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  1. Let me tell you of your brothers in the East. The watchers in the outer dark. Bearers of the sword of retribution. Let me tell you of the blades that were broken, of wars both won and lost, of sacrifices made without hesitation. Then you may know something of the meanings of duty and honour. Veteran Sergeant Naaman, addressing Scout Infiltration Team Beta at Koth Ridge, the Piscina IV Campaign, 221997.M41
  2. Hi all- finally starting up a plog to share my progress as I paint up a homebrew DA successor chapter I put together. Lots of different bits of inspiration, including FW Nemean Reaver and Blackshields transfer sheet, and kitbashes from many that post here. I particularly want to call out @SpacedHulk's Sword Bearers (http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/272544-sword-bearers-dark-angels-revenants-8419/) and @DaemonPrinceDargor's 30k DA (http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/355024-dargors-first-legion/) for a lot of what got me inspired to pull these together. To kick things off, a short Index Astartes type writeup for the chapter follows bellow- feedback welcome. As I start and/or complete units, I'll post them here. Thanks for looking.
  3. A brand new 1st Post! if the first replies dont make sense, well its because the whole entirety of this post has changed. This post will now reflect the most current and up to date chapter fluff. lots has changed in these last 3.5 years. thanks for stopping by and please contribute to the conversation! Index Astartes http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11085/med_gallery_86595_11085_107117.jpg http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11085/gallery_86595_11085_178195.jpg Origins The War of the Beats brought large amounts of destruction to the Imperium. Lord Commander of the Imperium Maximus Thane had decreed that the Imperium would raise as many new Chapters as they had gene-seed in the great vaults of Terra to sustain. A Fourth Founding chapter, the Legion of the Iron Lion was created with one goal in mind, to engage with the orks. Invictumos, a world that prides itself in its martial ability, and one that has been fighting the orks since the days before the Imperium, would be the homeworld to such a chapter. As to which of the successors of the First Legion provided its veterans to raise the new chapter, it is not known. Only a legend told to initiates remains, "Just as the red halo engulfed the Flame of Consecration, the consecrated Iron engulfs the Sword of the Lion. And as the wings gave flight to the sword of the Angels, the Angels gave flight to the Legion of the Iron Lion" Homeworld: Invictumos To be fleshed out in the future. The Legion and the Unforgiven http://bolterandchainsword.com/uploads/gallery/album_11085/med_gallery_86595_11085_476195.jpg Circles within circles. Truth within lies. Lies within truth. Each cog has its role to play. Only one Legionnaire is ever truly aware of the treacherous acts of Luther and the Fallen, the Grand Arbiter. Personally trained by the Interrogator Chaplains of the Dark Angels, the Grand Arbiter's purpose is to be an extension of the will of the Unforgiven, and guide his Master of the Legion in the Hunt. Fully indoctrinated into the higher levels of the Inner Circle, more so than the Master of the Legion, the Grand Arbiter is the sole Legionnaire to perform interrogations and deliver Judgement and Redemption. As with the other Unforgiven, many lies exist within the truth that is told to those who have been indoctrinated into the Hunt, but how much is truth, and how much is a lie? Rework in progress. Going for a more traditional relationship. The Wings of Judgement and Redemption The Hunt is omnipresent. In honor of the I Legion, the veterans of the first and second century carry the moniker of Wing. The Lion Wing of Cohort Leonus, their pauldron painted bronze underneath the Sword and Cog of the Legion signifying judgment for traitors of the I Legion, they are the Old Guard of the Hunt. The Iron Wing of Cohort Ferrum, their pauldron painted silver underneath the Sword and Cog of the Legion signifying redemption for the loyalist of the I Legion, they are the New Blood of the Hunt. At inception, the Iron Wing and Lion Wing were mirrors of each other. Every space marine had a suit of terminator plate, cataphractii, tartaros, or indomius, and a bike, speeder, or Unforgiven aircraft assigned to him. The veterans would deploy as the mission dictated. Experts in all aspects of war, the coordination achievable by the Iron and Lion Wings was without peer. Of the 100 Legionnaires assigned the century, 30 are selected to be Iron Guard or Lion Guard. These legionnaires would be issued special equipment, a storm shield and Mace of Absolution (Flail of the Unforgiven for sergeants) for use in terminator armor, and a Corvus Hammer and Plasma Talon for use on their bikes. It is from the Iron Guard and Lion Guard that lieutenants were chosen from. All this changed after the devastation of the Legion. After the much needed primaris reinforcements arrived, it was only a decade before the first primaris legionnaire made it into the severely undermanned Iron Wing. He fought alongside the other legionnaires in gravis armor when they were in terminator armor, and in tacticus armor in a land speeder when part of the fast attack detachment. Soon after, one became two, two became ten, and after decades of attrition, ¾ of a century worth of primaris had been inducted into Iron or Lion Wing. After the reorganization of the Legion, all primaris were consolidated into the Cohort Ferrum, and all space marines into Cohort Leonus. From this point on, the Lion Wing became known as the Old Guard of the Hunt and the Iron Wing as the New Blood of the Hunt. The Lion Wing still fights as it has since its inception, but the Iron Wing deploys almost exclusively in gravis armor, mission dictating aggressor or inceptor pattern. Three squadrons of Nephilim and one of Dark Talons sit in their armory for use when needed. The Iron Guard deploy in gravis armor with specially fitted storm shields, Maces of Absolution (Flails of the Unforgiven for sergeants) and fragstorm grenade launchers or jump pack. As is tradition, all Cohort Ferrum lieutenants are drawn from the Iron Guard. The Iron and the Lion http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/357137-the-iron-and-the-lion-prologue/ In current development. this story is very important to me. its this concept that really set the DIY into motion. Only In Death Does Duty End Under repair rename characters with new established naming conventions check for continuity of lore (its a 3 year old story, much has changed since) http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/353770-legion-of-the-iron-lions/?p=5253154 Siege of Liamane Planned for the future
  4. Just trying to catchup on what the DA have been up to and where they sit in the current timeline? I think I read somewhere that after Azreal received the Primaris reinforcements from Gulliman he went across the rift to the Imperium Nihilus? What’s their current status and recent goings on right now?
  5. 1239 downloads

    Dark Angel Symbols (Alternate) Decal Sheet
  6. 946 downloads

    Dark Angels (Great Crusade Era) Decal Sheet - PDF
  7. 3391 downloads

    Deathwing Decal Sheets Deathwing insignia, squad & specialist markings Deathwing insignia
  8. 1314 downloads

    Angels of Vigilance Decal Sheet
  9. 1653 downloads

    Angels of Vengeance Decal Sheet
  10. From the album: My Dark Angels

    My skills as of 7th Oct 2014
  11. From the album: My Dark Angels

    First model ever painted by my hand.
  12. A "short" story about the Fallen, the Unforgiven and a Homebrew Chapter of mine. Enjoy! C&C are welcome. It was the middle of the night, heavy rain drops ran down his archaic power armor and everywhere he looked, he saw flashes and heard thunder. Not all of that was from the storm which ravaged the sky. Many more flashes originate from weapon discharges and the thunder were the explosions of heavy weapons and impacting Bolt shells. While he reloaded his Bolter, he looked behind him. There was a town, which was partly burning with the flames of war. Beside him stood many of the inhabitants of this town, shooting with scavenged weapons and shouting insults at their attackers. There were also some members of the PDF, more disciplined than the civilians, but they remind silent, only their zeal and the last dose of stims kept them on their feet after weeks of combat. All of the humans looked so fragile, while their assailants where the embodiment of nightmares. Not all of them were Traitor Astartes, but even the humans looked more like creatures of a horror novel than members of the destined rulers of the Galaxy. Once he really believed that humanity would rule the Galaxy. He was part of a great undertaking to cleanse the stars of the filth which stood against the Emperor of Mankind and the advancement of mankind. Now, on this forgotten world and after the experience of his prolonged lifetime, he felt the deep-rooted seeds of doubt in his hearts grow evermore. Was there still hope for humanity? He fired three Bolts into the face of a Traitor, who was equipped with a jump pack and was diving from the sky to slaughter the heavy weapon team, which secures the street he stood in. The skull of the Traitor was pulverized, his corps crashed into the earth mere meters in front of the heavy weapon team, but he already searched for a new target. “AVE IMPERATOR! Stand fast and proud! For your neighbors, for your loved ones, for mankind! Kill these abominations in the name of the Emperor!” The call rang through the village and he could not stop the smile which crept on his face. Even if he had doubt, his Battle-Brother had always hope. He looked to the Space marine who rallied the defenders fifty meters to his right. The battle plate of his brother was as old and in the same sorry state as his own, yet his brother looked glorious as ever. He held the standard of the town they where fighting for high enough for everyone to see. But the battle cry did not only encourage the defenders, also the traitor scum got fired up. One of the Champions of the Traitor Astartes charged at his brother. This abomination hid his bulk under a great coat of flayed skin, the black horned helmet looked like obsidian in the rain and reflected the lightning in the sky. The traitor swathed the human defenders away like flies until he crossed blade with the Standard Bearer. Concerned with the well being of his Brother, he ran towards the combat. He killed cultists left and right and shouted orders to the defenders, while he draw closer to the combat. While he drove his fist through the ribcage of a cultists, he saw the right shoulder pad of the traitor and under the layers of flayed skin, he saw a well known Legion symbol, a winged blade. The moment of shock nearly cost his live, as another Traitor Marine came at him with a roaring chainsword. He ducked in the last moment and disemboweled the traitor and put a Bolt through his eye lens. When I looked to his brother, he was horrified. The weapon of the Champion penetrated the chest plate of the Standard Bearer and he sunk to his knees. With a last ditch effort his brothers decapitated the Champion while the traitor was gloating over his most recent kill. Again the doubts which plagued him for many lifetimes, resurfaced. Was humanity really destined to rule over the Galaxy? Was his Genefather righteous or just as flawed as his brothers? Did his service really help humanity? Would he … While he struggled through the surrounding Cultists to reach his fallen brother, a Heavy Bolter scythed through his foes and he felt several impacts. The traitors shoot at him, without remorse for their companions. He tried to locate the Heavy Bolter, but before he could retaliate, the onslaught of bullets penetrated his worn Power Armor. Flesh ruptured and blood flow freely while he sunk to the ground. Darkness began to envelop him. He heard more fighting and it seemed like the noise of war relocated to the lines of the traitors. In his haze, he saw that his brother still held the banner high, but he did not see him move anymore. The sound of heavy boots let him turn his head. He saw a group of Marines approaching him. They seemed taller than normal and they wore a kind of Power Armor which was unknown to him. Yet, in the haze of his massive blood loos, he saw some kind of winged blade on their shoulder pauldron. He tried to raise his bolter and spat “You won’t get me without a fight! You won’t harm the Imperiums citizen! AVE IMP…” and then everything went dark. ---- “Thank you Brother Apothecary. Without your generous usage of sedatives, he might have shot at fellow loyal servants of the Imperium. Please bring him out of this downpour and treat his wounds and send one of your Helix Adepts to the Standard Bearer, maybe we can save him too. Brother Sergeant Tokhar, start the flanking maneuver and coordinate your strikes with the Reivers, I want this scum eradicated before the Dawn come upon us.” With the assurance that his order will be followed, the Primaris Captain strode onwards to the place of the duel of the Standard Bearer and the Chaos Champion. He saw the duel happening from afar, while they prepared their assault. They tried to contact the surviving Loyalists, but they could not identify their frequencies, which vexed him. It was not enough that the Warp currents around this system delayed their arrival, the heavy storm also made an earlier arrival on this site impossible. He was always in a sour mood when he saw the loss of proud defenders of humanity, especially when he was only moments from their survival away. As the Primaris Captain stood before the Standard Bearer, he got to one knee and asked the Helix Adept behind the fallen warrior “Is he still alive?” With a static rush, which could have been a cough, a silent voice came from the warrior. “Barley. Who are you? Are you Son’s of the Lion?” The Captain shook his head. “No, we hail not from the proud First Legion. We are a new breed of warriors, called Primaris. We are from the Chapter of the Dawn Blades and were sent from the returned Primarch Guilliman into this system.” Another cough came from under the helmet and this time, the Captain saw a trickle of blood dropping from the Vox grill. “Primarch Guiliman returned? What great news for… Imperium. Tell him and those disillusioned cubs of our Legion… still loyal Brothers on Caliban. AVE IMPER…” Looking to the Helix Adept, the Captain hoped that the Marine before him just lost consciousness, but the Helix Adept just shook his head. He stood up and surveyed the battle ground. The town stood unbroken, and he could hear the sound of fighting further down the valley, where his Company cleared the planet of the last insurgents. He looked to his Lieutenant, who hunched over the fallen form of the Chaos Champion. “Any