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Harleqvin's WIP, 7/2/22 Azrael conversion WiP post


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Thanks, mate! I will work more on it as time goes on but it's a good rough draft of the whole thought :pirate:

So I have been doing some tinkering with models being put together. Something else you guys will see is that I will do quite a few things converting wise at the same time. It may be a hindrance but I like having a few things to work on so I don't get bogged down or bored with something. Not that that is usually an issue I just don't want to get a feeling of monotony....

Here is going to be my Belial counts as. I also have decided to call my counts as MotDW, Castiel. The old one I have decided I will use as a sergeant for the upgraded DW squad and I will remove the banner from him so I can put it on the new one. I had this in mind a while ago. I just never got around to it as I may try to do something with altering the torso maybe. Will see as time goes on and new model parts become available. Anyhoo. here it is. With the Lightning Claw glory of Lion Pauldrons!



Will be doing more work to it obviously, lqtm. The arms have been magnetized. Needs some sculpting on the left arm to cover up all the spots of where I cut it to convert it from a right arm to a left arm. As said above not sure if I will keep the top torso. It is a great model. The FW Lugft Huron is great for conversion base. Just not sure if I want to get overly detailed or not. Thoughts have been to taking the top of the torso or the whole torso off and either making it look a bit more Tartaros like or something else grander like using the fronts of Sang Guard... I could do some neat things with a Tartaros and Cataphractii tops. I really like how the backs of those torsos look a lot.

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Harleqvin, couple of things I think might alter your background a little bit: no need to be concerned with the gene-tithe, all the DA successors should look identical to the AdMech as the DA maintain some of the highest purity, so unless there is some point about the 30K gene-seed being different from the 40k gene-seed, I don't think they'd need to worry about a subterfuge like that. Considering their fanaticism for purity, I don't think the DA would maintain anything less than the best, so the "Order" gene-seed would likely simply appear to be from the Dark Angels Legion line.


If they went into the Warp, they are going to have to do some quick talking to convince the Dark Angels they aren't Fallen. I got the impression that the DA really don't care that much about why they went into the Warp, it seems like the assumption is, loyal or not, they get treated as Fallen if they emerged from the Warp.


I'm not sure that the Successor Chapter thing would work that well, I always got the impression that the AdMech and the High Lords of Terra are more involved in the creation of Successors than just allowing a Legion chapter to completely take over the creation of a new Successor.


I do like the idea, I just think you may need to massage them a little, or ignore all that and continue on as you are, because we really don't know for sure what all goes into the creation of a Successor. I would at least touch on why the High Lords allowed the creation of another DA Successor when they are generally loathe to create new ones.


I love your Belial! That's exactly what I wanted to do! It looks great, but I feel like you should have left him a Crux, and take a look at that left claw. The blades are going the wrong way, so in addition to the thumb, if it is possible, switch the two middle blades and middle finger claws. Also, I really like the name of your MotDW! What, no brown trench coat? ;)

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The mini part.

For the crux thing: I am not sure if they have said or shown anything about the Crux Terminatus on the shoulder being in or not (for Pre/heresy,) as a lot of the fluff says it incorporates a part of the emperors armor on his decree before dying. If going with that fluff being true I am not putting them on. One of the reasons why I am going so long on putting my TDA together. I have been taking it off quite a few of them and doing things to alter the look of the pad for the most part. I am leaving the one on the knee there as it is more of just a crux and not what is normally deemed Crux Terminatus. Plus I left a similar one on, Kciredor, my Int-Chap in TDA. I also took off his if you look under the left giant pauldron :D


Yeah the Lightning claw parts are some of the things I still need to do to the model. I am going to switch two of the blades. The fingers don't look that off so I think I am good on that. :unsure:


I am thinking of leaving the Aquila on the belt buckle area. I know that it has been stated in the fluff that some marines beyond the Emperor's Children, who have free rain to wear it all willy nilly, may have one. If I keep it on him, I think it would make sense for him to have it. If I decide to keep it on him. I could also do the same for the MotRW (or whatever I decide to rename them as,) and whoever I decide to make as the overall commander type. Although, so far I have pretty much steered away from the Aquila and the Crux Terminatus for fluff reasons.


