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  1. Hello fellow frater, My hobby butterfly is in overdrive again and sweeping me up into the world of Mantis Warrior space marines. On the surface I love the colour scheme. But recently I'd seen some inspiring artwork that set me on this path. @Wolfdawgart on twitter has done a few pictures of Mantis Warriors (amongst other things!) that really struck a cord. They just seemed to suit the phobos armour so well and really made sense of the whole Vanguard Space Marine release for me. Before that I had avoided them and actually Primaris marines altogether. Here is a pic of his alongside a Marine I made to see if I could do a little homage... I also built and painted a test model to see what that might be like. I even got the airbrush out of it's decade of stasis. I got a real sense I wanted a jungle setting for these and a real Predator vibe. Maybe some striking scorpion influence, or was that just the colours talking. Some of you will have seen this guy already from my other thread. I had a go at the markings on the helmet from the artwork here. I was then having Ideas for the different types of units I might include in the army. My friends IRL are doing a crusdae for 9th so I'll be trying to get 25PL together. I've put some models together to test out ideas for various units. It's a lot of test models at this point. I put together this reiver to try to get that Praying Mantis insect feel. This is another infiltrator, tried to get a bit of predator influence in this one. Bladeguard Veteran idea, using Phobos armour and with original Mantis ninja influence but also an insectoid shield in this context. I was thinking now that I might go full Phobos armour even for units (like the bladeguard that aren't). I then looked at the Gravis statline and had an idea. I was thinking about the Mantis Warriors being Renegades and decimated by the attacks of the Carcharadons. They would need new recuits and bionics. They are limited/punished to have small numbers. I was thinking a desperation to earn lost honour and re-establish themselves in the imperium. So crossing the Rubicon, Bionics, new recruits from varied sources and even full on robots might be on the cards for them. So here is an idea for an Eradicator, it's just a head swap currently to get an idea... I've since been working on an incursor unit taking the ninja, robot and insect ideas further... Migs of Iron sleet (Migsula on insta) did AMAZING blood angel scouts using phobos armour and admech backpacks. They were a huge influence on these Incursors! So it's been a lot of experimenting and fiddly faffing about. But I feel I've got some ideas to work with here and look forward to getting more painted and also getting stuck into some of these ideas for the various units. Please let me know what you think. KDC
  2. I'm a big fan of 2000ad's dark judges. In particular I love Kek-W's incredibly creepy fall of dead world stories. Its full of really cool and creepy art about undead judges corrupting the world on their omnicidal crusade. As a lock down project I've started up a necromunda gang loosely inspired by them. I don't know much about the current iteration of Necromunda but its a gang of enforcers. My loose story is the dome with their sector house collapsed decades ago and was written off by the authorities. Something (archaeotech? pyskers? Xenos technology, the forces of chaos) stopped them from dying, leaving them in a cursed half life. Now they're back and out for revenge on the living! (Any suggestions for gang make up gratefully received.) Here are my pictures of the current enforcers I've started. Brothers Blight, Panic and Revulsion. Next up I have to green stuff Panic's arms to his body. Please forgive the poor quality images. Hopefully I'll be able to rig up a light box for some better quality ones soon.
  3. Introduction After the rousing success of the Chalnath Expanse Liberation raising and the discovery of several new STC designs for the Chimera chassis, the High Command has requested additional support of these new vehicles. It is expected each commander shall deliver at least one of these vehicles to support the Regiments currently deployed. Given the relatively new nature of the STC's High Command has provided some leniency in their development. Participation The goal of the event is to build and paint a Chimera variant that does not come in the standard kit. Eg. Battle Cannon Variant Command Variant Missile Variant Scout Variant Recovery Vehicle Alternative layouts of existing variants will also be acceptable The possibilities are only limited by the STC you have on hand Event Period Given the complexity of the challenge and current limitations associated with the significant Warp Storms impacting most sectors the challenge period shall run from now until the 28th of June, by the B&C's clock i.e. any completion post time up to and including the 28th of June. Pledging to the Event Make your vow in any way you wish, at any point during the event, to this topic with a Variant declaration and a starting picture of pieces required for the build. You are able to pledge more than 1 chassis at a time and can pledge additional chassis upon completion of the previous pledge.
  4. So this is going to be a dark apostle in my Alpha Legion force. I didn't know what I wanted to use for him because the regular model feels too much like word bearers and not a fan of the dripping book of fire. Anyways I had a half painted Dark Angels Lieutenant and just kind of went overboard with some random bits. Yes he probably smacks himself in the face. Basic fluff for this guy. He's known by a lot of names whether it's the traveler, the stranger, seer or prophet he has been at the center of several imperial uprisings. To my warlord this apostle is simply known as the Rabble Rouser. A tool that he has been using for years not even sure if he is a space marine, but an agent who can manifest the war-band's will before the fleet's arrival. He is of unknown origin and still wears the black armour of a chaplain. An asset that can be frustrating but useful enough that my Alpha Legion warband has claimed him for themselves. Anyways, the model works for the purpose it has but his morning star staff is pretty ridiculous. The head is obviously slightly small for this armour as well, hence why he might be an enhanced human whether through warp or drugs or both he can wear the power armour. What do you guys think? Ridiculous? A random side project anyways of mashing bits together so no worries about any comments. ;)
  5. From the album: Blood Drinkers IX Explorator Detachment- The Soul Reavers

