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Hey everyone!. I've got round to giving my Datasmith something to do now that I've finished the Kastellans. They are strange models in that they don't have much complicated detail but there's loads of panel lines and large, flat plates around the model so they were a bit tougher than I expected. It's been pretty fun seeing people working on Kastellans at the same time that I worked on mine.


Here's what I've come up with:


DSC 0148


DSC 0147


DSC 0149


DSC 0150

I over-cropped these images because I was trying to fit the upload limited and ended up having to reduce the image quality anyway. Perhaps I should upload some individual pics if the current ones aren't good enough?
I should really have highlighted around the rivet holes but I'd had enough by that point. Perhaps I might add them in later but for now I'll consider them finished.
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Hey everyone! I've managed to get another squad off the painting table, which is a relief considering how fiddly and fragile looking they seem to be.


Thanks to somebody in the Skitarii rumour thread way back I look at these models and only see this:



So, since they find our primitive earthling knives so laughable I had to arm them with Taser Goads:


DSC 0151

This also means that in the grim darkness of the far future there is only space uzi's.
Anyway, enough of the silly videos and time for some close-ups.

DSC 0152

DSC 0153

DSC 0154

DSC 0155

DSC 0156

DSC 0157

DSC 0158

This last picture from behind shows the nice copper colour I got from the Scale 75 copper metallic mixed with some Reikland Fleshshade. I would find hand painting large sections with these paints pretty tiring since they are so thin but you can get some nice effects from them. I'm still teaching myself to use them but I do thing it's worth giving them a go with some of their metallic and their flesh paint set.


I think I'm getting a reasonable compromise between making the models presentable and still painting them fairly quickly. I got fed up with my armies always taking forever so I've saved the Scorpion Green (now Moot Green?) highlight for the head and left the chest armour closer to Warpstone Glow.


As you have probably noticed, I have forgotten to model an Infiltrator as the Princeps of the squad. I'll just have to count the guy on the barrel as the grand fromage until I get round to reinforcing the squad sometime in the future.


I think I might paint something different for a short break from my Skitarii but when I return I'll either be painting up a robot turkey, some jazz hands priests or some Breacher servitors. Which do you think I should go for first? :)

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Robo turkey is my vote.  Infiltrators look great, though; I know the small and subtle details are a pain but the effort really shows here.  I'd say don't sacrifice any of the quality for speed at this point!  :D

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Just a minor update: I have been taking some time off my Adeptus Mechanicus forces to paint any other colour than green. I decided to paint the first "proper" model for my D.I.Y. space marines, who I'm unsure what to name (I've had the names Cremators and Fire Talons competing for a while now).


I have painted him up as a captain of the 2nd company, as the company colours are used on the chest detailing.


As I don't have a space marine log running, and am not likely to until my Mechanicus force is a bit more filled out, I'll dump him here for now.


Cpt 4

Cpt 3

Cpt 2

Cpt 1

Now I've got that out of my system, onwards for the Omnissiah once more! :D


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Another brief update for you guys. I'm currently trying to get my head around my Sydonian Dragoon but in the meantime I found someone that had been sitting in my bits box for a few years and decided it was time to add him to my Forge World's fighting force.


DSC 0163

DSC 0164

DSC 0165

DSC 0166


Nothing too shattering but it reminded my why I prefer plastic models. I took ages​ to get paint into all the recesses for a decent undercoat and every part I missed sparkled just to draw attention to it. Perhaps I should get the plastic Enginseer in case I want more for a Grand Convocation?


Those images prove that I need to remember to tidy up the bases after applying weathering powder. :p

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Agreed, that Techpriest looks awesome!  The dark green really works on his cloak and the dust effect on the trailing edge adds a sense of "realism" to the model.

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Super Robot Ostritch Fun Time!


I haven't applied the customary weathering powder yet as the water effect fluid is still drying but I have chipped the feet and some of the base drybrushing is hopefully making it's absence less noticeable.


DSC 0167

Here's some lovely stripy wallpaper for you to enjoy. :smile.:

DSC 0168

I've only noticed now how off centre the walker is now I see the photograph. It gave me more room to place stuff on the base without interfering with the path of the feet so I'm not too fussed.

DSC 0169

DSC 0170

DSC 0171

I've also got some pictures of the base details. I have a mechanical thingy (What's this thingy thread: the return? :tongue.: ), I also have the unnamed Skelly-guy. Is he a victim of some rogue servitors? Cultists? Is he a Heretek? It's a mystery!

DSC 0172

DSC 0173

Bonus points for anybody naming the Skeleton. :smile.:
Well, that was a tiring model to paint. So much detail! So fiddly! For anyone that hasn't painted one of these but is considering it, leave the legs off! I painted this in as many separate parts as I could because the main hull pieces are really detailed and there are parts that are hard to get to. It also allowed me to undercoat the legs white, which saved me quite a bit of time.
So, these things work best in squadrons of two or three? *passes out from shock*
Next up will be the Electro Priests. I'm going to be assembling the guys as CorpuscariI. I actually really like their bonkers Shaolin snailman jazz hands models despite them being as silly as this sentence! I'll be starting with the first five models but they may one day get reinforcements. They will be some of the few models in recent years I've painted with a lot of flesh, so that will hopefully be a challenge worthy of my skill. That will be after some Kataphron breachers. Once that is done my Mechanicus-aligned model collection will be up to date. I wanted to make sure I'd cleared my backlog before the new Imperial Armour book was released. Thanks to Forge World's delays and the encouragement I've found here I might actually manage that!


