallen, Sorcerer, Rhino. The models have to be modelled and painted to represent Fallen, you can not claim points for just any Sorcerer or Rhino for example. Some cases will be not 100% clear – such is the nature of Chaos! If in doubt: please just ask in advance. More likely than not your idea will be perfectly fine. How you declare your vow is up to you, just make clear what models/units you pledge. Please include point numbers for each individual entry, and ideally link to the corresponding vow in the CSM Outpost. OOC points are allowed! My thanks go to Captain Semper for organising ETL in general and giving me feedback on this idea early on, as well as Forté for doing the image wizardry that gave us the banner and title badges!
  5. The best thing about Fallen is that they have both IMPERIUM and CHAOS keywords, meaning they can be taken as allied detachments for both. If one had a small collection of Fallen (say, Cypher and three maximum-size squads of Fallen) one could run said Fallen as a separate detachment for any Imperium or Chaos army one has. I'm considering picking up some Fallen myself. Thoughts?
  6. I would like to build a Kill Team themed around Fallen, which can be used as a legal unit in 40K as well. This means: up to ten models of CSM any model is per default armed with boltgun, bolt pistol, frag and krak grenades any boltgun can be replaced by a chainsword one model (i.e. the champion) can replace boltgun and/or bolt pistol with any two choices from: bolt pistol, chainaxe, chainsword, lightning claw, plasma pistol, power axe/fist/maul/sword, boltgun, combi-bolter/flamer/melta/plasma up to four models can choose any one choice of the following: replace bolt pistol with plasma pistol OR replace boltgun with combi-bolter/flamer/melta/plasma or flamer/meltagun/plasmagun OR replace boltgun and bolt pistol with two lightning claws OR take one of either chainaxe, chainsword, lightning claw, power axe/fist/maul/sword, thunder hammer one additional model can replace its boltgun with any one choice from: flamer, meltagun, plasmagun, autocannon, heavy bolter, lascannon, missile launcher no cultists The KT should be reasonably effective, but not "hardcore competetive". The effectiveness of the unit in 40K terms is of no concern to me, it just needs to be legal. I have no experience with plaing Kill Team so far, and I have borrowed my rulebook to my brother for the time being - so please help me out with a list. Thanks in advance.
  7. CLASSIFICATION: *Primary Level Intelligence* CLEARANCE: *Vermillion* DATE: *451.M41* AUTHOR: *Visual Record Unit 3140* LOCATION: -UNKNOWN- SUBJECT: *Debriefing* ++Audio activation code accepted++ ++Vid-capture initializing++ ++Warning. No Authorised interrogator present++ ++Override accepted++ ++Interrogation room 337 Alpha++ ++Astartes prisoner - No discernible marks of allegiance++ ++Record starts++ Many of my brothers would call me a traitor. Thinking of many of them, I will gladly take such title and all that comes with it. I know this to be the truth, as I would call them all but the same. But what is the opinion of masses to one such as I? I know what I am, despite the millennia of confusion, the centuries of pain and the eternity of war. I know I am a true warrior of the Astartes. The Imperium as a whole has forgotten what we did for it. Ten millennia of stagnancy, one hundred centuries of religious dogma and degeneracy. Can your mind wrap its tiny self around such thoughts? You are but one of countless others, all of whom have been born, lived and died pointlessly more times than even a mind such as mine could calculate. If an intellect such as mine, built from stock of the very homeworld of our species, engineered by science and technologies that have never been replicated since, cannot contemplate such wonders, what chance does one such as you have? It almost makes me smile. I know you are watching me, my hidden observers. Your hearts beating so eagerly inside your chests, your shuddering breaths with each word I grace you. I hear the scratching of your scriveners as they take everything in triplicate, the hushed whispers you share when you think you have captured some unknown nugget of information from the pittance I allow you to absorb. It's almost amusing. But alas my friends, I tire of talking to these blank walls. You have me here for a reason, I allowed you the grace of my presence for far too long to continue the almost oppressive lull. But you still give me nothing. ++Access panel opens++ ++SCANNING++ ++SCANNING++ ++SCANNING++ ++Identity confirmed++ ++Inquisitor Lhyras Zhoul. Ordo Hereticus++ Ah! Finally we meet. I was beginning to grow tired of these games. Please, take a seat. No, you don't have to say anything. You are here to listen, not speak. I will make this simple for you, as we do not have a lot of time. No, questions are not needed just yet. We will get to them later. I know you have the pict-captures, I know you have the images of them all. Bring them out and I will tell you everything. I will answer all of your questions before you even ask. But first, the simplest answer of all. My name is Barquiel Myda. I am a true son of the First Legion. Born of Terra. Forged by war. And this is the truth. ++Record ends++ Hello