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Black Templar army revival/creations. Grimaldus


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Excellent! I particularly like the centre of the foot sculpt. Also, the nob looks great! The only thing I can suggest would be to get a hand on some flying shell-casings (they should be around the boyz box somewhere...) and possibly hollowing out a part of the clip to show expenditure (tastes vary on that). Do that (and a face-shot of the Nob), and the basing will be perfect....


Good stomping!

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@ Brother-Librarian Haegl, thanks and do mean somthing like this?







@Nicorex, its the Landraider engine block, cut and fit into place.

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@Haegl, only from some angles, however we know its there so that's all that matters. :)


@Nicorex, you are welcome and thanks.



Not much happening at the moment, fixed wire to the base to act as pins to give it some extra hold. As its going to be holding a fair weight on one foot, last thing I want is for the thing to fall over.  

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Well, finished the building part of this model. Going to try and hold off painting it before the ETL, will give me time to finalise the overall colours and paint scheme. Also left the legs blu-tacked for now as will just be awkward to paint the base and ork with them on there. So I'll save myself that stress. I've also magnetised the Knight at the waist join to make for easy transport, will help with painting to.




I've added in a few extra non game affecting(from what I know) equipment. Either side on the waist I'm stuck in some search lights, and in the middle under the chest plate is a frag launcher. Again just for show because I had one square lying around and story wise if the driver/pilot needs to get out to do anything, she can pop the frag clearing the area or whatever. Was going to get a bolt pistol of heavy stubber in there but just no room. So you could imagine if she needed to get out for any reason, pop the frag, bust the top hatch open and let loose with the stubber before disembarking.




Have to say, this is quite possibly the best greenstuff I've done, while the knight helmet icon is a print from a mold, the scrolls were rolled out and popped on with ease. Surprised me to say the least that they turned out so well.





The main weapons are magnetised as well, no need for pics as we all know what they look like. 

C&C welcome as always,

Next up, more bikes....around 14 of them. Not sure if I should make them just a normal bike unit or the 5 man command squad that I see we are restricted to(as in just 5 of them). Can't see anyway to make that unit bigger without adding in IC's. Or am I missing something?

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Jawdropping. Seriously, I love how you have really gone to town with all the templarification (new, hardly usable word ho!), such as the FW storm-shield and the better part of an upgrade sprue, as well as the more pragmatic additions (particularly that frag-launcher!). Also, seldom has an ork looked less intimidating...


Now slap a few coats of worthy paint on that knight, and go kick ass! 

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I'm having a real hard time not painting it before the ETL, not to much longer now.


Keeping myself busy with a command squad on bikes for the time being though so not to bad. I'm about half way on the actual bikes, waiting on a few main orders and apothecary bits to be in stock. Might have to dismantle one that's on foot if I cant find one soon. 


Will post the bikes up just as soon as they are finished, minus the riders.

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Thanks SincaiN,


so this will be the 4th time I've posted this, between the b&c crashes and yesterday at work our systems were crashing,,  yargh!  :smile.:


Got stuck with names for these guys, so borrowed a few names from 2 films I like. 



Command squad Eramus.









Used the vent on the SM backpack to make a greenstuff mould to finish off the exhausts, as such a flat surface void of detail. Never understood why GW left it like that. Maybe the slits along the side are the exhaust ? 


Marshal Godfrey.








Brother Balian  on the right

Brother Raymond on the left





weapon swaps.




Brother Arn                Company Champion

Brother  Thewlis        Apothecary 









Brother Almaric   Standard Bearer 






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