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  1. So I’m new to the B&C blog feature, but thought I would use it to post the progress of my new Ultramarines army. I originally intended it to be a a Third Company army, but plans have changed, and I am now planning on building it as a 1st Company Strike Force.
  2. EDIT: The full list of Thousand Sons datasheets can be found on warcom here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2023/06/13/free-chaos-index-cards-let-the-galaxy-burn-with-rules-for-six-factions/ ------------------------------------------------------------- Faction Focus Discussion The Thousand Sons Faction Focus is up, with a preview of some of our rules - Finally! Use this topic for discussion the Datasheets that we've seen so far - Ahriman, Rubes and part of the Mutalith. What do you reckon? Faction Focus Thousand Sons Faction Rules Discussion
  3. NECRON UNIT OF THE WEEK SERIES Welcome to the Necron Unit of the Week series for 10th edition! Each week will see a different unit from the Codex, Imperial Armour, and Legends datasheets featured for discussion. The goal here is to discover and chronicle tactics for the featured unit so that new players and veterans alike can use this database to inform their strategies with the wider knowledge of the forum. The game of Warhammer 40,000 is ever changing though, and as the rules evolve throughout the edition everyone should feel free to return to older threads with the release of new FAQs/errata, changes in points values, information gathered from games played, and of course the Codex being released. These threads are also great places for newcomers to the Necrons to post their questions about tactics related to the featured units. Please note that the purpose of this series is not to lament what the current meta deems “ineffective”, or that another unit “does it better”. Those units will get their own threads. This week’s unit is: Necron Warriors Some points to ponder as we discuss the various uses of the Necron Warrior: What purpose do Warriors play in your army lists? Do you take 10 or 20 model units, and are they armed with Flayers or Reapers? Do you attach any characters to your unit(s)? What tactics do you employ to get the most out of the "Their Number is Legion" ability? Series Index
  4. I may be dumb, but I can't find any kind of index in the 10th edition chaos index and therefore have always floundered around trying to find the units I want in it. As well, I got tired with having to look through every character just to find out what units could have what character attached. To solve both these issues, I have created an Word Document giving the Index PDF page number for each unit, as well as a separate list of units and what can attach to them (if the unit isn't listed, it doesn't have anything in the Index that can attach to it). Figuring others might have the same issues as I do with finding things, I thought I would share it here. It is saved as an RTF so hopefully most should be able to read it. Please let me know if I made any mistakes, there are changes that you think should be made, or if there are things that would be useful to add. Here's the link:
  5. Hi all! As the proud owner of 7 full Firstborn Tactical squads, among other things, I figured it'd be interesting to have a look at what best fits our lists in 10th. Yeah, yeah, divisive topic - please can we keep this to a discussion of how Firstborn work on the table as they are now, rather than any speculation about what might happen. Look, I'm as upset as the next guy that my Company Veterans squad with combi-plasmas and storm shields is no longer street legal, but I guess maybe I have the meat of 2 Command Squads now? So far I've had some success with Devastators (at elevation for Plunging Fire) paired with a Dreadnought's reroll bubble. They melted a Chaos Knight in a single round of shooting with the support of a Repulsor and Oath of Moment, so very happy with them. Chaplains are very, very tasty with anything that gets to swing a lot, so something like foot Assault Marines out of a transport are tempting to try out. I haven't been able to spot a real niche for my Vanguard Veterans (sobs in magnets) that I'm happy with yet, and all of my Sternguard Veterans are looking for their lifted soles in bemusement... So, what are your favourite Firstborn combos, and how do we get the best use out of them this edition?
