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Found 14 results

  1. I'm planning what to buy and want to make sure this stratagem is useful. Prismatic Dimensional Breach: Use this strategem in the reinforcement step of your movement phase. Select one <core> unit from your reserve then select one <dynasty> Night Scythe or Monolith model that is on the battlefield. Set up that <core> unit anywhere on the battlefield that is wholly within 3" of that Monolith or Night Scythe model and not within Engagement Range of any enemy units. This strategem cannot be used turn one. So, can this be used on Monoliths and Night Scythes that have come in from reserve this turn? The way I read it, they can. It doesn't say to use at the start of the reinforcement step or that the target unit must not have moved but I just started collecting so... As a Mephrit player, I do believe deep striking a Night Scythe with 10 S7 Ap-1 Tesla Cannon shots T2 then having it drop off twenty Warriors with ap-3 within 7.5" Gauss Reapers about 6 inches away from an enemy could be a legitimate strategy. Add exploding, auto wounding or mortal wounding on 6's strategems as you see fit. It would certainly be a distraction. 3cp and 405 points. Thoughts?
  2. Hello Bolter and Chainsword! Always wanted to start a 40k army but never got around to it. Then Covid 19 happened and I started up a raven guard army out of sheer boredom. I chose them because Space Marines seemed like a good place to start. Painted up some easy build reivers and intercessors. Then 9th happened and all of a sudden it looked like my favorite xenos would be actually be playable. That plus the many small nerfs to RG made me switch over to them. I chose the Mephrit purely based on the halloween paint scheme. Then I found a store that still had a Necron Outrider box set and here we are. Behold! My first Necron model. I'm particularly proud of the base. The crystals are just cut up spruce pieces and the skull is from the ghost ark. Ten was too many anyway. Also second, a not quite finished wraith. My style is geared to be quick and dirty. Leadbelcher spray obviously. With the orange spots corax whited then gryph-hound oranged. Khorne red and Averland sunset to touch up the orange. Creed camo for the green and nuln oil gloss over the lead belcher. Balthazar gold for the fancy bits. Only part i'm not happy about is the cryptek's staff. Doesn't pop enough. Models for the Royal Awakening. Most of the Outrider Battalion. Please excuse my terrible photography. It was done on a camera phone. I'll upgrade it when I figure this all out. ... I really hope any of these guys are good in 9th...
  3. The name says it all! I am considering a new necron force (like the rest of the world atm) and want it to be thematic but also actually useable! Sautekh Battalion Detachment: HQ Warlord Cryptek w/ chronometron and Thrall of the Silent king as trait Indomitus Overlord Royal Warden Troops 20 gauss flayer warriors 20 gauss flayer warriors 20 gauss flayer warriors 20 gauss flayer warriors Fast Attack 6 Scarabs 6 Scarabs 6 Scarabs ...annnnd that's it! I know long gone are the days of can opening warriors, but with this volume of fire you'd hope for the lack of anti armour to be mitigated at least a little? I'd love to hear thoughts on how to make warrior spam work, I just love the image of numberless inexorable warriors, but I also don't want to sabotage myself and build a terrible army! If I dropped the scarabs we could pump those warrior numbers up to 100, but thought they'd be a useful way to tie up the big stuff for at least a couple of turns.
  4. The VoD is one of the most effective and commonly used tools a necron player has access to. But how to use it the most effectively? Many uses I've seen in batreps seems to involve using it to transport destroyers to a choice location to assassinate a key unit like a troublesome tank or artillery unit. This frequently results in a lost destroyer unit as it generally comes under massive retaliatory fire and is utterly destroyed. it can be worthwhile if the target unit was particularly powerful. I want to look at a use i rarely see, using a cryptek with chronometron and VoD to transport a 20 man unit of warriors to within 12" of an enemy unit. Consider that 40 S4, AP1 BS3 shots is something even duh spess muhreens will not emerge from without losses. The advantage to using 1 20 man unit of warriors rather than a unit of destroyers or immortals is simple: 20 T4 targets with a 5++ save are harder to completely annihilate than a 6 or 10 man unit. Also note that with a cryptek 50% on average will reanimate. This can either make it take longer to destroy them giving them more time to fire, or force the enemy to expend excessive firepower to kill them in one turn. This 20 warrior unit can do considerable damage with a little effort and planning. Casting MWBD on it prior to the VoD makes it hit on a 2+. Firing a triarch stalked at it's target it's it reroll ones to hit. If you can manage to teleport them to a location that counts as cover, so much the better. This tactic is even more effective than otherwise if used with the mephrit dynasty as they can teleport to within 12" and get a -2 AP on their flayers. Plus they can use talent for annihilation to make extra attacks on the hits of 6, and with 40 shots going out there should be on average 6-7 6's, extra s4, ap2 attacks hitting on 2+ and rerolling ones.Likely another dead spess muhreen or two. The unit's main weakness is that it's vulnerable to failed morale rolls which mean unrecoverable casualties, and lacks hard hitting anti tank /monster firepower. It clearly will take losses assuming your opponent is awake, and is likely to be wiped out over 2-3 turns especially if the dice gods are unkind. Still, it can do a hard hit to an enemy early on and with even average luck persist long enough to be a dagger in the enemy's side for a couple turns. Also if a troublesome enemy unit deepstrikes into a vulnerable are it can be a powerful rapid response unit that can likely inflict serious harm on a DS unit. So how do other phaerons use the VoD?
  5. After seeing this from the new boxset reveal video i really want to make something similar!, does anyone else think it's super cool?, ... sorry for the potato image Cheers, Mithril
  6. Stupidity


