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  1. Version 2021 December 31


    I got excited when I saw the rumors about the update to the asuryani/craftworlds, especially the bit about the possible inclusion of the corsairs, so I decided to update my anhrathe rules for the 2021 version of the Kill Team game. I'm skeptical about the rumors (though I'd love to see them come true). This is currently a preliminary version. These are changed substantially from the version I developed for the 2018 version of the Kill Team game. For the most part, I've limited the options to what players might create using the Eldar Guardian models and the Eldar Corsairs upgrade kits from Forge World. This means that most of the options from the drukhari have been removed. I don't know if that was a good idea, but it's what I'm going with for now (we'll see what the feedback shows). Areas of concern: Corsair Reaver and Voidstorm Corsair options allow for both melee and shooting loadouts (with both icons orange). If this is thought to be too powerful, I'll break them out into shooty and stabby units. Heavy and special weapons have been limited to those available to the asuryani (previous version followed The Doom of Mymeara in allowing both asuryani and drukhari weapons). Weapon options for felarchs are extremely limited, largely based on the upgrade sprue options. The malevolent has been removed from this version. I'm considering adding them back in as a stabby unit. The Strategic Ploys, Tactical Ploys, and Equipment are mostly cherry-picked from the Compendium (from the Craftworld, Comorrite, and Harlequin sections - only those that I thought were appropriate to the Corsairs). Corsair jet packs are an equipment choice, but they get expensive (2EP/model that gets them). I originally had them as an ability for the Voidstorm Corsairs, but made them equipment after deciding to use the Forge World images (everybody is wearing a Corsair jet pack). Images are limited. I'm using the ones from Forge World, and a few are just reversed so that they can be used multiple times. If someone has decent representative images (with white backgrounds), I might use them. Otherwise, I'll replace these at a future date when I have decent models converted and painted. I kept a modified version of the back page from the previous version, giving players that aren't familiar with the anhrathe some background. I'm considering adding in the name charts, or perhaps giving new versions to expand the options (if players have the old ones). *** 2021 December 11 Version *** The lasblaster and brace of pistols have had their special rule changed from Rending to Ceaseless. The version is now shown in the top right corner. Minor formatting improvements have been made (nothing substantive). *** 2021 December 15 Version *** Added Drukhari weapons. Added name chart. *** 2021 December 18 Version (Rogue Trader) *** Removed Ghostwalker fire team Corsair Reavers become shooty, Voidstorm Corsairs become stabby (neither is a veteran level) Added Corsair Malevolents. One Corsair Reaver fire team and one Voidstorm Corsair fire team can take a Corsair Malevolent in place of a Corsair Reaver/Voidstorm Corsair. The Corsair Malevolent can only take chainswords (1 or 2), spar-glaives (1 or 2), or a power glove (with either a chainsword or a spar-glaive). The end result is that you might be able to take up to 2 Corsair Malevolents in your kill team. Ghostwalkers become an optional upgrade that replaces a Corsair Reaver Gunner/Voidstorm Corsair Gunner. A Ghostwalker can be equipped with an Aeldari long rifle, lasblaster, or shuriken catapult. The end result is that you might have up to 2 Ghostwalkers in your kill team. Fists replaced with Corsair blades, which are mundane knives. Most models have these along with a brace of pistols. *** 2021 December 26 Version (both variants) *** After looking at the previous two versions and some of the official lists in the Kill Team Compendium, I decided to standardize the structure of both variants. I liked how the ghostwalker was an alternative to the gunner (in both fire team types), so I extended that concept. After seeing that the gunners in The Doom of Mymeara were limited to special weapons and that only the balestrike bands, a heavy support choice, had heavy weapons, I adjusted the Kill Team faction rules accordingly. Since other factions don’t have heavy support fire teams, however, I made the balestrike corsair an alternative to the gunner, but only in the corsair reaver fire team. I made the corsair malevolent an alternative to the gunner in the voidstorm corsair fire team. Both the balestrike corsair and corsair malevolent are limited to one