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  1. https://bombshellminis.com/36021-helmet-set-r10/ Essentially, get rid of the head of abaddon, replace with something else, slap either a 10mm (R10) or 12mm (R12) (which will fit on Abaddon's shoulders best?) dome helmet filled with some 'ard stuff and warpy color to simulate liquid affects inside, along with a sadistic daemoniac visage within the hazy depths. Replace the sword with perhaps the arm of a greater daemon like a Keeper of Secrets, and I'll probably keep the gun/talon just because this thing is already fantastic sounding. I'm just asking, since abaddon himself isn't made a giant compared to DG/primaris that I'm aware of, just wanna know that these bits will fit on the main body of the model. For more information about the warband of Warp Ghost successors carefully curated and created by Yours Truly go here: https://wh40khomebrew.fandom.com/wiki/Apparitions_Unleashed -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now for the lore of the chosen/possessed/abaddon stand-ins should you choose to read it Cygnus Breachers The Cygnus Breachers take part in ground battles but are used as the void-warfare troops trained in boarding operations by other specialists to accomadate their daemoniac bunes. With strange warped power they kick themselves out of the air locks of their ships, launching themselves into the void accompanied by unnatural symphonies and banshee wails that can be heard in the emptiness of space, echoing through the minds of those who behold their horror from portholes which should have never been gazed through. With bizarre spectral power they phase straight into the hulls of enemy ships, in squads or as sabotaging operatives launched into the interior of their enemy's ships. Their bodies have never been recovered, for the substance composing their form is tainted by the warp, and simply weeps from their broken bodies as eerie glowing miasma leaving behind a damaged empty suit of broken power armor and the cracked dome helmet which is the peculiar badge of their order. The dome helmet is a strange addition to their wargear, offering no material protection to the head but seeming to redirect head-shots with an aura of unluckiness as munitions seem to curve around them to avoid ever touching the abomination within the armor. Its suspected that the helmet is symbolic to the black emptiness of the void of space. They're the veteran horrors of the Apparitions imbued with such potent daemonic enhancements pertaining to their craft that they have developed abilities similar to those of Warp Talons, though these phasing abilities only seem to work in the void of space a short distance from the Trapezoidal Door. Not to be confused with normal Warp Talons in any means these veterans can be seen in a myriad of squads and using wargear ranging from the simple to the elaborate to the utterly cursed. Occasionally one will overflow with corruption beyond the containment of a normal body and develop strange limbs similar to that of daemons, or even an inhuman head leering with eldritch hatred from within the black depths of the dome.
  2. 1146 downloads

    Several chaos star icons in white, black, and red.
  3. Would have posted this in a "Post your" or "Showcase" thread, but there isn't one for fliers. Anyway, I'm really happy with my emperor's children helldrake, so while I don't normally post things here (so intimidating) I thought I would in this case. Still have to do the base, but that can wait until I decide on how to spruce it up a bit. Here's some pics of the two weapon options: The picture above shows some of the things I'm not so sold on about the model - namely its stubby tail and its funny little rear legs. Still, it gives a good view on the wings - if I do another, I think I will give it wider stripes and carry them back onto the rear wings as well. Finally, a "danger view" photo.
  4. PRIORITY OMEGA! Knut and Grimlock are back with episode 2 and this time they are tasked with reinforcing a beleaguered force of Imperial Fists & PDF attempting to stop a Daemonic summoning ritual! Will they stop the summoning or will the planet fall into further darkness?
  5. Greetings all! With the release of the new codex and my other army finally starting to really take shape I'm pretty sure that my next army will be the thousand sons. Overall I think this codex is looking fairly strong, and I really like the models and fluff around it. My line of thinking for the army is that it'll be more infantry focused, because I really like the infantry models and because my other army is a lot more vehicle focused. I don't like to play with named characters so the HQ's would consist of exalteds, a daemon prince and a terminator sorcerer. Some people here seem to be somewhat down on the rubricae but in my opinion they seem fine, they might not be the absolute best unit in the game but they're a very solid all-rounder I think. And the models are amazing. The Tzaangors all seem really good and I'm one of those people who quite like the models too so I'll probably end up fielding quite a few of them. Thinking about 2x30 of them, with a shaman and 2 groups of enlightened (one with spears, one with bows) and a Mutalith since it's a good force multiplier. Where I personally struggle with my potential list building is how to handle flyers. I'm not of the opinion that we (I get to say that now, right?) have weak anti tank capabilities, but most of them are hard hitting close combat options. Daemon engines have poor ballistic skill so hitting stuff like alaitoc hemlocks is really difficult and charging them is suicide. So what tips do you guys have for that? I'd prefer to stay completely Thousand sons, non forge world, but I'm open to all suggestions. Also, I'm really digging the little backstory you get on Sect of the Red Echo from the codex but some quick googling didn't really get me any additional info on them, is there a place to read more or are they basically unknown? Thanks in advance guys
  6. It's something I'm contemplating.... seriously a bad idea but I wanted to see feedback on how they are playing now that the Dark Imperium box set is out and the models should be playable now, and the 'new' faction is now playable. How are you doing with them? What's working for you and what isn't?
