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Khorne's Eternal Hunt - KrautScientist's chaotic WIP thread: Fine-tuning Eightbound...

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Hey everyone,


welcome to my WIP thread, showcasing my ongoing work on my main 40k army, my World Eaters, and their allies, the band of traitorous Imperial Guard known to the galaxy as "Urash's Marauders". I realise that some of you probably already know my thread in the Hall of Honour section. Now I've chosen to open a WIP thread for two reasons: One, I am far better (and faster) at converting and kitbashing than I am at painting. So this thread will give me the chance to keep posting new stuff even while I haven't managed to finish the paintjob on the models in question :wink: Two, the number of truly creative and spectacular threads in this section - like Brother Heinrich's Night Lords or 1000Heathen's Heresy thread, to name but two - is truly astounding and inspiring, and I would like to be a part of that ;-)


Like I said, my World Eaters have always been, and continue to be, my most important 40k project. I worked on them back when I was a teenager, and they are the army i pretty much immediately returned to when getting back into the hobby in late 2010 after a longer hiatus. So before I show you the unpainted, work in progress stuff - warts and all - let me just share a few impressions of the painted part of my World Eaters as it stands right now:


Here's a look at almost all of the painted models. I give you Khorne's Eternal Hunt:




My World Eaters' background is that they are the remnants of the 12th Astartes legion's 4th assault company. While most of the legion
fractured into small warbands after the Skalathrax campaign, the 4th still functions as a fairly coherent fighting force. And even though
this force is reasonably similar to other World Eaters’ forces all over the galaxy, there’s one marked difference: The legionaries of the 4th are still clinging fiercely to their martial honour, a remnant of their past as the Warhounds Astartes legion. They feel that it is only their honour that still gives them purpose, and so they are eternally trawling the galaxy for powerful warriors and worthy prey, a never ending hunt in the service of the Blood God – hence the name.


Let me show you some more pictures:




A model I am really proud of is my converted Heldrake, called the "Hellrazor":




Building and painting Chaos Lords in Terminator armour is a lasting addiction of mine, so here are some of them:




And there’s an equally large collection of Chaos Lords in power armour, of course. Among them my converted Dark Apostle (shown on the left):




Then there’s a small collection of champions and models I painted just for fun (among them the starts of a dedicated gladiator squad). While several of those concepts may be spun off into an own squad, all of these “stragglers” together can almost make up another berzerker squad:




And finally, there’s the beginnings of a small detachment of traitorous Space Wolves, led by one "Joras Turnpelt". These will be used as "regular" Chaos Space Marines (optionally granted the Mark of Khorne), whenever the battle plan calls for some bolter-wielding personnel:




All in all, that's quite a collection already:




In addition to the models seen above, there are also some more recent additions (or simply models I am pretty proud of). Such as...


...my custom Dark Apostle Stian Gul (wielding a huge warhorn, since hearing its sounds will always prove more inciting to the World Eaters than any sermon could ever hope to be) and my custom Warpsmith Deracin, Keeper of the Forge:




Both models were completely build from various plastic parts.


And there's my newest Daemon Engine, dubbed the "Wargrinder":








And, last but not least, my World Eaters can be accompanied by an allied regiment of Traitor Guard, Urash's Marauders. This is still a fairly small detachment, and I mostly use the project to build and paint whatever takes my fancy:






So yeah, so much for the recap of the painted part of my army. If you would like to see more of those guys, you're very welcome to head over to my Hall of Honour thread and check them out.



And now for the less finished stuff :wink: Let me just start by posting some of the things that I am currently working on (or that have already been built but still lack some colour). First up, my Chaos Terminators.


I have been in love with Terminators as a unit type for a very long time, and this has nothing to do with their rules. There’s just something about these colossal, armoured behemoths that really clicks with me. And from a converter’s perspective, the added size compared to regular Marines offers lots of room for customisation, dramatic posing etc. Alas, the original metal Chaos Terminators were always a tad too expensive for my teenage self, back in the 90s, and by the time the new plastic Chaos Terminators came around in 2007, I was still on my hobby hiatus.

