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  1. With the Sally Fourth: Hobby Challenge and the 12 months of hobby challenge 2022 I figured now would be a good time to start my Ordo Malleus Inquistorial Army I had sitting around along with the excuse to purchase some Scions. This army is more about the rule of cools (as are most of my armies) rather then how it performs on the Table top. Also this army is supplement to my very large Grey Knight army that will be the main focus of the 12 Month Challenge with some other stuff thrown in. Currently the 909th Hell Rain army consists of: Completed: Astropath Varne Eckza 5 Scions Commissar Kiera Lynx Built/ Work in Progress: Tempestor Prime Command Squad Primaris Psyker Priest Tech priest Engineseer Unbuilt: 5 Scions- Need to get 5 more for 3rd squad Taroux prime Valkyrie Non Astra Militarum units Inquistor Mykel Westen Ordo Malleus Inquistor Lord 8 Alcolytes and Servo Skull Eversor Assassin Enough words....picture time
  2. So I got a few days to assemble and prime my Scions. They were rather enjoyable to build and finally learning how to use my airbrush made priming 10 of them only take 8-10 mins. My first goal is 500 pts/50 PL, which you guys and gals helped me develop earlier. Thank you to those that helped out, still working out the rest of the details (warlord stuff I believe is left). 500 pts/50 PL list: Update to the squad. The original squad had to be scrapped and I started anew. This photo is just 1 of 5 others. The scheme is nearly complete just need highlights. Unfortunately I have doubts now as my wife said it didn't look very good.
  3. Greetings, After a long time of restraining myself from buying Guardmen, I finally caved in with the new release of Shadow War. My original plan was to get the boxed game and use the Scouts as my Kill team, since I could reinforce those with the guys I already had. Alas, we all know how that particular release went. With the recent pre-orders for the rulebook, I figured I might as well do something else than Scouts, since I'm getting a bit tired of painting marines. I never had the intention to start a new army, but I always loved the look of the Scions. Building a kill team for SW should be great excuse to paint some of those Scions I always wanted. I already assembled and primed 5 legs w/ torsos, so updates should come swiftly (more or less). Progress: Finished - Sergeant with melee fighter - Veterans: 8 men with Lasguns - Recruits: 4 men with lasguns - Special weapons: Plasma gunner, flamer, grenade launcher and sniper - Special operatives: Techpriest enginseer. Work in progress: -Special operatives: 2 commissars & 3 bullgryns/ogryns
  4. Greetings everyone. For the last year I have slowly being putting together a small Kasrkin force which one day Id like to use with the Scion rules. Because of my current location and work it may be a while before I get a game but I am enjoying painting, converting and writing fluff. I am aiming for a 1250pt list. I have not played a game since I was 12 when third edition had just been released. With that in mind Id love any feed back. To my fellow guardsman I wish upon you the Emperors blessings. +++++ Imperial Force Archives +++++ ++++ Force Description ++++ ++++++ Cadian Sector ++++++ ++++++ 171st Airborne Company ++++++ 171st Cadian Airborne Company (Kasrkin) The 171st were created out of the necessity for a quick deploying, rapid reaction force. Similar to the famed Elysian drop troops and taking inspiration from the Cadian 1433rd Airborne who fought in the Cryptus Campaign. It was envisioned 171st would allow the hard hitting Kasrkin Storm troopers take to the skies and become an air mobile unit. The Kasrkin are already considered the best Cadia has to offer and combined with the officially sanctioned Airborne assault formations they can rival even the mighty Tempestus Scions. Believing a unit never truly dies as long as the colours still stand this new airborne company was given the name and colours of the 171st. A Kasrkin unit wiped out to the last man during the 12th Black Crusade. The original 171st had been a mechanised unit that prided itself on its speed and bravery. Earning the motto "Celer et Audax", "Swift and Bold". A motto that encompasses airborne operations perfectly. The 171st were reborn, raining hell and fury from the skies. A fitting tribute to those who fell in the Gothic Sector. The 52nd Naval tactical squadron were chosen by sector command and attached to the 171st. An early emphasis was placed on intense cross training to ensure the two units could function as one. Similar to how Chimera crews and shock troopers become one entity in the more common armored fist units. The level of co-operation between the two units is such that the door gunners on the 52nd Valkyries are actually 171st Kasrkin members who fill the position on a rotation basis. Similarly all pilots and gunners of the 52nd are rotated through the Officer of the Fleet position with the ground forces. This ensures each unit has the upmost understanding of how the other operates and 100% trust can be