  7. http://i.imgur.com/wZmqKWE.jpg In the embrace of the great Nurgle, I am no longer afraid, for with His pestilential favour I have become that which I once most feared: Death. Kulvain Hestarius of the Death Guard The Dead Walk Among Us… (hyperlinks to finished models in here…when that happens) Greetings! Some of you might have come across my Night Lords WIP, Yes, shameless plug, while they will still be my main focus, I figured now would be the best time to start a little idea I had. I plan to make a small force for each of the Gods, sooo, First up, Papa Nurgle and friends! With the Death Guard in full swing for 8th edition, I’m going to start building a few for myself. If that wasn’t enough, I’m going to be fiddling around with “True Scale”; I want these guys to stand out a little more than the obvious Blue and Green contrast they will have when on the field with my Night Lords. For now, I’ll just be cutting legs and adding a bit of plasticard to make them taller. The fluff for these guys will be that they are part of Typhus’ Plague Fleet and are nobody special. That might change as things in the Galaxy change and ramp up, but only time will tell… (I know, sounds very Tzeentch…but “only death and decay will tell” didn’t sound right-ish…) Typhus: I’ve had this guy painted for a while now. The struggle will now be trying to remember how I painted him for my future DG. http://i.imgur.com/hFrFtRd.jpg?1 http://i.imgur.com/pnDmpym.jpg?1 http://i.imgur.com/jGA2eFB.jpg?1 Some quick work on a Squad Captain: http://i.imgur.com/YyWlMZX.jpg?1 http://i.imgur.com/Ho4OXgE.jpg?2 http://i.imgur.com/5A2e2yv.jpg?1 http://i.imgur.com/GoY9Sx8.jpg?1 I have this guy named and I’m really giddy to explain how I came up with the name (it’s nothing special lol)…but I feel like once I share I’ll have zero interest to build/paint this guy. So for now his name will be, B3th. Well. That’s all for now, CC always welcome and thanks for stopping by!
  8. http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_15423/gallery_40397_15423_1120390.jpg Hey Gang, I've just finished what will be one of the final updates to my Dark Mechanicums army book. There is a WIP of the entire project over on the WiP forum but may be well buried. Link is here for the plog if any of you are interested. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/355508-the-free-flesh-is-strong-army-complete-p5/ More importanly though, the below link for the army book: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zvveo4k0z9ra82w/The%20Taghmata%20Thrilliart.pdf?dl=0
  9. Right now I'm suffering from a huge Nurgle affliction. I have a pre codex Deathguard army but hadn't done anything new for them in years. I made a Nurgle Ork, was asked by Pandorasbitzbox to paint one of his possessed (plague child), i've seen amazing Nurle work right here on B&C and then watched the Cinematic Trailer for Inquisitor Martyr with all the exciting Nurgle goodness in that. My fall was complete. For anyone that still hasn't seen the trailer.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AxuBJ0ZWoc&t=102s The Helbrute had to be made... There aren't any stills yet but there is this pic too to help... This guy has a cannon from the plague hulk but I prefer the look of the assault cannon style gun. I love all the horns on this guy and think he's a great Nurlge Helbrute. Although bizzarely ruggedly handsome. He's supposed to be a hulk not a hunk. Aside from that he's great. Here's my efforts... The horns come from the maggoth lord kit. I had that kit lying around for ages intending to do a Morback (Le Blog de Kouzes) Maulerfiend. I could see there would be a lot of spare horns but I couldn't tell which ones would be spare. I quickly put the maulerfiend together and started putting those horns to good use. The one in the trailer has a rockin' bod'. So i used a spare Daemon Prince torso to replicate this. I have also tried to get him to be taking a step like in the trailer. I'm not overly happy with this so might try again or forget the stepping all together. I thought I would use the hades autocannon from the Forgefiend but these are a little big. Then i found two Space crusade dreadnought assault cannons! Space Crusade being my first introduction to GW about 25 years ago. Here he is with the gun in place. I still need to straighten out the ends of the barrel and put some spikes on there. Possibly it's a tad long too. In the meantime I discovered the Gatling Psilencer from the Dreadknight kit could make a great end of the gun. Pandorasbitzbox has a spare he's kindly said he will give me. Although it has 7 barrels and this one 6, is that a psign? I would need to redo the whole gun but lets see. Here's a size comparison next to a kheres assault cannon that i nearly used. Got a lot of Nurgle stuff planned now. Maulerfiend Forgefiend Contemptor and I will get started on all those new Deathguard models at some point too.
  10. Hey gang, Following some great feedback surrounding the first infinity mirror portal (here), a friend of mine asked for a set of four: one for each Chaos god. And, having had some difficulty explaining the process through pictures, I'm doing a series of project logs to show the construction and details of each one. Check it out when you have the time, and I'm open to ideas for the Slaanesh portal, as explained in the video. Cheers, Project log (10 mins): https://youtu.be/TnXg8p19wQM
  11. + + + + + + + + + + + + + +TRANSMITTED : Luna Phage + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +RECEIVED: (Intercept Doom Eagle Battle Barge Fated Glory) + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +DESTINATION : UNKNOWN + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +DATE: 7 250 075 M41 + + + + + + + + + + +TELEPATHIC DUCT : Belterius + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + ++ + + + +REF : INQ / 1984-038-995833 TE + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +AUTHOR : REDACTED + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +SUBJECT: Imperial Quarantine in Full Effect. REDACTED........................................only a few bastions......REDACTED....left.........undead overunning............REDACTED.................... +++++++++MESSAGE INTERRUPT++++ >>ATTACHED PLANETARY DATA DOWNLOAD<< >>PROCESSING<< +++++++END TRANSMISSION