But when I returned to wargaming in 2010, a box of Terminators was a part of the first order I ever placed with GW, and the resulting squad was actually among the first things I built. Over time, I kept adding more models to the squad, since I wanted them to be a fitting retinue for my Chaos Lords. So here are pretty much all the Terminators I’ve come up with so far:

First up, a Terminator wielding a chainfist and a Combi-Melta:



As you can see, I added Khornate bunny ears to the model’s armour – a trait shared by pretty much all of my “regular” Terminators. On a related note, I am really glad that I didn’t break off all the weapon arms when the newly released codex said these guys could get either the combi-weapon or the special CC weapon. This oversight was fortunately corrected in the FAQ. Phew!

Here’s a Terminator with a Heavy Flamer. You know, for the “Burn!” in “Kill! Maim! Burn!”  :biggrin.:



Funnily, this is also one of the few models actually wearing a Terminator helmet… In this case, it’s the one with the Rhinoceros like horn which I quite like.

And while we are on the subject of special weapons, here’s a Terminator with a Reaper Autocannon:



this model was actually converted from an AOBR loyal Terminator! I added some WFB Marauder shoulder pads to the Terminator’s knees to mask their loyal heritage…

This next model was built to be the squad’s champion:


Again, the model is armed with a chainfist and  Combi-Melta. I used a leftover head from the FW Lord Zhufor kit to show this guy’s status as a champion.


And now, let me show you my favourite conversions in the squad:


This guy was also converted from an AOBR Termie — from the very model that came as a giveaway with WD when 5th edition was released, to be exact. When I built this guy in early 2010, I was quite proud of myself for figuring out that the chaos bitz could be combined with the loyal AOBR models. It’s surely been some time since then, and I like to imagine that my more recent conversions are quite a bit more ingenious. But this is where it started  :wink:


Here’s my favourite detail about the model, though: When I built it, I didn’t have enough chaos shoulder pads. So I used a really old WFB skeleton as a stand-in on the model’s right arm. Take a look:


Pretty nifty, huh?  :wink:

Then there’s this guy, also converted from an AOBR model, from the sergeant in fact.



I really went all out on this guy back then, adding lots of skull trophies, chains, some very nice Chaos Knight pauldrons, and all new weapons. The horns came from the “Khornate head” from the regular CSM kit. The Pteryges loincloth worn by the model fits with the gladiatorial look of the World Eaters rather nicely.

And finally, the squad’s (and company’s) standard bearer, brother Verak:



Since the model is carrying an icon (from the WFB Warriors of Chaos) in its right hand, I had to find a way to combine the bolter and power fist, so I built a little “DIY Talon of Horus” by adding regular Bolters and an ammo feed from an old CSM heavy Bolter to the fist. I also used a shaved down berzerker head as a stylised helmet for the model, showing its special status in the squad. Although this guy was one of the first conversions I did after getting back into the hobby, he still holds up rather nicely, doesn’t he?

Unfortunately, I have only managed to paint a single regular Terminator up until now. In fact, it was the first Terminator I ever painted. Here he is:





This was my test model for the squad, so you may be able to spot how I was still finding my feet painting Terminators. I’ll definitely need to drill out the barrels at some point, since they look rather horrible. The base will also have to be changed to reflect the current look of my bases, but apart from that, I think this guy works out alright.

The problem remains that these guys are quite a bit less fun to paint than they are to convert. These are also some of my older conversions, so they may lack the flair of some of the more current models.


In addition to the rank and file Termies, I always like to convert a Chaos Lord or two. Here are some examples:


First up, a Chaos Lord in Terminator armour wielding a pair of lightning claws: This guy may also be the start of a small, dedicated LC unit:




As you can see, the Chaos Termie Lord kit formed the base for the conversion (although the torso front came from the regular Chaos Terminators). I added a pair of SW Lightning claws, since I liked the extra sharp look of the claws. The head and right shoulderpad came from the FW World Eaters Terminators, while the Khornate bunny ears were cut off a WFB Finecast champion of Khorne. It seems like a very easy kitbash, but it took me ages to get the pose on this guy right.

