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Heresy Era Iron Warriors, with new True Scale Mk II Marine


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Been a while since I posted anything so figured it was time to get working on some stuff. One of the projects that has been niggling at me for years is my Night Lords so I figured it was time to start them again. They're a bit rough and ready 




In addition to the Night Lords I'm making some Thunder Warriors for fun in truescale as well as a Unifications War Regiment, not sure which yet though.





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welcome back to the modeling scene and I'll be watching. will you be bringing true scale termies this go around? your old nightlords are still part of my inspiration folder! looking forward to this.

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Cheers guys smile.png

Thanks for the warm welcome back to project building, still getting to grips with the new board at the moment but it is looking very snazzy.

HellChyld: Not sure just yet, still need to look at the heresy army lists yet but for the time being it'll be large tactical squads.

Brother Tyrax: Cheers mate. smile.png

Dorn's_Fist: I always look great...

Tellos05: There's fame and fortune? When did that happen and why wasn't I told?

mikhail: Great to see you posting mate, long time no see. Should be easier this time, first step is get the Captain and twenty marines done then go from there. Ideally I want a force to do the truescale battle I have been promising Apologist for the last few years.

Grotsmasha: Great to see you too mate!

Brother Chaplain Kage: Thanks mate. smile.png

Laborious: Thanks mate, it was threads like your amazing Emperor's Children that inspired me to try again.


Batu: Thanks mate, another one I haven't seen in a long time hope all is well mate. :)

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Hahahaha, oh man, that takes me back. I remember getting my first 'ED-209' Dreadnought and thinking it was the dogs bollarcks compared to this one. 


You are utterly mental for tru-scaling everything but it's fantastic. How big is that bad boy?

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Cheers guys :)


Grotsmasha: It's not as much as you'd think as I first carved the general shape out of foam then sculpted over it. It is a bit messy but I am doing my best to clean him up for the army.


Brother Tyrax: Yeah I know what you mean mate. I don't have a ruler to hand but he must be about four inches tall.


Hellchyld: Once I've cleaned him up a bit I will post all angles for you mate. I do have a rather nice idea about how to make truescale terminators but I want to get the first tactical squad done first of all.


Midian: Nice to see you as well mate, if the club is still going at Winchester I might have to pop over for a few games once these are done. :)


Labourius: Yeah, that's the weird thing with forty kay model scales, over the years they have shown scale shots with marines of various vehicles and dreadnoughts are absolute monsters. I've built this guy so that it actually looks like a marine can fit inside. However, in the original material some dreadnoughts were controlled by the mind impulse link later written into titan background material so my goal is to make these so that they are piloted by marines who can leave them rather than a walking tomb.


I've been doing some extensive testing with casting today and it is now possible for me to mass produce the marines i need for this army along with vehilces like the dreadnought, rhino and predator. This means I have also turned my attention back to the old sculpt i was doing of the rogue trader rhino and my scratch built landraider.

This means the truescale Heresy battle between Apologist's Ultramarines and my Iron Warriors that we have been talking about for years could be a distinct possibility if he is still up for it...


More shots to come soon.

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