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Legion of the Iron Lions Log: New Colors, MK VI


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A brand new 1st Post! if the first replies dont make sense, well its because the whole entirety of this post has changed. This post will now reflect the most current and up to date chapter fluff. lots has changed in these last 3.5 years. thanks for stopping by and please contribute to the conversation!


Index Astartes





The War of the Beats brought large amounts of destruction to the Imperium. Lord Commander of the Imperium Maximus Thane had decreed that the Imperium would raise as many new Chapters as they had gene-seed in the great vaults of Terra to sustain. A Fourth Founding chapter, the Legion of the Iron Lion was created with one goal in mind, to engage with the orks. Invictumos, a world that prides itself in its martial ability, and one that has been fighting the orks since the days before the Imperium, would be the homeworld to such a chapter. As to which of the successors of the First Legion provided its veterans to raise the new chapter, it is not known. Only a legend told to initiates remains, "Just as the red halo engulfed the Flame of Consecration, the consecrated Iron engulfs the Sword of the Lion. And as the wings gave flight to the sword of the Angels, the Angels gave flight to the Legion of the Iron Lion"

Homeworld: Invictumos

To be fleshed out in the future.



The Legion and the Unforgiven



Circles within circles. Truth within lies. Lies within truth. Each cog has its role to play. Only one Legionnaire is ever truly aware of the treacherous acts of Luther and the Fallen, the Grand Arbiter. Personally trained by the Interrogator Chaplains of the Dark Angels, the Grand Arbiter's purpose is to be an extension of the will of the Unforgiven, and guide his Master of the Legion in the Hunt. Fully indoctrinated into the higher levels of the Inner Circle, more so than the Master of the Legion, the Grand Arbiter is the sole Legionnaire to perform interrogations and deliver Judgement and Redemption. As with the other Unforgiven, many lies exist within the truth that is told to those who have been indoctrinated into the Hunt, but how much is truth, and how much is a lie? Rework in progress. Going for a more traditional relationship.


The Wings of Judgement and Redemption

The Hunt is omnipresent. In honor of the I Legion, the veterans of the first and second century carry the moniker of Wing. The Lion Wing of Cohort Leonus, their pauldron painted bronze underneath the Sword and Cog of the Legion signifying judgment for traitors of the I Legion, they are the Old Guard of the Hunt. The Iron Wing of Cohort Ferrum, their pauldron painted silver underneath the Sword and Cog of the Legion signifying redemption for the loyalist of the I Legion, they are the New Blood of the Hunt.
At inception, the Iron Wing and Lion Wing were mirrors of each other. Every space marine had a suit of terminator plate, cataphractii, tartaros, or indomius, and a bike, speeder, or Unforgiven aircraft assigned to him. The veterans would deploy as the mission dictated. Experts in all aspects of war, the coordination achievable by the Iron and Lion Wings was without peer. Of the 100 Legionnaires assigned the century, 30 are selected to be Iron Guard or Lion Guard. These legionnaires would be issued special equipment, a storm shield and Mace of Absolution (Flail of the Unforgiven for sergeants) for use in terminator armor, and a Corvus Hammer and Plasma Talon for use on their bikes. It is from the Iron Guard and Lion Guard that lieutenants were chosen from. All this changed after the devastation of the Legion.
After the much needed primaris reinforcements arrived, it was only a decade before the first primaris legionnaire made it into the severely undermanned Iron Wing. He fought alongside the other legionnaires in gravis armor when they were in terminator armor, and in tacticus armor in a land speeder when part of the fast attack detachment. Soon after, one became two, two became ten, and after decades of attrition, ¾ of a century worth of primaris had been inducted into Iron or Lion Wing. After the reorganization of the Legion, all primaris were consolidated into the Cohort Ferrum, and all space marines into Cohort Leonus. From this point on, the Lion Wing became known as the Old Guard of the Hunt and the Iron Wing as the New Blood of the Hunt.
The Lion Wing still fights as it has since its inception, but the Iron Wing deploys almost exclusively in gravis armor, mission dictating aggressor or inceptor pattern. Three squadrons of Nephilim and one of Dark Talons sit in their armory for use when needed. The Iron Guard deploy in gravis armor with specially fitted storm shields, Maces of Absolution (Flails of the Unforgiven for sergeants) and fragstorm grenade launchers or jump pack. As is tradition, all Cohort Ferrum lieutenants are drawn from the Iron Guard.



The Iron and the Lion


In current development. this story is very important to me. its this concept that really set the DIY into motion.

Only In Death Does Duty End

Under repair

  • rename characters with new established naming conventions
  • check for continuity of lore (its a 3 year old story, much has changed since)


Siege of Liamane

Planned for the future

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This is a great start to your chapter.  I like how you are dividing up your squads with colors.  Is one demi-company going to be painted in Cohort Ferrus and the other in Cohort Leonus?


As for your questions, I would say mix up the squads with the different power armour.  I don't think that marines will trade armour when there are promotions but I could be completely wrong on that one.   The red and black paint works well for differentiating your Cohorts.  I am not sure what to suggest other than black for the engine parts on your drop pod.  I struggled with this question myself since I have a similar color scheme.  I opted for traditional paint on my pods and vehicles but I am interested to see how your drop pod turns out.


Remember to keep the WIP pics coming when you start painting!

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You know epher, each demi company being part of its own cohort is a great idea. I don't know why I didn't think of it myself! It'll add more variety, and could show why one company is drop podded and the other is taking razorbacks.


I'll head over to your thread and take a look at your pods, maybe I'll steal a thing or 2 from you ;)

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Whoa! You are not going to fund much for finished drop pods in my thread. I have started my tanks but the pods are on the back burner right now. All that i know is that they are not going to be silver. I am a slacker.
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  • 4 weeks later...

hey guys, still no progress, still out of country but i need input! so i got a legion champion for my company master. he will have a combi melta and relic blade. heres the model.