The second model I managed to complete has already appeared in some of my fluff is Brother Hokar, the 4th assault company's Master of the Guard.




The idea of using the great Chaos Knight pauldrons as a sort of cowl was lifted from Lamby’s excellent “Legion of Thorns” thread. I think it really adds character to a Terminator! I  also had the idea of arming him in a rather unconventional way by giving him a spear and shield. I wanted this to reflect the World Eaters’ gladiatorial traditions: I imagine that gladiators in the grimdark of the far future would be trained to use different weapon configurations (pretty much like the gladiators in ancient Rome), so I thought it would be interesting to explore different loadouts for no other reason than to give some additional character to the individual models. I can imagine a bodyguard for Lorimar where every member is wielding a highly individual combination of weapons — wouldn’t that be cool?

Anyway, as you can see, the model’s legs came from a SW Terminator. I felt the trophy pelt was a nice callback to the 4th assault company’s role as a hunting party. I used some bits from the Skullcrusher kit to make the armour on the legs look slightly more chaotic.


Hokar also uses a shield from the Skullcrusher kit. Many people are skeptical of shields on Khorne models, but I felt that, as Master of the Guard, Hokar should really be equipped for defense as well as offense. Plus everyone who has seen the fantastically corny Spartacus series knows shields can be used in fairly creative ways…


Phew, with this huge first post out of the way, let me welcome you once again to this WIP thread! Expect to see more updates soon! And, of course, I would be happy to hear any feedback, ideas, suggestions or questions you might have!


In any case, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!




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Again, thanks a lot, guys!


@ ElDuderino: Oh, don't worry: We'll get to him eventually ;)

@ oldschoolsoviet: Let's hope I'll have some time for painting stuff over the holiday, although chances are I'll just eat and sleep all day for a couple of weeks ;)


Anyway, here's the next batch of WIP stuff to bring this thread up to speed with my other threads: Today I'd like to show you some, shall we say "specialist formations" in Khorne's Eternal Hunt.


First up are my Raptors, called Harriers in the 4th assault company. I built and painted a squad of these back when the new plastic Raptors were not yet available. Here they are:




And here's the first champion for them, built with the 5th edition rules (powerfists galore!) still firmly in mind ;)




Now in order to bump up the corps of Harriers by a few members and to have some additional specialist weapons to choose from, I have lately started to refurbish some pretty rough old berzerkers I picked up from an ebay auction: The bodies and legs were cleaned, and I added some new bitz to make them look more interesting and transform them into jump infantry. Here's some WIP impressions of them:








These are still pretty rough around the edges now, but I hope they'll clean up fairly nicely once painted (or at least completely undercoated).



Then there's the 4th assault company's corps of bikers, called the Hounds. I had picked up three bikes as part of an army deal, and I endeavoured to make them look a bit more dynamic than the average CSM bike:






I also used one of the models to build a Chaos Lord on bike: Meet Huntmaster Gerrax, lord of the Hounds:






And finally, in order to bring the bikers in line with the World Eaters' underlying motif of gladiatorial warfare, I converted a Space Marine trike into a vehicle that functions pretty much like a chariot. I give you the Veredus Pattern Assault Trike:








The driver even uses one of the (very) old plastic berzerker helmets from the early 90s. Sawing through that old mini proved pretty challenging, but I just love that helmet design so much!




To tell you the truth, I still keep revisiting this squad and adding little touches to make it look like these guys are basically living in the saddle. Here's the squad as it looks like at the moment:




I expect I'll be glueing yet more bitz to those bikes at some point, though ;)


Anyway, so much for today's update! Feel free to hit me with any questions, suggestions or feedback you might have!


Thanks for looking and stay tuned for more! :)

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Hehe, "Harriers". Any relation to the now-retired aircraft?


Bikers look sweet, and the "Assault Trike" is an interesting concept. Bight want to have a bolter somewhere on the sidecar, just so the guy there can take some pot-shots when he's not choppa-ing with his chainsword.