    Though marines descended from the gene-seed of the Blood Drinkers are known to have very low incidence of the Black Rage, it is known to occur. Some say these Astartes show an increased resilience to the Flaw, or that they have an inherent ability to master the Black Rage. In the Soul Reavers chapter, Marines clad in the black armour and skeletal visage of the Death Company often take on the role normally filled by Sanguinary Guard; elite warriors charged with the escort of the chapter's leadership, informally known as the Sanguinary Death Guard. The chapter's Reclusiarch has remained steadfastly silent over what lies behind the differences between this chapter's "chosen", and those of other Blood Angel descendants.
  6. From the album: Blood Drinkers IX Explorator Detachment- The Soul Reavers

    Your wings, though ruined, are not without purpose. Take hold of them as you leap, and they will carry you across this chasm...
  7. From the album: Blood Drinkers IX Explorator Detachment- The Soul Reavers

    I know you, Raziel. You are worthy. What madness is this?! You did not survive the abyss, Raziel. I have only spared you from total dissolution!
  8. Not a fan of how stubby firstborn marines are? Impartial to them but want a little consistency in your mainly-primaris force? I've written up a short guide on kitbashing the standard Vanguard Veteran kit into a more realistically-proportioned space marine using the fairly new Assault Intercessors kit as a baseline. The pictures aren't great as I wrote this tutorial after the modelling process was finished but I think it gets the point across. You can find it on my new blog: Fistful of Beans here. Your feedback on the tutorial and the blog is appreciated, brothers.
  9. From the album: Work In Progress

    Kitbashed new Penitent Engine into a Mortifier
  10. From the album: Pictures

    © Games Workshop

  11. From the album: Mastermind015's Emperor's Children WIP

    My current Chaos Lord kitbash project​
  12. https://bombshellminis.com/36021-helmet-set-r10/ Essentially, get rid of the head of abaddon, replace with something else, slap either a 10mm (R10) or 12mm (R12) (which will fit on Abaddon's shoulders best?) dome helmet filled with some 'ard stuff and warpy color to simulate liquid affects inside, along with a sadistic daemoniac visage within the hazy depths. Replace the sword with perhaps the arm of a greater daemon like a Keeper of Secrets, and I'll probably keep the gun/talon just because this thing is already fantastic sounding. I'm just asking, since abaddon himself isn't made a giant compared to DG/primaris that I'm aware of, just wanna know that these bits will fit on the main body of the model. For more information about the warband of Warp Ghost successors carefully curated and created by Yours Truly go here: https://wh40khomebrew.fandom.com/wiki/Apparitions_Unleashed -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now for the lore of the chosen/possessed/abaddon stand-ins should you choose to read it Cygnus Breachers The Cygnus Breachers take part in ground battles but are used as the void-warfare troops trained in boarding operations by other specialists to accomadate their daemoniac bunes. With strange warped power they kick themselves out of the air locks of their ships, launching themselves into the void accompanied by unnatural symphonies and banshee wails that can be heard in the emptiness of space, echoing through the minds of those who behold their horror from portholes which should have never been gazed through. With bizarre spectral power they phase straight into the hulls of enemy ships, in squads or as sabotaging operatives launched into the interior of their enemy's ships. Their bodies have never been recovered, for the substance composing their form is tainted by the warp, and simply weeps from their broken bodies as eerie glowing miasma leaving behind a damaged empty suit of broken power armor and the cracked dome helmet which is the peculiar badge of their order. The dome helmet is a strange addition to their wargear, offering no material protection to the head but seeming to redirect head-shots with an aura of unluckiness as munitions seem to curve around them to avoid ever touching the abomination within the armor. Its suspected that the helmet is symbolic to the black emptiness of the void of space. They're the veteran horrors of the Apparitions imbued with such potent daemonic enhancements pertaining to their craft that they have developed abilities similar to those of Warp Talons, though these phasing abilities only seem to work in the void of space a short distance from the Trapezoidal Door. Not to be confused with normal Warp Talons in any means these veterans can be seen in a myriad of squads and using wargear ranging from the simple to the elaborate to the utterly cursed. Occasionally one will overflow with corruption beyond the containment of a normal body and develop strange limbs similar to that of daemons, or even an inhuman head leering with eldritch hatred from within the black depths of the dome.
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