  12. THIS THREAD IS RESURRECTED FROM THE PHOTO-BUCKET BUTCHERY OF 2016!!! Hey all! So just a little background info about my warband: The idea came out of 6th Edition Chaos Codex that briefly mentioned those warriors who fail Abaddon, or are mauled in battle: "The Oath-Broken are a special formation of the Black Legion comprised of those Chaos Space Marines who have failed in the service of the Legion's master, Abaddon the Despoiler. Those that dare betray the Warmaster of Chaos seldom live long enough to regret their mistake, and those who do quickly come to regret their folly bitterly as their bodies and souls are subjected to the most abject of agonies. The Oath-Broken are no true traitors to Abaddon, but merely those who failed in their assigned tasks, or got badly mauled on the battlefield and crippled by horrendous wounds. Failures and cripples invariably lose the fickle attention of their mortal and immortal masters alike, and without the blessings of the Powers of the Warp to mend their limbs or knit their broken bodies together with mutations, the Oath-Broken are forced to fashion their own crude replacements: blades sutured to stumps, xenos appendages crudely grafted into empty sockets and ragged armour patched with whatever material the Eye of Terror deems to provide. And yet, woe to the fool who underestimates these dregs of the Black Legion, for an Oath-Broken's desire to again bask in the glories that only Chaos can provide is only equal to his hatred of any who still do." http://warhammer40k....ath-Broken,_The I was fascinated with the backstory of what happens to traitors when the Dark Gods turn their back on their own followers. So I decided to model up a few squads and build a few stories around a motley band of scavengers and killers. After the Photobucket screw job, I thought rather than try to replace every single photo, I'd start over here and tie it to my ongoing participation in the GILGAMESH CAMPAIGN. All hobbyist are welcome to join me conquering the planet for Chaos! (or if you are an imperial scum... i guess you could fight against me, too!) Feel free to PM me about how to join. It is easy and fun. Here is the current campaign Map now. Also, IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE, PLEASE CONSIDER FOLLOWING THE TOPIC AND LEAVING A COMMENT. IT REALLY HELPS KEEP ME MOTIVATED!!! THANKS! THE OATH-BROKEN Prologue Lord Kraven stared into the vast endlessness of the void from the Bridge of the Battle Barge The Unforgiven. He saw Millions upon millions of planets ripe for plunder to make a worthy sacrifice to the Dark Gods. Nothing had been the same since his disgrace at the hands of the Emperor's Children. How long had it been? Ten Millennia, more? Time had no meaning in the Eye. As his mind drifted on thoughts of vengeance, his vox-unit signaled. "Lord, my divination is complete." Caradoch's voice resembled more of a reptilian hiss than the Genetically modified warrior he had once been. "The Gods have spoken. Gilgamesh must be bathed awash in blood." Finally, was this the redemption he had long seeked? Was it another cruel trick of the Gods to keep him off the eight-fold path forever? It didn't matter. Lord Kraven turned to his first command. "Mark a new heading to the Gilgamesh System. We prepare for war!" LORD KRAVEN “The Dark Gods of Chaos do not care about us. We are simply tools in their endless fight, just as we once served as simple tools in The Emperor’s blind ambitions for Apotheosis. The only difference from now and ten millennia ago, is the veil has been lifted from my eyes. Betrayed by the Corspe God of Terra, and now, discarded from use by the Master’s we turned to, I serve only myself. I will make them pay until I have my status restored. Planets will burn and blood will be spilled until my brothers are avenged." -Lord Kraven’s Canticle of Hate Chapter 1 Verse 1 CARADOCH Caradoch is Lord Kraven's foremost advisor. Although he still maintains a great deal of his warp-born powers, he still strives for the day to return to his former position of power within the Legion. Deep inside the Heavy Battleship Eternal Hunger… Brother Quaress stood guard outside Caradoc’s personal quarters, a bolter clasped in his massive hands. The gold trim on his black ceramite power armor reflected the braziers’ light that lined the corridor’s walls. Two servitor gun drones- amalgamations of corrupted flesh and metal flanked him, their skin twisted and gray where it fused with their heavy bolters hardwired where arms should be. “Lord Caradoc approaches,” they said in unison, flat, robotic voices. The servitors kneeled clumsily and lowered their heads in deference. Quaress detected nothing. His genetically enhanced vision was superior to those lesser beings, and the retinal display in his tactical helm scanned the long hallway in both infra-red and ultra-violet frequencies. The hall was completely empty. “You drones need to be recalibrated. I don’t see…” Quaress did not get a chance to finish his sentence before the braziers lining either side of the corridor flared to life and a cloaked figure in power armor appeared from the shadows. Quaress instinctively raised his bolter. “Rest easy, Brother Quaress.” Caradoc’s voice washed over him like a sweet melody and he lowered his bolter almost as if in a trance. Caradoc shared the same pattern of power armor and a rich embroidered robe flowed from his shoulders to the floor. He carried a wicked power glaive that burned with a blue warpfire along its daemon steel blade. Caradoc’s right hand had begun to harden and transform over the years so that now it resembled more of a chittonous anvil of volcanic rock. One of many blessings from the Dark Masters. “That was quite the entrance,” Quaress said stowing his bolter. “Forgive the theatrics Brother.” Caradoc’s face was concealed by a hood and a vale of golden chainmail. Quaress felt sure that Caradoc was smiling behind it. He was smart enough to know the sorcerer was displaying just a minor demonstration of his many powers. “And what of my guest?” “The prisoner is prepared as you requested. He awaits… your audience.” Brother Quaress wasn’t exactly sure what fate awaited the Loyalist they had captured on the surface of Thraxian IV, but he knew from eons of combat it would not turn out to be pleasant. “Excellent work Brother Quaress. What we are about to embark upon will ensure our places in the Canticles of Hate. This Astartes warrior is but the first step.” “Death to the False Emperor!” Quaress thumped his fist to his chest. “Only if he should be so lucky.” Caradoc waved his free hand at the door and it swung open into the chamber behind Quaress. “A final word of warning brother.” “I fear nothing, Caradoc,” Quaress said. “Your bravery is commendable and serves Lord Kraven well. Just remember no matter what you hear, no matter what the dark voices whisper or promise, do not enter my chamber until I return to you. I would hate for you to suffer… like poor Brother Castus.” Brother Castus had been particularly ambitious in courting the favor of the dark Gods and the Gods listened generously heaping powers upon him until he devolved into a hideous spawn, stark raving mad and mutated beyond recognition. Unleashed upon the populace of Thraxian IV, the creature had scurried off into the wilderness never to be seen again. After ten-thousand years of endless war, Qauress knew there were worst fates than death. The Lord Executioner was listening to the reports provided by his Lieutenants and allies: a lot of good news indeed as the main objectives were about to be reached on time. Oghmios Asamon was the last to speak. Normally, Arius Draken would not give much credit to a Sorceror's input but the Thousand Son was reliable and always tried to provide the clearest information. "Arius, I see a blade in the Shadow, I see an outcast seeking vengeance. He will come to you and pledge himself and his Legionaries to our cause." Welcome to the War Host Eldrick!! Hive Gilgamesh is ours to burn so come and take as many souls as you wish... Awaiting for your roll call to indicate you sectors for future insertion. -Celtic_Cauldron Lord Kraven scanned the war deck of The Unforgiven. His warriors stood proud and defiant despite the endless millenias of war since that long ago day on the ramparts of the Corpse God of Terra. "My Lord, our Heavy Armor is ready to carve a path for insertion of the ground troops." "Excellent. Consult with Lord Arius and deploy accordingly for the meantime." Lord Kraven voxed Brother