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Such a small change knocked it up from stellar to phenom. He truly looks the part of a crazed blood daemon tortuously bound into a shell of living brass and bone.  


Great work! 

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@Flint13: thanks buddy! It did make a huge difference and I am very grateful for the suggestion.


@BLOODSAINT: I sculpted the dreadlocks/butcher's nails from a 1:1 greystuff/milliput mix using all three of the GreenStuffindustries' tentacle makers.


@Pearson73: Glad you like him!

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 Einherjar the Eternal 

Daemon Engine of Khorne

Formerly the Daemon Prince Einherjar Cal'hun

Former Warpsmith of World Eater warband 'Prostation's Cull'

Former 59th Echelon, XII Legio Astartes


Full pictures 













This is a really great conversion & really nicely painted.  Whole army log been really great to look though & seen all cool models you've vowed for Call of Chaos :D

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Hargolan Adun

++Night Lords Contemptor Dreadnought++

++Excommunicate Corruptis++

++Cross Ref. Plague Marines // Urath Targalor - 14th Claw++

++Ship Des. Captured Imperial Freighter \\ Divine Wrath++

With the Lord of Skulls firing up my hobby jive, I drove to my local GW store to get some GW base sand and to show off the LoS Einherjar. I got back around 4PM and immediately started working on the plague contemptor. I applied patches of sand to the entire model using wood glue, held them above the central heater to dry, basecoated him and started painting. Around 8PM I made a long post explaining my paint scheme b/c two frater asked about it, and then continued. I painted until 2:30AM but then he was finished!!

So here he is, my plague contemptor. I went for a really gritty look, with rust spots (sand and surrounding areas painted in my regular blue, then dipped with a mix of medical alcohol and light rust weathering powder, then drybrushed with a 1:1 mix of VMA Steel and VMA Black), blood and a general sense of decay. The intestines were the hardest. Originally I mixed GW Bugman's Glow with some dark blue, but that didn't work. I found inspiration by watching YouTube videos of exploding stranded whales cool.png and searching for 'rotting intestines' on Google images (interestingly it yielded several images of Nurgle mini's). I then coated the intestines in a 1:1 mix of GW Bugman's Glow and GW Daemonette Hide, and highlighting that with the same mix plus one part GW Ratskin Flesh. I think it looks yucky! thumbsup.gif





Hope you like and - as always - feedback most welcome!


@Midnight Runner: Thanks mate! It is an improvement.

@Insane Psychopath: Thanks! Yeah I try to keep things seperate as that is basically the setup of BnC, although in hindsight I'd have rather just mixed the whole WIP and Showcase in one thread as I see many others do.

@Greyall: thumbsup.gif I hope it does!
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Another stellar addition to your warband mate. I can't fathom how you manage to be so constantly quick and good, must be something in the dutch water... msn-wink.gif

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That's one of the most disgusting minis I've seen (in a good way!)


What I really like is that of course a dread probably wouldn't even have any intestines, certainly not that big, so those must be warp made flesh, physical manifestations of Nurgle's blessing!

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I thought it might be a nice idea to follow some Frater and do a '2014 in miniatures' post.

2014 has been an awesome year and it's the year that I really started contributing after being 'coerced' by Flint to start a plog. One thing led to another and now, almost 12 months later I have painted an awesome amount of miniatures - in fact, I don't think I've ever been this productive. I thank all of you guys and gals for the feedback and your comments. They have kept my hobby jive going. It's truly the amazingly open and constructive atmosphere here that I think inspires, stimulates and, yes, somethimes pushes frater to do their utmost. And let's not forget the BnC-wide events. The ETL being the foremost, but also the CoC and many others!

Now that I mention BnC events: I believe there's been three 'painting periods' this year:

  1. Pre-ETL. A vehicle-only period wherein I pushed my plasticard skills and went form Night Lords ornamentation-heavy decoration to more grizzly trophies. I discovered several bits sites with skulls and trophies and decided to use regular carpenter's nails in stead of the plastic GW Chaos trophy racks.
  2. The ETL. A hodge podge of finishing long-running mostly infantry projects, about ten characters, some walkers and skimmers and of course my Warhound (which won me ETL's 'Most Impressive Miniature badge' in my siggy). I also darkened my Night Lords midnight blue colour scheme and really embedded myself in the BnC community.
  3. CoC, in which I got back into the saddle after a three month hiatus. I built two awesome custom Contemptors, went too dark with the blue for my Night Lords, and found the courage to return to painting red for the Lord of Skulls.

So! Here are pics of all three periods (sorry for the bad quality of the 1st and 3rd pictures - small light boxes and crappy weather will do that to you. The 2nd pic was taking in the middle of summer, what a difference!)

Period 1. All vehicles.


Period 2: the ETL


Period 3: CoC


So thanks again for all feedback and the inspiration to my productivity!


@Flint13: Haha she's ok with it. She changes diapers almost every monday (when she babysits as a side job) so she can handle the nurgle side of my miniatures. msn-wink.gif

@MrBear: No man, it's because I was conceived in Sweden msn-wink.gif

@LySiMachus: Ha I'm glad you got that. I imagine the internal life support system of the contemptor to have been corrupted by the warp. All the methane released by the rot of them then made the whole thing burst (like a rotting whale or like this rotting whale). Yummy!

@Tarvick: Cheers! Did it make you hungry?

@psnmario: Thanks mate! I explain how I do the light and the OSL (object sourced lighting) in this post in my WIP thumbsup.gif

@Pearson73: Cheers buddy! Glad you like it!

