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Well as we will soon get another edition of Necromunda I think its time I started a thread for my InquisiGorkaMundaHeim28 TM (IGMH28) warbands. Currently I have or am working on an Escher gang, a Brat gang, a Scavvy gang (Confrontation style Scavs, not the toxic looking 'Munda scavs) and a 'Wastelanders' gang (I play a lot of Fallout and Boarderlands :biggrin.: ) I run using the 'Unknown Warriors' rules to create my own gang.

Annoyingly most of the images are on my old laptop that I don't have access to at the moment, these are all I could find at the moment.

Just for the record I would like to state that all of these are VERY WiP.

My Escher.
(L-R) Holly Kaust (Heavy) Tiny Tina (Juve) Jenny Cyde and Bittercup Chibbi (Gangers)
The ladies from another angle.

I think since I took these pictures Jenny has lost her hat, but I have plenty of Berets in the Scion kit so she can still have her Military look. I have also started on the Leader, but she isn't even near ready enough for a pic, but she has got a top hat! :smile.:

My Brats
(L-R) Emilie (Juve) and Mistress Sickay0 (Leader)
Sickay0 wont be keeping those legs, I just stuck them on so I don't loose the body, might change that sword as well for a Chainsword.

Due to staring at these minis for a few years I can say that I have lost interest in finishing them off at the moment. Due to the hype surrounding NuMunda I want to try something new whilst I am all twitchy and excited.

''But Slave, you always complain like an old grognard about how old GW is better, I cant see you trying anything new!''

Ahh yes that is true younglings, but even though I'm doing something new Ill still be keeping it Oldschool.

''What do you mean venerable Greybeard??''

I'm glad you asked... :wink:


Back in my younger days when I had hair on the top of my head and is wasn't grey we had a game printed in White Dwarf over a number of issues called Confrontation, (I wont go on a nostalgic ramble as most of you know what I'm talking about, if you don't shoot me a PM and Ill eventually get round to emailing you the old articles) and they had a particularly cool looking gang called the Venators.



Venators - Official Bounty Hunters, Wytchfinders and Mutant Hunters. Sound like a nice bunch of chaps don't they?


So looking at the artwork available the main features that stand out to me are the Hoods, Masks, Boots and some form of padded Flak jacket.

For the heads I will try tweaking the masks that come with the Fantasy Witch Elves/whatever the other unit is dual kit, hoods will be greenstuffed. Torso will most probably come from Bretonnian Men at Arms or Archers and some of the bits from the Mordheim Mercanarys/Empire Millita kit. The legs/kinky leather boots Im not too sure, I think I have some suitable legs left over from the Mordheim kit, if not the greenstuff will be coming out again.
Ill have a look for suitable axes, the old Fantasy Chaos Warrior kit has some nice axes and they go quite nice on Space Wolf minis as well. :thumbsup: The noose around the neck is easy, Empire Flagellants have plenty if I remember correctly.

As for weapons the old Confrontation charts gave Venators a higher chance of starting with Needlers and Web Guns (all equipment was chosen randomly for a starting gang, I quite liked that actually). I know we don't know exactly what the new rules will bring us for weapons so I will keep the equipment generic, though I will convert up a few minis armed with the exotic weaponry so I can still use the gang in Inquisitor 28 games etc.

Hopefully I will get my stuff back soon so I can crack on and get the ball rolling. The only thing I don't have in my bits box is axes so this will be a cheap project for once.

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Nothing Venator related, but I did find some old pictures of WiP stuff...


Brat Leader, I need to cover his Chaos Codpiece.


Brat Gang - The 'Splatter Punks'.

(L-R) Jack, Hypo-Head (Gangers) ? (Leader) ?, ? (Gangers) Lex (Juve)


Gonna make some 'Splatterville' Scenery for their turf and have this randomly stenciled on things.


Some poor sod takes a wrong turning somewhere...