Vo-tech,"Initiate the awakening protcols for Brother Saarlac and Brother Konner. Their might will be called upon in the coming battle." BROTHER KONNER BROTHER SARLAAC "The first time I died, I died on the blackened ruins of Maeleum. Three Emperor's Children surrounded me. In my prime, it seemed a fair fight." The Night Lord was staring at Lord Kraven's Herald... The Emissary was there, standing proud among the many warriors forming Draken's retinue. "Tell your Lord and Master, his armoured speartip is engaged in the vicinity of the Arbites'Strongholds. Their contribution to the War Host success will be decisive..." KRAVEN'S WRATH Bathed in the blood of thousands of sacrifices, Kraven's Wrath serves as the dread Lord's personal combat command vehicle. The Machine Spirit has been replaced by a malevolent spirit of the warp known only as the Ven'yr. Its treads are coated in the dust of crushed skulls and bones of its victims. BROTHER VO-TECH Lord Kraven watched with dismissive calm as Votek slit the throat of the 1000th and final sacrifice upon the ancient hull of the battered Land Raider Gloria Nox. The Mechatendrils fused to Votek's spinal column lifted and discarded the corpse pitching it over the side of the hull like so much rubbish. "Well?" Kraven asked. "The Loricatus Pattern is unfamiliar to me, but the Warp Spirit is pleased with your offering, my Lord. It will serve you in the coming battle." "And the transports?" "The tech thralls are retrofitting them with the proditor armor we uncovered from Canadus Prime." "Excellent. The Purge will kneel to me and swear The Black or die for their arrogance." "Oderint dum metuant!" said Votek thunmping his fist to his chest. "Yes, my brother, Let them hate as long as they Fear" THE UNFORGIVEN They were at Kraven's side at the fall of Maleum. They made blood oaths and swore that day, they would not rest until every last Emperor's Children lay dead before their boots.
  13. Hey all! I used to post more regularly but stopped once my webhosting lapsed. Well now I've got a fancy new host at mcgibs.com and I figured I'd reboot my miniature blogging with some of the new things I've done in the meantime. I've been building up my bloody Khorne army for years now, but recently I decided to recolour them. Originally they were traditional red n' brass/gold, but that was way too much red on red. Now they're a nice school-bus yellow with some cool wytchsymbol etching for decoration. The "god neutral" colour also helps justify my apostasy away from mono-Khorne and dip my toe into other flavours of chaos. I've still got buckets of old and new models to paint, but here's some of my recent converts! Renegade Marksmen (Noise Marines) I wanted some proper shooty marines, and noise marines fit the bill perfectly. But glam rockers don't really fit the army theme, so I opted for some upgunned bolter bros. To make them fit with the recent plague and rubric marines proportions, I hacked these guys together with AoS Blood warrior legs. http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_noisemarine01_turn.gif http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_noisemarine02.jpg These guys use beefed up autocannons (or mini battlecannons?) for Blastmasters. http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_noisemarine03.jpg http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_noisemarine02_turn.gif Overseer (Dark Apostle) This guy was just a blast to make and paint. The AoS whippy guy is such a characterful model, and I did a head and arm swap to make him a little more intimidating. Khorne apostles to not preach! They whip! http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_overseer_turn.gif http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_overseer01.jpg http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_overseer02.jpg Obliterators I was never a fan of the melty-cheese obliterators, so I made these abhuman fellas weilding massive daemon-weapons. Shame they lost their powerfists in 8th though. http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_obliterators_yellow.jpg Caco Beholder (Daemon Prince) One of my favorite models so far. I made this guy from a pingpong ball, lots of greenstuff, and assorted WFB and necron bits. The Faceplate from the WFB Chaos Chariot inspired me to make an entire model based around it, and the floating head/meatball daemons from doom are a classic in my mind. http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_cacoprince_turn.gif http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_cacoprince01.jpg Kanarak I haven't used him in many games because it's more difficult to field daemons in my lists, but I enjoyed making this good doggo. Bashed from one of the Santa Sled wolves and one of the hands from the AoS Khogorath(?). http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_karanak_turn.gif http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_karanak01.jpg Contemptor Dread If there's one thing I love more than anything else, it's big stompy robots. This guy was a good excersize in converting the oddly posed plastic Calth Contemptor. http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_contemptor_turn.gif http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_contemptor01.jpg Decimator My battletech love was bleeding through into this guy. He's not as beefy as the proper forgeworld model, but he's got dreadnought stats so he gets a pass. http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_decimator_turn.gif http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_decimator01.jpg http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_decimator02.jpg Dreadnought There's still a place in my heart for the dumb washing-machine dread. http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_dreadnought_turn.gif http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_dreadnought01.jpg Renegade Knight And my biggest stompybot! http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_knight_turn.gif http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_knight01.jpg http://mcgibs.com/wp-content/gallery/miniatures/chaos_knight03.jpg
  14. I've been running a Black Crusade campaign for the past few months and I have some points for discussion. What do you find best to throw against your heretics? For simplicity, I've had them choose an all marine warband. At the moment they rarely square off against other marines (unless they spark the confrontation with other chaos marines) I've mainly been throwing storm trooper level enemies at them armed with hellguns, the occasional "big thing" in the form of dreadnoughts and an occasional brutal boss fight. I like to give the players as much flexibility as possible, so most of the hordes they've fought against, they've got the drop on and have massacred and broken. What's your preferred "standard enemy" to hit them with? I also run a gladiator pit which the players are storming through at the moment, do you guys have any tips for making these 1 on 1 bouts (NPC vs PC) more excitng and drawn out? I'm finding I need to restrict the usage of specialist weapons as well, for the mission they're on at the moment, they have access to a meltagun and a lascannon, which is making a mockery of most heavy things I'm hitting them with, what balance (if any) have you found between the weapons they have and the heavy stuff you're hitting them with? Thanks in advance!
