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  1. Mission Dominion, Diagonal Deployment Forces Alpha legion Army List Custodes Valdor Blade Champion 3x terminators 4x 5 man custodian squads Achillus Dread - Spear 3x Caladius - 2x anti infantry, 1x anti tank 5 objectives were put in no mans land, and we hadprogressive scoring so 1VP at the start of your turn per objective, giving me the immediate advantage with my infiltrators. I lost the roll off for deployment so deployed first, moving my stuff as close to the objectives as possible, bit dangerous wit the custodes. The lascannons deployed on a ruin at the back, the grav behind a building closer in, the fulmentarus under the lascannons and out of sight to act as counterpunch, and my short ranged dreads in the middle to get stuck in asap. Recons went on a far left back corner objective to hold that for me. My opponent was afraid of the lascannons and castled everything in the ruins to the back, putting everything out of LOS of the lascannons, bunching together. 2x guard squads, the terminators and valdor went into reserve, again like 1k points that would be off the table. I think if my opponent had deployed everything on the table, and agressively, he might have won due to my aggressive deployment, but this wasn't to be. Deployment - distraction headhunters are between the ruins in the top left to go caladius hunting, as their meltas are useless v custodian guard. Photo is after scout moves. ALT1 Recons score me 1VP. Movement - the effrit get within 12" of the custodes, the headhunters advanceon the left hand caladius, however he had boxed himself in so couldn't fall back, and just rotated it to face my front armour, incidentally getting closer to my melta guns, which fired into it, wrecking it. The fear of the lascannons was their undoing, as the grav rapiers rounded the corner, to my opponent's surprise (he thought they couldn't move and fire, not something I thought I'd have to go over), and they dropped 3 pie plates onto the clustered 2 caladius and dread, doing 3 hp to one caladius, 2 to the other, and 3hp to the dread, as well as putting them all in dangerous terrain. The Effrit killed one or 2 custodes, the seekers took down another probably, and the leviathan shot into the achillus, doing some damage. 1-0 to the Alphas. After AL movement Custodes T1 After taking a severe mauling, the anti tank caladius went to the left, and the anti infantry one on 1HP skimmed forwards to land on the central objective. the achillus moved forwards to content the central objective. I don't react to get 2x shooting reactions. The left hand custodians went after, charged and killed the heahunters (but theyd done their job, twice by killing a tank then distracting a unit). Not much happens in the shooting phase, maybe some wounds off the MM dread. The achillus charges the mm dread, now next to the 1hp caladius. I overwatch with melta and grav, and knock it down to 1W, and put it in terrain. It still makes the charge, and handily splatters my contemptor...which then explodes for a 1" blast....it wounds the achillus....and my opponent fails the save, killing it! The Achillus explodes 3" catching the caladius in the side...I roll a 4 and it's glanced, stripping the last HP killing it also! Almost on Titanicus levels of destruction. ALT2 That was insane. I now have 3 units on objectives for 3VP. My dreads, seekers and everything movel up and wipe out the rest of his custodes and the last caladius, now in lascannon LOS. 4-0 to the Alphas. After ALT2 movement Custodes T2 Valdor and co finally arrive. They land just behind the central building out of LOS of most of my lascannons and contemptor, and next to my rapiers. With my 2 movement reactions from my WLT, I intercept with the rapiers to put the terminators and custodians into dangerous terrain X3, not killing anything. The lascannons augury the terminator that 5 of them can see and they kill one. The reaction point is used on the fulmentarus who punk some custodians. The seekers react and kill one, and the recons do stuff from across the board. The terminators and valdor fail their charge, the custodians make it into the rapiers on like a 10, and wipe them. The rapiers probably overwatched again to have 6 dangerous templates down, which I think killed another custodian on the way in. Start of CGT2 Assault ALT3 After that is was pretty much clean up. Between the effrit, fulmetarus, lascannons and 2 dreads, I killed off everything, the leviathan and contemtor then double teamed Valdor to finish him off in combat Playing out the rest of the game, my opponent scored 0 VP while I had 1 objective in T1, and 3 objectives from turns 2-6, for 16pts, then 1 for slay the warlord, 2 from leviathal, then 2 for attrition for 21VP total. A fair drubbing to the custodes, 21-0.