per kill team (not fire team). The corsair reavers and voidstorm corsairs are very flexible, with options to be either shooty or stabby, so I wanted the alternatives (ghostwalker, balestrike corsair, corsair malevolent) to force choices. The voidstorm corsairs are effectively a fire team of felarchs, but with slightly fewer options than the actual Felarch. Since the previous corsair reaver felarch and voidstorm corsair felarch operative datacards were identical (minus the names), I consolidated those into a single datasheet, simply called “Felarch.” In both lists, most operatives have a brace of pistols and Corsair blades. A brace of pistols is basically a bunch of pistols, while Corsair blades is basically a bunch of knives. I’ve added the OUTCAST keyword to all of the operatives in both lists. This doesn’t haven’t any impact on these variants, but is based on what I’ve seen with the bespoke factions (e.g., Octarius and Chalnath). Each of these is similar to the counterpart lists in the Kill Team Compendium, but has unique rules and slightly different keywords. The OUTCAST keyword simply facilitates future efforts on some bespoke lists. The difference between the two variants (other than the images) is in the weapons: The Doom of Mymeara variant preserves the drukhari weapons. The Rogue Trader variant replaces the drukhari weapons with their asuryani counterparts and also allows hand flamers, power axes, and power gloves. I also created a new orange skull icon for the faction keyword and changed the abilities and special rules text to size 9 font. Both of those changes will be in the updated faction rules template (which will be uploaded once I get the portrait frame image elements separated for those hobbyists that don’t have Photoshop). The Doom of Mymeara variant supports those players that collected the more recent version of corsairs, including those that may be represented using drukhari miniatures. The Rogue Trader variant supports those players that are using the Warhammer 40,000 1st and 2nd Edition eldar miniatures. The key problem, mostly relevant to the Rogue Trader variant, is the need to convert – there aren’t any man-portable bright lances or scatter lasers. I could see using 1st edition harlequins for their power axes and power gloves, and the old 2nd edition sprues have power gloves (not to mention that some of the 1st edition models have power gloves and/or hand flamers). Some players have these models/bits, though, so the Rogue Trader variant might work for them. For those that have more recently joined the eldar corsairs fan club, The Doom of Mymeara variant, the Forge World upgrade sprues and drukhari kits will provide the bits that you need. If the rumors have any truth to them, we’ll see the corsairs in the future, at which point I’ll update these to match the models (assuming GW doesn’t give us Kill Team rules for them right away). At that point, I may keep some of the more exotic stuff for bespoke anhrathe variant lists. We should have shiny new models if the corsairs are brought back, so those will drive the options (though some conversion opportunities may be provided by other models in the aeldari ranges). *** 2021 December 31 Version (both variants) *** Removed chainsword Corsair blades changed to array of blades (identical to Comorrites) Brace of pistols changed to laspistol (see Astra Militarum) with fusillade ability Shuriken pistols and splinter pistols (latter only in DM version) added as alternative to brace of pistols Changed the celestial shield (equipment) to a shimmershield *** 2022 January 7 Version (both variants) *** Streamlined the weapon options. – operatives no longer come with a brace of pistols, array of blades, and additional weapons. Instead, they typically come with an array of blades (or some other melee weapon) and a ranged weapon. This is in line with the operatives in the official factions in the Compendium. Removed the blast pistol from the felarch (Rogue Trader version only). The RT version wasn’t supposed to include drukhari weapon options, so the blast pistol was an error (probably a cut and paste error). The blast pistol remains an option for the felarch in the Doom of Mymeara version. Removed the shimmer shield (equipment). Only a few of the official factions have an invulnerable save, so it was inappropriate to add it here when it wasn’t in the sources upon which both of these variants are based. See the support topic for details. I appreciate any feedback that players might provide in improving these rules. Note that the Rogue Trader and Doom of Mymeara versions are separate variants. choose whichever one meets your collection limitations based on the notes above.
