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Harleqvin's WIP, 7/2/22 Azrael conversion WiP post


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Yeah. If I place the head looking towards the halbred, I will have to do something with giving him an angle for placement on the base so it doesn't look like he is trying to hit someone in the head persay. So, I would have to use some objects to let it stand on for a "slight" angle to see if I like it that way. If I like it, I will need to use the flames to obscure some of both boots because of the flat standing placement of them

But I am highly in the mind set that a fiery/Flaming scenic base is going to happen for this guy ={D>

It could be mid turning as he's parrying an attack, instead of thrusting for offense. Which would work with how the tassels and cape are flowing.
I'll tinker with seeing how placement of the body can look with the head in that direction, to see if I like it enough.

But before really trying to do that, that I need to finish painting up some SM squads from a commission.

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  • 1 year later...

I haven't posted here on my thread for a bit. A long bit...
I've done some more conversions. Haven't painted much of my own stuff. Been painting things for other people. But I am going to rectify that as I think I have most of the info I need to better accomplish this mixture of HH and Rogue Trader (so close to having the HH game book with DA in it properly!!!! Very stoked for that. Like what half a year to a year from now I think.) Should have my first 30k only model ready to paint up as I just need to prime it (I will likely find a use for him in 40k somehow. Lqtm.) I will post those up when I get the chance, as I have to first put them on FB and then go on a PC to then place them on here.

Starting on several conversions for Tartaros pattern. Currently working on an apothecary (primaris medicae 30k/Dw Command Apothecary for 40k.) going to make an Int-Chaplain and a Librarian in Tartaros (will likely do a Libby in Cataphractii. I kind of made a Cataphractii Int-Chap already. It's in photos a ways back but he's the one with the dreadnought leg plates for shoulder pauldrons.)

I'm a little sad as now my Cypher conversion is going to be relagated to just either an interesting Librarian or a gunslinger veteran/command squad model.
Saying that as I really like that new Cypher model and am impatiently waiting for it to release next month!

I don't know if I mentioned it in a previous post on my thread here but I have decided to forgo completely basic Squad markings/numberings. That way I can just use models how I want to (no worry about "why does this guy have a 4 and all the rest have a 3 in this tactical squad"/"why is there an assault icon a dev icon in this tactical" stuff.)
On the non-calabanite DA I will have a checkered pattern on half of the shoulder (like what I've done on the assault squad near the beginning of my thread. Small chance I might change it as I've only done that on those few models, so it wouldn't be hard, but I think I will leave it and do it for the rest of the army.) I might make a key listing out how all the markings and such will be (having it edited in on the first post I made for this thread.) Easy reference for anyone wondering what the hell I am doing so people don't think I'm insane ={D> Or maybe to better understand my insanity.

Sometime soon I will do a post listing the progress of various conversions. Names and such I will call them (I've already named some, on other postings on this thread.)

(Edit - 9/3/17 "March" I did some other edits with the date as month/day forgetting I said I would be doing DD/MM/YY a long while ago -
I went through and fixed all the broken links on images. There were a couple that I couldn't find but I do not think them not being there anymore has any real impact. Also, figured doing an edit stating this would be better than making a comment on the thread. I will wait to make a new comment when I actually get new photos of WiP up ={D> makes sense)

Edited by Harleqvin
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  • 9 months later...

Hello all, I know it's been a little bit since I added any new photos of any conversion work. Working on my own issues but I have done a tiny bit. With all intentions of getting through depression problems and getting work done, painting and putting together my stuff, getting back to doing conversions, and finishing commissions (and hopefully getting more commissions.) I've gone through and fixed a bunch of broken photo links. I had moved photos around on FB and that caused numbers in the code to change... Kind of annoying but I fixed all that I could and put a lot of them in the posts inside hidden/spoilers to ease loading issues for anyone looking at my work that I've posted on here.
Quite a few photos on this post, and I put them in hidden/spoiler to ease loading.

a while ago I did some work to my Azrael model I've been working on. First photo has the gun arm and gun attached and a terminator for size so you can see how tall I am trying make it. 2nd photo is the left side.3rd is the back.

