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Showcase: Imperial Knights and Chaos Knights


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Excuse to post pics of my Knight again? Don't mind if I do...










Edit: Looks like most of my pics have died. I've got pics on a blog post if anyone is interested. Here: https://redtoof.blogspot.co.uk/2018/04/house-taranis-knight-aka-knighty.html

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Currently, this.  Though, I'm also eyeing the new Webway Gate terrain.  My group ran a disjointed campaign two years ago focused on a Forge World experimenting with webway tech, and I think I finally found a use for the Sector Mechanicus bits that have been slowly piling up.

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I was just looking at those bits today. What's the quality like?

great! certainly good enough to go straight on with no clean up. He's started doing Armiger bits too.....

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