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  1. Hee Ho, another review thread. I listened to the audiobook for this one, and I have to say in advance that Emma Gregory's performance was so impassioned that I'm not sure how much of my enjoyment was of the writing itself and how much was her delivery, even moreso than usual for audiobooks. I will say however she should be banned from ever singing again. There are many things that surprised me about this book. The audio is about 6 hours so it's bizarrely short for a GW-only hardcover, as it implies it'll get a paperback at some point. I expected Ware's first full-length narrative here and it's not really that, it's more of a framing device surrounding several short stories. I was also worried based on her interview regarding the book that it would be unironically triumphant, but no, the characters here are as psychotic as their big moments are heartfelt. So the whole book's a soup of things I didn't expect to work but totally do. I'd say if you've been waiting for a book that really codifies who the Sororitas are as a faction, this is it. Their mission statement, their obsession with martyring themselves, and the many different applications of holiness within their orders are very well defined. The short story (the cast gather and each tell an instructive tale) format works far better here than in any of Ware's actual short stories, as each can be diverse and impactful without worrying about establishing new characters or meeting an action quota. And my, some of them really hit you, I like how unafraid this book is to be passionate about devotion to the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable. The only thing that didn't wow me as much was the final chapter, the book's climax. So many of the tales told were quite unique, and for it all to culminate in "the Sisters go kill a thing" didn't exactly knock my socks off. It does have decent payoff for the protagonist, but it's the only part of the book that feels like it fell back on tired formula. All in all, very enjoyable. To Taste simply because the novel-framing-short-stories format won't work for everyone, and it may not hit as well without Gregory's performance - but even if that's the case I think this is Ware's best work so far.
  2. Eddie Orlock

    IMG 1031 (2)

    From the album: Misc.

  3. Hey All, I am playing in a cities of death narrative campaign* with my brother, and a few others, and have decided that I need to step up my painting and modeling game. So I started repainting my sisters as Order of the Bloody Rose. I am currently working towards 1000 pts. I am hoping to start posting my side of our battle reports, starting with the next game in the campaign. Here is my first finished squad, a BSS with two flamers, called Red Squad: Here is my work-in-progress Knight Amirger who accompanies them, named the Knight of Roses: Not the greatest group shot, but this is the planned 1000 pts. Any comments and/or criticisms are appreciated! Thanks! *http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/354993-beyond-the-veil-cities-of-death-narrative-campaign/
  4. Hello everyone, especially those much more experienced with sisters than I. I'm building up a small force of "counts-as" sisters to represent an elite Imperial Army regiment. So far I've gathered that you should go with smaller units unless you go max squad size, but I'm wondering what people would recommend. Due to budget constraints, I'm mostly working with currently owned materials, so the specialist RH1N0s variants are out, though regular RH1N0s would be fine. Currently, I have: 8 sisters with 2 Flamers 8 sisters with 2 meltas 8 celestians with 2 meltas 8 retributors with 4 heavy bolsters 2 Canoness, one power sword one eviscerator 2 dialogus 3 imagifiers 4 RH1N0s 8 death cult assassins 8 arcoflagellants I have bodies to build 10 more infantry, and may be getting 20 more soon. I know a lot of people push for dominions, and I'm not necessarily against that. I'm just wondering what the more experienced would add or change. I have enough parts that pretty much any weapon loadout should not be any problem. Please help :-)
  5. Before I go any further, INP, thade if this topic is inappropriate please let me know, or lock it as applicable. Okay, as some may know, I write a few stories in the Librarium's Short stories section and would like some feedback from the members of this sub forum if possible on an SoB story. I'm currently writing a story that covers the origins of my DIY Order, The order of the Dauntless Spirit, and would like to know if it conveys in any accuracy, a Convent and it's Sisters accurately. The story itself is mainly about one Sister Saffron Sera who eventually becomes the Founder and first Canoness of this order. The Convent in question is a small branch of the main order, the Order of the Valorous Heart. Whilst I have read as much as I can about the various Orders of Sisters and know that there are a few Black Library stories with Sisters in (I've only read Daemonifuge), I'd like to know whether what I'm writing is any good. I have had feedback from other members of the board (although I haven't had any for a while ), but who else better than to ask those who are true aficionado's? I'd appreciate any opinions that you might have. I don't have a problem with critical comments, after all, how else is one to improve otherwise? For those who are interested the link for the story is here: A Valorous Heart, a Dauntless Spirit Thank you in advance
  6. While back a friend of mine and I played a game of Epic: Armageddon. During the battle I took several photos and will attempt to string them together for your viewing pleasure. Sister Palatine Valerie Studied the dataslate in her lap as she and her Celestian Bodyguard cruised along the open roads in their command Rhino. The dataslate was displaying a an overview of Imperial intelligence regarding the crusade's progress on the northern front against Waugh WooTang. The balance of the squad, save Sister Vanessa, Slumbered as best they could. Vanessa was doing her best to ply her commanders face with restorative balms. It would never do for the Order's leader to look fatigued when they met up with the regions Militarum general, even if Valerie insisted reviewing orbital reconnaissance images when she should be trying for some beati-sleep. Val's reverie in the wee hours came to a jarring halt as the com-link beside her blared “CONTACT! CONTACT! Hostile force of unknown size blocking the Pike” The area had been reported as clear, but all the same the Dominion's who'd comprised the columns reconnaissance had made contact with their opposite number from a greenskin force and promptly mutually bugged out. The game we played was Ill Met by Moonlight, the eponymous one of it's document available here In the game's first turn and the deployment columns off table along the road I neglected to photograph, but as I recall, I launched a disastrously unlucky assault with my dominion recon group against his scouting kopter squadron, the outlier outcome of which removed my poor girls from the table with the pitiful exchange of breaking his orks. They fled to hide out atop the lumber mill in the north east corner of the town. Fortunately, they remained there until later in the game when one of my warhounds strolled over that way for some revenge. The second turn of the scenario was largely a matter of deployment. Knowing that urban combat is the natural habitat of the battle sister I largely confined my operations to the centre of the town in an effort to bait the Orks into closed terrain. One warhound stood out in the middle of the street to draw a blitz brigade to it to provide the exorcists a future target, the other hid behind the town hall. One the third turn the Orks made a recklessly bold advance down the east side of town placing themselves inside a cul-de-sac. After I'd advanced the warhound on the west side further north toward the north west objective I'd filled that space in with the exorcists as planned and put paid to the Orks down that boulevard. Back on the east side of town I continued the envelopment of the Orks there with the Retributors. Bizarrely, the Seraphim on the south side of the grocery store do not take part in the ensuing firefight scant centimeters away for lack of line of sight. In the view from the north you can catch a glimpse of the Warboss as he observes the annihilation of one of his blitz brigades. This was followed up with one of the warhounds finishing off the scout kopters and Valerie's mission taking the bridge to rain fire on the blitz brigade that'd started the turn on the west side of town. The Warboss directed his third blitz brigade down the west side boulevard where I'd broken the first one in a desperate gamble that he'd win ititiative. On turn four the Greenskin's remained plagued by ill fortune as I won initiative for the third consecutive turn and started the turn with sustained exorcist fire down the west boulevard, breaking the third blitz brigade and sending them packing to the western wastes. In response the Stompa mob assaulted Valerie's mission on the bridge, but the light of the Emperor was upon them and the Xeno menace missed with all their attacks and got routed soundly. Abandoned by Gork (or Mork?) the Ork moral suffered a general collapse and the waaugh quit the field to regroup and find another location to assault. Valerie stood atop her APC on the bridge and watched the waaugh recede over the horizon. "They'll be back Vanessa, but it'll be a few hours before all our treads are back up and running. I bet you can find me a nice comfortable suite to catch some winks in while we wait."
  7. Manchu warlord