to all. I am a bit of a hobby tornado and am always starting projects that never get finished. But me and a few of my buddies have all jumped on a new year/new army wagon at the moment and I have fallen on The Fallen! This army will be my go to this year and I am aiming for about 2500 points. I also want to try and build/model it all so it can be played as either Dark Angels or CSM. So it's gonna be interesting! First and foremost, let's see some pictures of what we have so far! First off the build pile. Tactical squad/CSM squad. We have the SGT/Champion. Two standard marines. I am doing a little bit of size variation to these guys, I can't understand the idea of marines all being so uniform in size. Here's the second brother compared to a standard veteran. Next up is the SGT/Champion for the first Veteran/Fallen squad. I imagine this squad is made up of former Destroyers, so I wanted him to look a bit more brutal in his bearing. I have always loved the Destroyers. Brothers who were shunned by their own legions, in so many cases they were openly hated. It almost makes you want to betray your oaths to the Imperium and strike out on your own! Last but not least, some glorious Devastators/Havocs. There's something about a missile launcher that makes me happy. I think it's the ability to destroy dreadnoughts. That's it from me tonight. I have a whole mess of other bits that I have started for this army so far, but I am trying to make myself stay on target with this! Until next time.
  8. Life is a series of struggles – if you fall, you get up again. Accept your flaws – only then you can overcome them. True growth – impossible without failure. Only The Fallen Can Rise In Truth [source] Overview In this project log I want to document a force of Fallen I will do over the coming weeks and months. Maybe years? It is meant as a side project to my many other Chaos forces, and is not focussed on gameplay effectiveness, but variety in modelling. Each model will get a name and its personal backstory – so expect some depth when it comes to their background. This Plog will contain WIP pictures as well as completed models, and I appreciate any and all comments and questions. The second post will contain links to different parts of the project for easy reference. Project goals The main goal is: getting models painted and on the tabletop in a reasonable time. To me this means that I will go for „tabletop ready“, instead of spending hours and hours on every single model. I am a perfectionist at heart, but this has lead to little results in the past. More often than not I got demotivated over the process of painting something, and never finished it. This time I want to purposely shoot for „mediocre painting“, to actually get stuff done. The first intermediate results should stand at the end of this years ETL. I want to have a Vanguard Detachment of Fallen ready to game at the end of August. It will consist of Cypher, a Sorcerer and about 30 Fallen, plus a couple of Rhino transport tanks. If you are not familiar with the details of Codex: CSM, this means using a special detachment from „Vigilus Ablaze“. Being a Vanguard Detachment also means that this will hardly be an „army“ yet, but a starting point. This first detachment should give me something to either field on its own for smaller games, as part of a larger Chaos force of my own, or as something I can bring to larger games in stores or hobby clubs – Apocalypse says hello! Afterwards I will expand the concept into a full CSM army. There are some ideas for this already around, but the details will get worked out later down the road. What I will do – and what not As mentioned already, I want to keep the painting at a level that could be called „tabletop ready“. I will not aim for high-level results on anything other than (maybe) the characters. This approach does not include the building side of things though, so I will spend some time making each model an individual in some way or another. The first part of the force is supposed to represent Fallen in an early stage of corruption. So there will be no Chaosstars, no overly spikyness, no open mutations and the like. There will be no imperial eagles either though. The general idea is: they should look like loyal Dark Angels at first sight, but with clues to their true allegiance obvious for anybody who knows where to look for them... While I am aiming for a gameplay legal force, I have no interest in „competetive gaming“. So effectiveness on the battlefield will never be a major concern. I am fully aware that almost everthing that can be done with Fallen can be done better with Chosen – but for this project I simply do not care. Concerning the background there are some gaps in my knowledge I hope to close soon. I know the general Dark Angels background since the 2nd edition „Angels of Death“ codex, and not a lot has changed regarding the Fallen. There are some bits I missed out on in „Gathering Storm“ though, and I have to read through stuff like „Fallen Angels“ and „Black Legion“ for more – both novels are ordered already, so... soon™. However, I will not follow any of the official background slavishly. If there are things I deem fit to ignore to better represent my own ideas - I will happily do so.