  6. Hi there, I will drop into a kind of Wishlist Post, I know, but I wonder if you have any opinion on what could be the future of AdMech under a future new Ed of W40k... Do you see it as a simple reedition of the Codex with a small release of one iddled miniature or do you expect (wish/pray the Omnimessiah for) something wider? Rule wise, I do nt expect so much changes, except if the game mechanics is deeply affected. May be the data-tether thing might be cleaned up as I found it messy and the usual suspects (Strats) refunded into unit special rules. Should it be a wider release I would be then tempt to believe on some additional units - my guesses/bets/wishes/prayers to the Omnimessiah: another Robot unit, but in order not to compete with Heresy, a small robot release - someting like Bombots maybe a plastic kit for Battle Servitors Myrmidions - as they are one of the only AdMech armed branch no represented in 40 k (I discard Ordinatus). Could be a dual kit of course. But being in potentail competition wth HH, a multi-period kit (not multi-verse) might not be the most favoured option... and for the very same reason of giving a representant to un uncovered slot in 40k, a vehicle that would belong to the Ordo Reductor - Say for example a Defiler type platform with an ordonance weapon (Plasma decimator, a big neutron cannon or a sonic weapon for example) But I doubt it might be the case, and I would rather bet on a codex rerelease with teh usual goodies and a single mini release (Battle Servitors will be my guess). What about you guies?
  7. I managed to get my first game of 10th Edition in on Weds night and thought I'd report back - there was a lot of on the fly learning going on, so I forgot to take photos from the start, and only remembered to get them well into the game. This was a 1500pt battle missions/temptest of war style game, we both picked random objectives. Mission - Supply drop - 3 objectives in no mans land, one dissappears in t4, the other in t5. Diagonal deployment. I don't remember the exact secondary objectives, so wont list them. Tyranids Hive Tyrant, lash whip+bs, venom cannon Parasite 20x termagants - fleshborers 20x termagants - devourers 10x horms 10x horms 5x barbgaunts 3x VRL's 3x venomthropes 3x zoanthropes 3x zoanthropes 3x raveners with thoracic weapons Screamer Killer Exocrine 160w Dark Angels Belial (w/knights) Vindicare assassin Judiciar - heavenfall blade (w/bladeguard) 10x hellblasters 6x aggressors with flamers 6x bladeguard 5x deathwing knights, master with flail 1x landspeeder hailstrike 3x eradicators 113w DA won the roll off for T1 and went first. DA T1 Remarkably little died, maybe 10-12 gants, a few gaunts. They played devastator doctrine for advance and shoot, so the aggressors sprinted 10" towards the objective on the top right, one stepping onto it, and then flamed one unit of gaunts T1, killing 9/10. Hailstrike fired the grenades into the gaunts and the rest into the screamer, doing a couple of wounds to the screamer and thankfully rolling low on the shots to the gants, despite getting +8 shots for the 20 of them - maybe 8 died. The venomthropes had a lot to do with this, giving the gaunts stealth and cover for a 4+ save at -1 to hit. Las-fusils shot the screamer, doing loads of damage, they're somehow D6 damage this time instead of the 3 they were before! Screamer is on 6w. DA achieve both secondaries, one of which was hold most of the no mans land objectives, and hold the one nominated by me. Nid T1 In my command phase I endless swarm the mauled hormagaunt unit bringing 6 back to life, then use it a second time with my tyrant on the termagant units , restoring 4 to one and 5 to another. As units were above half strength, no battleshock tests. Screamer moved forwards towards the aggressors, who overwatch it, lots of hits, 3/4 wounds with twin linked, no damage. Screamer shoots them and kills one, then charges in and bounces off with shocking rolling, killing one, before getting punched for 4W in return - I'm crucially holding the objective though vs the one aggressor on it. Exocrine shoots the eradicators and rolls a one, killing one. devilgants shoot them putting a wound through. I give up and charge them with the horms who do some damage and drag one down, however a couple get punched to death in return. I still hold that objective. Zoans shoot the bladeguard, killing maybe 1. VRL's get onto the middle objective, taking it, but dont charge due to the players whose turn it isnt having the advantage on the charge. I get the secondary for taking an objective from the opponent and one other. DAT2 Belial appears behind my exocrine, who overwatches and doesnt do anything. Belial fails the charge into the exocrine, needing a 10 for terrain. Eradicator falls back and the hellblasters shoot the horms, wiping them. Bladeguard charge the VRL's, who strike first and do nothing, getting killed in return.Aggressors punch the