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Good day to you all, sons of Sanguinius. As part of the Liberalia Martiale, I come bringing a thought experiment, mainly to jig some of those old creativity cells in your noggin. :tongue.:


Now, as we all know, Blood Angels successor chapters exhibit certain traits, as codified by the various codices dedicated to the Blood Angels. However, in the wide, wide galaxy that is the Imperium, anything can happen.


What if these traits exhibited themselves differently? What if you had to represent the Death Company in a totally different way? Perhaps through the lens of a different codex. But which one? Dark Angels? Space Wolves? Vanilla? That choice is up to you. The point to the exercise, as suggested in the title, is to think outside of the box.


For example:


The Red Sentinels

A later founding of Blood Angel stock, the Red Sentinels operate on the border between the Segmentum Solar and the Segmentum Tempestus. The Chapter, known and respected for their monastic ways, have often not only revered Sanguinius as their gene-father, but also as the son of a deity - the God-Emperor. Sanguinala marks the holiest day for the Red Sentinels, held in higher esteem than even the Feast of the Emperor's Ascension.


For the Red Sentinels, the Death Company are fielded on bikes and land speeders, to bring swift death to the foes of the Imperium. Sent on long ranging sorties and penetrating strikes alike, it is surprising that those afflicted have enough control to ride the vehicles long enough to make contact - even if many dismount upon contact with the enemy.  




As you can see, we have a Blood Angels chapter treated like a Dark Angels chapter on the tabletop, and yet they are still nominally Sanguinius' progeny. Now, this is nothing too serious, it doesn't have to be a work of art or a nominee for the Booker prize, just a little mental jiggery pokery that lasts about two paragraphs. Let's see what you got. Have fun. :wink:

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Crimson Clerics


The Crimson Clerics are an ancient chapter hailing from the bloodline of angelic Sanguinius, heirs to the legacy of the IXth Legiones Astarters in both deed and form. For countless hundreds of years the Crimson Clerics fought the enemies of mankind back from the vast reaches of the Ruby Moons sector until they met their match in the vile xenos known as the orks. 


What was one a storied and dutiful chapter is now besieged by the xenos, fighting desperate battles to hold the green tide back. Initially the Crimson Clerics were successful in dismantling the greenskin foe yet as the word spread across the holds of the Orks more and more came to join one of the largest Waaghs that the Ruby Moons sector ever endured.


For more than three centuries the Crimson Clerics fought valiantly against the never ending tide of the Orks, sacrificing themselves upon the altar of war, away from reinforcement and their geneseed stockpiles almost depleted. This desperate battle led them to embrace other teachings, teachings alien to the sons of Sanguinius and soon the legacy of the IXth legion was being only barely remembered as more and more brothers gave themselves to the shadows.


All astartes practice for cover operations and all scouts are required to fight in the shadows of their elder brethren and so it was for the Crimson Clerics. What was once a chapter proudly parading beneath the watchful gaze of the Empeor's statue on Fortis Carmelis now has become a chapter of rogues and opportunistic killers. Using the expertise born from the geneseed of their lord and primarch Sanguinius now the Crimson Clerics drop from the sky no longer into the fires of battle but into the shadows, hidden and deadly. 


The tales of entire ork tribes slaughtered by monsters of crimson and silver abound in the reaches of the Ruby Moons and many of the chapter begun to claw their marks into the dead, all the more to scare and toy with the alien. Where once the phalanxes of the Crimson Clerics marched proudly from their bastions now smaller squads or lone operatives stalk and lurk, killing the vile ork with a dagger in the gut or with the crimson flash of a lightning claw. No longer the Crimson Clerics bear blessed standards wreathed in gold and silver, no longer their cries to battle and glory echo on the battlefield, now only the gory remains of the alien speak of their passage and terrified farmers whisper of the "Skarlat Smurt" or the crimson death. 


