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Slow progress is progress all the same:


All going well I can finish them this weekend, or failing that over the line next week. This would then mark all of my Stormies being done - infantry that is. I have two Taurox Primes to get to but I'll be holding off on them until we get the new Guard codex and can see where I can go with my Inquisitorial force :smile.:

I may rummage around in the bits box to make another acolyte in the meantime, I'll see where the fates take me.

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Later than planned but they're done :D


With this my Stormtroopers are standing at a healthy number, though I need to do a bit more to do any notable lists but smaller games are where the Inquisition/Stormies can shine. I will mull over future Inquisition plans and see what ideas may come to me :)

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