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Word Bearers' XXXth Host


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I finally stopped myself in time to take some WIP pictures. This never happens.

This is the begining of my Word Bearer's Dark Apostle. Starting from the ground, up. Literally.






It's currently pinned to a medicine bottle top, so I can work with easier.

Most of the bits should be easy to recognize, but just in case:

  • The legs were some Chaos Terminator Lord legs that I shaved a heck of a lot of stuff off of.
  • The feet are Tyranid Warrior hooves (a little blessing/mutation from the Dark Gods can't be all that bad, right)
  • The decorations on the front of the grieves are Bloodletter faces (maybe even Animated Armor, who knows yet).
  • The plasti-card in the back will be a base for a Green Stuff tabbard later.

Well, back to work.

Next on the to-do list is the Torso.

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Added a torso

Very nice. Is he a terminator or power armored?

He's going to be in Power Armor. But a BIG set of armor.





The front is from the Chaos Terminator Lord.

The back is some random Space Marine back

Now to fill in the waist area.

More to follow.

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So there I am digging through all my bits, and I came across some hooves I did for a different project. I like them. now I have to decide which set of hooves I should use.

  • the solid hooves are already on
  • Animals with solid hooves tend to be smarter (horses) than clooved hoof animals (cows).
  • the cloven hooves are more recognizable AS HOOVES
  • they look pretty good
  • it wouldn't be that hard to replace



so whatdaya think?

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Hey man,


Been busy unpacking the house and tearing down wallpaper, no internet for a couple more days. I'll be back in it soon!


I tried some hooves like the solids on one of my last lords. One thing i noticed upon painting him is that they started looking like high heels because they lost some of their detail. In this case you might not like the cloven ones because of your reasoning, but in the overall scheme of the model sometimes putting bits on you don't like enhances the overall package.

Balance if you will.


Ask yourself are they going to be demonic mutations of;

Power armor?


something else?


You always have the option of keeping the solid ones and carving your own grooves into them as well. That way they can have a taloned look and feel as opposed to a mammal's hooves.

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cloven,but remeber split hoofed animals can't swim so be carful of terain.
to be honest if your wearing that much armour you would sink to the bottom regardless of hoove shape.


i think cloven, they look more detailed.

The members of the XXXth Host undergo a rigorous water safety qualification test annually. (And he's ranger qualified). He's good-to-go.


cloven do look more evil, but more bestial/feral

apostles seem to be more scheming, but there cold be an argument re deamons and possession


would suggest cloven if close combat/ lead from the front


solid if he plays in the middle ground

I think this guy is definitely going to be IN YOUR FACE. Leading from the front. Also, I can't seem to find a way to model a ranged weapon on him, anywhere.


Cloven all the way for classical and medieval associations with the demon.


Did you break off the bloodletter heads? I quite fancied those....

Yes I did. When I found the hooves, they were in a package with some bits for some other grieves I was working on. So I decided to finish those and put them on this guy. I think you'll like the new style.


Ask yourself are they going to be demonic mutations of;

Power armor?


something else?

The hooves are going to represent a mutation of the flesh, one of the indicators that he is progressing towards Daemonhood (a lofty and righteous goal, so that he may be nearer his Father Lorgar). I want him to be sorta like Abaddon, in that he has been "Gifted" by all of the Chaos Gods.


His "Gifts" will be : (unless I can think of something else)

  • Flesh - represented by the hooves. (I'm thinking from Slaanesh)
  • Armor - I've got all knids of conversions in mind for the Armor, first being the Daemon faces on the grieves. (Armor would seem Nurgle's lane, but it won't look Nurgley)
  • Cursed Crozius - I'm half way done with a pretty bad arse Cursed Crozius. (Tzeentch, I guess)
  • Weapon - almost done with a Daemon Sword I'm thinking of chaining to his waist. (No brainer - Khorne)

The bits I've got collected, and the way I have him fleshed out in my mind, I can't think of anything else I would do to represent a "gift" of a Chaos God.


As a member of a Religion that worships ALL of the Chaos Gods EQUALLY, we really don't care who the "Gifts" are from (He didn't ask for these things, they were given to him). I want him to look like he's been Chosen by the entire Pantheon. And have all of their assets at his disposal.(because we all know, Word Bearers rule over the Daemons, and use them as play things)


Maybe, a couple of thousand years down the road, this will come back to bite him in the butt, and he'll be turned into a spawn. But right now: HE IS, THE MAN.(and that's what I want him to look like)


I have been sooooooo worn out from surfing Friday that I've sat at my desk the better part of two days, and managed to do quite a bit on this guy. I'll snap a quick preview pic with bits blu-taced on. and post it in a bit.

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I think you'd be better off with Khorne armour and a Nurgle sword. I say this because you have Bloodletter heads on the armour already, and a Nurgle sword would be easier to represent without changing the model too much, as would be required with Nurgle armour.
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