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Cheers, guys! ;)


@ Dragonkin Arenis: What appealed to me about the name "Harriers" is that there are quite a few meanings for the word, and all of them have connotations that fit the squad: A Harrier is a kind of falcon (which obviously fits their in-game use), but a certain breed of hunting dog is also referred to as a royal harrier (once again, a perfect fit, this time for the overall concept of Khorne's Eternal Hunt). And there's the fighter jet of course, fitting for how the jump packs worn by the models seem to recall aircraft engines.


You're quite right about that trike sidecar, btw: I imagine it'll need more work at some point ;)


@ Trevak Dal: Hmm, during 5th edition, they played pretty much like you would expect of a Khornate force: Manage to get into CC quickly and you really get to lay the pain on your opponent. Don't manage to get into CC quickly, and bad things start to happen ;) Although I usually found that the addition of some bikes and/or Raptors made the force somewhat less predictable for my opponents. That said, I am not a competitive player by any stretch of the imagination, so I probably wouldn't have known how to use them cunningly ;)

As for 6th edition, I imagine these guys have taken quite a hit (as have all CC-focused armies), although I am ashamed to admit that I have yet to play my first game under the new rules -- it's gotten to the point were building and painting models and inventing a background for them has begun to mostly eclipse my actual playing.



Right, and the next update for you:


When it came to build some "regular" CSM for my army, I wanted to go for a more interesting approach than just use bolter-wielding World Eaters. That was the birth of the "Blood Wolves":


Joras Turnpelt was once a member of Einar Longbeard’s Great Company, and served as the Wolf Lord’s second-in-command as well as his trusted friend. When the company found itself facing the warriors of Khorne’s Eternal Hunt in battle, the fighting turned out to be extremely bloody and unforgiving, due to both sides’ ferocity in combat. With the battle dragging on, the Space Wolves found themselves slowly bleeding out from the costly engagements.

And to make matters even worse, Longbeard and Joras did not see eye to eye regarding how to proceed: The Wolf Lord knew that the Space Wolves were in acute danger of losing the battle and wanted to consolidate their forces, maybe even order a tactical retreat, while Joras would hear none of it. Seething with adrenaline and beginning frenzy, he wanted to press on and obliterate the enemy, and ordered an attack in direct defiance of his superior’s orders. During the ensuing fight,
Joras eventually flew into a berserker rage, slaying his own Wolf Lord, who was trying to intervene. This act of betrayal shattered the great company, with the brethren falling on each other as well as the World Eaters. In the end, only a small band of warriors remained, defeated and encircled by the warriors of the 4th, shaken by their own actions and ready to be killed. But Lorimar let them live, feeling that Joras, in the depths of his rage, had found something dark and powerful. The Master of the Hunt was intrigued...


Ever since, Joras and his remaining warriors have been fighting alongside Khorne’s Eternal Hunt, adopting some of the 4th’s traditions while also keeping themselves
apart in other respects. And Joras has become known as the “Turnpelt”, considered a despised traitor of his own chapter and hated enemy by the sons of Russ…



I built a couple of test models for the small detachment of traitorous wolves and painted them. Here they are:




The biggest challenge with these was to make their loyalist origins obvious while managing to make it clear that they have fallen to chaos (and are not just some members of the 13th company who have to use parts of their enemies' armour due to supply problems.


There are also some additional models that I haven't managed to paint yet:




In my opnion, this model is a pretty good blend of SW design and a clearly Khornate touch. As you can see, I used the huge axe from the SW terminator kit: A memento of the Marine’s original chapter as well as a fitting weapon for a servant of Khorne! An energy generator (without the power coils) from the Battle for Maccrage boxed set was used as some kind of toppled Imperial icon for the model to stand on. I really like the badass look of this guy!


The next model was designed to be channelling a very classic 90s pose:




I just couldn’t help myself… ;)


There's also an icon bearer for the squad:




The model uses one of my favourite heads from the WFB Marauder Horsemen. While this guy could still be mistaken for a loyalist, I
imagine the icon itself will change that, once it is finished. I’ll be using a huge, trophy-like banner from the WFB Minotaur kit. I love the
static but powerful stance oj this guy!


