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The Mighty Repressor - Conversions


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I own a sizeable fleet of Rhinos but no repressors and really don't want to order a fleet of repressors to field.  This brings us to the question.  What has everyone else done for a conversion for the repressor.


What I am looking at using the Forge World - Rhino/Preditor extra armor, Forge World - Dozer Blade, Forge World - Sister Door's and Front Plate.  I don't have anything for the top / Heavy flamer turrent.

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Its actually cheaper to buy a repressor than it is to buy the bits you suggested :P if you don't want the extra rhino carcasses then flog em on ebay or down at your local club :) that way you make money back on your bits ;)


However if you are determined to convert. FW now do HH Heavy flamers or if you can get ahold of the a chimera turret with the heavy flamer option might work or the SW termie box has a nice looking Heavy flamer.

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