screamer to death (twin linked). Speeder moves onto central objective and shoots the tyrant and gaunts. NidT2 I drew defend stronghold and somthing else, so had to hold my home objective v belial. I used shadown in the warp to force break tests, and absolutely everything passed with marines Ld6+. pointless exercise. Heal the terms back to full with endless horde strat and moved the borergaunts onto my home objective to tie up belial, hopefully for the game. Zoans move forwards and opponent uses overwatch to put the lasfusils into them,killing one. This allows me to move my horms onto the objective held by the aggressors, denying it to them. zoans and gaunts put shots into bladeguard reducing them to one guy + judicar. Tyrant multicharges bladeguard and speeder, murdering both bladeguard and judiciar, despite them striking first (T10, 2+, 4++, 4+++). Exocrine kills the last eradicator. DAT3 Belial move toward the exocrine, ignoring the gaunts, who scuttle towards him to try and block the charge, but also getting most on the objective, staying within 6" of zoans and venoms for the boosts. Belial gets the charge and poor rolling sees only 4 wounds knocked off the exo. Aggressors flame then punch the horms, taking back the top left marker. hellblasters pop the right hand zoans. no primaries for DA. Nid T3 Exo falls back to thwart belial. Gants shuffle more onto objective to stop them from toeing onto it and shoot belial, doing nothing. barbs shoot belial, doing nothing. devilgants shoot hellblasters, amazingly killing 4. With all my bad luck with zoan shooting, I forget about the blast warp blast and go straight for lance, with CP rerolls to protect me. Left hand zoans lance the aggressors, hitting, wounding, killing. The D3 shot blast is a trap, as you might just roll a 1 anyway, so 1/3 time you're better off with the better shot, even moreso against 3+ wound targets. Reveners pop up on the bottom right objective to hold it, out of LOS of the hellblasters. Start of DA T4 - the alpha objective in the top left has been removed from no mans land. After this photo, Belial moved towards the exocrine who opten to overwatch. To counter all my bad luck in this game so far, I rolled a 6 on the attacks, for 9 shots, then amazingly this: From 9 shots, I rolled 5 6's, garnering an additional 5 hits. So 10 exocrine hits on belials knight unit, which was enough to wipe the remaining 2 and the grandmaster. That was pretty much game over right there. My opponent didnt have that much to threaten me, and no objective positioning, while I was all over the board. Mop up time. Evrything shoots the hellblasters and the raveners charge in finishing them off. Overall this was a fun game, with a lot of swings, however we spent a lot of time checking and double checking rules. This will get better hopefully as we get more used to the game. I'm not 100% sure it's less complex than 9th - each unit now has a bespoke rule that triggers all the time, as opposed to a set of universal special rules that are easy to remember. Some of the time consuming decision making still exists, like bladeguard having to choose whether to attack or defend, and then additional reactions like overwatch, while cool, slow the game down when you have to measure who is in range of what etc. It works in heresy as heresy is a faster system with pass/fail for saves, and no modifiers. In terms of unit performance, this is what I think: Hive Tyrant, lash whip+bs, venom cannon - B+ - Venom cannon is pointless in this edition, ill go full melee next time. The free strat per turn is amazing. Parasite - D too weak, too slow, cant join gargoyles, sub par melee. Should be 50pts or so. 20x termagants - fleshborers - B- Solid unit, output ws poor, but kept in the game with strats and held them objectives 20x termagants - devourers - B+ decent output, did some good damage, took up a lot of space. Better with a tervigon to proc lethal hits. 10x horms - A - cheap, cheerful, fast, did the job of dropping OC20 onto objectives, surprisingly good in melee with 30 attacks per 10. 10x horms - as above 5x barbgaunts - C - poor positioning from me meant they couldn't hit the opposing moving units. Considering the points they cost, I'll give them a C for performance, but a B+ for being 5pts per wound, and 10W and putting out average 18 shots. 3x VRL's - C - in this matchup. Good for a speedbump but not much else, they can't break through power armour. 3x venomthropes B - flat -1 to hit on everything is great, however they have zero damage output of their own. 70pts is a tricky investment. definitely if you're running more monsters, as the -1 will hurt lot shot stronger weapons more, also a good pick for infantry for the +1 save. 3x zoanthropes -C+ Undecided. The blast version was underhwhelming, the lance was ok, but on BS3+. The battleshock thing never came up nd is too close range to ever have an impact on zoans, who want to be at 24" range. 