  2. Mission Onslaught, Dawn of War Deployment Forces Alpha legion Army List Emperor's Children - 3k points Maru Skara Praetor - paragon, volkite pistol* Legion Champion - paragon 5 tartaros - mixed loadout in Spartan* Contemptor Talon - 2x with autocannon and fist* 3x10 man tac squads 2x5 man scout squads with rifles 2x quad las preds Fire raptor Leviathan, storm cannon, grav bombard Mission Onslaught (5vp for holding the objective). Deployment was as below. My opponent won the roll for first turn and chose to deploy and go first. I counter deployed to get the gravs near those clumped up preds, my recons on the left flank where I thought my opponent would outflank, as he didn't deploy any units there, lascannons on the higher ground, seekers close to the tacticals with champion, dreads all in the middle to deal with any threats once I seen where the maru skara came on. Effrit are behind the ruin near my onslaught objective marker, out of sight and so 9" away from those sniper scouts. The fire raptor went in reserve and my opponent kept the spartan (praetor and terms inside) and the contemptor talon back for the Maru Skara outflank, and placed the outflank assault token on the back of my table edge - you can see a small token on my edge, just behind the plague furnace. I was caught off guard a bit as I thought it had to be a side edge of the table, however the outflanking assault (or maru skara) rule says any table edge including your opponent's DZ, so I was going to get it in the behind from a spartan. The upshot of this was that key damage dealing component's of my opponent's army were off table in T1, which totalled maybe 1500 of the 3000pts of the army, so turn 1 would essentially be a 3k vs 1.5k battle, which is what the Alpha legion prefer. I'm not a fan of starting off table generally due to having this point defecit - only if it's something you need to protect, so this was only benefitting me. Turn1: I fail to seize, so the EC's go first. To be honest, not much happened. Things moved towards objectives, The preds shot my lascannon dread and managed 1 wound from 8 lascannons - he might have moved 8" so he could only snapshot, the dread returned fire and damaged a pred. Leviathan shot my seekers, killing 2 after some heroic saves from the serge. Snipers went for my delegatus, but failed to do anything due to 2+ save, cover and shrouded from Leviathal. I'd have maybe went after the auguries to limit my interceptors. The lascannons react and kill 3/5 scouts. Their right hand tac marines moved up and bolt pistoled my headhunters, doing nothing. They then charged in. The HH's overwatch fire with 1 combi melta and the multi + bolters and killed two. The EC attack first causing 6 wounds, the 2+ saves needed which are rolled below. I attacked back with daggers but did nothing, but the vexilla means the tacs win by 1. I fail my Ld and they fail to sweep, I run 8 or 9" away. These armour save rolls on my headhunter sergeant were pretty emblematic of my rolling in this game, these AL dice are blessed. Due this this it was pretty one sided, but my opponent soldiered on. Headhunters get assaulted by the tactical squad, the combat is drawn with zero casualties, but the tacs win by 1 due to vexilla. My T1 begins and the Harrowing begins. Effrit pop out and annihilate the left hand scouts with shotguns. Grav cannons drop 3 pie plates onto the preds and finish off the damaged one, my multimelta strips another wound, but not kills the second. Leviathan and lascannon HSS target the leviathan and kill it. Fulmentarus shrapnel missiles, right tactical squad and jetbikes go into the right hand EC tacs and kill all but one who fails Ld and falls back. Seekers kill a tac marine and wound the champion. End of my T1 with those predators covered in grav pulse templates. EC- T2 The Maru Skara arrives behind my lines - 1100 pts or so of my opponent's army appeared behind me, but the grav rapiers intercepted with a reaction point dropping haywire and difficult terrain all over that, the lascannons HSS went into one of the dreads with the augury, and the fulmentarus went into one also using my second movement reaction from Moebius, I think reducing it to 1-2W. I wasn't worried about the spartan as it had to move full distance to get on the table so could only snap fire both ordnance weapons. Augury on seekers killed a termie, snipers couldnt see. No way could the tartaros fail the charge, moving to within 1" of the rapiers, even with the -4" from lies and obfuscation and terrain. The rapiers get wiped. The fire raptor arrives to blast my Lascannon HS squad in T2...which then Smoke and Mirrors's away to underneath the raptor and out of arc for the frontal guns, meaning it got to shoot one autocannon battery at them, and lost the rest of the shooting. The lascannons then killed it with a lucky snapshot in their next shooting phase. After wiping the rapiers, one of my dreads turns right back round and goes Praetor hunting.
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