  2. Since most players don't get down into the Homegrown Rules forum, I figured I'd post these here. I've been developing rules for the eldar corsairs in the Kill Team game (and I've had lots of great help from a few members). I previously posted a version in the Downloads section, but have since reorganized and expanded those rules following the release of Elites. The rules now include commanders and elites choices, as well as sub-faction rules (following the Elites example). You can see the current version of the rules below: (click on the images for full size versions) I'm looking for feedback from players that have experience playing Kill Team. The limited playtesting I've done (it's difficult to playtest solo ) and the theorycrafting that has taken place in the Homegrown Rules discussion have led up to what you see above. My playtesting was limited to games against similar asuryani and drukhari lists, and all of my playtesting was pre-elites (i.e., before ghostwalkers and malevolents were added and before everyone could take corsair jet packs). We think it's ready for prime time, but it would be great to get more eyes on things to ensure that everything looks fair. Some issues for consideration: The most contentious issue is the availability of corsair jet packs for everybody. Their impact has been limited, following the pattern of t'au jet packs and granting only 2" of additional movement along with the FFLY and JET PACK keywords. Adeptus Astartes jump packs double movement (+6") and grant the FFLY and JUMP PACK keywords for only 6 points, so 4 points looks relatively safe (there are arguments that this might be too expensive). The tactics are drawn from other factions, mostly asuryani and drukhari. The coterie specializations (sub-faction rules) are drawn from other factions, mostly asuryani and drukhari. You can see more in-depth explanations and exchanges here. Thanks in advance!
  3. I've developed a first draft of rules for using the Anhrathe (Eldar Corsairs) in Kill Team. You can see the rules in the Homegrown Rules forum.
  4. I took a little break from expanding the Aeldari kill teams for the Shadow War: Armageddon game and developed rules for the anhrathe (eldar corsairs) in the Kill Team game. As usual, here are the rules (before I pontificate): File has been revised. See this post for current version. You'll notice that these rules have more images and lore than the other factions have. That's because I don't think that the faction is as familiar to all hobbyists, so I wanted to include enough information to give a basic understanding of the anhrathe. The lore on the first page is mostly verbatim from the second printing of The Doom of Mymeara. There are a few bits here and there from other sources, including some of the edits that I made. Where other factions have a nifty little bit of lore in the black box, I including basic lore information on the commander options (since the core rulebook doesn't have those and the Commanders rulebook has a first page with much of the standard lore). The filler bits (kill team background, mission, squad quirk, and specialist demeanors) are a combination of asuryani and drukhari results that I thought were applicable to the anhrathe. The background results are mostly from the asuryani tables, with two results from the drukhari. The mission results are 6:4 asuryani/drukhari. The squad quirks are 50/50 (I think). The specialist quirks are 5:4, with one made up from scratch (I think). The names were the hardest thing to do. I took all of the names from the Rogue Trader era "Space Elves" miniatures. Then I filled in the tables by making up similar names and by looking at the asuryani names for ideas. I didn't make up an aeldari-sounding second element names, sticking with the (kind of silly) Rogue Trader era names. Realistically speaking, the second element names could be used for either males or females (changing the few names with "He" or "She" as needed). Alternately, you can use the asuryani and drukhari name tables, even combining tables from all three factions for more distinctive names. The coterie tactics are simply those for the asuryani/drukhari that were (I felt) appropriate. I didn't make up any additional/new tactics. The models were kept as basic as possible, largely mirroring the asuryani. Instead of the dire avengers aspect warriors (the anhrathe don't have aspect warriors) I included the "basic" veterans of the anhrathe, the voidstorm corsairs. In the 7th Edition WH40K rules, all of the members of the voidstorm corsairs were felarchs (the anhrathe version of an adeptus astartes veteran sergeant). The anhrathe counterpart to the asuryani guardians is the corsair reaver. Likewise, the ghostwalkers are akin to rangers. Any weapons/wargear that have counterparts in either the asuryani or drukhari kill team faction rules remain identical to those other factions (so they shouldn't need any adjustments). With one exception, the corsair fleets/bands shown on page 6 are all official. The Sunblitz Brotherhood, Sky Raiders, and Void Dragons are based on the schemes shown in The Doom of Mymeara. The Void Watchers, Eldritch Raiders, and Black Suns are based on schemes from a really old painting guide (1st Edition) for the eldar. The only made up corsair fleet/band is the Mourning Blades, which is my own DIY (you'll have to forgive me this indulgence ). The commander options were largely lifted from the asuryani. The corsair prince is just an asuryani autarch with slightly different options (options for the commanders and the main kill team units were based on the Imperial Armour: Xenos book that gave rules for Forge World units in the transition from 7th to 8th edition WH40k). The corsair baron is a watered down version of the corsair prince. The void dreamer is mostly based on the asuryani warlock, with some aspects of the farseer mixed in. One of the psyker powers is from the warlock and one is from the farseer, with one made up as a translation of an aethermancy power from The Doom of Mymeara (the latter is in red text). Overall, I think that the only elements that really need to be evaluated and (if necessary) adjusted are those that are in red text. I'm going to edit the first page (because plagiarism isn't cool). Note that the quotes were made up by me. They might be lame, in which case I'm happy to replace them with better quotes. I made up the titles to sound grandiose, to match the background description of each corsair leader having a unique and grandiose title. I don't necessarily know what the titles mean. In developing these rules, I realized that some earlier assumptions I'd made about the anhrathe (in my Shadow War: Armageddon rules) were wrong. So I'm going back to adjust those rules. Of course, I also decided to create a second kill team for the anhrathe in Shadow War: Armageddon as a result of these rules; and those will be posted soon (not that any of you care about Shadow War: Armageddon any more since GW killed it ). Again, any feedback is appreciated.