If the the heirs of Sanguinius would see their Crimson Clerics brethren now they would weep tears of blood for a proud and majestic chapter is no more and only tatters and ragged shadows greet those who come to seek their brothers on Fortis Carmelis. For all this the Crimson Clerics care not, or rather choose to care not, for even to dare remember what once their brotherhood was would send many of them to madness and murder, goring the alien scum which dared to lay them so low. 



Count as Raven Guard. 

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A fleet based Chapter operating in the galactic north of the Halo Stars, the Tears of the Angel Chapter are a small Successor Chapter created during the fourth founding. Following numerous skirmishes with the Eldar of all three varieties, their Angel's Blade (Sanguinary Guard) are not only always at full strength but having honed their skills for hours on end, have a reputation for being the amongst the most elite spearman within the Imperium. You see, rather than use the more commonly seen Glaive Encarmine Sword or Axe, the Angel's Blade use the rare variant the Glaive Encarmine Spear.


One of their more curious battles was on the world of Kor'Ekench where they went to the aid of the local human populace (circa. M36). Little did the humans know that this was a long abandoned Exodite world and it was abandoned for good reason; for buried within the southern pole was a structure and within, a chamber that contained a Daemonic essence. When the Eldar became aware that the humans were mining near the structure their Corsairs attacked without warning. Arriving in time, the 3rd Company (along with two full squads of Angel's Blade) was able to halt the attack but they soon became entrenched as the Eldar would not relent. As the days become weeks and the weeks soon became months Eldar reinforcements arrived and started a bombardment which typically caused a breach in the hidden structure. With the chamber now exposed Daemons began to spill forth and soon, the Marines and Eldar were forced to join forces. Fortunately, the entity within had yet to reach his full strength and despite emerging to take the souls for its master, it was soon banished and the Daemonic force vanished.


As an uneasy peace resided over the battle the Eldar entered the structure, removed a cluster of artefacts and vanished as abruptly as they arrived. When the 3rd Company Captain and his Angel's Blade entourage entered, they found it bare apart from three rooms full of ancient technology that dated back to the Great Crusade. Upon further review, amongst the many treasures there were numerous suits of Tartaros-patterned Terminator Armour with intact Machine Spirits. These were granted use to the Angel's Blade and to this day, they continue to take to to the field wearing these ancient suits which makes them all the more deadly to face.


Blood Angles Successor Chapter whose Sanguinary Guard follow the rules for the Emperor's Children Legion's Phoenix Terminators.

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I don't, strictly speaking, have a BA successor. I have a very martial chapter with a predilection for close combat that I represent with the BA codex (though, it was easier to do with the 5th ed. one and assault squad troops...). As such I've had to tweak the nature of some units like Death Company:

One of the Crimson Tears’ deviations from the Codex Astartes is the existence in each company of a unit of shamed marines dubbed Pentitents. The curious thing about these ad-hoc squads is that their members are there by their own recommendation rather than by the judgment of their peers and superiors. If a Crimson Tear believes himself to have acted in a way that would bring shame to himself and the Chapter then his honour requires him to volunteer said transgression to his company Chaplain and request assignment to the ranks of the Penitents, to be released when the marine feels his deeds are sufficient to erase the stain on his reputation. Obviously the notion of marines requiring punishment and forgiveness has attracted the attention of the Inquisition, but upon investigation it was found that the reasons for becoming a Penitent were always some perceived martial fault, whether that be failing to reload quickly enough to save a brother marine from the foe or coming second best in a duel, rather than heresy or treachery. Indeed, the disappointment of certain Inquisitorial agents at finding no evidence of corruption was palpable as was the barely supressed glee that accompanied their rigorous investigation of an Astartes Chapter. Generally on good terms with the Inquisition and its various arms, Crimson Tears commanders were quietly affronted in the face of the conduct and implicit accusations of particular operatives, individuals for whom further contact with the chapter is probably inadvisable. It is understood that rebukes heavy with barely restrained fury were sent to high ranking officials of the Ordo Hereticus as soon as the investigation was concluded and the offenders away from the Chapter. How these were received remains unknown.