  15. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/11/02/new-reveals-chaos-sororitas-tanks-and-moregw-homepage-post-1/ I love it!!!!! Can’t wait to add it to my warband! Just oozes malign sorcery at it’s best.
  16. I haven't seen an answer to this, and I apologize if I overlooked the answer somewhere, but I have a question about allying different chaos factions together. I have a Renegades and Heretics army, which is put together with Keyword "Chaos." If I want to ally some World Eaters Berzerkers to the army, do they come along as a troops choice as per the World Eaters section (and they are legit blue and white World Eaters), or as Elites per the Chaos Index? Or is it better to wait a week or so and see if the new Codex clarifies it?
  17. Hey everyone! Back when I first read The Talon of Horus I was pretty keen to have a go at converting up some of the characters from the book, but other things (30k) got in the way and took up all of my hobby time... Now, with the recent release of the Black Legion excerpt, I've again started thinking about trying my hand at converting up some of my favourite characters from The Talon of Horus. I'm most keen to start on Khayon, Telemachon, and Nefertari, but I'm open to suggestion for other characters too. So, I'm looking for some ideas regarding which bits/models would be good to build and base these characters on. I'd love to hear all of your ideas and suggestions. I'll be using these pictures as reference, at least in regards to the aesthetic of the models. Obviously the posing will probably be quite different and I'm also open to suggestions that don't conform to the art in the pictures. These pictures should be considered as starting points rather than hard and fast rulings. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/Iskandar%20Khayon_zps6twhkdbz.jpg http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/Telemachron20Lyras_zpsarlbvmmf.jpg http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/Lheorvine_zpsnmjvwrk2.jpg I couldn't find any 'official' art for Nefertari, so I'd love to hear some suggestions for her Thanks for looking
  18. My third topic in the space of a few days, I'm really rusty with all things Warhammer apparently. And I haven't actually played CSM before so obviously confused by a lot of things going on. Anyway in my previous threads a lot has been mentioned about "how factions work now" or the ilk. Can someone explain what I can/can't take in a single detachment (Battalion/Spearhead etc) in a Chaos list. For context wanting to start Iron Warriors, wondering how legion rules, mark rules etc. But also there was talk in a threat about somehow making Khorne Bezerkers troops instead of Elites by choosing legion key words right. Additionally can I take (for example) a Spearhead detachment with a Warpsmith as the HQ, but the HS options filled by Renegade Guard gun batteries? Is that legal because of the Chaos key word? I don't have my rule book around to check at the minute, and even when I do I get a little confused, so I thought I'd pass it on to you experts who seem to know what they're talking about. Thanks in advance
  19. Hey all, So a couple of weeks ago with the impending release of new chaos space marine models I though I'd give my Word Bearers a break and start a new army to fit with the new scaling of the coming models. So, I eventually settled on Red Corsairs. I'm going to aim for a melee focused force that is swift moving and powerful on the tabletop but more importantly fits with the lore of the Red Corsairs (which thankfully melee focused and fast does!). I'm going to aim for a battered and makeshift look on the models that I think befits what are essentially renegade pirates, with lots of scavenged loyalist parts and the like. I'm going to gradually expand the army and probably write a bit of lore as well. Anyway, I painted up a test model with my new colour scheme so I wanted everyone's thoughts on it: Overall I'm pretty pleased with the paint scheme and I'm especially pleased with the GW snow effect. I'm not sure about whether it looks weathered enough though - I painted some battle damage and spattered a bit of blood but I don't know whether it's enough. What do you all think?