  5. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?app=downloads&module=display&section=screenshot&id=581 File Name: Aeldari Corsair Kill Teams for SWA File Submitter: Ioldanach File Submitted: 25 Nov 2018 File Category: Wargaming Downloads Rules for using Aeldari Corsairs in the Shadow War: Armageddon game. Click here to download this file
  6. While also being discussed in the Craftworld Eldar forum, that forum is slow and I'm also looking for more general feedback from the wider Kill Team community. After re-thinking things with the revelation (!) that my Leader doesn’t have to be a Dire Avenger Exarch, and making further adjustments to include some Commander options, here is my revised Asuryani command roster. Autarch (level 2) - power sword, fusion pistol, Swooping Hawk wings, forceshield, mandiblasters, and plasma grenades – Melee: Expert Fighter, Warrior Born (100 pts) Warlock (level 2) - witchblade, shuriken pistol, rune armour – Psyker: Student of the Arcane, Psychic Onslaught (25 pts) Guardian Defender – shuriken catapult and plasma grenades – Leader: Resourceful (7 pts) Ranger – shuriken pistol and ranger long rifle – Leader: Resourceful (11 pts) Dire Avenger Exarch – shuriken pistol and power glaive – Combat: Expert Fighter (12 pts) Dire Avenger Exarch – two Avenger shuriken catapults – Veteran: Grizzled (11 pts) Dire Avenger – Avenger shuriken catapult and plasma grenades (10 pts) Dire Avenger – Avenger shuriken catapult and plasma grenades (10 pts) Dire Avenger – Avenger shuriken catapult and plasma grenades (10 pts) Dire Avenger – Avenger shuriken catapult and plasma grenades (10 pts) Storm Guardian – shuriken pistol, Aeldari blade, and plasma grenades (6 pts) Storm Guardian – shuriken pistol, chainsword, and plasma grenades (6 pts) Storm Guardian Gunner – fusion gun (10 pts) Storm Guardian Gunner – fusion gun (10 pts) Storm Guardian Gunner – flamer (10 pts) Storm Guardian Gunner – flamer (10 pts) Guardian Defender – shuriken catapult and plasma grenades – Comms: Scanner (7 pts) Guardian Defender – shuriken catapult and plasma grenades (7 pts) Heavy Weapon Platform – Aeldari missile launcher (13 pts) Ranger – shuriken pistol and ranger long rifle – Sniper: Marksman (11 pts) It’s an Eldar Corsairs kill team, but is heavily composed of Craftworlders (I’m not going to bother you with the lore right now – you can see basic lore and planned color scheme here). I wanted to include alternatives, so there’s an expensive Commander option (the autarch) and an inexpensive Commander option (the warlock), and similar choices for other areas. Kill teams will generally be based around Dire Avengers, with one of the Exarchs and three or four Dire Avengers. The composition of the rest of the team will depend upon the opponent. The example kill team, highlighted in purple, comes out to 100 points. I can probably swap out the ranger with another Dire Avenger for a 99 point kill team. At this point, though, I’m less concerned with kill team composition and more concerned with getting the command roster right. The choice of a ranger as my alternate leader was driven by the mini. It’s just a really cool older mini (you can see the minis I plan to use by following the WIP link in my signature). If I replace that fighter, I have a storm guardian defender with a power sword (i.e., Aeldari blade). He’s in the appropriate pointing stance for a leader. The only gain I see there is a reduction in points for a leader. If my leader is going to hang back and help the shooters, though, I prefer that the fighter have sufficiently ranged shooting attacks, so I’ve gone with the ranger for now. I’m open to persuasion, though, if there are compelling arguments. Another alternative might be to change the dual Avenger shuriken catapult wielding Dire Avenger Exarch into a leader, with the current ranger leader becoming a scout specialist (or being replaced by a Dire Avenger Exarch with a power sword). Are there any areas that you think I can improve upon?