Hidden Content





As you can see I went with a current model Combi-Plasma from current Tactical Squad kit.
After a while I started feeling that it didn't fit quite right. I am mostly going with the aesthetic of Pre/Heresy style. So I went with the Combi-Plasma from the B@C Mk IV kit.
I think it looks better and it flows with the plasma part being under the bolter part.

Hidden Content





I've done some work for a company champion in Power Armor.

I used the Turmiel model from Dark Vengeance as the basis for the Champion

Hidden Content






The back pack I'll be using.

Hidden Content





Here is the helmet I will use. It's from the Khorne warrior on a juggernaut iirc. i cut off the extra head ornamentation.

Hidden Content




and the art that inspired the combat shield

Hidden Content



Still figuring exactly what shoulder pads to use.


Deathwing Apothecary I started some work. I took the front of a Deathwing Knight and put it onto a Tartaros TDA from BoP. and then I took the gear from Fabius Bile's power pack and they will be attached close to what they are shown now. Obviously still a lot of work to do.

Hidden Content





Those are a few of the things I've been working on. Still quite a few things I need to do to these and other things i was working on before, plus I need to paint several things that I got primed up like my belial conversion, Ezekiel counts as, the Chaplain from B@C, a Praetor in TDA, and my Cypher conversion. Come to think of it I need to take photos of the Chaplain and praetor to post (slight modifications on them...)
Well that's about it for things.

I also really want the DA primaris Lieutenant. I preordered the new codex so I am looking forward to that as I am sure everyone else is ={D> Edited by Harleqvin
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  • 3 years later...

Hey, everyone.

     It's been a while since I last posted here on my WiP topic. My PC took a dive on me a few years ago and wasn't able to post photos up on here (also lost a lot of information I had for DA lore & such, and stuff I had written up for my project lore...,) and stopped posting on this topic because of that. I got another PC finally, and the admins allowed this to be unarchived, Thank you again, Admins!

     I will be getting back to posting on here as I get more things done. I have worked on some things and taken photos for the eventuality of getting back to this WiP thread.
I know the image links on past postings are currently not working (I'm fairly certain it's because of deleting, and/or moving photos on Facebook, as I use the links for the photos I've posted there for here,) I plan to go back through them and fix them over the next couple weeks. I probably could just get them done over a  day or two, but life is life sometimes and one doesn't always have the points to get things done as one would prefer.


     I hope everyone is doing well!, and I hope you all are looking forward to the new Codex Supplement for 9th, I know I am pretty stoked about it, even though not a lot of gaming is really happening due to Nurgle's influence.




                                                                                                                                                                             Stay safe and be well,


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  • 4 months later...

I know it’s been a bit since this thread was allowed to be unarchived (thank you once again, admins/moderators!) 

I had gone out of state for work with Renaissance Faire season having started.

I only had MiPhone, and it was a little funky trying to fix the broken image links (at least for me it was.) I was able to obtain a new to me iPad Pro, and was able to figure out how to do so on it. I’ve only fixed a few on the first page of this thread really so far, also added “spoiler” hiders for them to help speed up loading of the page and such. It’s late so I’m going to mess with fixing more of the images later on. 

Also still working on stuff to add photos of sometime later after I finish fixing all the broken images, and have bought a number of things for new conversions that I’ll get around to at some point that I hope everyone enjoys. I have a lot of cutting, GS sculpting and such in my future ={D>

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  • 6 months later...

Ok. Hello everyone! I've gone through and fixed all the broken image links (I actually added photos to the gallery option here on the B&C. As for whatever reason now since several months ago, facebook image locations aren't being able to be used for putting images into posts...) Just went through and added them, but didn't name the images yet besides trying to keep them numbered so I could properly add them in the older posts. I will at some point in the future go and add proper names to them. Also fixed some typos I saw while doing that.


I have been working on some conversions for things, and such since I have some time off before RenFaire season starts back up for the vendor I work for again. Some I have done better with taking WiP shots, and some I didn't really do too much WiP shots of. Still have things to do on my previous conversions like my Azrael and such. I don't recall if I mentioned it in a past post, but at some point I lost the gun for Libby/counts as Ezekiel conversion, so I need to make a new bolt pistol for it at some point.


