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  1. Would have posted this in a "Post your" or "Showcase" thread, but there isn't one for fliers. Anyway, I'm really happy with my emperor's children helldrake, so while I don't normally post things here (so intimidating) I thought I would in this case. Still have to do the base, but that can wait until I decide on how to spruce it up a bit. Here's some pics of the two weapon options: The picture above shows some of the things I'm not so sold on about the model - namely its stubby tail and its funny little rear legs. Still, it gives a good view on the wings - if I do another, I think I will give it wider stripes and carry them back onto the rear wings as well. Finally, a "danger view" photo.
  2. The story of the Emerald Ghosts began, as with many before, with the tale of a noble, loyal Chapter of Adeptus Astartes. Though currently designated as Excommunicate Traitoris by the High Lords of Terra and the Inquisition, the Emerald Ghosts began as a valuable addition to the forces of the God-Emperor of Mankind. A fleet-based chapter that often drew its recruits from worlds that had benefited from their actions. The Chapter embodied all that the Space Marines were meant to be. Much of the details of their history has been lost to the ages and ravages of time, including such details as the source of their gene-seed and the Founding that brought them into the Imperium. We do know, however, the events that would lead to their fall from grace and would lead them into the service of the Ruinous Powers. The Emerald Ghosts, as a fleet-based chapter, had chosen to answer a summons from an Imperial world called <Redacted by the Inquisition> that had fallen under attack by foul xenos of unknown origin. The entire fleet transitioned into the Warp en mass and began the journey to relieve <Redacted>. And then, they disappeared. Some two centuries later, the fleet... intact and in the same condition as the day that they had entered the Warp... transitioned back into Realspace. In fact, for the Emerald Ghosts, no time had passed at all. The world of <Redacted> had long since been reduced to a lifeless ball of rock by the xenos scum that the chapter had intended to protect them from. And that lead to certain elements of the Imperial Inquisition to question the integrity and loyalty of the Ghosts. The chapter protested loudly that they were not corrupted in any way, not in body nor soul, and they universally submitted to the barrage of tests and nearly-torturous trials of purity at the hands of the Inquisition. The Inquisition found no evidence of any corruption... but suspicions ran deep and the Ghosts began a long, grueling period in which their integrity and loyalty were constantly questioned even while they valiantly fought the enemies of Mankind. In the following two centuries, the chapter continued to have their reputation besmirched and even bore the humiliation of other Imperial forces outright refusing to fight alongside them. Yet still they persevered. Until the fateful battle of Newington VII where the Ghosts would turn on their brethren and hand the world to the Great Enemy. From what we know, the Planetary Governor of Newington VII had made an astropathic broadcast for aid as his rule was jeopardized by a shocking, and sudden, rebellion that had been fomented by forces of the Ruinous Powers. The Newington PDF was struggling to contain the rebels and the planet desperately needed help. And so the Ghosts... as a complete Chapter... moved to relieve the beleaguered world. Upon entering the system the Chapter Master of the Ghosts, <Name Redacted>, sent the entirety of the Chapter's Fourth and Eighth Companies to establish a beachhead and begin actively fighting the enemies of Mankind. They were met with the massed firepower of the Planetary PDF and, not expecting that they would be taking friendly fire, were cut to pieces. The command to open fire came from the Lord Governor himself, having been told many stories of the corruption and disloyalty of the Ghosts over the years... and having been fed lies and falsehoods by one of his Senior Advisors... believed that the Ghosts had come to join the rebels and finally show their true colors. This attack had taken the Astartes completely unaware and they opened a line of communication with the Governor. He accused them of coming to aid his enemies and vowed to hold on until "true help" arrived. Confused, shocked, and angry the Ghosts continued to send forces to the site of their embattled (and maimed) brothers. The PDF continued their attack and even more Ghosts were killed. When Chapter Master <Name Redacted> once again opened a line of communication with the Planetary Government he issued the following statement: "We have come to you in your hour of need and you have not only rebuffed our aid, but you have attacked us and drawn the blood of men that meant only to help you. You have called us Heretics. Called us Traitors. Called us The Enemy. Those of our Battle-Brothers who have fallen to your guns will be avenged. If you wish us to be your enemies then that is what we will give you. You will reap what you have sowed." All communications ended and the Emerald Ghosts then began deploying planetside as a Chapter, executing a textbook Planetary Assault that would have made Guilliman proud. The cheers of the ignorant populace at seeing the fiery trails of Astartes drop pods and Thunderhawk gunships coming and thinking that they were about to be rescued by the Emperor's Finest turned to cries of horror and all hope of being saved from the forces of Chaos turned to ash in their mouths as the Ghosts landed and immediately turned their guns on them. By the end of