  7. I was able to play some Shadow War: Armageddon recently, a solo game in which I pitted some Black Dragons Space Marines against some dire avengers. I had a great deal of fun, so I've decided to build a "proper" "Craftworld Eldar" kill team. My original intent was to use some Rogue Trader era space elves with some 2nd edition eldar, but I found a mother lode of eldar minis in my garage this afternoon, so I've replaced some of those more characterful space elves with other 2nd edition eldar guardians (I'll turn those space elves into character models and veteran corsairs at a later date). Rules-wise, this will be a straight up craftworld eldar kill team (which means dire avengers, with some guardian defenders). The models will be painted up in my DIY eldar corsairs coterie colors (along with a larger full WH40K eldar corsairs army later, of course). You can see the army list here (if you're interested in that sort of thing). The "dire avenger exarch" (felarch) will be represented by an OOP farseer model. His rune armor represents the aspect armor and shimmershield well enough, and I figure a patient explanation that his "avenger shuriken catapult" is a proxy for some sort of psychic attack (so I guess he's a froggy void dreamer felarch) should do. The first "dire avenger" (eldar corsair) will be represented by an OOP guardian defender. He's pretty straightforward, and this mini is often used to represent more archaic style dire avengers, so no explanation should be needed. The second "dire avenger" (eldar corsair) will be represented by another OOP guardian defender. This one, too, is pretty straightforward and often used for dire avengers by players, so no problem. And the "guardian defender gunner" (eldar corsair gunner) will be represented by an OOP eldar gunner. This one is really straightforward. Not shown is the OOP grav gun (scatterlaser). I've decided to use a dark purple for two reasons. First, I haven't seen a lot of eldar armies, craftworld or corsair, painted purple (yes, I've seen dark eldar painted purple, but I'll get over it). Second, going back to the Rogue Trader lore, the eldar pirates and mercenaries favored dark colors, including purple. Note that I'm not aiming for a necessarily "uniform" appearance. While I'm aiming for a more mercenary type company of eldar corsairs (as opposed to the sadistic eldar pirates from 1st edition that were turned into the dark eldar in 3rd edition), I want them to look more like a crew of individuals. I'll do my best to apply some element of cohesion in terms of the coterie's color, purple, and its rune, but I want it to look more like a gang of pirates and less like His Majesty's Royal Navy. You can see the (hopefully final) basic color scheme at right. The orange bits on the jump pack vanes are the thorn motif of Biel Tan. I'm not set on the color yet (I've used Trollslayer Orange in this one). The intent is to add some visual break up, introducing a pattern on a relatively flat area. The lore-based reason has to do with the coterie itself, which operates as an ally with Biel Tan, with many of the corsairs, including the corsair prince, hailing from Biel Tan. Of course, the Ynnari have screwed that all up, which adds some interesting background elements. I have something in mind for the "autarch" special operative (corsair prince), but nothing for the wraithguard/wraithblade (since the eldar corsairs have no ghost warriors within their coteries). Since the "autarch" comes with swooping hawk wings, though, I'll need to convert up some suitably fancy corsair jump pack vanes for a conversion. That will take some time, so I'll stick to the initial kill team for now.