Plus if they decide to state the CT is in Pre/heresy I can have it on one of the other loadouts, as this is just for the Lightning Claw loadout. RAAAWR!! :huh: :)




Gene-seed/tithe: Yeah I know the AdMech have stuff to do with it to my knowledge but that is why I was saying they would be kept on the down-low till they can take role as that successor. Like having some people who are in the DA who are in the Inner Circle start it going. and then when it gets to where it wont be noticed have all those new guys go to the DA in secret, or just saying they need more recruits so you are being given over to the founding Chapter "So feel proud and honored Brother Marines!", and let the 30k DA take over it. It all needs further fleshed out but like stated before was just the basic idea :D

The Tithe thing you said makes sense as it shouldn't be any different, purity wise.

I will keep it, When it's the 30k DA in charge of "The Order", that they take in those, extra Marines, who are let in on the Secret from other chapters to replenish their ranks aspect. So it never needs to be an issue teaching new marines all up front about the secret.


The jump through time space and dealing with the current time DA is something that I need to figure out.

It reappears near the Rock or somehow gets into contact with the Rock from trying to contact Caliban and only getting them instead, something of that sort. Obviously there will be dealings between them and The Rock and what not (haven't gotten so far in my thoughts for that area yet, that will come later when fully fleshed out,) for what in the Emperor is going on type stuff B)




I know it doesn't really matter for anything as you can play whatever army one wants without needing a story to tie things together if you happen to use the same models for different armies. I just like the idea to bring them together storywise. Plus it gives an interesting story for when someone goes "Why are they painted that way? I thought DA are green?" or "Why do those Consecrators have the DA symbol?" :lol:

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So I have vowed for December PtR and the LPC 2013 with this.

THE GREAT CRUSADE (FW Betrayal Crusade Army List):
FW HH:Book 1 Betrayal unit Legion Artillery Tank Squadron
Whirlwind points cost 75 no options.


I do realize that this picture does not have the twinlinked bolter in it. I forgot that it was a wargear item and didn't put it in the pic. It will be shown in further pics of model which should be done over the weekend.

Who would have thought that we would have forgotten how to make a stormbolter a normal item on a whirlwind in 10k years :laugh:

LPC 2013 Vow placement

Dec PtR Vow placement
http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.p...034&st=1082 Edited by Harleqvin
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It definitely looks like dry mud. I do believe I am done. I also made the twin linked bolter from the old bolters, just to make sure it's more fitting that era :wink: I put together the two that normally came with the Rhino from ages past :thumbsup::thumbsup:


Currently unless I am told otherwise I believe my current vow is done.

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It looks like my January vow was looked over. lqtm

I am vowing a Legion Predator Strike Armor Squadron consisting of one

Predator tank, total 75 points, no options, from the HH Book 1 Betrayal,

for my January vow for the PtR.


I am almost finished with the turret mount & Predator Cannon.

Here is the current work in progress shot.



When done getting it all together I will be painting it up.

 Will add the finished pic when i get done and will also put it in the PtR thread.

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Hey everyone. My apologies for kinda dropping off the face of the segmentum for a while. I plan on being more active and posting things on here and participating more. I have pretty much finished the conversion of my Librarian counts as Ezekiel (not painted just finished the putting together the model itself, just need to make a base for it, and it will be ready to paint,) Same thing for my counts as Belial. I also started a Cypher conversion. I plan on sometime in the coming week or so posting photos of all these WiP models, and I apologize for never finishing my 2013 Jan vow. Issues in life and all, plus what I tried to do with that predator didn't work out, I scrapped that idea, and started something else with it instead, photos on that to come too with the everything else

I hope everyone has been doing well and has been painting much more than I have!

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Thanks, mate!
I will do my best to get the pics loaded up by next week (hopefully sooner,) and hopefully I will have started painting the Libby, it's the converted one I was putting together based off the photo of the Libby in the codex art for Librarians, next week while I am finishing up with Cypher and putting together my Betrayal at Calth box. Which will be in my Mixed Pre/Heresy//40K successor chapter deal. lqtm

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Ok. This will be photo heavy, so I'll make the photos hidden to make it easier for peoples browsers.
I did some new work on a couple of conversions I was working on, and started a couple new conversions.
First up.