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Thank you. I use a wet palette to keep my paint from drying, then I paint Kantor Blue, Alaitoc Blue, Teclis Blue, Lothern Blue, Baharroth blue, and then mix some white in at the end. On smaller parts when I paint a blue glow I will often skip a few middle stages but since this was an exceptionally large taser I would use the lot. I always start from the base of the taser and paint toward the progs so that it feathers the transition.


The metallic parts are painted differently to usual. I was using some Scale 75 steel paint set metallics. I like the fact that some look like oily metal, others are very shiny and clean. I'm not going to replace all my GW paints with them but their metallic paints can be very useful. I'll have to give some of the Vallejo ones a try too.

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Nice work, I'm dreading the assembly of my dragoon I've got sitting in a box (any tips as to how to go about it would be awesome), nice to see you used the holstered serpenta on there too. Still unsure where you measure from when it comes to the serpenta, even less so if you assemble it with the holstered(?) radium jezzail.

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I can understand that. I painted the body without the engine cowlings and treadplates fitted, and the rider was kept separate (though in hindsight it was really hard to push him into the correct place after so consider leaving him in place). I left the legs off the servitor and painted them separately since you really need the strider legs in place before you know where to glue the servitor legs and cables.


I may have been too cautious when assembling this model but it made it a lot easier to paint the awkward parts. I think the servitor and his little T-Rex arms are some of the more awkward parts to paint.


Oh, I learned from the Dunecrawler that keeping the leg armour places separate is really handy, since getting underneath them is a pain. You can manage a lot better paint job on the trim if those aren't glued to the legs.


I hope that helps a little.



Edit: That holstered Jezzail is a nice piece though not very useful on the model, I'd quite like to convert a Mechanicus sniper using that part. I'll have to see if I can find some interesting parts to combine with it.

Edited by Flame Boy
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He's looking brilliant Flame boy! The lance transition is beautiful - I've been tempted by a wet palette for ages, so I may have to invest in future. I hope you utilise that on the Electro Priests!

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Love this thread :wub:

great work here, i gotta say my Fav's are the Kastellan robots with the hazard trim :thumbsup:  i would have loved to see that trim on the whole front of the fist :cool.: mega POP!


the OS (ostrich strider) is very nice, makes me want to put mine together,although i know units of 3 work best...perhaps that's why i'm holding off on it !!


cheers, Mithril


only just noticed that your colours are very close to the Mentors chapter.

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Turkey walker was totally worth the wait!  Amazingly clean lines, as ever, though the lance on this guy is definitely the point of pride here.  Does he have some friends incoming?  :biggrin.:

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Not currently planned. I'd like to field a squadron of 2-3 them some day though. Once I've got my Cult units painted I've got a few options. I can see what Forge World brings to the table with their Imperial Armour book or get a Start Collecting box for some Peltasts and as a side-effect to have the most Dominii ever.


I have a big scary to-do pile of models for marines, Eldar and Orks so I need to think carefully about what I should be painting. I want to go heavy Skitarii and then start on my Imperial Knights but spending more money when I've got piles of models on a to-do list seems naughty. I was lucky enough to have a friend that got me the battleforce so I've not sacrificed my wallet to the Omnissiah just yet. ;)

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DSC 0174

Jazz Hands are very important to the ranks of the Corpuscarii.*

DSC 0175

DSC 0176

Conga lines are also very serious business too.

DSC 0177

As I said in an earlier post I wanted to play around with my flesh painting set and see what results I could get. I set myself a target of making sure that I used the same basic paints but trying to get five different colours. I figured these guys are heavily augmented with their subdermal electoos but they are not ancient and wizened like senior tech priests, nor are they as sickly as servitors so I could try out some slightly more human skin tones.

DSC 0178

DSC 0179

DSC 0180

DSC 0181


I wasn't quite sure what to do with the electoos since I decided not to paint the priests like bizarre glow lamps like the GW models are represented so I just painted them pale blue to make it look like they glow through the skin rather than just making everything glow.


Do you think painting the skin as I've done looks wrong? Are they too healthy looking? Which one is you most/least favourite? Have I managed to pull off non-Caucasian skin or have I created terrifying pepperami people by mistake? http://www.peperami.com/ I think painting convincing skin is very tough and I'm just getting started, but I'm happy for some pointers if you've got any. :wub:


Edit: These pics have turned out rather blurry. I'll see if I can do a better job later.


*I've used this joke way to many times in this thread but this is hopefully the last time...
Edited by Flame Boy
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