the day, as the combined assault of the enraged Space Marines and seemingly limitless supply of rebels and heretics began to close in on the Governor's Palace, the man realized that he had orchestrated his own doom and turned to ask his advisor what he should do only to find that the man had disappeared now that his role in the twisted plan of the Ruinous Powers was complete. The last act that the Governor performed was to send a message to the Imperium to inform them of the treachery of the Ghosts, though he left the part that he had played a secret that would not come to light for many, many years. The Ghosts, with their spirits broken and their trust and faith in the Imperium betrayed for the last time, fully accepted the consequences of their actions and would from then on act out a seemingly never-ending Crusade of Vengeance in the centuries that have since passed. Many of the Battle-Brothers who had survived the events on Newington VII have continued working together as a massive fleet of raiders but some of them have left the company of their brothers to strike out on their own. The heretics, though exhibiting many signs of the inevitable corruption that comes with serving the Ruinous Powers, mostly continue to wear armor in bright, brilliant green that had been their proudly-worn livery. They do this to spite the Imperium of Man and as a point of pride. The Emerald Ghosts tend to be encountered most frequently in the Segmentum Pacificus and are to be considered to be a great and terrible threat to this day. ******** So, yeah, brothers. This is the start of my DIY Chaos Space Marine Plog. I hope you'll enjoy following along as I dive into this... my first ever Chaos army! Thanks for looking and I'll see you soon!
  3. To start off I'm acrowsperch and I've been into 40k for about 12 years now? I've never really able to play games and had to take a huge break during school from the hobby, but I'm back. My ambition has always been to make a Death Guard/Lost and the Damned force following a narrative theme and I finally have the time and resources to make it. As an intro, I wanted to do the white/green color scheme of the death guard, but with reason to it: in that aspect I always thought the green on the post-corruption Death Guard was a result of algae/microorganisms on the armor that created that hue. Following that trail of thought I wondered what their armor would look like if it was trapped underground for long periods of time, without sunlight, and what the result of that would be for both the Plague Marines and the unfortunate mortals that followed them. Here's the beginning of it, having a HUGE pile of unpainted plastic shame. I've always loved converting, and was heavily inspired by the crows from Ynneadwraith's project for a few models, as you'll see. A lot of the idea of the project is to create a force where each unit or two of the Lost and the Damned was its own culture/group of people that have been trying to eke out a living in the subterranean environment where the DG rule. Any criticism is welcome, thanks for checking it out! -acrowsperch Sorry if the photos aren't great, I'm going to keep working on a solution to the lighting and only using my phone as a camera
  4. It's about time I put up my Iron Warriors WIP's Here is my Chaos Lord for my Iron Warriors, I've got a lot built and undercoated but what to build at the moment so looking to get some characters into my force. This is the early WIP for my lord in terminator armour. I've got some ideas for the body and the left arm is looking good in mock up. I'm not sure on the right arm I was considering a combi melta raised to the sky slightly or an arm with a hand either holding a primaris head or a skull or auspex etc. I'm open to some suggestions
  5. First off, I apologize if this is in the wrong thread- but I wasn’t sure where else to post. I would like to own a Warlord Titan. I have no qualms about buying one from FW, but Ugh. They only have loyalist versions and none improved by glorious chaos (like their reaverS and warhounds). To this end, I have been looking at possible conversions to the FW warlord Titan. I think ideally, 3D printed armor plating would be perfect, but I haven’t found any templates online. Has anyone else managed to convert a warlord titan to chaos? Please send pics or links. Thank you!
  6. So this is going to be a dark apostle in my Alpha Legion force. I didn't know what I wanted to use for him because the regular model feels too much like word bearers and not a fan of the dripping book of fire. Anyways I had a half painted Dark Angels Lieutenant and just kind of went overboard with some random bits. Yes he probably smacks himself in the face. Basic fluff for this guy. He's known by a lot of names whether it's the traveler, the stranger, seer or prophet he has been at the center of several imperial uprisings. To my warlord this apostle is simply known as the Rabble Rouser. A tool that he has been using for years not even sure if he is a space marine, but an agent who can manifest the war-band's will before the fleet's arrival. He is of unknown origin and still wears the black armour of a chaplain. An asset that can be frustrating but useful enough that my Alpha Legion warband has claimed him for themselves. Anyways, the model works for the purpose it has but his morning star staff is pretty ridiculous. The head is obviously slightly small for this armour as well, hence why he might be an enhanced human whether through warp or drugs or both he can wear the power armour. What do you guys think? Ridiculous? A random side project anyways of mashing bits together so no worries about any comments. ;)
  7. Hello Cypher!!! Raffael
  8. Closet Skeleton