The Penitents are set apart from their brothers by daubing the white parts of their armour a deep crimson and changing their pauldrons for ones sporting engraved crosses, the marks of their private shame. In an intriguing aesthetic divergence the chapter icon is repainted from crimson to white, representing the purity of deed and redemption of identity that Penitents aspire to. Knowing that the redemption of reputation and restoration of honour, in a chapter where the latter is so highly valued, are contingent upon martial achievements frequently leads Penitent marines to find levels of resilience and aggression beyond those of an ordinary space marine. There are numerous battlefield reports of brothers shrugging off the most grievous of wounds in order to wreak terrible carnage on the foe. By dint of needing to redeem themselves through deeds on the battlefield Penitents almost exclusively fight with close quarter weapons, showing consistency with the Crimson Tears’ belief that the most honourable fight is face to face, blade to blade.

Once his penance is served and honour restored a Penitent will rejoin his former squad without comment or question. There are some, particularly those who believe their actions or lack thereof caused a brother to fall, who struggle to allow that their deeds have purged whatever perceived stain existed on their reputation and recquire the intervention of a Chaplain or other command figure to help re-assure them that they have done enough to return to the ranks unblemished.

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Thank you brothers for thinking out of the box. :wink:


Anyone else got what it takes to play around with your BA successors? I'll tell you what. If we get twenty unique submissions, from twenty separate members, then I'll write up not just the Red Sentinels but one submission chosen by other Mods. That is a full IA for one member here, written by me, consultation included. Sound fair? ^_^

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Oh, really?


Well time for me to jump in!


The Angels Penumbral don't utilize any rulesets, as they exist only on paper. But they do have a different approach to their Death Company. This Chapter, which are one of the rare few who worship the Emperor as a God, see themselves as being literally angels. They have the blood of divinity with them. They are the sons of the Angel, who is Himself the God-Emperor's own son, who sacrified His life so that His father may live on. So their flaw is seen as being the worst possible sin. It's proof that they're not as divine as they want to believe, and they hate that. So those who suffer the Flaw are not suffered to live. While the Angels don't execute their fallen brothers outright, at least not usually, they are restrained and imprisoned within the Sarcophagaem, a dark, brooding ship that ferries the damned ones to where they will be executed: Baal. Or at least they assume that is what happens. What the Blood Angels actually do with them, the Angels Penumbral don't know or care. This is related to the Blood Angels lore that the executioner guy, whose name escapes me right now, actually travels around to Blood Angel successors for this kind of thing. The Angels Penumbral are so dedicated to this, that any potential sign of the Flaw is harshly dealt with. It's very likely that the Blood Angels have found the holds of the Sarcophagaem to include untainted Marines, or those who only lightly lapsed and brought themselves back. But if a Marine were to show potential signs of the Flaw outside the safety of the brotherhood? There, the Angels don't hesitate. There are tales among some Guard regiments of the Angels Penumbral utilizing Commissar-like officers, something never before seen among the Astartes Chapters (to them, anyways). Out there, in the battlefields, in public, showing signs of the Flaws earns an instant death sentence.

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The Seraphim Novenus are a successor chapter whose existence is barely known to the Imperium. Currently operating somewhere on the Eastern Fringe, they are of no great reputation, but only because they choose not to be; named after a great and noble librarian in the IX Legion who fought through the great crusade and died in the early days of the Horus Heresy,  the Seraphim Novenus have many more librarians in their ranks than other chapters have. Their lineage of esoteric learning stretches back to Novenus himself, thus there are a number of powerful Epistolaries in the chapter whose exploits in battle would certainly raise a few eyebrows in the Inquisition.