  20. The Assault The bombardment had begun before dawn, several months before, in fact. Bolts of fire from high above rained down on the polar continent, shrouded in seasonal night. There had been no icecap for thousands of years, all there was waiting for the descending inferno was dry, barren tundra. The perpetual twilight was lit up raggedly by the explosions as the projectiles and lances hit their mark, though nobody was left alive on the surface to see them. Debris was hurled miles into the sky or vaporised instantly in the blinding nuclear apocalypse. More ordinance pounded down, scouring the earth, blasting craters out of craters, gouging a gaping hole that rapidly became visible t,o the auspex scanners, and even from the viewing gantries of the orbiting ships. The bombardment ended after several earth grinding hours. It had left behind a landscape broken. Vast canyons gaped where the force of the ordinance had cracked the very crust of the planet, valleys so wide and deep, entire mountain ranges existed within their ragged rims. Areas of land burned to glass by the ferocious heat, elsewhere rocks flash-melted ran in dull red, smoking rivulets, the very air around so super-heated that the lava barely cooled on contact with it. All this was hidden behind a dust cloud so vast it had already begun forming its own violent weather pattern. At its edges, where it met the already dust filled and battle beaten air from what had once been the temperate mid-latitudes, lightening storms were already building, their discharges visible above the clouds as they earthed around the planet’s unusually strong magnetosphere. The scanners of the Ultramarines Strike Cruiser Ardent Justice had also detected that, but paid it little more attention than to relay the information to the gunners so they might calibrate their weapons to compensate. Even now, as their dropships prepared to take off and descend into the tempest below they were far too occupied by the faint signatures now readable that the kilometres of rock above them had been so efficiently removed. It was certainly a cluster of buildings, hidden impossibly far down below the surface, practically floating on the liquid outer core of the planet. The head rising from it was clearly not entirely the result of the prolonged bombardment. Vents had been riven in underground chambers and gasses burned as they escaped. In the mechanical eyes of the scanning displays, it looked like the very heart of hell. Never the less the lives of the scout force had dearly bought the report that the lair of the monster they sought was there. That creature was why the world had been laid waste, why the once proud and mighty forge world now burned beneath a desolate sky. Because at its heart there had been a daemon. How long it and its traitorous followers had hidden there, been sheltered there by the gullible techpriests and forgemasters Emperor only knew, but at least now justice had been done. Or was about to be done. It was several more hours before the area read as habitable, even for the enhanced bodies of the Astartes and their power armour. As soon as the signal was given though, the drop pods and ships swarmed from the flanks of the strike cruiser and its sister ship, the Swift Mercy. Between them they launched two companies of Ultramarines in a rush into the crucible below. The turbulence was intense, maintaining formation was impossible, navigation was done on auspex alone. Never the less there were relatively few mishaps as the landing zones were secured and the armoured warriors saw, dim and still half buried in semi-molten rock, the edifice they had unearthed. It was clearly merely the uppermost levels of a vast complex of truly ancient providence. The fact that it had survived in such depths was proof enough of that, the bombardment that had finally revealed it to the air had hardly marked the smooth black surface was almost insignificant by comparison with the titanic forces of this tartarian delving. As the Marines filed out, taking up firing positions or launching signal beacons to guide the larger craft into landing, the heat was intense, taxing their armour and endurance. None among them dared remove their helmets, their internal readouts telling them that even with their enhanced bodies, it was only the filters in their helmets that kept them from slowly choking on the dust and radioactive debris in the air. Around them lava flowed, showing no sign of cooling and the squads were forced to march single file between rivers of bright, smoking red. The soot stained their blue armour and the heat made the cooling vents on their power packs whine in protest, but still they pressed on, clearing a way for the dreadnoughts and tanks that rumbled or stamped after them on the uneven, vaguely plastic rock. Within that structure, which was indeed older than the Imperium the foolish Space Marines now reaching its outer skin, Foronax was waiting. He had easily guessed what the response would be when the fragmentary reports had been received by the so very predictable Ultramarines. They had scanned and scoured, their thunderhawks and stormbirds flying the same old search patterns over the polar continent. He knew what they would conclude, he knew that the structure could easily withstand the bombardment. He was less certain about the outcome of this assault. He had hoped that the short-sighted loyalists would burn the cities and hives on the surface, declare their mission accomplished and move on to their next self-righteous action. But no, his lair had been discovered and now they were coming for him, coming for his creations. Those creations were now arrayed to defend the structure, the fortress, waiting in ambush for their enemies to enter it, to become embroiled in a bitter struggle over corridors, rooms and stairwells. Waiting for them to over extend themselves, waiting for an opportunity to emerge from vents and ducts, from hidden panels and false floorboards. Foronax meticulously planned all of this before the first shots fell from orbit. Now everything was in place, all they needed now was for the Ultramarines to walk into it. And yet, for all his confidence in his creations and in his planning, Foronax was not certain of victory. He was out gunned and out numbered, and worse still he had nowhere to run. He had built too much in this structure he had found and re-purposed long before the Mechanicum had come to colonise the planet above. He would stand or die here, on the strength of his many creations. This was his Iron Cage. --- Many squads fanned out in all directions from the scant half-dozen of weak points identified and exploited in the thickly armoured and shielded shell. Scouts and battle-line squads advanced in tandem, covering one another as they passed junctions and stairways, new squads coming up from behind to take the newly found forks. Behind them hulking terminators formed the main edge of the force, ready to move up to support their brothers when they accounted the enemy. Behind them came Devastator squads, their plasma, las and melta-cannons still hot and steaming after being employed to blast open a door by united and combined fire with the company’s dreadnoughts and tanks, those of whom that could fit, followed last, squeezing through the breaches and sticking to the primary corridors and main stairwells. It was all too quiet, and uneasy reports passed between the sergeant and their captains. Ambush became more and more certain in the snaking, interconnected corridors, but still they