Information on the origin of our foes?” “None, Sir. It seems that the initial reports about a Chaos worshipping warband of mismatched Traitor scum was correct. But this one here seems different.” “Why so?” “Because he has the same markings under his coat as the two defending Astartes.” To highlight his point, the Lieutenant lifted the flayed skin on the right pauldron with one of his knifes. Under the skin lay a defaced down striking sword with wings. “Let no mortal go near this place, until I say so. We cannot let them see who was the leader of this attack. It would tarnish the deeds of these two proud Marines and it would eliminate their hope.” With that, the Captain turned and walked towards the Town center. He had to ensure that these people see the light of a new Dawn for Humanity, but his own mind was clouded with dark thoughts and a new seed of doubt. ---- Three days later, a Rhino stopped before the town and a troop of robbed Space Marines excited its troop compartment in a battle formation. Behind them, came a captain with a winged helmet and a broadsword at his waist. All of them wore the proud bisected livery of the Angels of Redemption and they came to fulfill their duty. The Captain could see a standard fluttering in the soft evening wind, it was held by the sunken form of a slain Space Marine. He began to approach the site, but a trio of big Transhumans in unknown Power Armor stood between him and his destination. Two of them where bare headed and the other wore a long cloak with a hood far over his face. He walked to them, his troop spreading out around him. He felt that something here was not as it should be, but he could not determine what it was. “I am Captain of the Third Company of the Angels of Redemption! I demand the body of this Marine! You will not stand between me and my goal!” His words rang loud through the valley and anyone could feel the authority of one who was used to the fact that his orders would be followed. “I greet you Cousin! My Name is Captain Kadoq of the Fifth Company of the Dawn Blades of the Ultima Founding. I assure you that we have no intention to stand between you and your goals. Yet I am surprised that you did not even greet us and that you demand the body of one who is not part of your Chapter. May I inquiry your reason to do this?” The one in the middle of the trio bowed slightly with a fist over one of his hearts. The Captain of the Angels of Redemption could see a slight light of humor in the eyes of his adversary. Who does he think he is? “So you are those ‘Primaris’? I have to say that I am not impressed. Why we lay claim to this one is none of your concern. Let us take him and we will leave this planet. We have no other business on this world.” He seems that he hit a wound point of this new Captain, as he could see how his mind darkened. The honour of the Primaris was probably hurt after saying that he was not impressed. “No Business? I assume then that you do not see it as your duty that the imperial citizens of this world need your help? That the death of the live blood of the Imperium is none of your concern. That it is not the duty of the vaunted Angels of Redemption to do the Emperors work. Well then enlighten me Cousin, what is the reason you came to this planet, if it is not to save humanity, although it is so far away from your fiefdom?” The Captain was taken aback at the outburst of the Primaris. Not his disrespectful manner of speaking nor the attempt to tarnish the existence of this new breed of transhuman warrior led to this outburst, but that they did not response faster to the reported traitor attack on this backwater planet? The brute on the right side of the Primaris Captain cleared his throat and spoke while repeatedly throwing one of his many knives into the air. “What my esteemed commanding officer means is, why should we leave the corpse of the saviour of imperial citizens and his comatose brother in your care?” There was another one? The reports only indicated that one would be here. Otherwise he would have brought more troops to this site. The rest of his Demi-Company was still in Orbit as the had to leave fast to follow another lead. Why was their information wrong and why are these abominations here? While these thoughts cruised through the head of the Angels of Redemption Captain, a Sergeant stepped up beside him and demanded “Lead us to him immediately! Don’t waste anymore of our time you brute!” The Primaris brute seemed ignorant to the importance of the survivor and added one knife to the one which was already spinning in the air while saying “First you should say ‘Don’t waste anymore of our time, Lieutenant brute’ and secondly, why should we? You still did not answer our questions.” The Captain signed his Sergeant to stand down and addressed the Primaris trio after clearing his thoughts “We are longer in this galaxy then you. We Firstborn know the importance of certain individuals and the information they can provide. So do not stall for time and PLEASE bring us to the survivor, COUSIN!” That answer brought out a laugh from the Primaris Captain and he walked up to him until their chests where mere inches away from each other. While glowering down on the shorter Transhuman, the Primaris spoke “So you mean because you think you are older than I am, you have superiority over me? Well, let me tell you this: I was born over five thousand years earlier than your mother, and while I stayed in Stasis, it seems that things got only worse with people like you in charge. Tell me, why should I, who is obeying a direct order of the Imperial Regent, follow you, who does not even seem to have any orders he follows?” A direct order of the returned Primarch? Did the Primarch hear about their hidden agenda? Did one of the many misconducts of his Chapter was the final straw which broke the camels back? He knew that the Inquisition started several investigations, but they could mislead them until now. He needs to mislead these brutes too. But still, why does he feel as something is not right with this situation? Without breaking the stare of the Primaris Captain, he tried to appease the giant before him “I am on a mission from my Chapter Master. These Marines are part of an order which have vital information for our Chapters mission. So we are here to escort them for further int… for a interview about these matters. We are only a small force on their way home, so we were not ready to attack these priates.” Kadoq did back up and gestured to the form of the Standard Bearer. “Follow me, Cousin.” Did this Captain believe him so easily? They walked a few paces until they stood before the fallen marine. Around him lay several slayed enemies, even a Chaos Champion could be seen, with his head some feet away. “This noble warrior sacrificed himself to secure the survival of this town. He slew several Traitor Astartes and this banner never felt the touch of the ground, not even in his death. Our scout probes recorded the battle, but unfortunately we where to slow to save him. But he left a message for the son’s of the Lion.” “A message? Who did hear this message? What was it about?” Although he was built to not know fear, something akin to this feeling crept into his voice, as he asked this the Primaris. “Tell our Legion that there were still loyal Brothers on Caliban. Ave Imperator.’ Only my staff and the Helix Adept who currently treats the comatose Battle Brother of this one know of this message. Do you know what it means?” The inquisitive look of the Primaris unnerved the Angel of Redemption and he answered far to fast “No, I do not.” “Well, then I assume you also do not know what this might mean…?” With that Kadoq pulled back the coat of flayed skin from the beheaded Chaos Champion, to reveal a symbol he has seen far to often on his adversaries. A symbol which was the reason for all the problems his Chapter had to endure. “Again, I demand that you give us the survivor. After that, you will leave this planet. We will secure the perimeter and ensure that the sanctity of this place remains unburdened.” The Primaris Captain let out a short laughter and responded “And again, why should I? You had no interest in these mortal lives, and now that you know more about the situation here, you changed your mind and want to help them? We Transhumans can smell a lie, but I am surprised how bad you are at lying. I know that there is a Strike Cruiser with a Demi-Company in Orbit, so you would have had more than enough men to eliminate the traitorous scum from this planet. So please enlighten me, why should we stand back?” For the second time did his Sergeant sept up beside his Captain before he could formulate an answer and said, “Because you are outgunned.” And with that 9 Bolters and 1 Plasmagun were trained at the Primaris. The Primaris Lieutenant chuckled and asked, “Is that a threat?” The Sergeant spat through clenched teeth “A promise!”. “Captain, it seems that you need to educate your subordinates better. They did not secure and surveyed the perimeter according to the Standards of the Codex Astartes. Also, they should know to not throw empty threads at Astartes.” Kadoq seemd not daunted by the overwhelming firepower which was directed at him. Wait, surveying the perimeter? Is the hooded one beside Kadoq a… “Facing such an empty threat, I feel like I should tell you our credo: From the grim darkness, our blades rise from the shadows to bring Humanity a new Dawn!” At the last word, the Lieutenant moved faster than any Space Marine should be able to and held a knife at the throat of the two officers of the Angels of Redemption. Additionally, something like a vile was lifted and around them stood twenty-five Primaris, all weapons trained at the Angels of Redemption, several of them where some kind of plasma weaponry. Now he knew what seemed of. There were no other Primaris units in the vicinity, although the Angels of Redemption arrived without a formal introduction and as fast as their Rhino was able to. Also the temperature displayed on his helmet was previously far lower then it should have been at such a sunny day. “Witch!” “He prefers the title Librarian, Captain.” Chuckled the brute, while the Captain could still feel the steel of the Knife at his throat. “Traitors!” spat the Sergeant, but at that moment Kadoq grabbed him by the throat and lifted him up like a child. “TRAITOR? YOU CALL US TRAITOR? YOU WHO DO NOTHING MORE THEN FOLLOWING YOUR PETTY HIDDEN AGENDA WHILE THE CITIZEN OF THE IMPERIUM ARE SLAUGHTERED? YOU WHO DO NOT FOLLOW THE WILL OF THE EMPEROR IN SAVING HUMANITY FROM THE DARKNESS OF THIS DAMNED TIME? STAY SILENT AND LET THE GROWN-UPS TALK YOU CUR!” Spittle flew into the face of the struggling Sergeant and now he could see the big canine teeth of the captain, as if they got larger with his rage. While still holding his Sergeant by the throat, Kadoq addressed him again. “Captain, I do not care for your true reason why you came to this place today, so far away from your fiefdom. But what I do care about is, that you left these brave mortals to die, instead of helping them. How should the imperial citizen have hope, if the Emperors Angel are not there to protect or at least avenge them? I will not allow you to steal the last hope they have in the Imperium through stealing them their martyred hero. If you want, you can take the corpse of this traitorous filth with you and I will even allow you your one-to-one Interview with the survivor, if he wakes up. But after that, you will leave this planet immediately!” and with that he let the half unconscious Sergeant fall to the ground, where he gasped for air. “And a word of advice. Remain true to the oaths you swore onto the emperor, as only he is able to judge your live worthy. If I get a notice that you stray again from the path of righteousness, I will put every ounce of my being into unraveling this hidden mission of yours, and may the Emperor have mercy upon your Chapters souls, if it is a mission that works against the hope of mankind!” Although outgunned, a knife on his throat and only inches away from a brute that lifted a fully armored Space Marine like child with one hand, the Firstborn officer frowned and asked, “Is this a threat?” “No, a promise! And ask your self this: is this agenda of yours worth the lives and souls of the Emperors objects?” At the same moment, a Primaris Apothecary ran to the assembly and reported to his superior with urgency in his voice “Captain, we have a problem!” Kadoq inclined his head and said, “Tell me something new Brother Apothecary.” The Primaris Apotehcary flushed and started “When I returned to the chamber of the surviving Marine, I saw another Marine entering the chamber. It was no Primaris and he wore a great hooded cape, and on his back was a big sword. He seemed like he wore the same or at least a similar livery as my patient. When I reached the camber, it was empty.” Both Captains shouted in unison “WHAAAT?” ---- Kadoq sat on the roof of the majors building and looked into the setting sun. While he preferred the symbolic notion, which gave his chapter its name, he always thought the sunset much more beautiful. The whistling of a knive thrown into the air destroyed his solemn thoughts. “What is it Lieutenant?” he asked without looking back. “A direct order of the Primarch? Really? I know you are a bad liar, but that was really low, even for your standard. As far as I know, the only direct order we ever received from the Primarch was bringing hope and the light of the Indomitus Crusade to this sector.” “Well, I took the liberty to interpret this order as I saw fit. And in that case, it was to keep the hope of these people up, without shedding the blood of fellow Astartes” chuckled the Primaris Captain. “Now tell me what our Techmarine found.” “Nothing. No traces of a hidden escape route or of teleportation. If it were not for the blood stains and the message, you could think that they were never there. What do you think about this ‘Leave the Fallen to me, as they are Loyalists and Traitors alike. There is still hope’ Should we have told the Angels of Redemption about it?” “No, for Thrones sake! They did not even intended to help us in rebuilding the planets defense system, so why should we help them? I am glad they left so soon. Did our Librarian already searched the chamber?” “No. He had to rest after hiding three troops for so long. He will search the chamber tomorrow.” The Lieutenant sheathed his knive and set beside his Captain. “By the way, the thing about unraveling the Agenda of the Angels of Redemption – was that true or just a threat?” Kadoq smiled, yet his eyes could not hide a glimmer of sorrow. “There are to many secrets in this millennium. We need to work together to save humanity, but that is impossible if everyone has a hidden mission or secrets to keep behind his back. You know my tribes name, and so I see it as my duty to destroy every secret which hinders that mankind has hope for a new Dawn of the Imperium.” “Aye, Truthseeker, aye.”