Castiel, my counts as Belial Master of the Deathwing. I had initially used the base model for Lughft Huron from Forge World. With the new DWCS box I really liked the fronts of the DWKnights. Because I honestly didn't like the top part of the Huron model icut it off and kept the legs. I really like the legs. lqtm. I took the front of the Knight and a back and attached it to the Huron legs. I used a Khorne lord on a juggernaught Head and cut off the Khorne topper and putt hat in as the head. Still going for that knightly look. plus I really think it's dumb all these guys are running around with no helmet on when a shot to the skull will still kill a Space Marine.... (so I only do helmetless guy if it's in  the artwork i am tying to recreate in model form like the Libby I did and will be posting new photos of below as well.) All arms are magnetized.

With Lightning Claws. FW Huron model's. Bought a second one on eBay and converted it to be the left arm.

Hidden Content







Thunder hammer and Storm shield. Hammer is from FW termie upgrade pack. So is the shield but I added another shield from something GW to the bottom and attached a DA icon to the front.  Shoulder pieces are from DA dreadnought leg guards, rounded a bit so they don't look too similar to SoS/SB arms I did, shown further below.

Hidden Content






Sword of Silence and Stormbolter. Shoulder covers are DA Dreadnought leg covers from Ravenwing upgrade sprue Gun and arm's from DWCS box, Sword is from RWCS box. i always liked better the idea of switched weapon hands. I personally would use a gun in my left and a melee weapon in my right as I am better able to swing a weapon with my right than left, and i am equally good with shooting from both hands... Personal taste here.

Hidden Content





Will be breaking this up into two more sections as it is Photo intensive. Next will be Cypher WiP shots. Then Libby/Counts as Ezekiel & Int-Chap on a bike

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Cypher. Lord of the Fallen. I find it a little strange that GW calls him that. As i more think of him as the caretaker of the Fallen. However, that doesn't really seem as cool of a name to sell a miniature, ya know? lol

First off. I have the one that GW made (minus the arms and sword... got it off eBay pretty cheap with a few other models including Azreal, which I will be converting too and started a small amount on him but nothing to capture yet. Plus that's a story for another time.) Even though I have the old mini I wanted to do something different. I had started looking for artwork of Cypher by GW. In the Cypher Dataslate they have two really nice pieces of art that I liked. One with Cypher standing tall with arms crossed bearing his trademark antiquated looking Plasma pistoll and Bolt pistol. The other with him running head on firing shot after shot from his pistols.

     I just really like the action of the second artwork. So that's the inspiration of my conversion for Cypher.


Hidden Content



The legs, torso, and arms are from FW Mk IV assault marines, I heated up the legs to get them into a better running position. Sadly, I couldn't find a set of legs for Mk IV that were left leg up, but I think it still works even though it isn't as matching to the artwork as i would like. I took one of the plasma pistols from the new Betrayal at Calth box set. I took the bolt pistol with the large drum mag from the RWCS box ( I kinda like the idea he has been running and shooting for a bit, so he has an extended clip for such an occasion. Plus it's just a bit different from every other bolt pistol, so it looks unique enough.) I cut the skull off of something from the FW Mk IV assault marine as it was too big for the front armor, and attached it top the side of the pistol. I took the head from a Sanguinary Guard or Death company box, can't remember which. I used that head as all the other heads from DA stuff looked to old, haggard, and sunk in with the mouth open compared to a lot of the official artwork of Cypher. the right legs pistol holster is from BaC set and the left is from, i believe, the RWCS box. Can't remember as I am typing this... lqtm


Hidden Content



I used the GW Cypher model's power pack. I sculpted long hair on the head, the skeleton rib cage & arms onto the front plate of the torso, straps for the holsters, the robe, and the segmented plating on the shoulder pad. The shoulder pad is the one from RW upgrade sprue that has the hooded AdMech symbol (I cut off the hood and the gear, put green stuff to fill in the area and then scraped off lines to give it the segmented look. I know I could have done better but I am ok with the slight oddness of it.)

Hidden Content









I then sculpted the hood, used a dagger from the DWCS box &cut off the keys from the sergeants sword and attached them to a chain I attached to the waist, I also took a incense burner from Black Templar upgrade sprue and attached it to chain and put it under the flowing robe. put a different right shoulder pad on as it seemed to look more like the right shoulder from GW's Cypher model (I couldn't find any official artwork that showed well his right shoulder pad. And I think it work for the Pre/Heresy feel. Old "Order".)
I know the keys look a little big but I am ok with it. I scratched up and such the robe & hood to give it a tattered look.

