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WIP/PLOG:The Joy of =][= Painting (Updt: 2 Jun - Crusader)

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I’m going to vow Lord Inquisitor Soulis/Karamazov for ETL but first wanted to “clear the decks”, so to speak, of my painting backlog. To that end, I finished up one more crusader last night. I have three more to do then I can start the inquisitor plus some acolyte conversion ideas I have in mind after a long hiatus due to hobby burnout and the birth of a child. So here we go:


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Well, this batch of crusaders will be done with the next one. Once Lord Inquisitor Soulis is done, I can start playing games to test him out and start learning how to use him in his new incarnation.


I'm hoping to have a fully-functional 90 PL force by September for my annual trip to Astronomi-con. To accomplish that I need to paint Karamazov/Soulis, 10 Scions, 8 more crusaders, "Uriah Jacobus", 5 arco-flagellants, a melta Immolator, a Taurox Prime, and a handful of Acolytes. Still a fair bit to go but not back-breaking ... still given my painting speed it may be a bit nip-and-tuck.

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Had some inspiration to start building an acolyte, need some feedback on which pose looks better:


or ...

med_gallery_66537_9465_43176.jpg med_gallery_66537_9465_376156.jpg

I feel like the second one hides the hugeness of the Scion arm and especially the storm bolter a little better. I might try remodelling with a shoulder-pad-less Cadian tanker pistol arm for the storm bolter if people like the gun up post. Not too sure.

This bloke will get a bunch of hear added once the arm is sorted, gear on his belt and I'm thinking of trying my hand at GS-ing a chest holster on him for his pistol. Plus a backpack. Hoping he'll look a bit like an "astronaut" storm trooper without his helmet once he's done. We'll see.

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Here's a test-fit of the newest iteration I've thought of for this acolyte, let me know what you think:

med_gallery_66537_9465_392608.jpg med_gallery_66537_9465_199796.jpg

He's a little bulkier than I had in mind, since I felt that I really needed that second shoulder pad to balance out the first. But I think this looks alright overall. The only other option is to use a shoulder-pad less pistol arm from the chimera turret commander kit which could only be used for holding the (bloody huge) storm bolter upright. The sling from the Cadian flamer feels a bit more reasonable (I know, 40K/grimdark ... but even heroic scale has its limits of suspended disbelief).

Either way the backpack with sheathed "power sword" and the holstered pistol let me get around my bungled ETL vow and this guy can still be my power sword/plasma pistol acolyte!

Input from fellow inquisitors always welcome.

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Slowly but surely, a little more progress is made and now I'm ready to start work on the Lord Inquisitor himself. Finished the sixth and final of his crusaded bodyguard:


My hope and plan is to base them and put up a group shot tonight. And if the weather cooperates, undercoat Lord Soulis.

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