  13. The title says it all, BL announced a new character driven novel done by Gav Thorpe. It will cover Luther of the Dark Angels. Can't copy links as of now due to limited rights at my work pc so it'd be appreciated if someone could link the related article. Love him or hate him, he's going to do it. I, for one, enjoy his DA stuff so I'm eager to read it. Curious if he'll conclude some loose strings from his previous work. Hopefully, though I doubt it, will we have more about such DA enclaves like Wraight implemented in Wolfking. Those were a great inspiration, imho. Cheers, Kel
  14. Hi everyone, hope you're all well. It's been a while since I last posted anything but I am still working on my Unforgiven. Here's my latest project, a converted Dark Angels Interrogator Chaplain: And here's the artwork that inspired the conversion: Thanks for looking! ☺
  15. Heritage: Successors of the Dark Angels Founding: 3rd Founding Homeworld: Iritral, Delta-Class World (Dead World) Fortress Monastery: Aeterna Vigilantia (Located in the Ashen Wastes of Iritral) Descendants: None Read Here in a more comfortable Black Book Format: https://imgur.com/a/9kBlHQV Introduction As an ancient chapter that hails from the 3rd Founding, the Angels of Annihilation can count themselves amongst the most ancient and revered chapters to exist in this current day and age. Founded directly after the successful subjugation of the Laploemian Sector to ensure permanent imperial control, the chapter’s name came to be by the choice of their first Chapter Master, a former Angels of Vengeance Captain named “Pyriel” that was chosen to supervise and lead the fledgling chapter. Renowned for the merciless and righteous purgation of his foes, legends say that Pyriel let not a single enemy stand, regardless if they were soldiers or civilians, let alone let them escape the vengeful retribution the Imperium would bring. Despite eventually being slain himself, his legacy was never forgotten as it was successfully passed on. To this day, his teachings continue to shape each Space Marine inducted into the chapter. The chapter was born from the genetic legacy of none other than Lion El’Jonson, the Primarch of the venerable 1st Legion. As such, the chapter was blessed with a very pure and unmutated gene stock, still closely linking them to the Dark Angels to this day. However, this is not the only way that these two chapters are strongly tied together. The chapter is also part of the Unforgiven and bears the many secrets that come with this fact as a result. The hunt for the Fallen remains amongst one of the most important and yet most secretive objectives that the Unforgiven have to continuously tackle. The chapter has earned a reputation for being secretive and reclusive, similar to the many other Sons of the Lion. However, the reports of those that fought alongside the Angels of Annihilation and survived have described them as being dependable, tenacious and awe-inspiring warriors despite their cynical tendencies, who continue to fight even against the most perilous of odds and the overwhelming darkness of despair-filled battlefields. In complete contrast to the Angels of Redemption, the chapter never once completely abandoned its allies, choosing to split its forces apart and fighting with decreased numbers if the need arises, for reasons unknown to those not aware of the chapter’s history. This has nevertheless resulted in them being reprimanded by their primogenitor on several occasions, though both their loyalty to the Imperium and to the secret agenda of the Unforgiven remains ultimately unquestioned. Homeworld History Iritral was the last world that offered resistance against the Imperial forces during the Laploemian Subjugation, with the Angels of Vengeance contributing an exceptionally great portion to its success, earning the Dark Angel’s lineage a further right of succession by the end of their conquest. populated by both a squalid human and a prosperous xenos population. Tensions between these unalike races were high and several disputes had erupted into full-fledged wars in the past already, but the humans were never able to overthrow the aliens, let alone free themselves from their controlling grip. This unsightly race saw itself as the destined rulers of the planet, but their rule would end in an inglorious massacre, their name, appearance and deeds forgotten, their existence only made apparent by brief passages, scattered across the historical documents of the chapter. It is told the planet was described as quite beautiful in its appearance and possibly could have fit the description of a so-called “Paradise World” in the past, were it not for the Laploemian Subjugation that turned the planet into a mere shadow of its former self. Much of its natural beauty was lost and sacrificed in the battles that ensued to free the humans from the grip of the vile aliens. However, the young chapter had no interest in assisting the human population, choosing to only focus on their own growth and the duties that they would have to fulfill, for there was little reason for most Astartes chapters to bother with the needs of their homeworld’s population. The struggling humans, unable to keep up with their own basic needs, slowly came to resent their so-called “Angels” and many would begin to walk the path of damnation out of vengeance and spite, for they thought they had been abandoned by the promised light of the Emperor. The hatred seeped deep into the minds of most people, as they began to conspire against the chapter and by extension, the Imperium, with what little resources they had. The attempt was never made, however, as the Librarian’s prognostications foresaw this simple-minded betrayal. Upon hearing the news, several civilians were simply abducted by the chapter’s Interrogator Chaplains to make them confess their crime and to gather more detailed information on the attempted uprising. It turned out that too many civilians harbored corrupted thought, many actively participating in the preparations for the rebellion while many more simply supported the notion and made no efforts to intervene. Both were equally seen as treacherous actions. Thus there remained but one verdict to be issued, approved ultimately by none other than Chapter Master “Rezan Salrich” himself: Annihilation. With not enough time and information at hand to be able to make an effective distinction between the few remaining loyalist citizens and the treacherous majority, the chapter, at the behest of the Interrogator Chaplains’ advice, could not possibly spare anyone’s life. Cities and villages were both indiscriminately bombarded from orbit by the chapter’s fleet as the entire population was to be subjected to a thorough purge. That day nobody had the honour to die directly by the hands of the Astartes, the population’s demise was simply carried out from orbit. To those that were unfortunate enough to be the target of the chapter’s wrath, it seemed like the heavens themselves turned wrathful at the thoughts they had and no amount of pleading would earn their forgiveness. All that would be left afterward was a planet covered in dark ashes. Life had been eradicated and the only place where life still existed was the chapter’s Fortress Monastery, which survived the indiscriminate bombardment thanks to its shields. But this act, this atrocity, would affect the chapter in more ways than one. Despite their transhuman nature, the Astartes still felt a mixture of disgust and sorrow at the actions taken, for many of the Astartes were born on this world and were related to those very humans they incinerated. Though each Battle-Brother experienced those feelings at varying degrees, nobody was able to truly support the actions taken. Even the cold and fearsome Interrogator Chaplains, infamous for their willingness to go any length to ensure the Unforgiven’s secret agenda and their chapter’s future, could not help but feel an unpleasant aftertaste. Rezen Salrich condemned the actions that the chapter had to take. While he was aware they were necessary and he himself had not hesitated to give his verdict, the outcome of the situation would have been completely avoided if the chapter assisted the people of their homeworld instead of ignoring them outside of recruitment purposes. Though any guilt and accusations from external factions were quickly disproven with the evidence of confessions, the Chapter themselves have held onto the memory of their failures far longer than the greater Imperium. While they may not have changed their name or their colour scheme, retaining both over their countless millennia of service, their own beliefs did change dramatically. Never would they repeat the mistake of ignoring and abandoning their allies ever again. They would not allow those on humanity’s side to suffer despair or harbour treacherous thoughts regardless of the time and place, even if it meant the sacrifice of each Battle-Brother to accomplish that. This would be their way to atone for their deed. Annihilation with a greater purpose than mere satisfaction of having slain the emperor’s foes. How exactly these treacherous thoughts came to remain largely unclear to this day, as more modern accounts do not detail the intricacies behind the uprising. Some ancient documents actually suggest the idea that it was the influence of an external force that implanted those seditious thoughts into the humans of Iritral. The confessions from men that have long since perished kept referring to a group of mysterious individuals that apparently were at the center of it all. Describing them as tall-standing, hooded individuals who never revealed their faces, it has been suggested that the original perpetrators of the rebellion were indeed not even human in nature, but instead were a surviving cult consisting of members that belonged to the original native xenos species of Iritral that was thought to have been completely wiped out. While no exact conclusion can be drawn due to how no detailed accounts were ever made, the mere thought and possibility that it was the work of vengeful xenos that brought about the end of the world’s human population has enraged many within the chapter and has only served as further reasoning as to why no single alien should be given the right to live and how no survivors must remain once a foe has been successfully defeated. Aeterna Vigilantia Despite committing a planet-wide cleansing campaign that reduced much if not the entire planet to mere cinders, the chapter refused to abandon their homeworld, choosing instead to continue to live on their dead and desolate planet. While the Fortress Monastery “Tower of Blades” emerged unscathed from the planet-wide bombardment thanks to its powerful shields, it would not remain unchanged. Great construction projects would be undertaken to expand the size of the monastery, raise many defensive fortifications, reinforce the existing structure and a plethora of countless other noteworthy deeds. The biggest change was the replacement of its singular large tower with two large spires that reached above the dark ashen clouds of Iritral. Finally, the name of the monastery itself was also changed and it was reborn as the “Aeterna Vigilantia” (Eternal Vigilance). An imposing sight in the midst of a forsaken wasteland, the Eternal Vigilance has stood for almost as long as the chapter itself has existed. With the passing of many millennia, many weapons of various archaic designs, sometimes even those whose knowledge of construction is now deemed lost, have been added to the many defensive installations of the monastery. Despite the Eternal Vigilance being located within a dark grey wasteland, it is not seen as an excuse to give it a similar appearance. The entire twin spire’s structure is said to be inspired by a mixture of gothic and baroque architecture, further decorated with lush, overgrown and uncanny plant life, whose maintenance is part of the chapter serf’s daily routine. Several great bridges connect the two twin spires together, forming something almost akin to a sprawling hive. Banners of fallen warriors whose feats were not forgotten and statues of great heroes are also not uncommon, gracefully accentuating the chapter’s attempt to defy the otherwise all-consuming monotone dark grey that surrounds them. At the top of the twin spires the chapter’s Reclusiam and Librarius, which simultaneously holds the chapter’s Astropathic Choir, can be found, the former recognizable thanks to its large ancient banners fluttering in the high altitudes and being constructed from marble, as well as being adorned with many golden details, while the latter is constructed from black stone and lit with bright blue flames that light the otherwise dark atmosphere. The Eternal Vigilance continues to grow in its size, complexity and defensive capabilities to this day in order to face the countless foes that the chapter encounters on the borders of the Imperium, keeping eternal watch over Iritral’s wastes and it is ready to defend the last shreds of the chapter’s honour that are buried beneath the planet’s layers of ash. Chapter Belief and Culture The words “Atonement” and “Annihilation” form the imperishable cornerstones of the chapter’s beliefs after the Burning of Iritral, with both of these expressions having become mirrored in the gigantic twin spires of the Eternal Vigilance: The spire with the Reclusiam naturally represents atonement and the spire that holds the Librarius embodies the chapter’s wish for the annihilation of mankind’s enemies, holding knowledge collected over many millennia with which the chapter has gained insight on the many weaknesses that plague their enemies. The destruction of the enemy outweighs any collateral damage that is suffered at the chapter’s hands. In the eyes of the Angels of Annihilation, humanity will always conquer that which has been destroyed. That which is reduced to ash may be rebuilt. Destruction and Construction are both needed for improvement, one cannot create something great without having both. This philosophy does not merely exist as an excuse however but also extends deep into the chapter’s culture and their training. Aspirants as well as Initiates and Brothers that wish to ascend even further