Hidden Content












I plan on making the sword and attaching it after having painted the model. Because I plan on attaching a cord/coil or two from the the power pack into the back of the head/hood. My reasoning is that Cypher is a psyker. In the fluff, the dataslate has a story where he uses some psyker power, invisible tendrils, to catch/hold down a Fallen because he is about to use a device to memory wipe him because Cypher doesn't want the DA to find out his plan. So, I kinda think there is a psychic hood-like device behind his head under the hood. Plus, I will attach the Lion Sword with chains under that to match the flow of the model like the artwork. The sword I am going to make to look a bit like the other artwork, where the scabbard is wrapped in cloth with twine wrapped around it, and only the hilt and the bottom of the scabbard are seen.

Next is the Libby conversion based off the artwork, and Int-Chap on bike.

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Now for my Libby. This is my counts as Ezekiel. Haven't thought of what I am going to name him, but i have a bunch of names written down, all angel sounding names.

Most of you have seen it before, but I added the coils (from the Astral Claws Master of the Forge techmarine,) to the arms leading into the back, and found an icon to match close-ish to the artwork that is on the top of the psychic hood (the bulk of photos will be hidden to ease loading.)


Hidden Content



My converted model.

Hidden Content






Now my Int-Chap on a bike. It's inspired a bit from this artwork.

Hidden Content



The bike is an old GW bike for 40k, the bolters are from some Orks box & I added a small plastic tube to be the barrel on them, The handle bars are from current space marine bikes, the wings are from Sanguinary Guard box, The Int-Chap is from the first release of the Dark Vengeance box set when 6th ed was fresh.
I magnetized the gunhand, and the Crozius is left unattached currently (not sure if I will magnetized it or leave it alone so it can be set on it somewhere and the same for several other melee weapons.) Still a little bit of work to do on it.

Hidden Content





Forgot to take a photo of the tail end. I will do that with the next update on it's WiP.


And Finally work on that Predator I had started a long ways back for that vow that I never finished. It didn't workout right, so I scratched that idea and redid it.
It's an old model of Rhino. I used the turret for a Baal pattern and rounded it, magnetized where the gun mounts on and now I can switch out the weapons. I also made it so it can be a Razorback. Magnetized the guns so I can take them off and switch out the weapons. Photos aren't the most recent. Still have a lot of work to do, but next time I do some more work on it I will make sure to take photos of all the options I currently am able to do with it.

Hidden Content



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Wow. You have some amazing conversions there. Well thought through and very characterful. They'll look stunning when painted.


I'm not sure of the rounded Pred turret if I'm being totally honest but can't put my finger on why not. Why not leave it as it was? Anyway just my opinion of course.

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Wow. You have some amazing conversions there. Well thought through and very characterful. They'll look stunning when painted.


I'm not sure of the rounded Pred turret if I'm being totally honest but can't put my finger on why not. Why not leave it as it was? Anyway just my opinion of course.


Thanks! I need to get started painting something of mine and the Libby should be first on the list, then my BaC box that I will DA-ify.


I was going for the Pre/Heresy feel to it. I still have some more to do to it. Make it more rounded. I should have left off the back part before adding green stuff on to it. I'm also a tiny bit feeling I should have left it alone. If after getting it close to the right roundness I don't feel right about it, I will take it off. A small waste of gs if I end up removing it. I also feel a small bit of something off, but that could be just that it isn't rounded out well enough like how the FW deimos patterns are.

I'm thinking of removing a bit off the back roundness to leave the back part sticking out like they did on the Deimos pattern. I'm probably going to remove all the gs, using the new predator turret might be too big to try to round out to look like the Deimos pattern.


I think that's the issue. Having rounded the "ammo" compartment.

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Really looking at the FW one. It is even more feeling that it won't look right. The new predator turret is too big to round out like the FW Deimos pattern.
that new all around 360 degree photo they put up helped quite a bit with this issue.

