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Found 22 results

  1. ++EDIT++ Update 20/05/2022 So again, "The Royal Awakening" Painting Comp has surfaced and I have not touched my Crons for 2 years of slumbering. "Awaken My Metal Automatons of Death and march forth to my paint station once more..." Some of the Models from Indomitus box will be painted. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ With the new Necron Codex coming in the near future... my first ever army has come out of it's deep slumber ! so,new codex...new paint scheme Enjoy the ride from dusty old models to revamped killing machines ++EDIT++ Update as of 28/05/2020 Working on painting up models in new Dynasty... Novokh it's a ....New Edition, New Age, New Models... Cheers, Mithril
  2. until
    So begins the second Royal Awakening! The main painting event will run for three months from May 23rd to August 23rd. Over the course of the event, you vow, paint, and show off your models in friendly compeition with your fellow forum members. Head here to join in:
  3. Rags XII

    necron test

    From the album: Paint Splatters

    my first test necron/air brush job..
  4. Behold, an ancient awakening evil. Buried beneath the sands of their long dead, undisturbed and barren tomb worlds, an army almost as old as the stars themselves, by comparison to lesser races, has lain in waiting. Noticed neither by imperial merchant fleets, or the probing tendrils of the Mechanicus, undetected by the seers of the Eldar, and ignored by the exploratory drones of the T'au, a dynasty amongst the oldest and most gifted of the inscrutable Necrontyr has hibernated. Such an incomprehensible gulf has passed since this enclave committed itself to centuries untold of dreamless sleep, that even if their inhospitable, arid worlds were to be scrutinised by meddling outsiders, all traces of their civilisation would have been scoured away by the ravages of time. Even the power reserves fuelling the vast tomb labyrinths have dwindled over this vast and silent span; millennia have passed with all but the most vital of life support subsystems remaining active. Such was the Phaeron's last will, a chilling order given to the handful of chosen cryptek, before his own interment- "Let all become dust. We do not wake until the stars alone remain. All other priorities expendable." And so the years consumed everything that had made the Necrontyr what they were. The metal shells they had committed their consciousness to endured; but the memory banks, one by one, were deactivated. The archival vaults containing artefacts and tomes of ancient knowledge were powered down, allowed to decay and corrode. The Phaeron's will was carried out, but the cost was unimaginable. As the last precious energy reserves ran dry, the emergency awakening protocols brought the dynasty and it's members to life once more- But they emerged into an empty world, bereft of self identity, with only their gleaming metallic bodies and the glyphs upon their carapace to stir a distant, elusive memory of who and what they once were. TL;DR- My Necrons are oldcrons with a regal Egyptian vibe. None of the new fluff matters here- These guys don't remember anything, they only have hatred of the living, and they're gonna flay the face off your skull. When I got back into the hobby a year or two back, I originally intended to re-use all my old Necrons. I had a pretty decent army back in the day. Alas, to my horror, it turns out my parents threw it all in the trash... So I had no choice but to rebuild them, even greater than their former glory Conveniently, this was also a super cheap army to collect- I started out with a Forgebane set, snagged a few duplicate sprues from eBay, and then pretty just much added in two Start Collecting boxes, and hey presto. It's not exactly a top tier army, but it's a damn fine NECRON army! I still have a few things I'm working on adding to the army. The most notable units missing from this dynasty's previous incarnation are Destroyers, Pariahs, and finally, the Nightbringer himself. Pariahs are an unfortunate loss- But for now, I'm basically pretending that's what the Lychguard are. The Barges are obviously new, and I didn't like them at first, but they've grown on me I guess. And I figure they'll look pretty good floating up behind a raft of Destroyers... Hope you all enjoy some classic 'crons, anyway. Cheers!
  5. Anyone else get this yet? Really enjoyed it, simultaneously deeply sad, very funny, and a good inner view of necrons waging war. Jeeves and Wooster merged with Goodbye Lenin. I don't think there have been many books from the necron POV besides Damnos and maybe some of the Shield of Baal stuff. Zahndrekh’s fantastic. He was already a brilliant character and this adds so much. His voice is captured perfectly, like an elderly aristocratic British general who's losing his marbles, everything is ‘dear boy’ this and ‘how unsporting!’ that. He gestures with his goblet so much that if there were anything in it, it would spill. He cheers on his warriors (“A fine blow struck!