placed in each. The aircraft of the 52nd have adopted the famous Cadian green colours and for all intents and purposes have been adopted as a Cadian unit. Summary: Home-world: Various worlds from the Cadian System. Colours: Standard Cadian green and tan, light green berets. Commissars wear a red sash and crush cap with a red band Unit Insignia: Cadian gate, Ace of Spades, Skulls represent squad command, Letters represent Platoon. Battle Cry: "3-48" "Swift and Bold" Adopted Unit Song: Lay me down in the cold cold ground, Where before many more have gone When they come I will stand my ground, Stand my ground I’ll not be afraid Thoughts of home take away my fear, Sweat and blood hide my veil of tears Once a year say a prayer for me, Close your eyes and remember me Never more shall I see the sun, For I fell to a traitor gun Lay me down in the cold cold ground, Where before many more have gone Current Strength: Under strength company folded into 1 platoon plus supporting units. Allegiance: Cadia, Our Savior and Holy light - The Emperor of Mankind. Doctrine: Air Assault, Deep Strike, Reconnaissance, Combined Arms operations. It should be noted where as larger airborne units such as the Elysian's and Catachan 22nd make mass airdrops the 171st is a lot smaller in scale. More comparable to the Tempestus Scions. Mass airborne assaults take time and resources to assemble. The 171st is based on speed, the key to their operations is rapid reaction to what ever threat may appear. Never the less the 171st can and do operate in more traditional airborne roles and can be fielded in a more traditional "Shock" role in larger combined arms detachments. Previous Activities: The 171st were heavily involved in the 13th Black Crusade. Their rapid reaction made them a valuable asset in quickly putting down cultist uprisings and quelling traitorous movements in and around the Cadian sector. However, over the weeks as these engagements became ever increasingly protracted, casualty rates began to rise. They were present on Cadia when the REDACTED made his final push on the planet. They fought valiantly as did all who were present. After the cataclysmic event resulting in the destruction of the planet the few survivors of the 171st were lucky to make it off world. Present Activities: After prolonged crusading in revenge for the loss of Cadia the unit is currently being withdrawn from the front lines for rest and re-organisation. Organisation (At full paper strength): 171st Cadian Airborne -A Platoon (4 Squads) -B Platoon (4 Squads) -C Platoon (C Squadron, Sentinel recon platoon) "Ghost Riders" -D Platoon (Heavy Support, Militarum Auxilla) -E Platoon (Intelligence, Logistics, Liaison, Medical, Maintenance support staff etc) 52nd Naval Tactical Squadron "The Preachers" (Attached to the 171st) -6 Valkyrie Transports -3 Vulture Close Air support Gunships -3 Sky Talon Heavy Transports -Various ground crews and maintenance staff Recruitment: All Kasrkin are automatically entitled to enroll. Also open to veterans and white shields who show promise and can complete the arduous training cycle. Unit rituals: - The company training regime is similar to a normal Kasrkin unit except with the obvious emphasis on airborne operations. The long training cycle culminates with a final week of tests. These tests are both physical and mental in nature. Challenges range from timed assault courses, live firing exercises and tactical problem solving. Designed to exhaust the men, the pace is relentless. During the course of the week each Kasrkin is also required to complete numerous simulated airborne assaults and extractions, along with 4 Grav chute jumps, followed by a night jump. The night jump signals the starting phase of the 3-4-8. The final of the tests, it is a 30 mile speed hike across the Cadian Steppes, carrying a full combat load and a 40lb day sack, to be completed in 8 hours or less. It is a right of passage for the members of the 171st. Awards, Honours and Ribbons: Imperial Awards: Crimson skull - Numerous Order of the Scarlet Wing - Numerous Medallion Crimson - Major Nixx (posthumously) Cadian Awards: Order of the eagles Claw - Unit citation presented by Battle fleet Cadia Unit Champions: Major Kephas Nixx - KIA. First company commander. Hailed as a hero in the company. He was a major driving force in the creation of the 171st. He was killed in action by calling down an orbital strike on his own position in order to save the majority of the company from almost certain destruction. ++++ Sub-file ++++ ++++ Unit personnel ++++ ++++1st Lieutenant P. Autumn - Plt Co Squad - A Platoon 171st Airborne Company++++ Autumn began like many Cadians as a trainee and then private soldier in the White shields. After graduating to a Shock regiment in his teens he quickly earned his Corporals stripes and went on to lead a 5 man section against the green skins. By the age of 20 he had made Sergeant. It wasn't until his actions against the traitorous forces around the Cadian gate that he caught the eye of his superiors. A young, yet experienced soldier with unorthodox methods, some