And finally, I needed a worthy squad leader, of course! Another great head from the Marauder Horsemen and some bitz from the Skullcrusher kit did the trick. Take a look:




Easily my favourite model in the squad so far, this guy really maintains a delicate balance between a SW/barbarian look and a couple of
clearly chaotic attributes.


So far, the squad seems very focused on combat at close quarters. However, I still have enough bitz for another six models, and most of those will be wielding a trusty Boltgun. But I think the new models are already far more recognisable as chaos followers. I really like their massive and grizzled look. Take a look at the squad so far:



Oh, and let's not forget their commander, of course! The man that lead them into damnation! Let me introduce you to Joras Turnpelt and show you what happened after his fall to frenzy...





When Joras came to, he was kneeling at the center of a circle of traitor legionaries, disarmed and bleeding from a dozen wounds. He looked around, seeing his surviving brothers. Now that the frenzy had left them, their eyes had the glazed-over dullness of someone who has just escaped a nightmare, only to wake up to an even more horrifying reality. Joras understood them perfectly. He was feeling the same.


In front of him, the circle of red and bronze parted, and an enormous figure emerged: A hulking traitor wearing a baroque suit of Terminator armour, the surfaces of which were encrusted with heretical symbols. The Chaos Lord’s gaunt features were entirely without expression, his dark eyes bored into Joras’. This had to be the monster itself: Lorimar, master of the World Eaters’ warband known as Khorne’s Eternal Hunt.


Tapping reserves he hadn’t realised he possessed, Joras threw himself at the traitor, his fists his only weapons, a blood curdling howl on his lips. He didn’t even see Lorimar move, as he backhanded him across the face with his armoured gauntlet, sending Joras sprawling to the ground again, where he had to draw a few ragged breaths before looking back at his enemy.

“Fight me!”, Joras roared.

“There does not seem too much fight left in you, loyalist dog.” The traitor’s voice was impossibly deep, a dark growl that chilled Joras to the bone.


Joras got up again with a wordless below, rushing at the Chaos Lord once more. This time, Lorimar swiftly drew a long, wickedly serrated blade, burning in an evil glow. The daemon weapon’s point came to rest against Joras’ throat, pinning him where he stood.


“Fight me!”, he howled with frustration. Lorimar made a grating noise in his throat. It took Joras a moment to realise it was a chuckle.


“Fight you? Look at yourself: You are weak, broken, defeated. There would be no honour in taking your skull now. Besides…”, Lorimar’s eyes were aflame with cold fire, “it seems you took your first prey in the eyes of our Lord Khorne. It would not be right to take your life, now that your path to true glory has but begun.”


“Do not mock me, monster!” Joras growled. “This is madness!”


Lorimar chuckled again: “Oh, to be sure. When you killed your lord and gave in to your anger, it was madness that lay hidden within you. When you tore through both my warriors and your own brethren, it was madness that made your heart race. You howled with frenzy, …brother wolf, and something deep within you howled back. Indeed, madness has transformed you. The change is quite …uncanny.”


“Kill me then.” Joras whispered, suddenly feeling very tired.


Again, Lorimar chuckled. Joras wanted to make him shut up. Tear out his heart like wild beast. Rip off his smirking head and hold it aloft, howling out his victory and then… Joras felt his rage subside and a terrible, yawning feeling of horror fill his guts with ice.

Lorimar seemed to understand his thoughts, and he locked gazes with Joras once more. His next words were almost gentle:


“Oh, I might kill you yet, brother wolf. But not here, and not now. For after all, we now serve the same master.”




As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!

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Thanks a lot, guys! I really appreciate your kind words! Glad to see you like the fallen wolves, too ;)


@ TearsoftheRaven: There's a fairly comprehensive turorial on how to build a "Wargrinder pattern Blood Knight" here, so I hope that should tell you all you need to know regarding the bitz I used ;)

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People and their threads like this make me wish I had gotten over my hatred of Chaos in my early days and gone out of my way to create a Khorne zerker marine army with the Space Wolves cross over for a marauding band.


So many conversion opportunities - just like here :)


Epic stuff, love it.

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