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  1. Greetings, brothers. I intend two threads to cover the 3rd edition campaign I am doing with my two sons -- this thread, to cover the hobby/WIP/painting aspect, and then I will do a separate thread for battle reports and related "fluff" (i.e. storyline for the batreps). Battle reports most likely won't begin until at least the summer as we have to build up our forces. I expect my oldest son to create an account here at B&C soon so that he can contribute as well. The forces that will be involved in the campaign are: Inquisition (Codex: Witch Hunters, 2003) - run my myself Dark Blades - DA successor chapter (Codex: Dark Angels, 1999 and Codex: Spacemarines 1998) - oldest son, "Primus" (16 yrs old) Deathskulls Orks (Codex: Orks, 1999) - youngest son, "Secundus" (12 yrs old) "The Fallen" (Chaos marine rules from the main rule book) - NPC faction to be used according to special mission house rule, communally painted Chaos cultists ("Adversaries of the Witch Hunter" list from Codex: Witch Hunters) - NPC faction, communally painted Phœladar PDF (Codex: Imperial Guard, 1999) - run by Secundus, but using my DKoK models When we're ready to start posting battle reports, I will share with you the storyline that we have come up with for this campaign. Today, I will begin sharing some of the initial WIP and completions. The Witch Hunter force is led by none other than Lord Inquisitor Soulis, well-known from my blog about his force. I've started the base colours for his Throne of Redemption: While I'm working on this centrepiece for my army, Secundus is preparing a looted Leman Russ Battle Tank using the bottom half of a Russ I found in my bitz box (don's ask why we only had the lower half because I don't know) and various bitz and plasticard: Primus is starting off with a squad of sniper scouts, and a squad of bolter/shotgun/BP&CCW scouts for the Dark Blades: And finally, some cultists/traitors that were recently completed (Secundus did the base coat and wash, I did quick highlights to finish them up): There won't be a full Fallen force, just a few cultists and marines running around in certain missions/maps.
  2. The Heresy of Hieros "A judgment, terrible to sinners, but desirable and sweet to the just." A world of fire and faith, Hieros has for millenia been a bastion of loyalty to the Ecclesiarchy. A civilized Shrine World named in the honour of Saint Hieros following the 7th Black Crusade. A landscape of towering cathedrals and other holy temples, it has since then been the home of a myriad of cults proclaiming their service to the God-Emperor of Mankind. Byzantine politics and obscure rituals are commonplace here, where faith and politics are one and the same and ones' pedigree is not decided by blood but zeal. The Planatery Govener goes by the title of Duke and is as of the 42nd Millenia Dalerius Crowley whose influence in truth is dwarfed by the various High Priests, Prophets and other religious figures that hold the power on Hieros. All of this was before the Cicatrix Maledictum, on Hieros known by many names, chiefly The Dark Seal said to herald the End Times. The world was cut off from the Imperium of Man like many others and suffered for generations, ravaged by daemonic incursions and famine as it lacked the industry to feed itself, untold millions died. When the blessed Light of the Emperor reached them oncemore the Imperial forces found them in the midst of a civil war against the heretic. It was swiftly crushed and an official envoy of the Adeptus Ministorum has been put in place as the head of the world's myriad of cults and temples. An impossible position for they are endless. In such trying times prophets, saviors and saints, all unrecognized by the Ecclesiarchy, rose up to prominence and founded various cults in the name of the God-Emperor. Their pratices are as varied as they obscure, rituals and wards to drive off the daemon praticed on every corner in the wake of the Time of Weeping Skies. Many of them militias and gangs as much as religious congregations, forced together to defend themselves and strengthen their convictions. Yet rumor persists that not all heresy was stamped out when the world was returned to the Imperial fold and Inquisitor Regulus has been dispatched to learn the truth of it. Having arrived mere months past the Inquisitor swiftly made his home at the Imperial Citadel, the home of Duke Dalerius together with his abomiable band of criminals and heathens. In the shadow of temples the purge of Hieros begins. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to my narrative hobby project for Warhammer 40.000 inspired by the many great ones seen around B&C and elsewhere. This will follow Inquisitor Regulus's mission to seperate cult from heresy and stamp out the lingering taint of maleficarum left from generations lost to the Imperium. I imagine Hieros as a great sprawling landscape of cathedrals, churches, temples of various shapes and forms both familiar and exotic. A place filled with strange faith, all proclaiming themselves to the Emperor but obscure and foreign to the Ecclesiarchy. How does one weed the righteous from the heretic? A task left to the High Priest and the Inquisitor. The cults themselves in their endless numbers declare religious war on eachother constantly and the cities of the planet are prone to conflict. Many of the once great wonders have been ruined and left to decay over the last generation as depseration and starvation drove many a citizen to flock elsewhere. My hope is to be able to create fun and intresting miniatures to depict the various strange cults and groups found on Hieros and get to play with the many forms that the Imperial faith may take, especially after the dark times following the Great Rift and generations long seperation from the Imperium. The first miniature to present will be Sir William Marshal, one of many enforcers found in the employ of Inquisitor Regulus. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sir William has become a known figure amongst the priesthoods of Hieros since the arrival of the Inquisitor. Mere days after making landfall he breached the gates of The House of Sterling Star at the head of a regiment of Ducal Guards and burned it to the ground with every soul inside. Since that night his sudden appearance has become synonym with the Inquisitor's judgement, despite this he has grown to be one of the more public faces of Regulus' retinue, his affluent past making him right at home with the religious elite of the planet. As keen to placate and spoil him in the hopes of earning favour with his master as they are afraid of him looking into their affairs, for no man is without transgressions. A warrior cherub is his constant companion, some claim it to be tied to the Inquisitor. Whispering orders and serving as his eyes and ears beyond the walls of the Imperial Citadel. By what has been gleamed during the banquets and rites he has attended the rumours makes him the lost or banished scion of a Knight House of unknown renown. What, if this is true, has found him in service to the Inquisition is unknown.
  3. From the album: Our Martyred Lady Commandery