It will look fine with the new turret design. Seeing how they did make it so pretty much everything basic is usable (new Rhino chassis and new Land Raider chassis. lqtm,) it will be legit too. kind of... with the mixed patterns lol

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wowsers you have some outstanding work here, Cypher is my personal favorite. for what its worth I like the T34/85 vibe from the rounded out pred turret (but I have a strange soft spot for wartime soviet tank design, even the patently silly ones KV2 I looking at you).

For me the only part that isnt mind blowingly great is the wings on the chaplain's bike they look too big not to get in the way every time he try's to corner. I think that if you angled them backwards a bit it would all work fine or maybe cut off the last set of feathers?   

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wowsers you have some outstanding work here, Cypher is my personal favorite. for what its worth I like the T34/85 vibe from the rounded out pred turret (but I have a strange soft spot for wartime soviet tank design, even the patently silly ones KV2 I looking at you).

For me the only part that isnt mind blowingly great is the wings on the chaplain's bike they look too big not to get in the way every time he try's to corner. I think that if you angled them backwards a bit it would all work fine or maybe cut off the last set of feathers?   

Thanks! ={D>

Yeah, I was really hoping the rounded turret would work. It's just the new turret mount is a little too big... So I ended up taking it off. Green stuff can be so easy to take off. I love the stuff. I had been having a feeling something was off and with Isiah saying something I went and looked at the FW ones. they had added a new photo to look at that was the 360 degree but not only that they no allow you to look at the top in addition to turning all around. With that I saw what felt off to me and it is definitely the size.... So I ended up taking it off.


The Int-Chap on bike I have some more work to do. The wing pieces I was thinking of what to do. I kinda like the overly bigness of them as it stands out even more, gives it some more feeling of width as the old bike is kinda small in comparison to the new bikes. However them being so long is quite ricokulous, but so are the smoke emitting toppers on the power packs that they have been giving the Int-Chaps recently. But, maybe, this Int-Chap uses these wing tips to cut foes off from the ankles.... lol. I will end up doing the rest of the work on it and in the end look over how the wings feel in the end to me. One idea that for if I do remove them is then to use them to kinda fill the gap between the wings and the wheel/bolters. But I will figure that out in the end for this conversion.


I have been messing with the Libby's base. I was going to use the Int-Chaps scenic base but I kinda feel it wouldn't be accepted at tourney's because it isn't the base it came with even though it is the same size base. However with most of the new stuff having that 32mm base I am just going to take the scenic base cut off the edge/bottom and put it on the 32mm base. I am going to use the 25mm bases for everything else that had came with a 25mm base & keep squads themselves with same sized bases, but all HQ guys for my DA will be on the 32mm bases even if they did originally come with 25mm bases. (so a few of my BaC box set power armored guys will not be finished because I am using a few of the bases for them for HQ guys. lol.)

Tinkering about my idea for the background for my DA. The new DA book gave me some ideas/justification on my background I was tinkering with.

If you haven't read it please be informed after this color change in the text there will be a big spoiler. BE FOREWARNED!

Azreal, Cypher and bunch of others, used the teleporting/timeshifting thing, can't recall it's name, that Lion El'Jonson freed. Went back to the time of Caliban's destruction and it turns out that they are the ones that actually caused all those on Caliban's surface, to be sent through space and time.

My idea from before was that few ships in space

got caught in that warp event. Well we know that not all the guys on Caliban were fallen, and still fought the good fight (unless it turns out that all those guys that were fighting the good fight were just 40K DA and not 30K DA... Haven't read the book but I know a chunk of what happens.) So maybe instead of it being several ships in space, it's actually the good DA on Caliban from 30K that came back and they know what happened. They become a new "successor chapter" and just keep with the old colors and such. More or less it's just my way of using my army for both HH/30K and 40K games. But I kinda feel a bit more justified now in my original thoughts for my Chapter background I was working on. lol
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Those conversions have clearly taken a lot of planning, a lot of bit collecting and a lot of seriously patient green stuff skill - I'm impressed! Looking forward to seeig them painted up, if your painting is as delicate as your GS skills, we're in for a treat...

Thanks!! I have one thing actually painted up. it's further back in the thread. It's my Int-Chap in TDA. Several other things are painted to table top, are also shown further back in the thread, but aren't actually finished finished painted. I will be continuing to paint them up. Mainly the reason is I am taking ques from both old Rogue Trader schemes for DA and the current Horus Heresy books (BL) and Game (FW) DA and have been waiting to see what they show. So I might wait before finishing those till after the next HH game book comes out that has the 1st Legion within it. I am impatiently waiting for it to release!!!