assault must be made, now or later. So they pressed their soldiers on, warning them to stay alert, to watch every shadow, report any movement. When that movement came, it was from a direction nobody had expected. The few units now left outside the structure, mostly the larger tanks and some squads to hold the breach, suddenly reported movement; from above. From the smoke and dust filled sky above, skittering and sliding down the curved and bastioned surface came a wave of horrific flesh-machines. Things once human landed on the backs of deadnaughts, their mechanical feed ending in piercing pincers that bit through the heavy armour and held them fast. Their hands and moutsh were iron jaws belching orange fire and they pointed all three downwards, melting through the carapace and cremating the living body entombed within in a hiss of vaporising amniotic fluids. Larger beasts landed on the tanks, many spidery limbs ending in vicious hooks and sizzling arc lamps. With the hooks they pried open rivets and tore off tracks, with the arc lamps they burned out weapon systems and communications arrays. Some hulking things, horribly muscled, simply battered down on the roofs of thanks with fists made of solid, spiked metal until the plates below caved in. Other things fell among the squads; lithe leaping things with whirring chainswords for arms and mouths that fired grappling hooks were suddenly all around the marines, butchering and battering indiscriminately. Eyes replaced with arcane runes or auspex arrays searched madly for new foes, mouths replaced with weapons or lout hailers spat bullets or bestial growls at the Ultramarines as they rallied around those few tanks from which the attacking things had been blasted by concentrated fire. Frantic calls for aid from their brothers within went unanswered, their signals jammed by some new force their enemy had not revealed before. For all their ferocity, or all their horrible weapons, the creatures were not well armoured, save for the largest ones, and they fell rapidly under the fire now responding to their sudden offensive. Likewise, in the whirling melee the advantage of surprise had begun to pass, and the exposed flesh and mechanisms of the creatures made easy targets for chainsword and combat knife, for all the terrible toll their integrated weapons exacted before they finally succumbed to their wounds. Of far more worry were those fiendish pouncing things with metlaguns for mouths and hands that scorched their way through tank after tank as soon as they had them in range. The demands for support were repeated and at last a response got through. But the answer was dire; no help would come. Hidden explosives had collapsed specific tunnels, cutting all but two of the attackers lines of retreat. Worse still the explosions had also signalled the counter attack. The entire force had suddenly found itself engaged. At the forefront, the scouts were set upon by semi-formed machines; servo-skulls with limbs still attached swung from the shadows to claw and bite. Other flesh-monsters also bounded out of the darkness, falling with abandon on the marines supporting from them. Many legged, insectoid things eased their way out of hidden compartments and unleashed flamers and spearing pincers on the backs of the beleaguered marines. Only the Terminators fared well; setting upon the ambushes in their path with cold fury, blasting or pulverising the creatures that tried to skewer and rend their nearly impenetrable armour. Only when the melta-mouths came among them too did things become more evenly matched, though at best each abomination could only take one of the mighty attackers with them before they died. Foronax did not think it would be enough. And sure enough before long the first wave had been beaten, not beaten back, the things knew no fear, just beaten. Advancing again over their broken bodies, and lamenting those of their many fallen brothers, the Ultramarines were on the move again. They were led now by the Terminators, and at their heart their Commander Polos Sebastan, resplendent in golden armour much decorated by honours and purity seals. The way behind them was now taken and held room by room by the rest of the infantry; every room was cleared, every surface scanned for hidden surprises. None were found. They really were so very predictable. Outside the battle had also subsided, those few units able to exit the structure had arrived and though they had taken a terrible toll on the tanks and dreadnoughts, all the abominations were at last dead. Communications were still patchy, but fearing renewed assault on their only fall-back position, the units did not venture back inside after their brothers who now advanced further into the unknown and ancient structure that was Foronax lair. --- When the second wave made its presence known the terminators were ready. Their storm of bolter fire withered the first ranks of charging creatures before a single blow landed. This time the advance was without pause, for all the ferocity the things still showed. They were simple creatures, once the mind had gotten over just how vile they were, and they died easy to bolt and sword. Commander Sebastan and his lieutenants shouted encouragement as the Terminators continued on, marching through corridor after corridor, down stairwell after stairwell. Their had been elevators, but nobody thought climbing in would be a wise move, so they were ignored. After the last stragglers of the second wave had been blasted out of the way by the Terminators there was again silence aside from pounding feet. More of their number had fallen, and Sebastan himself had taken several glancing hits, his armour visibly scuffed by battle now. They had descended many levels when the noise began. It was ahead, and below, and it seemed still far off. It seemed like a dull roar, or possibly many hundred dull roars all merging to one rumbing chorus that rattled the roots of this blasted planet. Another level down and the roaring was clearly audible, even without the enhancements of their suits. Another level down, and the roaring was accompanied by rhythmic clanking, the pounding of industry? Or the pounding of metal feet? When the first beast came into view the Ultramarines had advanced down through no less than fifteen subterranean levels within the structure, and now at last they seemed to be nearing the heart of it. The heat had increased yet further, and the lightly armoured scout squads had been forced to hold position, unable to venture further though it stung their Space Marine pride. Those brothers to led the force, the Commander and his veteran terminators had descended yet another staircase down yet another spiralling shaft and emerged onto a corridor many time wider and higher than those above. The commander fancied they had entered in the bowels of the structure and were only now coming to the parts intended for habitation. There was no furniture, no decoration of any kind, just bare metal walls and floor that resounded with their pounding feet and echoed with the sounds of the roars and metal feet, getting ever closer. The first thing was four legged, built like the wolves the commander had seen used by the sons of Fenris, but while they were as awe inspiring, these were far more hideous to look at. Metal jaws dripped thick oil, iron backs were layered with plates of ceramite armour, powerful legs were moved by hydraulic pistons that protruded from their joints. Red eyes burned visibly, and when it opened its mouth to roar, more fire poured