  8. I was motivated to start an Eldar kill team recently, and decided to use my OOP 1st/2nd edition minis (some sold under the “Space Elves” logo) to represent an Eldar Corsairs kill team. Using the Craftworld Eldar/Dire Avengers kill team list is okay, but not quite satisfying because it’s a bit limited and doesn’t truly portray the corsairs as we’ve come to understand them. The Doom of Mymeara finally gave us rules for the corsairs, with a lackluster update to 8th edition in Index Xenos from Forge World. I've seen some great Eldar Corsairs minis in my wanderings around the internet and I'm quite keen on getting my own Eldar Corsairs army (for WH40K) and kill team (for SWA). So I've banged out some rules for friendly games. Since very few of you care about the lengthy explanations and want to get right to the main course, here are the initial rules I’ve come up with (click on each thumbnail for a legible version): (The originally posted image links no longer work as the file has been updated. See this post for the current version.) I've followed Brother Tyler's lead and am providing images for now. Once I get these rules finalized, I'll post the finished version in the downloads section here. I started with the Craftworld Eldar rules as a baseline, adjusting based on the Forge World rules. The rules from The Doom of Mymeara were where I looked first, but I expanded and updated according to Index Xenos. The corsairs troopers are a bit weaker than their craftworld counterparts (Dire Avengers), largely due to their skills, so their cost has been chopped. The new recruits and specialists are comparable to their craftworld counterparts, however (Guardians). The leader, a felarch, is a lot weaker than his counterpart (a Dire Avenger Exarch), so his cost is considerably lower. I’ve retained the Battle Focus rule for now because I’m stuck on turning the Reckless Abandon or Dancing on the Blade’s Edge rules (one of them) from Index Xenos into a properly balanced SWA rule. It works well enough for now since it’s a Craftworld Eldar rule, but I think it takes a bit away from the flavor of a fast, but reckless, force of Eldar corsairs (as opposed to the fast, but disciplined, force of the Eldar of the craftworlds). For the most part, the weapons are drawn from Index Xenos. Many of them already had rules, whether generic rules from the SWA rulebook or rules from either the Craftworld Eldar, Dark Eldar Wych Cult, or Harlequins kill team rules. Those were just copied over lock, stock, and barrel. Some others were new, but the 8th edition rules appear to match the format of the SWA rules, so I copied those where appropriate. There were only a few (from The Doom of Mymeara) that I had to apply some skull sweat to. I think I got the rules fairly close to where they need to be, though it never hurts to have others take a look. You might catch something I either missed or which I allowed my bias to influence me in the wrong direction. I’m not entirely sure about the points I’ve assigned, though. Anything that isn’t highlighted in yellow already has a points value assigned throughout the SWA rules, so I’ve just used those. Anything that’s in yellow, though, is something I estimated, so I’d definitely like some smarter people to take a look and see if anything is off. The skills are copied straight over from the Craftworld Eldar Kill Teams rules. They looked good enough. If anyone sees anything that they think needs to be changed, however, I’m open to making changes. The special operatives may be the most problematic, as these are where I’ve taken the largest liberties. The Corsair Noble was originally a Corsair Prince, nothing more than an Autarch with the serial numbers filed off. However, none of the other kill teams appear to have a WH40K HQ as a special operative choice, so while I can’t do anything about the craftworld Eldar being able to take an autarch (there really aren’t many options for them, I suppose), I can downgrade the corsairs version to be more in line with the counterparts from other kill teams. I wanted to call him a “Corsair Veteran,” but there’s already such a thing (see the Blade Sworn), and I didn’t want to screw that up. So I figured a “noble” is a step down from royalty (i.e., Prince), calling him a Corsair Noble. The weapons and wargear are based on what is available to the Corsair Prince (in The Doom of Mymeara), though I limited a few things (i.e., no option to take a gyrinx). I wanted the rule to allow players that already have street legal Corsair Princes (or autarchs, in a pinch) to take those minis in SWA. From a purely selfish position, I also wanted to be able to take some of my OOP minis as a Corsair Noble. Ultimately, the character is much less powerful that the Autarch in the Craftworld Eldar Kill Team rules, so