into the secret order of the Unforgiven, the Inner Circle, are continuously broken mentally and physically several times during their training, enduring it all in order to grow and be further re-forged into warriors without flaw with impenetrable minds of steel. A particular addition to these beliefs that has formed over time, however, not too dissimilar like the overgrown lush plant life of the chapter’s monastery, is the fact the chapter has resolved themselves to never abandon any allies that they fight with. Having experienced first hand how darkness and corruption took root while not paying attention to their surroundings, the chapter has sworn to never let such events repeat themselves. Even if Fallen activity has been discovered, the chapter abandons no one it fights with. At worst they may dedicate a portion of their units to the pursuit of the Fallen and fight on with decreased numbers. There have been numerous accounts of mere squads inspiring platoons of guardsmen to hold the line by showing off their own tenacity, or times when the chapter rescued a surrounded entrenched gun line from an endless swarm of foes and many other deeds that have earned the chapter praise. Some may see those as heroic and noble actions, but the truth behind these actions is rather different. The chapter saves people not because they see themselves heroes or because of humanitarian morals, but for the simple reason that they expect those that they saved to become resolved to continue to fight on for another day. It is better for them to steel their minds against corruption and die in service of the Emperor, rather than to fall to despair and become the very thing they at first swore to destroy. While the original intent of Rezen Salrich was for the chapter to better itself, the belief of saving and standing with their allies has largely changed into a cynical and pragmatic mindset over time, for the chapter has lacked any true connection to humans and their own humanity outside their own Chapter Serfs and recruits for many millennia. Despite having purged their own homeworld many millennia ago, the chapter has inherited and continued on the traditions of the now-extinct population. The people of Iritral prided themselves in their sword making arts and offered some of their blades as sacrifices to the Emperor periodically. The sword in itself is the purest form of mankind’s ability to wage war, a truth that has not changed since mankind’s original dawn and has become a symbol associated with purity and strength in the eyes of the Angels of Annihilation. Each Techmarine of the chapter crafts a blade every 5 years to both commemorate the progress of their own skills as well as to offer up the blade to be used as a sacrifice to the Aspiration’s Summit. In addition, every Battle-Brother, upon the completion of his training, is awarded a newly crafted short sword that fits his personal fighting preferences. Much like the Gladius, which is used by several Space Marine chapters, it is a type of combat knife. However, these blades are not uniform in their shape or composition, as those are heavily dependent on their users. Each sword is a reflection of the marine that wields it and to lose one’s own personal blade is to bring great dishonour. On the other hand, to have one’s blade break during combat means that the blade has fulfilled its purpose and served until the very end of its capabilities, which also signifies that the Battle-Brother in question himself has grown and has become far more experienced. So important is their value, that it has been known that these blades are recovered alongside a fallen brother’s gene-seed, or in unique circumstances, only the blade if the battlefield situation allows not for careful gene-seed extraction. Successfully recovered blades are added to the many other blades of the Aspiration’s summit, signifying the death and thus completion of a marine’s duty. Although being a monastic chapter, the Angels of Annihilation shun the notion that the Emperor was truly a god. The great feats accomplished by mankind and the Emperor in the past were not the works of prayers being answered by false deities, but simply the work of humans who realized that their greatest gifts were their will and resolve. Despite not being humans anymore themselves, having sacrificed their humanity to become Angels of Death, the Astartes of the chapter have made it their purpose to carry out the will of the Emperor, while also avenging a dream that died long ago, when the Great Heresy took place. Aspiration’s Summit Unlike most important areas of the chapter, the Aspiration’s summit is not located anywhere near the Eternal Vigilance. It is a remote location to which all neophytes must travel in order to be considered true Angels of Annihilation. Journeys undertaken by foot can take anywhere between a few days to over a week, depending on the frequency of ash storms that continuously plague the surface of Iritral. These journeys are led by a Chaplain put in charge of training the fledgling neophytes, who himself is accompanied by an Apothecary as well as a handful of chapter serfs. It is a place that acts both as a sacred training ground and yet as a graveyard for the souls of the people that the chapter condemned on that fateful day many ages ago and their own Battle-Brothers that have fallen in combat all across the galaxy over the many millennia ever since. It is a sorrowful image of a grey mountain covered and surrounded by blades, whose purpose vanished with the death of their wielders, along with war-torn banners of past Battle-Brothers who accomplished great deeds during their lifetime as well as those of entire marine companies that fell in brutal wars. Some blades are heavily worn and partially eroded, a befitting testament to their age, while many others either are or seem like newly crafted additions. It is here in this desolate landscape of cold steel and colourless ash that the neophytes learn the ancient martial honour of Lost Caliban and not only begin to find great appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into a weapon but also manage to discover their own particular preferences for said weapons as well as their own combat style. Countless weeks, maybe months will be spent here with neophytes fighting each other to hone their skills. As there are no standardized rules or schedules, the Chaplains often create their own systems as they see fit and they won’t allow the neophytes to leave until they themselves are satisfied with the results. While the chapter generally prefers training neophytes in cooperative manners, this is the one exception that cannot be negotiated with and has become an integral part of the chapter’s way of life. The neophytes that return to the monastery are completely reforged into warriors that are indeed worthy of being part of the Lion’s gene-lineage. The Aspiration’s Summit serves some additional purposes as well. Given its symbolic value, it is also a place to where new Wrathwing initiates are drawn to in order to prove their worth, having to pass through several excruciating trials that seek to test the marine’s strength of will and resolve thoroughly. Atop the peak of the mountain is where the Master of the Wrathwing has to take the Heaven’s Oath to ensure the cooperation of the ancient machine spirit that dwells in the Paragon Blade named “Oathkeeper’s Blade”. Yet despite all these important rituals and trials that take place there, the Aspiration’s Summit certainly remains not a place to be actively yearned for and with each new blade added to its already countless numbers, that fact is only further cemented. Combat Doctrine Much like their primogenitor, the chapter fights as a normal codex-oriented chapter barring the chapter’s Wrathwing (1st Company) and Thunderwing (2nd Company), with tactical flexibility and rapid deployment at the forefront of their abilities. However, the chapter additionally places great emphasis on combat efficiency, encouraging each battle brother to fight at the peak of their capabilities. To that end, the chapter, unlike the Dark Angels, tolerates the notion of each fully trained Battle-Brother being able to customize their panoply of war. The Wrathwing and Thunderwing resemble the Deathwing and Ravenwing respectively, one completely clad in Terminator Armour and dedicated to the ruthless destruction of any foe that dares to oppose the Angels of Annihilation while the other snatches air superiority from the enemy and hunts down those that would try to flee from their well-deserved demise, be it combatants or non-combatants. To the chapter that distinction makes no difference, because with the utter annihilation of each foe, there is one less burden for the Imperium and thus the Emperor to handle. The chapter fights neither like savage barbarians nor noble warriors, it fights neither for pride nor for distinction, but simply seeks to exterminate their foes quickly and efficiently, viewing a quick death as the greatest mercy that the Emperor can offer to those that oppose mankind. To that end, the chapter has expressed a clear preference for Plasma weaponry, for being equally versatile on the battlefield and equally as deadly, reducing the chapter’s opponents to ash or boiling them inside their own armour with a mere blast. These weapons are seen as the avatars of the Emperor’s fury made manifest and each howling blast released is an innocent soul avenged. Rumours indicate that the chapter has inherited a great deal of knowledge about plasma weaponry from their founding chapter as well as having either traded or gained additional knowledge through other means over the many millennia, which would possibly explain their ability to maintain such a great amount of those particular special weapons. Rarely has a foe ever been recognized as possessing outstanding honour of their own, but in those rare times that the enemy has proven worthy, the chapter is willing to send out their own champions to test the resolve and strength of will that belongs to the foe. Chapter Armoury (Angelus Ferropera) While more exotic technologies are requisitioned from the local forge world known as Berethral, located in the same sector as the chapter’s homeworld, most of the gear and vehicles at the disposal of the chapter are crafted in the “Angelus Ferropera”, the chapter’s own forge located directly in the middle between the giant twin spires of their monastery. Giant metal gears can be seen on the outside, ceaselessly turning, indicating the constant and diligent work that is undertaken by the Techmarines that are housed there. Yet it is not merely just home to the chapter’s Techmarines but also to a myriad of great ancient technological secrets and relic war machines protected in stasis fields. Due to the ancient nature of the chapter, hailing from the 3rd founding, some long-forgotten relics that once served on the battlefield at the time of the Great Crusade and the Great Heresy can be discovered here, slumbering in stasis until their time is needed once more. A great deal of those relic vehicles that were inherited once served within the bygone formation of the Dark Angel’s legion known as the Dreadwing. These vehicles, whose machine spirits seem to be commonly plagued by the horrible experiences of the Great Heresy, await the moment they may be reawakened once more to serve on the battlefields of more modern times. Their hulls, irreversibly tainted by the weapons of Destroyer Marines, consistently release ominous radiation that can be measured by nearby Geiger counters, forever reminding the chapter’s warriors that these venerable vehicles are stained by their deeds of the past, just as the chapter itself is stained with both sin and shame. Yet it is not the exotic and rare relic weapons that win the majority of wars, but those that can be built and have proven reliable. The “Angelus Ferropera” ensures that the chapter’s demands are completely met and thus the Chapter's armoury is continuously well-stocked. Regarded with great reverence for the quality of its manufactured armaments and vehicles, it truly showcases the chapter’s dedication to the wars that they wage. Apart from also being the chapter’s greatest source of Plasma Weaponry, the forge is also in miraculous possession of construction knowledge for ancient types of Power Armour, albeit only able to create and maintain in rather limited amounts. At the forefront of this ability is the hardly remembered yet incredibly durable MK III Power Armour design, favoured by the chapter for its additional frontal protection and commonly issued to Veteran Battle Brothers. Due to the original template’s arguably outdated systems however, each newly produced suit’s systems and sensory equipment are individually modified at the hands of an experienced Techmarine to be up to modern standard. This practice extends far back into the chapter’s history and as such the most venerable examples of MK III suits have become invaluable relics. Recruitment Due to Iritral’s inhospitable nature, recolonization efforts outside the monastery have borne little fruit. As such, the chapter has instead opted to recruit from neighboring systems, favouring but not necessarily limiting themselves to hive worlds and feral worlds. The chapter shuns the notion of societal prejudice, for such things ultimately do not decide the capabilities of an initiate, and instead chooses recruits based on their pre-existing resolve and tenacity, which are determined by allowing the potential initiates to complete several trials, some of which are created on the spot at the whims of the recruiter. From the depths of the Underhive to feral villages located in the mountains, no place is off-limits for potential candidates whose survival instincts, as well as their skills and will to survive, are hardened beyond any conventional breaking point. Yet only the chapter can re-forge this potential into the terrifying prospect of an Astartes. To become an Angel of Annihilation is to relinquish whatever previous ties one possessed prior to his ascension, to seek nothing else but the destruction of mankind’s enemy as well as to earn the Emperor’s forgiveness for the chapter’s sin and the shame shared across all Unforgiven.