I have bought a couple boxes of the start collecting Slaves to Darkness, the Khagora's* champions from Underworlds, and a box of Chaos Warriors (still slaves to darkness but the old sculpts. May get another box of them as they work pretty well for basic looking guys walking along just holding bolters & such,) to turn into more knightly looking marines.

Started working on the old sculpt Chaos Warriors first.

Initially tried this way. Didn't like it.



Went this route of using whole arms.










will take more photos later after I finish the work on them.


Bought a number of BT stuff, as I am sure a number of you have done the same, to turn into DA. Currently made a 5 man Assault Intercessor squad from the Primaris Crusader squad from the army box (those were really just an easy kitbashing.) I got them primed and ready to paint, and will take photos after getting them "standard table top" and then at some point I will get more done to them (and take more photos then :yes: .)








Still figuring out if I will do something I had thought about before but I don't think i mentioned the idea before. Which was using guys on horseback as space marine biker units. Had thought about buying some nightmare style horses from one of the many miniature companies out there (you know ones that might have flamey spots coming off their legs or some such,) but with having bought the start collecting Slaves To Darkness box that comes with 5 of them on horseback, I may just end up using them, might even buy more start collecting boxes of them if I end up liking how they look. It'd make for a unique look, and something additional to stand out for my army. Could even grab some of those Mechanicum guys on bionic horseback to give some bionic bits to the horses.


I have sooooo many models I haven't put together over the years, and am still buying stuff to put together. Ugh... But I am going to get to them..., eventually.


I do hope everyone's Holidays were (or will be for those that still have them to be happening,) at least decent.


Be well all ={D>

Edited by Harleqvin
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  • 1 month later...

So I've gotten around to doing some work on my Azrael conversion that I started a looong while ago.


Not posting all the photos here on the B&C as there are a few more WiP shots but they aren't necessary ( feel free to go look at them on my FB page for the DA conversion work.)


As you can see I finally got Mk3 plastic legs so they'll have a little knightly vibe going for him (as I have been trying to go for that with my Pre/Heresy style, and that I have made him even taller than I originally was going to do because Primaris (why not make him as if he might have gone through the Rubicon,) and I got the robes on him ( I also forgot to take a photo of what I put on the knee to give it a kind of knee pad effect like on some older mark armor. I took off the bottom part of a shoulder pad and put it on and trimmed off some of the side and attached it. Which you can see on the photo with the GS for the start of the robes.)





here I put winged skull on the sides of the combi-plasma (I believe I had said before about not really liking the bullpup design of the original for how it was done on the model, decided not to make a better looking bullpup as I figured using a Mk4 plastic combi-plasma fit for old vibe,) to make it have a little bit more of a nod to the original for Lion's Wrath



Here's a set of different angles.













You might be thinking Hey those legs are really long. Well, you are right, and it was done on purpose. There's some classic art of Azrael holding the Sword of Secrets in both hands, and his legs to torso ratio look quite off. So i decided to emulate that as something kinda fun to do. I think I got it. lqtm. Here's that art if you haven't seen it somehow, or don't recall it.




So my conversion is pretty much done. I'm just on the fence about whether or not to make him have a longer sword. I made one, but haven't attached it (it will need to be smoothed out if i do use it.) wondering on thoughts about putting the longer sword on it. Here's some photos with the longer sword against the model.







I still got to mess around and figure what to do for the base. I am at least going to put him on a 32mm base. But I want to put him on a 40mm base. Like all new Astartes models in power armor by GW since 8th ed have been on 40mm in the least (even a few older models have been switched over to being on 40mm when before they were on 32mm example being Kharne the Betrayer.) Chaos Space Marines are supposed to be "first born" still and all their new power armor characters have been at least put on 40mm bases (and as mentioned Kharne now is packaged with 40mm base when he originally came with a 32mm base when his new model came out in 7th.)