it shouldn’t be a problem. The Void Dreamer is a bit more problematic because I’ve introduced a psyker to the game. The only psykers that I can think of in SWA are the Grey Knights, and their powers are very limited. This character has more choices, though I’ve stuck to powers that I thought were appropriate based on the background. The Soul Cry rule is a minor variation on the power of the same name in The Doom of Mymear. I saw the other two powers in that book as inappropriate to SWA. While I initially limited the character to the one power, I figured I’d test the waters with other similar powers. So I made some minor adjustments to original farseer and warlock powers (from way back when the Craftworld Eldar as we now know them were introduced in White Dwarf magazine) – Fortune and Battle Fate, respectively. The powers are minor enough (I think) and limited to friendly fighters within 12” of the Void Dreamer (I need to edit that into the Soul Cry rule), so they might be acceptable. The weapon and wargear choices are based on the rules from The Doom of Mymeara and Index Xenos, allowing players with street legal Void Weaver minis to use them in SWA. Otherwise I would have severely limited the options (i.e., he would have been fixed at a laspistol and witchblade, with the option to take a shuriken pistol instead of a laspistol). As it is, the character can take the Corsair jet pack, which makes him very useful. The last special operative is problematic in that it’s not a corsair. It’s an Eldar Ranger. I wanted to get a third special operative option in, but there weren’t any suitable options from the Eldar Corsairs lists (from Forge World). The opening given by Forge World, however, was that the Eldar Corsairs often operate in concert with outcasts from the craftworlds and Comorragh. Since the Corsair Noble presented a good close combat character and the Void Dreamer presented a good kill team enhancement character, I figured that the third special operative should be a bit more shooty. I wasn’t keen on the Dark Eldar shooty options (which mostly duplicated what the main kill team options can do with the weapons available to them), so I figured that the Eldar Ranger, another type of outcast, would be acceptable. Overall, I think that the list is slightly weaker than the Craftworld Eldar Kill Team rules. It mitigates some of that weakness by being much more flexible, though it still comes out slightly weaker. I might be wrong in this. One last issue is that I’ve included the “power glove” in the rules. The reason I’ve done this is because I still have those old bits from 1st edition and I really want to use them to convert some nifty corsairs. If GW/FW were to ever release official Eldar Corsairs Kill Team rules, I very much doubt we’ll see a “power glove” (or the more current “power fist”). It costs the same as power fist/power klaw, but works worse for the Eldar (than for Space Marines and Orks) because of the lower Str, so I don’t think it’s a problem from a balance perspective. It’s just not thematic to the Eldar as GW has developed them over the last twenty years. I’m still converting a corsair with a power glove, but that will be more of a vanity piece. You can see the power glove bits highlighted in blue (only for felarchs and the Corsair Noble). One last disclaimer – please excuse the color affectations. I’ve chosen purple as the main color for my own Corsairs minis, so I indulged that choice by also using the colors in the file (instead of colors closer to what is used in the official rules. So to sum up: Are the points for the kill team members and weapons/equipment okay? Is there a better army-wide rule that is more thematic to the corsairs? Do the skills need to be tweaked? Are there better special operative ideas? Please let me know where you think I can improve this (and thanks for your time – sorry for the wall of text).
  9. I've begun working on an eldar kill team for Shadow War: Armageddon. I found a bunch of OOP Space Elves/Eldar (1st/2nd edition) minis that I'm using, so though the rules are for a craftworld eldar kill team, the appearance and lore are going to be that they are eldar corsairs. I'll probably expand the kill team with actual eldar corsairs minis (i.e., craftworld eldar guardians with the Forge World eldar corsair upgrade bits). If you are interested in the kill team, you can see the list here. In the meantime, I'm working on the lore development and what-not. That will be posted in the Liber Xenos forum when it's done. For now, I'm considering color schemes. In a bid to differentiate my eldar corsairs from any others that I've seen, and because the Soul Drinkers [chapter of the Adeptus Astartes] color scheme is so cool, I'm tentatively considering a mostly purple with bone scheme at right.