  16. GENE-SEED (PREDECESSOR): Dark Angels (Angels of Vengeance) FOUNDING: unknown CHAPTER MASTER: Pyrrhus Brasidor CHAPTER WORLD: Urkona FORTRESS MONASTERY: The Hold MAIN COLORS: crimson, bone, silver SPECIALITY: none BATTLE CRY:
  17. FOUNDING: 2ND GENE-SEED (PREDECESSOR): Dark Angels Legion CHAPTER WORLD: Pervigilium FORTRESS MONASTERY: The Watchtower KNOWN DESCENDANTS: None CHAPTER MOTTO: "Victory to the strong!" +++ INCOMING MESSAGE +++ +++ DECRYPT CYPHERS ORDER ACCEPTED +++ +++ PRIORITY SIGMA-4 +++ TRANSMITTED: Pervigilium RECEIVED: The Rock, Agripinaa sector DATE: 026.M31 TELEPATHIC DUCT: Librarium-terminus Jophiel SUBJECT: After action report THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: The hunt is the crucible of our will 35th Chapter dispatched on Operation: Crucible Pervigilium secured Casualties: light Command post established on orbital docks Codex Astartes adopted per plan 35th Chapter re-designated “Angels of Vigilance” The Death Watch initiated +++ MESSAGE ENDS+++ ORIGINS The Angels of Vigilance were once the 35th Chapter of the First Legion. Prior to the tragic events of the Horus Heresy, the 35th Chapter had been one of several First Legion expeditions that had utilized the Imperium’s orbital docks at Pervigilium. In the rare instances in which the legionnaires of the First Legion observed the inhabitants of Pervigilium, they noted marked similarities with the customs and culture of Caliban, especially within the ruling castes of the world. Despite their compliance with the Pax Imperium, however, the ruling castes of Pervigilium remained aloof from any overtures of communication with the First Legion. Consumed with the requirements of the Great Crusade, little thought was given to the resemblances, though reports were submitted to the Legion headquarters. It wasn’t until after the destruction of Caliban and the loss of the Lion that further consideration was given to Pervigilium and its strange resemblance to the Legion’s lost homeworld. With the Hunt for the Fallen recently declared and the memory of their Fallen brothers fresh, the Dark Angels subjected Pervigilium to considerable scrutiny. This scrutiny was a combination of scouting by the Legion’s Reconnaissance squads and scrying by the members of the Librarius. Analysis of the resulting intelligence revealed a terrible truth to the Dark Angels – somehow, one or more of the Fallen had been carried through the dark eddies of the Warp and deposited upon Pervigilium in the past, arriving during the Age of Strife. Superior in all ways to normal humans, the transhuman Dark Angel had wrested control of the world, insinuating himself as the secret power controlling the ruling castes of the world. Over time, he had shaped the warriors of the castes into military orders. Whether or not this member of the Fallen still lived was unknown, but the leaders of the Dark Angels were determined to recover him at all costs. A contingent from the 35th Chapter was rapidly dispatched aboard the strike cruiser Darkclaw with orders to capture the Fallen and ascertain the extent of his influence, destroying all evidence of his taint. The 35th Chapter ultimately succeeded in their mission, capturing a member of the Fallen who had grown ancient. In addition, they exterminated the ruling castes after determining that the influence of the Fallen, once Knight-Sergeant Bohriel of the 8th Chapter, extended too far within their esoteric practices. The strike force returned to the Rock with Bohriel held in stasis deep within the most protected vaults of the Darkclaw. The interrogator-chaplains of the Legion succeeded in extracting an admission of guilt from Bohriel after seven full days of torture. Bohriel’s confession also included information about the recurrence of warp portals within the caverns of Pervigilium. Deliberating over a course of action, the Dark Angels received news of the Second Founding. Fearing for the fate of the First Legion, the Dark Angels committed themselves to a course of action that would result in the Angels of Vigilance being created in secret. While the rest of the Legion underwent the Second Founding, splitting into separate Chapters, the 35th Chapter was rapidly dispatched with orders to secure a foothold and establish a watch over the planet. Adopting the personal heraldry of Chapter Master Rammahel as their livery. Rammahel swore a mighty blood oath that the fortress monastery of the newly-formed Angels of Vigilance would remain ever pure, and that oath was sworn by every other member of the Chapter, continuing to this day. ORGANIZATION Unlike the other Unforgiven Chapters, the Angels of Vigilance have adopted a Chapter structure that follows the Codex Astartes quite closely. The 1st Company is composed of the Chapter’s veterans and, in common with the other Unforgiven Chapters, only ever takes to the field of battle in tactical dreadnought armour. Within the Angels of Vigilance, this mighty company is called the Sentinels and is led by a grand master known as the Master Sentinel. The name is also applied to all veterans of the Chapter, all of whom must be inducted into this company in order to earn the title. The 2nd through 5th Companies are Battle Companies. The role of the Ravenwing, normally assigned to the 2nd Company of other Unforgiven Chapters, is instead split between the 6th and 7th Companies. These two companies and their members are known as the Errantors. Uniquely, each of these companies is led by a company master, with a grand master known as the Master Hunter presiding over the combined Errantors. The 8th, 9th, and 10th Companies follow standard Codex Astartes roles. Progression through the Angels of Vigilance will see neophytes trained as normal in the 10th Company. Upon reaching the rank of full battle-brother, most members of the Chapter will be assigned to one of the battle companies, though those that demonstrate an affinity for assault may be assigned to the 8th Company while those with an affinity for employing heavy firepower may find themselves assigned to the 9th Company. It is not uncommon for a battle-brother to transition between the battle companies and the 8th and 9th Companies based upon the operational needs of the Chapter. Experienced battle-brothers will then be transferred to either the Sentinels or to the 6th or 7th Companies, with each path having its own progression. Within the Sentinels, the most senior will become Sentinel Knights, from whose ranks the majority of the Chapter’s officers are drawn. Within the 6th and 7th Companies, the most senior will become Knights Errant. As with the other Unforgiven Chapters, the senior officers of the Angels of Vigilance are members of the Inner Circle. LIVERY The basic livery of the Angels of Vigilance Chapter is yellow power armour with black aquila and badges. Squad numbers are displayed in white over the squad badge, and company affiliation is typically displayed on the left kneepad. It is also common for members of the Chapter to wear black tabards. Angels of Vigilance Battle-Brother in Chapter Approved livery for power armour The Chapter has retained only two visible links to the 1st Legion. The first can be seen in the company affiliation markings, which follow the pattern of the parent legion while being modified to use the colors of the new Chapter. The second link is the crucible element of the Chapter badge, which was derived from the heraldry of the 35th Chapter and whose origins lay with the Order of the Death Watch, a minor knightly order from Caliban that had been assimilated into the Order prior to the discovery of the Primarch. The Chapter still incorporates other minor elements from the iconography of the 1st Legion into its panoply, including frequent use of the lion and angel motifs. The Chapter has also developed its own distinct system of markings, blending those of the 1st Legion with markings from the Codex Astartes as well as markings that appear to be peculiar to the Angels of Vigilance. Most common among these peculiar markings are red or black chains and the obsidian skull. The Angels of Vigilance hold the significance of these markings as a closely guarded secret, refusing to reveal them even to the other Unforgiven Chapters. Angels of Vigilance Sentinel in Chapter Approved livery for tactical dreadnought armour Angels of Vigilance Scout in camouflaged livery HOME WORLD The Angels of Vigilance claim Pervigilium as their homeworld, maintaining an eternal watch over the world from their orbiting fortress monastery. A world with a moisture-rich atmosphere, Pervigilium has large polar ice caps that cover almost fifty percent of the world’s surface. The narrow temperate zone across the equator features rich plant life and teems with wildlife. It is within this temperate zone that the human populace has created numerous cities. The inhabitants of Pervigilium are kept at a pre-industrial technology level by the Angels of Vigilance, who are specters of fear to the humans. The mortal inhabitants of Pervigilium fear and revere the Angels of Vigilance as the Watchers, messengers of the Emperor’s wrath and the bringers of justice. Though largely left to their own devices, the humans of Pervigilium will occasionally witness a skull-faced giant appear to visit death upon those that have transgressed the laws of the Watchers. Pervigilium FLEET ASSETS Constantly patrolling the Segmentum Obscurus and launching forays in the Eye of Terror when the situation permits, the Angels of Vigilance maintain a large fleet. Though they have only one battle barge, the Herald of Caliban, the Chapter possesses six strike cruisers. The most prized vessel is the Darkclaw, a continuing reminder of the Chapter’s origin and mission. The venerable strike cruiser Darkclaw remains in active service with the Angels of Vigilance. COMBAT DOCTRINE In most ways, the Angels of Vigilance observe a strict application of the tenets espoused within the Codex Astartes. They maintain forces trained, organized, and equipped for maximum flexibility. The Chapter leverages the Errantors to a greater degree than is normally found in Codex-adherent Chapters and their usage of the 6th and 7th Companies. These forces are frequently deployed as sizeable contingents in support of strike forces. The Angels of Vigilance often employ Errantor units in mixed forces, resulting in units that resemble the composition of the Ravenwing of other Unforgiven Chapters. The other divergence from the Codex Astartes is the veteran company operating solely in tactical dreadnought armour, identical to the Deathwing of other Unforgiven Chapters. BELIEFS The core of the Chapter’s warrior cult is the blood oath to keep watch over Pervigilium and extinguish any signs of the influence of the Fallen. Upon becoming a full battle-brother, each member of the Chapter swears a mighty oath to protect the fortress-monastery and preserve the purity of Pervigilium. The Chapter has never foresworn this oath, ensuring that the fortress-monastery is guarded at all times. The Interrogator-Chaplains supervise the long watch over Pervigilium and will dispatch one of their number to kill or capture any that exhibit trace signs of the teachings of Bohriel. The Chapter’s refusal to deploy in full strength has brought it to the attention of the High Lords of Terra on several occasions. The Angels of Vigilance have proven their loyalty time and again in their service to the Imperium, however, and their peculiar practice has been repeatedly explained as a cautious protective measure to ensure the preservation of their most important resource – their gene-seed. Beyond these unique practices, the Chapter is known to follow their own variation of the warrior cult of the First Legion, a derivation of the teachings of the Order and Lion El’Jonson, though dramatically influenced by Luther’s Betrayal and the Hunt for the Fallen. RECRUITMENT The Angels of Vigilance are unique in that they have never been known to recruit from the populace of their homeworld. No reason for this has ever been offered, and it is especially curious because the populace of Pervigilium suffers an extremely low number of mutations, despite their proximity to the warp storm known as the Eye of Terror. Instead, the Angels of Vigilance draw their recruits from a number of other worlds in the Segmentum Obscurus, periodically visiting each world in turn in order to take in a new crop of recruits. The methods of recruitment vary from world to world. On the primitive world of Dathregi, the Angels of Vigilance will identify candidates from the warring tribes, rescuing those with potential from the battlefields (indeed, some suffer near mortal wounds in the battles and are nursed back to health by the Apothecaries of the Chapter before being subjected to the trials of a neophyte). On the hive world of Lorelei’s Hope, the Angels of Vigilance will enter the hives and draw from the gangers that infest the depths. A number of other worlds provide ready recruits for the Chapter, each unique and deadly in its own way. Drawing upon multiple recruiting worlds has resulted in members of the Chapter having a variety of genotypes. The trials and training that neophytes undergo follow the strict dictates of the Codex Astartes, with the Chaplains and experienced battle-brothers subjecting their neophytes to a harsh regimen that quickly weeds out the weak, leaving only the most hardy of specimens to become Adeptus Astartes of the Angels of Vigilance Chapter. GENE-SEED The gene-seed of the Angels of Vigilance has remained absolutely pure over the millennia, despite the Chapter’s proximity to, and frequent operations within, the Eye of Terror. BATTLE HONOURS With a battle history stretching back to the Second Founding in M31, the battle honours of the Angels of Vigilance fill tome upon tome. They are noted for over a dozen defensive actions against Chaos forays from deep within the Eye of Terror; and they have launched almost the same number of raids into that warp storm. Most recently, a force of six companies participated in the recent war upon Armageddon when the Ork Warboss Mag Uruk Thraka returned to that world in force. The Angels of Vigilance are currently preparing a force to answer the call to defend Cadia. CHAMPIONS Master Lisoniel Master Lisoniel served the Angels of Vigilance for four centuries, serving in the 3rd and 8th Companies before becoming a Sentinel. As a Sentinel Knight in 905.M40, he was awarded the Sable Lion as his personal heraldry in recognition for his steadfast pursuit of his duty despite being grievously wounded. He was later appointed as Master of the 3rd Company, in which role he led a raid into the Eye of Terror in which two members of the Fallen were captured. He was killed in action a decade later, succeeding in killing the Eldar war leader even as the xenos struck him down. Company Master Lisoniel at the Battle of Redhark IV Venerable Brother Gauvain A member of the Angels of Vigilance who gained renown among the Adeptus Astartes was Venerable Brother Gauvain, who served three secondments to the Ordo Xenos Deathwatch. Though advanced to the ranks of the Sentinels after his second tour with the Deathwatch, he returned to serve the Inquisition two decades later. His actions took him across the length and breadth of the Segmentum Obscurus, facing numberless xenos threats and serving alongside members of four dozen other Chapters. He later returned to the Angels of Vigilance in time to join the strike force dispatched to the Armageddon system. In recognition of his service to the Deathwatch, he has been allowed to retain the silver arm and badge. His experience fighting xenos proved invaluable in combating the Ork menace and he served as Master Roahmiel’s lieutenant, leading half of the third company in the ship-to-ship fighting. He joined the ranks of the Sentinel Knights upon returning from Armageddon and is among those preparing to journey to Cadia. Venerable Brother Gauvain, Veteran of the Ordo Xenos Deathwatch Discussion Topic (a dedicated topic might be created if necessary as this article was created as part of a challenge)
  18. I've been playing and collecting Dark Angels for a decade (I started them in 2009, so I'm receiving my service stud this year!), but in the last five years or so I've been playing mainly the Horus Heresy. This left my quite vast collection of Unforgiven in various states of unpaintedness... well, things are about to change, and my group is starting to dip its toes in 8th edition. Over the years, I have stored a full classic marine company, 30+ terminators, and at least 1x of all the Ravenwing units, although the latter has never been my focus. I don't know if I'll ever paint all of this stuff, but for the moment, I'm going to put together a 50 PL army for open war/narrative gaming. This starting force is going to be a combined arms detachment, and I plan to include greenwing, Deathwing and Ravenwing all together. I also have some primaris incoming, but I'm not sure if I want to integrate them in my "classic" (is it classic now?) Dark Angels army or if I'd rather keep them separate. To test the waters for this second solution, I painted a Guardian of the Covenant: My Heresy era Dark Angels were originally posted here, but they may as well be finding a new home in this topic when I'll get around to take some updated photos. Cheers!