from between its jagged teeth. It charged. It charged into the sudden welter of bolter fire. It died, screaming and roaring, the metal of its body twisting and buckling under the impacts. But more were already rounding the corner, predatory eyes falling on the intruders. More came, and more. Tens, then dozens of them, some larger, some much larger, advanced down the wide corridor to meet the advancing marines. Though many in the first waves fell never knowing the taste of flesh, so many more did, and fell upon the attackers as ferociously as had their humanoid kin on the levels above. In pairs the wolf-things bore down terminators, ripping arms and legs out of position. Large ponderous things with fists bigger than a space marine battered and pounded whole squads of battle-brothers even as they ran to support the embattled terminators. It was not until a fresh wave of heavy, sustained fire spat from the rear, shredding two of the hulking monstrosities and raking the advancing ranks of other creatures that the battle began to turn again. Three dreadnoughts, their autocannons chattering came up to support, and behind them squads of devastators hurried forwards also added their retorts. The brilliant muzzle flashes of their guns sent death screaming into the creatures slaying them by the score. More came to replace them, more came from other directions. More came from every direction. Scuttling things dropped from the roof, melta-mouthed things ran forwards from darkened corners, more hulking armoured beasts appeared behind their smaller kindred, twisted mockeries of Astartes dreadnoughts, flesh and metal combined to form a deranged killing machine almost without parallel. The Ultramarines dreadnoughts charged them, flattening or scattering the things between them. The armoured machined duelled together as all around anarchy reigned. In the centre of it all Sebastan fought. His storm bolter forgotten and discarded, we wielded a thunder hammer in each hand, whirling and spinning with his momentum, each swing pulverising several of the creatures or cracking the legs, backs or skulls of the larger creatures. He weaved and dodged, battering down all that came at him, until he saw something, something new. Behind the last wave of metal beasts pouring into the ferocious close-quarters battle new enemies had at last shown themselves. Heretic astartes fitted with mechanical servo-harneses stalked into view, their bolters sighting and firing on exposed flanks and unwary backs. Sebastan swore an oath of revenge on them for their many blasphemies, not least of which being merely existing, and charged, shattering the spine of a wolf-creature with one of his hammers as he strode past. The heretics before him did not rush to meet him, they continued to survey the carnage before them like detached researchers. Instead they silently parted to allow a thing that had been hidden in the smoke filled shadows behind them to make itself known. Sebastan’s charge dwindled to a halt when the Daemon came into view. Foronax had at last committed all of his forces to the defence, around him his Warpsmiths directed the fire of their havocs as more and more of his beautiful creations were massacred. And here before him was the man, the fool, the dog, responsible. Foronax roared, his vast bulk dwarfing even the largest of his many beasts, and bounded forward to meet Sebastan’s renewed charge. Hammer met axe in a ringing clash. Metal tendrils swarmed Sebastan’s other hammer, trying to wrench it from his grasp, he let them, taking his remaining weapon with both hands he powered it forwards matching the daemonic strength of his enemy with righteous zeal. A tendril lashed out at him, he caught it with a gauntleted hand and twisted. The barbed blade in broke off in his servo-assisted grip and he tossed it aside as more of them advanced on him. He stepped back, bringing his hammer to bare, its discharge scattered the swooping things, some of them seemingly damaged by the energy of its passing, fell limply to the ground. But Foronax was on him again, axe swining around to scythe through his arm. Sebastan managed to block it, but the force of the blow was so fierce that he took an involuntary step back under the barrage. Before him he could see the grinning maw of the daemon, slick with oils, and the fire rose up in him. Shifting his hold on his weapon he deflected the force still being piled on him by the daemon, and, stepping forwards again he brought the energized head down onto the creatures over extended leg. He heard armour buckle and whatever passed for bone inside that cursed body crack. Foronax roared louder, his mangled leg unable to support his massive weight. Tendrils speared into the metal floor, digging in with their barbs and holding him up, but the blow had staggered him and Sebastan was already capitalising on the opening. Repeated blows of the hammer slipped by the guard of the axe and landed on the bespoke plates of Foronax’s armour. He sank to one knee as a blow split one of his enormous shoulder guards. Sebastan raised the hammer high, ready to crush the daemonic head and end this at last, but stopped at the last moment. Stopped because a ringing silence had descended on the scene, stopped because he saw that all around his brothers were dead and the Warpsmiths of Foronax were surrounding him. He looked back at his foe, still broken, still inches away from death, and faced the priming muzzle of a meltagun, mounted along with the tentacles to Foronax’s back. The last thing the Commander heard before the weapon discharged and melted a burning hole through his helmet and out the back of his armour, was the crackling vox-link. A panic-stricken fleet officer was telling him enemy reinforcements were emerging from the warp; black heretic Astartes ships that were rapidly reducing the Ultramarines fleet to orbiting scrap. Glorious victory had become ignoble defeat.
  21. Well i took me quite some time to post some pics of my minis in these hallowed halls. I started my Word Bearers several years ago (around the time of the 4th edition Codex) and they have been a project that has developed since then. I have a nasty habit of allowing myself to be far too easily distracted. As a result many of my marines are in a kind of 'painting limbo'. Almost finished but not quite. This is the main reason i have decided to start this thread in the WIP forum. Hopefully it will give me the motivation i need to continue building on my WBs and their allies. Thanks These Possessed are actually the first minis i painted for the army. Sorry about the poor photo quality. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0170.jpg?t=1308475920 My Berzerkers were the second squad i painted. As soon i got my hands on the Berzerkers kit i knew i had to fix the old and out of date arms and weapons. For this i used a combination of CSM and marauder arms with the newer CSM weapons. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0109.jpg Flamer havocs. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0178.jpg http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0179.jpg?t=1308473468 My Dark Apostle 'true scale' attempt. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/P1010316.jpg?t=1308473795 I intended to give the Apostle a terminator body guard...but got side tracked by A D-B's Blood Reaver...and so i have just made a start at a 'true scale' NL. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0144.jpg Anyway thanks for looking
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