  10. View File Aeldari Corsairs in Kill Team (Homegrown Rules) (KT 2018) Homegrown rules for playing the anhrathe (aeldari/eldar corsairs) in Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team (includes commanders and elites) The file can be discussed here. Submitter Ioldanach Submitted 02/14/19 Category Kill Team  
  11. CLASSIFICATION: DARK GAMMA DATE: 78.M42 AUTHOR: SUBJECT: Report on recent eldar activity in Segmentum Tempestus RECIPIENT: Inquisitor Rohzan, Ordo Xenos Subsequent to the Fall of Cadia, a new eldar group was encountered operating in the Segmentum Tempestus. This group of eldar was first thought to be from one of the so-called eldar 'craftworlds' due to the composition of their fleet and certain stylistic elements of individuals' armor and weapons. Indeed, due to several incidents there is speculation that this group may have some relationship with the eldar craftworld codified as
  12. I've been bitten by the Aeldari Corsairs bug. First, a big "thanks!" to @Ioldanach for helping with the nifty color schemes. Note that some of the images below are from his gallery. When Ioldanach was working on his rules for using the Aeldari Corsairs in Kill Team, I semi-hijacked that topic starting here as I mused my own fleet. Looking through the old Rogue Trader (1st edition) era stuff, I found a badge that I liked: The caption reads "Alai-myan Alliance" and it appears to be an alliance between two other groups shown in that picture, the Alai Mercenary Corps and Myan's Agents of Silence. You can see the full image below (click on the image for the full size version): That image appeared in Warhapper 40,000 Chapter Approved: Book of the Astronomican, which was published in 1988 (and I'm pretty sure that, like pretty much everything else inside, that article was reprinted from an earlier issue of White Dwarf Magazine). I liked that image, so, after some fiddling around, I updated it to: (click on the image for a full size version) Fun fact: After I posted an earlier version of that rune back in September 2019, apparently someone liked it because they incorporated it into their own fan art depicting an Aeldari Corsair, presumably of the Alai-Myan Alliance. If you're interested, you can cut and paste the URL below into your browser to see the image. https://www.webstagramsite.com/media/B4pYMWrgg1ZIt's cool that someone liked the rune enough to use it. At the time, I couldn't find anything else about the Alai-Myan Alliance (or the Alai Mercenary Corps or Myan's Agents of Silence) other than something I read on one of the wikis, and, lacking citation, I found the information suspect. So I was working on my own color scheme. And then it was pointed out to me that the Alai Mercenary Corps did have a color scheme shown back in the Rogue Trader era: (click on the image for a full size version) That looks like a kind of sea green with pink - not atypical for the era. Ioldanach was kind enough to whip up an updated version of that scheme using his Corsair Painter: (click on the image for a full size version) I think that the colors he used were Kabalite Green (lighter green), Incubi Darkness (undersuit), and Emperor's Children (pink). He suggested a possible update to turquoise, which I agreed to: (click on the image for a full size version) He used Terradon Turquoise for the blues (two different colors from different portions of the swatch) and Magos Purple for the purple. Something else I'd been looking at prior to learning that the Alai Mercenary Corps actually had a color scheme was orange. There was a picture of a Fire Dragon Aspect Warrior from the Living Flame Shrine in the 6th edition Codex: Eldar, and I've always liked it: (click on the image for a full size version) With that, he whipped up the image below: (click on the image for a full size version) So now I'm left to decide between the three schemes. If I go with either of the Alai-Myan Alliance versions, then I'll obviously go with the Alai-Myan Alliance as my fleet. If I go with the orange version, then I have the freedom to create my own fleet or use some fleet that we know only by name. My plan is to create a kill team, most likely using the Asuryani rules (though I'll probably use Ioldanach's homegrown version in friendly games). I'm being kind of wishy-washy about the scheme, but it's time to make a decision. I'm partial to the last two schemes, so one of them will (hopefully) be shown here on an actual model. Make that a whole Command Roster's worth of models.
  13. Version v 2 (2019/09/29)


    Homegrown rules for playing the anhrathe (aeldari/eldar corsairs) in Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team (includes commanders and elites) The file can be discussed here.
  14. Version v 1.2 (2018/12/07)


    Rules for using Aeldari Corsairs in the Shadow War: Armageddon game.
  15. From the album: Eldar Corsairs

    Orange version of icon for new Anhrathe "fleet"
  16. Ioldanach

    Alai Mercenary Corps

    From the album: Aeldari

    Modern rendition of the Rogue Trader era color scheme for the Alai Mercenary Corps
  17. Ioldanach

    Alai Mercenary Corps RT

    From the album: Aeldari

    Rogue Trader era scheme for the Alai Mercenary Corps
  18. From the album: Eldar Corsairs

    "New" (stylized) version of the Alai-Myan Alliance badge.
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