  9. For the benefit of the Unforgiven and as a special thanks to Captain Semper for last year's ETL I made an out of competition vow to finish painting a Fallen warband before this year's ETL. Hopefully pictures of these heretics will inspire you to paint more units for this year's ETL. I have some proper Dark Angels too but they're a long way down the queue at the moment. http://i.imgur.com/LRwLUwq.jpg In case the Interrogator Chaplains need the names .. for their records, they are as follows: Cypher {1st squad} Lord Lancelot Sir Galahad Sir Gawain Sir Bedivere Sir Tristan Sir Percival {2nd squad} Sgt Ramesis Brother Tiberius Brother Aaron Brother Nymeon Brother Bathsheebus Brother Tyrael -- The reason for the different titles are so that I can distinguish between the two squads if they get into a multiple combat but each squad's Fallen Champion is either labelled 'sgt' or 'lord'. It could also be that they represent different factions within the Fallen brought together by Cypher. But are they their real names? Everyone knows what liars they are... They were designed with the rules from Gathering Storm III: Rise of the Primarch, which was interesting as that was the.. second time (?) Fallen have ever had actual rules but it felt a lot better than just CSM labelled as Fallen; these had the veteran statline and the full equipment complement of a standard CSM (or upgraded Grey Hunter). Thanks for viewing. If you need any close-ups of individual models don't hesitate to ask.
  10. Recently decided to try my hand at making a Fun CSM/Daemons aligned list starring Cypher and a small cell of the Fallen. Cypher ×3 Fallen Combiplas x5 Simple. What better allies for the Fallen than Alpha Legion! And then i discovered Lord Arkos .....Help! Did some searching but still cant wrap my head around The Faithless. Are they an Alpha Legion 'successor' chapter or are they a Renegade Chapter using those rules CT? As it stands i think i will run the Fallen as a Vanguard detachment, place Lord Arkos in command of An Alpha legion battalion (cultists,helbrutes) and then create a 3rd Faithless detachment of Terminators?Bikes? HELP!
  11. As stated, lets say i want to include Cypher and and a couple of units of fallen into my loyalist space marines list. Since they have the Shadowy allies rules i was thinking i could do something like this: Patrol Detachment: -Cypher -Fallen -Fallen -Scout Squad But again Shadowy Allies only specifies legios trait not just trait. I haven´t found nothing about it that says they can be mixed with loyalist but seens weird they can be mixed much easier with chaos (More after the fluuf with Bobby G).