    A rescued Arch-Confessor Kyrinov I painted. The Mace of Valaan was missing so I had to use a bit from an Empire Flagellant's kit.
  4. From the album: Our Martyred Lady Commandery

    A rescued Arch-Confessor Kyrinov I painted. The Mace of Valaan was missing so I had to use a bit from an Empire Flagellant's kit.
  5. From the album: Grgobart's Sororitas

    Alternative models for Death Cult Assassins, being more varied and more ecclesiarchy-fitting, to me.
  6. From the album: Grgobart's Sororitas

    I do actually like GWs Crusader models, but as ecclesiarchal Crusaders I didn't want them to sport inquisitorial 'I's on their shields. And these better match my Death Cult Assassins.
  7. From the album: Grgobart's Sororitas

    A bunch of models initially intended to be non-militant Sisters (Famulous, Dialogus), in case I'd ever need one. Mostly used as test-models for experimentations in painting, varnishing, washing and green-stuffing. Now of course they come in quite handy as female Priests.
  8. From the album: Grgobart's Sororitas

    My alternative model for Uriah Jacobus, 'cause who wants his Sister of Battle to be led into battle by an old geezer?
  9. From the album: Grgobart's Sororitas

    Praying Canoness with a Blessed Weapon. Mostly made out of plastic form Immolator gunner parts.
  10. From the album: Grgobart's Sororitas

    Saint Celestine with added wings and a flaming sword tip.
  11. Well folks, after a while experiencing some hobby burnout, I'm finally feeling the enthusiasm to get back in the saddle and get serious about finishing up the Ordo Hereticus strikeforce led by Lord Inquisitor Soulis, the Saviour of Valka, and long-time tabletop alter-ego of yours truly since some of my earliest days with the hobby. This force started out as an auxilliary force to my Imperial Guard regiment, the Emperor's Own Valkan Rifles, but I am making the push to make a full-blown Inquisition/Scion/Ecclesiarchy force ... failing to do so during the halcyon days of Codex: Witch Hunters has been one of my greatest hobby regrets so time to rectify this now that such a force is again legal thanks to 8th edition. So I am starting with a new version of Lord Inquisitor Soulis himself, who will now be using the rules and a converted model of Inquisitor Karamazov. Since I can't buff him with retinue like in the good old days, this is the best way I can get a half-way competent in close combat Soulis. I'm also going to enlarge his 2-man crusader retinue of 6th edition codex fame into a 6-man unit. I got started last night: Unfortunately my bitz box has gotten rather large (and dispersed over a few boxed) and it took me all evening last night to round up my Forgeworld etched brass =][= stuff, my old faithful Bretonnian men-at-arms box, the Grey Knight swords I bought on eBay, a metal crusader, and some other bitz. The crusaders will be similar to the two chaps on the right: As for Soulis himself, I'm going to at minimum do a head swap, or am contemplating even chopping the current Soulis (who is no longer game-legal) off at the waste because its one of my best paintjobs and I'm concerned I won't be able to replicate it, and attaching that to Karamazov's lower body: Either way, we're talking about an Inquisitor hat on a Sanguinary Guard head. Then the multimelta servitor will become a Scion manning the multimelta. I'm just not a huge fan of that servitor. The rest will stay the same, although Soulis' Throne of Judgement will be gold, not faux marble.
  12. Knight of the Raven


    From the album: Pictures

    © Games Workshop

  13. From the album: Siyanis Forge

    These are the original Sisters of Battle I'd collected circa 2008 (before, during, and after the release of St. Celestine's second castings) following a design I'd first tested in 2010 (unsuccessfully). Out of 10, only five had any paint beyond the primer, and all were below 5% complete. Nasty. Glad to get back to work on them.
  14. From the album: Grgobart's Sororitas

    Captured progress of my washing and varnishing method. Had to tinker with the brightness a fair bit to get these three roughly comparable.
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