  19. *best enjoyed on desktop* Index Astartes Origins The War of the Beats brought large amounts of destruction to the Imperium. Lord Commander of the Imperium Maximus Thane had decreed that the Imperium would raise as many new Chapters as they had gene-seed in the great vaults of Terra to sustain. A Fourth Founding chapter, the Legion of the Iron Lion was created with one goal in mind, to engage with the orks. Invictumos, a world that prides itself in its martial ability, and one that has been fighting the orks since the days before the Imperium, would be the homeworld to such a chapter. As to which of the successors of the First Legion provided its veterans to raise the new chapter, it is not known. Only a legend told to initiates remains, "Just as the red halo engulfed the Flame of Consecration, the consecrated Iron engulfs the Sword of the Lion. And as the wings gave flight to the sword of the Angels, the Angels gave flight to the Legion of the Iron Lion" Homeworld: Invictumos To be fleshed out in the future. Battle Doctrine Always steadily on the advance, the Legion eradicates their foes with accurate and deadly fire. As one squad lays down fire, the other will advance. Before their foes can realize what has happened, the astartes of the Legion are upon them. With blades drawn, the legionnaires eradicate their enemies. The legionnaires of the Iron Lion have developed an affinity for the pole-arm, for the flamer, and for the plasma weapon in order to fight their most hated foe, the green tide. Close combat squads march into battle with chain glaives and wrist mounted bolters and flamers. Tactical and hellblaster squads armed with plasma weaponry aim to take down ork nobs and bosses. Contemptor and redemptor dreadnoughts storm into the maelstrom of battle unleashing a hail of fire and plasma into the ramshackle vehicles of the orks. However, on occasion when facing a large Waahg, support will be needed. They call upon their unique ally, Magos Explorator Reslpo Telfa. The Magos has been known to bring the full might of his fleet, which includes a Knight Host and a warhound pack, upon the enemies of the Iron Lions. As such, not even the mighty stompa can against the combine might of the two armies. The Legion and the Unforgiven Circles within circles. Truth within lies. Lies within truth. Each cog has its role to play. Only one Legionnaire is ever truly aware of the treacherous acts of Luther and the Fallen, the Grand Arbiter. Personally trained by the Interrogator Chaplains of the Dark Angels, the Grand Arbiter's purpose is to be an extension of the will of the Unforgiven, and guide his Master of the Legion in the Hunt. Fully indoctrinated into the higher levels of the Inner Circle, more so than the Master of the Legion, the Grand Arbiter is the sole Legionnaire to perform interrogations and deliver Judgement and Redemption. As with the other Unforgiven, many lies exist within the truth that is told to those who have been indoctrinated into the Hunt, but how much is truth, and how much is a lie? Rework in progress. Going for a more traditional relationship. The Cohorts of the Legion The Legion is divided into two self-sustaining cohorts, consisting of 6 centuries of 100 troops. Cohort Leonus bears scarlet shoulders and consists of the 6 odd numbered centuries, while Cohort Ferrum bears black shoulders and consists of the 6 even numbered centuries. The1st and 2nd centuries are the veteran centuries of the Legion, while the 11th and 12th centuries are the dedicated reconnaissance and training centuries, or the Vanguard. Cohort Ferrum consists entirely of Primaris Marines, except for the dreadnoughts who were interred prior to the reorganization of the Legion, while Cohort Leonus consists entirely of the Old Guard. The two cohorts bring most of their strength to bear every time they engage with the enemy, creating an overwhelming amount of force applied quickly, leading to the quick destruction of the enemy. When faced with particularly large campaigns against orks however, the Legion will deploy both cohorts simultaneously to lay waste to the green tide, followed by the scorching of any land touched by the menace. Every decade, the two Cohorts will meet at Liamane to compete in the traditional Games of the Lions of the Emperor. At these games, honor duels are held for those Marines who wish to challenge the Century, Cohort, and Legion champions and usurp their position. Additionally, the banner bearers of the Iron Wing and Lion Wing’s duel is the most anticipated of all, as the two are dueling for the honor of being led by the Master of the Legion and his command staff for the next decade. The Wings of Judgement and Redemption The Hunt is omnipresent. In honor of the I Legion, the veterans of the first and second century carry the moniker of Wing. The Lion Wing of Cohort Leonus, their pauldron painted bronze underneath the Sword and Cog of the Legion signifying judgment for traitors of the I Legion, they are the Old Guard of the Hunt. The Iron Wing of Cohort Ferrum, their pauldron painted silver underneath the Sword and Cog of the Legion signifying redemption for the loyalist of the I Legion, they are the New Blood of the Hunt. At inception, the Iron Wing and Lion Wing were mirrors of each other. Every space marine had a suit of terminator plate, cataphractii, tartaros, or indomius, and a bike, speeder, or Unforgiven aircraft assigned to him. The veterans would deploy as the mission dictated. Experts in all aspects of war, the coordination achievable by the Iron and Lion Wings was without peer. Of the 100 Legionnaires assigned the century, 30 are selected to be Iron Guard or Lion Guard. These legionnaires would be issued special equipment, a storm shield and Mace of Absolution (Flail of the Unforgiven for sergeants) for use in terminator armor, and a Corvus Hammer and Plasma Talon for use on their bikes. It is from the Iron Guard and Lion Guard that lieutenants were chosen from. All this changed after the devastation of the Legion. After the much needed primaris reinforcements arrived, it was only a decade before the first primaris legionnaire made it into the severely undermanned Iron Wing. He fought alongside the other legionnaires in gravis armor when they were in terminator armor, and in tacticus armor in a land speeder when part of the fast attack detachment. Soon after, one became two, two became ten, and after decades of attrition, ¾ of a century worth of primaris had been inducted into Iron or Lion Wing. After the reorganization of the Legion, all primaris were consolidated into the Cohort Ferrum, and all space marines into Cohort Leonus. From this point on, the Lion Wing became known as the Old Guard of the Hunt and the Iron Wing as the New Blood of the Hunt. The Lion Wing still fights as it has since its inception, but the Iron Wing deploys almost exclusively in gravis armor, mission dictating aggressor or inceptor pattern. Three squadrons of Nephilim and one of Dark Talons sit in their armory for use when needed. The Iron Guard deploy in gravis armor with specially fitted storm shields, Maces of Absolution (Flails of the Unforgiven for sergeants) and fragstorm grenade launchers or jump pack. As is tradition, all Cohort Ferrum lieutenants are drawn from the Iron Guard. The Legion Guard To be Legion Guard is to embody the honour of the Legion. They bear the colors of both Cohort Ferrum and Cohort Leonus upon their shoulders, foregoing battlefield role designators on their right pauldron, instead having a second sigil of the Legion emblazoned upon their shoulder. On their helmets, 2 bold stripes in the colors of the cohorts run down the entirety of the helmet. The armories of Liamane are open to the Legion Guard, having access to weapons and relics that even centurions may be denied access to. The Legion Guard have two purposes, preserve the life of the Master of the Legion, and to preserve the honour of the Legion. Unmatched in combat within the Legion, very few foes ever even have the opportunity to attempt to harm their lord. While other chapters draw their champions and honour guards from line troops, the legionnaires of the Legion Guard descend from all offices and roles. Chaplains, librarians, apothecaries, no office is beyond the reach of the Legion Guard. Mesokshun, the Spear of Liamane The Champion of the Legion, Mesokshun is the premier duelist of the Legion. As a neophyte, he was unmatched by his peers, and was able to best many of his masters. Once he ascended to a full legionnaire, his martial prowess was quickly noted, and his ascension to Champion of the Century was all but inevitable. He served as Champion for the 6th Century for only a decade, before he challenged the former Champion of the Legion for the role at the Games of the Lions of the Emperor. His affinity with the spear was unprecedented and after hours of dueling, Mesokshun was able to best his opponent, becoming both the youngest legionnaire of the Legion Guard, and only legionnaire to not serve in the 1st or 2nd century before serving in the Legion Guard. Mesokshun marches into battle with the Aegis of Caliban, a relic storm shield gifted to the Legion upon its founding, and Harbinger, a power spear gifted to the legion by the Night Stalkers space marine chapter in M36. Azziukug, the Ancient of the Legion The Standard Bearer of the Legion, Azziukug is one of the most revered legionaries. The oldest legionnaire of all the Iron Lions, Azziukug is not to be underestimated. His centuries of knowledge make him a formidable tactician, and any centurion would be wise to consider his words carefully, especially when he disagrees. Azziukug served in many prestigious leadership roles, from sergeant of the Iron Guard, to lieutenant of the Iron Wing and Centurion of the 4th Century. He gave up his leadership position to serve in the Legion Guard upon the demise of the previous Standard Bearer of the Legion, and took up the mantle himself, seeing it as a more honorable position to serve. Azziukug marches into battle with a tight grip upon the Banner of Invictumos, and Fury of the Sun, a heavily modified plasma rifle slung under his arm, the badge of his office. The Iron and the Lion http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/357137-the-iron-and-the-lion-prologue/ In current development. this story is very important to me. its this concept that really set the DIY into motion. Only In Death Does Duty End Under repair rename characters with new established naming conventions check for continuity of lore (its a 3 year old story, much has changed since) http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/353770-legion-of-the-iron-lions/?p=5253154 Siege of Liamane Planned for the future Chapter Fluff Overview (temporary section): Every chapter has a gimmick, this one is no different. Prior to discovery by the First Legion during the Great Crusade, Invictumos had made contact with a Forge World, Crilia. The planet came to revere technology and the Omnissiah. Bionic augmenttion was not uncommon, but not to the extent of forge worlds. When the Dark Angels arrived, the planets defense force (the Leonus di Casarii, Lions of the Emperor) fought furiously but were ultimately defeated by the astartes and forced into compliance. Later in history, an astartes chapter is founded on Invictumos. This chapter has close ties to the Lions of the Emperor (still the planets PDF). They call them fellow Legionaries, and share some organizational structure (a Legion made of 2 cohorts, each made of 6 centuries). Another aspect that they share is the alliance with the Forge World Crilia. there is some tension and a secret agreement between the chapter and the Forge World, but they can be found working together often. ill touch on this in a little fluff piece later. The Chapter is not entirely trusted by the DA, and while they participate in the Hunt, they rarely interrogate and rather turn over the fallen to the DA or other more trusted chapters. starting to play around with some BBC code and trying to make the intro more presentable. expect some things to change in this area