EDIT - I decided to just grab the link and just putting it here.



there are more photos of it on my FB page. here's the album if you want to see it from other angles.



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So I have done a little bit of work between painting some cygnar warjacks for a friend.
I removed the rounded part of the predator turret. It wasn't going to look right for what I was trying to do. Using the new predator turret for the base was too big and wouldn't look right. Here's a photo of it now w/a bunch of options so far.

Hidden Content



I took an old razorback twin-linked Lascannon and converted it to fit on the predator turret, magnetized. Just need to fill in between the two guns. I also primed everything, except the TLLascannon as that needs the filler in the middle, for the Predator/Razorback. However I did not take photos of that yet. Will before painting starts on it.

Hidden Content



Next thing i did was add the coils to the back of Cypher's head from the power pack. a couple photos are a little blurry. but there are a few photos that are decently focused.
Hidden Content







Last thing I've worked on was messing with my Counts as Azreal. I decided to convert upon the Azreal model I have. Partially because the foot was missing and I am not a fan of Space Marines without their helmets. I mean I know they are uber men and all, but a bolter round to the face can still kill them. So I removed the head to use for some terrain I will do later on, and I put the Winged DV grand master helmet on him. I also cut off a bit of the bottom of him because i am going to make him oddly tall. Like in the artwork they have for Azreal. I don't like how a lot of the old special character models for marines are shorter for the most part when compared to new marines. So in the end he will be about a head taller than basic marine models.

Hidden Content



In the background you can see a base I am sculpting upon. going to make quite a few and make some molds. Doing a cobblestone look to these. I will take photos when i have more than one done.

One thing to note. This model was never meant to even look like a helmet would fit on him. lol. Thinking of using a different right arm to use a different combi-plasmagun. Mainly for the thought I can try to make the combi-plasmagun more unique that way. Still tinkering with that thought in my head.


Follow up:
So, now I am closer to having Cypher done. He is primed and waiting to be painted. Need to figure out a suitably scenic base for him. Work on the "Lion sword" so I can put it on after painting. Really contemplating making a flashblast coming out of the bolt pistol like in the artwork, though.

Counts as Ezekiel is done. Primed. Waiting to start painting. Even finished his base. Will take a photo of it all before I paint them. Need to figure out a name for him.
Need to finish the base for Castiel (Belial,) and get him primed. I am still working on that banner for him. However I am not sure If I will use it. I really should, though. Be all showy for him and all. lqtm. Just not a huge fan of the thought that these guys would make themselves more of a target. Like "HEY! Look over here at our leader. SHOOT HIM, SHOOT HIM!!!" lqtm. Maybe I will just make the DWCS banner bearer the one to hold it instead of doing one for Castiel and one for the banner bearer.....

Still need to work on Int-Chap on bike. Figure out a name for him.

Still need to work on Libby in TDA. Figure out a name for him.
Working on ideas for a Libby on a bike. Thinking of using the old Imperial jetbike model. Especially as it didn't have noticeable handlebars. So it could be that he is using psyker power to maneuver it. Alternative is I am planning on making jetbikes out of normal bikes and i could use one of them, or I could use my extra MotRW jetbike. Figure out a name for him.
Need to work on my MotRW jetbike. Want to put a helmet on him amongst other things I am thinking to do to him. Figure out a name for him.

Doing some work on what will be my Deathwing Command Squad for Castiel. Finished with lightning clawed termie. Need to prime him. Going to use Captain Athen model in this squad too as a special looking termie with a chain fist, will change out his head with a knightly looking helmet. Need to look over the rules for current codex DWCS, but he will be used even if I have to mess with the gun hand giving him just a stormbolter/BolterCombibolter. Contemplating putting a magnet on the old old termie model's powerfist so I can switch between Pf and Cf, he is finished beyond this idea.

Primed the Kurtha Sedd model. Need to work up a base for him (I need to photograph him.) Figure a name for him.
Still working on the Sor Gharax contemptor model. Put him on the scenic dreadnought base. I magnetized his arms so I can switch out arms with him and other contemptor weapons i have for him and other Contemptors (I need to photograph him.) Figure a name for him.

