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Harleqvin's WIP, 7/2/22 Azrael conversion WiP post


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DA codex page 38. My inspiration for my next conversion. Starting this up as it's been raining quite a bit recently and I don't want to spray in the house...


this will be my Librarian/counts as Ezekiel

This is what I have done so far.


Will be doing some slight artistic variation and will be making the ranged weapon as wrist mounted, obviously magnetized as I seem to love magnets. The current weapon will be a bolt pistol. The melee weapon will be magnetized to the back pack and the current melee weapon is going to be a Force Sword. I am pretty sure I will magnetize the back pack as well for possible jump pack option.

I will need to get some jewelry chain for the chains holding the book onto his chest. I will be GSing a hood on him and an open book on his left shoulder pad (pretty sure books are in preheresy for Librarians...) Same for making the force sword longer.

So far it looks like the Horned Skull is a go for Preheresy style.
After another member here on the B&C said something about Descent of Angels chapter 14/15. I flipped through "Descent of Angels" again. Looked through and it stated Israfael's staff had a horned skull on top of it.

Quote with same spelling/punctuation as in my copy page 246 - "His armour was adorned with all manner of symbols that Zahariel did not recognize, and he carried a golden staff topped with a device that resembled a horned skull."

So there is some proof of the Horned Skull with the Librarius in Preheresy. I have a thread with the discussion in the HH area. feel free to jump in on it if you got some more info. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.p...howtopic=264447

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Put the arms onto the Int-Chap in TDA. covered a few more spots with Liquid GS. There is a spot on the right gauntlet that i filled in but that was after these pics were taken. Also i think the added Dreadnought leg fronts has made this guy look way beefier. :cool:





I know that the rain to me is a minor inconvenience not allowing me to prime stuff. So I feel a bad for stating it before as I really do feel for the people that the hurricane is greatly effecting them so much where some have to evacuate. some are losing valuables and homes due to the damage. I hope you all are safe!

The Force sword in scabbard for the Libby conversion.
front(what will be seen viewed on the backside of the Libby





back of Scabbard seen viewed from front of Libby (spot in the middle with no raised pyramid type stud will most likely be where I place the magnet.



Hood on Libby front


to the right and right side



Left a bit


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I agree, brilliant GS working on both the sword and hood Brother H. I wish I could sculpt nearly as well.


I'm not a huge fan of the huge DuranDuran pads on the Interrogator, but that is just my personal taste.

Nice Crozius ;)



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Thanks guys!

The Shoulder pads are definitely big. lqtm. I am going for that shoulder look and I can't wait till I have the money to get some Cataphractii TDAs. I think I will leave the giant sized ones (dreadnought pads in that direction. There are other Dread pads that don't have the same icons on them and the can be trimmed down on the larger side and then won't look as big. see pic below.) for HQ and maybe other character models in TDA. Give them a something a bit more and then the normal TDA will have smaller ones like the Cataphractii pattern.

This is what I am currently going to use for my Belial conversion. The shoulder pads on it are what I was talking about above as they are a bit smaller. They are from the Ven Dread kit I do believe by GW. I may be changing it as I got a Lugft model from FW and I got a second Lugft claw arm. Although I think I will use that for just Lightning claw Belial and this one for Sword&SB and TH/SS Belial as it is already magnetized for arms.

The sword on the Standard is a bit off in this pic. I have cleaned it up a bit since then so it doesn't look so crooked. :biggrin:

(edit 3/9/17. I am not able to find any photo of what I was talking about in the above. I also didn't use different dread pad on it for sword and gun, I used the same for the Int-Chap but I cut them a bit to alter the look. I just can't find any photos showing what I described above during this time frame, I have all the other photos, just not ones that match this comment....)

