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Author's Note: I was inspired by a piece of fluff from the old Warhammer Fantasy, The Empire, army book and which seemed almost perfect for a quick overview of the hierarchy and military of a normal Imperial sector. I wish you all a good reading.


Excerpt from the lectures to Konrad Nestor by his preceptor, Savant Timotheus of Rhodium


"Young man one day you will succeed your father as the Planetary Governor of Morland and is therefore important that you learn about the intricate feudal system of the Imperium of Man. From your palace here in Marburg you will reign over the Vandali sector. Our galactic sector is located in the inner rim of the Ultima Segmentum, on the eastern side of the Galaxy. This division is dictated by the effective range of our mighty fleet, the Vandali Battlefleet of the Imperial Navy and by the treacherous asteroid fields that surround the domain of your father.


Always remember, as the Lord Governor of the Vandali Sector it is your duty to protect and govern your people but also to enforce the will of the Ultima Segmentum Lord and the High Lords of Terra. They are the mortal representatives of the Emperor of Mankind, our Lord and Master, He who watches on us from the Golden Throne. Regardless of the problems in our sector, the plight of your people and the enemies that assail us, it is your duty as the future Lord Governor of the Vandali Sector to serve the Emperor first and foremost.


As a Lord Governor you will sit in the Vandali Council, the governing body of our sector. Young lord, do you remember who are the other representatives in the Council?


"The Cardinal of Albus, the Magos Fabricator of Rhodium, the Canoness of the Order of the Sacred Hand, together with the Lord General of Vandali, the Grand Admiral of the Vandali Battlefleet, the Planetary Governors of Tiber, Moravia and Silesia, the Grand Master of the Knights Wyvern and..." the boy stopped embarrassed.


...and the High Judge of the Vandali sector. The representative of the Adeptus Arbites in your domain.


His Arbites have quelled many a rebellion and uprooted many a plot that would otherwise endanger your rule. Remember, the High Judge has the power and the means to remove you from your position should you stray from the Emperor's Light. Heed his council and listen to his requests, or you will severely endanger the domain of your father. And we don't want to cause a diplomatic incident, do we!


The Council has the difficult task of governing the Vandali Sector. As the hereditary Lord Vandali, you will one day sit at the head of the Council and you will be called to weight the requests of your subordinates and your duties to the Imperium of Men.


Since our sector is a burgeoning community of loyal and faithful worlds, possessing great material and spiritual wealth as well as close and knit alliances that have held undaunted for the past nine millennia we are honored to maintain the highest tithe grade in this region of the Ultima Segmentum. The tithes in our sector range from the manofactura of the Forge World Rhodium, to the Imperial Guard regiments from Moravia, Tiber and your home world Morland, ending with the vast quantities of raw ores we export to the other, less fortunate sectors in our galactic region. Also remember well that as a part of the pact with the Ultima Segmentum Lords you will be called to maintain the Armory World of Silesia, the fortified planet that protects the entrance in our sector and has shielded us in all this millennia of conflict.


Since we are on the subject, let us examine the structure of the Vandalii Army which, if it is not fighting under the command of the Departmento Munitorum of the Adeptus Administratum, will have you as its supreme commander.


"Sorry to interrupt you savant, but why would the Vandali Army need to fight if the Emperor does not call us?" asked the boy.


Well you see young master, while our sector is relatively safe this still does not mean that we won't have to fight. Each day our glorious armies scout the asteroid fields which hide many corsair strongholds, the orks have not yet been extirpated from several moons in our domain and the risk of heresy is always present, especially on densely populated worlds such as the Cardinal world of Albus and our own, the Hive World Morland. Also you have to keep in mind that our mineral wealth is of great interest to many xenos races out there, the Tau in particular, races which have been acting quite aggressively of late. Still it won't be only xenos or heretics that you will have to fight. If Lord Governor Sipolis pretends once again to have a strange understanding on the lordship over the moon of Kina you will be called to rise against him, with the full blessing of the Ordo Hereticus as it has been in ages past.


Now as I was saying, you will be the supreme commander of the Vandali Army but you will probably delegate the command of the separate regiments and navy squadrons to the officers you presume to be valiant leaders of men. Most of these officers will come from the noble houses in our sector but as it is usual in war; noble blood does not always account for skill and bravery and you will have to have a keen eye if you wish your Sector Command to be composed by competent leaders. Now onto the organization of His Holy Army of Vandali.


As the Planetary Governor of Morland you will always have at your disposal the regiments raised on your home world. The hive citizens of Morland proved in all this millennia to be very capable warriors and they are some of the finest stock to mold a Guardsman from. As tradition dictates Morland raises some of the best infantry regiments in the Ultima Segmentum. This soldiers you see training every day in front of the palace are all professional soldiers. They are trained according to the Imperial Guard standards, equipped as the Departmento Munitorum dictates and ready to fight at any time. Since Morland has a long and proud tradition of serving the Emperor on foot, the Guardsmen you see parading right now are divided in different infantry specializations.