Making sculpted bases. Will mold them so I can cast them. Maybe try to sell them online somewhere...

Will Black Library and Forge World to put out more PreHeresy/Horus Heresy/PostHeresy info on the 1st Legion. It could work right? lol ={D>

Trying to do what I can to have my BaC minis still be able to have the wargear on them needed for the BaC game when i use them for the board game. i kow the termie squad will be magnetized out the wazoo. the special weapons powered armor guys will be magnetized along with the sergeants. Heavy weapon guys I am thinking of just putting them together, two heavybolters and two missile launchers as I have some extra legs, or I can just magnetize the torso bottoms and the tops of the legs (I have actually already done this with two Lascannon marines.

Come up with more names for independent characters, Dreadnoughts, and sergeants. Then figure who will be called what.




Still tinkering with my chapter background. Will be using this army for both 30k and 40k. It is Pre/Heresy style in look obviously. Working with a background that makes sense for why they look exactly the same.

Spoilers from the new DA novel The Unforgiven, book three of the Legacy of Caliban series.

Hidden Content

Main aim is that they are mainly marines from 30k era. With events from the new Unforgiven book showing that Azreal & company, and Cypher, went back in time to before the destruction of Caliban and they cause the removal of pretty much all the DA on the planets surface, Fallen and good. It seems more apt that I can use my idea of my Successor Chapter, I call them "The Order", being loyal DA (not Lutherian/Fallen,) from the time of the destruction of Caliban. Now possibly being the good DA on the planet instead of my idea that a group of loyal DA ships got sucked in the warp rift (still will keep that they are a very mobile chapter, fleet based/ship oriented, no planet of operations like some of the DA SCs. I like using Deathwing and Ravenwing a lot. So it can make sense that they could be a black ops/special strike force kinda thing. So, a lot of specialists but I still will use power armored marines in games but not a whole lot. Once again I am a big fan of Deathwing and Ravenwing.) Not all on the planet were actual fallen.They are ok by DA because they all were heavily checked out by the Inner Circle and their Librarians and deemed not liars/Fallen. I had some of that idea posted further back. Definitely need to get the Legacy of Caliban series of books especially the third one Unforgiven to further figure out my ideas for my background. They get numbers back up from DA and DA SChapters, their extra marines that know about the Fall, then those chapters take on new recruits This way they don't have too many within the respective chapters and everyone has operational numbers. It's all a thing I am still working out. But in the end the whole chapter knows about the fall and such. So, all actually veterans I am thinking....


So, my DA successor chapter is called The Order. Trying to go more of a knightly vibe instead of Monastic. The only guys with heavy robes so far is my Counts as Azreal and one or two Int-chaps will because I do want to use the new Int-Chap with the powerfist. The DV box special Int-Chap has a rather robust surplice along with his cape, and the DV libby does have a robe but also a surplice but the robe isn't super wrappy/voluminous like the DV Master, Azreal, and the like. So, I'm trying to make it so the only guys with robes are HQ type characters and even then if I can I try to avoid it (as you can see with my Libby in TDA. He has a surplice that is long in the back and the front. Also my Int-Chap in TDA has no surplice but the long oath is kind of representing that.) They use all sorts of ancient armament, similar to Consecrators. They, for the most part, have the same Iconography of Legion DA, Red sword with wings. Still waiting to see if they do anything special with what will be Deathwing and Ravenwing from 30k for DA. Waiting very impatiently. But I am doing a mixture of old Rogue Trader and current HH (Black library and Forge World,) info. So far works out pretty well. Lots of silly extra decor on things dealing with weapons and ranks. feel free to go back through this topic and check out my 5 man assault squad that's currently only table ready painted, will do more work on them later as more info pops up.

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Looking cool as ever!

For your Azrael had you considered hanging his combi plasma from his belt like in the artwork? With his right hand open like he was bestowing a benediction on his troops?

Personally I'd shy away from putting flash blast on Cypher, muzzle flash always looks cool in artwork but is very tricky to do well in miniature. As for Castile having a back banner, I'd guess that as the warlords of the 40K universe favor leading at the tip of the spear they aren't going to be shy about the enemy noticing them:smile.: 

I'm really looking forward to seeing how all this works out thanks for sharing.  

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