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Duz does RG


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Hi All,

So I've been looking at starting my RG army ever since the Montka formation dropped. I had never really been into SM's but after the new formation dropped it pushed me over.

I decided for my collection I would initially base it around a Pinion Battle Company. Which would consist of

+ Core +
Pinion Battle Demi-Company
Assault Squad [2x Flamer, Jump Packs]
Captain[bolt Pistol, Power Sword]
Devastator Squad [2x Lascannon, 2x Plasma Cannon, 9x Space Marines]
Scout Bike Squad [2xScout Biker with Astartes Grenade Launcher]
Scout Squad [shotgun] + Land Speeder Storm [Heavy Bolter]
Scout Squad [shotgun] + Land Speeder Storm [Heavy Bolter]
3x Tactical Squad [Flamer, 4x Space Marines] + Razorback [Twin-linked Assault Cannon]
+ Auxiliary +
1st Company Task Force
Sternguard Veteran Squad
Drop Pod [storm Bolter]
2x Veteran [Combi-grav]
2xVeteran with Special/Heavy Weapon [Grav-gun]
Veteran Sergeant [boltgun, Grav-pistol]
Sternguard Veteran Squad
Drop Pod [storm Bolter]
2x Veteran [Combi-grav]
Veteran Sergeant [bolt Pistol, Combi-grav]
2x Veteran with Special/Heavy Weapon [Grav-gun]
Sternguard Veteran Squad
Drop Pod [storm Bolter]
2x Veteran [Combi-melta]
Veteran Sergeant [bolt Pistol, Combi-melta]
2x Veteran with Special/Heavy Weapon [Meltagun]
'Raptor Wing *
Land Speeders
Land Speeder [Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolter]
Stormtalon Gunship [Typhoon Missle Launcher]
Stormtalon Gunship [Typhoon Missle Launcher]
'Shadowstrike Kill Team *
Scout Squad [3x Boltgun, Heavy Bolter, 4x Scouts]
Scout Squad [Missile Launcher (Frag & Krak), 4x Scouts, 3x Sniper Rifle]
Vanguard Veteran Squad
4x Veteran [Lightning Claw, Lightning Claw]
Veteran Sergeant [storm Shield, Thunder Hammer]
I imagine this should cover most my bases for casual and competitive play.
My only real concern is the 1st CTF and SSKT. Both of these are made of veterans which are very expensive and each time I've played them I felt like they haven't really earned their points and I could invest in better options. Particularly in a competitive environment.
So definitely open to suggestions on that.
As for colour scheme for some reason I've gone mad and decided that I will do my entire army in an urban digital camo... Not particulary SM I know, must be the guardsmen in me coming out. (Which doesn't make to much sense given I play Mordians! ;) )
I'll probably use this thread as a WIP too. Here's what I've done so far: (NB: Lots of my PA guy's are missing shoulders and heads because at some point I want to do a FW order to have them all with RG shoulder pads and Corvus helmets).
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Welcome to the Ravenspire!


That scheme looks amazing!  I am already impressed you plan to use it on all the models.  Tanks as well?


If I'm seeing it right, you plan to use the 1st Co to deal with the big targets?

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Yes the whole army...

My initial plan is to avoid tanks as my philosophy is to be highly mobile so I'm also trying terminators and centurions (at least with my initial force).

I have finished a couple of PA models and will post them up shortly.

I'm in the process of doing a drop pod and next will be a storm talon.


Yes the 1st Co is for alpha strike. Although I'm wondering if maybe a small CAD with grav devs or a sky hammer might be a better use of points.

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I dunno, maybe.  The many variables (terrain, dice rolls) makes further suggests tough.  I say that because you have a good idea brewing, and I think a few games with it will make it more obvious if this is the idea that works for you and your gaming meta.


There are A LOT of posts all over the other forums about the Skyhammer being *the* optimal formation choice in an all-comers situation.  I am not a fan of that idea, personally, because I believe in tailoring lists to the opponent (tournaments notwithstanding). 


Short version: use the list as you built it ^_^

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Given the colour scheme and crappy lighting in my apartment I may have to get out my full rig to take future WIP pictures.

Like I said they're missing heads and shoulder pads because I want to grab so FW ones at some point. I had originally planned on using the FW backpacks to, but I think I might just stick with the standard ones now.

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My wallet was certainly part of that decision! Especially when my force went from a few small formations to a full battle force!

Meanwhile I have started working on a drop pod. This is the first vehicle I'm applying the paint scheme to. This was about 4-5hrs worth of work... Now I'm wishing I had a stencil and airbrush to do the vehicles... 2 more drop pods after this + storm talons and rhinos... Hopefully I can find ways to pick up the pace!



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Thanks as I was looking at a couple of squads I had just assembled last night I decide I may have go in stages.

I think for any new models I will just do them in standard RG trim so at least they're a 3 colour minimum and then I will slowly progress through 1 squad at a time to finish the camo on each one.

Its gonna take some time...

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First squad complete!

I was attempting to batch paint 25 odd marines (10 scouts + 15 sternguard)

It was working up until a point to where I couldn't remember what I had done on what... but I think it did get me to a stage where they are all 3 colour minimum at least and now its probably the time to go through each squad 1 by 1 and complete them. Hopefully minimising any errors and also get the added bonus of seeing squads being completed!





The remaining batch


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Good question RB...


I've tried a few different methods and keep forgetting as a result!

I do believe though that I've settled with


Kislev flesh > Drakenhof nightshade wash > blending flayed one flesh > light drakenhof wash > light nulin oil wash


Combinations of that also work too


I know its definitely not just flayed one flesh with the two washes as that comes out way to pale and blue. Well at least for my liking.

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Scouts finished!




Group shot!


Taking a break for my next model. I will be painting up Shrike in traditional RG colours.

I figure he's bad ass enough not to wear camo ;)

After that should be my VV's (if I don't take a break and do some Mordians in the meanwhile).

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Sweet mercy, Duz...


That camo looks amazing, and it's applied well. I don't envy the work you're going to need to put in, but then I have to sand some of the shoulder pads and forearms of my models (to remove the wolfy bits) sculpt some crux terminatae for my vanguard vets with GS, and fill in some wolfy bits on some power axes and thunderhammers.


I built my VV from a tac marine box and my bitz bin (which is chock full of space wolves bitz).


I'm looking forward to seeing your force done (or up to date).

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Yeh if you told me this time last year I'd be spending this much time and effort painting a faction I really had no interest in I would have laughed.


Its slow going but I'm really looking forward to how it will all turn out in the end.


I don't envy you doing it the hard way either! I was actually going through my bits box today wondering what I could cobble together I future.

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Like the grimy skin tone and the camo on the snipers is top notch!For skin I use ushtabi bone - wash it black or brown -drybrush bone again and then highlights w/ white.as long as I don't get carried away w/ the highlight the effect is very similar.You gots to share your technique on the camo ! I have an infantry platoon of Eisenkern stormtroopers (As Imperial guard) that need some digicam love and I don't know quite where to begin.
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Yeh the skin I'm still experimenting with.

I have a limited budget atm so can't go too crazy with lots of paints just for flesh. Hopefully that changes soon.


Yes I didn say I'd make a how to on the camo. Every time I sit down to paint one of those scouts I forget.


I think when I have the energy to attempt another drop pod panel I'll do it then. Its larger so easier to photography.

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