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2: Ha! Yes, Kraut the Apothecary, who almost got killed waking the contemptor Cilice Macelarius from his slumber. I am definitely still making him. In fact, I'm making him part of a true scale command squad I'm working on. I'll let you know via PM when I've posted pics. thumbsup.gif

Thanks again for the constructive feedback mate, really appreciate it!

Hey that reminds me... I've got Midnight clad homework to do...

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Hey that reminds me... I've got Midnight clad homework to do... 

DO IT! Finally...


Also, @Kraut. The reason the rapier battery and crew look vanilla/coocky cutter is because they basically are. Except for one head swap and the backpacks (including the converted antenna (did you see that)), there's nothing I changed on these. At one point, I had covered the whole top/front armour plate of the actual heavy bolters with skin, but it just looked... wrong? I don't know. Did you see my CoC veteran squad? they have some skin flaps hanging. Is that conversion enough or do I really need to go and glue tiny vampire counts skeleton helmet's wings on MkIII helmets? ;)

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...or do I really need to go and glue tiny vampire counts skeleton helmet's wings on MkIII helmets? msn-wink.gif

Basically, yes. msn-wink.gif

Seriously, though: The best way of putting it I can think of is this: Start to see your Marines as characters. Each and every one of them. You don't need to lavish the same amount of attention on each of them, but it'll change the way you think about them. I know it did for me. And if your Contemptors are true characters -- and they very much are, seeing the care you've taken building and painting them, then so are your Marines. So, instead of building a squad of five footsloggers, build a squad of five veterans of the Long War. For one of them, it might mean skeleton helmet wings. For another, some flensing knives on his hip. The heavy weapons guy may be particularly fond of the skull of an Imperial commissar he has nailed to his backpack, cap and all. And so on. I think it's this what makes Brother Heinrich's models so amazing in that respect.

Or, in one sentence: Some of these guys are 10,000 years old, so show them some respect! msn-wink.gif

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Ran out of likes. That's great advice which I can totally work with. Thanks Kraut!



I don't think I ever mentioned how much I like the way your plague contemptor turned out, mate. I was cleaning my desk today and I ran into that pic I sketched for you, and I think your model turned out pretty much spot on! I do miss the chain a little, but I don't think it's needed on the final. That fleshy pink color is disturbingly real, and I love that you used it on the engine in back as well. It's just... gross. Like, not puke-out gross but the kind that makes your skin crawl thinking about how it looks like a machine, but it has these fleshy tubes all over it. Anyway, belated but heartfelt 'bravo' for that one, sir. 

Thanks Jeff! That picture of yours really helped me envision what was already in my mind, if you catch my drift. It sort of structured the concept I had in my mind into something I could work with. I did add the ruptured skin sack in between the ruptured armour and the potruding guts, though - as in my mind the contemptor was not yet soo corrupted as to have his actual armour become flesh - just so much so that the amniotic sack of the entombed warrior became a living, rotting, bloated thing that caused the armour to bulge and then break from the inside out... :D :tu: So thanks!

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Ahhh, awesomeness overload. The Plague Contemptor has come out really well and looks positively putrid. The burst armour panel works fantastically and I like how flat and dead looking the guts are, they're clearly not fresh. The Rapier is fantastic, too. The armour panels really lend themselves to lightning details and something about four heavy bolters can't help but make me smile. Cracking base, by the way, very thoughtfully designed. Is it 60mm?

Also, by the throne you got through some work this year! Quite a lot of people can really churn out the models, particularly round event time, but not so many do it with your consistent high quality results.

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It's been a loooong time guys! I've started posting individual completed marines over in my WIP thread for a while now, and the temptation is there to just leave this thread. But no, I shall remain updating this thread with completed projects - entire squads, vehicles, etc.

I have completed something special today. It's the Night Haunter, Konrad Curze, Primarch of the VIII Legio Astartes.

On his entire scenic base.







Details of his armour, victims, cloack and base.






And him on his individual base.





Hope you like, and as always, feedback more than welcome.


@Noctem Cultor: Cheers, mate!

@sockwithaticket: thanks SWaT, I'm glad the pague contemptor was received so well, and you're paying attention to the details I'm most pleased with myself, so yay :d The Rapier's base is indeed 60mm, and the rapier is not glued or attached to it, so for gaming purposes I can detach it. Pretty nifty game-wise, and very fluffy no? I did get a lot done this year, but my aim this year is to raise the bar on the quality, not the quantity. When I compare myself to painters such as yourself, I know I can learn a lot of patience - because I can paint neater, but I just don't have the patience (it even shows on Konrad, even though I set out to take my sweet time with him... ohmy.png)

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I vowed to build a Truescale rendition of First Claw: Talos, Cyrion, Uzas and Xarl, and the new members Mercutian and Variel, for the Augustus Arena event I'm currently hosting in the Forge.

Here's the finished group shot:


And here's the different Astartes of the claw:













Hope you like! Feedback most welcome.


@Conn Eremon: Well, hope I don;t dissapoint!

@Fangbanger: Well cheers, buddy!

@Brother Heinrich: Again, coming from you that is a high honour!

@Oxskull: So do you love to hate me or hate to love me? msn-wink.gif

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sitting here in tears, yet again you make me feel like a 7 year old who brings home a stick figure drawing thinking its a masterpiece to find someone has given my parents a :cuss davinci.


Your modelling and painting is truly awesome.


tell the truth you have a machine that makes the figures big until you paint them then you shrink them again.....

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Hey Augustus great stuff so far man! I'm starting night lords and I'm wondering how you did the paint schemes for your night lords? I was particularly going for a dark blue look and I bought a raptors box to try it out on them before I get any resin models. Also great job on the first claw!
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@miteyheroes: ow man, was that a humbling experience. Totally awesome. Thanks for posting it. 


@Black_out: haha I hope he will? Actually I hope it forces him to write more about them ;)


@Olis: cheers Olis, thanks. :)


@goosey_j: Thanks! 


@TheOneMarshal: Glad to see you've been seduced by the dark side, my wayward templar friend. ;) I reveal all my painting secrets in this post. I hope it helps you. If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact me, I'm happy to help.

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Thanks! yeah it was the only pic posted in this thread (1st page) that was still hosted here on BnC instead of linked-to frmo photobucket. 


I love how you see the difference between this model, which I painted somewhere in the autumn of 2013 - right after the model was released, and my recent ones is so obvious. I've gone through much sharper edged and thinner lightning, and drastically darkened in blue, as I've come to highlight with shorter light blue bursts than before). :)

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