“) when they mindlessly do something well. He writes bad poetry between battles. He recites rhymes and mnemonics he learned in his upper crust military academy and slaps other necrons on the back effusively. He is extremely likeable. Obyron is also great as the POV. He’s stoic, weary, a former necrontyr commoner, now masterful warrior and bodyguard who finds himself all but running the show for Zahndrek. There’s a wonderful banquet scene where all the other necron lords are glaring daggers at him over empty plates while Zahndrek rambles on. Every one of them has tried to assassinate the nemesor and Obyron has foiled them all, repeatedly. When Zahndrek leaves the room, Obyron lingers just a moment after to meet all of their gazes as a reminder that he knows. And he knows that they know that he knows and they’re all going to sit down and indulge their overlord or it will go badly for them. And they can’t do a thing about it, they just have to sit there fuming and pretend to enjoy a feast. And he loves Zahndrek. He’s constantly sighing internally and proverbially grinding his teeth at the nemesor’s nonsense but he really, really loves him. It’s more than just duty or his own identity - though he tries and initially fails to envision what his life would be like without Zahndrek - it’s a flicker inside, something which remains for him the main argument that he’s not just a soulless machine with a functioning mind. There’s this repeated idea of the necron’s obsession with eternity and permanence, born out of their short mortal lives, which still gives pathos post-sleep. For nobles and great lords, this accounted for their lust for conquest, for a common soldier like Obyron, it’s just the chance to get remembered in a marching song. But one of the things that makes him such a good warrior is that he has esoteric senses. He can slow down subjective time massively with his internal chronosense and run rapid divination programs to predict the enemy’s moves. Bullet time plus, basically. But the effect this has on his memory engrams is stressful and if he does it too often, he’ll irreparably damage his own mind, not a million miles from Zahndrekh’s trouble. So when Obyron pushes himself too much in a fight, maybe he permanently forgets the name of the city he was born in. Again, and he forgets the taste of water. To stay ‘alive’, to do his soldierly duty, to ensure the permanence of his achievements, what is he losing? Is it worth it? And ultimately, and this is a big spoiler for the emotional peak of the novella, Boom, right in the feelings. Also of interest here is the fact that the majority of the novella is necrons fighting necrons. There’s a battle with the AdMech at the start, which affords Obyron many opportunities to grimly reflect of the ironies of what these humans have done to themselves, but otherwise it’s all necrons. The fascinating thing is that this is not at all a surprise to the lords. This is portrayed as far more important and proper than fighting orks or humans or tyranids. This is actual war, serious business, the rest is just putting the lesser species in their place. There’s also a lot about the practicalities of necron politicking and the details of how they deploy their legions and make decisions. It’s also very funny! Even apart from Zahndrek’s charming rambling, it manages to take the tragedy and work it for humour. Case in point The ending felt a little rushed, I'm still undecided on how much I like a particular possible revelation, and the actual plot isn't as interesting as the wonderful dynamic between the two main characters but I can’t think of a BL book I enjoyed this much since Lords of Silence.
  6. Guess who's back?! Hello brothers and sisters! It's been a while but I'm back in the swing of things. This time with some kill team projects! Kill Team is absolutely fantastic for a hobby butterfly like me. Small teams with lots of conversion possibilities! I'm currently working on a Tau and Eldar kill team and already finished some Necrons. There are more ideas in the works, can't go without a Space Marine kill team and maybe some..... heretics?! No blog without pictures of course, so first off, the completed Necrons: The flayed ones were custom made with Warriors, green stuff and Skeleton warrior swords. The highlights on the black armour are much more subdued in real life though. On the working table Eldar and Tau: Stay tuned for more updates and let me know what you think!
  7. A rules combination came up in my last game with my friend's necrons, and I'm seeing if you guys have any wisdom to add. I was playing chaos space marines. My hellbrute was in close combat with his command barge, which had the lighting field rule (I think its an artifact). The lightning field allows it to potentially inflict a mortal wound on each unit in melee with the barge, at the begining of the fight phase. The hellbrute has the Crazed special rule, which, when triggered, allows it to shoot or fight in close combat "as if it were" your shooting or fight phase. So, the question that came up, if Crazed is triggered to allow my hellbrute to fight in cloas ecoambt "as if it were the fight phase", would that trigger the lightning field?
  8. As much as it has consumed my reading for the past year and a half, I've still only scratched the surface of the Black Library's output. As my collection grows and shrinks, I've noticed my main focus is on Space Marines. I'd like to have at least 1 good book for each "faction" down the line, so I was wondering what people would recommend as reading for the main xenos races. That is, recommendations for Tau, Eldar, Tyranids, Necrons, and anything else you can think of. Working through Legends of the Dark Millenium: The Tau Empire at the moment, seems fine so far but nothing mind blowing. Anyone have an opinion on Fire Warrior?
  9. Vermintide


    From the album: The Nameless Dynasty

  10. Vermintide


    From the album: The Nameless Dynasty

  11. Vermintide


    From the album: The Nameless Dynasty

  12. Vermintide


    From the album: The Nameless Dynasty

  13. Vermintide


    From the album: The Nameless Dynasty

  14. Vermintide

    The Nameless Dynasty

    From the album: The Nameless Dynasty

    Ancient, awakening evil.
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