Honestly I feel he should be on a 40mm base, but that would cause some issues if I were to try to use him in tourneys till we finally get a new model (I could mess around with magnets in his feet and putting metal on the bottom of a 40mm and 32mm... but that seems silly to me.)(I know htey have made 32mm slotta bases so it seems weird they don't just repackage him with one of those at least. I don't recall if they made a 40mm slotta for the pushfit stuff that came out when 8th started.)



anyways, what are your thoughts folks of the 1st, on the longer sword,a nd potential thoughts about 32mm or 40mm base?


EDIT - A little weird, for some reason one of the Hidden functions wasn't hiding the images to reduce what's being shown. So I had to turn it into Spoiler function to hide it. I don't know if anyone else is having issues with Hidden function.

Edit - fixed with spoiler function. 

Edited by Harleqvin
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Posted (edited)

Lots of stuff I want to do still with my DA stuff and all.

Still doing conversions, but have really slacked.

Plan to get some stuff finished painted, and posted up here.

Plan is to get some aggressors I started a few years ago done, and the 5 man assault intercessors I made out of BT 2ndBorn (what I’m calling primaris now:laugh:)


I hope to properly get back to working on all this again soon even though I’m away from home for work for Renaissance Faire season.


I’m looking forward to all the new stuff (even the new Azzy model even though I have been messing with my conversion for a while, which pretty much is 2ndBorn sized now. :biggrin:.) will be so stoked for a Lion return when it occurs.

Edited by Harleqvin
Typos and such.
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On 2/7/2022 at 6:09 PM, Harleqvin said:

EDIT - A little weird, for some reason one of the Hidden functions wasn't hiding the images to reduce what's being shown. So I had to turn it into Spoiler function to hide it. I don't know if anyone else is having issues with Hidden function.

The Hidden feature does not work with the new software, and you will need to use the Spoiler instead :thumbsup:

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  • 3 weeks later...
On 3/15/2023 at 8:01 PM, Grotsmasha said:

The Hidden feature does not work with the new software, and you will need to use the Spoiler instead :thumbsup:

Issue was last year. Where it sometimes worked, sometimes didn’t. Which I think was before the bigger change.?

but still had to go through and change stuff just over a year ago.

however the weird thing now is some of the stuff I did as spoiler stopped being in spoiler, but that’s a different issue, and will have to mess around at some point later to fix those. Lqtm.

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  • 4 weeks later...
Posted (edited)

So with the new Son of the Forest book being released, I decided to mess around with making an icon. 
i made the icon as GW hasn’t made one yet for dealing with a new thing

some spoilers


in the new book it has shown that the Lion has redeemed/forgiven a number Fallen that he sees having no taint of chaos in them. And they are called The Risen. Since we have an icon for The Fallen, and

GW hasn’t made one yet for The Risen, I messed around and made an icon for them myself.


 I know GW will probably make something for them eventually, but I wanted something to use for them when I get around to painting some loyalist “Fallen” in 40K and thought why not make my own design. Based/inspired by The Fallen icon. I modified the hood and skull parts, got rid of the quasi chaos star aspect, and put a halo around it.


hope the hiding code works, otherwise I will have to mess around with it.

Edited by Harleqvin
“Spoiler” worked instead of hide/hidden.
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7 hours ago, WrathOfTheLion said:

Very cool, I love the hooded reaper of the Angels of Death. I'm looking forward to our next codex/supplement/whatever and getting some more information on the 'new thing'.

Thank you very much! Like I wonder if they’ll essentially have them kinda be the “extra” chapter that specializes in Fallen hunting or something (which is kinda somewhat along the lines of how I was making my stuff be, so I could use stuff for both 30k & 40K, anyways with mine being a whole ship of loyal DA that was too close to the exploding Caliban and would be killed so they got time displaced like the all the Fallen did. I’m kinda stoked at the small extra things that will lend to my stuff.)


I am, too. I hope there is going to be more for them, and for Fallen (either having a small part in a new CSM codex, or their own thing (supplement or full codex.) I’ve said it before in my thread, but I have sooooo many ideas for conversions and such. I really want to get at the horse rider chaos bikers for “Fallen” Ravenwing (it’ll be cool, but I will have to make a thread in the CSM part of the forum for them and the other Chaos-y Fallen I’ll be making, too, I feel.)


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