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Thanks guys! Yeah, I need to incorporate more MkIII helmets in my army. They just look so rad.

I've also finished the Rhino accompanying this squad today. It has the fantastic trim by Subtle Discord on it, and I'm absolutely in love with this kit. He's on to bigger things right now, even thinking about making a trim kit for the Sicaran Battle Tank, and I'd pray to the four gods to make that happen soon.

I tried some mud splatter technique I saw online somewhere, using a wet brush and plain air from my aribrush. I'll be going back to my usual trick with the old toothbrush though. Now that I see the pics up close, I see a couple mold lines on the bolter, but oh well - too late. Next vehicle will also have a bit more chains, as I found a new supplier for them online.

Anyway, here it is. Hope you like biggrin.png






C&C welcome as always biggrin.pngthumbsup.gif

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Very nice chosen! I also agree that the mk III helm looks awesome and even more so with terror markings. There are even some breacher helms with flat surfaces that scream for terror markings.


The rhino is also looking sinister. The added trim and mud effect are looking good! I also love seeing based vehicles.

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@Lexington: Thanks man! Yeah SD's stuff is pretty awesome.


@Hushrong: I know right! Pity I don't have any of those sweet breacher helmets. Of well, they'll eventually come up sometime. ;)


@Quixus: Cheers. Yeah I always base my vehicles. If you go through my showcase, you'll see that I always base my vehicles. TO me it makes sense: all my models have a base plus corck to stand on - if I don't base my vehicles, they'll look way too small! Also, I magnetize the vehicles to the base, so that I have an instant crater should they get an Explodes! result on the damage table. I just remove the vehicle and leave the base. :D


@Dark Rage: That's what my chosen said ;)


@Pearson73: Thanks mate. Yeah the trophies and especially the hanging flesh are cool to do and look great, I think. It makes vehicles that much more grisly. :tu:

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@Quixus: Cheers. Yeah I always base my vehicles. If you go through my showcase, you'll see that I always base my vehicles. TO me it makes sense: all my models have a base plus corck to stand on - if I don't base my vehicles, they'll look way too small! Also, I magnetize the vehicles to the base, so that I have an instant crater should they get an Explodes! result on the damage table. I just remove the vehicle and leave the base. biggrin.png

That's a really good idea. What's the base made of? HDF?
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Einherjar the Eternal

Daemon Engine of Khorne

Formerly the Daemon Prince Einherjar Cal'hun

Former Warpsmith of World Eater warband 'Prostation's Cull'

Former 59th Echelon, XII Legio Astartes

Full pictures







All Weapon Options Magnetized









Feedback - as always - more than welcome. biggrin.png


@BLOODSAINT: Glad you liked everything man! I'm honoured you took the time to go through all of it. smile.png

@Burias Drak'shal: I appreciate it man. Though the next one will be less dark... thumbsup.gif

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I keep clicking, but it will only register my Like once, dammit! ;)


That is UNBELIEVABLE, mate! Utterly, utterly awesome -- if only you'd completed this bad boy two days earlier, he would have become one of my favourite models of 2014. As it stands, you'll have to wait for a year to collect your Eternal Hunt Award ;)


I do have some - very minor - nitpicks, though:


- the glow on the skull headed arm cannon doesn't seem believable. Rather, it's looking a bit unfinished. This seems to be a rather common occurence with airbrushed light blue, but I just wanted to point it out.


- adding glow to certain regions of the model was a great decision -- why didn't you treat the eyes in the same way, though? If there should be one focus point for the model, it's the face!


Apart from those minuscule quibbles, this is simply outstanding work! One thing I especially love, even though it's not as showy as some other areas of the model, is the milky glass effect on those back mounted tanks -- the effect just works so well.


I can only reiterate my earlier point: The prospect of you tackling a small World Eaters warband fills me with such anticipation. Just imagine how glorious a World Eaters lord done by you could be. Oh my!

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I've got a new title for you... 'Augustus b'Raass - The Daemonic Painting Machine'   You are fricking fast as always and that is one brutal and good looking piece of Daemon Engine. My only critique would be the same things that KrautScientist have already mentioned. Other than that it's 10/10

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It's so gross!... yet so cool! I love his weird pinchy butt. 


I kinda want to see it fight K-Sci's Knight titan for the Ultimate Khorne Lord of War Championship Belt :D


I'm a little curious why you didn't add blue to the helm's visor a bit though. The effect looks so sweet on the vents in his chest and tummy that it's a shame his center piece horned helm doesn't echo them. 

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*Wolf-whistle* Damn, if I didn't know any better I'd assume that's how the model came out of the box (and it would be so much better if it did)!


Like some of the others have mentioned some of the glowing seems unfinished, but overall the model is glorious - warms my cold, black, shrivelled, traitorous heart it does.

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Wow! Thanks guys, for the constructive and ultra positive feedback. I've taken it to heart and below are the pics of the result.

@sockwithaticket: Well, your feedback is highly appreciated - which is also good!

@Dragonlover: Thanks Dragonlover. Coupled with Flint's icky butt comments that makes for some weird commenting... msn-wink.gif

@KrautScientist: Thanks for the high high praise buddy - as you know I hold you especially in high regard when it comes to all things Khorne. Regarding your critique: Number one is just something that I accept. I'm probably never going to use the skullcannon anyway, I dislike the muzzle, so frag it. Number two I totes agreed with and I made the changes. See below. And don't worry about the Khornate warband. this model made me step over my fear of red and a new pack of Khorne Berzerker World Eaters head and torsos is on its way to my address as we speak thumbsup.gif

@MrBear: Thanks for the title mate! I'll put it in my profile! biggrin.png Also: see below for the eyes.

@Flint13: Hahaha "weird pinchy butt" - now he's RUINED! Lolz. Guess that's appropriate for this bloodlusting incarnation of the ruinous powers. Eyes fixed below.

@A Melancholic Sanguinity: Right there with you, mate. THANKS AGAIN FLINT msn-wink.gif But no, no hemorrhoidss for Einherjar.

@Griz: Thanks buddy - with legs he looks better no?

@Midnight Runner: Cheers mate! Again, fixed the eyes and the rest of the glow. See below thumbsup.gif

@KausRaptor: Thanks to you too - I agree: *why* did GW design this thing with tracks? It's a WALKER innit?

@helterskelter: Last but most certainly not least; thanks for your support helterskelter!


You guys are great, thanks for all your praise and the great feedback. Your feedback really pushes me to be a better gamer painter (a 100 internets to anyone getting that reference), so please keep 'it coming with future projects. As said, I've taken your comments to heart and made the eyes glow. I also took some pictures of the side, as some people asked about it in PMs.





Hope you like! biggrin.png

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