Novenus was killed whilst taking part in a psychic operation to awaken the stricken Sanguinius, and all Seraph librarians have his truly noble sense of duty as their ethos. They alone understand the effects of the immaterium on their brethren and its links to the Flaw, so they act as astral guardians for the chapter, protecting them  from malevolent astral activity. There has never been a chaplaincy in the Seraphim Novenus, because the librarians perform this role. During pre-battle rites, they use their psychic powers to influence the state of mind of their men, gradually making them increasingly angry and lustful of battle until each Seraph is brought to the tip of the abyss and is given a glimpse, a fragment, of the emotions experienced during 'the Burning'. Then at this point, the librarian reins in his power and slowly returns the assembled brothers to their normal selves, leaving them shivering and as shocked and perturbed as any space marine could be, until they are reminded of themselves by the librarian and in the crisp, clear calm after the Burning they dwell in thought of the noble Sanguinus, his tragic death and the fury they have just experienced. After some time of 'battle meditation' the squads disperse for assembly, every Seraph focused on the task ahead but now with a simmering, controlled and explosive fury in their hearts. 


The pre-battle rites have a unique effect on the makup of what is already a fairly non-codex chapter; although the occurrence of the burning is almost unheard of most of the time, there is a high rate of incidence amongst newer Seraphim, a roughly predictable 'group onset' which occurs when Seraphim undergo the rites for the first time. Unfortunately this means that whilst company strengths remain far steadier than other successor chapters, the Seraphim Novenus are always fewer in number.


Special Rules


Chapter Master Plaede: ML 2 psyker. Has the statline of a captain and equipment options of a librarian.


Chapter unique psychic power: Blackout - WC 2. Using lessons learned and passed down from ancient battles, the psyker links his mind with that of his nearest mind-brethren. The combined power of their sheer intent allows them to briefly block any psychic activity nearby.  One-use only. Enemy Psykers within 6" may not use any psychic powers of any kind in their next psychic phase. No psychic powers of any kind may be cast  on any unit within 6" in the same phase. Can be chosen in place of any other power from the Sanguinary Discipline. Requires 1 other Seraphim Novenus librarian to be within 6" of the caster


Death company squads must be joined by a librarian. The whole squad gains Adamantium Will and the librarian gains Rage. The librarian does not take up a FOC slot but only one librarian per squad benefits from this; any further librarians will count as HQ.

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A fleet based Chapter operating in the galactic north of the Halo Stars, the Angels Sorrowful are a chapter shrouded in mystery. Their founding is unknown, even to members of the chapter, although these will never speak to any outsider about the history or inner workings of their chapter. They are clearly a Blood Angels successor, for they retain all the hallmarks of Sons of Sanguinius including Sanguinary Priests, Sanguinary Guard, and Death Company -- although they are otherwise Codex compliant. However, many have noted their similarities to the Lamenters Chapter of Space Marines and rumours abound about what connexion -- if any -- the Angels Sorrowful may have to that ill-fated cursed founding chapter.


Although there are some fragments of records suggesting activities of the Angels Sorrowful as early as M38, these are inconclusive and incomplete. If accurate, they suggest that the Chapter has operated in the outer fringes of Imperial Space, toiling away unremarked by the vast majority of humanity. It was not until the last century of the 41st Millennium that they began to appear on active service. Combining this with the black-and-white chequy pattern incorporated into their chapter badge, many have speculated that they are in fact successors of the Lamenters. Others speculate that the Angels Sorrowful are in fact Lamenters who split with the parent chapter when it threw in its lot with Lugft Huron. Postulators of these positions will point to the melancholia which surrounds the Angels Sorrowful (as well as their very name), and to rumours that the captain of the Lamenters' First Company at the time it was first assigned to the Maelstrom Warders was named Nicodemus. The ancient Chapter Master of the Angels Sorrowful is none other than Nicodemus Doloroso, and as with most things with the chapter little is known of his past, it is widely known that he rivals Commander Dante for his antiquity. Those in favour of the belief that the Angels Sorrowful are Lamenters in disguise, also point to the presence of a Tyranid from Hive Fleet Kraken being crushed under the feet of an Angel Sorrowful on the Chapter banner.