  20. B&C-20 The Inner Circle Presents: This is an event aiming to motivate our Dark Angels brothers to build and paint Primaris Marines for their armies. It is supposed to work in conjunction with ETL VII and help support the Rock's (i.e. the Dark Angels' Forum) effort for this year. The Inner Circle is well aware that some of our brothers are very sceptical on the Primaris but this is an opportunity to have a go with them without overcommitting - just for the fun of painting those admittedly great minis. At the other end of the spectrum, there are those who love the Primaris and plan to paint a great deal of them as part of the ETL VII effort. So here's some extra incentive. The rules are simple: You will be obtaining various titles depending on how many ETL VII vows you complete that include at least one Unit of Primaris (any kind). Be mindful, that you need to complete the entire vow (which may or may not contain other non-Primaris units) Once you include at least one Primaris Unit in your ETL VII vow you can declare it (them) here as well by posting your "before" pics. Once you complete your entire vow, then post the completed Primaris here to claim your Title. ONLY PRIMARIS PICTURES SHOULD BE POSTED HERE (but not before you complete the entire vow that contains said Primaris). Titles: Including Primaris in one vow: Intercessor Including Primaris in two vows: Reiver Including Primaris in three vows: Aggressor Including Primaris in four vows: Inceptor Including Primaris in all five vows: Primaris Chaplain Well, let's see what our brothers have in store for Primaris this year. Lieutenant Arkley Member of the Inner Circle Master of the Unseen Ritual Just for clarification - Units counted. Any Unit or Character wearing Gravis, Tacticus or Phobos armour. Redemptor Dreadnoughts and Repulsors. VOWS COMPLETED 1 VOW Grotsmasha Captain Semper Angel of Solitude Isual GreyRavenC Arkley Gederas Brother Haim Snakechisler Lostrael Darnok SneakyBamsen Shaneos Greenz Grand Master Belial Zajura G8Keeper JJD 2 VOWS Grotsmasha Brother Haim Arkley Gederas GreyRavenC Lostrael SneakyBamsen Captain Semper Shaneos Isual 3 VOWS Grotsmasha Arkley Gederas Brother Haim GreyRavenC Lostrael SneakyBamsen 4 VOWS Grotsmasha Arkley Gederas Brother Haim Lostrael 5 Vows Grotsmasha Gederas Arkley GreyRavenC
  21. I have just discovered how hopeless I am at colouring the Primaris Space Marine Heraldry card. I have been trying to use GIMP, but to no avail. So until I can hone those skills, I will unfortunately have to cast myself upon the tender mercies of your imagination, with regards to the colour scheme. Imagine the marine below as one of Cawl's creations. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/sm.php?b62c=@hdfu0_hIAEG.hgPVa@@@@@@@i7RGA@.@@_hcLAt@@@@___@___@@@@@@@@@@@@@@.hozqS@@@@@@@@@@@@@.hLL9J& [skullheader#276741]The Angels Defiant[/skullheader] Chapter name:___________ Angels Defiant Founding:_______________ Ultima Founding Chapter Master:__________ Hardanger Chapter World___________ Vemork (Western rim of the Segmentum Pacificus) Fortress Monastery_______ Souls' Home Main colours_____________ Black and red Primarch________________ Lion El'Jonson Battle cry_______________ Honour the First! Chapter Icon____________ A Dark Angels' sword, superimposed over a six-pointed star [skullheader#276741]Inception[/skullheader] “Not for naught is their star two points short of Chaos.” Equerry to Lord Stalyn, tasked with carrying an accusation of murder to the Lord Commander’s staff. The Indomitus Crusade heralded a note of hope for a beleaguered Imperium. In the sectors south of Agripinaa, formations of Astartes marshalled from mixed gene-lines did battle with Traitors Marines, cultists and daemons, under the aegis of the Lord Commander’s bid to liberate his Father’s realm. Scattered among these forces were the soldiers that would one day coalesce into the Angels of Defiant. Roboute Guilliman, ever the superlative logistician, grasped the value of guarding his flanks, and had already taken thought for the systems situated west of Agripinaa. Hardly had the Crusade swung its spearheads to the east and south, when his forethought was vindicated. Disaster loomed from the Segmentum Pacificus, taking the form of a tremendous Ork incursion. A chapter comprised entirely of Primaris Astartes barred their rampage, bred from the stock of the First Legion. The Angels Defiant scored their first battle honours during a decade’s worth of war that carried them from Agripinaa to the western edges of the Pacificum. For this, the Lord Commander dispatched an emissary, to reward them with a series of banners, commemorating their triumphs and losses. Some of these standards harkened back to victories won just prior to the Chapter’s founding, when they had still fought in blended companies. The latter was a strange plaudit, for the banners bore small heraldic tokens of the various chapters to which these other marines had been dispatched. Clearly, these awards represented the Lord Commander’s attempt to remind the Angels Defiant of the value of cross-gene collaboration. At the time, they thought little of what this token might portend. [skullheader#276741]Early History[/skullheader] The Angels successfully pushed the Orks beyond Segmentum bounds, by rallying the resources of three Imperial Guard armies, commanded by Lord Generals: Stalyn, Sigorsky, and Kronstadt. Initially, each of these proved invaluable in the campaign. One would become a liability. But the Ork is a formidable foe and the Imperium’s woes were far from ended. Reconnaissance of the Halo Stars revealed more mustering Green-skin fleets. While the Angels settled their home world, to recoup from their losses and prepare for a new campaign, the liberated sectors behind them issued new distress calls. Lord General Stalyn claimed that Sigorsky and Kronstadt had turned traitor, and the resultant anarchy had forced him to assert brutal command over three entire sectors, including a string of lynchpin forge worlds. Not a year passed without a rebellion on at least one system. After collecting intelligence, the Angels Defiant discovered the Stalyn had not simply liquidated Kronstadt and Sigorsky, but nearly all senior officers, severely hamstringing the efficiency of his armies, as well as all leading members of the intelligentsia in the three sectors under his rule. Economic ineptitude had also instigated widespread poverty that would soon spiral into famine. Stalyn also lodged charges of heresy against neighbouring sector commands, claiming that we would soon have no option but to seize control. The monastic and ascetically-minded discerned that Stalyn’s oppressive regime and its bitter exploitation was hardly conducive to stability. Since creature comforts are anathema to the life of an Astartes, they were perplexed by the lengths to which Stalyn’s corruption stretched, especially when the Imperium teetered on the brink of oblivion. During a meeting between Chapter Master Hardanger and Stalyn, the Lord General suffered a fatal accident of an uncertain nature. Without sanction from Hydraphur, the Angels installed governmental councils, charged with preserving security and enforcing a singular standard of living across all three sectors. Whether these bodies will be officially ratified by Segmentum command once the crisis has abated, and whether they will successfully sustain stability has yet to be seen. For their part, the Angels Defiant have withdrawn to the border regions, to confront the Orks again. Since that time Imperial delegations to the Angels Defiant have found an order unusually suspicious of high office, even by the standard of their Dark Angels heritage. Equally, this branch of the Lion’s line evince an affinity for the simple folk of the Imperium; a liking that has, paradoxically, been bolstered by the fact the Angels have no real contact with these people are not familiar with the flaws of this class. Regrettably, the relationship between affinity and practice often becomes tenuous when the needs of war press. “Dem new Mareens? Yeah, I seen ‘em. I ‘spect they’ll do for us just as the ol’ ones did. Mixed bag as usual for the lower orders. Good time ter keep yur head down.” Imperial citizen Sammuel Gamgin, prior to his interrogation and eventual execution by Lord General Stalyn’s officers. [skullheader#276741]Home world and emerging chapter cult[/skullheader] “May the Master of Mankind weigh the worth of my soul and mark in me a spirit malleable only to his will and the word of the Lion. For like the Lord of Caliban, when doubt dulls conviction I keep true. When the fainthearted falter, I keep true. I tread my vocation to its end.” Battle hymn, penned by the Master of Librarians, the Wielder of the Words. Vemork is classed as a Feral World, pitched on the very fringes of the Western Pacificus. Its biodiversity would be reminiscent of ancient Terra, were its inhabitants aware the Throne World’s past. Nevertheless, its climates are deadly and barely supportive of human life. Consequently, collaboration rather than conflict, is the prevailing state, since its peoples are unified by the pitiless exigencies of survival. War is virtually unknown, for the world’s populace can hardly afford it. In fact, some of its most primitive communities have never enjoyed contact with each other, save for those rare few who meet as brothers of the Angels. Given their early experiences, these traits provoked a measure of respect from the Angels Defiant. As the Indomitus Crusade ground on through a century, select features of Vermork’s cultures slowly seeped into the Chapter’s ways. The peoples of Vermork, even those unaware of each other’s existence, all developed a structure of government based on representative communes and elected councils. Such inclusive systems are unsuitable for an Astartes Chapter. But during times of great need, Vermork’s people will elect a single ruler to temporarily shoulder all executive power. The Angels Defiant ritually invoke such moments. Even when their task forces are scattered across the vast stretches of space assigned to their protection, battle-brothers congregate to watch the command staff symbolically relinquish their autonomy to the Emperor, culminating in the Chapter Master (or Company Master) assuming executive supremacy. In deference to Vemork’s cultures, battle companies are named after the much vaunted breeds of hunting dogs, prized by the planet’s mountain folk. Other rites and traditions might emerge over time, for the Brotherhood’s cult is still developing. To date, they remain steadfast adherents of the Imperial Truth. The Chapter’s icons bear no relation to Vemork, since these had been selected prior to the planet’s full-scale settlement. Instead, the sword and six-pointed star, allude to the Angels’ heritage from the First Legion and the days when they had been organised around the secret structures of the hexagrammaton. Given their sparse contact with brothers of the same line, however, they know little of how the Wings functioned, beyond what little Roboute Guilliman related (information which they hold in suspicion). For this reason, among others, they hunger for contact with and lore from their brothers. [skullheader#276741]Contact with the Unforgiven[/skullheader] By the closing stages of the Indomitus Crusade, the Angels Defiant had remained isolated from fellow descendants of the First Legion. Long ago, during their service in mixed formations, they had listened to sons of Fenris and Baal banter about their aspirations to serve alongside their respective founding chapters. The Angels Defiant harboured similar dreams, and had passed these hopes to new inductees. Over a century of conflict had never brought them into contact with the Guardians of the Covenant or with the Storm Angels, who also operated in the Pacificus. The scions of Mortikah VII and Karapasia and had their own calls to answer http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/334683-ia-storm-angels-previously-angels-profundum-wip/. Finally, a delegation arrived. The Ivory Equites, a Tenth Founding successor of the Angels of Redemption, had dispatched a small cadre of Chaplains, Librarians and veterans. Although the Fortress Monastery of the Angels Defiant reflects their sombre and restrained aesthetics, a grand processions was prepared to meet the Equites. Their guests moved quietly and without remark through the phalanx of battle honours, until they reached the banners awarded to them by Roboute Guilliman. Here, the Equites stopped and watched, gazing specifically at the small references to Ultramar, Fenris, Baal and other gene-sources. Not a single word was spoken. The Ivory Equites brusquely demanded admittance to all strategic councils, but never interrupted proceedings. Even when prompted for input, their officers would simply nod accent to any proposal. As suddenly and unannounced as they had arrived, the Equites withdrew after five years, with only a terse promise to return. [skullheader#276741]Fortress Monastery[/skullheader] Soul’s Home has been delved into Vemork’s greatest mountain range. It’s bulk is located underground, carved within the peaks and under the valleys. Its Library is supremely well organised, for when the first Master of the Librarius was nearly killed by the neurotoxins of a mysterious xenos race, his ruined body was permanently bonded to the Library’s central console. From this position, the Grand Master of the Archives dictates the compilation and cataloguing of lore. His knowledge is a vast collation of the entire Library’s contents, and is regularly updated by fresh reports. A large following of lexicaniums and codiciers, take dictations from his eldritch voice, emanating from the broken body perched atop the console. They listen to and archive the elaborate connections he is able to draw between seemingly disparate events and pieces of information, until they too appreciate his deductive reason and intuitive insight. As such, the Chapter’s history, battle reports, and other information from numerous sources around the Segmentum are well-recorded here.