    From the album: Aldurukh archive

    The Silent Sisters of the (made up) Silverbird cadre.
  8. I've been humming and hahing about making a sisters army for the past little while, and when the new box set came out, I finally pulled the trigger. With that and what I've already got, I managed to just scrape together 1000 points. I haven't actually played as or against Sisters before (somehow I manage to unintentionally dodge them in all my games despite there being a fair few sisters players in my local meta). So I just wanted to get some thoughts on the list. It's not meant to be super competitive by any means, but I do like keeping things optimized with what I have. Battalion Detachment: Order of the Penitent Sinners (Custom Order): Hallowed Martyers (+1 to hit if under max unit strength), Shield of Aversion (Ignore Ap-1) HQ Canoness with Plasma Pistol & Blessed Blade: 65pts Relic: Blade of Saint Ellyonr, WT: Righteous Rage (Re-roll hits and wounds in melee) Taddeus the Purifier: 55pts Troops 10 Battle Sisters Squad with x2 Meltagun, Combi-Melta, Power Sword, Simulacrum, Cherub: 155pts 10 Battle Sisters Squad with Heavy Bolter, AC Storm Bolter, Cobi-Plasma, Chainsword, Simulacrum: 140pts. 10 Sisters Novitiate Squad: x2 Ministorum Flamer, Plasma Pistol, Power Sword, Sacred Banner, Simulacrum: 105pts. Elite 5 Celestian Sacresants with x4 Hallowed Maces, Spear of the Faithful: 75pts. Pious Vorne: 30pts Dogmata: 65pts WT: Indomitable Belief (6" Aura +1 Invul)(1CP) Relic: The Sigil Ecclesiasticus (Extra Hymn, can intone two)(1CP) Transport Immolator with Twin Immolation Flamers: 130pts. Heavy Support Exorcist with Exorcist Missile Launcher: 180pts. Total: 1000 Points The idea is to have the Exorcist and the Bolter Sisters hold the backfield while moving up the Immolator/Sacresants/Taddeus to take on Elite Infantry, The Novitiate and Vorne with protection of the Dogmata's Litany of Enduring Faith to take on Light infantry, and the Canoness and Melta Sisters to go after anything big.
  9. From the album: Avatar Bin

    A detachment of Excorsists and a detachment of Sororita with Dominions, Rhinos, and Excorsists.

    © Respective Owners

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