Although Codex compliant aside from differences already noted, the Angels Sorrowful also include an Inner Circle including the Chapter Master, chaplains, sanguinary priests, and company commanders. Only these know the truth of the Angels Sorrowful's history, and they jealously guard this secrecy.


Although they exude a palpable sadness and even grief, in battle this quickly transitions to rage. More so than other Blood Angels successors they seek always to get to grips with the enemy as quickly as possible and revel in the carnage of close combat. Nicodemus Doloroso especially, though apparently in deep depression to those who encounter outside of battle, turns into a whirlwind of rage on the battlefield. Although constantly depleted and never numbering more than three full companies, the Angels Sorrowful always have their full complement of jump troops. There is a darker side to the seething rage beneath their perpetual sadness: unknown to all but the highest officers of the Chapter, the Black Rage is overtaking its marines at an alarming rate and this largely accounts for their perpetually depleted numbers. It is a chapter on the brink, but Nicodemus Doloroso accepts this with sad resignation and seeks for an opportunity that his Chapter may meet its final end in a great heroic intervention. As the close of the 41st Millennium draws near, the Angels Sorrowful find themselves therefore constantly on the move at an almost frenetic pace, their purple armour and chequy pauldrons an ever more common sight.


Blood Angles Successor Chapter with a 1+ requirement for Death Company (i.e. must always take a death company). "Special character" Nicodemus Doloroso counts-as Commander Dante.

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The Angeli Dolorem Are a non-Codex compliant Chapter. Their organization resembles that of the Black Templars, but with more emphasis placed on flexibility. Should a ranking officer fall in combat, the duty of leadership falls upon the Veteran Sergeants of the squad. The forces fade into the background, and hammer the enemy with devastating hit-and run tactics, subterfuge, assassination, and anti-material tactics.


The Chapter very rarely fields the Death Company, for many brothers who have fallen to the Black Rage are given the Emperor's Peace outright. But, should a situation rise in the foreseeable future, the Death Company will be assembled, numbering no more than five brothers.


The Angeli Dolorem field few if not any of the Chapter Relics availible to most Blood Angels successors. Save for the armor of the Lauded Techmarines, and the hallowed Terminator armour, there are but a few suits of artificer armour, and relic weapons, for many were destroyed or corrupted by the Arch-Excessiate Nero, during the Chapter's internal dispute.



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The Angels Moribund were founded early in the Imperium's history as the Carnadine Fangs, a proud fraternity bound by the blood of the Angel and exemplars of the golden ideals for which their parent Chapter stands.  However, the curse that binds them all grew prominent, then exponential, rapid and brutal enough to throw any brotherhood into a crisis of faith.  


The Chapter resigned themselves to the inevitable, but dedicated their remaining generations to spiting the Thirst and its black mark on the honor of their Primarch.  As he martyred himself for the Emperor, so would they martyr themselves for his honor.  Though this began as a dedication to standing for the holiest of the Angel's virtues on the battlefield and among the people, the affliction of their growing curse gradually tore at their resolve.  Worse, despite their efforts, the horrific reputations that cousin Chapters of Sanguinius' blood forged would undermine any efforts, no matter how extreme.


Trapped under the weight of their own mortis vow, the Angels Moribund bound themselves to a new campaign.  The Chapter followed reports of their cousins turning on allies, butchering beyond control, and otherwise besmirching the name of the Primarch.  These same loyalist forces would find themselves facing the Angels Moribund soon after, and whether it meant scuttling an Imperial transport or annihilating every last man woman and child of a world, the Angels left no witnesses to the atrocities of the Thirst, growing more thorough and more extreme with each new treasonous purge.


