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Today in the hobby I....


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If the powers that be have no objection to this kind of thread, I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we can mention things that we tried for the first time, or learnt how to do, or even that was just unusual or notable, as part of our power-armoured hobby.


The encouragement and community aspects of B&C are great and if people liked it, this could be another part of that.


Three guidelines - must relate to an army that is suitable for discussion on B&C; should be something new or notable for you (so don't post the same thing everyday etc), and post should start "Today in the hobby I". Could be aspect of the hobby, modelling, painting, playing, whatever.


I'll start.


Today in the hobby I tried magnetising a model for the first time. My modelling skills are basic, so this was a brave new world for me. Happily it worked really well and I didn't superglue any strong magnets to my body in the process. My first landspeeder can now be readily deployed in any of the allowed configurations. Biggest breakthrough for me since I learnt to pin (metal Howling Banshee arms - the horror). :)

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I planned out an army, pricing and army list, prior to ordering anything. Never done that before, always ordered loads of stuff and assembled on the day.


I pulled my paints out for the first time in nearly 4 years and started to paint something.

Missed the 'i' in 'paints' and got myself very confused :blink.:

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Today...well, yesterday, today just started, in the hobby, I got a horrible high testing out my new lacquer primer, and forgot most of the 4th grade as a result.  Apparently I was using my respirator mask wrong, so hopefully I can avoid that next time!  Though it's P95 rather than the R95 I was told to try, so it still might not work, which would be a problem...


Really, it's a nasty experience, and that's not even including the potential long term damage it can do. :pinch:


But on the upside, the lacquer worked, so that means once I figure out the respiration problem, I can FINALLY get my Broken Arrows airbrush project off the ground!  I've warred with broken and finnicky airbrushes, with poly urethane primers that peel right off, paint thinning, and every over possible screw up to get this far...and 'this far' is square one, essentially.


But yeah, assuming the respirator works now (gonna try this afternoon), it's gonna be a super happy day for me! :smile.:

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Awesome stuff guys. Firepower - you're a braver soul than I, anything beyond paint on a brush seems like voodoo to me.


Deathspectre - again braver than me. Taking a knife to stuff that isn't "meant" to be cut freaks me out. Possibly because I've seen the result when I prune a plant/try to even out sideburns/facial hair ("It's wonky, I better take some more off this side. Now it's wonky the other way... Now it's a dead stick/I'm bald")

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Today (well, recently) in the hobby I...


Experimented with ways to magnetize power armour arms while keeping expensive 3rd party shoulder pads attached to the torso.

Made plans for representing a bolter, chainsword or axe, and bolt pistol, as well as holsters/scabbards for each, on a grey hunter.

Bought some mk vi Corvus models from forge world to give my grey hunters a different look!

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Picked up a brush for the first time in two months and painted some Dark Angel Veterans, The Gunslingers.




This was a shot just after I finished putting them together back in December. Yeah, they kinda sat there for a while waiting paint. I'm happy they are primed, and have some color on them finally. Was great painting again!

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Today in the hobby I......


Braved the wild frontiers of a certain well-known auction site to procure myself a Company Master and Librarian from Dark Vengeance for a stupidly great price.


I know it's only borderline hobby related but it was the beginning of something special for my Dark Angels.

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Today (well, this week) in the hobby I used some resin bits for the first time ever as part of a new project (bionic bits from Anvil Industries for a IH Successor squad).


I'll be spending all my wages on Forge World goodies in no time!

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