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+++ Welcome to Prot's Chapter Keep of all things anti-Xenos. Here you will find the shared tactics, hobby ideas, painting, battle reports and (hopefully) the motivation you need to smite the xenos in the name of the Emperor. +++


+++ The gravest lessons are learned in defeat: What follows are various batreps of (typically 1850 points) in various levels of competitive environments. All battle reports are covered with pictures and a 'play by play' for your perusal. +++

+ Tau Frustrations: Going back in time a bit here, this was the first full sized, non-allied, Deathwatch new Codex game vs Tau ITC style 1850pts: LINK

+ An 1850 Maelstrom game vs. the Orks: LINK

+ An 1850 Maelstrom game vs. the Eldar. This was not a 'hardcore' Eldar list but shows how nasty even a mediocre list is. LINK

+ 2 Battle Reports for the price of 1 ! ! !. This is not for the feint of heart. We have the first game against Tau, and the second against the Daemon Tetrad list. 1850 pts. LINK

+ The "New" Genestealer Cult Codex is chalk full of things that made me instantly jealous of such a well thought out codex. But nonetheless, the Xenos must be confronted. 1850 Maelstrom vs. Tyranid Genestealer Cult. LINK

+ The Deathwatch put a call into the Assasinorium and take on the Blood Angels with the assistance of the Culexus. LINK

+ Deathwatch continue using Custodes as an experiment and test a new Black Shield Config vs. Ork Wazdakka Biker Star. LINK

+ Prot's Deathwatch CAD and Skyhammer take on a no holds barred Tau Stormsurge List. LINK


+++ Most of the articles/links below focus on finished models, but there are a few WiPs. +++

+ First up a link to our first ever Painting Event. LINK

+ One of my faves... a Deathwatch Terminator Captain: LINK

+ Finished (and sold) Terminator Librarian, and Black Spear Strike Force Units: LINK

+ Added a squad of Painted Custodes: LINK

+ The squad above sold, so working on some more. Here's a WIP of the new blade I've decided on : LINK

+ After selling my first Custodes Squad, I knew I had to do another one. They're some of my favorite models in the line right now: LINK

+ Prot's buddy's Deathwatch army. Here's a couple of pictures of my friend's Deathwatch. The army looks really sharp and he's done it really quickly: LINK

+ 2017 WIP shot of some contents from the Watchblade Task Force in progress: LINK

+ 8th Edition and Shadow Wars inspired me to do 2 Figs as fast a possible with a decent standard set to them. LINK

+ 8th Edition WIP's using a more involved technique beyond Airbrush + Highlight. LINK

+ Final Veteran (6 man squad) shots of my more detailed attempt at Deathwatch: LINK


+++ Below are links to special interest pieces in this thread or outside of it. Various topics including, rules, fiction reviews, art, etc. +++

+ The Black Fortress Edition Codex. I take some pictures and discuss the lavish contents of the limited special edition codex: LINK

+ Deathwatch the novel by Ian St.Martin. This came out around the release of the codex and it has impressed me. Join in on the conversation here: LINK

+ My Deathwatch Print arrives! I also talk with David Annandale about his book from the Beast Rises series (where this print is from.) LINK


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Just finished this captain not too long ago.

He was a ton of fun to paint. I waited forever to decide on the chapter and after reading the adventures of Koorland in Beast Arises, it could only be Imperial Fists!




Sorry for the bad pics... way too much light. lol

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yeah i'll second that shoulder pad very nice :cool.:  and great to see a son of Dorn there :wub.:  yellow contrasts sooo well with the Black !

Nice basing as well,(which reminds me i gotta base my termie Cptn for the imp fist paint challenge :ohmy.:).


i like how you have linked everything pertinent into one search thread, many thanks :biggrin.: .


cheers Mithril

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Awesome Captain, Prot!  I think the sword probably stands out the most but the little details like the neat purity seals and striping on the cloak tie the whole model together.  Thanks for getting all your posts in one place, too!  I look forward to seeing what's in store next :cool.:

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Thank you very much guys.


I'd like to take an interlude here before bombing you with more pics to take a closer look at a guilty pleasure of mine:




This is the Limited Edition (Black Fortress Edition) of the Deathwatch Codex. There is  absolutely nothing you absolutely  have to have in this set up... it is purely a guilty pleasure and expensive that that.




That being said the codex (above) is super handsome, and since I play Maelstrom so much, the markers are very good to have. And the limited codex also came with a Decal sheet. I can't see the decal sheet not being re-touched (it needs Landraider decals) and expanded upon and re-released to mainstream buyers similar to the Ultramarines/Dark Angels etc.




The Objective markers are quite nice, even compared to the other limited editions I have. I can use these for my Grey Knights as well. The cards aren't essential, but they are quite handsome as well with silver embossed print. The stock is something I'm not too convinced of. I find mixing the cards difficult.


It's not a must have and sometimes I shake my head at these purchases.... but obviously if you're here, you're probably pretty passionate about your hobby as well. :)

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Time to move some pictures into this thread from our Painting Competition:


These were my entries as I found myself inspired enough to go beyond the minimum required for the actual "Watchmaster" Oath:













More to come....

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Thanks Soldier. Actually it's airbrushing zenithal highlights with two 'grey' mixes I use. Then it's back in with the blacks, and edge highlighting. I'm glad you like it!


More image dumpage:




+ The Libby was fun to paint. Heck all the figs from the line are great.





So these guys have all been sold. I have to restart the army essentially.  I hope you enjoy these parting shots. They were a lot of fun to paint!

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Now adding Custodes to the Army. Somehow I will fit a squad into the list. This squad is SOLD though so I need to make/paint more:







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As always Prot, your painting is really inspirational and I can't wait to see the new units you paint up!  So how do you think you will run them?  Deepstrike, landraider, or having a deathwatch character attached to the unit to teleport with the beacon angelis?  Do you think you will use the same load out as the ones you sold, or something different?

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Oh absolutely this loadout. I've finished building them and I can at least use them now in my next game. I'm thinking of waiting to see what my opponent is playing before deciding if they will be deployed on the table for Beacon Angelis or just normal deepstrike. Either way they will start with the Chaplain.


I have a 'fun' list with a Libbie. I may take a shot at the movement power and if I get it the Libbie may join the squad as well.


I'm glad you like them. Thank you for the compliment.

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That's a great army Prot, very impressive. I absolutely love the little touches on the Corvus, especially the way you tackled the canopy cover.


I particularly like that he used the correct form of "accept".  :biggrin.:

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So you can see my original Custodes above.

Now I've started a squad I intend to keep but wanted to challenge myself with a different sword style... kind of a crystalized purple with blue hue in the background. The blades are mostly done, and the squad is heavily a WIP but here's how they look right now:


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Okay, just finished Custodes squad 2. I don't think I'll sell this one. To be honest the time investment in these just isn't worth it.


This time I went ahead to try to challenge myself with the sword/blades. And I decided to stick with a light blue/purple crystalized shiny blade motif. I think it worked. It took much longer than my traditional power blades, but I think the process will be a bit easier now if I should do more of these dudes.


I still love these models. They truly feel like mini-primarchs when you're working on them! :)







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This time I went ahead to try to challenge myself with the sword/blades. And I decided to stick with a light blue/purple crystalized shiny blade motif. I think it worked. It took much longer than my traditional power blades, but I think the process will be a bit easier now if I should do more of these dudes.


Can confirm, it worked.   :biggrin.:


The glow effect on the shield gems is pretty impressive, too.  Have you thought about trying to extend that to the sword blades/hilts as well?  Just for the challenge, of course . . . :wink:

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