    From the album: Mephrit Log

  7. Stupidity

    necro2 Sm

    From the album: Mephrit Log

    A cryptek of Mephrit allegiance. My first Necron model.
  8. revengespc

    test warrior

    From the album: The Shrouded Court

  9. If I am playing a 2,000pt Grand Tournament 2020 game is the maximum number of canoptek plasmacytes i can have 3, even if I have over 3 destroyer units? As the rules for a game that size seem to say you can only have the same datasheet 3 times. Does the viral construct rule allow more? As it is not clear to me it does over rule the 3 datasheet rule, although I think that is what it is meant to do?
  10. Hello all, I am brand new to the hobby and found myself drawn to necrons for my first army. That being said I might have jumped the gun running out and buying models before knowing what actually works. I currently own the necron start collecting box (overlord,12 warriors, 5 immortals, 3 scarabs, and annihilation barge/command barge) , a doom scythe, a cryptek, and an additional box of 5 immortals. My group of friends that I will be playing with are starting with 500pt armies but plan on expanding to 1500pt as soon as financially possible for the members. The group currently consist of Ultra Marines, Death Watch, Space Wolves, and Tyranids in case that helps with potential advise. With all the context out of the way, I have rough idea for what I want for this 1500pt army but would like to see what more experienced players have to say. If there is anything off or in need of improvement I would be happy to hear. As it stands Battalion Detachment: Dynasty- Sautekh HQ- Lord (Warscythe), Overlord (Warlord, Veild of Darkness, Hyperlogical Strategist, Resurrection Orb, Warscythe) Troops- Immortals x8 (Tesla Carbine), Immortals x7 (Tesla Carbine), Warriors x10 Elites- C'tan Shard of the Deceiver Flyer- Doom Scythe Outrider Detachment: Dynasty- Sautekh HQ- Cryptek (Chronometron) Fast Attack- Canoptek Scarabs x3, Canoptek Wraiths x3 (Particle Casters), Destroyers x3 Point- 1,496 Also as I am new to the forums I was not sure if that was better suited here in in the Necrontyr Army List. If the latter is true I will happily relocate. Thank you for your time, Mr. S
  11. hey all, quick question here.... I'm about to paint my Forgebane Cryptek and was wondering ...do i make him Mephrit or Novokh... My core army is Mephrit...40+warriors, 1x unit of immortals with gauss, Monolith, Ghost ark, 8x Destroyers & 2x Heavy destroyers. I also have 2x staff lords that are generic characters and have not repainted them yet... plus they're metal and feel dated to me..so may not use em ... will probably replace em with plastic lords in the near future... My other detachment is Novokh and will consist of 3x Canoptek Wraiths (to be painted for the ETL) 2x Tomb Spiders and about 6-10 scarab bases... will add more to this over time perhaps... So my question is where does the Cryptek fit in here?... C&C appreciated... Mithril
  12. heya guys, i have not used a C'Tan in years.... i want to get the Eidolon model from the idoneth deepkin faction from AoS (in case anyone doesn't know it) now i can convert him into either the nightbringer or the deceiver ?... which one will get more play overall or which is the most useful... OR do i make a necron C'tan that would knida be able to be used as either (in friendly games) cheers ,Mithril p.s. here's the guy if you haven't seen him...
  13. Rags XII

    necron test

    From the album: Paint Splatters

    my first test necron/air brush job..
  14. From the album: E Tenebrae Lux VII

    finished painting the necron overlord, 3 scarabs, 1 cryptek, 1 cryptek with cloak, 10 pratoerians.
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