In a final testament to their dedication, the Angels Moribund finally brought down the wrath of their own brothers.  Following falsified reports of lost Blood Angels slaughtering allied Guard forces, the Chapter found itself ambushed by a massive Navy force, joined by companies from the Lamenters, Angels Encarmine, and the Blood Angels themselves.  With their last damned souls purged from existence, the Angels Moribund gave their cousins the gift of proving the nobility and unwavering loyalty of the sons of Sanguinius.


Can't really think of how to write that last bit better.  Basically, it was a last act of martyrdom, with twisted, desperate logic turning their damnation to the benefit of the Blood Angels and their other successors.  'We're all damned, but the Imperium needs to know what the Angel and his sons still stand for.  So we'll let the damnation consume us, to let the rest prove their virtue.'  Kinda sorta Night Lord-y Blood Angels, more or less.  Except not, given the more optimistic final point they tried to make.  :biggrin.:


And of course, with the purpose of destroying evidence of their transgressions at all cost, there is a very blunt Dark Angel sub-theme as well.


I've had the Chapter name in my head for ages, and figured this was as good a chance as any to write up at least a moderately good lore. :tongue.:


On the tabletop, they'd pretty much be Khorne Berzerkers, between their nutters brotherhood and their experience in purging fellow Marine forces.  Maybe.  Not really sure.  I'm just a mediocre writer, not a..codex..knowing..guy.  :teehee:


And although I just whipped up the name to fill the gap, now I wanna try writing something for Carnadine Fangs. :laugh.:

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So here comes my story about the "Angels Fury" creation and fluff. Im sorry if the spelling is off at some places :)


"The Angels Fury"


A story of the forgotten heroes.


It all began at the time of the first war at Armageddon. This huge hiveworld presented a target so exciting that the daemon Primarch Angron simply could not resist it. 

With the sky darkened by the large hulk "Devourer of Stars" above Armageddon, the invasion began.


The Imperium was not slow to response; massive armies of Imperial Troopers amassed and began their journey towards Armageddon. Millions of men and thousands of tanks took to 

the stars in mighty warships. 

But the Imperial leaders knew that they couldnt face this threat alone, and so the call went out to the Space Marines: protectors of man and the finest warriors the Imperium

could muster.

First to answer the call was Great Wolf Logan Grimnar, who descended on the Chaos forces with his entire chapter. With him he brought allies in the form of the Grey Knights, 

powerful psykers and the bane of daemons, aswell as taking high command of all imperial forces on the planet.

Together they faced of against the daemonic hordes and after a long and bloody campaign, Armageddon was saved. All thanks to the mighty Wolves and their Grey Knight bretherens.


Thats what they all say... All except the ones who really knows what happend...


When Dante, chapter master of the Blood Angels heard of the invasion, he knew that the sons of Sanguinus had to participate, one way or another. 

But what could he do? The Angels was weak from casualties on battlefields all over the galaxy, even more from brothers falling to the Black Rage. But something had to be



Dante called for their successor chapters; the Flesh Tearers, Angels Encarmine; Angels Vermillion, Blood Swords, Angels Numinous and many more answered the call and a joint task force was put together.

command went to the Blood Angels captain Lucifer. Soon the force numbered almost 650 marines fully equipped with relics, weapons and vehicles from their respective chapter.


So in a various fleet, the "chapter" arrived to Armageddon and quickly located Grimnar to get their orders. Grimnar, seeing this bunch of misfits as a, quoting "A ragtag mob 

rather then an army." 

But still, they were Astartes and he needed all the help he could get.


The combined Angels was put into action as quickly as possible, putting foul Chaos forces to the sword whereever they went. They were soon spoken of on both sides of the 

conflict, both allies and enemies talked about how they descended from the skies in pods and with jetpacks, taking their foe by surprise. They talked about the Fury of Angels 

was unleashed upon Armageddon.