    belakor wip8

    From the album: daemons

  9. Closet Skeleton

    belakor wip7

    From the album: daemons

  10. Closet Skeleton

    belakor wip6

    From the album: daemons

  11. Version 1


    A fan-made codex for the Blood Pact from Dan Abnett's Gaunt's Ghosts novels. This is a 54 page document providing all the datasheets and additional rules you would expect to find in a codex from GW, such as warlord traits, stratagems, artifacts and even a new blood-powered psychic discipline - Haematurgy.
  12. 1169 downloads

    Several chaos star icons in white, black, and red.
  13. With Codex: World Eaters just around the corner, I thought it was time to bring up the topic of how to approach a new codex release with an existing Crusade. The natural reaction to any new Codex might be to simply start again, but I find that solution extremely unsatisfying. Being a narrative format, it would be disappointing to simply throw out all the narrative development I've put into this force so far. On the other hand, the Chaos Warband rules for CSM are pretty powerful, as far as benefits go. I have lost most of my battles, but all three Glory trackers are at Favoured status thanks to a judicious use of Agendas. And when a Chaos Warband is Favoured in a category, they get some significant discounts on important Requisitions - especially increasing supplies and adding WLTs and Relics. Importantly, there's no requirement to use those free Requisitions on CSM units, so you can add free WLTs and Relics to allied units as well... There is one big disadvantage to this, however: if you have started a Chaos Warband, your trackers always go down in every battle, regardless of whether you even use CSM units or not. But to increase your Glory trackers, you must use your Warband Champion in battle. This means your Champion is always exposed to battle scars, and our campaign house rules state that scars can only be removed if a unit skips a battle. This is why Kratus, prior to his ascension, was being used in every battle (even when not the best choice) and had accumulated two very detrimental battle scars. For several battles, Kratus had been unable to perform Heroic Intervention, for example. Ultimately, my concern is that I have benefited heavily from using the Chaos Warband rules, and those benefits might not be replicable with Codex: World Eaters, so they might feel undeserved. But then I did the Agendas and I suffered the battle scars on my Champion, to my detriment in many battles. So, I have a solution: All CSM-specific battle traits and Crusade relics will be exchanged for the nearest World Eater equivalents. Arkrath benefits from keeping all his pre-ascension Chaos Boons. This is something currently unique to CSM, since both Death Guard and Thousand Sons Daemon Princes lose their boons upon ascension. I don't know which way World Eaters will go, but if WE Daemon Princes lose their boons on ascension, then I will need to drop those as well. Similarly to (2), any benefits gained through the Chaos Warband that can't be done using the World Eaters' rules will be reversed. For example, Dreior's Berzerker squad gained a battle trait because I had a Favoured Warfleet - if World Eaters don't have some equivalent mechanic then I'll simply remove the trait. If Berzerker PL changes to account for the new Berzerker Eviscerator, I may need to change unit sizes or I'll be at a significant disadvantage. The main reason they're at 8-man squads now (other than Khorne's number) is to match the 1:20 PL/points ratio. Units that I've lost access to will need to be replaced with their nearest equivalents. The last one will be easy enough for most things: Thrax the Exalted Champion will become a Master of Executions and the Cultists will become Jakhals. But the Dark Apostle, Baruda, will be a bit trickier. I may have to consider giving him a new weapon so he can conceivably use the rules for an MoE as well, but it feels boring to have two virtually identical characters. I'll have to think on that one. Of course, all of this is assuming that World Eaters even get Crusade rules. There's no reason to believe we won't, but this Codex is looking like enough of a departure from existing 9th edition Codexes that there's a small part of me that wonders if maybe we won't. But hey, if that happens then I'll just continue using the CSM Crusade rules!
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