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///-----///CIPHER-LOCK-DETECTED///-----///AUTHORISATION-GRANTED///-----///Welcome Inquisitor...

Greetings fellow Inquisitors! I decided it is time I got serious about my Inquisition forces once more, for they have languished too long. As well as updating old models that are in much need of deserved love I will also be adding new ones as I seek to exploit the variety the Inquisition affords as well as use this to experiment, convert and generally help push my hobby boundaries and skills :smile.:

I also haven't forgotten the Inquisitor I promised to honour the Inquisition's service during the ETL :wink: I've got my ideas for him floating around still, I want to do him justice but fear not he will be making an appearance here at some point.

So for the moment here are my current plans for Inquisitor Lord [REDACTED]'s warbands. I was very generously given a collection of bits and bobs from @Grimm. which you will no doubt see put to use as this WIP progress but for the moment it's just this model:


I have another too, really looking forward to them. For Inquisition purposes they'll just be bolter acolytes I imagine but as I've long dreamed of a small Skitarii force maybe one day they will be something more... I've decided on a colour scheme and such for him with the help of the AdMech section but as he's part of my Inquisition project (for now) he belongs here as well.

I've also found some of the earliest Inquisition forces of [REDACTED]'s. His loyal body guards clad in his personal heraldic red they have earned much glory over the years from cutting down BT bikers to blasting various 'nids and more they are more than deserving of an update and being first in the queue at that!


For more recent work some may remember my work for the Inquisition painting events, humble work that I plan to surpass here:


Hidden Content

Karnak "Shredder" Asoi

Hidden Content




I hope to have some more updates to show soon, but I do seem to be suffering from hobby butterfly at the moment.

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He was yes, thanks :D I've got another couple from the blister, probably not as easily converted as Shredder but that's the sort of challenge I'm looking for :) I've got a fair few projects on the go at the moment but they're all big ones in some form or another so I'm hoping the odd model or so for my Inquisition can be a good break as well as something quicker to do :tu:

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Since I had a bit of assembling to be doing today anyway...


also a priest for Assault on Lutum, but he will feature in warbands too:


Some bits once more supplied by @Grimm., I think he turned out with some character. On the positive side my apparent new habit of starting lots of new projects isn't too bad with just single model ones, right? :ermm:

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Thanks guys :D I wasn't really too fussed about what counts as what, but yeah the shield could easily be his rosarius or an improvised CCW (or probably both!) :) Jahn has some GS work to give him extra armour as I had some spare from making his beret so decided to give it a go. It's ok for a first attempt at some "real" sculpting but still a long way to go. If you want a good excuse to experiment then the Inquisition is always a good start ;)

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Going with a strong Victorian to WW1 theme on these guys :smile.: Working on their background somewhat and almost settled on a name - I'll see when I have something worth review to post up but for the moment I'm keen to finish the scheme and model :biggrin.: I should expand on the Inquisitor Lord's background appropriately too, but since all my armies revolve around him technically fluff on them is for him by proxy :tongue.:

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It seems you didn't have to wait long, I really enjoyed painting him up and I think the scheme works well:


So much so he might not have to serve too much time in the Inquisition before getting a squad of his own... but that's a tale for the future! I'm eyeing up my next models but I should try and be good and schedule in some repainting rather than new models.

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I finished the priest for Assault on Lutum, he turned out well and of course another acolyte for warbands! I've also finished the Vindicare and I think I've out done myself. G0-LG-013 is ready for my next game!


I've got my Honour Guard to finish now, once they're done it's time to relax a little so I'll be working on some repainting - first of course being the Kasrkin :biggrin.:

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Nothing a little brushing can't fix :tongue.: Vindicare had his first two games today, I wrote some quick batreps in my Marine WIP. Overall he was ok, started off on a very bad foot by missing his inaugural shot which wasn't great. Also fluffed sniping a Paladin apothecary which would have been nice. He did a good job shooting tanks though, and there weren't a great deal of decent targets for him along with nowhere good for him to hunker down with decent line of sight so all things considered I don't think it was a bad showing.


Especially for a new model :tongue.: I think he's earned a place in another list, but I think I'll need to give such a list some more thought as to give him a better place :smile.:

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