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Jesus tap dancing Christ :P Very nice portrayal of DA's, only crit is that the plasma pistol glow is a bit to overwhelming for my color palet, but hey i'm a paint virgin what do i know :)



It was one of my first attempts at OSL. They aren't 100% done though. They are at what I would say are table ready which is what I was only able to do for them at the time to get them done for the ETL. I do believe I am going to do something to that OSL or leave it as is and then when I do a wash on it it will lessen the effect which in either case will make it better. At least I think either case it will make it better. ;)


I am also planning on doing other colors as well on other Plasma weapons, so it isn't so plain one color only on all, to mix it up a bit.


Also for above about the hood. I had squeezed it between my fingers to flatten it and that also made the texture on it with my fingerprints which I think worked out for it =D Then I set it on there and pushed it along the inside with a sculpting tool to set it.

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What I have got done for the book over the left shoulder pad.
I honestly believe it looks better in person. So looking forward to painting it as it will show better then.




Have done some work on the power pack but I will wait till I get it more/almost finished before taking a pic for it. Edited by Harleqvin
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Having just started playing with green stuff, I'll be using your thread for inspiration. Your sculpting work is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.



Thank you! and you're welcome ={D>

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Think I have to agree with IJ. Your army is spot on fantastic (and I cant model worth anything so take this as you will...) but the positioning of the torso just feels...I dunno, off.


I know! it feels to me like he's getting ready to lean backwards into a matrix style bullet time scene....and that would be AWESOME if you could model that!



...maybe its just the lack of the other arm.




loving your army though.

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Interesting idea, but the torso seems to be seated much too far back and to his left. This might actually be a trick of the details from what you possibly had to shave off, as the area just below the torso's belt buckle might actually be vertical but it looks like it's rounded off and visually pushes the torso back. Either way still a little too much left though.


I'm just concerned the torso will always look too small on those legs but very curious to see where you take it!

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I can't help it if he refuses to stop wearing his Traitor Stomping Boots! :D


Yeah. lqtm. When I put the weapon arm in it's place it doesn't look "as" odd. It is going to be a PA Int-Chap and if they ever let Int-Chaps get Artificer armor again it will be an Int-Chap in AA. lqtm

I plan on doing some GS along the right side of the model to give the chest a bit more to it but not too much. Just a little. That will help. Also I need to do a little bit of GS right below the torso, too, to fix the gap for the surplice.

I wanted to use the Asmodai model but he looks small compared to the other marines. So I figured with having 2 extra main bodies of the DV DW sergeant, the swords were broken when I got them and GW Cust Serv replaced them, I would use one of them here.


It was a pain in the butt cutting the legs off of Asmodai and I did what I could to get the top of the DW Sergeants legs down so it looked better. That DV DW Serg has legs that go all the way up! lqtm. I think I cut off between 1/4-3/8th an inch off the top of the legs....

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Here is a bit of an update on the Libby/Ezekiel. Got the torches on need to GS the joining spots. Power pack is magnetized so i can remove it and put a Jump pack on it. A nice surprize bonus to me is that I don't have to magnetize the sword like i thought I would need to. the magnet on the power pack is strong enough it pulls the pin inside the sword to it.


side shots of the PA traitor stomping Int-Chap. lqtm



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Why in the name of the emperor there was an Aquila on it's booty plate I will never know.....


The emperor protects. Lets leave it at that....

I bet this Grey Knight wished he had one. I should probably label that video a NSFW.


By the way, that has to be one of the best sculpted hoods I've ever seen. Great work!

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Some more work I have done to the Asmodai/Int-Chap



This one is a little bright. Sorry about that.



Here is some work I have done on a Librarian in TDA. The CC weapon hand is magnetized (pretty sure the Force staff I have I am going to put a DA icon on it instead of the Skull that is there from the GK stave. I will put a pic of that up later) and the range weapon is magnetized (currently just a stormbolter. Will put pics up later when i get the combi-bolters done for it.)





I am going to use a Warriors of Chaos helm that has had the horns removed for the Helm. pics of that later when it is more finished just like the weapons.
I am also going to be putting a belt around his waist along with a DA icon most likely for the buckle.