  12. Greetings! With ETL coming up, I've decided to start my own thread for my Dark Angels collection. Quick bio first, I've been doing GW stuff for the last 20 years or so. First & main love was WHFB (RIP), but ever since reading the early 2000's WD Index Astartes articles I've been following the 40k fluff closely. Main interest here is Heresy & 30k, but 40k is also close to my heart. In the 41st millennium (we think), my interest has always been with Dark Angels. The First Legion, the ultimate grimdark Chapter, with a cool colour scheme and lots of variety to boot! At the moment, I'm finishing up a demi-company (5th) of shall we now call them Old Marines. In the pipeline are also a 1st & 2nd Company Detachment, and the second half of the now partially reconstituted 5th Company comprised of Primaris Marines, who will keep their head down and take enemy fire for the team if they know what's good for them. On the 30k side I have a scattering of Ultramarines based on the Calth box (mainly because it will be a while before we have proper Dark Angel Legion rules), but after buying the Prospero box I also modelled up some 30k DA. In 40k terms, can be used as unidentified renegade marines, probably from 7th Legion heritage or some such nonsense. I'll be posting pictures as I go along, and share perhaps a battle report every six months or so when I get a game in.
  13. Hey folks, I am finally going to sit down and get my dream army going. I have always wanted to throw together an army of the fallen. The only problem is I am not sure what codex to use.. Since Cypher has the imperial tag, i am debating going either Vanilla Marines, Chaos Marines, or Dark Angels.. The army would not consist of much in line of vehicles and the sort but more along the lines of elite space marine units. Maybe a few vehicles, if i went with chaos the armor would not be tainted as much as normal CSM. I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations and feedback or if anyone knows anyone else that has made a fallen army? Does anyone know of any other folks who have already taken this on?
  14. Hey everyone! There maybe similar posts floating around in random places but I think I may have found a way to use Cypher in a somewhat effective way. A little about this Fallen Angel. Dude uses two pistols with ranges of 16" & 12" meaning that an army he is in should be all about close range firepower. He can be fielded with any Chaos army or Imperium army allowing him incredible flexibility and Mysterious Protection is really damn good. This tactica is designed to develop deployment methods for Cypher with the goal of winning in mind. List - 975pts Faction: Imperium Outrider Detachment HQ Cypher - 110 (Warlord) FAST ATTACK Inceptor Squad x3 - 675 HEAVY SUPPORT Hellblaster Squad - 190 This army is 13 models. Has significant firepower. Denies Warlord victory conditions. Is fast and can disengage with the Inceptors and Cypher and still fire (without penalties?). I know this is a very small list. You will need to know which targets to need to use the hellblasters and Cypher's plasma pistol on. S7AP-4D1 and S8AP-3D2 is pretty damn good imho. Sure you don't have all the rerolls and that could hurt but you're still rolling 2+ for Cypher and 3+ for everything else. Also don't forget that Cypher can advance and still shoot. Anyway... what are your thoughts on Cypher? Edit: Also looking into using custodes to team up with Cypher. Might be interesting to have a bunch of gods roaming around the battle field.
  15. 1181 downloads

    Dark Angel Symbols (Alternate) Decal Sheet
  16. LameBeard

    Fallen for Crusade

    From the album: LameBeard's 40k

    Mix of mk III and Chaos Space Marine
  17. Hi all, Having embarked on the 12 Months Hobby Challenge for 2022 by GrotSmasha, I thought I would track my progress here for general pointers and thoughts. As an FYI, this will be my first time using enamels, and anything outside of GW, and I dont own an airbrush. This is also my foray back into painting after about 5-6 years. I am seeking to play also, which has been a bit longer since I last did. First up, I posted a Leviathan in the 2022 hobby; Because I am on leave, and probably as I was too keen to get the model done this month, I am done already! However I am going to take a day to see if I want to go further; Couple of points, the black base has very much come out a Grey/Brown. Next model I will be using a better drybrush method on the black, and the AK Brown Wash, might be switched out for streaking grime, with less focus the higher up the model. The base does need more life, however I'm going to see how it sits with me over the coming weeks. It was just some All purpose filler with stones, and some spare plastic bits. However the legs do blend in well with the surrounding. Thoughts?
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