Another Escher shot, Leader is in bits bottom left, she will have the top hat that the lass at the back is wearing, lots of de-Eldaring to come.


Scavvies, Ignore the Flamer dude, he isnt a member.


Cultist from my Slaaneshi Pleasure Cult. (Very Body Horror / Hellraiser inspired).


Something I made for the 'It Came from the Sump' scenario, based on the Juliette Thing from the Thing prequel.

Also doubles up as a Spawn made from my Pleasure Cults Fleshcrafter.

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Been tinkering with bits, still need to do little bits of filling here and there and the leader needs a skirt and her boots need finishing...


Family Shot


(L-R) Top. Chibbi (Ganger) Tiny Tina (Juve) Jenny Cyde (Ganger)

Bottom. Newt (Heavy) Lynda P'rry (Leader) Holly Kaust (Heavy) Ale'sia (Ganger)

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Does Newt mostly come at night? :D

Shes quite lazy tbh, usually shes back at home playing on the Guillibox360 Ultra. She has a filthy mouth on her when she gets sniped by n00bs camping.

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Pure awesomeness! You have a really artistic imagination :) Can't wait to see the finished leader!

Thanks. :)

Unfortunatly my imaginations broken atm, I was getting cranky because nothing seemed to work, and Ale'cias bloody shotgun kept falling off. At one point before the glue set she was slowly sliding down the wall like she had one bottle of second best too many. :lol:


Oh what band logo should I graffiti on the wall? Angry girly punk music isnt exactly my thing and I sure as hell cant paint a Black Metal logo that small.

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Well, when your name is Ale :) I do hate it when minis won't behave. Threaten to paint her hair a "normal" colour. Should do the trick.


I can't post pics as I can only post from my phone at the moment. Pc is being weird. But Hole, Bleed the Pigs, Kittie, Bikini Kill, L7 and Babes in Toyland are some of my favourite! Certainly nothing as complicated as a Black Metal band logo ;)


Its a shame that I have loads of teeny tiny Cybergoth skirts and dresses. Just not quite 28mm tiny lol.

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Babes in Toyland and Bikini Kill would make good gang names I think. 


Some womens Cybergoth clothes confuse the hell out of me, how they manage to stay on without straps or warp magic is mind boggling. :lol:

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The wiring in my guitar is held in with blutac and ductape :tu: I think I might be half Ork lol.


Still tinkering with bits for the Venators, I have lost my sexy kneelength boots somehow so Im looking for a suitable alternative. I should (hopefully) have something to show later.

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Well I was  looking at pictures of stockings and suspenders whilst contemplating having a bash at sculpting some then I saw this... 


Now I wanna do a Sweet Transvestite from the Tr'nsyllvannia Hive. 

Ooh maybe a gang based on Disney Princesses!!!!

Hidden Content








and my fave, Ana looks so hardcore. 



I think I need to step away from the laptop for a bit and actually leave the house. :laugh.:

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Currently trying to sculpt a tongue like this on one of my Escher.


Starting to get frustrated now, not used to working with such small amounts of greenstuff, every time I have tried she looks like she has a nut allergy or something. *cries*

In other news Im mid way through a Venator executioner with a large axe, just trying to find arms that will hold his mighty chopper. Im also eyeing up the Stealer Hybrid head with the 'dust mask' and head mounted goggles, not sure if it will look girly enough if I sculpt on cyber goth style hair falls.


The Axe Venator still isnt working for me, but I did knock up a quick ganger with a Shotgun, not happy with the way his head sits on his shoulders but I can fix that later.


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A neck!! *facepalm* His heads been bugging me all night and now you mention it its bloody obvious!!

Im still having no luck with the tongue, might just give up on that idea.




After poking through my bits box I have found the Hybrid arm with the sticks of Dynamite, now I need to finish the tongue sculpting, I NEED an Escher explosives 'expert' of Badassitude, and I think the tongue would give her a certain something rather than 'generic looking ganger with explody things'.

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