noting with hesitation, yet a dedication to duty and honour. A perfect candidate for the new airborne formation. He rose from the ranks to join the officer class and entered the 171st training program gaining a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant. After proving himself in a number of combat drops he finally made the rank of 1st Lieutenant and took command of A platoon. Autumn takes great pride in the units Cadian heritage and ability of his men. With the loss of Company commander Major K. Nixx, Autumn is the acting CO of the 171st under the supervision of Commissar Rayne. ++++Sergeant R. Mayer - 1st Squad - A Platoon 171st Airborne Company++++ Mayer was one of the original Sergeants of the 171st. A Kasrkin since his earliest days hailing from Kasr Feros. Within the company he is known for supporting his Lieutenant in any action, earning the respect of the men. Although they had a shaky start Autumn and Mayer have become the closest of friends. A known brawler who likes nothing more than to get hands on with the enemy...and allies alike. Famed for being charged by a group of traitor rough riders and then proceeding to down 3 of them in 3 shots. ++++Sergeant L. Webber - 2nd Squad - A Platoon 171st Airborne Company++++ Webber is the leader of A platoons Plasma squad. Hailing from Kasr Viklas he has been wounded in action no less than 8 times, over half being plasma related. The most serious resulted in him loosing his left arm and a large portion of his face. For his troubles he was promoted to Corporal. Rumor has it under his beret he is as bald as the Big E. Out of battle he is a relatively quiet man but in battle he is a stout leader who always leads from the font. His reaction to his wounds, "the Emperor protects". Currently the subject of a running bet in the platoon to see which body part he will loose next. ++++Sergeant C. MacKenzie - 3rd Squad - A Platoon 171st Airborne Company++++ MacKenzie is a fairly recent transfer to the 171st. He sports his fathers close combat weapon, a family heirloom and has a tendency to get into melee combat at any opportunity. This has made him a little unpopular with the men as he tends to charge into battle, how ever he has shown on numerous occasions to go out of his way to safeguard the lives those in his squad. Further files regarding his father suggest dealings with the Inquisition leading to a MIA status. The truth is not known completely but some think he was falsely accused of heresy, tarnishing the family reputation and meaning MacKenzie cannot rise into the officer class. ++++Colour Sergeant D. Bourne - A Platoon 171st Airborne Company++++ By age "Colour" Bourne is the oldest member of the company. He refused a battlefield commission in his previous unit because he "works for a living". Whilst this earned the respect of the rank and file his officer was not impressed and had him transferred to the fledgling 171st, at the time considered somewhat of a suicide unit. Upon joining the 171st he accepted the rank of Colour Sergeant, a high honour in any guard unit and arguably the most respected of the non-commissioned ranks. His experience in numerous campaigns against various foes provides the unit with a solid backbone. Apart from the colours itself, his slightly graying mustache and bellowing voice makes him easily distinguishable of the battle field. He can often be found along side Commissar Rayne, keeping morale high and the men at their best. ++++Commissar Rayne - 171st Airborne Company++++ The profile of Commissar Rayne is somewhat sketchy at best. Little is known about her background but her violet eyes give away her origin as undoubtedly Cadian. Whilst it is rare to see female commissars it is not totally unheard of. Some often question why a Kasrkin unit would need a commissar. Very few dare to question Kasrkin loyalty however the due to the nature of the 171st they are often deployed into battlefields that would test the resolve of even the hardiest trooper. Operations against traitor units are common place and in these situations she has the authority to judge these heretics on sight allowing the Kasrkin to perform their duty without reprisal from Imperial command. ++++ End Archive ++++ ++++ Updates Pending ++++
  5. Background Hidden Content The drought of many years of not being able to indulge in the hands-on aspect of the hobby has ended. I still have all the stuff I had when I stopped because I knew I'd come back to it eventually. The Horus Heresy has been fun to follow as well as the talk of detachments and allies. I've always loved the idea of a beleaguered group of Guardsmen reinforced with a squad or two of Astartes and I can now represent that without house rules. 