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Elmo's seemingly constant WIP


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Septembers Vow.

I Elmo vow to complete 1 Vindicator with Siege Shield, extra armour and pintle mounted Storm Bolter (150 pts.) in the month of September 2012 as redemption for not vowing as much as I had hoped for in the ETL.

Or words to this effect....


This will be a new build for my line breaker Squadron

The Vindi so far.

The magnetisation has been completed
The model has been primed in Matt Black
External surfaces primed in Angels Green


This weeks plan is to paint the internals and to assemble the main chassis and start work on the Siege Shield icon.

More on Friday :rolleyes:

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This is going slow :(


I will have to pull my finger out on this one to have it done by the end of Sept - don't want to fail at the first hurdle....


The Vindi is now glued together and a top coat of DA green is going on tonight.


Interior has been painted.


Tracks are painted but not yet glued on.


The Siege Shield caused a few miss-starts but it fits now - should be starting on the wings either tonight or next week.


Loads still to do and then all the detailing - bggr!


Progress photos tomorrow - wish me luck :D

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Thanks Cactus - I will try not to disappoint


It may take a while to get it up to a similar standard as this: :mellow:





But I am sure it will all be worth it and I have planned on the whole of Oct to do the last of my Line Breaker Squadron :D

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WWED - something daft!


Thanks guys - your faith is appreciated


@Menchalior: its really not that hard to do the mud effect - pm me if you want any help with it


Update as of 14/09/12








Internals painted but need a little more (time allowing)






And side by side with the first one




I will need to do a couple of late nights next week to keep to plan :lol:

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Mid-week update.....


After putting in 2 long evenings of work I can now happily report that I am back on track to have this completed before the end of Sept.


The Siege Shield is now painted along with some other white bits.... (photos Fri. :D )


Just need to do:


Crewman (another Techmarine)


Radar dish




Door icons


and last but not least - the weathering.


Might finish a few days early :D

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Congrats on making GW FB :)


Thanks Isiah - but it may just have been luck :ermm:



Your green is stunningly crisp. Any particular trick you use? Airbrush, patience, insane watering down? Method and reciple please!


It is fairly simple....


Prime with matt black spray (eg Chaos Black)

Base with Army Painter Angel Green spray

2 or 3 coats of watered down DA green

Highlight in Goblin Green

Paint the recesses/panel lines with Black ink (I water mine down about 60:40)

Tidy up the green as required



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@ shabbadoo: I agree - it would give the interiors a little more detail but I would have had to have added another week to paint it as well :D


@ Stobz: no apology required - RL gets in the way. :(


@ bevulf & Captain Semper : not long to wait now....


Last night it all seemed to come together at once and after a few long evenings (painting till midnight - damn you Shadow Guard :) ) I can declare my Vow for September complete (as vowed - I still need to paint the Techmarine but he is not part of my vow)


The 2 Siege Shields took an evening to match up but I am quietly pleased with the result :P


I will be uploading the piccies this afternoon as my boss frowns on me using the work computer to do this :ph34r:


Even managed to do a couple of improvements/edits to the first Vindicator and I will upload the new piccies of this one as well.


Till later brothers.



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And here are the pictures


9th (Devastator) Squad Rhino not quite finished.


































The first 2 Vindicators of the Line Breaker Squadron



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@ Captain Semper: Great minds think alike :cuss Glad you like it.


@ Artemid: sorry but you will have to wait about 3 weeks :P


Is it just me or have 2 of the photos turned into red Xs?

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