99550101286 LegionChampionMasterofSignal01

so heres the deal. how do I show the combi melta? I could grab a combi melta and "sling" it, but that doesn't seem very cool. a thing I thought about is a wrist mounted bolter. has anybody done wristed mounted combi weapons?
I have a few infurnus pistols and melta guns, bolters and storm bolters.  should I do the barrel of the melta weapon attached to a barrel of a storm bolter? or attach it to the side of a bolter? what about one weapon on each arm? 
is there any other ideas on how you guys would represent the combimelta?
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  • 2 months later...

Finally home! Didn't mean to leave you guys in the dark.

As far as the combi melta, I'm using a power sword from the sanguinary guard kit and angelus bolter with an attached melta bit. Hopefully it'll work out.

First off, I'll start out with what I'll be pledging for the ETL.

3rd Primus Pilus,1st Company Centurion, of Cohort Ferrum. As of right now, he's nameless. He is the former company centurion due to the severe wounds received at the hands of an ork warboss. He was then interred in a contemptor dreadnought. He will be a count as vendread in game. He is modeled off hecaton aikos, the minotaur dreadnought, the bull iconography fits well with the heraldry of the Silver Bulls (Deathwing).

Next will be a deredeo dreadnought belonging to Cohort Leonus, painted in the Iron Lions colors.

Next will be 3 drop pods, all belonging to Cohort Ferrum 4th Century, 3rd, 4th, and 7th squads.

1 rhino belonging to Cohort Ferrum 4th Century, 8th Squad

Finally, 4 razorbacks belonging to Cohort Leonus 6th Century, squads 2nd, 5th, 6th, and 8th.


I'm going to start prepping everything for paint in the coming days, and until the ETL starts, I'll Try to knock out some infantry

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  • 2 weeks later...

ok so ive been slacking a bit, but i finally got to work on my Iron Lions. This is my first time working with an airbrush, and boy have i learned alot from this first time. 

well, i present to you, Venerated Brother Emalio of Cohort Leonus.

Venerated Brother Emalio

as you can tell, he is not done, but i wanted to show the wip. a few things still left, highlighting, small details such as hoses and pipes, the plasma cannon, and bronze trim. i also need to redo the reds, theyre not all as dark.

its funny actually, im using vallejo game air paints, and they have this paint called gunmetal. on their madel air range, they have this paint called metallic black. i hoped it hoped would actually be a black. NOPE! its pretty much the same! ha, the plan was to do the legs black, as well as the metal parts, with the armor being gunmetal. oh well.

i hope you guys like him.he deviates a little from my intended scheme but not too much by having a bit more red on him. he'll fit in with the rest of the army. at least i hope he will. let me know what you guys think!

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ok so ive been slacking a bit


That's a safe assumption, the 1st picture in 3 months :laugh.:

It's nice to see you put alot of effort in preparation for your chapter. The different coulours to differentiate your squads/companies is genius!

The overall scheme of your dreadnought looks great. Could you place a picture with the red panels on the body? It might be a bit too much red with everything combined.

Edited by GreyRavenC
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First of all, welcome home from your deployment!  It is good to see you back in the forum.  I would have to disagree, I think it is the right amount of red, you just need to add your washes and weather him a little and you will love the result. I have a similar colored dreadnought in my thread.  Here is the link to the post.  I have made a CCW arm with heavy flamer for him and I think it looks pretty sharp.


You are an ambitious man with your painting goals!  I am looking forward to seeing more of the Iron Lions!

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Thanks a lot brother epher! I actually really like your dread. I think I'm just gonna go silver toes like grc suggested. For now he does have the flamer as well, but he is magnetized, so the storm bolter will he an option as well. Just a little magnet under the arm,cant even tell it's there
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  • 2 weeks later...

2016 05 07 14.29.30


So real life hasn't given me much time to paint.  But it threw me a bone with Saturday barracks duty. Woo *sarcasm*  I figured this is a good time to start getting my razorbacks ready for the etl. So this is what I got going on. Having a bit of trouble straightening this side piece,  been using hot tap water,  not working to well.  I'm going to try heating up some water in a bowl, and see what happens.  Got 5 of these to make

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Right? I'm going to have 3 this pattern, and 2 standard pattern. I also have 2 dozer blades, not sure which tanks will get them though.

2 ac razorback

1 las plas

2 las canon

I'm thinking the ac would benefit most from them since they're more in your face and will be driving up the board. The Las cannons will sit back with devs. Thoughts?

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The dev's with the lascannons sounds pretty decent. Nice twin-linked firesupport with an AV and doubles as emergencytransport when your dev's get hammered.

Not too sure about the AC's, It's an expensive upgrade for a squishy metal bawks.

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Well the ac will only ever be used in a double demi in cheesy games with my buddy, they will normally be rhinos if anything. So 20 point for 4 tl rending shots isn't bad I'm my opinion, it'll get me where I'm going fast enough, while providing decent enough support, and possibly some aa Edited by jbaeza94
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It's quite the opposite here. 3 Tau players, not a single marine. I usually get butchered because of interceptor & their long range. But in my defence, my regular opponent is a :cuss when it concerns gaming.


What are the plans for your scheme? Metallic with red portions?

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I was thinking metallic, "driver side" (US style) will have red in that groove on the front and rear. "Passenger side"will have the squad color. The tiny doors on the turret plate might get hazard stripes on some, I'm going to try to do something unique on each side hatch. Ideas welcome.


Now that I remember, one will belong to Cohort Ferrum, so it will be black instead of red.


I'm going to try the sponge weathering trick using black and the brightest silver I have. Here is the link to the tutorial.


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