  22. THE KNIGHTS SOVEREIGN CHAPTER GENE-SEED: Dark Angels FOUNDING: 23rd “Sentinel” Founding [M.38] CHAPTER MASTER: Marshal Edmunt Raik, Castellan of the Crimson Rooks CHAPTER WORLDS: Eistvin, Ostlund & Vollstadt FORTRESS-MONASTERY: Durumtal, Eistvin SPECIALTY: Operational control, precision engagements and information dominance BATTLE-CRY: 'Imperator Vult!' is a common warcry, however 'Victus aut nihil' is the Chapter motto CURRENT STRENGTH: Endangered KNOWN DESCENDANTS: Bronze Knights, Savage Brotherhood [disputed] Origins Part of an ongoing struggle for the High Lords of Terra to utilize the pure gene-seed of the former First Legion without the participation and influence of the Dark Angels or their prominent successors, when the Knights Sovereign were created they were tutored instead by a detachment of the Imperial Fists, a worthy selection to guide a Chapter of the Sentinel Founding. The influence of the sons of Dorn can be readily seen in the Chapter for centuries to come, however their brother sons of the Lion were not to be denied. Shortly after the Knights had gained the trust of the Imperial Fists and earned their independence, overseeing a turbulent Sector that had long suffered for its severely lower average technological capabilities, a contingent of the Dark Angels and other successors arrived to acquaint themselves with this new Chapter. How these other sons of the Lion knew of the Knights Sovereign true heritage is not entirely known, expected given their typically reticent nature. Multiple concerted investigations over the past millennia have revealed numerous agents suspected of feeding information to the Dark Angels and their closest successors, and it is assumed they came to this information by similar means. These Chapters showed great honor to the Knights Sovereign, with many of their retinues consisting of their highest ranking officers, including Chapter Master Grasciel of Dark Angels. The inner circles of these Chapters communed together deep within Durumtal, while specialist officers of the First and Second Companies intermingled, enlightening the Knights Sovereign to their own particular brand of war-making. While this communion was short-lived, the bonds of brotherhood forged on this day had a lasting effect, with many of these Chapters regularly appearing within the Knights' territory and vice versa. It had also made an impression on the young Chapter's organization, especially the First and Second Companies. The Knights Sovereign still retained much of their identity as forged under the watchful eyes of the Imperial Fists, but they had grown more insular, more in keeping with the typical Dark Angels character. Indeed, their later character can be readily connected to the manner of the ancient knightly orders of the Dark Angels' long-dead home world. This marriage of traits and ideals, in many ways opposing but also complementary, has guided the Knights Sovereign for the thousands of years since. Chapter Worlds Early in their formation, the Knights Sovereign were given a choice of three feudal home worlds within the Lowermains Sector. Though ultimately settling upon Eistvin, located near the largest nexus of Sector traffic, the discarded worlds of Ostlund and Vollstadt did dominate strategically resourceful zones. Chapter keeps were planted on these worlds, a practice perhaps learned from the Imperial Fists Chapter. Officially, Eistvin alone is classified as an Adeptus Astartes world, however after centuries of keeping close ties and recruitment practices on Ostlund and Vollstadt, the local officials tithe the worlds as if they were. Nestled deep in the Eistvin mountains is the Durumtal, fortress-monastery to the Knights Sovereign. Building began as soon as Eistvin was selected as their home world, and had finished scant months before the Knights showed up themselves. This immense, rugged structure blends seamlessly with its surroundings. If an unaugmented human was to stand upon an outer peak, looking into the range, they would be unable to distinguish the crenelated towers from natural mountaintops. However, the Knights Sovereign took to giving it a different name than the Magos-Tektons provided: the Crimson Rook. With the Chapter keeps on Ostlund and Vollstadt being heavily inspired by, and in imitation of, the Durumtal, they are collectively known as the Crimson Rooks. Current Disposition The Knights Sovereign have been at war with the Orks of WAAAGH! Urlkin for decades, a massive incursion the Sector had never before seen, led by an Ork of such impressive size that Archmagos-Biologis from several Sectors around have insisted could not exist. This Ork, crafty for his kind, has grown large on the excesses of his armies, leading regular hunts into nearby regions with such regularity that the end of most hunts is merely the beginning of another. The Knights Sovereign have tried, unsuccessfully, to convince local Administratum officials to sanction a crusade into Ork territory and end the threat once and for all. However, with the Knights' own worlds declared the targets of a hunt that has virtually emptied the Ork territories for Sectors around, more recently they have become more concerned with defense. The ongoing conflicts have stretched the Knights Sovereign thin. By the close of the 41st millennium, their numbers are reported as being four companies' worth, including officers and auxiliaries. The Chapter has undergone necessary, but drastic changes to their organization, in light of the eradication of two of their battle-companies, as well as their specialized rapid-reaction forces in the 2nd Company, not to mention the depleted numbers of their surviving companies. Chapter Organization The Knights Sovereign would not consider themselves as deviant, however to them it is deviancy from their forebears rather than the Codex Astartes that is relevant. Though the Codex Astartes is, as it should be, held in high regard as the epitome of all things war, the Space Marine way, the Knights Sovereign do deviate in organization. This is not seen as a contradiction or hypocrisy, but merely derived from the simple fact that the Codex could not accommodate all possible circumstances. And indeed, the inheritors of the Lion are of a unique circumstance, and so fashion themselves accordingly. The First Company is organized into the Justiciary, and are of the ordained task of bringing the light of justice and nobility to the darkest places of the galaxy. It is said that all who gain a place among the Justiciars must first confront truth and sin in equal measure, and it is their ash-white armor that shows their absolvement. The Knights also field the 2nd Company as a rapid response force, the Errantry. The Knights-Errant exist outside the normal Chapter organization, and as such they paint their armor a deep black. Unlike the elevated Knights-Justiciar, it is only the master of the Errantry, the Earl-Errant, who sits above his brothers as a member of the Inner Circle. The auxiliary organizations within the Knights Sovereign are primarily Codex-adherent, with the only exception being within the Reclusiam. This deviation is in fact rather common among the Unforgiven, where an additional level in the hierarchy is added. Typically known as Interrogator-Chaplains, in the Knights Sovereign they are the Prelates, a classification of Chaplains second only to the Pontifex, Chapter reclusiarch. The other prominent branches, the ironsmiths and hospitallers, are of no noticeable difference from Codex standard, though their highest ranking officers are believed to be a part of the Chapter's Inner Circle. Fleet Assets The Crimson Galleon – So named for its mimicry of the Crimson Rooks, intended as a bastion equal to these immense fortresses that would ply the stars, delivering the wrath of the angels. This battle-barge is often assigned to the Justiciary. Its current deployment in geosynchronous orbit over the the Crimson Rook of Vollstadt has for several months prevented the Orks from dropping ordinance and savages on the Chapter keep directly. However, the Orks have made planetfall in multiple other regions across Vollstadt, and not the mortal warriors or the Galleon's guns have been able to keep the hordes from laying siege. Recruitment & Advancement The Crimson Rooks are not difficult to access by the mortal populations, unlike the fortress-monasteries of many other Chapters. Thousands of people regularly seek shelter or asylum within its walls, each and every one swearing binding oaths of lifelong servitude to their new transhuman masters. These people form the Chapter serfdom, ranging from mortal knights to spread the law of the Chapter across the world to learned, trained fleet armsmen. Swearing one's life to the God-Emperor's living representatives is no hardship when compared to a life of similar service to some fickle lord or king, and so the Chapter rarely finds itself without a surplus of mortal servants. The majority of these legions of serfs will never leave their world of birth, serving the Chapter well enough there. Rather than seeking recruits from among the general populace, the Knights look to the young of their serfs. Having such large populations spread across three worlds, the Knights have their choice of candidates. The offspring of the Chapter's serfs are a more viable recruitment stock than the general populace, as all their male children go through a more intensive and extensive training in preparation for potential recruitment. However, it is not unknown for the Chapter to look to the outer kingdoms and city-states of their worlds for occasional recruitment programs in an effort to encourage diversity in thought and character, or to recover from devastating casualty rates Upon recruitment and successful term in the Chapter's tenth company, the young scout must petition for advancement into the Reserve Companies, following a path through the Reserve Companies as delineated in the Codex Astartes. In the Reserve Companies, they hold the rank of Knight-Companion, an as yet not fully recognized Knight until advancement into the Battle Companies. A Knight-Companion must be wary of how or when he petitions to join a Battle Company, as their Masters will often refuse a Knight-Companion they deem unworthy to join their company. It is not unknown for Knights-Companion to aim too high in their petitioning, some seeking to skip advancement through the Reserves or will petition for a spot in a master's personal retinue, though it is considered disdainful and will injure the Marines' future if rejected often. No Knight or Knight-Companion can petition to join the Justiciary or Errantry. Those who join these orders are chosen by their lords, an honor none in the Chapter can refuse. To rise in rank to Sergeant within one's company is possible regardless of one's place in the hierarchy. Typically, a Sergeant will select from among his retinue a successor to take his place should he ever fall or advance beyond this station. Sergeants of the 10th Company are provided the customary title of Castellan, sharing in the responsibility of the Crimson Rooks, which collectively fall under the purview of the Master of the 10th Company. These Masters, known by the title of Earl, are one and all arisen from the ranks of the Justiciary, at the behest of the Chapter Master, the Marshal of the Knights Sovereign Chapter. It is the Justiciary, the Earls and Marshal who form the Chapter's Inner Circle. Also prominent in the Inner Circle are the Pontifex, and his Prelates, who are responsible for selecting one from among the Inner Circle the Marshal's successor should he ever fall. Combat Doctrine The strength of their sword arm and the accuracy of their aim are what the Knights most admire. While their battle formations have a strong reliance on infantry tactics, the Space Marine, the Knights are experts in cavalry warfare, utilizing fast vehicles to retain combat superiority and battlefield control. The Knights' approach warfare is thoroughly informed by their copy of the Codex Astartes, a five volume military discourse on: Space Marine recruitment and training; the composition and structure of the Chapter into Companies; practiced field tactics; the conduct of sieges, either offensively or defensively; and the role of the Chapter fleet. In battle, the Knights are the fiercest of foes, full of sound and fury. Early in the Chapter's history, a previously unknown xenoform appeared within Sovereign space. Classified as the Airbreeders for the explosive population increases the xenos experienced when in contact with oxygen, the alien race proved exceptionally difficult to purge in its entirety. The Knights sought to implement purgation protocols proven successful against the Ork, however disaster struck at nearly every turn. Quickly it was discovered that the xenos race had free access to the Knights' vox communications, seemingly unaffected by encryption. Forced to adapt, the Knights began disseminating orders on the battlefield through the use of audible, vocal blasts and visual signals utilizing specialized banners. With this, the Knights were able to reclaim the initiative, and eventually every last of one of the inexplicably duplicating, hulking beasts were burned from the lands of nearly half a dozen crater-ridden Imperial domains. However, this xenos threat would persist for centuries before final eradication, and the antiquated communications became a more permanent feature. Local Rituals & Beliefs Integral to the Chapter cult is the Oath of Office. Like many Chapters, the Knights Sovereign swear oaths before each battle, swearing themselves to the action and sometimes a specific task they set before themselves. The oaths are affixed to their armor, and they are expected to carry through with the oath throughout the action. Oaths of Office, however, are permanent. They are drawn up at their induction ceremony where the recruited mortals have arisen as one of the Knights-Companion, and will remain with them. Addendums are added throughout the Marine's life, marking their progress through the Chapter hierarchy. Each new rank or advancement requires a new Oath of Office, adding onto the old. So it is that the longest serving Marines, the highest ranking of the Chapter, have lengthy and complex Oaths of Office finely delineating their given tasks and expectations for themselves. Like Oaths of Moment, they are highly individualized reminders of their loyalties and responsibilities, as well as personal promises of feats or endeavors, or oaths bonding the Knight in fealty to a lord or in alliance with those outside the Chapter, for the entirety of that Knight's service to the Chapter and the Emperor. Within each Knight's chambers, they keep a locked rosewood box to contain their Oath of Office, centering their devotions upon its yellowed parchment and ink of blood. Normally, a Knight will write his own Oaths of Office, keeping its writings to himself. Advancement, especially to the Justiciary or Errantry, will be the traditional break from this custom. Where a Knight is unaware of the duties or responsibilities that await him, it is his immediate superior who will write these additions. It is not unknown for another Knight to assist in the inscribing, such as a mentor who tasks a promising pupil with surpassing his own achievements. Upon the death of a marine, if recovery is possible, his remains will be interred in a great stone crypt on the grounds of the keep or fortress he last served. The Oath will be placed upon his chest and set alight, his oaths thus fulfilled. Those interred into the mighty Dreadnoughts receive a similar ceremony. Though they serve still the Chapter and the Emperor, they have fulfilled the oaths of the living nonetheless, and exist now free from such burdens. Gene-seed The genetic legacy of the Lion runs strong in the Knights, as pure now as it was in the days of the First Legion, a legacy confirmed by extensive testing by brother sons of the Lion all those centuries ago. Though the foundation of the Knights Sovereign was an experimentation of sorts, it appears that the gene-forges of ancient Mars had learned the lessons of the 21st Founding well. There were no signs of genetic manipulation of the Knights Sovereign gene-seed outside of acceptable parameters. The purity of the Lion's gene-seed has aided the Knights greatly in the past, enabling quick recoveries from crippling losses and a less lethal implantation process. Champions of the Chapter Marshal Edmunt Raik – Chapter Master of the Knights Sovereign, going on the third year of his disappearance. Last seen aboard the Lion's Dagger, the Marshal was to take personal command of the battle for Vollstadt and turn the tide. However, the vessel did not return to realspace at its scheduled time. Investigation along its projected path provided no revelations on its disappearance. Warp-travel is far from precise, and such disappearances are not unknown, but it could not have come at a more difficult time. While the Earl-Justiciar Hadrian Normson has taken nominal command of the Chapter since then, the Inner Circle has yet to meet on choosing an official successor. Pontifex Theocritus VII – Born Prentis Brenmoor, the current Pontifex of the Knights Sovereign is a hard, embittered and unforgiving man, scarred not only from actions on the battlefield but from the resistance of captives stolen from hotly contested secessionist worlds. Like his namesakes, this is not a Pontifex who would prefer to remain closed away within the interrogation cells deep within the Crimson Rooks, but will often be seen at the forefront of battle among his brothers. Earl-Errant Sydorn Lyndswor – Captain of the 2nd Company, and the oldest living Knight outside the Dreadnought ancients. He has led the Knights-Errant longer than any other Earl before him, and none of the Marines under his command have known any other Earl-Errant. His list of achievements and victories are as long as his years, though much is hidden from those not initiated into the higher knowledge. In more recent years, he has been forced to give up the Ironsteed, his advanced years and the inevitable degradation of his transhuman form preventing him from fully connecting and integrating to its biomechanics. Instead, he has taken to commanding the Errantry from the gunner's seat of a Land Speeder. http://i.imgur.com/oei7krh.jpg Knight-Companion http://i.imgur.com/8p56I71.png Knight-Errant http://i.imgur.com/Nprn65r.png Knight-Justiciar Note that unlike other sons of the Lion, the Knights Sovereign have few suits of Terminator armor http://i.imgur.com/x09x5y8.png Pict-capture: Defense of Vollstadt, Knights Sovereign Sergeant in profile http://i.imgur.com/mL3TUUH.jpg Marshal's Banner - The Crimson Rook
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