I haven't done too much to the Ezekiel/Libby. Got the arms ready for final attachment. just need to get some jewelry chain so I can put the book on the chest first. Sadly, for many reasons and not just the chain I need to get, I haven't been able to go many places as my cars starter took a poo on me. At least i think it's the starter. Will find out soon. If it is that i will be able to head out and get the chain so I can finish him up. Edited by Harleqvin
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Thanks Gillyfish.
Here is my Power Armored Librarian/Ezekiel. Need to make a base for it but that will be a bit. I want to make a suitable one for it :cool: Then it will be ready for prime and paint.





Other weapons will be done but for now the Force Sword & Boltpistol are it. After I paint it I am going to try something new. Using water effects with ink added to it to make it look like glow & energy is coming out from his hands, mouth and eyes. I know that will be tricky and when I do that, I could mess up. However if it works, it will be pretty awesome I think. So there's my future plans on this guy. :cool:

Almost done with my Librarian in TDA conversion with Magnetized Force Staff and Stormbolter. Also almost done with Asmodai/PA Int-Chap conversion. Pics will be up for each when it's closer to being done.

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Harleqvin, you did a fantastic job on that conversion! I've been wanting to make that particular Librarian for years so it's awesome to see someone with the guts to actually put it together, and I think you pulled if off amazingly. Are those Legion of the Damned flamer backpack toppers you used there for the braziers?


Three small niggly details I see:

-the sword cross guard looks too stock Black Templar, that split tipped guard is pretty characteristic for them (but this is a fiddly bit, so I'm not sure what I'd do differently, possibly just slice the split tip off or replace the whole guard-grip-pommel portion with a more typical DA one - you've obviously got the Green Stuff skills to work with this)

-there's a little aquila looking "dish" at the top of the image's psyker-hood, not sure if you wanted to add something like that, but there are a couple of little banner toppers that resemble that icon, or you could possibly use the little DA styled radar dish from the Ravenwing upgrade sprue

-the studs/spikes/nails in the shoulder pads look too long, they just seem somewhat out of proportion, so maybe trim them down carefully if you can/want


Honestly, even if you changed nothing, this guy looks freakin' awesome! You've more than captured the essence of the picture. You're Green-stuff on the sword is top notch, very nicely done, really, really well put together miniature. He will look great on a base. Someone that awesome looking surely treads on the cast-down skulls of his enemies and has taken a few demons to task, I'm sure, leaving little bits of them scattered about. :jaw:

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Thanks guys. I like this guy. I had wanted to do it for a whole now but I couldn't find an open right hand for the longest time. I didn't want to sculpt one :biggrin: then the DV set came out. That Libby had most of what i was looking for.

The torches/sconces* are actually from the Sisters of Battle power pack but that was a close guess!

I can understand the book. It seems a bit unrealistic to have a book strapped to ones chest even if you are a super genetically altered being :laugh: I still thought it kinda neat. :biggrin:

I am not sure if I am going to put a piece like that on it. I kinda want to put something but I am trying to steer clear of Aquilas and things too close to Aquilas :laugh: I think I may end up putting a DA icon on there as there isn't really a very visibly noticeable DA icon. I have a ton of them from RW sprues.

The sword, I really must have been tired, I was meaning to cut the guard so it was more like the picture. I will probably do that sometime. Although I do picture the Preheresy DA as being more knightly looking than how they are now. So if if don't do that it will be fine for my thought. but I do understand more BT. It was a sword from the BT sprue. lqtm

I think I will cut the spikes down a little bit like maybe a couple of mm. I didn't think they were too long at first. After looking at the pic and my conversion at similar sizes they are a bit bigger.

One thing I am thinking about doing though before I prime it is adding some coils from the forearms to the back but the only spot I can do that is right next to the spot where the power pack meets the mount on the model. I have the Valthrex*, Astral Claws MotF model and I have no other use for the whips he has. The pic for the inspiration of the conversion has what appears to be coils and i have been going back and forth wether to put them on.
What do you guys think? Should I go ahead and just add the coils?



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