If you look over the balcony you will see the proud 515th Morland parading right now. First in the parade order is the Light Infantry, these men are all skilled sharpshooters and scouts, and they are the eyes and the ears of the 515th. Following them are the Line Infantry companies. These soldiers are the backbone of the regiment. They form the main battle line and they serve as the core, the main combat unit of the regiment. These Guardsmen can perform numerous roles, they can from fire lines, hold the line; seize the enemy ground and clear enemy emplacements. Being hiveworlders their expertise in urban warfare has been praised numerous times by the Segmentum Command. Now the last in the parade order are the...


"...the Grenadiers; " interrupted the boy...


"Yes the Grenadiers." continued the savant. "They are the epitome of the professional soldier. Selected among the rank and file for their bravery, good character and exemplary records of conduct, these men are the finest of Morland. The Grenadiers are officially designated as Heavy Infantry. They are equipped with the best weapons and armor we can afford and they serve as the elite protectors of Morland. The Grenadiers serve as the palace guard and your honor guard on the battlefield. "


"What about the cannons savant, tell me about the cannons. " Asked the boy with enthusiasm.


Ahh the cannons, the last argument of kings. The Imperium has a strict diversification when it comes to the armies of the Emperor. You will study the Administratum decrees in great detail when you will be older but for now let is suffice that Morland is not allowed to raise any regiments other than those of the infantry specialization. The cannons of the Vandali Army are provided by the Cardinal world Albus where its Frateris Militia is organized in numerous artillery regiments. The Cardinal's Guns, as the great artillery batteries are known in our sector, are at your disposal should you request them, but you will have to be prepared to second some of your infantry companies in exchange for the roar of the Albus Basilisks. Still the Cardinal's men have proved time and again to be reliable allies and capable, if eccentric, Guardsmen.


Should your forces find dire odds stacked against them you will have the right to call upon the Sisters of Battle of the Order of the Sacred Hand. These battle maidens are a force of faith and purity and you will rarely find more valuable allies when you will have to fight against the xenos and the heretics. Being great warriors and faithful servants of the Emperor these Sisters of Battle are an invaluable addition to your armies but while their martial skill is great their knowledge of the medicae has saved even more lives. Their Hospitaler facilities allowed our armies to prevail in numerous conflicts, but is their faith, the tangible and pure faith of the Sisters, which spurred our Guardsmen to heights of courage and martyrdom unexpected even from such valorous men. Heed this lesson well young lord for it will serve you in the centuries ahead.


Now onto the most important aspect of your lesson young Konrad. Every army, despite being brave, pure and resolute has sooner or later encountered an enemy which is far too dangerous and treacherous to be battled into submission by conventional means. In this situation you will be forced to call upon the ancient pacts with the most obscure forces of the Imperium and wage a total war.


The first to answer your summons will be the Adeptus Astrates of the Knights Wyvern chapter. These are some of the greatest warriors of mankind and their expertise in warfare is second to none in our realm. Their chapter monastery is located in the forbidden area of the asteroid field that surrounds our sector, for they reside in an ancient space hulk named the Wyvern's Lair. These space marines are tied to us as we are to them and the existence of one depends on the existence of the other. Our people provide the astartes with future battle brothers, weapons, military support and supplies while they take upon them the sacred duty to protect the Vandali sector from the most dangerous threats.


The Knights Wyvern chapter is a force to be reckoned with and they have singlehandedly turned the tide of countless battles in our favor. If you will request the aid of the Knights Wyvern than you will have to be prepared to share the overall command of the forces with their Grand Master.


Still sometimes even the might of the astrates is not enough and then it is the time to enact the ancient pacts with the Adeptus Mechanicus. Rhodium is the only Forge World in our sector and the power of the Magos Fabricator mirrors yours. Usually the aid of the Priesthood of Mars will come in the form of a Skitarii legion or if the circumstances require it in the form of the titans of the Legio Ferrum. Remember that while the forces of the Mechanicus are terrible to behold in action, the price for such a might will soon be asked, slaves and mineral wealth are the least of such requests.


The battlefields where your armies will fight for the Emperor will be varied and each will require a different approach to warfare. You will learn the art of war in your studies and you will practice it for a long time before earning the right to take your father's place as Sector Governor, but keep in mind that the deadliest battlefield will always be the one where you will be pitted against the forces of corruption. On such battlefields the experience and the wisdom of the Inquisition is often required. Here in the Vandali Sector we have our own inquisitorial conclave and the Ordo Xenos is particularly active in our region. Remember well that an Inquisitor has the absolute power when it comes to dealing with the enemies of men and you should always place yourself at their service. The Inquisition has the power and the right to requisition all of your forces should it be required thus never object or oppose them, to do so it would be the end of your long dynasty. Needless to say that an Inquisitor can be a powerful ally if you earn his or her favor. 


This is all for now. I sincerely hope that you will not have to use the knowledge which I have taught you today too soon.


"Now go, young master. It is time for your fencing lesson. "




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