3x zoanthropes 3x raveners with thoracic weapons - A- great unit for the points - same cost and identical statline to VRL's however with deepstrike and twin linked instead of stealth and infiltrate. Deepstrike allows stealing of late game objectives, and twin linked is worth it's weight in gold with the increased T across the board. Screamer Killer - D+ - T10 and 3D is about the only great thing about this. It seems overshadowed by carnifexes, who despite having 2D are...1/3 cheaper at 120pts. I think 3 carnis are better than 2 screamers, and they get the blistering assault rule, and you can add OOE. Exocrine B+ - Blast means it cant shoot in combat, gun is still swingy from 4 - 9 shots (100% variation) At 135pts though, this is a good option, and T10 to boot, so overall a solid pick. Tyranids overall Adapations: The 3 'options' to privide to nids at the start (sustained, lethal on vehicles or precision hits) is silly, and only sustained hits to me is a good choice, outside of playing knights, which is never fun anyway. Precision is dumb as you'll put the odd single shot into a character, that likely wont kill them. Maaaaybe it'll have some use against stuff with really weak characters in...tough units? I haven't read all the indexes yet, but I don't see any characters so far that buff their units to such an extent that you need to kill them asap - in this game, perhaps the judicar, which would have stripped FF from the bladeguard? In my opinion, 90% of the time you'll be taking sustained, it's just so good, as exemplified by the exocrine above. Shadow in the warp was poor, which you can realise just by reading the rule and looking at Ld stats in the game. My opponent did, however only just pass many of the rolls, so I think you'll need to bake a neurotyrant into every list if you want to have a hope of this having an effect - even then it just takes marines from a significantly above average chance to pass (Ld6), to a very above average (Ld7) chance to pass. I wouldn't even think about this, never mind building around it. A flat -Ld when within 12" would have been nice, thematic and useful.
  8. Saw his tank heavy list and did some thinking and came up with this: Marneus Calgar Apothecary Biologis (They go in the Aggressors) Captain in Phobos Armor (Goes in the Incursors or Infiltrators I'm not sure yet) and tries a very dirty trick to people not paying attention. Phobos Libby (Goes in the other of the Incursor/Infiltrator) Sgt Chronus - goes in one of the Predators Sgt Telion (goes in the sniper scouts) Roboute Guilliman For a whopping 915 points in characters, yikes - but most of them are force multipliers not beat sticks. I mean a Phobos Captain and two Sergeant characters? 6 Boltstorm Agressors Incursors x5 Infiltrators x5 Scout Sniper Squad - 9 Sniper Rifles and a Missile Launcher. Predator Annhilator TwinLC + 2 LC Predator Annhilator TwinLC + 2 LC Predator Destructor Autocannon + 2 LC Predator Destructor Autocannon + 2 LC So start out with the Dirty Trick. Put Guilliman Front and Center - opponents who don't pay attention are going to start focusing on where he's standing. Finish Deployment, hopefully as more and more doesn't land near Guilliman they keep loading up to Alpha the guy. After Deployment is over, use the Phobos Captain to Redeploy the unshootable Phobos+Libby unit around Guilliman so their Alpha Strike now doesn't have anything to shoot at - and hopefully Calgar and the Aggressors will have a less dangerous path up the other side of the board. OOM, Chronus, Incursors giving +1 to hit for the Predators or stuff while Calgar Aggressors and Guilliman stomp through stuff and all the redeployed infiltrators camp objectives. Or Drop Telion, Chronus, the Predators and the Sniper Scouts for 2 Lancers, 2 Repulsor Executioners, and a Firestrike for: Marneus Calgar Apothecary Biologis (They go in the Aggressors) Captain in Phobos Armor (Goes in the Incursors or Infiltrators I'm not sure yet) and tries a very dirty trick to people not paying attention. Phobos Libby (Goes in the other of the Incursor/Infiltrator) Roboute Guilliman 6 Boltstorm Agressors Incursors x5 Infiltrators x5 Gladiator Lancer Gladiator Lancer Repulsor Executioner Repulsor Executioner
  9. Greetings fellow warriors of Macragge. 10th Edition has brought some re-evaluating of armies as well as game modes, not to forget some tasty new models. Like many, I was swinging around chapters like crazy when I decided to pre-order Leviathan. What swung me towards the Ultramarines was the fact I won a Uriel Ventris model from a Twitch stream. Add to that, the Ultramarines are a chapter I have painted a few models from, but never collected myself. With that in mind, my primary focus is going to be in the Combat Patrol-sized games using the Leviathan CP initially, with the option to expand, slowly, as and when I get a feel for game length at larger scales. So, yeah! Greetings one and all!