31/5/17 EDIT: Eighth edition makes a mixed force even easier so the Astra Militarum are getting some reinforcements from the 31st millenium courtesy of warp space-time shenanigans. They'll be backed up with new Primaris Astartes (hopefully towering over them) from a DIY chapter of mine. Project Rate Hidden Content Progress is going to be slow burn because I'm doing this purely for relaxation and don't have any urge to get them on board (unlike in my impatient youth). I'm going to try new things compared to what I used to do so it'll be one or two minis at a time; only being able to prime that many at a time is also a factor. Army Concept Hidden Content The idea I'm working from is building up the human forces first to get the rust off and then work on the marines. This also gives me more time for more Forge World books to get released. I'll be doing a minimal allied detachment at the art scale (Doghouse style as it were) so they really tower over the baseline humans. A larger force of true scale (spacer style) is also in the queue. EDIT 03/3/17: The space marine parts are going in a different thread. Grenadier/Solar Auxilia Test Model -Goal: it is feasible as a 4+ save unit. -Initial idea: Skitarii torso because they have a 4+ save and I like the robes/trench coat look. Picked up a box of Skitarii and cracked open the Guard portion of the bitz collection. -Difficulty: low, shouldn't involve any intensive GS work, applicable for human size forces. I dry fit Guardsman legs with Skitarii torso. The Guardsman was then directed to the Medicae Cosmeticus to shave off some of that pork butt. http://i.imgur.com/MhOZQHKm.jpg?1 Once sufficiently trim so the legs and torso fit together (with minimal bending of the lower robes and the robes covering the chop job) I moved onto considering the paint job. I wanted something with a bit more pop than the browns used for the Steel Legion and Death Korp, but not so red on the brown-scale that it came across as a color for the Mechanicus. I checked out a color wheel to check its complementary color and it was a dark green. I figured I'd try that for the pants. I don't like painting Guardsmen legs and, instead of my normal techniques, I figured camouflage would be something new. Step 1: Base layer of Dark Angels Green on black primer. Step 2: Slashes/lines of Snot Green http://i.imgur.com/zzaDMPbm.jpg Step 3: Smaller slashes/lines of Vermin Brown http://i.imgur.com/9nj74RUm.jpg I'm not sold on Vermin Brown and may try a lighter brown next time. The image above also has the first step of painting the boots. Step 1: Base layer of Dark Flesh Step 2: Wash with Ogryn Flesh http://i.imgur.com/lvXKDRzm.jpg Step 3: Drybrush with Dark Flesh http://i.imgur.com/7yz3Cz5m.jpg Step 4: Carefully apply Gryphonne Sepia to the creases at the ankle http://i.imgur.com/XbDDf32m.jpg If there's one thing I've learned from years of reading about people's Imperial Fists and Blood Angels it's how easy it is to slide into brown town. I needed to tread carefully because I wanted it read as a very red brown. Step 1: Three lays of thin Scab Red http://i.imgur.com/fpk0Wlsm.jpg Step 2: One layer of Mechrite Red http://i.imgur.com/CNm6w4zm.jpg Step 3: One layer of Baal Red No pic, sorry Step 4: Highlight edges with Terracota http://i.imgur.com/gfrbV0Pm.jpg The seal parchment I just used an old recipe. I added a wash with Devlin Mud at the end, but I think a light wash with Badab Black might work better next time. Step 1: Vermin Brown base layer Seen in the last image Step 2: Paint Flesh Wash and let dry http://i.imgur.com/2kA3s62m.jpg Step 3: A layer of Dwarf Flesh just light enough that the heavier areas of Flesh Wash are visible No pic, sorry Step 4: Paint with Chestnut Ink and let dry http://i.imgur.com/JnYLiiRm.jpg Step 5: Heavily dry brush with Dwarf Flesh http://i.imgur.com/ymmAkHCm.jpg Step 6: Wash with Devlin Mud http://i.imgur.com/xYoxeGmm.jpg I kept the armored torso simple after all that. Step 1: Boltgun Metal base layer http://i.imgur.com/Ms3tsqPm.jpg Step 2: Wash with Badab Black http://i.imgur.com/QRk35WRm.jpg I left it there for the moment because I really liked how it looked, but later when I did more of distance view I realized it needed some work. The later images have the addition of a heavy drybrushing of Mithril Silver. Step 3: Heavy dry brush with Mithril Silver. I chose green for the seal wax because it contrasts with the red-brown. Step 1: Dark Angels Green base layer http://i.imgur.com/6jAUayNm.jpg Step 2: Snot Green mid-layer http://i.imgur.com/KTWdztwm.jpg Step 3: Wash with Thraka Green Step 4: Wash the center with Devlin Mud (helps to contrast the lower are from the raised area of the seal. I also used a micron pen to add some lines to the parchment at this point. http://i.imgur.com/0ibvzsHm.jpg Some gluing later: http://i.imgur.com/049PBLfm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/qVWdTd5m.jpg Distance shot one - with Skitarii robed head to get an idea of one possible silhouette http://i.imgur.com/aKQ4y2am.jpg Distance shot 2 - with Guardsman head to get an idea of another possible silhouette http://i.imgur.com/8nxrHaOm.jpg Other than not wanting to use the armored Skitarii heads I am really unsure about the head. I'm going to try trimming down a Guard helmet and seeing that looks too. The camo needs some neatening up, but I think that's mostly getting the consistency of the brown layer correct. C&C always welcome.
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