When the war was over and Angron was banished back to the warp, Grimnar himself spoke highly of these Astartes. They had distiguished themselves in many battles and they had

been vital in the events leading to the victory over the Chaos forces. 

Many of the Space Wolves and the Angels had become near friends; the Wolves could almost see themselves

in the furious charges and the preference to engage in hand to hand battle, and the Angels saw the honour in the way the Wolves were treating the PDF and Imperial forces.


Soon it was decided that the group, now consisting of about 350 marines, was to follow one of the Wolves Great Company as a supporting force. Luckily, many of the fallen 

brothers geneseeds had been recovered by the Apothecarys and the recruitment was soon on the way, today the Chapter is around 750 marines as their parentchapters 

sends resources and recruits on a regular basis. Rumours are that even a few inhabitants of Fenris have joined their ranks.

Thanks to their reputation they received on Armageddon, the group became a chapter and was named "Angels Fury" with captain Lucifer taking over as chaptermaster.


The Angels Fury fights in the same way as their parent chapters; tactical squads in supercharged Rhinos forms the backbone while Death Company marines and Assualt Squads 

hone their skills against various foes. 

The chapter is today painted in a dark dark red with pure red edges, as a symbol to honour that dark times on Armageddon while still remembering the pureness in the chapters

they originated from.

It has even gone that far that the Great Company they follow have their shoulderpads painted the same, both as a sign of identification and as a sign of uttermost respect.


Why noone knows about the Angels Fury participation in Armageddon is even to this day unknown, maybe the Imperium dont want to give credit to a ragtag mob, maybe the Blood 

Angels and their successor dont want their enemies to know that they are even weaker now.

What we do know is that the young chapter still travel the stars with their wulfen brothers, ready to strike at anyone, anywhere. 






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Shameless bump because we have an influx of new members to the section for ETL:biggrin.:


Charlo, Charlo, Charlo. What are you trying to do to me? :lol:

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Do they have to be serious?


If something a little more comical is ok, I could take a swing at writing some alterno-fluff.


I've got some beckground fluff and short stories in my Redeemers Blog as a point of reference (check the link in my sig) but they are very silly and understandably not to everyones taste, so I totally get it if you'd rather keep them Grimdark. :)

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It's a thought exercise, whereby your Successor (or an imaginary one as is the case with my entry) uses the BA rules but also has a unit that "borrows" someone else's rules. Therefore, I imagine that anything goes so long as it's board legal :)

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Do they have to be serious?


If something a little more comical is ok, I could take a swing at writing some alterno-fluff.


I've got some beckground fluff and short stories in my Redeemers Blog as a point of reference (check the link in my sig) but they are very silly and understandably not to everyones taste, so I totally get it if you'd rather keep them Grimdark. :smile.:


Bring what you wish, brother. But do remember this thought exercise involves attempting to represent the the Blood Angels through a lens. That lens in theory could be the rules of another codex. The point is to bring something unusual to the Blood Angels lineage. The seriousness of the material does not matter, although I would caution you that should I end up having to keep my word, I am better versed at serious article creation rather than comedic. ^_^ 

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Shameless bump because we have an influx of new members to the section for ETL! :biggrin.:

Charlo, Charlo, Charlo. What are you trying to do to me? :lol:

... Hopefully write up my chapter when I decide on a name and get the storm of my ideas in my head to (digital) paper ;)

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For example:


The Sand Angels homeworld, Fieras, lies far in the galactic north. In fact, it is one of the most northern planets on the Centaurus arm and thus, one of if not the furthest bastion of Imperial Space in Segmentum Ultima. Their world is almost an exact replica of Baal, however, this desert world has not (in any recorded history) been subjected to the violence that Baal's past had. With the Astronomicon being nothing more than a dim flicker, the Chapter utilises all the resources available to it and this includes leaving the indigenous lifeforms alone. As per any desert world, the harsh conditions breed hardy creatures with none being more vicious than the mighty Sand Wolves whom tower over such Imperial-made constructs like a Space Marine Bike.