  10. I'm still getting character happy, but they're usually small characters with Leadder/Force Multiplication buffs: Roboute Guilliman Hanging out with Phobos Libby + 10 Infiltrators (for Super Stealth and 3ish freebie CP per game (Guilliman can freebie Repeat one Strat per turn, 5 battle rounds is 10 turns, 10 rolls for a 5+ Marneus Calgar hanging out with a BGV Lieutenant and 6 BGV - probably on the opposite side of G (all total gives me an estimated average income of 2.6ish CP per turn) Uriel Ventris (may not stay Uriel, and go generic walkers) hanging with some (10) Intercessors sticky capping after they deep strike behind whichever Epic Hero Group starts clearing objectives first. Sergeant Telion hanging with 10 Scout Snipers with a potentially precision Krak Missile Launcher. 10 Heavy Intercessors holding objectives themselves. 6 Eradicators that are potentially just a place holder for something I like better. Still over 50 models plus characters. The Erads are kinda Meh on tank hunting, and that's one of my weaknesses with only Guilliman having anything over S9 That could turn into a couple Gladiators or Devs in Pods or something quick.
  11. So, the Kroot look pretty solid in 10th so far and I wanted to do a bit of a breakdown of everything we’re working with at the moment. I know points are out tomorrow, but I don’t imagine they are going to shift all that much. So this will be based on the assumption that their points will be relatively similar to what they were in 9th since they didn’t drastically change anything. Overall Army: Keywords (For the Greater Good): Sadly no FTGG for Kroot, while they aren't excluded from the rule itself, they don't have the Keyword on their Datacard. Hopefully Dal'Yth will give it to them when the codex drops. Kauyon: It’s going to be interesting in the Kauyon only days for a little while. You want to get close for all the melee fun, but the only Detachment rule makes you want to stay at range. However, with Kroot being what they are, I think this puts us in a solid spot, we can play aggressive against shooting armies and cagier against melee ones. Stratagems: Kroot come out quite on top in this department. We really only had three usable strats last edition: Grisly Feast (now baseline on all carnivores and slightly buffed), A Trap Well Laid, (now baseline Heroic Intervention), we loose the +1A, but get to fight at the same time as the charging unit, I’d say a solid trade, and Outflank which will probably come back as a Dal’Yth specific strat later. With more baseline strats, we get a bit more to do. The new Grenades strat for usable by Carnivores and Farstalkers will be a great damage boost to hard targets and will likely be used a lot. Go to Ground will also be a great way to boost the survive ability of larger Kroot blobs (on most units, they are now -1 to be hit, +1sv, 6+ invul, and a 6+FNP with a potentially 4+ FNP). Lastly they pick up Point Blank Ambush from Kauyon, giving them an extra Pip of AP in the late game to help close things out. Now for the units: Shapers: Less of an auto include than I though they’d be when I learned how leaders work. They don’t add that much more firepower and only a bit more melee power. The increase of the FNP from 5+ to 4+ is nice, but really situational as you have to kill a unit in melee. They don’t even give the unit better LD, I was really hoping for a 6+ on the Shaper. The only Enhancement they can take so far is a +1 to hit and sometimes +1 to wound, not a big deal on their minimal attacks. Overall, sadly really underwhelmed by the Shapers so far, hopefully they get more creative with them in the codex proper. The passive 6+ FNP for the unit is nice though, that's basically what you're paying for. Carnivores: The loss of Ap is an expected blow, but otherwise, they look stronger. Stealth making them a permanent -1 to be hit is great for their ranged survive ability and Grisley Feast being baseline is a nice situational buff. I think they’re in a good spot and there are also now between FTGG and Feast, there are real incentives to run them in 20 man blobs rather than MSU. The lack of Battleline is the biggest problem here and will keep all Kroot armies pretty much hamstrung and unable to run at 2k Krootox Riders: Again the loss of some AP was expected, but packmates is a really neat buff harkening back to the old rules of them all