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I just finished the last of my Call of Chaos VII vow: the lord. 


Originally, I vowed a Chaos Lord with Lightning Claws. As it turned out, two days after my vow I received a package from Russia. In it was an extraordinary miniature sent to me by the admin of the Facebook Group "Night Lords - VIII Legion". His name is Serge Vedotov and he makes custom resin night lords stuff. Bodies, trophies, and weapons. And this full miniature. I had to warm to it, but now I think it is just sooo characteristic of not only the Night lords in general, but mine. It is littered with Night lords iconography and even has a lion on his left shoulder to signify him as a member of the Atrementar, while it also has distinctly chaotic overtures, while not succumbing to the lure of mutation. That, plus his face. And of course the custom base, which fits my 'wasted city-scape' basing theme perfectly. All in all, I love this miniature. Even though it is not made by the miniature company we all hate to love. Or is it love to hate?


Anyway, here he is in all his glory:








I hope you like (I sure do!)






Oh and as an impromptu Post Scriptum, I'd like to mention that I forgot to include the Thousand Sons detachment I painted up last February in my 2014 recap post! So here they are again:





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Today I finished the first of a battery of three Rapiers qith Quad Heavy Bolters. 


I must say these models are a joy to paint and soooo awesome to field! 18 TL Heavy Bolter shots and 12 T7 3+ wounds for a mere 120 points is almost too good :tu:












As you see, I went back a little to the more brighter blue that I used up untill about June. It just looks better I think - I don't care if it's not super dark blue! 


Hope you like and as always: C&C most welcome. It makes me go!




@Flint13: Yeah, coerced or forced or stabbed, same difference really. The end justifies the means.


@Paerson73: Cheers mate! Yeah the figure is really cool. I wish the guy who made them would sell them on a regular basis.


@Dark Sensei: Thank you for looking mate! I'm so glad you liked it. And yes, both the LoS and the Defiler kits on their own are kinda meh, no?


@Fracture: Always love your stopping by mate! :tu:

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If anyone gives you a hard time about the lighter blue, you can always explain their armor as chem-bleached. It does look pretty darn awesome!


Are these guys using the same vallejo liquid gold for their brass colors?


In game, I'm more of a fan of the laser destroyers though. The 8th legion does an awesome job at anti-infantry, I almost always find myself at a loss for good anti-tank besides melta bombs.

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The lighter blue is beautiful, even if it seems almost Alpha Legion-ish in hue. Looks killer, though, and that's what counts!

The whole army is a towering achievement! The amount of stuff you have managed to paint to an incredible standard in a short amount of time truly beggars belief -- fantastic stuff! I can only repeat myself here: I am sooo looking forward to your World Eaters detachment! msn-wink.gif

I only have to small nitpicks, and they are really intended as constructive 2Do's for the future, rather than stuff that sucks:

1. Your vehicles, daemon engines and Contemptors are unbelievable -- so much so, in fact, that it feels like you should actually try and push the envelope a bit on your infantry. Not that they're not excellent, mind you, but when compared to the amazing vehicles and walkers, they almost seem a little cookie cutter by comparison. Again, this almost seems like a silly gripe with such cool models, but I think pushing a little further might elevate your kitbashing to Dan the Daemon or Brother Heinrich territory -- come to think of it, maybe those World Eaters would be an excellent place to start! msn-wink.gif

2. My memory is kinda fuzzy on this, but didn't I earn myself a place in your force as some kind of hard-as-nails Apothecary, due to my constant bickering about the boobie corpse on that one Contemptor? I remember the character appearing in a piece of fluff, but did you ever build that model? If not, when are you going to? I realise of course that this is pretty self-absorbed gak right there, but I just don't want to pass up a role in your excellent army msn-wink.gif

In any case, keep up the amazing work, mate! You're an inspiration!

P.S. Oh, and I did provide that family portrait you asked for in my WIP thread -- would love to hear your thoughts! ;)

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@Flint13: Ha! Who'se to say that there isn't a battery of three laser destroyers in the pipeline?


@KrautScientist: You, my friend, are awesome. I love how you're not afraid to stand up and just tell Frater (me) how it is and to up their game! So, to answer your points of critique:

1: You're totally right in that I like vehicles more. And you've just made me realize that this is because I am and have become comfortable with converting vehicles, yet not so when it comes to infantry. In my mind I'm like "I could never do with my infantry miniatures what Brother Heinrich does with his". But that's horse dung. I can't right now. But I'm going to try and I'm going to improve. Starting with the Khorne Berzerkers! In short: I'll take that pepsi challenge, brother!

2: Ha! Yes, Kraut the Apothecary, who almost got killed waking the contemptor Cilice Macelarius from his slumber. I am definitely still making him. In fact, I'm making him part of a true scale command squad I'm working on. I'll let you know via PM when I've posted pics. :tu: 

Thanks again for the constructive feedback mate, really appreciate it!

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I don't think I ever mentioned how much I like the way your plague contemptor turned out, mate. I was cleaning my desk today and I ran into that pic I sketched for you, and I think your model turned out pretty much spot on! I do miss the chain a little, but I don't think it's needed on the final. That fleshy pink color is disturbingly real, and I love that you used it on the engine in back as well. It's just... gross. Like, not puke-out gross but the kind that makes your skin crawl thinking about how it looks like a machine, but it has these fleshy tubes all over it. Anyway, belated but heartfelt 'bravo' for that one, sir. 

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