In M38, Fieras, was attacked by the Ork Waaagh of Warboss Grunstomp Gitclaw. Despite the resolute defense of the Sand Angels fleet in orbit, three Rocs from the first wave broke through the blockade and despite heavy damage, smashed onto the planet surface and disgorged their cargo of Xenos filth. The Sand Angels follow the customs of their progenitors very closely and the Fortress Monastery - the target of the Ork attack - keeps their Death Company (and worse given how far away Astorath is) in stasis for when they are needed. When the third Roc landed, it shattered the stasis generator and allowed the Death Company to depart. Some joined in the battle slaughtering Orks by the hundreds, others wondered in the other direction and headed into the desert.


If you wander on a desert world, sooner or later you will become prey for the local creatures and it wasn't long before a band of Death Company was chanced upon by the Sand Wolves. Yet, no fighting broke out. Curiously, the Sand Wolves have a calming affect on the Death Company. Whilst it doesn't cure them or yank their consciousnesses back to the current era, it does puts their blood lust in check and gives them a measure of awareness not seen amongst others of their affliction. As for what affect the Death Company had on the Sand Wolves, it has never been properly explained, but from that day on they allowed the Space Marines to ride them.


Turning back the way they came, they charged headlong into the battle. A wolf charge is devastating but with combined with a Space Marine who is equally as vicious? The Orks stood no chance. With their backbone broken and their leader effortlessly cut down, the Orks were destroyed and it didn't take long to clear out the remaining greenskins. As for the Death Company Wolf Riders? Well, the calming influence of the wolves mean that they no longer need to go into stasis provided they stay with their beast, however, this symbiosis is not without its drawbacks. Should a rider fall in battle, the beast dies as following the union with human they become intrinsically linked. Should the beast fall, the rider doesn't just return to his madman state but becomes something more and not even stasis will hold him for long... Finally, the number of Death Company seems to always be higher than the population of Sand Wolves, so Death Company Wolf Rider squads are sadly quite rare. For an outsider, it is an honour to witness them in battle but one tinged with melancholy given the sacrifices required for the Chapter to field them.


Blood Angels Successor Chapter who use the rules for Thunderwolf Cavalry to represent their Death Company.

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The Basilisks are a blood angel successor chapter of unknown founding. They differ slightly from the norm in that their manifestation of the black rage has an additional and disturbing side effect. When the affected marine begins to suffer the visions and madness, it is not only his mind that begins to fail, but his body too. While afflicted, the muscles cramp and seize, eventually resulting in a creeping and irreversible paralysis which if left unchecked leaves the victim unable to move his limbs or body. Unable to form a more traditional death company, for many centuries, the Basilisks confined the victims of the black rage to grim cells in their fortress monastery or simply executed them, despite their frantic pleas to be allowed to fight on.

A solution to their problem presented itself when, while on campaign alongside the Grey Falcons, (a codex-compliant chapter,) their allies suffered catastrophic casualties and were only saved from total destruction by the timely intervention of the Basilisks. While assisting the remaining Grey Falcons with the salvage of their crippled fleet, the Basilisks stumbled upon a transport vessel carrying a dozen suits of unused centurion armour. Seeing their chance, the sanguinary priests of the Basilisks saw an opportunity to ease the passing of their rage-afflicted comrades and seized the suits before scuttling the shattered vessel.

To this day, the paralysed and maddened veterans of the Basilisks' death company are hard-wired into the centurion suits where they are able to carry on the fight despite their near-catatonic state.

The Grey Falcons have rebuilt their strength over the intervening years, and while they are surely unaware of the act of larceny inflicted upon their weakened selves by their erstwhile allies, their reaction should they discover it is uncertain.


I think this little bit of story might make for a fun unbound BA force utilising a group of black-painted, skull-bedecked assault centurions to tear up the enemies of the imperium in a frantic attempt to find an honourable death.

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