being all one big unit. Them having +1 to hit if they are within 6” of a carnivore unit (so pretty much all the time) is a great buff. Also, since you can never increase your hit roll past +1, they also make great spotters for your Carnivores if they ever do get FTGG from Dal'Yth later on. I can also seeing them be taken as a durable one of in regular Tau lists just as spotters if their points are low enough. So long as they don’t get a big points hike, I think these guys will be great in any list. Hounds: Picking up stealth like the carnivores is a great buff if they can’t close right away. Their scout move is down from 12” to 9”, and with no longer re-rolling charges, having them close on something turn one is a lot less of a sure thing than it was last edition. They’ve also unsurprisingly been made OC:0 so no snagging backfield objectives for them anymore. No more grisly feast for them either which is sad as it was the main unit I used it on. They are +1 to wound now if they are near carnivores which is nice, but they’ve also lost their pip of AP like most Kroot. Overall, their strength has gone down considerably; however they were a very ubiquitous unit in 9th, so I’m not surprised they got hit pretty hard in the downgrade redesign. Farstalkers: The only unit that REALLY changed considerably in what they are and what they do, both positive and negative. The Kroot hounds that come with the kit are part of the unit now, so you’ve got to take a squad of 12, not sure how that will effect their points. Most of their weapons have been made baseline, so the shotgun, bow and sniper are all just guns now. It makes sense for the shotguns, but I’m sad to see the bow and the sniper go. At least we still have the tribalest and skinner to play with. While the tribalest did pick up anti-vehicle 4+, and while it did go down to D1, I think picking up devastating wounds was worth the trade off. Where they are really going to shine though is as character assassins. While they don’t get full re-rolls against their bounty targets anymore, they do pick up both Lethal Hits and Precision against their target, making them a solid option to take out all but the most heavily armed characters. This of course can be make even batter with the addition of the FTGG buffs. Without the Legends data sheets yet, there sadly isn’t anything else to talk about. So long as points remain close, I think that Kroot will still be reasonably strong on the tabletop. It will be very much a swarm the infantry and ignore the vehicles kind of play-style, but Kroot have pretty much always played like that, so I don’t think that’s too big a change there. I’m looking forward to the points reveal tomorrow and prepping everything for launch day. Another Krootsade may be in the works too. :D
  12. Calgar Libby with Jump Pack - Honor Vehement Primaris Apothecary - Artificier Armor HINTs x10 2 Heavy Bolters Tacs x10 Meltagun, Lascannon Assault Squad x10, 2 Plasma Pistol, 2 Eviscerators Bladeguard x6 Brutalis Dread Devs 4xGrav Devs 4x Grav Drop Pod Land Raider Crusader - Maybe a straight up Land Raider 6BGV + 1 Apoth + 2 Victrix + 1(2) Calgar is 11 out of 12. Libby goes with the Assault Marines Calgar and the Apothecary goes with the BGV in the Land Raider At least one Dev goes in the Pod. The Brutalis hangs with the Land Raider to draw fire, or pile on while piling in if left alone. The libby has 6/7 S7/8 D3 damage attacks, the assault Squad gets: 3 S8 AP-3 D2 attacks 6 S7 (WS4+) -3 D2 attacks 28 S4 -2 D1 attacks plus the Smite and pistols plus X/2 Mortals The BGV will just keep coming back from the dead, the Apothecary will be harder to PRECISION out with a 2+, 5+++ to stop the resurrecting Bladeguard, plus there's two more Victrix Guard that are practically Bladeguard themselves. 34 S5 -2 D2 power weapons, plus the Apothecary NASTY pistol, plus Calgar - potentially plus the Brutalis and its attacks and mortals. I really wanted to do Max size squads, but I'm thinking its not worth it - especially for the HINTs and Tacs that don't have an attached character. I also don't think Calgar is the best choice here. He's a beat stick, but I'm not sure a Captain able to do 0 CP Repeats (especially things like Select Assault Doctrine and/or the Bouns when in Assault Doctrine Strats) wouldn't do the job better just because there are so many attacks to benefit from free strats.
  13. From the album: Misc

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    Ghaz 6 Meganobz 2x20 Boyz 2x Warbosses Deffkilla Wartrike 3 Warbikers 3 Mek Gunz 2x11 Gretchin Mozrog Skragbad Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun Megatrakk Scrapjet 3 Killa Kans Nob with WAAAGH! Banner Weirdboy

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  22. Hello everyone. Maybe I lived under a rock or something, but I did not hear anything regarding Starter Sets for the 10th Edition. Leviathan is just the launch box. Since the rules are going to be online and free, I am a little bit afraid, that GW will not release starter sets because "Combat Patrols are the perfect starting point" and so on. Are there any rumors or news regarding a release date or the content of the sets? What are your thoughts about the starter sets?
  23. The release of the Indexes has introduced some changes in unit composition and minimums. Some of the armies I gathered in the past will have to go through a good face lifting in order to be able to be fielded under the new unit canons. I am no affected for the big Space Wolves faction of mine - sure a lot of stuff is probably not as it should be per the Index but I bet I have more than enough to rebalance and equilibrate some legal squads without necessity of investing again. It will not be the case for 3 other armies: A. Saim Hann Aeldari: This army was gathered more than 20 years ago and frankly as it has never been mounted or played I doubt it was legal even at the time. I have hoever to find a way to get my bunch of Guardians legals. This means Ebaying weapon platforms and/or converting Serpent Shield platforms in order to be able to line them (when they will be assemblied, which will hopefully happen in the Call-to-Arm Challenge 2023....) Ebaying will probably lead to 50-100 € depending on state and number of platforms (4 would be required out of which 2 Serpent shields). Say 100€ B. Death Watch: These chap have to be retooled so that my death watch vetaren squads are legals. They were built to fill a kind of Devastator role on the battlefield. As such I cannot keep on fielding 4 heavy weapons in a squad of 5. " units are tooled like that leading to the need to buy 2 additionnal Veteran boxes to get enough models to redistribute Heavy weapons or to get the critical size to field 4 per squad. 2 x 35 € C. AdMech: Skitarii squad special weapons´ allocation revision makes that I have to add more squad than expected in this project that is my 2023 New Year/New Army project. My current guies were designed to get: - Vanguards: 2 arc rifles - Rangers: 2 Transuranic arquebuses - (future Vanguards): 2 plasma stuff I will have to had an additional Skitarii box vs. what I initially planned 1 x 42.5 € (in excess of my planned buying list) Gran Total: 212.5€ Will I plan the procurment this year? Well probably not for DW, although being the rest of the army 100% it would be a pain not to do the little extra to complete it and getting something I could be able to field for casual games. But it will compete with my NY/NA project. What´s missing in this analysis? Well recalculating all point values and see if my current forces are still compatibles witht he revised Munitorum points so that they meet the required sizes... But this will be for another day
  24. I just had my first battle of 10th edition yesterday. And … we were surprised, that we couldn't find a rule, that states whether you can shoot at units that are in melee (while the unit that shoots is not in melee). Thanks anyone for help!
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